Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1946 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1946
Page 14
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^ate „ and Hemphill 4- law frize Livesf cck a! Show March 2.—'Special wds the big day for the Calf Club boys of Canadian I : fi,ttd Uernphill county. It was show j day, and the cramber of commerce j 'Wth Gober Lee Mitchell and Walter Qfist, county agent, heading the chamber's committee got 'such gen- I efoiis financial support from the i business men of Ctinad.nn that the I prizes were definitely worthwliile. j Eighteen calves wore rnterecl in ' the show—nine in the heavy C'MSS. i arid nine in the tight class. Truman Wilmoth's entry \\-jii, 'grand champion. Herman Northrup's Woh reserve champion, while John- ; tiie. Morris, and Willie Earl Morgan won first and second, respectively. in trfe light class. Billie Morris won the showmanship .award for doing the best of showing his calf. All eighteen of the calves in this show were taken to Ambarillo this morning to be entered in the fat .let 1 !: r;hnw there. Earl Blackmwe, 'tjcnl livestock transportation man, haulecl the calves for the boys without rharse as his contribution to the "encouragement." of the exhibitors. ons Club there are no two ways about !. .iiivcnilp delinquincy is our big- •;rs* pnil..lem. and it's telling worse •very day. Most of the blame rests /'.I,c'.ly upon the parents.—Juvenile Juri'i-,' A. A. Scott of Los Angeles. WHITE DEER, March 2.— (Spe- ,cinli — Members of the Panhandle Lions club, directed by Jack Griffith and Ralph Dandall. installed (he officers of the newly organized White Deer Lions club, Thursday evening, :n the high school cafeteria. The officers are Dnlton Ford, president; McHenry Lane, first vicepqresident: Biggs Horn, second vice- president; T. C. Jack-son, third vice-president; W. L. Thompson, secretary; B. R. Weaks, treasurer; •H. T. Dickens, lion tamer, and J. P. Weatherall, tailtwister. rirectors are J. C. Freeman, W. J. Stubblcfielcl. • Tom Sherrin. .in:I P. A. Holmes. These men will meet m.xl Thursday oveninn: nl, fi:30 in the cafeteria to make further plans for (.he organizatio... M( Henry Lane hns been appointed chairman of the Ciiapter Night ores .im <ni March 25. at which time Charles Dean of Plainview. district governor, will deliver the charter to the White Deer club. The club was organ-zed .last week by Crlanrio Mickey, of Henley, Ma. with 4!) charter members and six others have been added since that time. "Lust meets West" in the year 1887, from a scene of "San Antonio." Starring Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith with S. Z. "Cuddles"Sakall and Florence Bates. LISTEN TO QUENTIN REYNOLDS, world famous war correspondent and aullior, in ' 'Let's Tulle It Over." An unccnsorcd, dr.amatic presentation of the important questions before the people of America. Quentin Reynolds is presented by Pepsi-Coin Company arid its 500 franchise holders as a pulilic service to the people. STATION KPDN MUTUAL NETWORK Coitsl-lii-Coast 5:45 to 6:00 P. M. EVERY SUNDAY Canadian Hospital Is Open for Service CANADIAN. March 2. (Special) — Caimdian's hospital situation is now well in hand. Dr. E. H. Morris, owner of the, announced yesterday that a staff of trained personnel has been secured, and the , hospital can again render full ; service. Incomplete returns in the pall being conducted to determine ;he wishes of the citizens of Canadian and Hemphill county, the majority layers a bond issue to purchase the old high school building and its half block of ground, salvaging the materials in the old building, and erecting- a new hospital on the site. — -«3»— Compcliliofl When an ambulance .driver at the U.S. Marine Hospital, Chicago, became ill and needed a blood transfusion, every Gray Lady on duty offered to donate. Two had the required type. A coin decided between them. The nation's first four-year course in highway engineering at an accredited school was started at Rhode Island college, Rhode Island. The glcfy-filled story of the taming of Texas! " - -BRAWLING! ou 5 - 1 "" BAWDY/ ***&"** ... the Blazing Saga of Men Who Shot First and Talked After! ALEXIS SMITH By SCOTT RAFFERTY Today. Ssn Antonio is .a modern, cosmopolitan city of over 300,000 f.-rscns that still re'.ains something rf (hot old-time flavor so realistically pictured in Warners' "San An-" showing at the LaNora Sunday through Wednesday. Reminiscent of two other pictures nf this type. "Virginia City" and "Dodge City." the latest historical film may not be as Rood as these i 1 is of the "crash-bang" variety with a lot of shooting, laughs and beautiful girls. In the starring roles are Errol Flynn. just as his fans like to see him, :mcl Alexis Smith. A supporting cast that includes such ve'.cran actors as P.iul Kelly, Victor Francen, John Litel and the unforgettable S. Z. Snkall is bound to be good. "San Antonio." tho story of the 'ity tint made Texas great, is surefire Technicolor entertainment. A -double-feature program is of- ferecl nt the Rex today through Tuesday and one of the features is something every Panipan ought to sec. We're speaking of "Appointment in Trkvo." which tells the story of the island-by-island strategy that took us to Tokyo. Filmed by the combined efforts of 1.000 comliat cameramen, "Appointment, in Tokyo" almost equals the famei 1 documentary Him,, "The Fighting Lady," in its down-to-earth magnificence. Also included is l,h<! first-time; shrwinu' of capiured Jivp film iuul much ncver-before released War Department, film. The fompaiilon feature-, if you can cnll it (hut. is u little epic called "Hit the Hny mid you'll probably wish you had by the time you've seen it. According to Darwin, man was descended from the monkey, but we think Judy Canova is an exception. iShe must have come from the root- jand-gn;nt variety of barnyard ani- ! mal because she's done a better job of hamming this one up than anyone possibly could. Miss Canova, (she's probably old ! enough to be this writer's grand- imother), showers her gooey affections on such unfortunates as For- lunio Bonanova, Ross Hunter (he's a new discovery consigned to a dog's lifei and various and sundry other \ well - mcanina' but completely do- I moslicnted characters. I Our pet gripe, however, is the way 1 this little hillbilly epic scrambles up. some of our operatic favorites, ' such as selections from "Martha" and the immortal "William Tell." • The climnx tor worse comes to werse) comes when Columbia ma- i liciously allows Judy to yodel the ! arias from "Martha". We give up. ! Not much better, but still popular, jare Abbott and Costello in "The i Naughty Nineties," showing at the i Crown Sunday and Monday. i This one has a lot of good laughs in it but our favorite is the comedians' famed "baseball act," which is worth the price of admission. We won't go into the story, but you can be sure everything turns out alright for the boys. Shamrock Methodists Fo Hold Conference SHAMROCK, March 2.—(Special) —The second quarterly conference of the Shamrock. Methodist Circuit, will be held at the Kelton Methodist church today. Rc:v. E. D. Landrcth, district superintendent of thp Clarendon district, will p-.rcaclvat; 11 a. m. and lunch will be served''at the church at the noon hour. The conference session will begin at 1 p. m. ... / KPDN 1340 en Youc Dial :00— Yonhft People'! Chat-eft.— JIBS. :80—VofcfroJ Prophecy.— MBS. • • :00— Assembly of daft Chursh, Pfttnpfc- :30— Chntilnih Jim— MHS. :no— Wosloy Radio Lcnguc — MBS. :30— Northwestern University Reviewing Stand— MBS. :M— First Bnptlnt Chnrch. :00 — OIrt Fnshionet! Revlvnl Hour. :00 — KPDN Dedication Program. :30— Voni Holly SltiRs— MBS. :,10 — Bill Cunnlnghnm — MBS :«--A. World Tomorrow — MBS. :00 — Toiistmn-ster's Club. :00— Murder of My Hobby — MBS :M— True Detective Mysteries — MBS. :00— The Shadow— MBS. :30— Quick As A Flash— MBS. :on— Those Wcbsters — MBBS. :30— Music by KllinKlon. '.-in— Quinlon IteynoldR. :nn— Operntlc Melodies— MBS; :.10— Adventures in Rhyt-hm— MBS. :0\>— A. L. Alexander.— MBP :30— Don'l. Be n Sucker — MBS. i'in— C.nbriet Honltor— MBS. :00 — Exploring The Unknown — MBS. :8fl— Treasury Salute. MB--r>nnee Music :00— Freedom of Opportunity — MBS. MBS. :30— The Sunday Night Show— MBS. :00— William Hillman— MBS. :15— Los Elgort'a Orch. — MBS. :15 — Johnny Pineapple's Orch.— MItS. :15 -Claude Hopkins Orch. — MBS. :3/>— News. :0(l— (loodnlcht. WELCOME 1 SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd is MOVING DAY for your favorite radio family Be sure to listen MONDAY :30—Yawn 1'nlrol. :00—The Oiren Bible. :3(l—Johnny Bi?tts. ;.|5—Piano Moods. :00—Friizur Hunt—M1JS. :J5—Shndy Valley Folks—MBS. :SO—Shady Vnllcy Polks—MBS :3B—Moments of Melody. :00—Once Over Lightly. 1 ~) —Pampa Party Line, :i!0—Mnrricil for L.ife—MBS. :OU—Cecil Brown—MBS. :15—Klsa Maxwell.—MBS. :!lil- -Krd Cross •AT,— Victor H. Mmlnhr-^-MBS. :»« l.yli- Vim, News MBS. :1B—Soniia By Morton Downey.—MBS. :.'in—J. L. Swindle,- News. ;.(.")- -U. S.- Naval Academy:00-- I'nrslt'y Protrram. :IB—I,um mid Aimer. :!10- Luni.'bi'on With Lupct •Ab —John J. Anthony—MBS. :00—Ccrlrin Foster—MBS. : 1 B-.-Smilu Tlmr—M US'. :Md—Qiieon For A Day—MBS Kill- -True ConrcsKioriK- -MIJS. ::in NI'WH of the Du.v-M-BS. •in Mush' in n Modern Manner. (Ki--Ki-akinc- .lolinaon—MUS. :1B—Johnson Family—MBS. 8U—Miitunl'6 Melody Hour—MBS. :00—Tunes by Kouucst. Read Pampa News Classified Ads t«3M Germany, March 2.— intelligence officers, working, on & new clue, have started to comb Germany, for an S. . S. bodyguard who rttay Have witnessed the suicide of Adolf Hitler and Eva Elraun. The information was developed In a new interrogation of Hitler's air force adjutant, dol. Nicholaus von Below, who escaped from the the reichchahcellery bunker April 29, shortly before the fall of Berlin. Vori Below said he met the bodyguard -May 6 and the soldier told him: Hitler and Eva Braun com- ifiltlect suicide oft ifie afteffid'o'ii April 30, Hitler shot htthselit Eva. B'raun took poison. AfBerWafd the bodyguards burned, the t*o Bo'dies'. 7 ' (Trie bodyguard's version, etrrf firms with a report on the case att^ noiinced by British headquarters ih Berlin last Nov. 1.) . . ,' , The soldier himself escaped fitofti the bunker May 1, von Beldw state ed. Intelligence offices Have 6W- taiiied his name and other identlft^ cation. ', ;'. . Von Below said he beUeVeS; it would have been impossible f6r jalt- ler to have escaped from B^Jlifl or to contain himself sufficiently* to live incognito. He declared further that he considered the fuehrer wltti^ out the physical or hioral strength to go on living. ttead Classified Arts in the News with S. Z. "Cuddles." SAKALL VICTOR FRANCEN JOHN LITEL PLUS—NEWS MY MAN JAiPER" A Color Cartoon TODAY THRU TUESDAY TWO BIG FEATURES! PLUS — "IN OLD SANTA FE" YOU'U BE CRAZY * Feature No. 2 Authentic U. S. Signal Corps films and scenes from captured Jap newsreels. t • Here's all the* glory of our victory in the ic! THE DIFFERENCE 2 TO 2:30 SPECIAL PROGRAM FEATURING KPDN ARTISTS I KEN BENNETT . I IRMA FRANCIS PAMPA'S OWN BARBER SHOP FOUR A FEW MUTUAL HIGHLIGHTS TODAY • 9:30 A.M. "CHAPLAIN JIM" • 1:30 P. M, BILL CUUNNINGHAM AND THE NEWS 4:00 P. M; "THE SHADOW BEGINNING 70DAY, HEAR QUAKER OATS HILARIOUS RADIO COMEDY Tune in Today and Every OVER MUTUAL Broadcasting- System f. SPONSOKCD BY THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY ) I i ' CROWN Ih '" 8h 5:00 P. M. "THOSE WEBSTER'S" • 5:45 P. M. "TALK IT OVER WITH Those Meny Madcaps! lOU 7:45 GABRIEL HEATTER'S- NEWS 10 P. M, WILLIAM HILWAN NEWS

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