The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 4, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1962
Page 3
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MAZOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TSXAS, TUB. SEPTEMBER 4, 1962 THI IRA20SPORT PACTS Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 PAGE 3 Mn. AND MRS. FRANK SIMMONS GRIFFIN JB. Couple Wed In Frceport Mcthodlut Ceremony rhoto By I'arrlncllo Frank Miss Gasch, T. J. Foitik Recite Double Ring Vows orchid corsage. Miss Carla I^whon was lM Rchn Ellzabelh Gasch of ; ereenr>ry. Houston and Thomas James Bill Elliott provided the nuptial Foltik of Texas City were united music on the" organ. imairt of honor. She worp a street In mnrnagft at 2 p.m. Saturday; Riven In marriage. hy her.lrnEth dress of nilp green lace In St. Mary: Star of the Sea i father, Ihe bride wore a cathedral i and silk organ/a Her headdress Catholic Church In Freeporf. [length gown of nylon tulle and 'held at brie* green veil and she The hride Is Ihe daughter of taffeta with an overskirt of while carried a yellow rosehud nose Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Gasch oflchantilly lace. The close filling! gay. Freeport and the groom's parents bodice of the gown featured a Daniel Wright attended the are Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Foitik peler pan collar of Chantilly lace briiit'ermm as best man. ,Ia"k of San Antonio. ,and long bridal sleeves that taper- : B. Cox and Walter Wotipka Jr The Rev. R. A. Blankenslein led Jed to points at the hands. jserved as ushers the couple In their double ring; A pearl nnd crystal tiara held' For her daughter's wedding vows, at an altar adorned with! her fingertip veil. She carrier! Mrs. Gasch chose a dove gray Iwo baskets of white gladioli and yellow roses centered with a white silk organ/a dress, rose pink ' IMPROVES COOKING Proper Preheating Reduces Fat Intake Correctly pre-heating an wen or a utensil on the top of Ihe range is recognized by Rood cooks «s one of the many secrets of cooking success. To Ihe ralorie-cor.a-nus household precise pre-heating should bo. 1 1 Griffin Jr., Bride Will Make Home In Dallas Miss Freddie Mae Dannhmis he-'chapel length train In the back. > chiffon dress accessorized wit came Ihe bride of Frank Simmons' Her shoulder length veil cas- matching hat' gloves and shoes griffin Jr. In a candle light serv- caded from a jeweled crown. She She wore a pink carnation cot ice al 8 p.m. Saturday in Ihf First carried a bouquet (ashioned of sage. ac- cor- ecru accessories and a bronze orchid corsage. Following Ihe ceremony, a reception was held at Mrs. Wilston's Tea Room. The lable was laid wilh a culwork linen cloth nnd centered wilh a tiered wedding cake topped with the traditional miniature h.-idal couple. Punch and coffee were served from silver services placed a t either end of the table. Members of the house party ns- rcception were jwhon and a "must." says Margaret Spader, "'sting with Ihe home service consultant lo Ihe Oas Appliance Manufacturers association, 'because the way you the bride chose a light gray bro- cook certain foods determines • caded satin mil, complemented their calorie count." '."'"" rp:1 ""-™wries and Ihe white ,,-._ ., ,. .. !orchid corsage lifted from her Starting the cookmg process brjda , ^^ at too low a temperature causes, ;vj r anr i M r!( Koitik will make such foods to absorb fat. Take their home in Texas City. She is pancakes, for an easy-to-observe a 19(5n graduate of Brazosport example. If the griddle Is not set "' El1 S( ' ho °' atw1 he eraduated a college student by i Alamo Heights High School attended the University of WOMEN Edited By LeROY BYRD ARRANGE YOUR FLOWERS IN BREAD MR. AM> MRS. THO.tlAS JAMES FOITIK Couple Will Make. Home In Texas City Photo By Rod If you're Having friends in forj The flowers will slay beautifully a "cook-out," try an unusual dn-! frrsh for dayS| hcm;e tw , nnus ,, a i it - yourself flower arrangement! arrar , wm ,, nl cai , SPrve .. doub |»,. that promises to surprise and de- rtuly .. oulside and inside V(wr 'it your gtirsts, and to help house. 'make you pation dinner a long; remembered affair. i Arrange a mass of brilliant : flowers in a loaf of French bread! i Simply hollr/w it out, line the inside wilh aluminum foil, and par-' 'lially fill with blocks of a com- : mercial foam flower holder pre- saturated with water, the Society' tit American Florists suggests. i Then insert flower stems inloi ' the foam holders and add waler.' 'As a finishing touch, use any big: green foliage — such as large magnolia learns — to form decorative mat under the French bread. NfeW CAR LOANS TERMS UP TO For a wedding trip to Austin. Siveatshirts Move Into Fashion Spotlight On College Campuses port nnd his parents are Mr. and Miss Ix-e Overstreet of Dallas and she also wore a corsage of Mrs.. Frank S. Griffin Sr. of An- was the bridesmaid. They were pink carnations. brown coral peau de A reception was held at t h e kppr< afWin E (al t" keep Ihe pota bouffant skirls, church Fellowship Hall following locs frnm ""'-kms? lo the pan. II gowned alike in per- sole, styled wilh potatoes. I've seen cooks The Rev. Archie Fleming , . formed the double ring ceremony Their siioes were dyed to match the ceremony. The bride's table lnpy hafl pre-ne?'9d the untensil . in a setting enhanced with Iwo and their headdresses were fash- was covered with a while linen lhey muM have eliminated a lot P" y> Pair of tiered candelabra and Iwo ioned of coral tulle. cloth and held a crystal punch i 0 * ( ' a ' or 'os nn d pot-watching. Qtskets of white mums. A white They wore white gloves and bowl nnd a tiered wedding cake " In deep-fat frying, if the fat is satin kneeling pillow, made by each earned a single white gla- topped with a miniature bride and lpss man 35 ° degrees, doughnuts groom. other foods soak up the grease the bride's molher, was used'dur- mellia. ing the ceremony. Flower girls were Miss Debbie Members of the house party for and lakp m " ch lnn * ef to cw>1 ?. Harvey Jones provided the tra- Black of Hitchcock and Miss Kar- the reception included Miss'Rita p roper pre-heating prevents this rhttnnal wedding marches on the en Sweeny of Sweeny They wore Maulden and Miss Dixie Rehms an<1 also determines how success- organ and also accompanied the dresses of while organdy fashion- °< Lake Jackson who served cake- ful - vou arp wilh i(pms like vpal soloist, Mrs. Lucille U-vinc, in Ihe c d similar lo the bride's gown. a "d Mi" Grace Quinn of Long- •<*ops. eggs, chicken, blintzes and selections "Entreat Me Nol to They wore while gloves and white view and Mrs. Tom Faulk of oth(>r ' a vorites." Lefcve Tliee," "WeddinK Prayer,"'flowered headdresses and carried Odem presided at the punch serv- A * to how a L ~ fflh tan ipn ullpn x'itb and "The Lord's Prayer." baskets of flowers. ice. ;she's workine with the right tern- IM? " n ' Tlie bride, given in man-jage hy Richard W. Griffin of Angleton After the reception, the couple perarures. Miss Spader says: ^er father, chose a gown fashion- attended his brother as best man. I<? '1 °" * wedding trip to Austin. " u lakps a ' ort of *' xlh f|lre:<1 ed of Chantilly luce wilh a seal- Bert Black of Hitchcock and Le- For travel the former Miss Dann-; when you'" 1 usi "S an obsolete loped Sabrma neckline and long roy Cast of Lake Jackson served naus changed into n beige two- stovp - Bul '"day's ranges take sleeves that tapered lo points at ; as ushei-s and lighted thc candles. Pi«e suit trimmed in mink,i lhcsp temperature requirements the wrist. The bouffant skirt was For Ihe occasion, the bride's complemented with brown aUi- :into account. They're equipped tiered in front and swept into a mother selected a sapphire blue gator shoes and bag, a brown hat* 1 " 1 to P burner heat controls that Time was when you could spot Gold, royal blue, scarlet, kellyifor "persprrarron pun-overs.-- his racoon green, and bright orange are] al 375 degrees, the pancakes will "T^"^'", '^""^".^..'l'"'^ '«>'. freshman rx-anie, or school ? m .™« t !l e . holfl ,. L '°. i ", ra to te fo ! Jnfi Texas. He is employed as collee-. nowadays, the collegiate t], er( ,' s a ncw f am j| v 0 { eye-ap- tion manager for Southwestern status symbol is more apt lo be a polling pastels in such shades as lo hashed Investment Company. sweatshirt. glacier blue, seafoam green, and The rehearsal dinner, hosted Although they've born around delicate orchid. by Ihe groom's Pj !rrnls - was held for a )onE tjmp> Sw(?ats |,j rt5 have On navy or black sweatshirts, ra^r" memt~£ Sg -y recentiy come ou, of the gym ^* « » ^ *™ tnineie aicn im-inrirtH and into the fashion spothcnt. re- '* uucsis ajso in* iun*?n ' p \'pn thp tfanitinn^l Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Foitik of P"rt.s the National Cotton Council. hu>n trad.tional San Antonio. Prior to her marriage, former Miss Gasch was MONTHS THE- FREEPORT NATIONAL BAN New Myling and rdor?. carefully t h e keyed to reflect sweatshirts h a s name undergone THANK YOUl for Your Patronage Dwrw Our GRAND OPENING compli- wear trends, have mented with an office shower at lined cotton sweatshirt stapic Southern Life Insurance ;| p m_ Ior well-dressed undergrad- Comp;iny; and was Ihe honoree at a lingerie shower in Houston, given by Bnhby Caldwell. Also, a miscellaneous shower in as msn - v by Mrs. Paul AccordmR to one survey, it's not uncommon for a student to own ix or Pi! * t Js '' vrat ' — all differing in designs ,™n,^^-'- m ^"-^ f> iV/ " Helen Flukcr, and Zelda or ™\ nr *Sissom. A pottery shower was B >' a "d given in her honor in San Anonio. RESEARCH SHOWS THAT NOTHING CA'N REPLACE A GOOD BREAKFAST Commissions To Meet Four Commissions of First Meth- and gloves, and the While orchidi l ' an •* pre-set to specific temper- odist Church of Lake Jackson [•^c. the majority go in for sweatshirts emblazoned with their colleee name, rmsrrrt, fraternity or sorority (Test. On many c a m p u ses, novelty desig n e d sweatshirts are popular. These represent some facet of campus: life _ serious, ribald, or slightly lifted from her bridal bouquet. atures. will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Asidc from jts obvious advant- Mr. and Mrs. Griffin will make Even wntl " ( ' old 'nsr«i' p nt--i are Wesley Hall for a general meet- SEe of irlpnti{>inR uie snl(ier)t with th?ir home in Dallas where he added to food cooking over one of ing and then co the their respec- |ho ivnf! . e of ' his choice tne SW eat- will attend Southern Methodist lhpse burners, the sensing ele- live places. shirt (uu . in many inslalxvs „. University. She is a graduate of ™>ri' in the control reacts imme- Commissions lo meet are PJlu- .^ (hp fra , erni ^ pin as a sym- V Ilie iraditiimfl mid -mnrnlni! "traditltmal" items. C h i Id ren Brazosport High School and Sam diately and the Hame nses auto- cation. Missions, Worship, and M of t^-pjhpmp^' ]t has become milk or coffee break is no sub- sometimes enjoy hamburgers for Houston State Teachers College, matically to rompeasate for the Christian Social Concerns. popular too a<= a gift item for anced hre^T" " M ~ M "reakfasl. accompanied bv milk He K™<*™«« Jrom Angleton High heat loss and keep the food from Septemht! t back 'o-scl™, "-d a pie,, of fruit. ' ^1 a ^ a «ended the U^r.;^"^^^ ^ ^ month, also Is Better Breakfast Many quick-to-prepare conven- jthat heat control is a factor not Month. As we resume a heavy ience foods also fill the bill. Or- :on!y in terms of cooking results ' fall schedule, In or out •< school, a "S p juice is a quickie. It's one of; Be they basic or dressy back but also in achieving important it's time to Improve breakfast lne September plentiful foods. Be- to school clothes all conform to economies. habits. cause it's a good source of vita- a classic color scheme. Brown In other words, she adds, a new The U. S. Department of Agri- min C. this is an ideal day-opener, from beige to deep-dark, is un- range equipped for top-of-lhe-stove culture supports Better Breakfast Fresh pears and gra|>es also disputed winner. Camel and gray'control anfl lor "programmed" jjilnnth because many folks start «re abundant. And coasider cere- combinations also are popular, oven cooking "could conceivably , the working day without an ade-," 1 ". pancakes, breads, eggs, and j Vibrant reds, blues and greens pay for itself in food and health quate breakfast. It's a matter of jibe all-Important dairy foods. I brighten lint*. i savings." j *r national vigor and accomplish- "~~ ~ ~ —— A menl. Research shows that nothing ran replace a gixxi breakfast. Scientists at the University of Iowa's College of Medicine recently found that when office nnd; factory workers eat an adequate i breakfast, rather than just take; coffee break, they are generally HaveNeighborsToo Close? Then Erect A Baffle Screen Friendliness with more productive during Ihe late * '"•"""""" wlul onp ' 8 neigh-1 window*, you might as well not I length of the house on the side morning hours. Also, they are l>ors is a tinp ""'«. hut w hen i have windows. If you put in a WR! where the baffles are to be placed quicker In their reactions nnd do >'">' P«y uninlentionnl visits to not ' KP> > lou '" have to keep it clip-|The length could also be extended not tire as easily. them via the windows because 1>od ' . | to provide some screening for the And children are more likely lo ynu| . holls( , s are hui| , ((w „,„„,„ L'^K OO<1 '"''itlon to the problem i back yard or lo Mock an unrom- do well m studies ami games ; — ~ .-, .,..,. Mn ,.ic«., „ .. ., . ,, a io have a ">nfab with the folks plimentary view of the neighbor- when they start Ihe day off with 1 ??' ' ," '•"">'"« » K (lod npxt door ""<< then each erect a ing house from the back varr! "ung too far. i Iwffle screen, one in your .\arrf! A board-on hoard mtiem t< '• 1-ol.s of home owners find them-land one in theirs. The bafnes williai i,,^ balanced hm.kl.wl. A wide range o( (mxls offers K«x1 breakfast polenllnls, selves ,„ this an I"""" '" """ predicament. It's not necessary to stick lo j«hat do ym, do «!«„. it? If . — . .'IIHIIK heavy curtains at , and " .... , ,. . - - i... ,.-.,. i. i in i it .-i ni ivi 11 1,1 PflSV to ' Hut be tHiili thre.' feet or more aiart.lhuild. Set ibc fence posts which 1 you:but will overlap. ishoiild he ivl in size, then attach twlfle will be half the t op ,,nd lir,iii>ni rails using 2xts. •-$HE^i 1 '" or ""' P'' lllrrn - " ail Ix4s vertical<$»••'£.*£&£ !>' to Ihe rails, but nail alternate- ling hoards on opposite sides of the baffle and overlap their ends one inch. When all Ivls are in place add a 'Jxfi cap hoacd to give it a finished appearance. If you like, arid a crown aKive the cap bunl and use it as a trellis for a (lowering vine. It's important to make the baffles a part <>( thc gurden, and it's easily done hy IvinkniR shrubs : or flowers against the screens Put your "show" plants here because Ihe baffles will form Ihe perfect backdrop lo set them off. Choose a wood with good outdoor performance for Ihe baffles. Hither western red cedar or Douglas fir is recommended. youncer brothers or sisters. Styles range from classic, round-necked pullovers with rag- Ian sleeves to high fashion slip- ore; with softly rolled Italian collars and push-up half sleeves. Others include hooded versions, zippered fronts, and buttoned card- izans. Prices ranse from approximately S'J for hash- styles up to SS for ihe more high fashion numbers. Colli-KC students' growing enthusiasm for fashion-conscious sweatshirts has prompted manufacturers to step up quality. Efforts have been made to improve the washability of sweatshirts, which are often tossed into an automatic washer at tlK" campus laundry with little thought to the tempera- tine o! the waler. As a result, sweatshirts now have a shrink- resistent finish arid many are vat- ityed to preventing fading or streaking of colors. And one company lus patented j Its process of permanently bond-j lug floi-ked lettering to the fabric, guaranteeing it to last for the life nf the garment. PATIO PASS - Through • Kitchen window becomes a pa*s- through to patio with addition of serving counter nn palio side. Serving table lo built of tongue- and-criKive Douglas fir. It is hinged at top and ran be folded Hat nsain<t «all nhen not In use. I^OK* fold up and under. YOU STILL HAVE TIMF TO REGISTER FOR A Skirt & Blouse Outfit • 6 LUCKY WINNERS • DRAWING . . . Thursday, September 6 BAB-CHIC FASHIONS Store Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 109 West 2nd. Freeport FREE SHETLAND PONY & i BICYCLES Given Away By Merchants of the BEACHWAY SHOPPING CENTER SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th. Register in Our Store! CONTINENTAL HUK Italian Collar Watch for the GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR & CARPET CO. Formerly (Tapp Floor Co.) 317 So. 0 8E 3-5258 FKEEPORT I. C. PHILLIPS, Owner AUSRIIIIIGKHOOIJ HOI UfcH ABE TOO 01. (tot. A BAm.E STBKEIS U1VKS Two OMwt Screen. Ueiljncd la Boar d • Oil - Board P«U«rn AcU Aj Trelili PKIVAOY Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! CHILDRENS EYES NEED PROTECTION Hav« your child fittid with qUit«» that «r* MADE TO TAKE ABUSE. Our h • a t i o u.q h t n • d Until will bt REPLACED WITHOUT CHARGE i* broken within ONE YEAR OF PURCHASE. For Profeuiorul Eyic*r« viiit «n Ey* Specialist of your choic* for your next «lamination. Afttrw*rd bring your prescription to L. M. JOHNS DISPENSING OPTICIAN 326 W. BROAD FREEPORT IE 3-1722 "BRAZOSPOKT'S OLDEST OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT" Sale Prices good now throuqh September 8th. or until supplies are eitiausted! Pro Double Duty TOOTH BRUSHES 2 For '1.19 2 REGULAR 35e KLEENEX TISSUES 4 Boxes For 98c Whit* They Lost! SUNGLASSES 20% OFF RAY-O-VAC BRECK SHAMPOO BATTERIES & FLASHLIGHTS 40% OFF Come & See Our Many Other Specials & Gift Merchandise GARRETTS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE PHONE Tl 9-6487 BEACHWAY SHOPPING CENTER ANGLETON

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