Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 18, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1935
Page 5
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Hi 1&8& FOUR PLANS WILL BE CONSIDERED BY LEGISLATURE AUSTIN, Sept. 18. (/P)—Advocates of rival liquor control plans prepared today for committee hearings as the legislature tackled two other topics submitted by Governor Allred Senator Tom DeBerry of Bogota completed a bill fixing salaries fol officers removed from the fee baslr by a constitutional amendment o which he was author. Meanwhile, Senator Albert Stoni of Brenhahi asked for early com mittee action on a revised bill t( alter the Brazos river conservation and reclamation district act In con formlty to federal requirements fo a $30,000,000 grant. Hearings on a license system liquor control bill drafted by we leaders were underway in the senal state affairs committee, Committee men planned to hear other Inter ets after Elbert Hooper, who helpe wiite the measure, completed an ex planatlon. With three rival' plans before 1 the house liquor traffic committee scheduled its Initial hearing tomor-' row. It also would open with the license system bill, identical to that offered In the senate. Friday it would consider a state monopoly plan offered by Rep. C. E. Nicholson of Port Neches, and Monday another state dispensary system bill proposed by Rep. George Moffett of Ohillicothe. The first liquor legislation to reach the house floor on a committee report would authorize charters for corporations to manufacture, distill and.rectify splritous liquors. It was approved 10 to 1. tatey Belicro His {tearing Will End in Failure SAN JFRANCIBCO, Sept. 18 (/P)— 'liomfts J. Mooney began a new ight for freedom today, convinced will end in failure. "I do not believe anything will ome of this hearing," said the con- icted 1916 preparedness day bomb- r, whose noted case will be revlew- d by a referee appointed by the lalifornia supreme court. He had just lost the first sklrm- sh, in which his attorneys had sought to have the referee, A. E. Walsh, rule on the admissability of testimony. The supreme court ruled all questioned testimony should remain In Jie record, to be ruled upon later ay the court Itself. The referee's hearing, expected to last three or four weeks, is on a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in which the Mooney attorneys Contend he was convicted on perjured testimony. "I have a feeling that whatever relief I may obtain eventually will come from the United States supreme court. That's my only chance," said Mooney. Convicted of murder as a result 01 the bombing, In which ten persons were killed and 40 injured, Mooney already has spent 19 years of a life sentence in San guentin prison. WHEELER COUNTY RECORDS (Courtesy, Title Abstract Co.) Oil filings for Tuesday, Sept. 10: ROL.—Remo Royalty Co. to Wm. Kyle, W % of N W Vt section 41, block 13 exc. 2 ac. • fr -s.^ " fHft PAMTA- gleeiuW, fts,,*"? 6 *^.*^ 0 J* rislftg from ttteir field, they ate having' a hard time tmildteg up a united front, and they probably Win wait until Allen announces his ticfcet Before udv«ieT»g {Heir slate. ' 1ft this 1 faction, the two c&ngresfr- tnen, Cleveland fifeaf and .3. Y. Sanders' St., stood ptonflriently 1ft the tmttte over selection for the « U v» race. Rep. John sattattn aft'd Eugene Stanley, foraier district attorney of Orleans parish, have substantial backing for the senatorial candidacy. e<Mt LONDON tffv-Thunder and lightning crepe' swagger coats are worn over trim black •Wool skirts. The bright green ts green groflfld, sembles are oi A one of the brlgftfc ALLEN'S LEADERSHIP IS QUESTIONED BY HIS RIVALS BY RALPH WHEATLEY, Associated Press Staff Writer. NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 18 (IP)— The political machine left by Seria- lor Huey P. Long stood in danger of exploding from spontaneous com- oustion today unless a dispute its lieutenants could be MD—J. B. A. Harvey to C. S. Allend'er, V, Int. N E V4 of S W W section 67, block 13. TOL.—O. C. Meyers, to B. Johnston, N E '/* of N E VI section 87, block 13. Oil filings for Wednesday, Sept. among quelled. Governor O. K. Allen, who became field captain of the forces after the 'death of Senator Long from a pistol bullet, was having a hard time keeping his ambitious lieutenants in the ranks. Too many of them wanted- to be the captain. The governor yesterday called in his leaders from the country parishes and started to tell them what he wanted done, as he had seen his chieftain Long do. But the country boys began to ask questions and talk back. The Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith "share-the-wealth" organizer, threatened to take his followers, whom he estimated at 300,000, to another camp if his group was not consulted in framing a slate of candidates for the January election. Until that Happened it appeared that a selection might have been made between Allen J. Ellender, speaker of the Louisiana house, and Lieutenant Governor James A. Noe as the candidate for governor, That placed Noe and Ellender back In the running, with Ellender perhaps a stride in front. Governor Allen did make clear, 11: Miami Lad Tells Of N. Mexico Trip And Many Sights BY HERMAN HOSKINS JR. Miami, Texas I was born In Roberts county and reared in Miami, among the best .people on earth. For that reason possibly I did not have to work as hard as some of the boys who won a vacation trip offered to the carriers by the Pampa NEWS. However, the trip was well worth trying -for as you will see, and try I did and won. . So' on Aug. 17, fourteen carriers ranging In age from 13 to 80 years and several adults of the NEWS force,'"'directed : " by Mr. NUhn and Mr. Johnson, left Pampa for our trip. All were feeling fine and jokes and pranks were the order of the day. We arrived at our camp In Holy Ghost canyon and simply devoured the dinner waiting for us. Next day was -Sunday arid we rested and leisurely spent the day sight seeing and enjoying the beautiful scenery MD.—C. L. Head to C. E. Robertson, 1-315 Int. N W VI section 49, block 24, exc. 2Va ac. in N -W cor. MD.—Katherlne L. Howell, to C. L. Head, 1-630 int. N W Vi section 49, block 24, exc. 2% ac in N W cor. MD.—J. S. Bush et ux, to Kent K. Kimball, 1-160 int. N E Vi section 48, block 24. MD —J S. Bush et ux, to Kent K. Kimball, 1-160 int. N E % section 48, block 24. MD.—J. W. Gooch et ux, to Ivy Close, V4 int. section 76, block 23. MD—Maymie Starling CaudiH to Roy M. Smith,. 1-128 int. S % section 48, block 24. OL.—May George, et al, to Tom Edes and G. W. Williams N W V4 section 74. block 17. MD.—May George, et al to Tom Edes and G. W. Williams, Vfe int N W V4 section 74, block 17. TOL—G W. Williams and Tom Edes to R. H. Cox, N W Vi section 74, block 17. MD.—G. W. Williams and Tom near the camp. Monday was a great day. We Edes to R. H. Cox, Va Int. N W section 74, block 17. TOL.—R. H. Cox, to G. W. Williams, block 17. int. N W Vi section 74, however, that an election would be held to fill the unexpired term of Senator Long. He pointed out that under the Louisiana law appointment cannot be made to the senate for a term exceeding one year, and that Long's term has a year and three months to run. The governor plans to call a special election for the unexpired term on the same date as the regular election, when the democrats will nominate a senator, a governor and all 'state officials. It has been nearly agreed that Wade O. Martin, public service commissioner, wiU run for the short term and Governor Allen will run for the regular six-year term starting in January, 1937. Thus Governor Allen could complete his term as governor expiring in May before going to the senate, if he should be elected. Earl Long, brother of Senatoi Long, also has gubernatorial aspirations. Some of the factions In the machine look on him favorably as a candidate for lieutenant governor, while others oppose his presence on the ticket. The anti-Long organization watch- _ "... f J.I.A A llnVl ed the smoke rising from the Allen went to Santa Fe. There . we en joyed driving around looking at the 'beautiful Spanish structures, some of them very ancient. Next we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our -"famous" cook, Mr. Goodman. Alter lunch we called on the governor of the state, Mr. Tingley. I was very much Impressed with this clever, friendly gentleman. He treated us royally and I felt It an honor to shake the hand of this great governor and pass a few words W We w£e permitted to go through the mansion and saw so many In- teres'tlng things I could not mention them all. We were a bit disappointed in -not seeing Mrs. Tingley as . she was away on a visit. Leaving the mansion, I did not feelat all like I wa's being taken to the penitentiary, but before we realized it we were inside the big state prison gates, and of course just, being visitors we were seeing the interesting side of everything. We saw the everyday life as the . MD.— R. H. Cox to G. W. Williams, Vt int. N W '/i section 74, block 17. MD— Jim M. Keller et ux, to Thomas D. Brown, 5-320 int. S Vi section 48, block 24. OL.— OJa Fillers et vlr, to C. E. Wilson, W % of N W Vi section 16, block A-8. , Oil filings for Friday, Sept. 13: MD.— S. T. Wynn et ux, to Hallie E. Park, Ind. Exec. 1-12 int. N W »4 and W Vi of E % section 31, block 24. MD.—C. E. Johnson et ux, to Ivy Close, Vi int. E Vi section 77, block 23. Oil filings for Saturday, Sept. 14: MD.—J. George McGulre to Libbie P. Wright, 1-320 int. W V* section 41, block 24. MD.—J. George McGuire to Cor- Inne J. McOausland, 1-320 int. W % section 47, block 24. OL.—I. D. Bowen et ux, to Dumar Oil and Gas Co., N Vi section. 70, block 17. MD.—Heare, Clayton to M. Reynolds, Vi int. E J /i section 31, block 17, exc. N E % and exc. S W H of WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without CJomel-And You'll Jump Out o/ Btd Id the Morning Rarin' lo Go Th. liver »honld poor pat two Soonito of liquid hllo Into your bowels d»ily. W this bll« iBnotflowinirfreely, your food doesn't dlgwt. It Just decays In the bowels. Gas blo.ta up your stomach. You get.constipated. Your whole system la poisoned »nd yon feel sour, sunk and the world looks punk. Laxatives are only makeshifts. A mew bowel movement doesn't get at the cause. II Skes those good, old Carter's Little Uvel Pills to get these two pounds of bile flowing freely and make you feel 'up and up . H«ni- less gentle, yet amazing In making bile flow fr«ly. Ask for Carter's Little Liver PilU11>J nuiie.Stubbornly refuse anything else. W*. O 1011. C. M.CO °We went into the death chamber 'and saw the electric chair. It Is a comfortable looking chair, and I seated myself in it but did not sit Jong enough for anyone to push a button. It was all very interesting, but- I certainly would not like to 1 E H. MD.—Reynolds, M. to Clayton . , Heare, 1-16 int. N E % of N B and S W W. of S E % section 31, which we visited next we saw many old relics. The oWest church in the United States is also in Santa Fe. It is well preserved on the outside and looks as if it would stand many years more. Next day we divided-some of us went to the mines and others to the Puye ruins. We came together again at Santa Fe. Another Inter- eftine event was a visit to Earnest Thompson Seton village. There we heard a lecture by a man who told us. how he was completing an In*We I tett e for home Wednesday ,the 2lst, a little tired but thrilled and nappy over our trip. I mwt not for, get to- mention another thing I en- Joyed very .jnuob. ^ **» *S Tain— at least some of. the older ££ told me that was what it was. I am only 13 years old and lived In the Panhandle all my Me and have S»wy »ttte rain. BO that's why I enjoyed It so much. * It wUl be no trouble for me to re. member this trip as long as. J live, Just don't have 'wojds to Pamp» MEN'S SHIRTS GO ON 'BIAS' LONDON (IP)— Men's shirts have gone "bias." Stripes slant down on either side of the front fastening band. Gayer colors are being usec sparingly. A narrow purple and blue stripe run together on a white or pale colored ground. M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Term* REFINANCING Small and Large 104 Oombs-Worley Bid* Phone 336 AUTO LOANS Bee 0s For Beady Cash To • Refinance. • Buy a new car. ' M Reduce payments. H Raise money to meet bUn prompt and Courteous Attention given all application*. PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Conjbs-Worley Bldsr. Ph. Tonight At The Southern Club Featuring Carlton Scales and His Orchestra Also Via Lago Revue Floor Show Featuring Galles Fowler Come Out for an Evening of Heal Entertainment Admission 40c Per Couple 24 HOUR MECHANICAL SERVICE "BEAR" FRAME & AXLE WORK COMP3LETE BRAKE SERVICE HJOH PRESSURE WASHING __ SPECIALIZED LUBRICATION GARAGE ^^ NIGHT , '|f|^ A* ^uv/^'-v r v- HOW MlJCiSSRE YOU GETTING FO -AND YOU'LL Sanforized Whipcord Work Pants Buy yours now — SA VEl • Reinforced! • Bar-tacked! • Deep, strong pockets • Generously cut! Built to wear like iron— you can't shrink them . . . no doubt how they'll fit! Regular model in oxford or tan! See for vnnrsplfi For Thursday Selling 2,000 YARDS New, Crisp CURTAIN SCRIM 36 inches wide Full Fashioned! Perfect Quality SilkHosiery Sheer Chiffon! Practical Service Weight! THURSDAY What a value at this low price! Sheer chiffons that flatter! Sensible service weight for hard, steady wear! Buy several pairs of each for all occasions—and you'll save plenty! Grand new shades for fall and winter. All Penney hoae are perfect quality! Remnant Penney s "Oxhide "...Brutes for Wear I Shoes Built With A Thick Stormwelt Compare their two fu" heels, their pliable ret welt, nickel riveted vam comfort and lone wear Beautiful 66 x 80 inch Pairs! Blankets that are breath-taking values at Lovely Rayon & Cotton Bedspreads Here's real luxury for only OXFORD Featherweight steel arch Super-fine black kid Blucher, smartly crosa - stitched 'with leather lacings. Comfortably cut Superior value! 3V4 to 9, OnT^JTouF'prettiest and one'oi out best values I Jacquard pat terns. Scalloped edges. All the popular colors. ^86x105". Stunning Colorful New Cretonnes Short Lengths 9 C yd. • Not less than 5°/a wool. • Soft! Luxurious! Warm I • Ends bound with lustrous sateen that harmonize) with the pretty pastel plaid of tRe blanket. • Lovely assortment of colors. • Values worth jumping at! New Printed Crepe FROCKS In Silk-Type Patterns! Amazing values! CarefuK ly tailored of good quality rayon and cotton crepe in ideal prints for street and school wear! Trimmings and detail usually found only on higher priced dresses! Metal buttons— Side Pockets—Bows—Tie* ~-Ascots. Sizes_l4 _t_Q .44 PENMEY COMPANY p O r «* i ^ ** ' •i'vj'ijjjj-f 1 ' f "* " j

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