Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 3, 1963 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, June 3, 1963
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Pope John XXIII •y WILLIAM F. SUNDER LAND United Press International VATICAN CITY (UP!) - Pope John XXFIt, one of the greatest popes in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, died today in the fifth year of his reign. Te 81-year-old pope went to his death slowly, in prayer and suffering, his stout peasant's hcnrt carrying him through more than three days of final agony that w*»s relieved only by lapses into comas. Vatican Radio said the Pontiff died at 7:49 p. m. (2:49 p. m. EOT). The spiritual leader of the ' World's half billion Roman Catholics died without seeing the end of his great project, the Ecumenical Council, which was suspended with his death. For nearly four days the heart of the Pontiff continued beating after doctors had given up hope of saving him from the stomach tumor that was believed to be cancerous. As his condition worsened, peritonitis an inflammation of the abdominal cavity, set in and his temperature rose dangerously while his blood pressure fell. Last Friday he sank so close to death that he asked for and received Extreme Unction, the last rites of the church. As he lingered in the v-allcy of the shadow of death in the days that followed, the Pope slipped in and out of a coma, rallying at. times to bless those at his bedside with a weak wave of the h-and, then drifting again into deep unconsciousness. Before the end came he was too weak to move. Pope John's illness first became evident last November, but he rallied and returned to his work in the Vatican offices until M-ay 21 when the tumor's lethal effects began forcing him into the final surrender. The public saw him for the last lime on May 23 when he blessed a checding crowd of 15,000 from the window over St. Peter's Square. The death of the Pope was announced by Giorgio Luigi Dernuc- ci, an editor of the Vatican City newspaper Osservatore Romano. Vatican Radio reported at 3:45 p.m. (10:45 a.m. EOT) that doctors could do nothing more for the 81-year-old pontiff than to help his labored breathing with oxygen. It said the Pope had been "unconscious for several hours." "Only his heart is still heating," the broadcast said. "No feature of his face is moving. He has gone into deep unconsciousness. Administration of oxygen is all that can be done." At 4:15 p.m. (11:15 a.m. EOT), Msgr. Andrea Cesarano. archbis- op of Manfredonia, Italy, left the papal apartment in tears. Vatican sources said the Pope repeatedly had mentioned his name while half conscious in recent days and that he had been hurriedly summoned to the Vatican from his archdiocese. The radio had said earlier that the pontiff, although conscious July 4 Rally Planned lo Promote Goldwater Dead enough to hear Mass this morning, was so weak he no longer needed sedatives or drugs to kill his pain. Tim afternoon's bulletin snid the internal hemorrhaging lhat had complicated his condition earlier hnd resumed Sunday night. Tod'.ny his blood pressure dropped from 115 to 95, and medical sources said this indicated his slant heart was failing. There was no "human" solution to the illness, the Vatican R-adio said earlier in the morning. As the Pope lay dying on his bed in the Vatican Palace, surrounded by his three peasant brothers and sister and his confessor, a group of high church officials charged with the task of (See POPE, Page 3) POPE JOHN XXIII Red Prince Offers To Meet Neutrals On Plain of Jars -WASHINGTON (UPO-The „.. ! Sen. Barry Goldwater to run for tional Draft Goldwater Committee lpresidcnt . I The commjt|ee today announced plans for a mammoth July 4 rally in the na- ' phunouvong has offered to meet said groups with neutralist Premier Souvanna , .... . from almost every stale had an- Phouma in the vicinity of the turn s capital aimed at convincing nounccd (hey wou , d a(tend (he plain of Jars airficldi a Pathet rally on behalf of the Arizona Re-; L BO spokesman said^ today publican and it would be "a truly YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER (Ifhc Pampa Saily NLHITG VOL. 55 - NO 50 Serving The Top O' Texas 56 Years THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, JUNE 3, 190.1 (8 PAGES TODAY) Vopk iiay.« 50 Suniliiys ].">(•. Witch Burned by Mexican Farmers; Five Others Killed national declaration of popular sentiment." Sens. John G. Tower, _ _ R-Tex.. Public Works Minister Souk Vongsak said the offer was made in a telegram svhich Souphanou vong sent to Souvanna, apparent, • . ... i . , . , , „ ~> . • Iy m response to a joint appeal Rep. John Ashbrook. R-Oh.o. and : b \. g^J 4nd Rus$iaJ for ™ Gov. Paul Fannin of Arizona ; d ; eacotialions- were listed as speakers for the ! affair, which will be held in the .VILLA GRAN, Mexico (UPD— ! National Guard Armory. Farmers, rebelling against two' A ctors Walter Brennan, Chill ..brothers who established a W ills, William Lundigan and Ef- strange religious sect with lhe .,,,., , No other details were availa- ,. _, „ . . , be. The premiers office had no v , . . comment on the telegram, the ^^ jn ^ ^.^ Qf .^ ^ changes between , he p athe , Lao rem Zimbalist Jr. will provide , chief and Souvanna. help of a woman "witch doctor," entertainment, according to Peter Atoned the woman and burned O'Donnell Jr., chairman of the her at the stake, according to- committee. reports reaching Villa Gran today. The woman, Celina Salvana, was one of six persons killed at Vongsak has been Souphanou- vong's chief go-between in his dealings with Souvanna. A mem- Pampa Goes Into 6th Day Of Rains; More Co e "The purpose of the rally is to ber of Souvanna's coalition gov- ' demonstrate growing public sup- ernnipnl, Vongsak is one of the port for the nomination of Sena- few Paihei officials still tor (ioldwater as Republican can- ba<;( -' (l ln Vientiane, the farming cooperative of Yarba d j d;lte f or president in 1964," the On lns surface, the telegram ,Bucna. The others were the broth-' committee said appeared to be the first positive response to the Anglo-Soviet "The rally will also serve as a • pcacc appeal since Vongsak de- formal kick-off for Ihe commit-. livered it to Souphonouvong last tee's campaign to secure millions wee k. Earlier the International Con- Holiday Traffic ers. Cayapano and Santos Hernandez, who set up the religious sect, two farmers and a policeman. Murder Trial Is , Underway For Mishaps Claim '17-Year- Local Area Included eather Warning The farmers were Hector Soils • of signatures, petitioning Senator and Sebastin Guerrero. S o 1 i s | Goldwater to seek the Republican slipped into Villa Gran to gel police help for the farmers. The policeman, killed in a gunbattle with nomination. Irol Commission (ICC) reported Pathet Lao and neutralist troops In another development in the > exchanged mortar and artillery sweepstakes Sen. presidential the brothers, was Luis Marline?., i Hufh Scott. R-Pa., said he hoped About 25 families, with many children, live in the cooperative. . They live rudely, using candles for light and rarely seeing an automobile. Villa Gran is 175 miles south of the border city of Nuevo Laredo. Rigid Control The Hernandez brothers, according to reports in Villa Gran, moved in about two years ago. on the Plain second day Sunday. Record Number By United Press International i which had estimated between 450 A total of 524 traffic fatalities iflr >d 55S holiday traffic deaths for over the long Memorial Day holi- i the holiday, said there were more day set a record for highway -tars on Ihe highways over the Vietnamese f i ea , n over a summer-season holi- weekend than it had expected. P;imp,i'< morn thnn two nnd a half inches of rainfall sincf last Thursday has i^ivcn a new lra<(.> on life lo things lhat cle- pi'ini upon moisUuv for (heir surviva!. This includes fro/.en and burned out lawns, new grass send and pardon produce that had been struggling for many weeks lo stav alive. " " " "~ " " BULLETIN ' or Ine . ,-. \\-ii- .- , i Communist North that Gov. William Scranton of , ,. . . r> i ii \_ i gunners were believed supporting f i av \ • •*. | n . n f ihn^p mnn uln iviH Pennsylvania would accept the fi , . . v \ , i •* • " ' ol ' lno * e mcn uno nan the Laotian Communists in the . in work FrirHv took off \\VHnp?- shelling attacks There were no l Fmal Unlted Press In""'™" 0 '™! ' ° ' S oti_wecines president or vice president. ; .„ _, „„„.'..',,.;., : _ , u _ ,„..,: tabulations for the 102-hour holi- snovkcc llle traffic toll had call if he were asked to run for sneuing attacks, i nere reports of casualties in the four lau .Scott appearing on a bi-month- hours of bombardment, but the i ^ worked Iy television program with Sen. weekend resumption of sheHing j^"^/^^^ .l^ 61 ^^; Joseph S. Clark, D-Pa., described j lent urgency to efforts at peace Scranton as "one of the ablest talks. Republicans we have." , SELIJN G~BUSiHVESS NEW YORK (UPI) - Tele- FASTLAND, Tex. (UPD—The murder trial of Nathan Curry. 17. charged with the June 2f). 1961 slaying of Mrs. Florence E. Hus- sry, 53. began today in 91st District C °iw rt 'i r, f j • -A I ; ORT WORTH Tex. (UPD W. .1. Oxford is presiding as spec- .... ,,,.„, , „ , ... r ° The L.S. Weather Bureau today "' Hideo , , , I'Micd a severe thunderstorm secre- . . ,,. . toiccast for portions of \\est door ... -ii i i 1 ex as, including the southeast portion of ih" Panhandle, the northeast portion of the South Plains, and portions of Southwest ville State School for Boys until am) Cpn|ra] Oklahoma. Mrs. Husse-y. a church tary and Curry's next neighbor, was beaten and stabbed about a do/en times Currv was held in lhe Gatcs- , oul "If he's ever called for higher and with the help of Celina Sal- duty, it would be my hope that prompter Corp. said Tuesday it vana, started a religious sect that ' he would feel impelled to accept rigidly controlled the farmers and it," Scott added. However, he their families. said there was no movement The woman witch doctor em- afoot in Pennsylvania to generate ployed ancient Indian rites, ac- interest in Scranton as a nation(See WITCH, Page 3) | al figure. intends to ^ell its electronics manufacturing business to an undisclosed group of investors. The division accounts for 40 per cent of Teleprompter's current volume. Federal Court May Try Keeping Wallace 'Out of School Door BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UJ*I)—'ly to New York to appear on a , ian Malone is scheduled to enter The Justice Department today television show by using a devious : (he main university campus at asked a federal court to keep route. He left a National Guard Gov. George C. Wallace from car- plane here Sunday and was served rying out his vow lo personally' as he entered a commercial air-1 ',* block integration at the Univer-liner. orial Day weekend, the previous record for this holiday, and lnc ' s P" kesman s « ld 509 for the July 4 weekend of 1%I. i U was a lla PP>' which h«d stood as the record for a summer season holiday. The UPI death count between Friday, and then drove for the weekend," a July 22. his 17th birthday, when his parents petitioned to ha (l e the freed. The petition was The Pampa area was included in the bulletin. Th 6 p.m. Wednesday and midnight Sunday showed a total of 7$4 fatalities, including a toll of 121 drownings and 15 persons killed eas ' fio per f' ns hav<? fhe , d 524 i Tuscaloosa and David McGlathery to enroll at the university's Huntsville Center under a court U.S. Marshal Peyton Norville said Wallace took the papers with a "look of bewilderment and ama/ement." He said the papers did not require lhat Wallace personally appear, but he must be represented. A week from today, Negro Viv- tlly of Alabama nexi week Wallace himself was not on hand for the hearing which began shortly after noon. The governor was in Montgomery, Ala., and sent attorneys to represent him. The fiery little segregationist laid Sunday in New York that he would not attend the hearing he- fore U.S. District Judge Seybourn 1 ynne but his attorneys would be there. The hearing was scheduled to ftart at noon F.DT. •„ Sources close to the governor laid bis attorneys were to argue that Wallace's presence at the lhe "agency shop" — now in- university when two Negroes are t eluded in about 6 per cent of all injunction. in boating mishaps. The breakdown: Traffic Drowning Boating Miscellaneous Total Only Rhode Island and Dakota escaped without a single ! holiday traffic or accidental death, .outings i California led the traffic death ! count with 63. There were 42 in' New York State, 28 in Texas, 24 in Pennsylvania, 23 in Ohio, 22 in Indiana, 19 in Michigan and 15 j in Tennessee. The National Safety Council, youth denied Memorial day On •'«"• - r '- Odessa Disi. Judge holiday for most Texans this week C V. Milburn ruled Curry was end. hut for many it ended in bring held arbitrarily. Murder tragedy and grief. charges were filed the next day. Free on Bond furry was freed on $10,000 bond. His attorneys are expecied northwest of Lubbock, 10 ask that the charges he ills- Oklahoma City." misled on grounds of double jeopardy. If this fails, attorney Riot Policemen Begin Training In Dallas Today DALLAS (UPD - Special enforcement details of the Dallas police force began a program of riot control training today. Police said plans for the training program were prepared be- A United Press International de-ath watch lhat began Wednesday al fi p. m. showed that at lently over the slate, 34 of them in traffic accidents. Thirteen of the deaths John Watts of Odessa was ex- Another mrh of rainfall w wcre pected to ask for a change of added Sunday to the inch ond 2 , from drownings, as lexans took ^^ " Mf th . u fp|| m (he p a , l<; to rakes and rivers for the long . , , , /• ~, , , ,,,,,, , .• A reported confession by ( urry Thursday, Friday and Saturday, call for help because the radio text of the forecast read' "A few severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging surface winds are expected this fore an incident Saturday night Monday afternoon and evening when some 50 Negroes demon- from 2 p.m. until S p.m. CST in Mrated against the arrest of a 26- the area along fin miles either year-old Negro, who struggled side of o line from 3D miles \Mih officers ['ex.. to Officers Elmer D. Martin and Floyd G. Phillips said in a written report that a crowd of Negroef .surrounded them in South Dallas when they attempted to subdue a the 26-year-old man. a They said they were unable to 14, holiday. The other 18 deaths were 782 from shootings, slahbings and _ has confused the case. Eastland Today's forecast called South i miscellaneous violence. Two persons were drowned in Attv. Earl Conner f o r this lountV DlSt. .*\u\. r.ttii v unori .1 i . more ram in the area late Jr told reporters after Curry s , , .,-, ,, ., , , ', afternoon and tonight, lhe Daily a week after the h (See RECORD, Page 3) 8 FLO Members Arrested; 'Back' Atlas Explosion Investigation Crews | Believed Broken Are Forced to Wait for Silo to Cool signed a state- News rain gauge showed an even ment saving he was compelled to 1-inch in the latest precipitation go into Mrs Hussey's home. Conner said the statement revealed that the woman surprised Currv in a hallway where he was ripped from their car. The officers said the crowd acted as if it intended to free the prisoner, but made no physical attempt. The 26-year-old man and officers struggled, the report said, after the man asked the police why they were questioning another Ne- Agency Shop Ruled Legal WASHINGTON (UPI) - The n '8 nt Supreme Court ruled today that Walker man missile crew escaped in- ROSWELL, N.M. (UPI) - Air Force safety crews and a board of investigation both began work today into the explosion of an un-i j ur y. They were j n the launch derground Atlas missile site lhat ; c on trol center at the site at lhe shook the quiet plains of south-, ti me , separated from the silo by eastern New Mexico Saturday a | ong hallway and two heavy MONTREAL (UPD — Police were expected today to lodge formal charges against eight men described as key members of the Despite this, however, the five- leno rist Quebec Liberal ion Front feet from the silo. figures. Other areas around Pampa received equal amounts or more. With wheat haivestmg time gro man. panicked and scuffled with the here, there was indication thai' Phillips said his gun was fired woman there might be a delay in com- into the air by the man they ar- Statement Held Back liming if the rains continue as pro- rested. Conner did not show ihe state- dieted. The 26-year-old man was book- menl to reporters and has not Another area where ihe rainfall et \ [,,,- investigaiion of burglary revealed if the murder weapon was felt in reverse was the an d theft and aggravated assault was found. Pampa City Water Department on a po |, ce o f tlcer . — —.Water consumption has fallen off with a thud sinct* kist Thursday The city pumped 4.048.000 gallons of water on Wednesday. May m Thursday, May 30. it (FLQ) responsible for a recent bombings in Quebec scheduled to enroll June 10 would fee necessary lo forestall violence. " The Justice Department asked for an injunction shortly alter Wallace said he would stand in the doorway and personally block the students' admission. The government apparemly sought to avoid a campus showdown like that with Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett in the integration of the University of Mississippi last fall. The defiant governor, who had collective bargaining agreements — is legal under federal law. But the court also ruled in a separate Florida case that lhe agency shop is subject lo prohibition by state law (here. Air Force Base fire- fighiers, working with Roswell city firemen, brought the resulting fire under control Sunday after a night-long battle. Because the concrete silo was so hot, however, crews were unable to go into the area, and a wave of Province. Unconfirmed reports said the leader of (he gang was a 33-year- old Belgian trained in terror tac- The crew members were evacu- Ucs in Communist Cuba. steel blast doors. Astronauts Will Be Ready ! For Moon Jungle; ™" { HOUSTON (UPI) — If (here* | were a jungle on the other side j ! of lhe moon America's astro- \ Police said Martin suffered abrasions on his right elbow and Phillips' right hand was bruised. immediately after the explosion, the Air Force said, but traffic was blocked off on nearby U.S. 70 until emergency crews The court left undetermined the would wait until it had cooled quesiion of whether Florida. enough for safely, courts, ralher than the National! The $1.5 million Atlas intercon- Labor Relations Board, have ju-itinental ballistic miss'le, loaded made sure there would not be another explosion. The flames following the blast Walker spokesman said the crews ! were f e j b y ru ptured liquid oxygen and missile fuel tanks at end O ne the base of the silo. For Retaliation risdictlon lo enforce the slate ban against agency shop arrange . with a dummy warhead, was destroyed by the immense blast. played a cat-and-mouse with federal marshals for than a week behind a h patrol guard, was served with a pay union dues. summons and complaint by a j Justice Byron ments. This will be decided next i Cause of the blast was undeter- IITIII. ' mined. game j n general, the agency shop | Felt 15 Miles Away more (j u( . s no i require a worker lo join The force of the explosion was a union but does require him to, so great it was felt 15 miles away The explosion took place during normal maintenance procedures, the Walker spokesman said, and Police Director J. Adrien Rob- i ert said an investigation by city, provincial and federal police and the army culminated in lhe ar- resis and broke the back of the FLQ. The suspects were arrested in a series of raids over the week- of the men arrested was described as a mechanic who made the bombs which killed one » , 2!), am \ ! dropped lo 1.S70.000 gallons The i was less than 2-mil. „ s Friday, Saturday HOUSTON (UPI) - If then-{ h|u! Sumla> Highest i'on>umptuin for one dav during May was 6.200,000 gal- nauls would be ready ior it. \ | (in , , m M . U 10 \ wall the tronauls, were enrouie to brook Air Force Base in Pana as Al- i jjnvav man and left another near death. Police said they confiscated 50 sucks of dynamite, detonator the crew was taken to Air Force caps, fuses, timing devices and investigators immediately for ex- wires in the raids, tended questioning. "Water revenue has bi-i'n up in Pampa for <i long lime because ot the unusually dry weather," City Manager Harold Schmil'/t'r said uxlay. "but it has taken a big drop since the rains came R. B. Cooke. public works di- rc'doi. said the lain.s m the past few day s had been spread f a r enough apan that they caused no un ~ - pailiculor trouble as far as flood(See WEATHER, Page 3) \ ma for a week of jungle survi- j \ val (ruining. t I The space agency says I h c j (raining is pan of a continuing t climates program of survival \ under all conditions. The Mercury astronauts dervvent desert survival training in the firsl year of lhe pro gram and will take training in j BARRED FROM HOME '"""• -•-'--' " - ' THKITORD, England lUPI) Arctic survival al a later i date. ( The astronauts traveled \ Pensioner (ieoree Hitchcock, 73, lo The FLQ had stated publicly it ! Panama in several R. While read marshal here Sunday. Wallace had tried to fly secret-[court. the two opinions for a unanimous in Roswell, and two 32-ton steel and concrete doors covering the j silo were blown from their hinges j Fast etticieat Tuae-ups. Call Lloyd 50 leet into the fir and about 75 j &JAU Sinclair, MO 4-7181. (Adv.) None of lhe crew was available had launched the bombing cam- for comment. ( paign to force the secession of predominantly French-speaking Quebec from the other Canadian J flights because oJ a \ p a c c- 1 agency ruling forbidding more ' than four lo travel in the same plane. \ ' asked iht 1 cuuri to send his daugh- diffcrent | u ., Winnie-. 39. to jail bc-i ause shf ii'lusi-d l.i U-aM.' his II.HISL'. Judge C;.)IL\V I.vans ordered IHT sent to jail Tui'sdav lor six weeks Indian Plane Crashes; 29 Aboard Dead NEW DELHI (UPD—An Indian Airlines plane crashed today in northwest India, apparently killing all 29 persons aboard. Six of the passengers were Americans. Among those aboard was Prof. James V. Laverty, 40. of the University of Illinois, his wife, and their three children. One other American, identified only as a Miss Hardman. aL-.o was aboard. She was reported to have been living at Lahore. Pakistan. Ten of the victims were believed to be children. An airline spokesman, who dis- clost'd the cra»h. said the plane was flying irom Amntsar, in the Punjab, to Srmagar, capital of (See CRASH, Page 3) provinces. \ \ but suspended sentence on condi- If it comes from a hardware stor| il tion she leave her father's home, we have it. Lewis ""

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