Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 20, 1947 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 2 Pampa News, Friday, June 20, 1947 GAKNlVAL BY DICK TURNER CO"*. 1M7 8V NEA OttlVlce, INC. T. M. RfC. II. ». TAT. OFF "It must be a good book—Dad hid it from Mom, Mom hid it from Sis. and Sis hid it from me!" Jester KVmn l';iirr> 1) administration of a hospital pinning and construction program. Provide for tho apportionment of Federal estate tax in those eases where the lax is measured in part by the interest of the surviving spouse in community property. Authorize the juvenile board in counties from 190.000 to 320.000 to appoint a chief probation officer With assistants. Permit Madison. Houston, Walker, Port Bend nnd Brnzoria Counties to sue for taxes due by the Texas Prison system. Continue the Good Neighbor Commission on a permanent basis. Appropriate $25.000 for the South Texas TubA'culosis Sanatorium at Laredo and provide for its relin- quishmcnt to the city of Laredo on Aug. 31. 1948. Provide for investigation by the State Department of Public Welfare in adoption cases and for a biennial report to the Governor. Permit, the adoption of adults in the same manner as is now provided for the adoption of minors. Provide for juvenile officer.'; in counties of 80,000 to 350,000. Authorize drainnpe districts in cities of 150,00 to 350,000 to join other governmental agencies in constructing and maintaining drainage improvements. Make bribing officials or participants in athletic contests, or accepting bribes, a crime. Extend time within which architects mav register and receive certificate without examination. Pampa Frozen Foods Firm Opened Today ! Pnmpa Frozen Foods. 314 E. Fran- I cis, formerly Barrett's Frozen Foods, I announced today its formal open- i ing. The firm, purchased by Dave Fin- kelslein. April 19 has been corn- plot civ re-modeled on the inside and in addition, Kinkelslein staled, that 500 lockers wil Ibe soon added to the 500 lockors now available. The firm will handc, he reported, a lino of fancy groceries, dcli- eatessen and grade AA meats available for individual cuts or for locker use. Tho Sultle Grocery and Market, 407 N. Cuyler, has just finished their extensive remodeling and the iTmnnsr-ment has invited the public ',o drop in and look it over. H. J. Suttle, proprietor of the business, announced that his new equipment included a tile floor, fruit displays, Weber cases, Birdseye freezer and Warren fisli and poultry case. Suttle stated that ham sandwiches and potato chips will be served to the public tomorrow. Nigeria has 30 airports and more than 3.000 miles of motor road. WET WASH 5c per Ib, AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cuyler Phone 203 MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. Glass Blocks For that New Building OF Remodeling. See us today for your requirements. HONE BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. 112 W. Foster Phone 1414 Five Divorces Are Granted by Court District Judge Lewis M. Goodrich, this morning in 31st District Court, grunted divorces to five couples, on grounds of adultry and four on cruelty. The defendants in all cases signed waivers of trial leaving the plain- tills free to tell their side to tho court. >l. P. Williams WHS Riven the custody of his two children when he was granted H. divorce from his wife. E'screne Williams, on the grounds or adultry. The plaintiff stated they were married in 1934 and yqjarated in 1944. Charging cruelty, Azce Wilborn Levvis was granted a divorce from lioi huobnncl, Arthur Lewis, by the j Court, The plaintiff stated they w<-re married in 1940 and separated in 1943. Ivo Haficy wa.s granted a divorce from his wife, Lillian Goldie Haf- iley. ou grounds of cruelty. The pliiintiff staled they had been married in December 1942. and separated in February of 1940. A divorce was granted to Mildred Mullins from her husband on charges of cruelty by the plaintiff. The clato oi marriage was given as June of 1940 and the date of separation as October of 1946. Georgia Snider was given a divorce from her husbnd, Earl Snider, on grounds of cruelty The mar- riup.c was given as December, 1945. find the date of separation in May of 1947. ROOSTER MOTHERS CHICKS ST. BERNICE. Ind.—(XP)—A bantam rooster at Hubert York's chicken house has taken over the role of mother to a flock of chicks. The mother hen stands by the chicks during the day but at .night she roosts while her babies huddle under the rooster. The Navajo Indian reservation is about four times the size of Massai chusetts. Heredity is believed to be the ch- lief factor'in longevity and virility. K iy?l?'m'f l) 551 M f PfBffAH AMEEIC&II LEGION CARNIVAL ALL THIS AND NEXT WEEK STARTING WEDNESDAY JUNE 18 GREATER UNITED SHOWS 0 THRILLING RIDES • * ENTERTAINING SHOWS - FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY KID'S MATINEE SATURDAY Frew 1 HH 5:30 All Shows nnd RMes Retfweed fo gftft 4B^B«OH TO Mainly About Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnston and son. Carl, Abilene, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Fischer, rind other relatives and friends in this vicinity for the next two weeks. Dance Sat. nite at the Southern Club to Vic Diaz orchestra,' Sun. nite to Roy Terry's orchesthra. Wed. nits to Floyd Sykes orchestra. In Pampn it's Southern Club for your pleaseure.* J. IV. Contlo has been admitted to V/orley Hospital tor treatment. Mr. anil Mrs. Ernes'i G. Wilson nnd daughters. Barbara and Diana, Weslnco, are guests in the home of Mrs. Wilson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coo'.c. ,1-piece bedroom suite with springs and mattress, 9-piece dining room suite. 6 inside doors, set, of springs, kitchen sink for sale crfap at 721 N. Frost. Ph. 794 or 353.* Mrs. C. L. Rutherford and daughters of Canadian were Pampa visitors yesterday. Can use 2 pin boys who need and wnnt to work Pampa Bowl.* Mrs. D. A. Caltlwell, Panhandle, Is n patient in Worley Hospital. Mi-Lady's Beauty Shop will open for business on June 23. Call 406 for an appointment.' 11 Mr. and Mrs. Kendell Green and son, Harold Ray, and Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Green and "Shorty" have returned from their vacation, spent in Colorado; and New Mexico. Mr. Farmer let us insure this good wheat crop for 30 days agains loss by fire and lightning, while it is in the field, while being harvested, while being hauled and while in storage at a cost of only $4.30 pel- One Thousand Insurance. Duncan Insurance Agency, Duncan Bldg., Plv>nc 739.* Mr. and Mrs. Mack IVIiatt have returned trom Norman, Okln.. where H>PV attended thi wedding of Mrs. Miatt's sister. Their niece, little Martha Ann Hughes, of Wcathcv- forcl, Okla., returned with them for a visit. Clcsff Instant Ambulance P.2454.* Miss I.eona Parker is able to be back to work, after being confined to nor home witli illness tor the phst few days. Cab Drivers nccdctl. Apply Peg's Cab Stand. 221 N. Cuyler.* Mrs. Earl Cotllin and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Stone are spending the weekend in Enid, Okla., v.'itli Mrs. Cctlli'i's mother. Dance at the Southern Club every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday night. Beer all the time. Ph. 9545.* Mrs. Dick 'II'ugliKS. 520 VV. Francis. K in Amarillo with her son, Richard, who was operated on yesterday in St. Joseph's Hospital. Don't forget the reunion for the class of '4G to be hel dat Lake McClellan Sunday P. M. June 22.* Kcnnctt Hobbs lias returned to bis homo after an emergency appendectomy last Friday in Worley Hospital and is reoprtcd rapidly imnrnving. Golden Loaf Hot bread every morning. Pampa Baking Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bray left this afl'Tnoon for Perryton. Misses Mildrcn and Bobfoyo M«- 'Clenclon, students at the West Texas State College for the summer session, are visiting Uieir parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McClendon, 1119 E. Francis, over the week-end. Rev. Jim Brown, student at Vale Divinity School, will finish a two- weck meeting at Waurika, Okla., Sunday. Jim, a former minister for the First Christian Church, won the Downos prize of S40 for the best scripture reading and the Calkins prize of $35 ofv the best sermon at the University this year. Miss Wanda Gordon, student at Chickashe Women's College. Chick- ashe, Okla., is home for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. IlasselI, White Deer, announce the birth of a son on Saturday, Juno 7, in Worley Hospital. The baby weighed 5 pounds and 7 ounces at birth and has been named Raymond Douglas. Mother and baby have returned to their home. FUNNY BUSINESS BY HERSHBERGER "It's *he only way George will eat raisin bread outdoors!" Truman CCoiiUriiifcrt Ii'rorn J'nsrc 1) Democracy." This was his judgment: "I have concluded that the bill is p, clear threat to the ^successful working of our Democratic society." The President capped his blast against the measure wttli an invitation for the legislators to try their hand again with a wholly new bill. Mr. Truman said they still had genuine opuortunity to enact "ap- propirate labor legislation" and called attention to recommendations lie made last January. These were for a measure prohibiting .(urisdictional strikes and secondary boycotts (for •unjustifiable objej'.ives* and for creation of :i commission to study the need of other labor law objectives. Republican backers of the bill brushed aside Mr. Truman's counsel as they called for the House, and later the Senate, to enact it over his disapproval. As soon as the President's message reached the House, Rep. Hartley (R-N.J.l. chairman of the House Labor Committee anci one of the bill's authors, told reporters: "Certainly we aren't going to pass another bill as Mr. Truman suggested. The tilings lie asked, insignificant as they are, are in the bill. Ari'd the bill is going to be law, veto or no veto.'* Hartley said the President's criticisms prove that if there are any defects in the bill, "it is not because it is too drastic or comprehensive, but not comprehensive enough." House Republican Leader Halleck of Indiana noted that 103 House Democrats voted for the bill when the House passed it, while 66 Demo- Hightlighfs (Continued From t'nco 1) commended that the government withdraw from collective bargaining with the end of the war emergency.) 8. "The bill raises serious issues of public policy which transcend labor-management difficulties." Under the last heading Mr. Truman declared the bill would (A) abridge the right of free speech by union newspapers on political issues; (B) would invite the states to put harsher curbs on union security, by abdicating the federal authority wherever "more rcsrtic- tive policies" exist; (C) the denial of Wagner Act rights to unions with Communist officers would force such unions to strike for their demands, "which is exactly the result the Communists desire." POSTAL OFFICIAL DIES FORT WORTH—f/P)—Funeral services for James M. Roy/land, assistant postmaster, will' be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Westminster Presbyterian Church here with burial In Greenwood Cemetery. He died here yesterday of a heart attack. " PORT ARTHUR—(/Pi— The Coastal Inn resort, ten miles south of here, was destroyed by fire last night. Loss was estimated at $35.000. Fire Chief Dave Radial said the blaze started from a defective neon sign. crats opposed it. In this minority, Halleck said, were "radical New Dealers." "Henry Wallace need not worry any more about forming a third party," Halleck added. "In his veto message Mr.- Truman practically turned the Democratic Party over to Wallace and his gang." Girl Killed Following Juneieenih Celebraiion CORSICANA—(XP)—Ruby Harris. 14-year-old Kerens Negress. . was killed instantly yesterday near the Trinity River when she fell from a truck, striking her head on the pavement. She had attended a June- teenth barbecue. She was with a group of Negroes going to Trinidad from Kerens. Constable Chester Kyser said. The truck driver and an automobile operator were fined for reckless driving after the accident. Kyser said. Stewart Infant Dies In Local Hospital Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 3 p. rn. at the Baby Garden. Fairviow Cemetery, for Larry Munson Stewart, 4-months- old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Sttwart of Ouymon, okla. Tlio infant died enrly today in a local hospital, soon after arrival hero from Guymon. Besides the pnrents, also surviving; am a brother, also surviv- sisU-r, Lola Irene. Services wil] be conducted by the Rev. Collins Webb, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, with burial under the direction of Ducnkel- Carmichfiel. The 1944 Washington baseball club dropped from mnncr-up position to the cellcr in a single day, June 13. Unknown Assailant Knifes Lefors Man One man was admitted to the Wortey Hospital last night,, and two meh were injured as the result of a knifing that took place, one of the victims said, near the Blue Bonnet Inn. The three men injured, all of Lefors, were treated at the hospital. Kenneth Twigg, according to the attending physician, was suffering from shock due to the loss of a large amount of blood; multiple deep lacerations of the forehead, shoulders, and trunk portion of the body. The doctor's report of Twigg's condition this morning was satisfactory. John Slmms and J. C. Aldridge who were treated for lacerations were released immediately. No arrests have been made, as yet, by local police officers. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SIMMONS Grocery & Market Vile have what you want — or will get it for you! Phone 1713 Alcock Borgcr Hlway f;]Lt!t!T:t5i? " - ii ' wAcci—(#)—Aug. J§ probably witf be the date for a $40.000 bond elec- tfpn to finance the fcjtnthas% l b'3 McLennan Oounty tff rightS-of-#&J for a fotor-lfrne supefhltftMjf. tin other projects. accbrairi|t'tfl'GOti|i| Judge D. 1T. McDaniel; Almost a million oil *ells been drilled in the ttnited S with more than 200.000 of them df holes. ' V- More accidents occur at -railroad grade crossings day than on any other day. b| week. MODERN LIVIN6 CUIMS VICTIMS SOFT, refined foods and lick of extN cist ate responsible for JncteiiJirig j thousands of constipation Victfriii. ' Intestinal muscles become slug£i0i ( waste matter accumulates'knd/g<u( : j» formed. Often there »s a tired, rejtfei, listless feeling. It's cases liki thi$ Wat the new unproved ADiTUKAts designed to help. Tliis scientifically cotfi- pounded Tone-Up laxativt "fa"quickly absorbed by the gastro-intestixul »ft> tern ... gas pressure Is telieVed tftd waste matter is moved £emly thtovigh thedigesdvecanal. When ybii eat *$1 and digest your food well, yoii'li 6fl,3 a new )oy in living. Order a bottle of ADLERIKA today. " -" % "•••'"•"" Caution: use only as directed. On Your Grocers Shelves for the New, Fresh LOOK Golden Loaf Finest Bread in a Brand New Wrapper Styled in Modern Design and Color Look for it! Ask for it, gt your favorite grocer! REMEMBER, GOLDEN LOAF IS BAKED, WRAPPED AND DELIVERED IMMEDIATELY EACH MORNING PAMPA BAK/NG CO. 848 W. Foster Phone 816 Bevin fContinued from PHKC 11 from Russia did not deter him from denouncing Communist maneuvers in Soviet-dominated central and •eastern European states, and he served oblique notice on the Russians that the western world never would stand for suppression of liberty. Speaking for the opposition, Eden's attack was even stronger. He declared that events in eastern Europe were "unhappily undermining the confidence between victors in the war" and "paralyzing the continent's economic recovery." Head The Pampa News Want Ads Dental Notes Through earphones of a "denti- phone" Mrs. Frank. Lewis listens to her favorite soap opfira .as J3r. Edward Maclc of San Francisco starts to .drill one of her teeth. Dr." Mack :says 80 pe? cent Q! his tiattents pan relax with th> Jittery. CONTINUING OUR ALL SPRING ANB SUMMER DRESS SHOES! Pumps, Straps or Ties — Suedes, Patents"or Calls ¥aiues!o$15JO PATENTS PLASTICS LEATHERS Reds, Whiles Combinations Blacks and Browns Doeskins, Patents, 4ft* ^^^^B ^^^ ^B^^k ^B^^r • ^B^BA B^^^? ^^R^^ ^1 I ^B^^ft B^^^P. B^m^ BAGS REDUCED BJB^B^BJP^ v^ - ' ^^P •?^^P^5' ^'^^^T ^^ -^BF TBB^BWBW .BB^BSBST.. -.^^B^B^C «^BBJP^ BBBMBBBF B^BBBB^^* TO COMBWTJOIIJ ERT"

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