Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 3, 1963 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1963
Page 2
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Women's Pa a'ar L=^ dorls c, tvilson, women's page editor MONDAY, JUNE 3, I»6J 1UE PAMPA DAILY NEWS 5GTh YEAR *•*• Teeny-Weeny Drop Will Awaken Him! •7 ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My problem is a six-foot, 48-year-old baby. \ can't get him out of bed in the mom- ing. When the alarm rings, he shuts it off, puts his head under the covers, and goes back to sleep. Our arrangement is that when the alarm goes off he is supposed to shut it off, get up and put the coffee on, and then I get up and fix breakfast, Well, as I said, he shuts off the alarm and crawls back in bed again. If I try to get him up, he says, "Oh, my back," or "I didn't sleep a wink last night." What makes me angry is that, when he is going fishing, he can get up at 4:30 a.m. without any trouble, fix his own breakfast, and take off with no help from me. What do you think? | PLAIN MAD I DEAR PLAIN: Your husband is! • healthy, normal, n'x-foot, 48-; year-old comfort creature. W h e n j the alarm rings, YOU shut it off • and fix the coffee. And bring a' nice steaming cup to his bedside. If the aroma doesn't arouse him, one teeny-weeny drop on his nose will. When a man says, "I'm sure of my wife," he means that he is stir* of his wife. When a woman says, "1 am sure of my husband," she means she is sure of herself. For a personal, unpublished answer to your letter, write to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. OFFICERS — Heading up Pampa Jaycee-Ettes activities for the 1963-64 year are the group pictured left to right, Mmes. Jimmy Hayes, secretary; John Warner, external director; Richard Cooke, presi- JAYCEE-ETTE OFFICERS above, seated ( dent; A. J. Carubbi, historian; standing, left to right, Mmes. Jim Osborne, vice president; Gary rashie teasurer R. F. MacDonald, inner club director; Gene Hollar, parliamentarian. The officers were installed in a combined meeting with the Pampa Jaycees in the Starlight Room of the Coronado Inn. The Jaycee-Ettes will be dinner guests of the men's organization on Ladies Night Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall of the First Methodist Church. (Daily News Photo) Happy Marriage Views By A Biblical Scholar By PATRICIA McCORMACK NEW YORK (UPI) - Beginning with Adam, the Bible's rich and lifelike portrait gallery of men and women includes various husbands and wives whose relationships were affected by their traits of character. Relating some of the stories of husband-wife relationships, Edith Deen, author of "Family Living in the Bible" (Harper and Row), «aid a quotation from Ephesians S:33 sets the tone of happy wedded life. The quotation: "Nevertheless, let every one of you in particular so 1"\ • Ivs wife even as himself; an ' (I-; wife seen that she re^ •"•ic? !•>'-• husbnnd." "In the Bib'?." : v.d Mrs. Deen, of Fort Worth, Tex., "there are tales of husbands who blamed .their wives, of devoted and courteous husbands, of love that lasts ' through the years, of a drinking husband, of a wife who mocked her husband and even of a king dominated by is wife. Many Examples "There also are reports of a wife who was discarded, of a wife ; who succumbed to adversity, and of a husband who forgave loving;iy." | What kept Biblical families together in spite of adversities niifjht well be kept in mind by contemporary couples just starting married life, according to the author. The something: Faith. "Dramatic instances of families protected and sustained by ihe power of faith can be found in -Jake ^t *jr by peVerson Dear Kathy: My friends say Ij there can't be anything drastical- have a good figure, pretty hair| ly wrong wlth vour personality. •nd face but the problem seems to ,, , u ..; , • i on oresent a good appearance be my personality. 1 can get ' te ' ' friends (boy friends) but I can't and can '< have an - v g larin § faults,; keep (hem. However, this doesn't ^ bo\s, too, are attracted to j apply to girls. I have a number of you at first. close girl friends. The longest I 1 ' G|r , s ,, ke |h( , fee||nj , have exclusive rights to a datp. hut most fellows in their early tpens prefer not to feel fenced in. Might it he that you start testing ownership by becoming demand- 'the stories of Noah, Abraham, and Jacob," Mrs. Deen said. ' "All of these heads of families reached forward toward unseen goals for themselves and their loved ones, assured by their di- rcct, personal relationship with God of the reality of his promises. "In the superb eleventh chapter of Hebrews, the heroes mentioned and nvany others are honored in the triumphant roll call of the victors of faith." Quotes From Bible From Hebrews 11:1: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." "I believe that the Bible contains clues to solutions of the problems that beset us, even though today's families do face bewildering sociological changes and complex problems unknown in ancient times." The family unit in Biblical times was so important, in fact, that the law allowed a man exemption from military service to dedicate a new and still unoccupied home, just as he was granted exemption to enjoy the fruit of a new vineyard, or to marry. .TO GRADUATE — Miss Sandra Braly, daughter of Mrs. | Clifford Braly, 1206 Christine and the late Mr- Braly, is a candidate for an Associate ; in Arts degree to be awarded June 4 in the 1 12th Commencement at Christian College, Columbia, Mo., the oldest chartered women's collen^ west of the Mississippi, foi ^ e'd in 1851. DEAR ABBY: When I had my last baby, I swore off having any more children. I am 27 years old, Abby, and I have EIGHT boys (no twins). Is it possible that there is something about the combination of my husband and me that can't produce anything but boys? Whose fault is this, anyway? My husband says it must be me because his first wife had two girls. LONG ON BOYS DEAR LONG: You're short on facts. The sex of the children is determined by tht HUSBAND.... DEAR ABBY: You mentioned! that some of the wires a father! should pull to get his son into a i good college were TV, hi-fi and' telephone. I couldn't agree more heartily. I am 18 years old and j have been glued to the "n u t t y i box" almost since its invention. I don't know how I ever tore myself away to go to school. For some fantastic reason I got grades that were good enough to admit me to an Ivy League university. Considering the stiff competition, it was a miracle. I will never let the TV or any other distraction control the lives of any children 1 may have. JUST LUCKY I GUESS Arts-Crafts Club Has Final Meeting CANADIAN (Spl) - For its final meeting of the year, t h e Arts and Crafts Club met for a salad luncheon in the home of Mrs. Walter Killebrew on Saturday. Mrs. Robert Rogers presided at the business meeting. The devotional on "The Four Freedoms" was given by Mrs. B. P. Varnell. Mrs. Killebrew gave a paper on the Collect which is used by many clubs. Mrs. Ben Hill displayed a number of pastels of her own creation, Mrs. Killebrew took the group on a tour of her husband's rock- working shop where he polishes stones, prepares them for mounting and mounts them in jewelry pieces. Those present were Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Varnell, Mrs. Ray Morey, Mrs. Bill Ramp, Ms. M. H. Smith, Mrs. F. D. Teas. Mrs. Helen Tepe, Mrs. Arthur Webb, Mrs. Darrell Wiggins and Mrs. Paul Wood and the hostess. Mrs. Betty McCartney assisted her aunt in serving. The group will meet again in the fall. | . _ . | Plunging necklines or skin-t'7ht Manners Make Friends ', sl{irl ? mn X provitle rnnv " s: « Mf > n •vfor the coffee brr:ik. but they arc ; really not for the office. Mrs. Doug Reeves Shower Honoree LEFORS (Spl) — A pink and blu« shower honoring Mrs. Doug : Reeves of Parnpa was held in the-] Lefors Civic Center recently. The white cake was decoraierl with a miniature pink baby buggy. The centerpiece was made of ceramic fashioned in the form of a baby on scales and filled with pink and blue flowers. Favors of marshmallow booties were given as guest favors. The honoree was presented with a corsage made of baby socks. Hostesses were Mines. J. R, Sparkman, R. H. Barron, Gladys Pafford, Edytbe Waton. Catherine Fitch, Jack Thacker, Earl Lane, and Earl Atkinson. Those attending or sending gifts were, Mines. Harry damson, Ben White, Walter Elliott, Ed Bryant, Marion Barnett. Jeff Bradley, Bill Kindle, Elden Carter, Henry Dunn, .1. M. McPherson, Hugh Terry, J. M. Boucher, L W. Cafes, Jimmy Hnnnon, 0. I. PITS. ley, Hill Keith. B. T. Smith. Joe Clarke, Gerald Wright, W. \V. Cody, Clude Nichols, Clifton Shirley. Edgar Brown. W. B. Griffith, J. C. Jernigan, Chestine Dunn. Also Leonard Cain, M.irv H:i'- field, R. C. McDonald. Jack Pool, Ruby Reeves. Caron Terry filench Shirley. Bill McBee. 11. D Cox. Mary Barrnn. Karen Jerm Fi'ch, A. C. Gates. F. A. Williams. Jc'f Stubblefield, Spencer. Presley. Wade Reeves, 0. C. Sargent, Ross Pool. R. C. Ogden. Launa Hill, Howard Archer, D. S McDowell, Barbara McDowell. Flossie Butrum, Archie Chisum. l.elia Brein- inq, Ben Diehl, Joe Wnliis, W B Minter, Charles Earhart, A in y Earhart. J. D. Halley. Carl Hall. Ray Chastain. Bill Grabtree. Linda Crabtree, Boots Fleming, John Carpenter, and Bud Cumberledpe AUGUST BRIDE Miss Lou Ellen Howord WHITE DEER (Spl) — Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Howard of White Deer announce the approach.' ing marriage of their dbught. cr, Lou Ellen, to Tom McGee, sen of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. MO Gee of Skcllvlown. Wedding vows will he solemnized orv August 17 m the First Methodist Chuich of White Deer,, The bride-elect is a 'graduate of t'"c University of Texas and the qroom-clect will receive his B.S. deqree in mechanic;'! enqmeering from Texns A&M College in January, 19^. The boss anil his secretary will not luck houis if he doesn't give • work lo tli) at -1:53 p.m., and sh» doesn't close up shop at -1:45, ma for :i o'clock. Last Times Tonite "The squelcher" takes m u r h Ijoy out of life. Whv spoil ano'hcr's enthusiasm by being overly crin- •cal? CONFIDENTIAL TO ESTHER: Beware of giving the baby a name that forms a pun or provides a ludicrous nickname. Miller • Hood Pharmacy • TV & Radio Tubes • Radio Batteries • Rental Movie ProjectLrs • Rental Slide Projectors 1122 Alcock MO 4-8469 BEAUTY SALON 1405 N. Banks MO 4-6372 *m to b abl to kp a boy in-o seem lo be able to keep a boy interested is about a month. H o w can I develop my personality? -R.S. Lots of girl friends indicate that Thimblette Club Has ur- _ A i_ n r • uruTS, ° n9 SeSIS ° n WHEELER (Spl) - The Thimb- lette Club entertained with its annual Spring Party recently in the Community Club House with husbands as guests. Following a buffet dinner, guests were entertained with a "Sing Along" session directed by Max Ray Faulkner impersonating "Mitch Miller." Mrs. Faulkner and Mrs. Eugene Carter were welcomed as special guests. Hostesses were Mmes. C. L. Culber. Ross Nix, E. C. Goodlett. and Turner Kirby. ing after the first few weeks? ! ' would suspecl lhis to be lhe reason, if boys always seem to interest' at the end of a mnmh LITTLE L.IX SVith some people it's pretty hard to distinguish between open-mindedness and a hole in the head. SPRING and SUMMER SPECIAL DRY CLEANING $ 150 I Lb. Load Spotted, Cleaned Only FREE Starch for Vour Laundry Speed Queen Laundry & Dry Cleaning «01 Sloan — at Jordan MO 9-9H9 MONEY AT TOUR FINGER TIPS When you want money fast, it's as close «s your S.I.C. Office. Whether you want $500 or $5,000... depend on S.I.C. for • budget-planned loan with « sensible repayment schedule. Com* see ui »oon. We're here to help you get what you want. (If you don't have an S.I.C. Credit Card.., why not apply for one, now.) SOUTHWESTERN INVESTMENT COMPAJU 500 West KingsmUl Pampa, Texas MOfcawk 4-8 ill "Before you decide on a mortgage j>lan, lalk lo Security Federal" "People at Security Federal really know from their 34 years' experience how beet to serve High Plains people with home mortgages. They made some of the very first FHA and VA loans in this area! "And that means you get prompt attention and a fast answer... you're not left up in the air! And your payments are planned for your personal budget. "More than 3500 families are enjoying home ownership right now with Security Federal loans. They like Security Federal! You will, too!" SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION »V,UAl PU'DL'.U 1. JTEElf, litculi't Y«t Pit iiiitnl Sicrtte'r ftDlRAt SAVINGS i IOAN INSUHANCE COSPO«ATION fEDMAl HOME LOAN SANK srsiEM WEST FRANCIS AND GRAY STREETS •> JO IA IMM O,-H?O-7.« I' OPENS 7. 30 FAMILY tNTKRlAINMENT Explodes with Excitement! iM nS'l OilMb.Mn C« IX C'35! •».! ?'\rt, Also Cartoon — N<>\vs \n\v Thru UVdncsdav Arn;KM)ON ONLY" OJ'i-NS 1 -\:> A N I ) OPF.NS 7:10 P.M. DOUBLE FEATURE UllitllME FIIWUIH MAH11U HAHYl-Y-WmiN'HYI-H -HAL , ' • TECHNICOLOR* -pj,r.s- I'XVI.S i'KKSLKY "G. I. BLUES" IN COLOR —ALSO— <nv Thr;i Thursday DOUGLAS-KEAL-delLDE N'KWS — f'A

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