Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 2, 1963 · Page 22
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 22

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1963
Page 22
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22 WE PAMPA 5AILY NEWS SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 19S3 ^ 6(5111 56 Building SuppfJef ItQAH SO'10 Idr 161 ftaaf fitatt Fof Safe 161,163 Real 9 A.M. U tn* Dull* Demtltn* lot CUMKflM Ao*. Saturday for Sun. lay edition li noon This in »l*o th« for *d Cancellsllon. " A lion t P(-opl» Ad« will b« t»k«n up | )o 11 a.m. datiy and 2 D.m. Saturday lor Sunday* edltlpn. CLASSIFIED RATE! r t Una minimum J Day • <6o ter l!n« i Day! • 31 c per lint per da) 1 U»y» • 26c per Mn« (>er day t £>ay« • :4c ocr lln« per day I Days • S2c p«r lint per day I Days • JOo per lins per daf 7 Days - jSc per line per day ! Days - \1 C c«f line. t>er d«r W« will b« re.soonsrble (or only on« Insertion Should error appear In advertisement. nl*a»e notify »t once. 25 Sdleifnen Wonfed 25 Kuril Jlli'lM" nnd up. car; fi£t> ;M-,"i(i. ! I,OC;I|PI| ..\mntillo-C)ovl5, fall .Vrl- | son. IH1 -I-Kill'. Aniarillo. YOl* (.'AX APP J3.*> to J.'O n \veek 1o ; yo\ir present income. Purl-time! n,-t vvleieh I'lisiiiess nou- open In p.'irf ! I'ntupa. See II. I". \Vilklc.. |:'.:'.'i Kin- ; Uy. riinipa al mire for full pariirti- I Inr." or write Unvvleleh's Pept. TX K ; IH'-IS.'i. .Memphi.". Tnnn. 31 Appliance Repair 31 J-MJKP: PICK-I-P * PKMVKKY ^ir. Toffee VI S-2JS4 MO !>-n-.'fi7 31A Elcc. Contracting 31A ATTL1 A N O V. 1 1.K PA I R H nnil K DISCOUNT CKXTKK MO B-3415 1"12 Alcork t,P odce ttrnlri yellow pine flooring ; KOU SAT,K: Nlrtt-lc Miniature. French j HY tUVN'K.H: •> Hedroom nnd I'.',"''", lontm-t party .11'. N ^oinpr-j Poodles bv^ Sunny Heath Krrnnt j Cellar. ?.".O.ilO niontli. p.tyini'nt. MO ft-o.-l-.'S. I. W LUMBER AND SUPPLY V-Vli •(• Koad MO t-;rjo^ Anilrr-a. Call MO 1-5771 or nftor M<> •'• 1117 - ! 84 Office, Stdte tquip. 14 Cellar. J.'.O.iin niontli. \\lth low down j liathv hrdroom lirlrk rnrpcl. doiilil 50-B Builders RALPH H. BAXTER COXTIIACTOI; A.\n urn, PI ION K MO I-*: is Card of Thanks J AM ES^ FL fpPcT'J R. 't uisli to o\prrss our -.1 r,,i:ion a:id deep prat'tiide to! ii'.-inv Skr-llvtoun friends mid' '«•• irr tlii't:- words of comfort.: 1 ' '••!:• s <n. M.iv Ciod's richest 32A General Service 37.A I For all lypes of I'Otn'rote wnrk. i S. I.. tillil'V. S5S S. Sunnier, 32B ? TLIPPO ?n. 4. FAMILY D, HOWARD Upholstering AAA UPHOLSTERY Reflnl'h and 32B Kepalr MO 4-SiiM HALL & JONES BUILDERS MO 4-3190 MO 4-6982 New Homes. Repairs. Additions 2 lliH'SKS: :."-'.">:.' N. '/.immers elp-c- trip kitp-hcn. Also l(rom-e Medallion, " bedroom. I'Vi batlis. U'e ]">o nil typos construction. Your satisfaction is our tunrntitee. S1A Sewing Mach. Serr. 51A A.VTKKP Repair Service on nil I ^s of st'wini; machines. This onlv. clean, oil nnd adjust! MO 5-2SBR. I 57 Good Things to Eat 57 Sailor Hroiher's I'airy Hf.illli In- Mifted i;rade A \Vliole Milk. 2 Miles Soiuli side of Lcfors IllRhwny. MO 4-:!iiJ,s or 4-.|jIo. HKNT a late model typewriter arid Ins machine or raiculator Hy ih d«y, week, or month. TRI-CI ('V OF FICE SUPPLY. 113 \V. MtJ Tl K writers! \>\v portah!<- Kemlngtnn typewriters stn ' Nlt'10 ^ Hodrooip \voll furnlsliod. on It floors, furnace, altnfhnl fjaniijr, frtu.'1'il yard. N. Nelson. SO.T.Mi. Also Int'ne .'^ room lunis* 1 . t'rirtiari 1 . g;\ corner lot. S:i.iinn. Mrs. Patrick _l!oal Mstnlr MO 4-20.12. ""I'VE BEEN TRANSFERRED ~~ Ownor will diwi^oupt nlrpjiily low rq- nlly In ,". I'fdroom. 1'j Imths ip'tir Travis mid Loe schools. TotiU Vrln> Ji:l.ii!i.'«. -?"*i X. n«-li?hl— - Phone AH) MO 4-RI13 typewriters starting a* tow ns $40 !>;> —.''._' -• ._ ' CIIOUCH OKKICE EQUIPMENT CO '•'*>'! SAT.K: Knttlly In ^ bedroom. 715 \V. Foster MO 4-677J ! carpeted, ntlachrd naraire. fenced I J.'i.M). for OO'illv MO 92 Sleeping Koomi 93 —~-*--~—-— ^-^ r~ r- f i-jr j- _, ^, j^.t j_i^^_ i Hll-bSO.V IIOTKI.-Fnlr condHion | Clean comfortnhle rooms, llntes J3 a week an<l_nii._ LKK1-INO room for renit" \vnll~Ti «all carpet, ailjolninx hath, outside 2-1 hour liotel service. ftt SaU 163 163 Real trtate ftt Sale 163 126 A^dmelnlesJeHSafeJ30 loniM. 2 tile' Foil HAT,!-; '., Prli-e for small equity i 1358 PONTIAC. fair condition, $.'iOO. iii-iiRo. Nearj In :! bedroom • house, limft n\vlj?hl. j |||T (.'liidfrelln. MO ."p-tm-.S. j CLEAN "liiiifl Hel-AIr Chovrolc.VTdoor with factory nlr mid rndlo. See at 1117 Siindiilwood. ___ DOUG SOYD MOTOR CO. SHI \V. WI1U.1 _MO 4-tllil H12 ~FATJCO.N' 2 door, hlR motor, sfandiinl shift, locnl owner. fl.OOO miles. I.lfcfl new. $II7B. SO Mur.h for So Little: X Hpdroom pei mnytone. I.II-KI- nil p.-tod llvlnn room, liiundrv rnom. liixl'i. eon- idoek slorin i-ellar. fence, 2 Kiitimo-Fl I.V nppniised for B. L r-ERRELL""AGENCY ' '"" "'*-' "»AS ; KS."".I liedroom. MO 4-<lll * 4.-,,-,5l i |\7',!''%,',;."','"' ,u'.'.',',',,. li \ l vor'l<' 1 'v|io!' l> n'n W. M. LANE REALf'Y" ! ror'jii/'ii'n"-: ^OiMl'own'Vu^To'slUK. MO 4-Mit Ren. MO •-•M4 1 «KN It. Wll,MAM8—Ktttttof ... MO 4-»29 1>| 10 . 5-5580 MIA S07 N. West : l «; n i ,> ,, - - _'-LJI!L J[. h< L_' n _ n JP5...!! o A' v L* : . Mnt0 !' Murphy'i Downtown Motel All thfl comforts of home. some, kltflipn-ettes. U'eeklv rates. 117 X Gllllsple. 24 Hour Phone Service MO 4-3301 W. B. Murphy owner G17 N. mvmilT, Price "Ji!."sn'ol" .1 m - r\\\- v IM>. " t... ,t i Hedroom. K«rni;e, fenced Mt,S AGt. 0\\M-.K. Attiactivel SHH TH | S HKKOUK YOl! WJY! New .'i Itedronm brick with fire- Wells 4' n i'";.. I!I lonn. Krpilty reduced- K"CIU~SAI.I- " two bedroom on corner lol with att- nrlied enmse. wired for '.'20. fenced yard with nice Irees. Two blocks from Hcmcntnrv school. Small down payment with n»w KHA loan. Payments approximately Sii-.OO. Trice place. double priced to sell. ' , Hes for yourself liHh niul I'Jrnpc. 20H1 \Vir,MSTON. Price $ir..snn. ( bedroom, bath .unrasc, fenced yard. Plenty of stoniRe .ipuce. MI.S ' i-»n T «/ \ft > I u-ic <\ • l ' ' "S' : ^ '"' *. .»i i »o nn i . ..._._.-- 1 -. l L_ T ''.'^" r .;.._ J f M ...:'--- fi: L liai K. Francis: Price. $12.20". Kasy RV OWNKlt: (i rtoom. sarase. air! terms. .1 liedroom and dep. Mt,S fi.'in, conditioner, fenced, near .1 schools, i 401 N. XVells: 1'rlce tIS.nnfl, 4 unit KHA commitment. MO 4-^r.fiS, 221RJ Coffce. apartmiMit house, terms. MLS fifi'J. furnished, easy 58 Sporting Goods 58 95 Furnished Apartments 95 KOl'K room apartment. North Sopier- villf. ;i i wo room North Cllllspic MO 4-:'i.i,")S or ."i-rm'.ij. ; tt< t. ;. THE HOWARD FAMILY •e BrmmncH's r Foil l!pholst»ry •iipf/n.-s. supported cr pl.i«lic». Polyfoam, fabrics by th« MO 4-75S1 1311 Alcoch . lee us for Camu T: ail'Ts. OGDEN & SON -up Campers and KI ''", K ""t'AIS. fenced yard. .KaV.->«, bills paid S..O.OH month Mo -l-lm;.',. 4-si-n ~s Li. Radio Lab Special Notices ~™ HAWKINS RADIO LAB T~n ii' Texas Lodse No. c,\ - -; Iiarnes MO 4-:i'M7 l.s ; >l.indnv. June .Ird Kx- INDI'STIMAI., F.I.P.OTI'.ONICS r^e I 2-\Vay Kadio Service 34 C\(~l ,A a:r.:-p-ions '& K r ,'•$-*,'f Tues'-.nv June 411 4th Mn^tinc. F.lcction of i . . 'I models. ,lo« |1 per dav for Kleotrio Carpet »4S W. Fnsifr Phamnoo'T with pur.hasi" of Hlue LiiFtre. 1'anipa Hardware._ FULLER'BRUSHES SALES' i SERVICE MO 5-C378 ill"' 4-*!4:ifi after 6 p.m. MO 4-3597 after o c.m. •rBbEVisioVBervlo. on all makes A Hawklni Appllanres. MO 4-63*1 | SERVICE MART 719 W. _Foster MO S-4S9? UNITED TELlVISION TV • Radio - Stereo - Antennas Sylvania Sales - Service 101 N. Hobart Phone MO 5-5502 10 Lost & Found J WINGS ANTENNA, T/ SERVICE ii NEW & USED ANTENNAS ' AtO -I-4D70 223 W. Brown FOUND: 1?>"3 Boys' Senior Rinp. I GENE & DON'S T.V. owner mny claim by pnyins for this ' g<4 w. Foster MO 4-64S1 «d_at the__P.-impa Daily News. | |OMM<;OM RADIO & TV •LT-'HT: Since Mav 15th between 12:00. JUMNbUN KAUIU & | V. and 2-no plastii- ban contalnlnc la- ' 934 E. Francis MO S-2521 d;ea clothes. i;K 9-2ti25. McLean. B^R DISCOUNT CENTER Dav or Nlte Servicn Calls $4.00 Packard-Bell. Emerson, Du Mont Radio and TV Service 13 Business Opportunities 13 MO 5-3115 i712 Alcock FOR fAl.r: Ptor-k nnd Equipment a' J:i : f ••'•••::• pru:?. Ma ! n r Oil i'om- ~~* ^ ~~-~-^~~-« , * *, - -~-^-^ . „.. [,a";' rVmT.o^^Mo 4 f :' < - : ; l 'Tor V 4 > - r '' ! liK 34A Tcleviiion 34A D"VK~t^~ba-i health. Yellow Cab C^cTR^rv'sT By ^n.C.A," VU-torr~over p-:rr.irv '-.r saV. Contact P. G. gj^j, of co [ or TV's are R C.A. Vic__^ I - I '_L I "-""_ MO_4-4MG. tor. Kor complete television sales VOF. S»L"^: rut Hate Grocery, stock nnd service call " ar.d fixtures, seiiinc due to bad C&M Television & Furniture health. See J. R. hparkman. Lefor.s. MQ <-3M1 125 N _ Somervi ,| e 63 KTIIN1SH l-:i l Bachelor Apiirtmenls"- with (jaraces, bills paid, t'nder new MiAtiaKemeMI. 4'M Vca.ner M( l ."i-(|7.i ' F, p>uy. sell and trade all kinds of •r"i,,Yi-,M"i'.,.. r i—',—«''". ,~~ . rims 11') S Pnvler Aridiiiirton> 3 '• n "- v! I-urnlshed Apartment. ( ar- puns 11.)_ b. ctixler. A_ridln s ton g r(>(| , (1 nlu , llrapp(1 _ A|r ,,,„„,„,„„„,._ antenna, wnlk-ln closets. Parkint „ _ , ,. , . area and shower hath. P,as and o r5e(lrOOm, attaCneCl water paid. ISi'l (Jarland. s»i w V'K i-.u puns Western Store. Phona 4-31" 1 .!. ments $35. Sn. Cull .(-ti?l!5 before 12 n ooii. Isiifi~"sa! i'"T7~i7~Thl.'<~"bHcjr"lmtiiT. Thref extra large bedrooms, thrrc tiled balhs. electric kitchen, dcp \\-ith fireplace, double garage and pn I io on landscaped corner lot. Knisrr Addition. Mil I-I7''.2. S K TT L I X i ! I •: S T AT F.T "TwcT^n'eTrroom , double garagi- fenced corner lot. N. Nelson. S7.500. JtO 4-2270 or 4-2SM7. ^ INSURANCE AGtNCY ALL BRICK MEDALLION HOME Laundry ]ronlntr tn my home. J1.25 dozen mixed pieces. \Vashln.c Sc pound. 715 -VNa nk.M >> S KXTIIA larce rooms, well furnished, private bnth. bills paid. MO 4370."'. impure 519 N. Starkweather. __ [KON1NG . _____ tfoien". mIXLd pieces^ Ib. Curtains a speciality. Washing So 720 N. Banks. MO 4-6180. 68 Household Good* 68 LAltOM 2 bedroom furnished duplex. ClosR_lii._$45 1 _ Blllsjiaid. MO 4-29S1 NICK CIjKAN 3 room upstairs Rpnrt- mBiit^^dultji^onl.v. MO l-in.i:'. RKPOSSESSKD: Speed Queen Wa. LAUtiK 2 room"""iipTtairs"~aparTmenT sher. Take un payments of only 1 Tub bath. Hills paid. $35 month. 309 *!• SS_monthly. B&U MISCOUNT MO | K. nrownlng. 5 ' :u ' 5 - ._ . |3 and 4 room" private bath, bills paid. electric kitchen, ceramic bath. Call for appointment to see this new home. 30 year F.H.A. !r a ' 4^° NoVth I loan. White House Lumber «' «»«»j Co. MO 4-3291. J. E. Rice Real Estate 71?, N. Somervilla Phone MO 4-2301 jookine for Bargains? Shop Willis Kurniture. WILLIS FURNITURE 1215 W. Wilks MO S.S5.'it 51,'D S. ("uvler MO 9-01:11 antenna, washing machine. 420 N. _\Ve_st. ^lO_4-:6£9. J30 up. _ 4 ROOM duplex. Lots oFrloaet spare. Danish modern. Adults. Also 2 room ' SHELBY J. RUFF Furniture Bought und aom S. Cuyler •M?_ _ __ MacDON f AJLD FURNITURE 51 a S. Cuyler _ ^I^LJ -6521 TEXAS~FURNITURE CO. 210 North Cuyler MO 4-4623 15 Instruction 1535 Plumbing & Hearing 35 "PLUMBING co.' HIGH SCHOOL at home In spar* time. New texts furnished. Diploma awarded. Low monthly payments. American School. uepU P.O. Box lit. AmarlUo. Teii*. Repair Work Specialty. MO B-!:51 Texas Furniture Annex 211 N. Ballard MO 4-4623. WHITTINGTON'S FURNITURE MART Take up payments on 3 room-group of furniture. "Low Prices just don't happen — They are made" 105 S. Cuyler MO 5-3181 _ _ _ _ ___ 3 itOOJI furnished apartment, wall to wall carpet, water and pas furnl- shi-d. 903 K. Krnncls. 96 UnfurnishedApartment* 96 FOUR ItOOM Uufurnlshed Apartment, private bath. 2 walk-In olo- eets, paraRe. fenced yard, all bills F.H.A. And Conventional Ren! Estate Loam Creey»)company ____ _ MODERN* Duplex aptrament with 3 larse rooms. Newly decorated. Extra nice. Private bath. 433 N. Wynne. Inaulre 430 Carr. Betty Jackson .. MO < -2702 Joan Oshorna .. MO 4-6269 James Gain-more MO (-41S4 NTCI3 ,1 Hedroom Brick, carpet. P; baths, kitchen snack bar. separate utility room. Nice fenced yard with laree patio. 19'.i9 N. Christ v MO 4-S3 U. " PANHANDLE INS. AG~i"NCY We Need Re*l Eitats ListingJ 720 W. Frineii MO 5-5737 97 Furniihed Housee 97! 30 Yean In The Panhandle pletely furnish' rnatic heat. Pi Carpeted. antenna ' com- n ,,tr> 3 BEDROOM BRICK with attached Street. 2 full cpramlc bath?. Den and kitchen combination. Priced 21.:tOO. Tall Yvonne MO 4-,-!:,t;i. 36 Appliance* 36 18 Beauty Shops 18! EVA'S BEAUTY BOX. Lollan Hushes. Lee Baptrett. Eva Gill, MO i-2651, 600 Veaser. 19 Situation Wonred 19 FAST GROWING FIRM SALESMAN WANTKD: 2 men »nd 2 ladies for pleasant selling work. Good eartiinss and company benefits. Good advancement opportunity. For interview apply to Bob Burnett. _Tj<'4._.V._Honart_ fi -S. _ irtONfNG DONE - $1-5 a dozen. 509 N. D wight. EXPERIKNCED High- "School (jirl desires babv nittinK joh. full or part-time. References MO 5-4495. House-work or child care in your home. Hour, day or week .MO 6-4649. DES MOORE TIN SHOP Air Condltlonlnr-Payne Hemt i 320 W. Klntf«isiU Pbon* MO 4-2TX1 i 69 Miscellaneous For Sale 69: _T..-xas._Mo_4-V:44." " "| r^^r'"," ~~~~~— ~~ i; nKniuiOM « „,„- rC>R f-ALK: one ton refrigerated air, ached K arm?e. (141 N. Sumtier «O 3 BEDROOM BRICK home with doub- condiuoner. llfi volt, used only 2. S -:!;,07. __ j ]„ K ara K e on corner lot local pd 'it.-.l months. Sacrifice tlno. Set- al fil-'FtVJA.—i •—i ; ~\~~, — •, Ked IH-er. after 5 pm. or Saturday i c ' 0 -" 1( ' ln - " l ' elv furnished 3 room I and Sunday. ' '^-'Tv "" te " na - alr con.litioned. l REAL ESTATE MO 5-5737 Jim Hrown Henry Uriibpp Kay Kancher Claude \Vhitefleld .... BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED All the way tlirouiih. Hii; Hrick .", Hedroom. Lnrnc panelled den ivllh wooil Inirnlnu flropl.-n.-i 1 . yciir-rounri air condllloninc. I'er- nmic tile baths. All electric kitchen. Heaiitiful carpet. I/ols of rlosets. This Is H home you will enlov llvinc in MI,S M:l" NORTH WELLS STREET S Hi-ilroom wllh nearly now wool carpet throuehoifi. l.nrite kll- chcn with bciuitiful liln-h cal>- innls. Kx-cellent condilion. I'tilily room. Paiic* and fenced ynrd. Gnoil terms with new lonn. MI.S 53:.. NORTH FAULKNER Nice 2 Hedroom with large liv- Inc room. Newly refinlshcd In- i nld» nnd outside. ('Jaraire. Ki'nceil j vard. i;ood term". MI.S (Kn. i NEAR HIGH SCHOO L ! 3 llcilronni with over \'1M «q ft. fur Jlii.oon, Nice rarpet and drapes. C,noil terms. MhS f.. r i". BIG 2 BEDROOM N..:IT \Voodrow \Vllson School. Over 11011 sir ft. plm caraije nnd fenced vard for only 5'l.T.uii. MLS SOUTHEAST PAMPA N-->:irlv new :i Herlf'»'ini on corner lot. Hie Kftrnciv l-"Mr:i Rood price and terms. MI>S r,::>. NORTHEWEST PAMPA l^nrce 3 "Redr^om with double q:a- race. I 1 , baths N»wly refinlshed ln<lde and outside. MI.S .'.10. Accredited Farm Broker $:!IM) down - paMiirnis $7S."0 MLS HS1 ' BEGINNERS DREAM. 3 Bedroom. buff brick, decnnitlvf paneled walls ron I rust I nit with texiono. larijo klt- <-li'-n. 1'LVI wlririK, p.'it.lo, reihvond fi'iirc-. f'l'ifl. down-payments $St. MLS S3«. NOW VACANT, flean 3 Hedrnnm on IJn.HSfll. llvinif riMuii i-nrpetpil. well kept ynnl, Karaite 12x20 with shop ronm Sxl2-l.nw equity, priori! Jin.nun. MLS ti72. NEW LISTING FEATURING—3 nednmin.' and den. ri-nlrnl air rondlllonlnif. dlaliwa.shrr. garbage disposal, built-in rook top nnd iiven, rarpeleil HvliiR rnom. drapes, antenna, patio. 'J rnr ca- ratre stnckadr fepre- - nf roiirsr- Us ' brick! I'rln-d J2I.'.'"(I -- in) 11 ;, cnii vent lonal. CLEAN. 2 Itedroom on Barnos. bits of storncp spaci>, ulllity room, ca- raei\ fiMire-3 ri'om house on bark of lot rentltic for . 1 3."> n month- 75 ft. frontage-priced {7..">oo-ron- ventlonul milv- . Auto Purchasing Service 75* tV. rirowr __ MO S-Jj!oJ ~~TH"RI>T~MOtOR COMPANY Kni-rloTM Car M 71)1 920 J>[. Hobart __.. M 9^ B '. M1 ! I HIM KA'tltljANK 50h. 4 door sedan,^ New guarantee. List prlcfi J20.14, Now J2ir.ll. TRIPLE AAA MOTORS 811 W. Wllko Pt^ MO p^gQH^ BARRETT FORD CO; W. Ilrowti _ _MO 4-S404 GIBSON" MOTOR CO. NEW AND USED CARS tS2_l_n_lplcy MO 4-&41| ""MAULDIN MOTOR CO. Authorlied StudtMk*" Deil«r 737 \V. Brown MO S-2S41 "CULB ERlONl: H E VROLET John~Whi»e~Motors 74S \\' Hrown MO fi-22l>2 'fi!i~l'III';VUOr,l':f~niscnvnt', 4 doo7, fi cvl standard triinsmlsslon. ??|ir>. MEAD'S USED CARS A. OARAGE 313 K. Hrowji _ __ _ MO <-47iit TOM ROSiE MOTORS 'l21 N" BJlu'rd J Mo'4.3Z33 MARY CLYBURN 2ISl_N._Sumiier _ MO 4-7P5J SEE us 'FOR YOUR N"EW"HOME WHITE HOUSE LUMBER CO. Across St. From Tost Offloo CUSTOM Bt/lLT HOMES _101_K. Billiard ________ _MO 4-S291 BY (.j\V'NI''.H:~3 bodrooin brick. 172u Carpets, drapes, fenced MO ItfcANbREW PONTIAC 800 W, Kingsmill MO 4-2571 • RA.MBLER - OMC 123 N. Oray ___ __ M ?_ilil!I LK: 13S7 Plymouth Savoy VS. 2 flnor. standard shift. $325. Call .___John Parker Motors Inc. 301 S. Cuyler MO 4-Z54I Say! do you NEED A WORK CAR! 575.00 and up Call MO 9-9.13* 'J-'.KIIHI. Joerischer REALTOR aULNTIN MEMBER OF MLS Office MO 9-9191 Joe Fischer MO »-9;.B4 Undy Houck MO 4-SS56 106 Business Property 106 LOT 15iix2i;o with office and track- nice. South Gray. H.'•»»). Write Box 717. I'ampa, Texas. 121ATrucks, Machinery 121A International Harvester .. SALES SERVICE . Price Ro*d MO 4-746* Terms—Cash-—Trade 124 Tires, Accetioriet 124 WHY SPEND MONEY ON A DEAD ENGINE, BUY A RIVERSIDE 100% fa-manufactured. Up fo 212 new parts. New car guarante* plui 500-mil* check-up. Only 10% down. • InitallaHon availabU 113 Property to be Moved 113 KOU PALE to be moved- 7 room i hnusr, 2 baihs. Jl>50. S«-e at Hl'il \Varren. '"all 3-(?.lu or 5-:i>ri Church } I'ritpertv. ___ i NU'1C niodern 5 room, carpeted liv- me mom. l!ard\\.«i.i fl,,.,r«. MO *,-!:M,n. l.,orated in H<iivors City. WARDS 10 V. Cuvler M FnTEStONE'StbRES 120 N. Qriy MO 4-MK 4 . gfil7 _ L)e.-r Street. 1\ baths. Hen and kitchen romhlnation. Priced H.inu. KHA or Conventional Terms. Phone Mo 4-:ilfil. No pets. 5-4i!> 22S Hughe* Bldg. 4-2.' veima Lewter s-3' VlrBinla Ratlltr 8-3.' Bob Smith 4-niri.l j VAi'ATH i.V Trailer llous Quentln Williami 5-5034 i >'* '>"' wi-ek Trailer House* 114 125 Boats & Accessories 125 39 Painting 39 IXTE1UOR Decorating. All work guaranteed. E. W. Hunt. MO 6-2183. I PRICE ROAD AUCTION Sale Every Tuesday Nite S:00 MO 4-21S2 or MO 4-6409 FOR SALE jjjj-jrj ^ ^^ ' CAR TOP.Kacks $7.36 and up| 11/» J ^r Jrjr u~";'. J ^ J V'.~ nJ ^ J ^ ^Tjr^r ! TAHPAi;i<INS---nny si7e or weight 40-A Hauling Moving 40-A TKNTS — New and i;«ed r-~-~- —^^.. ^^—^-^- . - . ^ . ^. C( ITS — New and 1'sed MOVING AND HAULING j K1SH-N-FLOATS—20" Tube 8ize SO.'.if, Pick-up and Delivery ' and up Call Roy Free MO 4-2176 \Ve also rent any of the above items i 4 KOO.M furnished house for rent. 720 K. Murphy, also 4 room unfurnished house. S2.i K. Hcott. See ,!«mes A. Huritess. 71" R. Murphy. 3 BEDROOM FRAME with brl-k I LOOKING trim and carnort located IMS dies- j for a corner of your own nut Street 1'..j baths, fenced yard. Then lei us sdmw voii 1139 Russe Priced 16..ion. Call Pessy SfilS, MO 1- 2 BKUHOOM. also'3~room with hills I 3 BEDROOM FRAME with attached [iMiil. Reasonable rent, apply Turn's Place. M2 R. Krederic. located Powell Street l"i ball-is. dishwasher. jiatio. Priced ll.7."i(i. Move-in new Fl{.\ loan for S:;,Yim move-In. Monthly payments about Sii.'iO. for ren(. i'all MII •'•- i'e',S7 or H.'.- !•:. !>|-owiiliu; _ tMr~SALK ~and~I-"OK IlKN'fT.Mobil Scout and Scotty vacation travel I trailers. li roo,,,s * •- .......... - ••- _ . . ... \\ |, a t|,s nnd unntv. OR ; £WING MOTOR COMPANY . 1801 N. Nelson 5 roomj and bath, or 121X1 Alcock • • ' ' 1800 Doqwood rooms, .' full ', 1C IliiAT. I'.'i III' motor, elivirl'- sturt- or Si'e ;it r, |r, N Hanks. \i-:\v MKI:ITI:V IIKA'LKU RICHIE GARDNER. INC. Gulf Product! & Marine Supptiei " lin. - . Ab-o'-k Phono MD ; 'J;^"8 TRUCKTOAD SALE THIS Week onlv. up to J.'.iV) on CALL JOHN FURB Pick up and Delivery MO 4-S173 PAMPA TENT & AWNING 317 E. Brown MO 4-8541 | 2—.",—4 P>oom furnished houses. 41 Child Cor* 41 21 Mote Help Wonted 21 family-owned enterprise has local opening for ambitious man of unquestionable character. Ag« 27-50. College education preferred. Accustomed to earning above-average Income. Must he ready to accept position by June 3. For local Interview, call. Elmer Stinson, MO 441.7. Sunday 1 to ^_P-_m_. "UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY Local business, needs man to help me service route. Sales, service, deliveries, collection. Must bs sober, married, hondable, able to manage a email business without close supervision. Ample incoms for the right man. Apply in person, Monday right. 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 1520 N Dwlcht. NEED NOW: Dependable man to help with u-ater veil drilling. Apply at corner of Kirch and Water Street _Miami. Tf>\j! tjf. Kn: Truck drivers, apes ;:-> to 4r>. riood physical condition, i^ood salary. Apply »t Frozen Food Kx- press. 17",j Proctor .Street, phone H'Leetwood 7-^200, Dallas. Texas. DAT NURSERY. 320 N. Somerville. Supervised care and play. Da ilv or hourly. balanced meals. MO 5-2322 after 6: MO 9-9755. 43A Carpet Service 43A CARPETS: One room or complete homo or also used carpets and remnants. C&M Television & Furniture MO 4-3511 125 N. Somerville ROOFING, Hidlnc. remodeling, of all kinds. Free estimates. Call MO 5- 45 Lownmower Service 45 LAWN MOWERS Sharpened. Complete Enplne Service. FREE Pickup and Delivery. VIRGIL'S BIKE SHOP WK HAVE over 30 eood used power mowfrs. S5 and up. Take up payments on used 1'J' upright deepfreeze WESTERN AUTO 306 S. Cuvler -MO I-7IS.S :impletelv furnished extra, large 2 bedroom house,^e 2 car sara^e. Close to school. Md 5-2T,in after .1. """" ("'lean .'! room furnished house, ; 8 ROOM 2 utorv house located on Frost Street. •! baths, fenced vard. Raruge. hots of room and on corner i lot. Priced B.nOO. Call Pespy MO a ' ( ' ;)S quire at 521 S. Somerville. In- 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 JIM GOFF .GARAGE Rambler. Ford. Chevrolet service OREN SIMPSON 40? R. llmiiell .MO S-JOS3 Body Shops 117 69A Vacuum Cleaners 69A ELECTROLUX CLEANERS SALES SERVICE & SUPPLIES MO 4-SS?,7 Varnon EUECTROLUX CLEANERS Supplies and Service 205 N. Faulkner. EZRA YOUNd 70 Musical Instrumenti 70 2 Hedroom. conveniently located fenced baokvard. plumbed for wa- __shen 716 N. Well.i flip. MO 4-2;!2n. LARGE 2 BEDROOM HOUSE :jll \VlRI.\n WASI1RU ro.N'NKl'T- ION. XKAH CiiiniT IHH'.SE. ::12 N. SO.MKKVIU..K. MO 4-7 1C, ROOM -I!" or Mo 4-7774. 3 BEDROOM FRAME with R/irase located North Wells Street. Priced s.iioii. TKJ:.\IS. 2 BEDROOM FRAME home located Hast Klnifsmill .Street. Corner lot. Priced «.r>(iii. 2 BEDROOM BRICK with Karate located Sin North Cuvler Street. Close lo town. Priced 6.000. desirably' IM""/^.".^''^^' iVp/'T,} i 116 Auto Repair Garages 116 home, liood ternn availitl'le mi each, j Certified Master Broker JUNE AND SOON you'll want to ltH\e \onr family llv- inK iti ihi« \\e!l pl,-innrd 7 room home with 4 bedro. nn.s and C fulj baths. Kept cool ).y refrlReraleii air I'enir-Hl lo<»t|fin noiili. 117 schofiK nnd park. .MI.S i,",l. ^J r Aporoved VA Sales Broker i coDPi'C Dr\HV CUOD 1850 Sauare Feet I hOKU b BUUY bHUP in this fine older brick home Top i Car Palntln^ — Body Work .ondninn nn.l fine location. [,01- ..fill] M Prnqf MO 4-4619? siMi-aye. l.eautitul kit,•hen all pan- ._.' _ N _ r '°_ 'LLr_-_._— I <-l.--d. fine , arpetini: and dr.,n.« TOP O' TEXAS AUTO SALVACJK | Storm Cellur You'll really like Body work. Games Service. i these nl.-e liii; rooms. MI.S (r,*. Lefurs Ill-Way MO 4-.1413 i WK wn.i, ni-: ii.M'i'V TO sHnw Y(>r ANV I>F TMI-:SI:. mi AND (.iTHKK MI.S Mii.MI-: Al'-TKH I-\K. It pnys to shop with_ us before buylnR. Western Auto Stor* 15' __ M»Efc FlnerBlas. ~7S if? Johnson Motor. Jlkll* and rqnip- incnt. !".':o N. Faulkner. MO J-414U. Bill ISIfhardson. _____ ___ iiAT llPpnirinK. glass cloth mattlnc, plastic p.ilnt Casey's Shop .T.'!! MrCiillouirh. MO ,j.:i">]. 126A Scrap Metal 126A BT.ST PRICES FOR SCRAP C. C. Matheny Tlr« * SalvaRe 111 \V. Voater \1O 4-8251 Clll'KCIl TOL'AV 326 S. Cuyler MO 4-3420 22 Femofe Help Wanted 22 46 Dirt, Sand, Gravel 46 GOOD Top Soil. Driveway Gravel. Kill sand, notary-tilling. Fertilizers MO 4-29R9 or MO 4-l'2i;» \Vork at home iloins simple sewiimt. \\'f. supply nifit«rial» and pay shipping both wiu> c,,,,id ralo of jiay. Piece work. Apply. D.-pt. AD1443 Hox 7'i|u. A'l--!aide Post Ciffice. Toronio. iitit.irio i';tnad;i. Gooii pay, siiorl hours pleasant \vork- "|lporVi'"iitv'"'i'or a'll'v'i'ne'.-menl. MO ROTARY T1LL1NC,, Yard work and 47 Plowing, Yard Work 47 ROTO-TILLING, leveling, lawn seed for sals and Fertilizer. Top soil, Tractor work. 10 years experience. Lelto^- Thornburg, 1356 Garland. 8_ 96:29. Rotary tilling yard and garden. Leveling-, Seeding, Sodding, Fertilizing. Install clolhe.slins poles, O. H. Ernest, MO 4-&!)fifi. ' PIANOS FOR RENT $7.50 — $10 per month Ask About Our Rental - Purchase Plan" TARPLEY MUSIC CO. N. Cuyler MO 4-4251 NICK '.', Hoom houpe and bath In the ' 3 BEDROOM frame home and fenced country. C.araRO. All bills paid. MO yard located North Cbri-tv Street. Being repainted Inside and out- *lde. Priced 4.iHin. NEW WAREHOUSE located on Doyle Strfret. Priced 2.HOII. .'-'x35' on ,",5'x 112' lot. CALL ANY OF US ON THESE LISTINGS WURLITZER PIANOS ALL FINISHES RENTAL PLAN Wilson Piano Salon 1221 Willing MO 4-85T1 3 blocks E<nt of Highland Myers Music Mart 119 W. Folder St. MO 5-2001 • Baldwin Pianos & Organs • Story & Clark Pianos • Oretsch Guitars & Amplifier* • Used Piano? • Try Our Rental-Purchase Plan — ~ 3 KOO.\ Niirth PiTulkner, Kast Albert, low rent MO 4-oOfiS or i _r,-509L'. _ _ ' 2 Hl'IHtc'ii >M. naneied den with fireplace, living room, carjieted, fenced back vard. MII l-77nii after 5:00 p in. EXTRA NICK It Hedroom house with prsrape. carpeted. N'-hool location. Prefer^lease^jns Seneca. Ml* 5--1H7. 2 HKfiRfK'lM cartieted house for f-nt. Call 4-2S17 Sunday or after 5 weekdays. i'N'Fl'RNiSHICD 2 bedroom. Karace. at 320 Ticnor. Wired 220. Call after _ JL5.'LHIP• 51'' J" -" 2 "' Cutest and Cleanest 3 room house, —,,,,, . «,-, you will find for couple or widow. | Ms E. Klngsmlll n "?7 nl Carpet. 2 larye closets 1:20 Rl " runcan Horn* phone 0 ^AutomobilesJo^JajflJ 20 > {27 Airplane for Sale 127 BILL UttCOtt EAL t STATS V. Helen Brantley MO Marge Followell Mo Jim or Pat Dalley. res. .. MO Office f,l« AV. Francis ..MO I!'". 1 ! Impiila Sport Coup.' :!IS i-nKim- ll.lfltn. healer. exet-lb-nt comlil I'Ml inside and out MI i l-7'.i l.'i 10 fill KA 11:1,AN I" -Tp""" 1 iloor si-dan. 7.IKHI n-ile< IM>W 'I 1 'i7- Now J;'. I"" MII .". ••:!.'. 7 I ".'i I Ihin-ilton K'I;" \'i il,KS\\'.\i ;i-:s I;,P>P.| f.,n,IHion lladlpi and he;il.i \*\p. ^ral i o\ r? >. ;', mi" miles. l'i i' • d ?! !"" MI ) l-::.",.".'. 4-214*! MAK'I'. Ml-", .'in offer'on "I'I.'.T i "(Ids <S a-Mi66l Holiday \S at-'-n. l-'uli power atpp| .-(1 1 fc,'i'J94) i;un« look.- iii'-e in'-Me . lean. .1 HK.12 ed !"»"i N Soniervlllp. MII '.-.'.4.VV flv for S-A, V'" 1 REAL ESTATE Fram-i.s. Mo r,-3jr.S or:i_- Ml I . 78 Livestock YAP.D and GARDEN Rotary-tilling, level, seed, sort, fres estimates. Ted \VKININQ PIGS for sala. Phona MO Lewis MO 4-C910. 4-M'J'J t"i- apiKpiipimenl H to S.. | B"EA"U'TY COUNSELOR ^COSMETICS! DISTRICT MANAGE!', for Parnjia, and surroini'lII'.L' aie;i. i:\c(-llp-nt op- portuniiv fir v.o,,,,!!, witli personal, l!V Who WMlltS Steiiilv HniPlllf Wl'ltft or call ?v'aon'.l Ivin.ns. plmne "'>'<- t f .i'~? ll'Jl Grimly St., Memphis, Texas. . light hauliriK. outside painting. .See | John Ramsey MO 4-0130. i 48 Trees & Shrubbery 80 Feti 80 __ __ Clpan 2 Rpilrooni. reflnisheil floors. pHimbfil. garaKe, fenced, close in. (.'all M'> 9-SST'.». ____ _____„ 2~".vTrK" hrick~honip». 3~ bedroom. N'. l>unoan. antonna. clusfi to Austin School. 2 hfdrnom, Jupiter. elr<-trin kitchen, antenna. \j. P. Sandford, _ 7 J1_ ''•• _l > ''';il«rU- : _f-29fll. ____ 3~hTfl5HdbSf"hoTrai'» for rent $75 to J:ifi_month. y._\Vllllam»._4-2S2^. __ 2 HlTlJlUKiM. atiarhed Riirapp, foticed yard iilunitied for washpr. drvfr. Wired 2iO._l>il2 C'offcf. M<'> r.-5!H',5. FC)ll~HAl.IC bv owner, li hpdroom att- aclipd sarafre. -M". 4-S96S. 2229 X. Hamilton, I'irtls Betty Meador , Yvonne Rtrouo 4-3381) MO 4-S613 ... 4-S226 ... 4-3564 CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS REAL BARGAIN IN A a BEDROOM HOME LESS THAN $10,000 2107 N. SUMNER Payments $75 Per Month SEE ME TODAY COL, DICK BAYLESS 1506 N.FAULKNER 102 Bus. Rental Property 103 Your Garden Center _ BSiJI. Cuyler ___ MO 5-5S51 J-Cos« liUsiiHs. I\\'frgre('riN. .Shrul' F( ill SAI.K: i me 1-nir .sable siipiitepl Hainpslers. Leaving town. Call MO li-iiM'pii. U SALK Kxtrn noo.i toy Chihuahua puppie.s I no N \Vynne. 2 KITTI-:.N'S to ui\K away. 914 Terry li.p;«J. Ale •1-. 1 !7S.S. (JJ,'I.-ICP, SPA<'R FOR IlKNT: II fin i n (i ii i r fl at trie- MO 4-25B.V Urooks 103 Real Estate For Sale 103 23 Mole & Female Help 23 Tea' -liets for «<rk lo re]>i ,'S, r:t an out si .-Hiding K>iU' ai ional leadership pro«;ram in your ••niiiin- unilv Guaianl'e- in"(.rne »nd <>pp- t', TrainltiL- s'arts .Mi>iiila\-. I nm- "!. ]-'or appoiMmenl ;u.p| inli-r-. IP w. • •all MO 1-41 .'7 Siidilav. 1 to r, p m. lial-le msn or woman ffrvini; \V:ii- Kinf - ustoini rs n. .«••! UiPti of I' Turf-Maific. Ferti.lonif- and Ortlio. KI ill SA1.F.' AKC 1 >a>'hsliiind puppies Huv ?1.4'.D KIIA Iviuity at 1 . 2rs I'hesi- R1JTL FR KlllRSFRY -T'l \avaio MU '.--M\«. i nut. payments $mt.mi month 2 bed- PUIUCK nUlvaCIVI .. .-'r 1 ...^'"" 1 . - -,- — ,,- .- I room all ele, trie Uilclii-n-den ('oin- Pcrryuui Jlwy. it L'Sth MO 9-9681 ; A. K.c. Ueaulr: puppies tor sale l-.rvm i },|,,„,(„„ f,.,,,-,.,l yard p;iiln J'hone \Vil.-ui..^ ( l:V_ ^1. P.-rrjIoii. 'It-xas, I A|() r,.,,.^, f,, r appoint niepi ' ''smVx.' T>i-,7rH,r--- -•••-••" Wi " Tli "' 1: " <w """" v '" "' w ' O »tan full • jii*-nt iio t \ r r. r:>ii : Si 17. M> i" t>ait nine \'i <' rit'iH'e r^'iuii' PK-I.I .1-1 i> BRUCE NURSERIES Even 1 Saturday Is Sales Day 10% Discount j Largest and most complete nursery Ktock hi the golden spread. 26 miU-s I Southeast of Pampa on Farm Road j -01. Phone 6F5. Alanreed, Texas. Borger Greenhouse* AND NURSERY 10 mllei on Borger HI-Way Turn right on Farm Road No. 2SO for 2 mile* ale Retail Buildinq Supplies 50 Read th« New> Classified Ada i HOUSTON LUMBER CO. ! <ZO W. rocter MO 4-688} in,|.pies. .\1\ nit Birds Piiliilvt-cl* ,lii\a Hi I'd- i.nii. .'.'il I A'p o. li _ '(ill SAL!-.'. (!« title .-qinrrel .Monkey. 4 1 , UK.mils' --Id Monl,i\. collar and CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS \\'ill Tiioli; rooin I 1 '. l>alli home in •• cation for rent. MI i l-7'.v'! EVERGREEN • BRICK CORNER LOT f 1800 SQUARE FEET • 3 BEDROOM 9 J TILED BATHS • ELECTRIC KITCHEN f DEN WITH FIREPLACE MO 4-4762 FOR APPOINTMENT RALPH H. BAXTER CONTRACTOR & BUILDER NEW HOMES § ADDITIONS § REMODELING I hav« one n»w home, 3 bedroom.", large family room. 2'a tile baths, completely carpeted and lias refrigerated air con- ditioninE. MO 4-8248 CUT ON ALL BEAUTY WORK Permanent $/[50 Waves *f INC. SHAMPOO SET TINTS $3.50 VIOLiTS iiAUTY SHOP 115 W. TVNG MO 4-7191 OPEN EVKRV DAV & EVENING 1506 N. FAl'LKNEB '63 MODEL 2120 N. CHRISTY 1 3-4 BATIiS. ANTIQUE Brick, Almost Completed Come By And See Us Todaj HIGHLAND HOMES SEE OR CAUL. COL. BAYLCSS 5-5410. HOME PH. 4-8848 (*lt* Offici 1508 N. Fjulkner inr,2 Ambn.-iSHdor 4 door Jleelinx ailll bl-iikes. l!l«l HI'ICK" Spei Ull Pield air. pou * r si eei my. like i,e\v inside and l!»--,2 CHKVROl.KT 4 do, inn . .standard iransini.«.-ion. 6 (\lindi-i iri'V) A.MHASSAXOi: -I ijnor rii>(<iiii fa.-t.irv air, powr sli'.'lillK po«nr lir,ik>-^ pu-h l.ullMM iliivi-. radio. heali-r ...... ....... . mo KAMBI.Ki: . UM..III si.iiion wa>;. .n. air , on - diti.nicd |in«li l.iniiin dri\f. IH.IIM In-.iii-i. (,•!••• o a ml w hit i- ..... . . ........ IS.'."" lil'ICK' l-:i.-.tia 1 d ..... • fa. t. TV an |«,w.-r .sln.r- in^; p,.v\r-r t.fH(\.'a, radio, hi'al.-r ............ Sijjip-r Siafioii \\'aKon fai-tory air push billion druf. radio, healer. RAMl-:U-:i{ conditionei. w 1111 p alt p - \ • r . PUNTIAC .Station \V»con hvdrainatla, hpdipr. whitp all o\ et, extra eleat\ .... Bl'li'K radio h 1'JoS KA.MBI.KIl i-ntiti.iii Sialinn Wagon, air conditioned, push button drive, radio, heater RED HOT SUMMER SPECIALS ON THESE BETTER BUY USED CARS :;::,':";„:;,,':;:" $2350 $2250 $1895 $1595 $1595 $1495 $1495 $1295 $1295 $995 x,- stall. .11 \\'ai;ijii fa,-t.,rv ItiuvaK*? i-iirrii-r. new ilrrs, il. n-d mid white ...... H.-laii. air < ,,ml il iuin-d. railiu radio, 4 door, factory sir. dynaflow. TEX EVANS BUICK RAMBLER 123 N. Gray MO 4-4677 K I R B Y Vacuum Clo.aners USED CLEANERS .. $8 up Repossessed Klrt.y. Take up Payments. \V« servlcs all Makes 612i.j S. Ctiyler .MO 4-2!>!10 FOR LEASE OFFICE SPACE Refrigerated air conditioner Rills Paid 825 W. Francis Contact WHITTINGTON FUKNITI-KK ,>L\RT CALL MO 5-3121 OR MO 4-8171 PAINT-UP - FIX-UP SPECIALS Armstrong Ceiling Tiie Sq. Ft. Aluminum Storm Doors Each Asbestos Siding, 3 Colors Ptn 1 . Sq. 2x4 West Coast K. D. Fir Lin. Ft. 1x8 Sheathing, Hamlock or Spruce Lin. Ft. 1x12 White Pine Sheathing Grade per. Ft, Inside Door Jambs Each T Lock Shinies, All Colors Sq. 2'0"x6'8".xl 3-8" H. C. Doors Each 2 I 8"x6'8"xl 3-8" H. C. Doors Each 3-1" Plywood -r.xS' Sheet 1-1" Plywood r.xS' Sheet Hi-Value Out-Side Paint. "White Only" Gal. $3.50 Barn and Roof Paint, "Tenn. Red Only" Gal. $3.50 Ready Mix Satin Clad, "All Colors" Gal. $4.25 18c $31,25 $15.95 5c 5c 8I/2C $2.50 $6.75 $5.50 $6.25 $6.40 $2.88 PREFINISHED 4'x8V/ 4 " PANELING MAHOGANY PER SHEET $4.99 BIRCH PER. SHEET $6.72 Houston lumber Co, 420 W. Foster MO 4-6881 CALL IfS FREE ESTWATES ON REPAIR LOANS WE FINANCE — UP TO 60 MONTHS TO PAY

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