The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 7, 1960 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1960
Page 2
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T r,, , , s :« r.:^ """ K H M ^ . bandit Scares To Khrushchev ,frss|£^£: ;^-;^x- t; - court With S?SetaiB& Mrs. Sellers Is Elected to Head for I960 Fake Gun :!C r;*r:: vr.t - v-I ,. ">n;i;,?.v r 11 ?.:rr: j A>' —5'j;'.",: A^ri'-fcr!: it-/ iv !!>' ^ut:; 1 :./'.':: v" v-'rc: i^:" r>» r _ -. f" -r- ii'V. :.i.. t-, -.T; •"V ' •wv± f-Lr^xr. ?rtr: i-.'-y^- ^, ;r -^. C;^^r.'."7'-v' t"'^^-.-" "r-l «.•,'. -:A '--v::!^^-.*. vrj>. - :i ; ;r j.. Ho-r,^ v, » ; ^t b-.r,^ i;: ru'-i-V i *"II*,t' *"*:'''ll* 1J "j'C' w*Z. . r '-t->- -».-'-- ^^ :-%t.r lerz: i:; Uj« j.s^trt ^>un i :.r;'.'^i 25: v: ; tiyl:;!'.- :'ur£.j:r-i ——— Harmon Club Told HOPEWELL 'Of Frozen Foods " ^ K -P U - 7 Vi;i ^t'T '.''.T'.'iif? PETIS S>w« Service A bt'r vet i'ttn. Oci!ii'«:r T £1; »,i. '•-_;: -:- •_-,= vz-tc- 71—;-> t-.-i Ki'rn=-,", ie-c^:ra;ien •-' r/jb met '/u: ',<;• is*; z •- ^ *•• PICTURES ;v. v y-t- - OF P4K/S. . . 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Dr. Lean Hoffrnan and Associates, Optorriefrists FINEST QUALITY AT REASONABLE COST WEAR V/HILE YOU PAY WEEKLY OPEN YOUR PENNEY CHARGE ACCOUNT TODAY! charge it and enjoy Penney's low prices loo! i »• ~ty». CHARGI IT AT PINNtTSt Pry fcilli vntMn 30 4vp «fl«r y»ur kriEng dmti WrTHOUT PATINO A iiNGU CEKT OVH HH- NET'l IOW CASH fltlttS. Of fok« mart >!m» It pvy. YoV ONLY. rfi.r s< /«r /» f , . . wilfc NO A»i « <•*!»* now. J»'in t^« rtn lift m»4»rii c*nv«ni»iK*l l. I»$y »«U» mtt+tiott. fill in y*«r MRS. MODERN YOU 1234 YOUR STREET- .YOURTOWN,U S,A,

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