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Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee • Page 5
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Bristol Herald Courier from Bristol, Tennessee • Page 5

Bristol, Tennessee
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MAIIIVIRE WINS FIRST'' NIGHT CONTEST 7 (Continued From Page One) ESCAPE WITH $3,000 (Colitinued From Page One) JOHN SWANSON DIES 1 3 4 (Continued From Page One) A dash of sugar develops these flavors JOHNSON CITY, Sept. 27. MilArley Edwards, IS exit ove'r the death of his father t'short time ago, drank two ounces Of a poisonous acid at the home of his uncle at KIng's Springs today and died before he could be brought to a local Funeral ser I DANVILLE. TT. (AP) John P.

Swanson, died suddenly at his home here at 6 o'clock from heart attack. 0 MARYVILLE, Sept. 27. won her first grid game of tht season here tonight from Tennessee Wesleyan by the score of 27 to O. Flayed under new arc lights at the local field, the game was excellently attended.

selling $40 a share, or more be. low the year's high levels. These high records were established in several Instances only few weeks ago when there was every indication that the laulr movement. which began just 'prior to the election of President Coolidge. in 1924 and has continued, with few interruptions, would carry over into the new year.

refused that power 140 years ago. as a reiresentative of the people I refuse to surrender it now." He described the flexible PrZvi- sion as a "progression backward" Instead of forward, as contended by Fess, who, he said was "usually in agreement with the white house." Senator Gillett said that if the tariff commission had made a tfew brilliant reports, correcting glaring defects" in the law, the present pp-position probably would not be so vigorous. BAHAMA CAPITAL IS LASHED BY HURRICANE Ativsvs ElegendattEe littE4 FARMER: 'BORROWS GUN TO COMMIT SUICIDE (Continued From Page One) were supposedly still hiding tonight A search of the car resulted in the fin-ding of eight separate sets of license plates, presumably to be used In case of escape to more open country. 'The machine bore Tennessee tags. Although accurate dmcriptions of the men were not obtainable, one was said to have been rather tall and slim, with dark hair and-dark complexion, while the others werb described as being of fairer skin and shorter than the first.

All of the trio were said to be young men of approximately 20 to 2t Years of age, aoCording to estimates by witnesses. Grady Jessee was only recently employed as assistant cashier, taking the place of Douglas Wi Isbn, the man whom the robbers inquir. ed for today as an introductory statement to Jessee. J. C.

Stinson, cashier of the bank, had stepped out for lunch when the robbery occurred. B. T. Wilson is president of the Bank of Russell county assets which amount to about $175.000. This is the first time the local lkl.nk has ever been robbed.

CLEMENCEAU, WAR PREMIER, 88 TODAY IT IS one of the wonders of todaythanks Oth to improved canning methodsthat we can now have the whole year 'round practically Itt, every fruit and vegetable grown. Serve sdritti .0, these healthful foods daily and don't forget Stiro: that a dash of sugar here and there while you are warming the foods for serving will AV 1 VIRA-- improve their delicioupess and all their appetizing qualities. Another wonder of modern growing, shipping and marketing is the great number of months that so many fresh fruits and vegetables are now "in season." The fresh fruit and vegetable season is now longer than ever and the modern cannery fills all gaps with delicious fullvitamin-bearing foods. In cooking fresh vegetables, making salad dressings, in preparing stewed fruits, in serving fresh tart fruits and lArries or fruit punches remember always that sugar is the supreme flavorer of these healthful foods. Elpert cooks explain to us that sugar does more than sweeten: It develops entirely new and delightful flavors in the foods.

Serve fruits and vegetables daily. Serve milk drinks and milk desserts. Add a little sugar also in preparing meat dishes, gravies and soups, and notice the better flavor. Sugar is the supreme seasoning. Good food promotes good health.

The Sugar Institute' i 1 TA trdpr Zh horrAgoi, and guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction down to the last srioonful in the can. and gt fect sa last (Continued From Page One) GREMNTEVILLE, Tenn, Sept. 27 Luster, 70-year-old farmer who lives 10 -miles from Greeneville, borrowed a shot gun yesterdey from a neighbor to "shoot HIS body was found this morning, leaning against a fence. He had discharged the gun by placing it on the ground and using a. stick.

Part of his 'bead was blown away. You-sar 2 in buying and in using You -sa flir ANA BANKER DROPS DEAD SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27. (AP) Fred Horn, vice president or the New York Trust Company, dropped dead today while walking through the lobby of a downtown hotel. He had come here for next week's convention of the American Bankers' Association.

I 11; 25 But Foch stuck to his method of using gentle persuasion with ofreigners under his command. "It displeases me to be forced Into a debate before a coffin Clemenceau said when Recoubr's book was published, a month after the death of Foch. But my silence will appear to be a confirmation. I will respond by a book. It was begun two days ago.

"Pershing and I were and are friends. He and I had the mune aim, which was to employ the American army to the beat advantage. But every time I met him I pressed upon him the urgent need of getting more American troops into action. He, aa military commander, refused to do so until they were ready. We always had that discussion.

In this respect we always had different views, but we never quarrelled." SHOOTS SCARECROW, THEN HIDES IN FEAR OF ARREST FOR "KILLING" akilazt Powder Same Price for over 38 years ti fel (Continued From Fags One) southeast of Miami and much farther east of Key West. He said the probable course could not be determined but that the movement was slow. Winds of hurric.arie force are not indicated, he said. CUBA )1aNACED HAVANA, Sept. 27.

(AP)The next 24 hours were forecast tonight as the most menacing for Cuba. The possibility of 'receiving a lashing from a hurricane located approximately 140 miles east of Key West was seen in its deflection to a westerly direction. Dr. Carlos Mil las, chief of the Cuban national observatory, reported at 9:15 p. m.

that he placed the center of the hurricane at 140 miles east of Key West with all indications of an inflection in its projectory which would carry it over the Santaren channel. He added that should his forecast prove true that the storm probably would move across the Florida straits toward Mexico following at southwest direction and threatening Havana. Dr. Minas said there was no certainty In the report upon which he was then working but that to nine o'clock his observations pointed to further veering' of the storm to the south. FittAiliTtlt LOST Sept.

27. (LP) The Domira, ocean-going steamship, abandoned by all but three of her 30 seamen, tonight apparently had withstood a third day of pounding by the storm-tossed sea that drove her aground off Abaco Island, Bahamas, but the whereabouts of another British freighter, the Bahaman, became a mystery. Radio communication with the Domira was less frequent today but operators for the tropical radio here said they believed the ship's apparatus was silent for long periods because of a desire to save the batteries on which it was forced to rely for transmitting power after the engine room was flooded. 'The captain, radio operator and one other 'person remain aboard. 0 posse of residents from this town and taken to Mays Landing for medical treatment He suffered considerably from exposure but wits otherwise unharmed.

Dirocco, pursuing a low-flying hawk, had fired wildly. A figure in a battered hat and waltimg arms was seen to fall and lay motionless. The lad's mother, Mrs. ltIaria Dirocco, was Wider a phycisian's care tonight, having suffered a stroke when informed of her child's disappearance. GOEBEL WINS RACE 'ounces for kt, 43, Pure cnd Efficient A 0 I lcient 1 0, It 4 4 I 1 KANSAS CITY.

Sept :.27. (AP)--Colonel Art Goebel. who won the Dole air race from California tli Hawaii, winged his way to another long distance victory here today in the Mexico City-Kansas City air derby. He was the only American in the race. tintIONS OF POUNDS USED CUR GOVERNMENT USEI UNDS Uri 0 You too will satisfaction in mailing your own decisions.

'T4 OR 5,., tr. et tt vs tt- .0, a 1 1 0 .41. et Air- Air, tli.44, ,4, ...,.111 ek4L, ftiotipoty to 3' tor 1 1 I 0- 11.4. TiRElLg itiie .4 't i 0 satisfaction lrO I too 11: 1n1 ii ng your own 4, li ,.,,,1. 217 decisions.

1 0 ,44,, I. A''' oil' Igiot 4, Lo I Po tc dbl. 4- .1 NIRO CARSON REPLIES TO BROWN CRITICISM 1 (Continued From Page One) 1 tlir irtit it ii ttrb RA1 I 141 a rINIE10111111311 find EL 39c IMMO 01111011111 I i find 1 11 11111101111111111111111051111 1 1 1 mfind ai zf :1 1 11, 1 1 BIG NEWS CLOSES TODAY AT CAMEO E1NZ SSmall Size, 3 for Medium Size, 2 for 25c 3r for 25c '-4 MOOMMOUNEEMEOMEMM, 1 25c HEINZ SPAGHETTI SmMeadlilumSizSei 3ze, frfor 25c Maxwell House, per lb. 49c 49c ner lb Sc 49c 49c 49c Sc "Big News," a story of a day full of thrills in the lite of a newspaper reporter. will show for the last times today at the Cameo Theater, with "Sunset Pass" being shown from the screen at the Columbia.

Robert Armstrong has the leading role In "Big News," with Carol Lombard allaying opposite him in the fordnine lead. Armstrong enacts the role of a reporter who becanes involved in an effort to solve the mystery of a dope peddling ring and unmask the leader of the band. Jack Holt and 'Nora Lane are oast in the leading roles of "Sunset Pass," a picturization of one of Zane Greys novels of life the olden days of the West. The story filmed in and Tuba, Arizona. the locale of the plot.

Others in the cast are John Loder, Chester Conklin, and Guy, Oliver. 4.,. tom ti. 1' I 11 lb 4 i.t' is '1-, ii Li 4 si-r, i i ,...,..7,, 1, I 4 ii '4'! ,4, ,1 i. if ...7.: 4 -for 4 '4' '-g, i 3, .:0 67, 'f'lk I'''''' L.0,:.?:' It .04 1 140 ,14., i Itl, i i 1,0 Ititt 2111'' its' i itf 14...

i tf; yps A. 41e 4, 4, '4 4 'op. ..4 4 ...:,.,....,.,::5:6. ,10, .1,:.., ts' .11 4'7' ,,.::4 a 5 i I if i 7 :4: .3, 4, ,7, ..2, $,...,:,,:,,:,:,, 7 ::4 .......1, -1 i 1 f- i' i.i i 0i. 1 'i; ik .0..

0 403'; el, -4t '1 p- yix 4 Ir. ltilif 1 -'4''' 4 )01. ..4,,., 1 N6 fps. 1 Y9 i-. A.

4 coFFEE Creole Blend, per lb. Kenny's Fresh Ground, SNOWDRIFT 2 lb. can White House, per lb. Creole Blend, per lb. Kenny's Fresh Ground, Virginia and the United States and carried on a long and arduous campaign to secure pledges of sup-PP, egregious Wunder in Professor Brown's attack was the statemeist that it hu developed that the cost of- acquiring the Park bands will run into the 'immense sum of $10.000,000 to 000,000, but if Professor Brown had some estimate of the cost of acquiring the park area, as originally proposed ran up as high 13 000.000, but if Vortessor Brown had followed the reports, and If be had kept tip with public affairs of the state, he could not fail to know that when the park projection was taken over by the state authorities, the conservation commission a careful investigation ot the I proposed boundary lines and then made a new survey, which cut down' the area from 487,000 'acres to 827,000 acres, including most of the valuable' orchards, farm lands and residences in the lowlands at the foot of the Blue icidge mountains and thus reduced the estimated cost of the park area not less than oom9o.

'Professor brown is evidently not aware that an act of congress was passed two years ago, confirming and appioving, this action by the state authorities, he would not base made of $5,000,000 more or less by using estimates of the value --of the park area as originally proposed instead of the present estimates since the area was cut down under the authority Of an act of Mr. Carson then declared Professor Brown was misinformed" about the suits against 4,001) or less subscribers to the park fund. The facts are, Mid Mr. Carson, that of the 81,000,000 park pledges. there remained uncollected about $61,000 pledged by about 000 small contributors.

The conservation commission being unahie to collect these pledges, in accordance to the park law, turned them over to the attorney general. who acts for the commbusion in such matters. The attorney general and the commission fully realize, Mr. Carson said, that a 'small part of the balance is collectable, and that many of the small sub. scribers are unable to pay and that there is 'no intention to file 4,000 suits, but only about fifty suits against, those subscribers who are known to be able to ay and who have not paid.

0 .4 AR mouR's NERIBEsT jAlyi ilnc id 5 Teza. 35c. --Glasras, 2 for MERIN IIIIIIIIIIMP FUNERAL FOR SHIPLEY CHILD HELD YESTERDAY momminimmosionolorannomme Calumet, 12 lb cans 1ec' $1.15 $1.75 ICc 5c .15 .75 BAKING POWDER 5, lIbb Calumet, 1,0 lb can3 Calumet, 1 lb cans Calumet, 5 lb cans Calumet, 10 lb cans H. mono SOUP 3 for 25c sossmoss 6 bottles to carton, per carton (15c deposit for bottles) min CAMPBELL'S TOMATO CASCADE GINGER ALE GERBEi'S STRAINED RP IS Picked at their best, packed the same day. No time to toughen up.

Funeral services for Stella Grace Shipley, 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Faustine Shipley of Blountville, who was instantly killed Thursday evening at about 7 30 o'clodk near the Sullivan county courthoutsa by being run over by a car driven by Mrs. E. O.

Madison, of this city, were held at the Goodwyn cemetery in the 20th district of Sullivan county, near White's store, yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock by the Rev. Dan Graham. pastor of the Blountville Presbyterian church. W. G.

Shipley the little girl's 8- year-old brother who was with her at the time of the accident, is not seriously injured, receiving only a few minor scratchea and bruises when the automobile came upon the two children as they were trossing the highway. In avoiding another machine they atepped in front of Mrs. 'Madison's auto, according to witnesses of the fatal tragedy. No charges had been preferred against Mrs. Madison yesterday in connection with the tragedy.

FEDERAL JUDGES HAVE VIRGINIA' OYSTER CASE --0--, FEDERAL JUDGES HAVE VIRGINIA' OYSTER CASE BABY FOODS Pears. Prunes. Tomatoes, Vegetable Soup, cans for Se cans for 4 (recommended by leading physicians, everywhere) WN the vast Stokely vegetable gar- it dens, trained overseers watch the crop with practiced eye. Almost to the hour, they know when the different varieiles are just exactly right for pickingfull flavored, tender. Then the word is given; the picking begins.

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sible. Naturally, Stokely's vegetables offer the 'utmost in tenderness and freshness of flavor. Better still, they are canned under the Stokely packing method assuring the retention of most of the vitamin value that is lost when fresh vegetables are cooked at home by the open vessel method. Ask your grocer for any of these Stokely products. Corn Green Beans Peas Green Lima Beans Tomatoes Peas and Carrots (mixed) Beets Mixed Vegetables Hominy Tomato Catsup Pumpkin Sauerkraut Carrots Chile Sauce Impor tants Doctors have been invited to convince themselves of Stokely's high nu.

tritive qualities and healthfulness through the Southern Medical Journal. Stokely quality welcomes the most critical tests. STOKELY BROS. CO, Louisville, Ky. 'Irarld's Largest Exclusive Vegetable Canners Hominy Tomato Catsup Pumpkin Sauerkraut Carrots Chile Sauce have been invited to Int ortants Doctor convince themselves of Stokely's high nu.

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tritive nualitien and I I Sliwa.k 11 FREE RECIPE BOOK COMPOUNJ LARI Per lb 12c 1 iv 1 I compouNI LAR-114 per lb 12c 1 FREE RECIPE BOOK 01 WOMEN SEEKING TO IMPROVE THE MOVIES NEW YORK, Sept. 27. Representatives of eight national organizations today appointed Mrs. Thomas G. Winter.

of Minneapolis. former president of the General Federation of Women Clubs "to interpret to the makers of motion pictures the feeling and wishes of womanhood in regard to the medium's development to its highest usefulness." Mrs. Winter was chosen unanimously by committee (pf nine women. all prominent in national women's organizations, who were delegated by a recent conference at Washington of ZOO religious and civic leaders from 21 states to discuss ways of cooperation for maintaining and improving the standard of motion pictures. trines or womannooq resent to the medium's development to Its highest usefulness." Mrs.

Winter was chosen unani- mously by A. committee (pf nine women. all prominent in national women's organizations, who were delegated by a recent conference at Washington of ZOO religious and vi lead et ers from 21 states to dis- cuss ways of cooperation for main- taming and improving the stand- ard of motion pictures. pointed Mrs. Thomas t.i.

AN inter ot Minneapolis. former president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs "to interpret to the makers of motion pictures the feeiing and wishes of womanhood In re gard to the medium's development to its highest usefulness." Mrs. Winter nter was chosen unanl- rnously by a committee of women. all prominent in national "Vegetables for Health and 50 Ways to Serve Them' A valuable addition to your cook book library. Every recipe tested.

Many new recipes. Send name and address to Stokely Brothers Hey. burn Louisville, Ay. ttokeil 9 5 IE GIETA ILIE Immo WILL ASK NEW TRIAL FOR MRS. HATTIE STONE I HELMR, Sept.

27. (A2)-- 'Harold E. Coborn, attorney for Mrs. attie stone, today announced he will file a motion for a new Wit' for Mrs. Stone convicted of second degree murder last nigbt by a circuit oourts jury.

He con-A tended the lurra verdict waa not la consistent Ivith the evidence. NORFOLK, Sept. 27. Three federal judges early tonight took under advisement the question of whether the state Of Virginia is within its rights under the United States constitution in allowing oyster planters who axe oc: cupying natural oyster rocka two years to remove the oysters they bave planted here. As the statutory court.

presided over by Judge J. J. Parker. of Charlotte. N.

of the circuit court of appeals, recessed after listening to arguments, it was announced that a decision would be made within the eext few days, an order was entered continuing the temporary restraining order issued by Judge D. Lawrence Groner, at the request of York river tongers prohibiting the planters from removing oysters from the grounds In question pending the decision. 1 I I I SUPERSUDS 3 for FRUITS AND VEGETABLES BIG VALUE FLOUR Pe1241bbag 93c Moore's, new No. 2 can 10c TOMATOES Moore's, new stock, No. 2 1-2 can 16c You will find in these depart03ents, complete aesortmerts of the highest quality at lowest possibte ft ttk 4 I rscC 1 --tc'i ,01 "Vegetables for I NORFOLK Va.

Sept. 27. (AP)-- 411111111EMEMIEMINII 1 I i't I r.1 Health and 50 Ways A ,.,1 Three federal judges early tonight 1 to Serve Them' took under advisement the question ma A valuable addition to of whether the state of Virginia i kr A. your cook book library. 15 within its rights under the per A 24 lb bag 14 E'very recipe tested.

Many United States constitution In allow- tioN 45,,,,: new recipes. Send name fl Ing oyster planters who are oe- and adetress to Stokely Brothers 117. cupying natural oyster rocks. two 9 Moore new stock, No. 2 can 10c 1 Years to remove the oysters they oj burn Louisville, Ay.

bave planted here. TOMATOES 4 a 9 As the statutory court. presided over by Judge J. J. Parker.

of Moore's, new stock No. 2 1-2 can 16c I- tt fl II WILL ASK NEW TRIAL Charlotte. N. of the circuit court of appeals, recessed after listening to arguments, it was an- 11111MINIESINININSMISIIMEMIESNIF s- far FOR MRS. HATTIE STONE nounced that a decision would be SUPtPISUDb -is tor i 13ELMR, Sept.

27. made within the next few days, 25c LIE I 'Harold E. Coborn, attorney tor ortdettelrpowesrary entered continuing I LEGE TA, 1, I Mrs. Hattie atone, today announced I tahne restraining order he will file a motion for a new Issued by Judge D. Lawrence Oron- complete assortmerts 03Totoenutthihvrille hifighndestinqualltbeeety Wal for Mrs.

Stone convicted of er, at the request of York river FRUITS AND VEGETABLES the evidence. decision. lowest possibte pekes. seeond degree murder last Melt tongers prohibiting the planters "f-t-- by a circuit court. jury.

He con- from removing oysters from the el 1: consitent I tended the lurrs verdict was not grounds in question pending the l'a sith 9 ry 0-4-1- 'Vegetables for NORFOLK, Sept. 2 Sept7. (AP)-- 411111111EMEMIEM i INII I i I 1 1 1 1,21 Health and 50 Ways "01 Three federal judges early tonight Serve Them' took under advisement question El A valuable addition to i per 24 lb bag i our cook book library. nine a -heater the state of Virginia 15 A within its rights under the q' 1 rrnitPti ststes constitution in allOw- 1.

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