The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 20, 1961 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1961
Page 10
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1ft lift fttgimmi &im Friday, January 20, 1961 STATE OF OUR ECONOMY IS DEBATABLE QUESTION (labor, and taxpayers expected to dollars to get things humming again. But many businessmen these reports have trial By SAM DAW8ON . Al* BwtoeM News Analyst jbc set forth shortly in special NEW YORK (AP)—Americans!messages to Congress. have before them today two views! They have the views of the on the currently acute question: j outgoing administration summed . ,, see i.-i ne DU bli c reaction How's business? (up in the final economic report:^,T"L5, f,^"° »K^" !! They should find a genera) idea j ( 0 Congress by President Eisen- of the incoming president's views hower. in his inaugural address—witt i A S usual the outgoing president gpecifics that will affect business, jj s cautious. He avoids calling the , tm orts outline ™ ' " mines irrl te "o haw e l ° hav c Wiwrc To Buy TVs and Air Conditioning KOVAR'S JJl B. TCXM I*. /O t-MM "We Serrice WJwrt We Sei" | present state of business a reces- Ision. but rattier an economic slowdown due soon to reverse itself without much prodding from gov- that they'd have to wait and see just how far along that road President Kennedy and the new Congress would go in handling both the situation and the problem of just how much more economic growth the government should try Vlt'W 2> I1*IV ^ j.w* ^»-" **-•-•"•"- •--—.-P' 4 CT l_J 'risk force reports that add up to I to stimulate on a hurry-up sched- ' spending many more billions ofiule. And some of his Cabinet ap- ' ernmont. Incoming President Kennedy's views have been foreshadowed by Those businessmen have felt FINAL SALE this is It ONLY 7 MORE SELLING DAYS LEFT... KAKSAS CITY AUCTION CO. 109 W. Texas In Baytown Closes it's doors forever Saturday, Jan. 28th ... Prices are now Rock Bottom. Hurry, Sale Starts 9:00 A.M., Saturday, January 21st. Over 14000 Yards FABRICS American Princess, Dan River, Indian Head, Fruit of the Ix>om. Our Very Best 3 YDS 1 00 MEN'S » YAL TO 65.00 SUITS 12 50 Over 1000 Prs. Vol. to 10.95 Ladle's <| 00 Shoes 1 Pr. Over 1500 Men's Arrow Town Topics SHIRTS Lonr Sleeve & Short Sleeve VaL To ?5.95 1 00 EACH Men's Dress PANTS Values to 1655 Over 3000 Yds. FABRICS Valencia, Fruit of the Loom, Berkshire. Value to 98c Boys' Suits-Men's Sport Coats Yd. To $19.95 109 W. Texas Baytown, Texas pointments seem to promise caution. But the conflict in the two v^ews are clear. President Eisenhower's econom- Kennedy To Hold Hews Conference On TV Wednesday ic summation stresses that the trial output has ben falling and business slackness is largely one of a stock-cutting trend in indus- is well below a year aso. Personal income is down after months try which he thinks must soon'of steady climbing. The zip has reverse itself. And he says that I gone out of the increase in retail without these inventory cutbacks, i sales. the rest of the economy is ahead! Profit margins for many corpo- of last year. j rations are squeezed far below He thinks the latest spurt in our j year ago figures. The loss o£ gold loss of gold is due mainly to thei— with attendant uncertainties outflow of capital seeking short-lover the world confidence in the U. S. dollar—continues. These are the statistics that the Kennedy task forces have been that!using in advocating more federal over;aid to the economy. term gains from higher yields in foreign money markets currently j offering higher interest payments. 1 The Eisenhower view is "—*' this year's rise in exports imports shows that in general our Their views are trade relations are healthy and NEW YORK (AP)—Five days!that this will prevail over short- pared to those of president gloomy com- the outgoing But it's still up to the incoming after he takes the oath of office, i term capital flights. President John F. Kennedy willi The outgoing president's views 1 president and the new Congress | hold his first news conference—j are in the face of a recent out- to decide how effective the task I and the nation is invited to at-1 pouring of unpleasant official sta- forces' programs would be, and tend. All three major networks j tistics. will focus on the week's major television event WtH'lii^surty at o p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Tonight's inaugural activities will wind up with the networks covering the Inaugural Ball, commencing at 11:15 p.m. CBS unveils a new comedy panel entry at 9:30 p.m. with Jackie Gleason as host of "You're in the Picture." Professional golfers go after a I $50,000 prize pot in the Bing Cros- Unemployment is risine. Indus- just how badly the proposals are Sun TeleScope EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? B/Bfob By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Would you believe it? I have a cold. You'd believe it all right: !by golf tourney to be telecast (from Pebble Beach, Calif., at 5:30| tery eyes drippy nose> headache p.m. Sunday (ABC). CBS presents ^ surly disposition after five a documentary on a U.S. Army outpost 800 miles from the North Pole in "City Under Ice," 6:30 p.m. and at 9 p.m. Sid Caesar turns up in a comedy starring Ronald Reagan. A new hour-long drama series set in the Civil War period. "The Americans," will have its first showing Mondav at 7:30 p.m. (NBG. On Tuesday ABC looks into the question of extrasensory preception in a documentary on "Alcoa Presents," 10 p.m.; NBC repeats its "Life in the 30's" 10 p.m., and Jackie Gleason and Arthur Godfrey substitute for Red Skelton on CBS, at 9:30 p.m., with an unrehearsed gabfest. Thursday CBS starts the new "CBS Reports Presents Face the Nation" with Sen, Barry Goldwater. R-Ariz., and Sen. "Eugene J. McCarthy, jD-Minn., debating the role of the federal government. NEWS BRIEFS 6:00 ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — French army units have pursued rebel guerrillas throughout Algeria, killing or capturing 131 nationalists in the past 48 hours, officials said Thursday. VATICAN CITY fAPI—Vatican 6:10 circles Thursday expressed satis- 6:13 faction that Queen Elisabeth II has named Dr. Arthur Michael | 6:20 Ramsey as the archbishop of Canterbury. In Roman Catholic Church quarters there was hope that the new appointment would help improve relations between the Vatican and the Anglican Church. days of virtual imprisonment with; a box of facial tissues, atomizer, j a TV set and a radio. I confess that this is a poor environment in which to function as an impartial, impersonal critic, but broadcasting must have thousands of rheumy-eyed shut-ins temporarily dependent upon radio and television to help pass the tedious hours. Perhaps the hardest thing to bear when you're feeling wretched is the indomitable good humor and cheer of all those hosts, disk jockeys and masters of ceremonies on both TV and radio. You'd welcome an occasional sullen remark but they are, to a man. dedicated to sunshine and— worse—little jokes which are accompanied with peals of wild laughter. The daytime serials may be great for the daily viewers, but it takes about a week of faithful looking to catch on to the complicated plots each soap opera is following. Therefore, they are not much solace to the short-term invalid. I can tell you this, though: they can give a sufferer from an old-fashioned common cold a terrible inferiority complex. There's! a lot of illness dished up along with the suds, but no IV soap sufferer has ever had a respiratory ailment less serious than pneumonia. One way to wile away the weary hours, this sufferer has found, is to concentrate on the choice of language by broadcasters. A lot of it, used by articulate persons like Hugh Downs, Arlene Francis, and news announcers with scripts, is fine. But I found one host asking a celebrity guest for her autograph as a "momento" of her visit, and he repeated the word twice. Golfer Sammy Snead in a commercial for a stomach-settler was full of such exhortations as "you jest get aholt of it" and "ain't that sum- pin." It strikes me that champions t..-. THIS YOUNG school miss can buck the snow season in her Eskimo-inspired winter parka by Play Pet Togs. Made of sturdy poplin and lined, it is tailored with rag- Ian sleeves and trimmed with colorful imported braid. Attached draw-string- hood is lined in soft pile with simulated white fur framing: the face. CERTAINLY W£ HAVE A BUILT-in pisHWAsnep AUNT sue.., ITS Me! nr EARLY START HIGLEY, Ariz. (AP) — Kim- jberlee Sossaman, 5, stopped at I the door just before she left for -her first day in kindergarten and ! to!d her mother: | "At last, Mom, I'm going to learn all about life." i DR. ERNEST SMITH CHIROPRACTOR 507 W. GULF PHONE JU 3-5619 Inaugural Briefs WASHINGTON (AP) — District of Columbia police have a friendly | warning for out-of-town visitors to | the inaugural. of various sports when delivering! A note distributed to vehicles a commercial message usually j with out-of-town tags wishes the feel bound to speak as colloquially j owner a pleasant visit and adds: as TV western heroes. But may-!"We ask you not tot leave your be that's what the sponsors want.! other valuables in your automo- , . j luggage, clothing, cameras or i Recommended tonight: In the —Jackie show in Gleason's new premiere; panel | on Bail, all networks, llrlo-nudmght and later. the streets during your visit. T - . | ihose Capitol policemen who inauguiai, were f [ rin?: moir ^,,,5 into tne air Sun's Television Log THERE'S A FUTURE FOR YOU IN PRINTING MANAGEMENT 6:25 6:30 7:00 7:30 AT V SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Applicants vho rgn m^t very exacting standards may qualify for S25A and S500 stholarships. Management opportunities are nnlimited for young people qualified in the vitally important production areas of the printing and publishing industry. Positions of great responsibility arc waiting to be filled by technically trained young men and women with leadership ability. Con- slant expansion and new technological developments provide challenging and interesting opportunities for a rewarding career. Consider the security, prestige, and financial advantages offered by a management position in one of the world's most important and exciting industries Lrt Southwest School of Printing Management help you plan and prepare for a satisfying future in the printing and publishing industry. Write today for complete details. FRIDAY NIGHT Whirlybirds World at Large TV News Today In Sports News reel Weathergal Guy Savage, Sports 3 \Veathercast Conaway Comments Happy Star Showcase Rawhide Harrigan and Son Mr. Ed Route 66 Westinghouse Playhouse Flintstones 77 Sunset Strip Bell Telephone Jackie Gleason Mike Shayne Twilight Zone The Detectives Wrestling Witness To History Rather Newt Final News Weather Mams About Sports Inauj^iral Ball Inaugural Ball Night Edition News Navy Log Rather Reports Inaugural I Late Show I Club 13 Jack Parr I Marietta i News Final Sign OH SATURDAY MORMXO Jan. 2t 6:25 Q Devotional 6:30 f) George Roesner 7:00 03 Farm Journal O On The Farm 7:30 03 Early Bird Theater KI Cartoon Classics 7:55 09 National Anthem 8:00 Q Today Is Saturday fll Week In Galveston 8:15 Q I Cartoons 9:00 O Sneri Lewis fll Captain Kangaroo 9:15 IB Learn To Draw 9:30 O King Leonardo 8:00 1:30 3:00 9:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 30:30 11:00 V.10 11:30 2:00 12:30 (£) Popeye 10:00 Q Fury (B Kitrikville m Magic Land 10:30 E) Lone Ranger Q) Roy Rogers 11:00 CD Sky King O Looney Auction 11:30 UJ Mighty Mouse (9 Rocky & Friends O Detective's Diary SATURDAY AFTERNOON- IS : 00 (D The School Story Soupy &des True Story 12:30 (B Pip the Piper Don Mahoney Tombstone Territory 1:00 ffi Hollywood Playhouse Basketball Pro Basketball 2:30 6 Divorce Court fl) Gimrny and Al 2:45 jg Week In Sports 3:00 JB Larry Kane O Sgt. Preston 3:30 O Bowling Stars 4:00 III Early Show O Captain Gallant 4:30 Q Sat. Prom 5:00 m All-Star Golf O March of Dimes Havy Demands More Study By Sailors ENC Roy D. WVst, Baytown durinir the snow , torm Thursday were nf) |. playing games. Neither were the officers beating the east front of the Capitol with bamboo polos. Capitol Architect J. George Stewart explained they were frightening off starlings. "Wf want a clean front on the Capitol tomorrow." he said. Some of the best spats for the inaugural parade were free. An estimated 12,000 government workers and thrir families clustered around office windows facing on the parade route. The agencies in the so-called Federal Triangle area allotted passes to the offices for workers and their families. Government workers get the day off. John F. Kennedy will rest his hand on :i Bible that has been in his mother's family for several generations as ho takes the oath as president. The Fitzgerald family Bible now belongs to Thomas Fitzgerald, a brother of the new President's mother. Out-of-town visitors weren't the only ones troubled by 1he snow Thursday. It almost stalled participation in inaugural festivities by Mrs. John F. Kennedy's family. A tow truck had to be called j to haul Huph D. Auchincloss' car 'up a hill to his home. Auchin- rloss. Mrs. Kennedy's stepfather, had no chains or snow tires. President Eisenhower «ol his lasl pay check as president Thursday. Tl amounted to SS.l£i. The presidential salary is S100,- Oflf) a year, phis S'lO.Ofio for px- penses. both subject to income lax. The salary is paid monthly. Eispnhw ' sI ' !lst Navy recruiter joined the Naw, todav in announcing a broad somc f '" al change in Naw policv to demand i , T 1P check was do ivorrd to the more "hittine the hoiks" from 10 niso by Timothy O Suhvan first cruise sailors. The change w;is brought about because of the increasing technical knowledge needed by a career . , tho Trraw "". v Ucpnrtment. He branch of the Washington regional I office of the Division of Disburse- sailor, West said. The'change is| monls - p;irt of the Navy's increasing do- m;md to move ahead in planning, building and operation of its nuclear powered ships, he added. Former Navy nien who passed a YEAR 'ROUND CHRISTMAS PHOENIX, Ariz. i'AP) —There's touch of Christmas the year a service-wide examination for; around along one block of a Phoe- potty officer status, prior to his!nix residential street, separation, may rcenlist for nnj Mrs. Santa Perry lives on the jnlimited opportunity for advance- corner and her noxl door ncijh- ment. |bor i s Mrs. Ann Clans. KWBA 4:00 4:J5 4:30 4:55 S.OO 5:05 5:10 S:15 5:M 5:40 5:45 r>:55 t oo t 15 6:3r, 7:00 ;:5^ S:00 8:55 3:00 9:."5 10:00 10:15 Southwest School of Printing Management A DIVISION OF SAM HOUSTON STATt TEACHERS COUEGE HvrrttwMt, l*xo» PROGRAM LOG FRIDAV EVENING ON THE ROAD TEXAS NEWS ON THE ROAD APT NEWS PAUI. HA R VET—ABC SPORTSCOPE MUSIC MOVIES REVIEW JOHN PAI.Y—ABC 1.ATK WKATHKR—ABC urn: SPORTS—ABC VAN HORN-ABO KD. P. MOROAN—ABC ON THK KOAL) AliC NKWS ON TH!: hOAO ABC NEWS I "OWN EKAT ABC NEWS DOWN BEAT ABC NEWS I.IKE UNE SIGN OFF MT1HP.W AM '•> :<•> cbu.-'JTRV' MUSIC N 50 TIMEKEEPER * 00 TIMEKEEPER 6:15 UFE LINE «:« TIMEKEEPER 6:55 NEWS AROUND THE WORLD- ABO 7.Irt TEXAS NEWS 7:15 TIMEKEEPER 7:55 AT5C NKWS «:00 TAKE IT EAST »:55 ABC NEWS J.OO TAKE IT EAST J:P> ABC NEW? 10:00 TRADI.V POST 10-5S ABC NEWS 11:00 THADIN POST 11:5S ABC NK\VS IZ:00 N<X5N NEWS 12:15 PAUL HARVET KEWF 12:30 FA»M SHOW 12 4S MTJSIC 12:55 A»C NBWS 1:09 LITE LWE 1:15 KBAY T S5 ABf" NEWS 2.W KBAY BA! * <fi «.BT NEWS .v« K-BAT BMXKOOX 1:» ABC NKWR NOW USE A NEW 1961 -HjamULton. IX YOUR OWN HOME 30 DAYS Wilkie's Will Furnish The You Furnish Only Tlie At Less Than Ic Tcr Load $5.00 Covers Delivery ami .Matoriiils and Installing |i> vour <';s^ Outli't. During 30 Days We Will Help You To Enjoy Wash Day time (lurinc 'M days you may nf, your option return dryer, or ynn may keep dryer and add to your uas hill al no inithi) rusts. And v»u iilso IIKIV use as ni.uiy as III months of slight increase to your s;as hill to own. \Vi1h credit np- proval. BAYTOWN'S MOST PREFERRED "Service Is Our Most Important Product" fouw Hew fflrtKINf? FotKS HAPPY $ONU$ fmrn couitf Customs f oRmutfl Hurry Folks . . . offer end Naticual Sank $c Srual ffiompang The Bank That Really Cares About You And Your Family

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