The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 25, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 25, 1897
Page 2
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\ 'THE DAILY CHRONICLE. «t the Mfcwltfttl, MSrh., fh« roftllc at wnond Yfctlfttf tHF'MftaHtftirflW*; .* j*|i*^»t»rFtfgh p. O.» **-". $ im "wfflfi* 0!. t dblfefttiott.lef lS»fit>State BtreeK' . -,, 3. M-. I *%lit*i«n Flicker* ttejmrttttl «W ftfitvtt BWn Ov<«t-TChHmrrt ami Killed. . IPot* Yottftttena,Wta]fL,,$«$t. ?6.~M«ii- of the ' tag; JPlbfipetv -saJrA: to Sfcargiiay "beach* <m &ijBAay,trt8itt with a sttoty to Jfre effeci- 1 hat at- Sheep jl3atnij At S:30o'ci||lft SJornJay mmnlng a fH&trilar itownd from • the tewh^pst side i)t the maintain was heard, and fcwf0f« the resident? of the camp *dttld fully dtess they t ownd tnem>- »*iTOs raptaty tei^Nie down thtf c:arfe>n <m g,ii,tftAfig of moving deWls front themoun- j» tafti' side. A hiAjtitltjr <*f the res ttf SH^p foantp" ewapfed, although ' ly the £tttire>411ag« tt-as destroye* "7The slide. strltfk Uje 't(Swtt M ifi<* nortttern .part t wWre- nfeftrJ^ art the packers were ' auarter«d bt -tentft and - is n ib" r toount&tn missed Sheep -Camp proper, al'thawgh from t«e report >'«fir Httte of the'.Uwn mnafns, The was whVlly earirfad away an<i H Is _ leHoJeetri tlfc names of the un*. fortunates, although It Is reported that "tuen and ,<Jn«s woman Ilonton LfaiN Tor tho JVtijmnt. Chicago, Sept, So.—Nearly 13,000 people paw the Boston base ball fclayprs beat the rhnrnpions yesteiday In thf same at o the Ktofiwr* of tltfi 6'tyrt/ AtnritMl: At it noting »f the eon&mon couhdl the city Hep of t&e ftitjr of hall in flftid city ott the 2066 J897, ttt adopted by ttnanitnotw vote: _....Hte «Sjti>eat#ife for the city of Marshall purchase maintain and opor- at#a system of waterworks, , "" . WtrEBK.vB the system of waterworks formerly ownnd by. the Marshall Waterworks. Qotfqpa&y law Iw purchaHed lot the uttra of forty-tlttJUttHttd dtjUat 1 * ot Mtie.oi (en thoxiBand ,doHai' 8 ; ftre nesj&sesiry and adtrteabte, which 4 fifty thoa8and.dollat8 is thftfii can be'raised by the of nny one year, the That the Wy do punjhnfie, th* worfcs at, ht op^rrttwu and ina'prove the as above Rneeifffci a'ntl for 4ho pnrpoee raise by joatt the BUIH of fifty, thouen.nd doifert arid Jsfli^O th» lionda of the eity therAfor, such bontlfi to be called M*t- shall Water Boitdft, fo be dated as of- the xfalftof their fgwie, to be of Ihu denotni nation of otae fhousand Collars each* to bear interest -at th» rate «f not exceed iog *M fe* cent, per antittm payable settii»'fthhually iu the months «f May and Nof otnbfer each year and to havncotiiwns for such inteffiet attached to each and the principal thorcpf^to bctluo and pajithk 1 ! A. D* IDlt both' principal and interest to i*fr payable af the city of New Vork: forty thousand dbllaraof said bonds tw/bft issued upon the completion of th<fi)urchn8Bof flw^orks.and such.por- tinrt oT4h<> remainder from time to time asiuay btNieeeaeary'ttpon the order of tho board' having charge of tho water works' property, Of -it further GttKONICLfc J. H, Hnli<li>y Sr. doors tiasirot post Mich., is.the plat-e yott are looking for if yott i*ft «ttrry comlw, reasonable. AH call. - ---- Tke Grrat the tlromt-y niagnrat/e n Stupendous Special Sale of shoes need re» P^«SI ?* work guaranteed. leather, shoo tapps, shoe nailft. yowr Mite fcifl6 of ft g*notm»9t? TUflfrtr**!** patn ift tftfefon** to Sftuth ^Dakota Atnold—v?Uo h«*- bf tho Snpshmo Slate Mr A copsK*Hl be Bulled k>' sny farmer in- f8r.t»i^» ,wtfe» , Chicago, Milw , f«rs streiit, & SI. J»etrbik njtjdel bicycle, will sell dheap for cash, Kn^uire at Atn<sri- can, laundry north at Olreeno's drug store. DR. LOUIS S. JOY Wilt give in Addition to general practice, special attention to diseases of 050 and ear. Fitting of iflaa^s a specialty. CSnecial diploma on eve, eat, nose and throat from Chicago Polyclmic.) i and take the-lead 1ft the IKK race for this season'* League stores yesterday were:*A,t Bat_ tlrnore—Boston 6, Baltimore 4; nt New York—WaFtiirifftcin T, Nt-w York 2; (8ec- ond'^arrtt) WAnhlngtort 4. New York.8; at Brooklyn—Philadelphia 9, > Brooklyn 10, \ t •Michigan I > «xt4iiHvn ( Robb«il. Omcr, Mic-h., Sept. SC.^-Thc iKislofflce was broken into at 2:50 yeSteraay morning, the tills rltlea and the snfp blown open and rohbod. The aaft\ contained about ftjOOO in money,' papers, ntainps, etc. Ppopl? htaid the vxptoston and oaw lights. and on ?he gnjund in a very short time, but no tracks could hetound. The poKtofili'e door was pripfl oppn with W»|n>i Out Danville, tils., Kept.': S^,— Fire yesterday afternoon burned *lve stores and an elevator at Oak \vnod, »'isht miles west on t*e Big Four. ; The department here was ' tclPgraplie'd . for assistance. lHt*rt'hiniffpnl»1p MHe«s« Ticket*. A now form of Thoii84nd-Mil(> Ticket, tho rf-swH *>f nwful <*(»iinid»>ratkn) aud discufsaion hotwcRii the railroads and their princijinl natrons, will h» plucod on salo Sept. Int. at all important Michigan Con) ml lioket ottid' ticket ip sold for $30.00 with a to th<» piirclmHor of S'W.OO'.w.hon nslnl up in compliance with its conditions arfd is avoi'pted on nil the lirtos in the Central Patwengw Association, forty- tive in number iind wn-cring a vast extent of icountry. JNtf/uileiigefoixtk hftpyot been tjievlacd so acceptable to nil partlca eohci'irni,'d, and BO adviiuhif-wiua- to tho iioldera Every one who is likely t«- -travpj •• a thousand miles in a year'Hhould avail theiuBc-Heaof it, and should consult the nearest Michigan C«^ntral ticket Jus. Van Zant, .xpresmnan, has jhnirs and t»ble» to rent for parties. winter* This " to Jprtietiasers of o^pdi-lonity of th<* ' , to iJtty -«ho^B at ft ' . "^' ^ . Make Our Ydur t)uring the Fa!r r 1 Our paid for grocery department, is, always farmers Produce. . complete. Higheftt price GRACE BROS. DR.HOUAN YOU WANT Iffxoivert, inaitnejsrnixjsi^ion t^raif^ said snm of fifty thousand dollars for purpose aforcBaid ^)i? submitted to a vote of thoelocUfrt of fiaid«itj of MarehalUthat the election thnrt'on h6 hold in the-said city of MHrshaHon Thursday tho seventh day of October, 1897, that tho ballots at said election shall read as follows;- "Shall tho city of Marshall raise by Toan tho stitti of fifty thousand dollars for tho purchn&e undxiinprovemont of a system of wa1t>rwork&? Yes/* and "Shall the city of MarshalVraiBo by loan the sum of Hftv thousand dollars for the purehnist« Hhd .improvement of a system of wator- ftotks? No," Tha't each person voting for Raid propo&itioh shall d«jBignato hi« choice by the nso of tho ballot first mentioned and fach pt-reon voting aRainst said proposition tihait, designate his choice by tho use of the tmllot last mentioned; That the r«:orde\ can BO a copy of this resolution .to be pivbliflhed in at least one. newspaper publi«lip*in B<»id city of Marshall with :a notice thereto attached that nsiid election wiNI bo held in accordance lierewith and also cause io bo> jiosted in tho proper place\i copy of this rmiliitlou with thp same x notico thej-eto attached said election to^belield at jBuciVthno, by the proper porsonR.Njnd the rotuima to be canvafised arid declared as in c{tsw)f jjprleral elections. \ Notice ift^hereby given that an election^ will lie held in accordance with the fore- go'mfc i-cfioluticin on tb«Bwe»th day of OeUibcr,.l85l7 r }rt»d that the Boverul iidll- iug- places at SfiiH election «hall b<< us follows: First ward ^llaymond ptore. Second, ward - BrcHwpr store. . Third'-ward-•-Firo onkinu house. Khurth ward—-ArbeiO/r hall. * Dated Marshall, M,i«h.\8tmt. 20,1807. £13DOAU H. (iiwNT, Mayor, C. SAW'»Y, Kecordvr. Buy your stationery at tho Chronic-, .office. * anfl Women Iff Secure i. Erturntlfln, «fcorlhimiJ, Ele, '• «f-« Detroit Buitnew IDntmnrit). ft. troft,Mkb. Illo*tra»«lt F »tafnR«* Ffe* R«ferrnc«« All l>ttn» t. ^VANTED-AN '!• IK t'.i iMtont? Pi-oloct.yotiTiilons); Ua'i'rmv -n : von wciUlli, \Vri»<*'JoHM WKliOEr '(T«<N .fel'O . l'al«rjt Atior.u".j> Vailjtntr(«o • ("(.fiij t-lurir'JrliSti 1 ! I'liwofTor. Union Tcacticrs' Agencies of America, ICev. I,, !».««»!«, I>. IK HIan»Ber. Pitttbnfa. Pa t Toronto, Orno''",' Hew Mta**, LH,; New }'<»*-, tf. Yf trunkhiatoa. l>. C.: San frnrn-in<!i>. Cat.; Chicago, lu.f -fl. Zo«iV,'J/«., fin<l Veneer, (\>tornrle. There are .tbotic"and« of ponlUoBs to bej filled within Ibo next few months, Addrt*»« all »ppllcatioD(> to UNIOS TUAcmnut, AcijtsuiK!*, Salteburi; I J ». Why Wot Kducate • '—AT— It SHVCM the Croupy Children. KKWIISW, V«. We have a splendid 9fi|f on Chantberliuu'u Cough Reined), and our cuHtomera coining from far and nenr, sjioiik nf it in the hifs'lieBt U»na8. Many have said that their uhildrnn would have e died of croup if Chaniber- liiin'w Cough Remedy had not IH.HJII Divert. ' , • KKJLI.AM & OI;KBEN, The 25 and 50 cent siajea for eale at Greene's Drug Store.- CASTORIA Toir'lnirantB and .CMldren, ten A Watson have the newest styles in Walking Hats, Sailors, Bicycle Hfite.and Children's Buhoof Caps,, '" drtssa making robms over the poutoftk-a 1»t»t totN abatract o^Bj^, Sept.. 15. They ar» both, ladieaVt the bubjueaa and to secure th« paifo&age of their and others wtto may ostxl awy tbiog ifl Jjheir liae, ___^ _ Talk About (Style, tajk about it ! But have you seen the. stylish w«ddhig invi party pards, iudividual cardj we The Klondike (Joltl Are now attracting the attention\of .the wholo vforld, iftid the results of and iiiiarto mining are fully equal to, the tinds of TnujRetta in the ctarl>; Califorliia days and extraordinary inducements are being offered to prospectors, practwal miners and investors. ' ( By next spring the gold fever will have taken possession of thousands of people, and the western roads will have all they can do to transport the fortune hunters. The Chicago, Milwaukee & Si. Paul railway, and its connecting liuea, offer the b%t facilities for reaching the Alaska gold »i^J^ns- Fo* t'urthcr infounatioiV, ihldress Harry Mercer^ Michigan Pass. Agt M Detroit Mich. \ , AND Sch ol ol* Shorthand and Typewrtiug r HAI\I.E i UI:I:K, MICH. Wht-r» ImtiilrwtaVif }mn*K m*n mill uomwi httVft :t iiruilliiliU- ediinitloii. One .(•(I h«i-iii''.»i< roll<«/»-* in the ir wriio fur jiartlciilnro «n<J IIHI'flll till cat fquiiY) ('till on of tit cQiintry, t'ull on i\ flt llOKlIP, \ Eitabliihed 1882. Incorporate d 1896 REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a by « ¥o€p«r of the Michigan f^tate pri»0n at Mr. A- & Wing waives 14813 N, Jaek- H>» %«j«f- Jjtckson^3Ucl»» 'JIc is 4 kwpur ti tlw Michigan lititU 1'riuoti, a man of alcr integrity. suu| whf«8</ w«rd is Sieyond are putti^ ou|f They're pure stylo .JDoft't y**u »ewi a trifle -ol priatiug i&th« abav* liuea pst. about now. We have the aowest and lateat script type. I f the Baby i» CnUiu^ T«etb ; \ B» mn-0 qad use that oidand well tried re^iedy^ Mrs. Win«k.w ? »SowthiM %re«|> for uhtldjc«a teotiwoy, It.sootbeB toe uhilcc), aoftecp the »Jl»ye a)} pain, cure* wind colic »ud is th* beat Twewty five e«ute a We expjwjt Fapcy Orawfords , pr,ice liigb, qualit recF f .. 'fncTdenta oou*" «,'tt<'<l with the lUingirouH p<wlti*)ii in vliidi Iw was pl/wwl, HP »«»y3, sonwj uiy atiffiti<iii vis»,tatEni<-U<d by of uiy groins, wli.itji H%ai to ajizf u» s*tfh an cx'faut «mr. 1 ««y k-ga to tit; ft«ft, aud f was lil, iu,tv>j from my walbt luwo, MI liiwjlj that, I Wiultl o»-t pull utj my It-pn, ami ll»ml two Evtu y wUol «a,rdly f Ui-iJK>n. I ci,'uld unJ<H'k n>y uu<l murily I'urpii when all otb«r« fail ieu «i-Jl rotfiun .tlH-ir l"ht uiaulwuxl and uid .inn «tlt iefuXtr tlii-ir miitlj^Hl viiivv Uv J fe V I \ O. It mii< k ly ami ituruly n-ntow-n Nt rt,!, l.ofct VtulltV. Impouticy. Nlgdtly i.nmsui'»w. / 1^( »'(iw<,r, Jf'silm^Mi-ntory, Waiaina rhwamw ami ll if 4>t <wl> <-jtr.i M h,T t4.%rtlp.« «t Hie feral Of dl»«'»H), I" 1 * • aKrcat i>t-rvc tonic »m) Miuxl Iiuil4«:r, bring t>« bat k llu: (ktuk «!«•» it> lilUu I'Uefktt mii ra turiitg'tli* Hre oif y«»«tlt. H w»nU oK ru»»uu> Ad. Cvn»uinptt<ii» liiiujit M ti»vum KICVIVO, ao thcr. It f4u be carried in\eM («^k«-t •' to m«l tor* 8.0O, wltfe » pout I'M **U*tM»r»b»U, Mictt., by -A. O. ,271W«lBSkAY«.,CfllCi(Hl,lLL voe Ulssohitiou Votli'e. V , of u »Bd knowa »a Klctt tt ft tfreu city. |ad«MolVa4, ffr«w>li Bros. jneta Jjritt. 4epotti»t» owing W Klukctt *'tfrd«t;h *r» to b» V»td to fr«ucl> Hro*. and ttll jjomwidn are (0 be pruf tnt*d to tdtio •j'ho ' at <*gi*tr»ftan of ihe <ity of by an kril»Uwu ot Mm. was al Ooaa'a urged by A filcw<l to idney I'illa, a»d f liuoiiy R Attcr the tiret, we«k I w>iajjw,-u to I took . »i(J*tlii bappy result Unit t wo* comok-u-ly cur«id ol mdkaleffw t . ttod yet not atffict lite syatt'jn g<;ocrulJ> wnf fott,v* M in e^cb a good *»w|ilioa. J toj.faei^ BOW thao I ever did, Atlvi t&e effect w»» tiuc« tsa4tWi«Ufid Uao sw*Ulug Ifo4ually (JtiwwpctMvd until it woa entirely | reg*w Dunn's KidJOty Pills «# e most wonderfuJ^ejut to tJu; CttjHbtf ojf «u»y form of kldo^y disorder. For sale by all dealers-- price, 50c«at» per box. Mailwi by Poster MUbura Op.. T.^sojto «»mif to Uw V ft t jhff IMBMl ftiflll't, JOT WkibB fflff , Uw*pgto*uhM«i|: Ut« w'wij : «0 «N» M§ 9Ut *ftlf 1 T? ftp^P ltftr«>»B!««rt •#wt tbat eucd on ti. t>« I of ., bafart lu d auurt J «o lit M «tn o>tuok. 1« New Fall Hat IP SO CALL AT Miss Weston's Wlio wiirgive you a Stylish Trimmed Hat tram Sl.OO up to »i.rx>- never sold before for less than S3.OO. This sal* 1 will last until Sept. 28.,' ,\ ^/ Children's Tarns \ ^n all colors nt 250 and 5Oc« Walkitiff Hate, Sailors-latest Ottt. Birds, Wings aud Feathers nt your o\vn price, ' Call eaj-ly, our store te open forbrtsincas. ' , ix/r: HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office, Correct Weight .., .should, bo .given the fiict '.that We nevtfr fail to please the most fastidious patrons'in flt, style or llnish when we. mukft hijrf a anit of clothing. Onr fabrics tor fal wear are tho latest and choicest imtterns 'nod best >jUaliti«8 from the looms of fiurope and America-, and our prices are as KatiBfac- tory as our workmanship; J. J. DE SHANE, " „ ; MBKCBCANT TAiLOH" MAKE p^i^S With One Length of Stove Pipe. *.../>-.. — -" T*? «•".>—"•• - ^^ ,i -- J -«- —t... yT-o. *_-l^-*_- We tKutde tfee p^ifeerns for t^is cat»k stdve a«d reco It to sticks of wood stove it td stores lor the iwitb . lef:ss OP CWieA^O, WITH HEA6QUAftTEI5(8 At MILL$0AL6,° Cures th« AMl^tetl After »li oth?, «if Methods but ftls have Fatle*!, 8 The Doctor Visits your city etery fpilr woeks, regularly, and Will continue to do so indefinitely. £&3rBee> date b^ow, . Partial list of diseases treated. Head, newralRlit.'Vlck, newoua t>» conce»tt»» lioaUaolio, dull, full feeling, lose »( nietaory. dlz , atoeM, noftMiliiRof tb« bidio, tumors «md wssc-i ma ago*,TjemorifoageB Sod' Chronic bronchitis, dry^ id lioarce ooiign, pains In cbeat, difflcnlty in •aatblng, boplti^atloni, aathma, etc. " ITervoUe Debility and All lf,« Attending ill- menf*, both vt joiing .«nd mia«ite a«id meti. The nwful effcota of msglectea or imi.foijeriy treat ctl Cases, prodocfug weafetwgs at body ftiift bro.'n, a«8!zirteB», failing memory. lo*t vltaltty, , tftok qf ci»or«y and confidencrt, r T»rtoocele, gle*t» paln» and other Wntorrtng STiuptoina, unlftting one lor study, bueinws or ciijojmcnr of 1.1^ Ear. All diseafe» of the- civ, of "wlmtovrr BSBIO nt nature; cated,ffturnMe anvwhsro. D'^'hroftt. Cdtafrhnl eni-» throat, nonte »aa cbriratc phsrytsgltlc, etilarged ti>n»lllti9 and pBl- ute, ho&tf enesa and loss of voiec, thick pblecra in throat, cauj-iug hawking. S- JL>UD((a Consumption ip the ; first and second c anif breatbfng, Hoatt, Brain And NerVe9, If you have a (ItiO.tnDBB (>t ttie Bead and pslplfauan of th? heart, difficnlfbreathlng mod anfflcatiiig feeling, lullncfs of ,tho lioad, a tired, irritable, iliscou- touted fa#\iiti add fear of impeniHiif! d&nget, or ileath,.« dread of being alone, or t&j revcrso— UB* Ire to he alone, if your memory 10 falll' g end >ou HM»«looniy and dspondent, or if you droain ^iiich tt«a <)tt«n, and feel an nveMou to flocltty, you aro »i, Itarlnir f rom a serious d.seano of tlie nerves (fraln nnd heart. Yon have no « line to iope, Call at once and commit, flile emlueut »peiclall8t. • Kidneys. Inflammation cf tho ' kldocro BriK'h- '« (Jlocasp, diubetfs', congeation of tbo hld- m>y* ( uraemtii, grarat. atone, all rcientlflcally, anil suriH-sffuIly tn- riled. Blftdder. luOammatlon, cjStHId, cyptc rrhrn calii'rrh of (lie bladder'" Tho dlsifcaxliiK dl«. «i*e» invariably yield to his system of tr«nt- nieut. Stomach. Catarrh, nloeratioa .and acid dys- peptlo, ludi*;eation,' pain ard ful1no-» after cat- toe, heartburn, 'water braab mid difficulty lit •wallowing. Liver, Spleen. All disca««H of 1 be liver, <pleep, buwflp, all oenri naaess and reflux dlaor- ilora, tbeuDiattrm and all »kiu OlBeaseu, €Mv,uin» *ud salt rlieuru, rmg worm, blp jol&t dUeanc, old •*i.res. iKV«r eorea, itift joinudlrjcua«, old epliml Irrltalton, mrvons ptostraiiou. \ Rupture, P llc», fintula, nnd all dwetllngs and ruiitleucles quloi-ly .cured without pain or uetea- tkin from' tiuHinbita. , Diseaaes of Women If you ar? suflVrlnij BBT ot tli6 dlaoasun ptcallar tn youi fi;S, inch as falling of tllcptiict'iUftit of the womlv>o- !lgimuiotUin t r nlcvrotlon, bloat hie, Headatbea. -pinu.1 Vreakucf 1 *. cut' or write to him and fie will n'l! you^jiiat what can ho rtone for yon . If you> cannot call on D>r. Humphrey write to hhu for question Hat. Uo will then undt*«t'ind your condition thoroughly and tell yon candidly whether or •n6t he can treat XJJU successfully. Hie CQdrbe of tr'eafnWnt is, a sciontiflc ono, peculiarly his'owo, whereby tho.patietit receives treatment and medicine applied toauit/the case, that otherwise would be impossibly. 1 day every four weeks at Jtoyal hotel. flATC <)f IU - xt visit Thursday, Sent. Ull I L 2.3d, FKEE TO Piate Glass T.M SHEPHERD WAFTS FOUND ETC. •Twenty eeote a weett fur each notic« -uot ex aadlDK ilye lloee. Mo chAttge lem thuii twenty cents. • - " -—*-*- R HALE OB B8NT-rUo«« on oornar of Mat»hft)l Ava, und llomtfr Wt. lutjulre oil i'eorgtf Mnnsr. uew. Virat elua uprtgbt pl«ni(j nuarly Pncw low; ternia toeult |X)K SAtB CUKAU-Or excinu«e ior« ana.-' JT O»B property Knw*n M vhe BQ. tto« proper) jr on Uut«bi-^t. for MMTDM *pjjly to U. CUUD(UK- Sflrtfc] I, <?OHKOH, Bouuiwef « *»-* - KrtWSM. ^A. r _ -.__ W . A. 4, Woorw*. a Block, B»ttla Cr**k, h. W W r iwark. BEST MEATS To bef Ur4. t»^ll pirt* el ti^e «*tar bal iio i^ajdhag dp«a 3Ev«ty ^ tiling umt 494 dfean. Yon 'cwi alwfty* get ft cle«« o^it at W did. *'"*" • •Ad vtol&Ujr tor "" Mix «* to«tto«uft toot ft0-^| * tSfM*. «rf ** u> «w. riSm

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