The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 30, 1969 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1969
Page 2
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Thursday, January 30. >969 S»c. I PIONEERS — (Continued From Page 1) cheaper back then," ScoU said. "A five - gallon can of kerosene sold for about 10 cents and bacon was about six or eight cents-a- pound. Dad would make a trip to town (Houston) twice a year to buy clothes. In spring he would buy our summer clothes and in the fall, our winter ones." Sweet potatoes, oats, peas, hay and sugar cane were big items grown around Cedar Bayou, according to the Scotts. "Cane squeezing day was a big event around here. Generally, there was a mill that would move around from place to place and squeeze the cane. Boy, we used to tike to dip into that juice! "When they cooked it, all of us kids hoped the grown-ups would over-cook it because then it would turn into rock candy and we would have lots of it," Mrs. Scott said. "Another great and grand old day was when everybody gathered to butcher hogs," the Scotts recall. "My mother . . . and later myself . . . cooked the meat patties by the hundred. We would pack them down in an old crock and pour the grease over it. It would seal and preserve it," Mrs. Scott said. I In new sriron splendor... The most nidim-ocr! HELD OVER! CF ARK GABLE VIVO LKIGH Ll'SLIK I1()\\AK1) OLIVLVdcIIAYIIJAiNl) STEREOPHONIC SOUND METROCOLOR -An MGM Ro^eieaa Children 75c~Adults 1.75 Feature At 8:00 iBrunson TH E AT R E KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY MORNING ALL SEATS SOc 9 CARTOONS 2 COMEDIES PIui This Special Featun MUSIC iil0ti on 10—SOc PIECES GIVEN AWAYI CONTESTS on STAGE JACKPOT DRAWING When the beef was butchered, saltpeter was added to the meat for preservation "and it would turn red," Scott said. "But all you had to do was soak it and you Imd some good eating." Scott said the Cedar Bayou boats would haul rice, bricks, rabbits and other Hems down stream where larger boats and barges waited to take on the transferred goods. He farmed until 1939 and then went to work for the Harris County Road Department, Precinct 2. After 19 years with the department, Scott retired in 1958. Mrs. Scott's father was a famous Texas poet, John Peter Sjolander. Sjolander was known as "The Sage of Cedar Bayou" and a Texas Historical Marker has been erected in front of the ScoU home. The marker was dedicated in official ceremonies Jan. 27. Scott remembers two tornadoes that hit the a^-ea where they live. One was last November and the other was back in 1921. "It was really an experience," Scott said referring to the one in 1921. "Mrs, Scott wasn't home . . . sickness had taken her elsewhere. But I was there ... I was inside when it hit. The house started moving and I went to the door to jump out ... everything was spinning and boards and other stuff was flying all around. The house was lifted off the clocks and twisted like an orange peeling. And my pride and joy, my Modei-T Ford, was under a broken down shed . . . messed up good," Scott said. "We've had a good life and a lappy one. Our whole life is here. Our son lives next door and we have three grandchildren. And there's one thing you can say for sure," Scott added. "We sure haven't moved around much." Average weight of a Brown Swiss cow is 1,400 pounds. Schools Purchase Tractor And Truck Purchase of a new school truck, a new tractor and new stage lights for the Robert E. Lee High School auditorium has been authorized by the school board on the basis of low bids received by Ihe school district. Lumus Baytown Dodge was the successful bidder to sell the district a new six-cylinder truck, to cost the school district $2,172.61 before an allowance of $75 ou an old truck. The only other bidder was Courtesy Ford, which submitted a bid for $2,328.31. The successful bidder on the tractor was Lansdowne-Moody Co. of Houston, which bid $3,201.00 Kemp & Tony Equipment Co. of Baytown bid $3,330.-43. The auditorium stage lights will be purchased from Southwestern Theatre Equipment Co. of Houston for $2,663.75. The district received two other bids, one for $3,160.46 from American Stage Lights and another for $2,751.60 from Wayne Close Co. ATTACK (Tulnutal 1 HI«HWAV !*• NOW SHOWING METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER PRESENTS ACARLOPONII PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAK'S DOCTOR ZHil&GO ROBERT BOLT-DAVID LEAN CJ PANAVlSION' «... MCTROCOLOR -PLUS- WALT DISNEY'S "PECOS BILL" (Continued From Page 1) oilman Paul Bail of Conneautville, Pa., and his wife are under arrest in Iraq on unspecified charges. Bail is an engineer for Jersey Standard's Humble Oil Co. and is on loan to the Iraq Petroleum Co., a Western consortium. A member of the Belgian Embassy in Baghdad, which handles U.S. interests in Iraq, reported the couple were well treated and said Mrs. Bail is under "what amounts to a house arrest." The U.S. government, in its second criticism of the execu tions in Iraq, said they seem to have been designed "to intensify the very explosive atmosphere of suspicion and hostility in the Middle East." Firemen's Wives FIREMEN'S WIVES Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the home of Mrs. James Carroll, 301 Lafayette Drive. DRIVE IN TBEAIBE PH. 4Z4-5012 THRU SATURDAY Double Feature 7:00 AGAIN 10:30 Noon Stock Quotes (Caurtoy «f CHwm NtfloMl Allis Chalmers 30% Arlan's Dept Store 35% Am Tel A Tel 54% Anaconda SSVi Armco 62 Ashland Oil 40V4 Bendix 46ft Beth Steel 33% Carrier Corp 75% Celanese - 71% Chrysler ^ 52Vi Columbia Gas 30% Delta Air_ 37 l /4 Diamond Shamrock 32 Dow Chemical 79'/4 Dresser Ind 41% DuPont 156Vfe El Paso Nat Gas 23 7 /s Ethyl Corp 35'/ 4 Ford 50% Foremosl-McKesson 31 7 /« Gen Elec 9l l /< Gen Motors 77V4 Gen Tel & Elec 38 7 /g Gen Tire 31% Georgia-Pacific 89% Getty Oil 83'/6 Gillette 52 Gordon's Jewelry 38'A Greyhound 24% Gulf Oil 43% Gulf States Util 27% Gulf Western 48 Halliburton No Sale Harvey Aluminum 37% Hoffman Electr 18>/ 8 Ho L&P 46 Inlerlake Steel 38 l /s IBM 297 Jones & Laughlin TT'/fe Kerr-McGee 116 Kresge SS 38V 4 Ling-Temco-Vought 86 McDonnell-Douglas 47 Magnavox S2'/g Marathon Oil 52V 8 Mobile Socony 57% Monsanto 53 Nat Dairy ..-. 40% Nat Dist 43% Occidental Pet 47 Penn Central RR 71 Vs Pepsi Cola .'. 50'/z Phillips Pet 70% RCA 44V 8 Raytheon 47'/i Roan Select Tr 12 Schlumberger 128 Sears 62 Shell 70% Sinclair 113 Sperry-Rand 49% Stan Cal 67V 8 Stan Ind 60V a Stan N J 79% *Sfc- ELVIS PRS8LKV LIVE A LlYYLE •jftVEALIYYUE PANAV.SiCf. - iM MCIROCfKOR fSF" 8:65 PAL— - ^ EUZABETH TAYLOR LAURENCE HARVEY EDDIE FISHER in JOHN O'HARA'S BUTTERFIELD 8 co srwfcNt DINA MERftllL IN CIIEMASCOrE AND MKKOCOIOR AN MOM Rt-RREASC TICKETS TO EVERYTHING! Don't just stand in lines. If you'want tickets to a ballgame, opera, symphony, musical comedy, fodeo or tircus in Houston ... let us help you. We have connections. Just tell us whot you want to see, when you want to go and how many tickets you need. 'We do the rest. From now on, when you want to be^ntertained we'll help make it more enjoyable . . . and . . . have your tickets ready. CITIZENS TRAVEL AGENCY CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING BAYTOWN, TEXAS Brunsoni THEATRE There are bad cops and there are good cops--and then there's Oullitt NOW SHOWING THROUGH TUESDAY SPECIAL! "The Lady Birds" Topless Ad-Girl Show Band Appearing: Sun H Jon. 26 thru Ri, Jon. 31 Abo Featuring: Micky filly and His Band For Dancing NESADEL 7325 Spencer Hwy. Dial GR 9-913$ STEVE AS f BULU TT miiuii TECJMKOIM*FMM NMKI IMS.-SCVCI ARTS >£&iff THE HAPPENING SOUNDS OF TODAY ARE AT RECORD WORLD Offer Good Friday & Saturday Only STORE HOURS SUn Ohio 70V4 Slauffer Chem 4«V4 Sun Oil 74V« Syntex «3V4 Tafl Broadcast 38Vh Technicolor MVi Tenneco Texaco Texas Eastern 34 Texas Gulf Sul 33V* Union Carbide 44% Union Oil of Cal 57% United Air Lines 45% Upjohn Drug 53% U. S. Steel 45% Vare Corp 22V4 Westinghouse 67VSs Xerox 262% Dow Jones Industrial Avg 940.14 Up 2.67 LAWS - (Continued From Page 1) aon that produces this result, the fact remains that there is no justification for these individuals being nontaxpayers." Ways and Means chairman Wilbur D. Mills, D-Ark., cautioned newsmen not to expect a radical tax code revision this year. But he added if the hearings disclose particular areas in need of change, the committee might go ahead with legislation on these without waiting for a full overhaul. Among other subjects to be studied are a number of particu uur interest to average taxpayers. One is the possibility of broadening the standard deduction, now limited to 10 per cent of income with a ceiling of $1,000 deducted, so that more taxpayers would be spared the chore of itemizing and justifying deduc tions. Another is the complaint of single persons that they are discriminated against, because married couples and other heads of households enjoy income-splitting advantages. Another tax reform recommendation came Wednesday from a private, nonprofit research organization of business and professional leaders. The influential Committee for Economic Development said legislation is needed to give the President power to raise or lower taxes by up to 10 per cent, subject to congressional veto. The CED said this would al low the president a flexible, faster-acting tax mechanism than now available .to combat inflation and recessions. First official U.S. government weather forecast was issued Nov. 9, 1870, from Chicago under Army supervision. LATE NEWS -f United States and South Vietnam challenge antagonists to get down to business quickly to find read to peace, warning that propaganda speeches would prevent progress in Vietnam talks. -f Both sides escalate their efforts in continuing battle at San Francisco Slate College as dissidents promise bigger than ever demonstration and authorities impose tougher restrictions. + Prom 15 to 30 American B52 bombers have been attacking Communist supply routes through Laos each day, and some of them have been hitting north of 17th parallel, U.S. military sources say, -f- Formal power structure of Texas Legislature is to be completed with appointment of House committees. + Statement by Senate GOP Leader Everett M. Dirksen that he received "military information" indicating possible Soviet invasion of Romania draws bUnk looks from Nixon ad-' ministration officials. + Navy tentatively decides that hot exhaust from an aircraft starter cart touched off explosion that led to fiery disaster aboard aircraft .carrier Enterprise. "The Star-Spangled Banner" became the national anthem of the United States on March 3, 1931. Baytown Accepts Bid To Aid Cancer Battle Dr. Charles George, president of the Baytown Branch of the American Cancer Society announced Wednesday that the ACS Crusaders in Baytown and Highlands have accepted Darrell Royal's challenge to "concentrate on methods to speed the victory over cancer." Royal, coach of the University of Texas Longhorns, is the 1969 Texas Crusade chairman of the American Cancer Society. Several representatives from Baytown will be among those from surrounding counties who will gather Thursday in Rich- Homicide Count Against Baytarian Dismissed HOUSTON (Sp) — County Criminal Judge Joseph M. Guarino Wednesday dismissed a negligent homicide charge against Mrs. Sadie Stein Blum, of Baytown, who was charged in the traffic death of Nils Edwin Dennis Bergh, 29, last May 30. Bergh was struck on his motorcycle by a car driven by Mrs. Blum when she was turning into her driveway at 501 N. Pruett. Bergh's widow,- Mrs. Donna Gayle Bergh, 216 Houston, said she did not want to prosecute the case. Judge Guarino dismissed the branch said the mond for a half-day session o learn what can be done locally to accelerate the society's cancer control programs. j. N. Chatfield, committee chairman, meeting will kick off with a speech to explain how the ACS is working to improve the technology, techniques and treatment to control cancer now. The meeting is sponsored by ACS Districts which includes all counties adjacent but not including Harris County. Gene Braudrick, editorialist for KHOU-TV, Channel 11, will be in charge. The goal of the 1969 Texas Crusade is set at $2,100,000. The goal roughly represents a dollar for every Texan now living who will have cancer, unless current trends are revised. "This will be the third year the ACS will be asking for people to complete a confidential health survey during the house-to-house drive," Chatfield said. "The information we obtain from this survey will be compared to last year's results to determine what new educational measures are necessary to help people better understand the nature of cancer and the value of early diagnosis and treatment," Chatfield said. referred to as charge on motion of Prosecutor I of the World." Alien McAshan. Mrs. Blum's physician wrote the district attorney's office that Mrs. Blum is not physically or emotionally able to stand trial, Rome, Italy, is sometimes the "Mistress Suddenly, GMs A Vassar Care How They look 'ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) —Coed- ucatlon —spell that m-e-n—came to Ivy-clad Vassar College this week and all sorts of social observers of both sexes are marv- erllng at whal the trustees have wrought. —A professor said he noticed an Immediate and remarkable improvement in the appearance of the girls. —A young man, newly admitted and enraged about curfews, borrowed a leaf from other protest movements and burned his seven-page rule book. —An hour after the curfew one night a young woman, being Interviewed over the telephone by a newsman, reported "two boys just tiptoed by my door." Vassar, for the past 108 years the very name was virtually synonymous with private liberal arts education for correct young women, began the semester Monday with 80 men from three all-male schools—Williams College in Williamstown, Mass.; Trinity College, Hartford Conn.; and Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y. The boys are living on two floors of one of the girl's dormitories. Visiting is permitted during certain 'hours but Miss Susan Whidden of Westport, Conn., said there is already a move afoot to liberalize the rules. nor has she accident. driven since the THRILLSI SPEEDS EXCITEMENT! OFFICIAL PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION SANCTIONCD If THE AMCHICAN UOTOKCTCLt ASSOCIATION ^CHAMPIONSHIP HUES FRIDAY 8:00 P.M. - SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY 8:00 P.M. - STEEPLECHASE CHAMPIONSHIP] RESERVED SEATS (EACH NIGHT) S4.50; 4.0O; 3.50; 3.0O; 2.50 TIME TRIALS FRIDAY & SATURDAY -10:00 A.M. -3:00 P.M. ALL SEATS S2. {ONLY H. WITH TICKET TO RACES) TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT ALL 5 FOLEY'S A THE ASTRODOME SPONSORED BY ARABIA SHRINE TEMPLE Presented by PACE MANAGCDM HT cow? dollar days gift table GIFT ITEMS PROM OUR REGULAR STOCK--WITH VALUES UP TO 7.95 You Won't Al Itos* Todoy! math€rn€ r v inc. • Printers • Stationers • Office Outfitters M7-II9 WEST PEARCE AVENUE TELEPHONE 713-427-1718 nun Oei MI! MONEY HAS A WAY OF PILING UP (WHEN YOU SAVE Wffi) Sm«II •mounts, t*v«d w**Uy or monttily, grow *oon«r-th«n-you-think into tizMble •urn*. And th«n the maximum legal raf* of inUrwt, compounded quarterly, makes • profrtabU difference in the way your money piles up. Open e Swings Account now. DEPOSIT BY THE lOHi... EARN FROM THE FIRST 132 W. T«m Pk. 4224450 MAXIMUM LEGAL RATE PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS AND SAVMGS CERTIFICATES. DIVIDENDS PAID QUARTERLY.. OF TEXAS AND LOIN ASSOCIATION CORNER OF TEXAS AND JONES PHONE 427-7451

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