The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 30, 1959 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1959
Page 6
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11 ftttd IfrttrU Justice Docket ItX JUSTICE DOCKET 15 trauwi s,ui«, Aggravated e«- iault. Charge filed by Dorothy ""'111. Defendant' committed to for grand ftiiry,. bond'iet $1,000. i Snerman U. Geotge. driving '••-'! Intoxicated,- (ttrit, of feme. „...« filed .by freeport Pa- 'Olman Thomai Schlumbohm. tie tranif erred 'to county vurt, bond let .at 8800, Willie Clemoni;. theft of 1048 "' evroiet pickup, .Charge filed C. E. McClendon. , ..'... ... J. Church, theft af auto. targe filed by Charlee ft. Ai_.». Pending. I". . ,;.;.;••., Mr«. W. R. Foyt Illegal entry. Charge filed by Caroline Crof- ''n. Pending. , •;' ••-,; ; Larry Green, dUturblnf the _»™ace. Charge filed by lomniy IjU Pullon. Pending. V Virgil Thomai Buih, wife Rend cnild desertion. Charge fil led by Carol Warner Bush. iPendlng. ',,,.. ..... •;. ' ' I Babe Mitchell, disturbing J the peece. Chargt filed by I; Tommy L. Pullon. Caie dli- T, mlsied for lack of evidence. K George W. ..Ifadtr, mUde- E meaner cheek, $10^ Chargt HI >'* by H. C/Morria,, ft ,.: £; , ,, Johnnie Buller, mlidemeaiWr, Jeheck, 83. Charge HJed^byH 1C. Morria. 'Diimlaeed at eom- T'plalnint'i requeit U defendant ("paid off check. - • ;' Preiton Lite, ditpoatng. of ^mortgaged property;:,.Charge fcflled by B. C. Carlteo^BOni tee* at 8800 and caie pending, R Lennie Nixon perke, drunk roa public highway. Charge til- Mtt by Deputy R. W. Hill. De- 1 fondant paid fine and coita Iteming $19.50. ..';.. ; . . " R. L. Shew,-tbeft : by-bailee ^Charge filed by J;:tt[!-Hfopion J Defendant releaied on^romlie ate return car...- •"'' vT • - '•!•:•' I Robert Eugene 1 Monleal, eon- Jjteat of ipeed. Charge'filed by |i Freeport Captain Charlee ; Banhaton. Defendant paid fine ind eoita totaling $88.80. < Jamee Clyde Dugat,i;cante*t of speed. Charge filed-by Bank, rton. Fine of .$88.80'.«i|eued [-f.igalnit-defeBdant. :- .-:•' :'•-•• ••• j; Raymond D. Pfleeger, driv- r Ing whUt Intoxicated. Charge |i tiled by lAkejJadHwn Patrol- Ejmin A. I,.- McKeiiHe."• 5 . John Mitchell,.dltturbing the /peace. Charge filed by *uby • Mitchell. Defendant paid;-fine ;•' and coita •.WnUng.'t'tyJft^-'.'—- ^ Irvin Henry: Keith, ^artlit if•;.pley of -»-• deadly 'Weapon i Charge filed by.BUncht W Logsdon. Defendant paid.,fin. and eoita toUllng-.$lliB.5b. ' Damu Rangel, violation o. divorce decree. Charge filed by :' Vera.Rengel. - .••',; ' i• =? v Robert F. Winston, bad deat ef $20. Filed by _ Weaver. Peat ' Control, 'Donald R. Galee, bad debt e< $35. Filed by Marrie Gro- eery 4 Market- . Donald Gate., bad debt of 132.88. Filed by Morria Grocery It Market ? Ro«oe Campbell, bad debt •f I38.M. Filed byr-JJorrif Grocery fc Market ' ~":. S. T. Laze, bad debt of $40.11 FiUd by MorrU Grocery . * Market. , • ' C. C. Jonea. bad debt of $47.71. Filtd by Morrie Grecery I* Market ,..':• .•'.. Will Moore, bad;,debt of $17.54. Filed by MoAft Gro- eery It Market. : r . Charlee Keith, bed debt of $38.87. filed by Morrie Grocery * Market. Allan Soli*, bad deb* _ IIMO. filed by Marrfc fOto- eery ft Market • " • -.---.i' Jimmle Joe Key, be4 debt of $35.50. Filed by Kelley-i Gulf •taUon. A. G. Greenville, bad debt of $88. Filed by H. C. Carter Judgement by default; >;. Earl K. Keith, bad debt of $14.60. Tiled by Hanrey Dann- hauj. • . , , • - , Manuel Gana, bad' debt of $83.40. File* by U C Coleman. Bobby Rey Hueh, bed debt of 118. Filed by Dr, B, R. Mayte. D. R. Galei, bad debt ot $13. Filed by Dr. Mayie. Jamea Hancock, bed debt of $12. Filed by Dr. Mayie. Paper* Mailed to Hirrii County Sheriff Butter Kern* for tervice. Returned and executed. Bruno Reich,--bad 1 debt of $18.88. Filed by Dr. Mayse. M. A. Barber,-bed debt of $•8. Filed by Dr. Mayie. Dolly MoGlnnlt, bad debt of $j*.70. Filtd by Dr. Mayie. Debt Mr*. Joyce Barber, bad debt af $18. riled by Mri. w. E. Wdlker. Abitrac^ of judgement iliued. TeiM Exterminating Termite Control, bad debt of $81.71, Wled by The Breioiport Fact*. Billy G. Ferguton, bad debt «f $8.88. Filed : by Dr. Mayie. Debt paid to Retail Merchant! Association. • Mri. Hugh T. Brltt, bad debt o* $23. Filed by Richard C. Ro«ter«. Debt paid. Leon Robinson, bad debt ot $40.37. Filed by Gordon V. Pal', Wer. , John MoGlnnU, bad debt of ft»flfl9. Filed by Pelmer. i. Glen D. Frank*, bad debt of 11168.01. Filed by Palmer. De- Ifendant oeld Us with nrwt m,f»t*fl check, balence of $40.01 |d". ~'-~tf W. Frailer, bad debt $*«. Filed by A. D. Baird W«d,, S*$t SO, ftt* BBAZOSPORf FACT.. Page 7 • I-QT. OCTAGON WASTE IA5KET •URGE FUSTIC CUTLERY THAT HERSHEY CANDY SPECIALS! Wifhouf Coupon A$forted Henhey CANDY IARS . Without Coupon FOREMOST MEUORINE UIIY'S TOMATO JUICE RtdMtit Your Kraft Ceupom Now! KRAPT 20.01. MAPI JULY Wifh 7e .Coupon K«AW MIRACLI WM 7e MARAARINI ....Coupon Lb. Plain or Almond Giant «%A HIBSHEY ILOCKS .... Sfte 47C 10far39C 55*" ITAIIAM DINNIR ...... With 7e .Coupon Without 4%g Coupon 4iOC U.S. NO. I ROUND WHITE Henhey «*. A OAINTIES 12-Ot. 37C Hershey Inttant ««A COCOA MIX ..Lb. 4™C YELLOW ONIONS Si, 2 fc 15c ^f^ ^ gt%> T PREMIUM FANCY QUALITY ^ ^^ SUNKIST LEMONS 35 Dox. NEW! PINK SWAN 4,,, 25c "'SUNSHINE'' SALTINES SIMM Fr<th Norfhtrn Lian r.55 KBUTTR °AST u 39c PORK BUTT STEAKS u, 45c Boneless PORKLETS V 65c Swift Premium Spring Sq. Cut LAMB SHOULDER ROAST ........... 45c LAMB SHOULDER CHOPS ........ 49c Freih White Medium Bey SHRIMP 3 & T u Sliced Slab Bacon u 39c 65' IMPERIAL o« BUCK GOLD PURE CANE SUNSHINE y "COOklES" 11'A.ot. 38c FOREMOST PROFILE COTTAGE CHEESE GOLD MEDAL BLACK GOLD LBS. US. MRS SHfUVS TANGO'S u. 35c lALLARO'S OR ' PILLSBURY BISCUITS 3c.,,29c VIVIANO SPAGHEHI JkOt. OC- Call. ZOC UNDERWOOD DEVILED HAM 4%.oi. 39c LlltY VIENNA SAUSAGE 4-oi. 22c RAIN80 SWtET GHERKCNS ,1.0, 37c MeCORMICK BAR-B-p CHEESE DIP MIX 2 $*-.25c HANTU'S KANUTS 39e aj7v» * luxl MIXID Mgk NUTS, 6K.Oi.47C MIRACLE WHIP TBSUE REAL-KILL BUG KILLER Quart O7C STOCKTON -FRUIT MIX WHITE ROLLS SNOW CROP FROZEN ORANGE JUICE Bird*< Eye Sliced PEACHES '&? 29c Birdi Eye GREEN PEAS Mio IS'A-Oi. ^ft^ Beef TAMALES. JVC Patio Mexican g?A_ BINNIR, l4-0i. O7C HOLLOWAY HOUSE POTATOES ^Q a47C AU Sratin BOOTH FROZEN BREADED FISH STICKS TOWIE RED CHERRIES l-Oi. 29 SHRIMP Johnion ft Johnion * COTTON * BUDS Mkftik /j*52?^ 39e v *'' ss'-ISas" can always teB a Halo Girl" OCEAN FREEZE 8-Oz. Pkg. mammm GILLETTE FOAMY SHAVieUAM Plain or Menthol t.9 fide 79c ^.•'HUNT'S BARTLETT ?EA"R r) 300 Xft _ HALVES L c«i ''rVC LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE «.o,,29c FRITO -•' TAMALESiooe..25c FRITO PLAIN CHILI... N c M2 55c FRITO JALAPENO BEAN DIP.,0.0,.23c UNCLE WILLIAM SAUER i A KRAUT ...300 C«n IUC Unelt William Blocloy. PEAS 2 c3 ^ 29c UNCLE WILLIAM CUT GREEN o 303 oo BEANS . *. C 4n , ZYC UNCLE WILLIAM PORK and , n BEANS ,..»0 Can I UC UNCLE WILLIAM WHITE f) JOO HOMING.../C«n. UNCLE WILLIAM YELLOW 9 300 IQ^ HOMINY...Z Can, I 7C NORTHERN WAXIEX WAX in PAPS R,« IVC NORTHERN ASST. COLOR TOWELS HEADACHE? BAYER ASPIRIN 59c LESS THAN 1< A TABLET - TOWIE PLAIN QUEEN OLIVES, IO-Ox. Stuffed Mom. OLIVES. 7%. Oi WAX >*•*•• ONLY TWICi A YIAI continental 6 month floor wax MIA wiy »r wear n«y <M(mMlMer money becM 98c OUAMf ' MONTH I1OOH HA1 CONVENIENT SUPER-VALU STORE LOCATIONS O'BANNON - BROOKS Super-Val i-Angleton LONIS Super - Valu - Brazoria GERLANDS Super - Valu - Lake Ja ckson KOTEX SANITARY NAPKINS 33' KLEENEX REG. or SUPER FACIAL

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