The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 30, 1959 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1959
Page 11
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 30. 1959 Sweeny Area Facts «y MATTIE LEE JORDAN Here we are back from a most wonderful vacation trip and reluctant to get back into the daily routine of work. We could write this whole column about our trip but will just say that several "firsts" took place for us on our journeys. We zipped off to the West Coast on a 707 Boering Jet, leaving Dallas at 7 p.m. and arriving at International Airport in Los Angeles, at 9 p.m. Of course, with the time difference, we were actually in the air three hours. The trip was smooth as silk and we hope to do it again someday. We encountered beautiful weather, no higher than 72 degrees, no smog, and all in all, just what we might have ordered. But expect the Weather Man was favoring a more distinguished guest than ourself, none other fhan Mr. K himself, and I had the dubious honor of witnessing his arival in Los Angeles. But enough has been said on that subject. Labor Day weekend, our husband and son, Joe, with whom we visited, joined a deep sea fishing party and brought back five 15-pound tuna .which set the right tempo for the two weeks that followed. Our first visit to the Mojava Desert proved Interesting. The beautiful country side, before we reached the desert, was something to see. And it is hard to imagine that traveling just a little over 80 miles distance could bring such a different scene and climate. However, we hit it just right there, too, climate-wise, for their first "cool spell" moved in, the heat wasn't bad during the day and we slept under blankets at night. At Edwards Air Force Base, we had our first real visit with our daughter-in-law and son, •nd their four months-old daughter, Charlene. The following weekend our hosts carried us to Las Vegas. Such descriptive words as glamorous, glittering, fabulous and wicked could be used when speaking of this Nevada town. Of course, we aren't very worldly-wise, nor have we traveled much outside of Texas, but we^feel $ure there in not another "place" in the world like it. • A comparatively quiet and ileepy town during the day, at night, and I do mean all night, .the town is one beehive of activity. 'Spect we saw more movie stars and TV personalities than we will see the rest of our lifetime put together. Another first — we actually heard Ed Sullivan laugh. He was seated next to our table «t dinner at Luigi's and to my surprise a very friendly and down-to-earth kind of fellow. Back on the desert we saw the X-15 take off on its successful nine-mile trip in the wild-blue yonder, and jumped every time the planes from Edwards made a sonic boom, which seemed about every 15 minutes during the day. Just hope Mr. K was as im• pressed with these beautiful United States as we were with ithe new country we were privileged to visit on our trip. Now, back to happenings mround Sweeny which has made quite a few changes while we were away. Foundations are being laid for a new building that wil' , house Meadors Grocery—Paul Beasch sold out his Phillip's 66 Station to Leo Finley—Shorty Long expects to move his Service Station to a new location this week—And, we hear that Humble Company will open i station at Long's present location—Woodroe Friday is remodeling his Main Street building for office space for a new Doctor scheduled to move here in the immediate future— and the addition to the Telephone company's office is completed. Also, the township has grown by five new citizens who made their arrival during the month And, we might add they come In All Sizes. One newcommer weighed a mere three pounds, and another, tipped the scales' at 12 pounds even. Arriving on Sept. 4th was the -on of Mr. and Mrs. J. c Bailey. Marc Andrew is his name and he weighed eight pounds, three ounces upon arrival in a Bay City hospital. Mrs. Bailey plans to join her husband in England in Decem_ her where the young man wil! meet his fathpr f n >- tup first time. .1V.-P3 Randall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gadrlv ws j born in the Angleton Clinic on Sent. 8th, His weight ,v hirth was fivp oounds. 11 ounces. Sept. 9th is the birthday of Ponna Denise, the seven pound, 15 ounce daughter of Mr. and Sirs. Donald Flickinger. who 'n the Matagorda OeL- *r?l "Tosnital in Bav nitv ...,*->«' nan. son of Mr. and y "•-n» M^ador arrived in f- . r,,,, £j )v hf , sn ; ta ] on g en> ISt'i. He/Wcped the scales at jjt*'* iTOunnls. fiye ounces. «aki«)«( .her debut on Sept. 14 w»* .Tarklyn Patrice, the daughter of Mr. ,-ind Mrs. Jack Robertson Th'c little lady (Continued OirtPage 13) U. S. CHOICI ER FOOD FOR LESS! v**^-****"^^ EAVY HEAVY BONDED BEEF SQUARE CUT SHOULDER ROW FREEZER SPECIALS! Tender ,-.-•. U. S. CHOICI IONDID Htoyy leef rbot't the me*t delteleM, |nley roarl yen ever, ever had.: Lean, cent-fed epodiMU! . IB. VflT TOUT Reel IOHO-III Strip* *. 1° FAT FtovorM ... CHOICI HEAVY HEP k ftover- ful re the fcnt month- wattrlng bite. The fom^ lly will clean fhot platter ef every twty mar* sell 15. WEEK-END SPECIALS IN OUR HOME CENTERS Ban-Ion Sweaters 2 66 MATCHING CARDIGAN J.*7 You'll b« btauiiful fn^.a jluitrous s!ip*on of cashm*re soft Ban>Lon. Fealhtr light, tott 4. templttily w«i(iaU«. Loden 6r<>n * Etrth Brown * SappHre BIu» * Joelty R.d • Bl«l-'»> Whlfc'--.•; SIZES WASH 'N WEAR CORDUROY capri pants 1 67 BOYS' QUILT LINED Motorcycle Jacket SIZES 4-U 8 44 New, e«iy to dean vinyl witt *ha».?re«! leather" look. Trimmed with 3 diagonal zippers, large buckle, ster epeuleh and 2 open-face ileeve »ipp«ri. ' BOYS' PMMIUM - PLANNIL SHIRTS 1 49 fins «.i< •OYS' FANCY FRONT BRIEFS frint.d bro.dclolh or tlannd Irant with knit whll« cotton bick. Wovm liifli 'top for ooo4 fit. SIZES 1-44. CHILDREN'S POLOS Niw, Fall itripoi or prints or lolid int«r- loclt. Button thouldtr lim M. Crow nocli shot 4-1. •orgtous you in fapwotj uprlt of wuh-n-woir corduroy. Rich tolidt or lur« trim in hi-rin or band w«!it. Pinwalo and wid. walo corduroy. SIZES 10-16. . ' S-N. KNIT PAJAMAS Soft and vim knlli In bilbrlggin bo»r ^ — - ilyl. with ( U anklit. No4ron, I. telld OD* colon. Mg. JI.H. : SIZES 4-1. ^ W WOMEN'S FLANNELETTE pajamas 187 Jnugolo-w.rm printi hi 3 b4au- tlful ttyloi —Potor Pin, button down or man tiilored. SIZES 32-40. SIAMLISS NYLON HOSIERY Sllin. iMm|tu porfoction with roinforcod httl t too. ROM ton. only. SIZES t'/i-ll. •• SUIDI FLANNELETTE DUSTERS Ctrtfrtt Sinletiui eofton i« btiutiful, dirt 4h2 tubduod printi. % l.nglh iltevn. 2-poct<t trim. T~ Wtih-'n-woK. SIZES 12-ZO. ••" •OYS* DOUILI KNEE JEANS e linlurll.d f Oi. Donlm. e Uviti at itnln polnti. * mitt "I" • ""*•. 2 YEAR GUARANTEE WASHABLE DOUBLE BED SIZE Electric Blanket 14 99 Bound with 100% Nylon—at easy to launder n any. fine blanket. 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Gillette Adjustable Razor Ad]ustable (e eny *lrln * beard. AT LONCri COuf. i ChidtMi Bin"*' 1 » PlM«.e«Un Cklckn fcwwk fni* 59 Chillies J-Ct. C«i Bugler Tobacco 89c 2-Gun Holster Set 49c Sisal RopeRoT* 66c THE BRAZeiJPOHT WEDMMDAY. WEST 7 COLUMBIA NEWS 3f BDITH ETHREDOE Mrs. August Bertram undef» went surgery last week In A*- gleton Hospital. She is doing fine and was to come home Utt weekend barring complication!. We are happy to report thai Mrs. Blair is home to atey ani ii able to get around eome. Little Vickie Sorrelt, i« iiorae from the hospital. ' ; Son-in-law Louii Arrinftea received a very badly burnM wrist last Tuesday when a radiator boiled over when he removed the cap. He hat bee* unable to return to work, but he hopes to go back before the week is out. Mrs. Viola Besch, received • burn on her hand due to h9» grease. Frank Orr of Sweeny is home for a short stay. Frank it ship. ping out on the Ox, lor Phil* lips Petroleum Co. Dee' Zaruba and her little granddaughter, Sherree Christian, visited Mr. and Mr*. Paul Lee Hubbard of Alvin last week. ••:••• / J. C. Dixon visited relative* in Paris, Tex., last week. Wxa« reported that they still have fresh corn on the cob in the fields. Mrs. H. C. Hall, recently flew to Tulsa, Okie., to vliit her daughter Mrs. F. A. Smith, who returned home with her mother and will make her lome here indefinitely while her husband is overseas for the the next two years. '.' ;. Mrs. Hall on her return bora* underwent surgery at .tbf Wharton ho-spital. She returned to the hospital lest Tuesday far another operation. Mr. and Mrs. James Pettert and family of Pasadena were weekend guest of the H. C. Halls. Sgt. M. J. Rivers of Tort Sam Houston was also a weekend guest in the Hall home. . ' The Texas Co. gave a barbecue Saturday afternoon for the production workers and families. Everyone reported they had a very good time *6& that the food was wonderful. Members of the ReBeeca Lodse enjoyed a box supper held at the Lodge Hall list Saturday night. Joe Eddie Phillips receive^ slight injuries last week when he was practicing football with the Houst-Abouts. At'last report he'was doing fine. Mrs. Walter Maxwell heart from their daughter, Jean. wh« Is In the WAVES. Jean write! she hopes to come home in January for a two week furleufh. Miss Carol Bui-man of WWt« ing, Ind., visited recently (a the home of Mr, and Mrs. J. Q. Jones. Mrs. R. W. Marlt, Mri. Lee A. Thomas and children ef. El Paso also visited the JenesM and the A. M. Simmers. Mrs. Mable Robinson, and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hendrlekt, of McAllen, have been recent visitors in the Simmers home., Mrs. R. C. Prim has recently been confined to Kut>ley* Blasingamp Hospital. We hope she has returned home by now and doing fine. Mrs. Lloyd Brandt, (Belorej Gupton) and children, Cindy and Carlton, have been vli]tln| with her parents, Judge ans) Mrs. Thurman Gupton. •', Mrs. H. H. Ford of Heuttap visited in the home ef Mr. «wl Mrs. W. H. (Boss) Pierce, Us* week. . •.' .' Our sympathy to the family of Frank Skotnik, who 4ie4 due to injuries received in !• automobile accident Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Ann Hensley is beck home after her visit with rele> lives in £1 Paso last week. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mitchell and family of Houston visite4 with his mother, Mrs. Ida Mitchell, over the weekend. Sis Weems, visited with her father and grandmother m Cameron, Tex., last week. Si! reports her grandmother l! feeling some better. She he! been pretty sick. Mrs. Maggie Phillips tended the iroeeiy store in Sis's, absence. Mrs. Faydell Greenwood went to see "her bjby," Steve Finch, at College Station, Mil of course Mama and P»p« Finch, Faydell's daughter e*s) hubby. Sweeny... (Conlinuod FtoM Fife It}' ' weighed only three pounds, • and one-half ounce* when Via arrived at the Mataford* General Hospital. It was > boy lor the LQUJ* Woodards and hU birthdt; will >e celebrated on Sept 17. He* iert Allen weighed in • txttt- y twelve pounds when B« *r*. rived in the Rugley-BUiiagtme Hospital in Wharton. We are back now at tht »»me old stand—Ph. 2415— U you »ave news tor this column. The calander says iU (ell—although, the weather is not cooperating, but this is the time of the year when ioei»l aetiy- ties begin to pick up pace after long hot summer, to let Uf tear from vou.

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