Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 25, 1961 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
Page 7
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Red Anti-Missile Claim Declared No Worry WASHINGTON isa's claim that it cail.shede down missiles caused no flurry to mili i tary circles here. A high-ranking military officer, familiar with problems of misste bombardment and Interception, said it would be serious If Russia had anti-missile misiles in any .quantity- But he said 'it would not mean that Russia could stop a retaliatory attack from the United States- There was no immediate official U.S. comment .on Soviet Defense Minister Rodion Maliftov- sky's claim before the 22nd Communist party congress in Moscow that Russia had "successfully coped with the task of destroying missiles' in flight." The U.S. Army can make the same claim if the statement is taken literally. The Army's Nike- Hercules missile, design e d to knock dowft enemy planes, has been used ta bring down both Corporal and 6ther Nike-Hercules missiles. The Hawk anli-aiferaH missile has knocked down Honest John and Little John free-flight rockets and Corporal, guided missiles. The Army was likely to find in Ma'.irtoVsky's statement further justification for pushing develop' ment and production of its Nike- Zeus anti • missile missile- About $1 billion already has been spent* on this program, but both the Eisenhower arid Kennedy administrations declined to allow production until the weapon has proven itself more thoroughly." The Air 'Force reaction to Malinovsky's statement was likely to be a louder clamor for more sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missiles and continued development of manned bombers. Washington Window By LYLE C. WILSON , WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Kennedy administration will rack up back-to-back treasury deficits of more than $10 billion in the first 17 months' of the new fid- ministration. That is the probable 'total of the deficits for fiscal 'year 1961, which ended last June 30 and for fiscal' '62. The treasury was the red $3.9 billion at the of fiscal.'61. Some weeks before the end of that fiscal year, Secretary of Treasury Douglas Dillon estimated that the deficit would be around $2 billion. For fiscal '62, Dillon estimated a $3 billion defi- in end ELECTED - Pictured are the officers of Quivtra Girt Scout Council who were elected ^at the council's annual meeting Monady night. Left to right they arc, Mrs. J. B. Maguire J? Pampa! second vice-president; Mrl. Vaden Fooler of Borger, preslden , Ind Mrs Jack Foster, Pampa, Nominating, committee member. N (Dally News Photo) IT'S THE LAW W *•>»*• to W T. . Why not ^rite ; c oyt. a personal ,.record' fpr,.'.tiipse, 1 ''\v^p' must settle your estate after,,y,QU are 8PWS ? This, oyer and,.;a|-> your will.; One man; sat .down in front of a microphone and made a tape, for the advice of his family. Well, however you do it, list the names, addresses, birth dates of yourself, your wife or husband, your children, father, and mother. Tell them the names of your trusted friends who can advise them. Write in clear detail where to find: Your will, your executor's name and the banker who knows your business affairs; Your certificate of birth, marriage, veterans' discharge and such papers; Your deposit box and its key; The amount and beneficiary of each of your insurance policies, your insurance agents and their addresses; Details about your mortgage, papers, notes, contracts, financial agreements, plus any stocks, bonds, and the like, and your broker's name and address; Facts on your Social Security— your card number, its location, and your employer's name and address; Your tax records; Your debtors, creditors, and what is owed; Your lawyer's name, address, telephone, and papers in his safekeeping; The name and address of any one who has your power of attorney; Your pension arrangements; The nemes of organizations to wtiich you belong ^nd any benefits which may be coming to your family from them; Funeral arrangements you prefer; Names and addresses of relations or friends you wish notified; Facts about your children's health record, facts they might find hard to get without your help; A list of your personal belongings; Include other facts that seem important. Then, having completed this guide for your family, put it in a safe place — but not your safe cit. The '. secretary thought these deficits were almost fonunate, explaining that they would stimulate recovery and could be paid ofl from surplus tax receipts when prosperity returned. Fiscal 'fil almost doubled Dillon's deficit, estimate. He now es timates a fiscal '62 deficit o nearly $7 billion. The total ."'deficii of the two fiscal years probably will be closer to $U billion, than to J10. Defense spending is more likely to go up than to decrease in fiscal '63. It is obvious, therefore, that tax revenue must increase mightily in fiscal '63 or that non-defense spending must be mightily reduced if another deficit is to be avoided in that year. It would be unrealistic—mere whistling in the dark—to expect the Kennedy administration to reduce non-defense spending enough to obtain a balanced budget, or to reduce non- defense spending at all. The alternatives, therefore, are a great increase of treasury revenue from existing tax rates or an increase in the rates to obtain the needed revenue. That is, ol course, if the President is determined to balance/the U. S. budget The alternative to unintcr Consumers May Get Spokesman In Farm Agency WASHINGTON (UPI)—The ad ministration plans to move later this year to give consumers a full-time voice on the top-level staff of the Agriculture Department, informed sources indicate. The plan calls for appointment of a new aide to Agriculture Secretary OrVille L. .Freeman. The official, who may be given the tie of consumer council will erve as an adviser to Freeman n the wide, range of Agriculture Department programs which di- ectly affect consumers. Department sources say the ew official also would be expect- d to give administration farm banners the consumer viewpoint vhen they draft and consider pro- Urams involving ( the production Foreign Commentary Purchases Show Mutuals Prefer Quality Stocks NEW YOfcK (UP!) -The na- en's leading mutual funds and investment companies put Ihe ac> ceftt on "quality" issues in their third quarter stock purchases while paying less- attention to "glamor" stacks, according • •. to- Arthtir Wiesenberger & Co, This continues the trend set in the sec bnd quarter,,the firm said. Utilities, electronics, chemicals oils rind autos were the mos sought ' after industry groups Among the Chief selling target during the third quarter were insurance, retail and agricultural machinery stocks. Joseph Granville of E. P. Hut- tori & Co. says the gold and silver slocks are expected to become active features before long. J. W. Sparks & Co. says the heavy overhead supply zone that exists at the 710-720 level is slowly being absorbed and; It should not be long'before a full-scale rally comes into being. Trial 0! Alleged Slayer Switched WicMltA ^ALllS (UPt)~ the ttiurcfer trial 6f tofttier state Golden Gldves champion Oiclcey Don Wood has been switched from Wichita Kails to Stephenville because of the notoriety the case achieved in Wichita Falls. Wood is accused of the Aug. 11 raj5e*murder of Patricia Peaster Stnlcup, 25: Dist. Judge Graham B. Purcell granted the change of venue after listening to «bout two ftnd a half hours of testimony from news rupted government spending be yond government income is a con tinuing rotting and dirtying of .th< U. S. dollar. It is strange, therefore, to read that the businessman member o the Kennedy Cabinet now is proposing a tax reduction. Th businessrinember is . Secretary o Commerce Luther H. Hodges Speaking last week to the Illinoi State Chamber of Commerce Hodges proposed reduction of in come taxes, individual and corpo rate. , Perhaps communication between the White House and th By PHIL NEWSOM DPI Foreign News Analyst . On May 31, 19«t, 24 hours hours after the assassination of Trujillo, a government announcement declared,' "the Dominican army is in control of the situation."; •-••'•'• . ' This week the army, under Trujillo's eldest son, Rafael Jr., still was .in control but it appeared the Trujillo empire might be crurnbling. Rafael's mother, sister and various others of the estimated 1,000 members of the Trujillo clan already had left the island. Then it was disclosed that two of the Slain dictator's brothers, Generals Hector and Arismendi Trujillo, had obtained Washington visas to travel in or through the United States. This left Rafael Jr. as senioi remaining member of the family w < • • _ 1 ciiiuimug iiiciuyG price of food and fiber prod- to carry on atonC- T>I.«- fUAr.ii tYtciir KP iYinr*p pm- • — * . , . ucts. But may more em phasis, the sources indicate, on vatching over the operations of such programs as .. federal: meat and poultry inspection, food grad- ng and labeling, and research on consumer problems. The proposal, to create a job giving consumers their •• own spokesman In the Agriculture Department's top echelon was one of Freeman's/ early plans. His aides began talking about the idea shortly after the new admiriistra- me« and family. members "of Wood's other industries. The bureau soys the action of the stock market during the past week was favor able. Woman Politico ij On Speaking Tour FORf WORTH UJPI) - Mfi; Clare B. Williams, top finkfnf, woman Republican ift th« United":! Stales, left today for a whirlwlndl speaking tour'of Oregon to dttffit;| up opposition to U.S. Sfe'fL; Wayne Morse. - 5 "A ftepubliefitt candidate has not beert picked to oppose Morse, in 1962, but' Gov. Mark Hatfleld would make an excellent choice," Mrs. Williams said. "We expect; to beat' Morse," I Mrs, Williams, assistant chair-, man of the Republican National' Committee who lives at St, Pe*, tersburg, Fla., has been in Fort' Worth attending the southwest fe»| gional convention of the Federa lion of Republican Women, tion took office. Nothing was done for many months, however, partly because department officials were embroiled all through the spring and summer in a battle to get new farm programs through Congress. . Recently, however, the Civil Service Commission was asked to approve establishment of a n<Hv post on Freeman's staff to be filled by a consumer representa- Commerce Department is not. all ti ve- Department officials hope to it should be; indistinct, maybe or g et clearance to set up 'the job 'by early December. There was no immediate indication as to who would be picked for the post. Freeman believ«s he needs a staff adviser on consumer programs because none'of his present aides are able to concentrate exclusively in this field- Freeman is understood to feel that he and his.policyrrtaking aides would have more effective control over what their big department is doing if a staff member is assigned—without direct administrative responsibilities—to watch over consumer protection and service operations Most of the Agriculture Depart ment's operations in these fields are housed in the Agricultural Re search Service and the Agricul Before taking over as chief o staff -of the army and thus the island., republic's real ruler afte the death 6( his 'father, the junio Trujillo was known,chiefly in the United States, for his friendship with 'glamorous movie> stars and by the coincidence of the fact that his-$600,000 par year allowance exactly equalled the Dominican Republic's allotment of U.S. foreign aid. When the elder Trujillo departed this earth he left behind a family which, had profited hugely by his more than 30 years as dictator. '''"' He'or his family owned wholly the leading hotels, shipping, radio and television facilities, sugar mills, cement works, automobile agencies, banks, brewery and other concerns. .Since a man with these busines; abilities" also could be expected to look ahead, there : need be little concern npw for the economic fu ures of the fleeing members of he family. In early June, young Trujillo de jlared that all of the Dominican exiles were free to return to take part in elections scheduled for tfay 1962, to establish a new constitutional government. In mid-June, an , investigating commission appointed by the Organization of American States reported it found 'the country 'peaceful and orderly. No evidence of police abuses was discovered," .'I The Latin American members favored quick action to restore the Dominican Republic to the family of American nations. The United States held Hint the commission's decision had been reached 'without proper consideration and that a considerable period of probation would be needed, Last' week, months of stern repression by police, political maneuverings and strikes exploded into new violence. There -seemed reason for caution in embracing the new regime. International 'Statistical Bureau still believes . that auto, steel, chemicals and retail trade stocks will make a better showing than MALCOLM HINKLE, Inc. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 1925 N. Itobart Mo 4 ' 7421 Air Conditioning Sales and Service Sheet Metal Work Plumbing Sales and Service Heating Sales and Service % Budget Terms • Guarniitcd Work and Materials •m 24 Hour Service on crossed wires. However that may be, the President was not thinking in terms of tax reductions at his Oct. 10 news conference. He was thinking in terms of a possible tax increase to balance the next budget, which will be for fiscal year 1963. If defense costs go up, the President evidently doesn't expect a fiscal '63 balance at all. Question: How about fiscal '64? Deficit No. 4? Woman Resigns As 'Mrs. Texas' DALLAS (DPI) — Mrs. G. V. Mayficld, 32. a brown-haired mother of four, resigned yesterday as "Mrs. Texas of IOG2" and will represent the • slate next month in the Mrs. America con-' test at Fort Laudcrdale, F.L. Mrs, Masyfietd, whose husband is a restaurant manager, lives in Dallas. . She was selected Monday night after day - long competition In homemaking skills with four other outstanding Texas homemakers. Other finalists were Mrs, Gerald B. Clark of Greenville, Mrs. Truman McMinn of Waco, Mrs. 8.M. Sims of Wellington and Mrs. Ben Kuykendall of Fort Worth. deposit box. Tell your family or closest friend where to find the list. This newsfeature, prepared by the State Bar of Texas, is written to inform — not to advise. No person should ever apply or interpret any law without the aid of an attorney who is fully advised concerning the facts involved, because a slight variance in facts may change the application of the law.) tural Marketing agencies include Service. Both a large number of bureaus, most of them oriented towards problems of farmers and food processing and marketing industries, Miller * Hood Pharmacy f TV & Radio Tubes • Radio Batteries § RenUl Movi* Projec( • lentaJ Slid* Projector! 11$ Aleock MO 4-fttt! The State Farm Insurance Companies proudly announce the appointment of ©ten W, Courtney i with office* at 719 N, HQBABT • telephone MQ 4-86U to ten* your family inturanct nttdt . . . including Aitfo, Lift *n4 fit* Insurtnttf. SIAII STATE FARM Horn* OH««t : Bloomlngton, IUin«i.' M-li q^£>^^0^<^^ • •^B •§•••••••• ^^—MONEY? CALL NOW! ARRANGE A LOAN BY PHONE! UP TO $1000 ON YOUR 'SIGNATURE If you need money and NEED IT IN A HURRY .... if you want to borrow on your signature then phone for a loan right now. You may borrow and get SAME-DAY SERVICE by calling in the morning and making arrangement* to have the cash in hand by afternoon. Even if you've never borrowed money before, there'* no embarra»sment, no involved delay when you borrow friendly this way. SAME PAY SERVICE! CALL US NOW! UNITED FINANCE THillFT AMARIUO 501 folk S»r**» 4-1*63 MONTGOMERY WARD 217 N. Cuyler • It MO 4-3251 % NYLON CORD B FOR YOUR BEST BLOWOUT PROTECTION RIVERSIDE 4-SQUARE GUARANTEE 1. Agalnil road haiordi lor th« ipacifltd lim«. Adjuilmenli pro- roltd on montht used. 2. Agalnjtdef«t»lnmol8rlali,work v mamhlp for lift of fraad. Ad|uii-. menti prorated on tread wear. 3. Nationwide i«rvlc« at all branehei, • 4. Satlifactlon guaranteed. Adjuil* menlt baud on loU price when returned. , NO MONEY DOWN FREE MOUNTING Riverside Air Cushion NYLON Slza 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 Tube-type blackwall 10.66* 12.66* 15.66* Slzi 6,70-15,7.50-14 7.10-15, 8,00-14 7.60-15 Tubelen blackwall 12.66* 15.66* 18.66* Whl»«wqll $3 mpr«l *A/I prifti plvt txe/i« lex and yovr old lire. 6.70-1S bla<U-«all GUARANTEED 15 MONTHS • Nylon safety and dopendablliry at a (ow price t Multi-row gripping tread better than new-car fires NYLON ST-107 66* GUARANTEED 27 MONTHS 15 ill. " 4.70.1 S 7.JO-15 7.60-1$ 1.00-15 TvbMyp* blgckwoll IS.66 17.66 20.66 22.66 SUt 6.00rll 6.50-13 6.70-1 J 9r7.SO-H 7.10-15 or I.QO-14 7.60- U or 1.50-14 1.00-15 fcrf.QQ.14 TybiliH blgckwall 14.66 15.66 17.66 1».64 «.6« 24.66 WhU*w*ll $1 mtr*l 'All ptlcei pluj IACUI ie« gnd your «W tilt-

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