The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1930
Page 3
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in the package :'• ice cream Is ice cream—bat when yontJsHav; . it yon soon discover; which standioffer* ika most pleasure and value for yoiri Von can't judge a five-cent cigar ay fts Let your facte decide . J . Baynk Havana Ribbon will always be your choice. One nickel—and a fall hm*> dred per cent nickel's worth it is! Kipe, long-filler tobacco (no short ends)'. Genuine inputted Snasatrat wrapper. Matchless curing, blending aad manafae* tating methods.... These things make Bayak Ha* Ribbon cost more to produce—hat Jt's Will Klpt Tattcnt S 3 /ar'SO* Sunday afternoon'were Mr. and Uy jpf Arcadia, Mr. and" Mrs. Mrs. Clurid Campbell and family. 1 Mrs. Roy Beamer and daughter Veradene'- were. Saturday guests of Mr. - and - Mrs. , : Joe Ploughe and family of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carter and family entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Friday . evening. Misses Deloris and Wilma Mclntirp, Ruth McCain, "Mrs. Love Beamed! Charley- MahaVey.- and -baby.....^ot Newcastle. : . .-<. : ' Mr. and • Mrs. "Charley Lacy and family were Easter guests'of Mr. and Mrs. Charley; • Graham: . of .Tipton. • • i < : • •• L -.' Miss Violet Stroup was the week end .guest of Miss Mildred Miller near Tipton: , Mrs: John Newlon received and ; daughter Veradene. Will Carter of Arizona was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carter and daughter' Ruth, from Wednesday-until Sunday. Other guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Don'Hinkle and family, Mr. and Mrs.; Dave Carter and son Bobbie Wayne, Lenie Newlon,. Oral and; Opal Carter of ^barpsville. .There was a- large crowd attended sunrise prayer services at ed. Normanda Easter morning. ' Mr. PAGE rmtsk .......>;i . . . and M r. and Mrs.; Cheater. Larue - i v and, babyof Kokomoj. • i»t Mrs. Harry Barnett of "Kemp-: ton ; was at^ El wood Wednesday; visiting with' Miss Mjay. Hobbs ai the Mercy hospital. •• Mr: and iVIrs. '1 Noble Smith 1 were the - Sunday guests [ of Mr. word .from her daughter Mrs Haiel Opper of Hindupur, India,; GOLDSMITH. '! ville. Rolla Scott of Richmond, < ! Mrs. Bonnie Blackburn and, son Sunday school, 9:30; preach-i of jScircleville, "Mr. and Mrs. Bert.j ins 10:30. Baccalaureate serv-j Scott and family of ..Windfall, ices at S o'clock. The address will! Miss Verdie Mjae : Jaines near he given by Rev. C. E. Dunlap. ||Sharpsville and Mrs. John Hines Commencement will be Wednes-, of Hobbs. day evening, April 30th. The address will be given by Prof. O. F. Hall. • • ' Hopewell Sunday r.chcol,'9:30; Normanda Sunday school 9:30; preaching 2nd and 4th Sunday. Tetersburg Sunday school, 9:30; . preaching 2nd and 4 Sunday. Mr. and Oscar Cioud and family were Easter guests of Mr. •and Mrs. Clen Henry'and SOP. of Tetersburg. Mr. and Airs. Julian Boyer entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs.) Dovie Bitner and family of Tetersburg. Other guests at dinner Sunday evening were Mrs. Preston Boyer and' son Harvey . of Kempton. '/ Mr. and Mrs. Glyde Hinkle entertained Easter Mr. and Mrs. Larand-! v ern Heady of Fortville. . j • " Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Har- Arthur Barr of Muncie college.; per spent Easter with' friends at was the guest of his parents Mr. I Greentown, and Mrs. Lon Barr and family; Mr. and Mrs. Dayid Stine en- i teftained Easter Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mrs. Maude Gibbens and grandson Oren and Miss Minnie Foster were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campbell'and daughter Mabel of Normanda. Mr. and Mrs. Guy . Campbell spent Friday at . Indianapolis. Their son Eugent, who is attending Butler College, - returned home with them to spend his Easter vacation. _ Mrs. Walter New, who has been very sick at the home of her mother Mrs. Sadie Clark, is improving, being able to. sit up part of the time. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Briton of Kokomo spent Easter with the latter's' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cloud and son. . Mr. and' Mrs. . Will • Cole and j family entertained Easter, Mr. j and Mrs. Paul Cole and family of Fort Wayne, Miss Hazel Cole of Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Bilhy near Shiloh. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Day and family near East Union were Sunday guests of Grandma Phifer. '.. ' — ..'Mr. and Mrs. Glae Foster and that she is in very poor health and has been ordered to take several -weeks' rest in the mountains. > *Mrs. S. 'Park is spending this week at Indianapolis with her son George Park' who was operated for tumor. He is. getting along as well as coiildvbe expectant Mrs. Tom Phifer and family entertained Easter Mrs. Mabel Watson and family, Mrs. Johnnie Shaw, "Mrs. Phoebe Riggs of Tipton. Mr. and. Mrs. Jake Phifer and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Watson. and family, Mrs. Pearl Shuppard and children were Sunday guests of \ir. and; Mrs. Alex Carter of. Sharpsville. Mrs. Nellie McCaran of Gary spent her Easter vacation and Mrs. M. E. Smith and familv of Bainbridge. Othejr guests at the home were Mr. and Mrs. Purj. tie Smith of ;Indianapolis. : Mr. and Mrs. John] Bozell spent Saturday night' an* Sunday in Tipton with relatives.- jkh. -Maryl D.. ' ^hbckleyj.r'and granddaughter Wilma Shockley Were Ihe Saturday night and Sunday guests-j>f_ Mr.' and Mrs.'Orj val Shockley of Grooms ville. Mrs" Clyde Orr spent. Sunday with her mother MrB. Alice Cline near Kempton. Mny. Cline who has been ill - for several days is improving. Clyde Orr. of .the' motor sales company of "Kempton. is in Poh 1 - tiac this week taking a week's schooling. He is the Pontia-c sales man of Kejnpton Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hornback and Mrs. Elizabeth Clark of Indianapolis were - the Sunday I guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tipton spent Saturday night and Sunday -with . par- wjtn Armstrong and J. P. Armstrong her~moth~er~~Mrs--Rebecca Smith.! Mr ' and Mrs - J°f»> Campbell Other, guests at 6 o'clock dinner j and Mr " andj.Mrs. Ljeonard Camp- Thursday evening, were Rev. andj beI1 of Kirk » n we f "«e Sunday Mrs. Dunlap and granddaughter! gwssts of Mr - and I Mrs - Andrew Margaret Lucile, Grandma Dun I.Clark. Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wimer were (Bouse and family of Kokomo, Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs.! Mr. and Mrs; John Smith'! 'and] 0 j 'shiloh were Easter Tliooias Clark of Albright. j family of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. O. j guests of. Mr. and Mrs. lap, Mrs. Ruby Smith and chil-i Mr. and Mrs.":Granville Tudor dreh. ! * nd daughter near Kempton; Mr. Mrs. Tom Phifer was a Thurs-i a,ld i Mrs - John Wndley of Mt day guest, of Mrs. John Shaw of! OHve and Mrs. Jason -Ricketts Tipton. , and daughters Betty and> Virginia The: Rebekah lodge celebratedj oT Anderson were the Sunday Easter and the anniversary of: guests of. Mr. and |Mrs. Ed Rick- Odd Fellowship at the hall Sat- ett9 - urday night. Readings were given) Mr - and Mrs. Oscar Scott and by Mrs. Musa .Foster, Mrs. L. D. i family, Mr. and Mrs. Mead Phil- Summers and Miss Minnie Foster, i HPS and family, we're the Sunday i Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Scott and j GL Carter, fam'ily entertained Easter Carl] Miss Helen Hinkle of Purdue Scott of Tere Haute, Mr. and j University, spent her. Easter va- Mrs. Oscar Scott and family, \ cdtion with her parents, Mr. and Mead. Phillips and son of Scircle- Mrs. Charley Hinkle. Other guests after which a social hour was - en-[..S». e »ta of "Mr, and |Mrs. Charley joyed. • ' | Scott and family. Miss Wilda Wimer of Teters-j Mrs. Arnold Armstrong, Mrs, family were Easter guests of Mr. i burg was the week end guest of; Earl Floyd and daughters, Marie and Mrs. Simon Burgett near! her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. j and Anna wer, Frajnkfort visitors Sharpsville. j -Walter Wimer., Other guests] Saturday.'. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Henderson j Easter were Mrs.. Abe Thompson! Mr. and Mrs, George Robbin dinner] and son Rojy. , • ette of Indianapolis, Willie Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gross and-'Mrs.. Leon Boldon To Save "More for your dollar at ASLP" To this can be attributed Ac?P's, steady growth and national leadership I We PayCath For Eggs Iona Flour Henderson and family. In the,aft-1 daughter Marjorie and son .Wen-j and Mr. and Mrs. jFrank. Gossard ernoon' Attended the funeral Idle entertained Easter Mrs. Roy j were the Sunday afternoon NUk Pet, WuWc or Ciiriiatioit , SeedteM ataUbw ( vd *toii* Old D«t«h ClaatiMf 3 *n 3 - i 4 *5« lft 19« Ivorjr Soap Medium 'ma €aReSngar 2S>^laSS •'a''*4;««a'^'-a<«|«:'«;*-'a^i ' : «v- m of Mrs- Amy Waller at the Christian church in Sheridan,., burial being in the Sheridan cemetery MrJ and Mrs. Hiram Lockr'idge and son Chester Lloyd were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roach of Kokomo. William Lockridge of . Kokomo' was also a guest. | ;Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Findling i of Kokomo were Easter guests of Ad Hinkle and daughter Musa. Mr. and / Mrs. • Duley Hinkle and son Robert were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wellinger of Kokomo. ' Gerald Middleton was the 6 o'clock dinner ' guest; of Mr. and Mrs: Willie . Henderson and • family south of TetersbUrg,! Sunday evening: .. ' Ad .Hinkle and daughter Mrs.' Musa Foster," visited with Mr; and Mrs. Arthur Findling of- Kokomo, Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. belt Wilson en; tertained Eaater, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Carter of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Main of Tipton. ; Mr.' and Mrs. 'Rupert Watson am) family of Normanda were Easter guests of | William C. Aldridge. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Jones and 1 faimily entertained Easter Mr* and Mrs. Guy Orr and family, Mr. and Mrs. _F red Smith- and family, Mr. and. Mrsr-Chester .Larue and family, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hinkle, . Misses Madeline Hershman, Vera Mae fiennett and Edith Thompson..' Mrs. Florence Creason and Isaac Tubb of ,Kokomo .were Sun- : day guests of ttn. Minta Hoback. Mw>—Joe Graham Is .spending part of the week with her mother Mrs. Fanny Hamilton. 1 Mrs- Hamilton who has been: sick: for severer weeks.' isimproving. Her gnesU Sunday were. Mr. and Mrs. Jpha. Qrah'sai- or Xokbmo^: and^rs^ls^M: BmUa/^Uliir^^aBd Mrs. BIIIU 8mrser, [Mi., and Mrs. Beamer and daughter Veradean guests of M:r. and Mrs. Garrott and Isaac Mclntire of Normanda. Gossard and family . Mis Lana Michel of Anderson Mr. and Mrs. G tie Taylor andii spent her-Easter vacation with children of ScireievUle; were t'he her parents Mr. and.Mrs. Davej Sunday guests of Charles Small Michel. land wife. Miss Ester Barr of Kokomoj ,'Maurice Cullom^of Indianapo was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and "Mrs. ; Claude lis who has been spending a few days with . relatives at'iScircie- Mr.] and near Sheridan Lana. - i • •' Mrs. John Newlon . and grandchildren, Violet 1 and Robert were Easter .guests of Mr. and Mrs •Orval Shuck of Hopewell. ' Robert-Stroup was the Thurs-r day night guest of Conard Shuck of Hopewell. Miss Violet Stroup accompan ied by lier teacher Miss McRol- land and, the Occupation-class visited, the various factories at Kokomo Friday: }. Mri and. Mrs. Frank Fishback and son Wilber, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Sturdevant and "son Eugene were Easter guests- of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cline and children of hear Kempton.. „ Barr and family,, snd on Easter ville returned home Sunday, all were the guests of Mr. and! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bozell of Mrs Dave Michel and daughter! near Normanda spent Monday •' afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John Bozell and family. • v • Miss Lela Kemp of DePauwj is spending her Easter vacation with her parents, Mr..' and Mrs Weaver Kemp and family. 'Helen Bess vis ited with " hev sister and family, Mr. and, Mrs. Bernard . Beam ind daughter, Phyllis Joan of I'eetsville, ,| . Mrs. Frank Cunningham near Sclrcleyille was'the Monday aft. ernoon guest of Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDaniels and fa nily. ( • Mr. and Mrs. Jse Trader near 3harpsville were the ^ Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Miller. ':' j Mr. and Mrs-; Dave Hoback! of Peetsville Were<th<> Sunday guests if.Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bess and family. ' t -Mr.; and Mrs. KEMTTOX-SCIROLEVII.LK. ......... ^^mmm^ ptherll'UBatr^o'aaaK 1 ^ ardsoa;,VHias mmm Ill- Mr. and Mrs. Elza -Powell, near Frankfort were the Sunday. dinner guests of Mrs. Ella 'Duncan Mr, and Mrs! Ross Floyd of Sclrcleyille, Mr.' and Mrs. Chester Floyd 'and.:son j. of Tipton wer,e Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stansbury. . Mr. and Mrs.. Will -Moore .and son Paul of Frankfort were the Sunday - guests-' of: Mr. and' Mrs., 1 Mart Lee and family.^ j'v ;,l ; : i ? "Mr ? and Mrs.? Jbhn< Peters of Hemlc-:k: Mrl aad^Mrs.: Ray .;Petr crs and '.son, John of Pern and MrKMirJl^^ ^ufht«,Mat^|»^uth^ a^^^^S ^jj^llfi ^p ^sjtl .Dorr Hughey and family of Muncie' were the Sunday guests of family. Mr. and Mrs5 Lawrence Pi«ker ebof Tipton were night and^Sunday Acy Cline and the Saturday guests 61. ,Dave Cline and daughter Murt^U. . \;' : Word; ^ro«l • ^HwT; pinkie. njear Kempton, who' has; been very ill <rJth % pneumonia for "several days s that he is^improvingvhiceiy, ... V;-' '- ^."^ ',;'."-;-;|-'; Ekin Snhdayischooriit^Illipo a m. ; . Followed, by ,pteaching servi m¥ 1 Mrs. Woods entsi Bernie Burton and wife. . ^ Dova Thompson and family spent Easter Sunday with their laughter^ Mrs. Allen Douglas and family of Muncie. "Hap Pickett rod family of Sheridan- were also, dinner guests. ' . j .Fred Coffman wife and daughter, Selena of near Anderson; ipent Sunday with Lem Swift and family. ! '• •Bert Coppock ,and .-family of- ripton were Sunday " dinner juests of Riley .Donahue and wife.':] Mrs. Fred Coats spent Sunday Vfternoon with Charles Lane and family near- Kempton. ji jScott ,Burton and-family of Elwood and Walter Greathouse.'an'd family of Sheridan spent Sunday vith J. T. Small and family. : 'Sunday dinner, guests of I Mr. ind Mrs. Guy Miller a 'nd.famij' jfj.- Shejidan were Mr, and .Mrs. •Jeorge Fox and daughters,; Mr/ tnd M\s. Ray Forkner and Mr. ind Mrs. Marion Miller. ' ." jLittle James Partlow of . near Kempton ° and Glen Spurgeon spent the' week -end with their grandparents, Frank ..Spurgeon iiid family. \']';. ijOscar Hoheas and family -spent Sunday evening witbT ; Vern I Pear- ronahd family near Atlanta.'. • Mrs. Martha Graham, of near F|rankfort, - is spending • a, 1 few: lays with her sister, Mrs.: Alice.; Simmons, j Hardy Fox, wife and daughter,; Phyllis of Goldsmith. were .Mpn-[ lay evening supper guests of'Clayl 3urton and wife. : "''.'-.-' j |Loyd Emehiser -and family of Lima, Ohio, were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Mrs. Eme- liser's parents,'Ed Carlisle and. vife. . » '• , : - .'.' ' j 'Robert Burton wife and.idaugh- |er Grace spent Easter Sunday-!n Tipton with Vernon-- Campbell. >nd wife. Ralph Parsons and wife >f South Bend and -S/rs.'l Joyce Parson were also guests in. the tampbell home. " ! Miss Roma Burton of Sheridan, ipent Friday night and Saturday n the George Fox home". 1 Fred Carmack and family mo-! tored to Indianapolis Sunday and fi ipent the day with George Alex-ij tnder and family. Basil;-. Floyd { ind«- James Bishop were ajsoj guests. •' : S j j -"jWesley Wallace ana 'wife < . . ~ spent Tuesday 'with . their son j ' Larue Wallace and " wife ' ' near |.Wedn-ssday Tipton. , | Oscar Baugher* and. wife of j Newcastle visited; in the Robert J j^urtbn home Saturday'evening; I j. Mrs. Ed Carlisle entertained ai . " Mt. and -Mr Seap aale F JL r The Famous White g u Waptha, 10 bars Chips or Granules; stock up, 2 pkgs. .. 35c TOILET SOAP—The soap recommended by Hollywood stars, 4 bars 25e Alon Marion Brand, Quality Combination Sale—l ; lb. pkg. Country Club ( Soda Crackers; 1' can' Barbara Ann To. mato Soup; 3^-oz. jar C. C. Sandwich. Spread, regpoiar 34c value for .. — Country Club or Del . Monte, 2.No. 2% cans. 45c VWfw MaYWPlI HAHSP Ih weF€ Maxwell House, lb. Domino or Jack Frost, 5-ib. pkg. .'-.•:. 25-lb. bag Sugar, $1.39 2»e CORN—County Club, fancy, 2 No.2 cans .. PEAS—Avondale fancy, 2 No. 2 cans ...... 4 3C ...25c GREEN BEANS—Avondale strongless, No. 2 can, }Qa PORK AND BEANS—Country Cliib, 2 cans 15c PEANUT SANDWICH—Per lb. 23c RASPBERRY CAKE—Each .25c —i— Gold Medal or Pillsbury Bananas, A lbs, Fresh Green Beans, 2 lbs. 2ic. afternoon jSturdivant-hp:r.e. the Tuesday v>ith Mrs. Moliie Orr and family. Their daughters. Dorothy and Wanetta Miller remained at PRAIRIE. the Orr home: for a two I visit. They are moving td - Hobart Lance and souri. ter home' Sunday in honor of her 'iftleth birthday, Loyd Emehiser •.nd family, of Lima, Ohio, iCharles Carlisle of Kokomo,' and Mrs. Henry Peters of Kokomo.; Mrs. Peters remained for a few .days' isit in the home. . i Tom Ogle and wife and Joe ~)g]e aiid family, of Noblesville obk Sunday dinner with" Ed >mall and "wife. • -Mrs. W. 6. Burton and! dati&h- '.er, .Florence -of East.-linioji and Mrs. .A«va Burton of Orange aunty visited with Mrsi Dave Small 9atiirday afternoon and ilso 'called on Mrs. Hettie Coppock. '• .'-.-"L Several from this place at'te'ndf d the funeral of . Mrs. Ellen Tailey at Sheridan .Monday aft| rnoon. •. ... • |' ^-Rbhert Ndrriclc and iamiTy[ Mrs.4 Cyndla . Hershman. - and; •?loyd Mundell,'Wife, and daugh- son of Kckomo visited Oat Quak- i-enhush and family Sunday. - Mr. and -Mrs. John Waller attended the funeral of the form- er's.mother at Sheridan Sunday. . Mr. '.aiid. Mrs. Murrel Higgins "and Mrs. Emery Yeagy of Koko-' school Wednesday. vfeeks' Mis- j Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mott j Kokomo visitors Tuesday {after; noon. ; ' Miss Dorothy Snockley spent ; Tuesday night with Fay Sh<>ckl?y j and family and visited f Ar- Jeanette spent' Sunday - at Iheridan with /rod family. <Cade' Burton "Elbert -McBane .'-. wife and son iyde called on "Mrs. -Belle Car r ^tbers at Kokomo Tuesday/ •' i-'. Willard Smith and wif a sp^n I Sunday.-in Anderson with Qharle i 4d^ins;'andVwife.:/:. : ;" .Sam Clark and famlix ;of At- l ^^vV spent'.Tuesday/ : with- ih 3 folmer's'' : mother; \ -MwiH'. Sirah C)ark. f"{4 <a'mqine' : Wright: and v family inent ^r Mondsfr evening w family": j»t mo. called oft the former's mother -Mrs.'. Luella' 'Higgins Saturday avening^ Miss Edna Higgins returned honte with them and staved until Sunday evening. . ' Mr.' Lowery • went to . Scott county Friday to .attend the funeral of his cousin. . Mrs. Daisy Carter and son, Everett, • arid Mrs. Don Utterback of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Orr and sons spent Easter with. Mrs. Moliie. Orr, Mrs. Lilly Shuck, and. children. •Mr." and ' Mrs. Fay Shockley and children .were at Kokomo SatnrdayJl ';' 'i (.'.':"' i - '. ; -Mrs. Thomas Carter of Rus- \ siavilie' spent Saturday' night and Sunday with ; John Hamsey^r and family. ' * - iMr.. and Mrs." Harry Plake and j son spent Sunday .with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Plake of Tipton. It was the 5"Zth birthday of the lat-! pr. Twenty-four were present to spend the day. ' MrJ "and - Mrs., i Lewis Pursley. aiid. children i i of' ...; Elwood spent Eatel Kelly of near Mt. Tji'.b- ar.on spent Wednesday | night with Conrad Shuck. Mr. and Mrs. Clem MvHinney of Scircleville spent Sunday evening with .Richard Harlov and family. MadgeTWcKlnney aid her chum. Opal Baker remained for i a weeks', visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Vawtdr and children of Kokomo visitei Mr. (Continued on Page 4.) rairie Goldsmilh Garaae Notice to Anto Ownjers It is time to have auto oiled. We have) stalled j an Alemite troguni Bring your in and let ns oil it for you. your in- Elec- W. R j MAONETTj Goldsmith Oara^0 Phone 219

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