Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 26, 1961 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Thursday, October 26, 1961
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"Virtue Is uniform tnd lifted* because she Iflofo for approbation drtly ffom Him who Is th* same yestefdisy f loclay and forever." — Coltofi CIRCULATION CERTIFIED BY ABC AUDIT N0UTS Th*,,Top 0* Texas 54 Years WEATHER i (Direct ffom Amarine Wedthe* i Station) PAMPA AND VtClNlfY-Parttr ddiidy today thfough Friday, N« Important temperature change*. Low tonight 45. High tomorrow 74. THE . __ ___ _ A DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER M, 1981 Annual C-C Banquet Set For Tonight Nearly 400 persons are expected to attend the annual Chamber of Commerce membership banquet at 7:36 p.m. today in the cafeteria of Robert E. ,Lee Junior High'School. ; William J. Bird, San Francisco, Some Sta+ie Areas Have 5 1 . 1 Heavy Rair\ By United Press International Cold Canadian air, which set off six-inch rains and caused flash-flooding Wednesday triggered more showers today that dampened almost every part of Texas. There was no prospect-of rain irt the Pampa area. Six inches of rain was measured in the vicinity of Poteet, Tex.» south of San Antonio late Wednesday. The Weather Bureau issued principal speaker at the banquet. | f' as h warnings for the Nueces arrived by plane in Amarillo at. a "d Frio Rivers and both streams I MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER — This little cutie is Debbie Sue "Brovvn,, 5, of Clarkson., Wash., and doing i'dishes is fun for her, Debbie Sue is 1962's March of, Dimes'poster child. She was born with an open spine .which was corrected by surgery, made possible by March of Dimes funds. Today Debbie Sue ;cari walk without braces : but .wears half leg braces for corrective purposes following'the operation. pedal Pampa Highway Called For Friday j A special meeting'of the'Pampa •jlity Commission has -been called s.a.m. Friday in City Hall to |ct on a'resolution'asking the tate Highway Department that jtwy. T 273 .he retained as an al- nate ,or business "route through ie city," according- to an an- blmcement today by City Manger John Koontz. The resolution was drawn at the 11:30' a.m. and 'was met at the airport by E. 0. Wedgeworth, chamber manager. They arrived in Pampa shortly before 1 p.m. Bird is western vice president of the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., representing th e company in 12 western states. New officers and directors of the Chamber of Commerce for the 1961-62 year will take over the reins at the conclusion of the banquet session when E. Roy Smith, 1960-61 president, turns over the gavel to Gordon Lyons, incoming president. Other top officers to •assume their duties will be Lucian Young, vice president, and Aubrey Steele, finance director. A feature of the banquet will! be the presentation, of awards to two of Pampa's outstanding citizens for contributions during the past year to youth development and to civic development in the. community. These awards will be presented by Newt Secrest and Floyd Watson. Special guests will be introduced by Lucian Young, Entertainment will be by Dr. N. J. Ellis, tenor soloist, accompanied by Mrs. Wanda Gill. Dinner music will be: by . Maxine . Milliron, organist, ; (1« PAGES TODAY) 6* Sunday* 16* Yanks With Loaded Gun s Defy Red Berlin Guar d s To Escort Auto To East Commies Foiled In Attempt To got out of their banks briefly. San Antonio got .69 qt an inch, of rain in'the 24 hours ended at 6 a. m. and Alpine received' .61. Austin got .0-1, Houston .04, '• Victoria .81 and Corpus Christ! a trace. Del Rio had 1.51. Traces were also reported at Galveston, Laredo and Midland. Dal hart recorded an early morning low of 28.degrees and it was 37 at Amarillo and 43 at Lub- ~f BERLIN (UPI) — The U.S. Army sent three jeeploads bock. Brownsville's low was 73 degrees. Highs Wednesday ranged between 58 at Dalhart and 87>at Laredo. x~* Lrossmqs ROP Drive Set •laltoween Eve Earl Cooper, general chairman f, the Panipa Christian R u.r a 1 llverseas i Program' (CROP), an- Jtounced today, churches ihrough- liut the city'will work together I'vith school organizations on Hal-, Jowesii night, Oct. 31, in a com- i.Tuinity drive to collect funds, to 153 used by the Church World iServlce overseas in areas of dis- I'lress. CROP, sanctioned .by the..Pam|:.»a Ministerial Alliance, this 'year replaces the UNICEF drive, I'Cooper .said. •'. The CROP drive will bs fold (Halloween night with youngsters |jp to the sixth grade canvassing hhe city from 4 p^m. to 5:30 p.m. High school students and volunteer church workers will solicit jfunds from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. [throughout the city. CROP is a community food appeal of Church World Service that serves only as a food collection agency for overseas distribu- fion, Cooper stated, AH money collected in Pampa will be sent to the state headquarters in Austin where it will be distributed by .the Church V/orld Service in overseas distressed areas. The CROP program is headed in Texas by the Texas Council Of |* Churches and is composed of representatives of 11 denominations suggestion of District Highway Engineer Charles W, Smith; Amarillo, when it developed at a meeting here; last Tuesday; that SH< 273. through Patnpa might not be included in the.-department's proposed .highway development program for Pampa. The district engineer pledged at the .Tuesday, meeting that the Highway Department would cooperate with city officials in their highway plans'and urged that the city make a request foV mainten- j the ranch when he gets better," I 'w^Takerf'loo' miles "to ThTnear ance o the busmess route. Johnson said." "He...said he was Lst .doctor in Montrose where his County comm.ssioners and very happy to see good friends.' condition worsened a yrttmrl' l^i w* '' ' ...... . , Rayburn Visited By Vice. President DALLAS (UPI)- Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson visited Sam Rayburn for nearly an hour Wednesday and said the cancer- stricken House speaker wants to visit him at his ranch. Pampa Geologist Loses His Leg lii Hunting Accident Eddie Collum, 632 N. Nelson, who was seriously injured in a deer hunting accident in Colorado Saturday, is reported out of danger after lingering close to death for several days. Collum, 25, was shot by an unidentified hunter while hunting in desolate Colorado territory with relatives. He was wounded in the leg, which had to be amputated to save his life. Details of the accident indicated* that Collum was not shot by, a member of his party. He was apparently wounded by another of armed soldiers, with guns loaded and cocked, past Communist guards today to escort an American civilian sedan into East Berlin. For the second day in a row, U.S. troops drove into East Berlin to show American, determination to keep the divided border open to Western traffic. •Five tanks and four armored | personnel carriers roared .up to the border .when the civilian car first-wan' stopped at the crossing point this afternoon- They stood fast as the jeeps—one in front and two behind—escorted the vehicle past the Red guards. The combat-clad soldiers in the jeeps carried NJ14 rifles with fixed machineguns cocked -and loaded. The convoy went through the zigzag maze put up by the Communists to slow traffic- Once past the checkpoint and the Communist guards, the civilian car moved away from, the con voy and disappeared into Easl Berlin. The jeeps came back at high speed and a few! minutes later, the civilian car 'also returned. Earlier, the Communists stopped 3erlin before it was slopped and turned around. West Berlin police cleared the streets 'in the area of automobiles, and pushed back a crowd of about 500 spectators about a block. The earlier situation developed (Se« YANKS, Pago 4) hunter with a high-powered rifle. | who a U- S. official in civilian clothes Collum and his party were in a sparsely populated area when -j v* *»j-»«*n»-»j pirpuii-tiirfU diwn. witi;ii He expressed a desire to visit he was felled by the bullet. He chamber of commerce highway officials also have been invited to attend Friday's special meeting. The city manager said the commission also would take action on bids from three firms to install a drive-in window for the water department on the south side of around him.' Tuesday ; morning. ^ vice president chatted with I Tuesday night, Venus Collum, Rayburn shortly after he under- his father> took him to G r a n d went his second treatment with a two-million volt x-ray machine. Junction via ambulance where ' doctors amputated his leg. Doc- was carrying a message Nobel Prize Awarded To Yugoslavian STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI Ivo Andric of Yugoslavia, one of postwar Europe's outstanding epic writers and a former career diplomat, today WIKS awarded the Nobel Prize for literature for 1961. The Swedish Academy of Liter aturc said Andric, 03, was chosen for "the epic force with which he has depicted themes and human destinies from th« history of his country," Andric's best-known work is the novel, "The Bridge on the Rivet Drina." It is the last part of a trilogy depicting his country's history between the time of the Turkish conquest of the Balkan peninsula in 1389 and the creation of the independent monarchy of Yugoslavia after World War f. Eight Nations Urge UN Nuclear Appeal To Reds i-pl . • 'viu^i,uiW).C4JllJJV*iaVVtl » I to I WK}< t-XVJ V The speaker was scheduled to tors told the family that he would have a thu-cl treatment today. 'h av e died if he had stayed in, . • i he latest hospital bulletin said M on t ros e two or three hours ! fixed bayonets on their M-H rifles- • planned on the membership of from Berlin's American commandant to the Soviet commander. He was permifted to cross into Easi Berlin only after he changed into an Army uniform. The later incident came at mid afternoon- Five tanks and four armored personnel carriers roared up to the border. Four jeeploads of U.S. military policemen, wearing Bullet-proof vests and steel helmets, UNITED 'NATIONS, N.Y. (UPI) —Eight small nations alarmed by spreading radioactive fallout today urged quick General Assembly action on a U.N. "solemn appeal" against Russia's planned 50- megaton nuclear explosion. The eight nations were sponsors of the appeal, which was approved overwhelmingly Wednesday night by the main political committee. The sponsors askftd that the full assembly, which must take final action, give the item top priority. It.was not immediately certain that the assembly could fit the item into its morning session. Officials said the schedule was so | full that no further action was City Hall. The bids were opened Rayburn had a "comfortable" , „ at last Tuesday's city commission ' day and that fheve was nothing ' i One of the tanks was going so fast I Mauritania and Outer Mongolia meeting. I new to report in his condition The injured man is a recent '*• s h°t about five yards into East)which graduate of West Texas College I and is a geologist for an Amarillo oil company. He is married and has one child. were recommended membership by the Security Council Wednesday night. They wern accepted In a package daa that was expected to have the indirect effect of keeping Com munist China out of the Unitcc Nations for at least a year. The package deal culminated patient behind-the-scenes negotiations of several months. The 11- member council first voted 9-0 to admit Communist Outer Mongolia, with the United States abstaining and Nationalist China not participating. Then it voted 0-1 for Mauritania, with Russia abstaining and the United Arab Republic opposing because of Morocco's territorial claim to Mauritania. Russia did not try to hide its anger over the political commit- No Verdict Yet Reached In Spy Case WASHINGTON (UPI)—A federal court jury began its secondly of deliberations today in the trial of Irvin C. Scarbeck, former dip-- lomat accused of passing secreti to Communist agents. Jurors resumed their attempt to reach a verdict after a night's rest in the courthouse where they mve been locked up since Oct. 11. The jury failed to reach a ver- lict during 1% hours of deliberation Wednesday. In his final instructions to the tirors, Judge Leonard P. Walsh old them to ignore Scnrbeck"s nffflir with n 22-ycnr-old Polish ?irl in deciding whether he passed U.S. secrets to Communist agents in Warsaw. "That Is not the charge in thi* case," the judge said. Scarbock's lawyer* hayt con- terid'od fche .termer diplomat cooperated With the Rcdi to keep' them from sending hi» mistress, Urr.ala DUcher, to an army bro- Ihel. After ,lhe Jury went out Sear- beck's wife, Karen. 37, told re-, porters it wa* not easy to sit through testimony about her husband's unfaithfulness, but "I plan to stick by him." "We had some reolly wonderful years together," she said, The judge allowed Mrs. Scar- German Treaty Threat U.S. Nuclear Blast Designed For Peace WASHINGTON (UPI) - Whatl John S. Kelly, director of the does the United States hope to' Atomic Energy Commission's di- learn when it stages the world's. vision for development of peaceful c> , , , , . ! . r ' i lanuer III me way ut vjcnua luuay. ; _ , ,. . i -» first nuclear explosion aimed at; uses of nuclear explosives, said The 50 crewmen abandoned ship , Germanv but 8 ave no indication Western powers on the question! harnessing the atom's violence for the device would be a stockpile' mp bv j urrminB into the water ! wh ' at ' if anvtnin S. was negotiable O f a German peace treatv" but Crewman Escape Oil Tanker Fire GENOA, Italy (UPI)—A spectacular fire touched off three explosions abonrd a Norwegian ' or tee's nuclear decison, and many delegates were skeptical that the "solemn appeal" would do any good toward preventing the 50- mcgaton blast. The vole of 75-10 with one abstention climaxed a daylong procedural wrangle in which the MOSCOW (UPI) - The Soviet Union pressed today for negotia- beck to see her husband prior to her departure for her home in Ducsseldorf, Germany. She said she hoped to return to the United States with her three children. Mrs. Scarbeck said she planned to rejoin her husband if he was acquitted and to "wait for him if he is found guilty," Plains Area Gins Damaged By Fires LUBUOCK (UPI)- Winds up to The"Bay of"Genoa"toda"y" ! tions with the West on Berlin and i find a common language with the otained ^ ajan ian Gromyko said th* Soviet gov- der . Cuba si(led wilh the nine- Wednesday night, causing ..._ . "spares no efforts to nation Soviet bloc and Mali ab- nnds of dollars damage to "both Communists were defeated on j 46 miles an hour fanned at least several filibustering points of or-jll fires in the South ground peaceful purposes? President Kennedy Wednesday announced plans for the under- some by jumping into the water. . .. The ship. The 21.824-ton Fern- , m lts own P osltlon ' rhe overwhelming vote reflect- (Sce APPEAL, Page i) weapon or a "replica." The United States has staged j mount, was standing about a mile j Foreign Minister Andrei many underground nuclear weap- off this port city making repairs j myko sounded the latest call for | he f^ v « ™ hints as to «P ecific Gro- items the Russians might consul- • , , r . . (, . ., »»n.ti(v unuci ui uuuu iiuL-ica i wcau" \Jt i nua iJui t ^it-jr inwi>iiift IVMI*»»<* *••»•»«• **«».».« w« v ,, w>n > vvvv _...... ground test. He invited all mem- on testg - n Nevgda But the NeHw j when the fire brf)kc out It had talks Wednesday at the 22nd i^- of Dthe . Umled . Natlon . s ' m - j Mexico shot will be the first by delivered its load cludmg Russia, to observe the ex- ' r bargainable. He said that if no agreed solu- periment, scheduled in about two months, A- nuclear device equal in power to about 5,000 tons of TNT will be set off 1,200 feet underground in fi rock salt bed 25 miles south .east of Carlsbad, N M. Scientists hope to determine: —If heat generated by underground nuclear explosions can be tapped for production of electrical IJas well as several farm, civic j power by plants on the surface, |.and labor organizations. j —if such explosions can be used Pampa churches an$. School or- to manufacture valuable radioac- ganizations participating in the tive materials for use in industry, Halloween night CROP drivel agriculture, medicine and science, are, the 'Frist Methodist Church, ,Harrah Methodist, St. Paul Methodist, First Baptist, Hobart St. Baptist, Calvary B-aptist, N a z a- rene Church, Church of the Breth- r e n, • Presbyterian, Episcopal, Highland Christian, First Christian, Lamar Christian and Maoa- donia Baptist Church. School organizations participating are the Pampa Key CJub and the Pampa High School sophotnore, junior senior classes. H -New facts about the nature of nuclear energy and the fission process which is the basic reaction of atomic weapons and power reactors. —Widely varied information of vital importance to future uses of nuclear explosives for peaceful purposes and to seismology, including seismic detection of under ground weapon tests. Foreign observers *re welcome to go to New Mexico and attend 'scientific briefings on the experi- tomes from. A hardware ' ment and its results, but they will l*Wi* Hdwe. | not be permitted to examine the device. of crude oil j Communist party congress and: tion was reached, Russia would any nation for primarily peaceful I Wednesday but was filled with Soviet broadcasts and newspaper s 'g n a P eace tre ' a 'y wilh F - ast Germany alone. Nevertheless, observers considered the tone of the speech rc-la- purposes. jfumes and residue. (reports played it up big today. 1 Raised n Fund Drive month in New York and Wash ington, the American secretary of' Se f H state said "he fully shared the j AMERIOAX STY14JN5 OTMWOB* ~* The new mo4el Russian passenger car, ''Chaika,'' is shown in Mosppw. Wings an4 Ihoo4 hive been redesigned by the Gorky factory, andi the Chaika faintly resembles some US. caw; Double headlamps, slight tail fins, covered reap wheel well, chrome body trim, smart grill, an4 a buggy whip- type j-adio, SAtf nn,&, stored cotton and cotton gins, A warehouse of the Caprock Fertilizer Co. at littlefidd also burned' The warehouse contained both liquid and dry fertilizer -Tha cause of the fire was not immediately determined. Fire authorities said the winds came at a time when the cotton ^ins were burning burrs thut are Pump*'* United Fund drive to-'extracted during the ginning pro- lively mild and they noted'Te lal dimbe ? to «3.400 today wUhjccss. The wind whipped the fire mentioned nothing about a year- \ re P orl ''?"' ''" '" C '™ ! " J ' ' fn "" the burnin * plls lo 8 ' ns and , . ,. . ' chairman of the oil and gas di- cotton storage areas. Gromyko' said that in his talks visi( '"' thi j l *"°° ha '' bee » co1 ; . Fi " e fire , s ™* L ure P orted at S ins with Dean Rusk earlier this lected so far in h)s division's ad-, in Brownfield, There were two ' vanced drive which • started 1 fires at Seagraves, two at La- 1. j mesa, and one at The fund's total goal is $88,746 '•> aspirations of the Soviet govern-' ( '™W Newberry. general ment for peace and on behalf of, campaign chairman, said today £3 the American government Rusk! lhat the to!al 8 oal ° { M advanced expressed hope there will be g' lts workers is $38,000. The re-J^ Riant found ways to secure peace '"aining J30.000 to meet the over- throughout the world." al1 8 oal must come trom individ- NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. The seriousness of the Berlin ual contributors and small bus- (UPI) — A flash fire injured at situation still was being sub- ness concerns, he said j least 23 persons and caused an merged in a flood cf news about i "We have a tremendous job, undetermined amount of damage the Communist party congress ahead," Newberry said. "As of j today to a top secret govern- which is nearing the end of the 'his morning we still are some • ment work area at the Wurlitzer "debate" on Premier Nikita S. ; $45.000 short of our ultimate'plant in this Buffalo suburb. Khrushchev's report and the new! goal." i Some of those injured apparent- party program. j The first report meeting of fund^ly suffered serious burns. Several After the winduo^of the parade solicitors who began work last j of the injured were carried from of speakers today or Friday, \ Monday afternoon has been sched- j the building in stretchers to wait- Khrushchev i» exoected to sum uled at a luncheon meeting in'jng ambulances. up the results, undoubtedly touch-' Coronado Inn Monday noon, -™ ' ~*~ ing once again on the sins of the ' "It is important that fund work- Avoid the rvsb. get ypujr 1981 Stalinist "anti - party" group of ers attend this luncheon and! State Inspection Stickers a«w at Soviets and Albania's Communist make their reports so we know; Pampa Safety Lane, ill S. Cuy* leaders, i where we stand." Newberry said. Her.

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