The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 15, 1954 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1954
Page 6
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About Your Friends And Ours VASE 6-THE BAYTOWN SUN. FRIDAY. JANUARY 15. 1954 -- Girl Scout News -Trefoil Talk By SUZY SCOUT Well, after the Girl Scout editors saw how my. picture looked;at the top of this column yesterday, they asked me i£ I would mind writing '•the'column from snow on. ' V: ••If'would'-be nice, they said, to have Girl Scout news written by a •'"'Girl Scout. .;.•.••. ••'. ,..'- •' .- '•-.•-. '-"••'- Being a good little-scout-and 1 always ready,to do a good turn, I said ..•-,.of course I wouldn't mind. "But I can't, use a typewriter," I added „.-; (I'm not much bigger than, a clothespin or a stick of.chewing gum '.""and Im so little that, until day before'-yesterday. I lived in the news•;,-• paper's mat files and nobody even. ',- "'-. ' knew I was there until they need- towels, then had a .business meet,., ed a picture and started .looking :~r-"for me.) : ' • '' "Besides," .;I said; 'Tm , com\ : pletely imaginary- . And whoever Plans for the February cookie sale were discussed. Then refreshments' were served 1 , - . . _ and the meeting was concluded heard of an • .imaginary person, r large or small, using a typewriter - -. • 6 ___ 'and .writing a column in a news- ELECT OFFICERS: paper?" . Brownies of Troop 28 elected *'.' "Never mind," Jean said.: "You new officers at 'their meeting -can' dictate ;.:rii: do the typing." Wednesday at St. Joseph's .school. '"Okay," I said, "but wouldn't They are Wanda Hauwan presi- that be'deceitful?. It wouldn't be. dent; Rebecca DelgaJo, treasurer; quite honest if we !et all the,,Girl and Karen Marie Boudloche, sec- Scouts,in Baytown'think there was retary. a real Suzy Scout writing this Retiring officers were Catherine column, when all the time I'm only Maher, president; Patricia Don- imaginary person like Thum- nelly, treasurer; and Mary Clare ADL1NE ENGLERT A. B. COLLINS belina" " "Don't be silly!" Jean, laughed. Babin. secretary. The Brownies , worked on some JAN. 30 IS THE DEADLINE to buy poll tax receipts. Mis* Adline Englert, public affairs chairman of Baytown Business and Professional Women's club b'uys\hers from A B. Collins, chief deputy county tax assessor and collector, in the Savings and Loan building. BaSPW club is aiming for 100% paid poll taxes among its members, and is asking that other women's clubs in Baytown join them in setting the same goal. The poll tax may be paid through any of the deputies listed below. Votes Run The Government , "We- aren't trying to fool them, hand puppets, which will be used ' w hei th( y present the play, "Snow Thev'll all know Ideally write this when they present the play, "Snow column, but:just-for fun'we'll sign White and 1 the Seven'Dwarfs" for your name to it. Tou'll be FICTI- their class at scfiool. TIOUS,". she, added impressively. DISCUSS COOKIE SALE "You mean like a cbaracter:in ft The forthcoming cookie sale was book?" I asked. '-".-'.-'. discussed when Brownie Troop 26 "Yes," she said."Now get busy!" met Wednesday in the home of So it looks as though I have my- their leader, Mrs. T. E. Bowen at self-a job. : - • ' .. : -: : : \. Y - • 102 Scott. ..''.':••:'• The meeting -was opened with the Brownie promise, and the girls sang "I Have Something in My Pocket" (The Brownie Smile.)- DESIGNING CiUPTOWELS Members of. Troop-48 met Tuesday in the home of their leader, Mrs. H.. L. Aaron, at .427: East Francis. They started making de- ... signs on . their '. cuptowels and raeecln s. Fourteen members attended 1 the leanne darrell ETON CLASSIC Three-piece wardrobe builder with pocket and stitching accent on rayon-ond-cotton suit. Wide contrasting belt. Dainty blouse with pin-tucked bodice in viscose. Grey, brown, navy. Sizes 8-16 $2495 Irene's FIRST IN FASHION FINEST IN QUALITY 115 E Texas Dial 9491 £207 Minn. Dra! 6903 Thirty-Two Hear First Lesson On Bible Prophet Thirty-two women heard the opening lesson of .the spiritual life study based on the prophet Jeremiah on Thursday morning at Highlands Methodist church. Mrs. F. T. Noland, a member of the -^omen's Society of Christian service and district secretary of mission education, presented the lesson' and will conduct the full session; study. , Following- the introductory lesion, .-» dramatized story on Jeremiah's life was enacted. Taking part were Mrs. H. E. Lumpkln, Mrs, W. I. Simpson, Mrs. W. C. Shucier, Mrs, J, W. Gentry, Mrs. B. B. Talley and Miss Helen Han*on. This *tudy will be continued next week at 9:30 am. Thursd'ay. A nursery is being conducted for pr«school children. Sun Patterns By JEAN FRONEBERGER Which one of us hasn't, at one time or another, complained about something "the government" has done? Or hasn't done? Most of us have: the'right to express our stern disapproval — or approval — of anything that goes on-in this unique country, of ours is something we 'air take', for granted, ,,- : . , ' . : ' '' If we "don't, like something ."the government" does, we don't much care who hears us say so. '• . But let's \vait a minute before we get too critical—WE.are "the government," you: know. : The term doesn't mean just the man we know down -at/the court .house or the '"little men up in- Washington." : : They are carrying on the func- 'tions of government, 'it' is true. But they were put "there by US, the job they are doing is for US, and if WE don't like the way they a?e doing it; their fate is in our hdnds. , If we don't think they are capable, '.then it's up' to us to choose someone else .we think Js better 'qualified. And ; if'.we're. satisfied, we. can always go to the polls &nd re-elect them. . In 1954, we'll have leveralop- portunities. .'• : -••'• ••:•:•-••-'• The deadlin* -for .paying : thi* year's poll tax -I« Saturday, 'Jan.. 30. .' "• ' Y:. 1 . v"'- '-:;.-'• ';•' ' : " . The cost !t $1.50^* small price to ipay for a voice in things'that concern us and piir families. (One dollar goes to the. public schools, fifty cents is used for. election expenses.) A receipt can be bought in the office of the chief deputy county tax collector in th« Saving* and. Loan building. For E«sy Sewing Easy-tormake go-to-markct or home frock—as feminine as fashion itself! Always crisp and fresh looking—always-comfortable in your favorite print. Figure flattery, too, with nipped in waistline! No. 2752 is cat in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. 36, 38, 40, 42, «. Sizes 18: 3% yds. 35-in. Make this tworpiece many ways:, the jacket as a -boxy bolero buttoned; or "in. the longer-.length-version :with long slefcves. Newsworthy way to cut a skirt is slcn-: der! Wide variety of fabrics ctan be used. : No. 2485 is cut-in sizes 10,', 12, 14, 16, 18, : 20. Size -16: 3 ft yds. 54- in. fabric. . -."- v.-' • • ;'•,'•'-• '• .-.. '•'•'•., Send 30c for PATTERN .with Send 30c for. PATTRRN with Name, Address, Strte Number and Name, Address, Style Number and Size. Address PATTERN . BU- Size! Address PATTErt^BUREAU, REAU,:The Baytown Sun Box 42 The Baytown Sun; Box 42, Old 1 Old Chelsea Station, Ne* York 11, Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. 7. ••,-.' N.Y ' '.•:•-•• '-,• ••'.'; .•-."•'.. : Patterns ready to fill oro*ers im- Patterns ready to fiV> orders Immediately. For special handling of mediately. For special handling of order via first class mail include *>rder via first class.mail Iriclude ar> extra 5c per pattern, «r< extra 5c per pattern. Just off the press I The 1953-195* FAIJ^WINTEK .FASHION BOOK beautifully illustrated in COLOR and presenting ovor one-hundred fall fashions at t.beir smartest! Easy-to-aiake practical pattern de* signs for every "age and type of figure. Order your copy How—the Just off the press! The 1953-1954 FALI^WINTER FASHiON BOOK beautifully illustrated In COLOR and presenting over one-hundred signs for every age tad type of faK fashions td~ their" smartest! Kasy-to-make practic*. pstlern de- Order jrbur crpy: now—tkt Or -from one of the following, deputies at one. of these stations: Mrs/Gladys Herbert, Citizens National Bank, and : Weingarten's; Mrs. O. W. Fayle, Cedar Bayou and ilienke's; William Ray McFerren, Knights of Columbus hall on West Jlain; ~ Mrs. .Katheririe E.. Williams, 504 Dwimiell; . Daniel Sandoval and Joe Luz Aguiler, Glenn's food market at Cedar and Cherry streets; Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Cleveland, Ltggett's. drug in South Baytown; .John C. Baldwin, Baldwin grocery in "Oak addition; ' .E. E. Yount, clockhouse at the Baytown Refinery; : Mrs. LaFayne •Bell, main office at the Baytown Refinery;. Mrs. Bernice Havard, •school tax office in Crosby; Alfred Kolloff, Frank Wopdard motor company, in Crosby; Jasper Norton,, Crosby and Barrett Station; . James F. Felton, McNair Station, Harris county fresh water district.number Wooster; J. O,'Robinson,' Channelview; and Mrs. Joe Dunham at'Ls. Porte. Jaycees who have been deputized without specified stations are Merle Lee' Wismer, Babe: I. Goldfield, Charlie O. Walker, William Travis Moses, A. S. Bynum, Lj'nn A. Seamans and Richard S. Mannie. ,.' ..-• .-••... -..;'.• Others selling poll tax receipts at other than specified, stations are John VF/ "Boehning,. Preston Bourque, Luhy Reaves, Charles A. Ross and Philip Trombstore. After we!ve paid our tax, we'll try to keep informed as to what's gpinj? on, so we. can make levelheaded decisions when the time comes. •.-'•• • .. . We'll give newspaper stories about government • an<J politics more than a passing' glance, we'll listen to the. radio; and when we hear of something we don't understand, we'll ask someone to explain it to us. :, . : For as the quotation says, in the little booklet issued by the League of Women Voters: "The success of democratic-government depends on the individual citizen—on what he does,and does not do: on decisions he makes or fails to make." , ', At Burhet P-TA Sees Polio Movie , A'fiim on! polio was shown at a meeting, of David.GvBurnet Parent-Teacher association meeting Wednesday afternoon in the school auditorium. Helen Hayes was-the narrator. Mrs.., M. A. Jones gave some statistics on the number of cases of. ipolio, and'told members that 33 cents of each, dollar spent on .the March, of Dimes would be used to give gamma globulin shots to children throughout the country. ' • . . '. The. remaining 67 cents, she said, •would-be used'for research. : .After - the meeting 1 ,, volunteers signed .to help with, the Mothers March on Polio.'. -' : •: . Several songs were jung by fifth grade studenta. Lieon Legler was named chairman for the gift the: P-TA will give the school. He will be assisted by R. -'B. Hawkins, Mrs. A. T. Cole, Mrs. Paul Meister and Mrs, Ben Clift . ;.''....,• A .life., membership committee was named, with Mrs. W". M. Douglas; chairman, assisted by Mrs. C. M. Floyd and Mrs. W. A. Thomas. •Mrs. A. B. O'Brien" Jr. wa», named civil defense chairman. Mrs. L. J. Kesslcr and Mrs. Roy Clift spoke briefly on the convention in San Antonio and thanked the chapter for sending them. " Coffee was served in the cafeteria by Mrs. Mary Barr's fifth grade room mothers. Eighty members were present Area March Chairmen Invited To Hear Talk Ares chairmen In the Jaycee- etteg Mother* March on Folio "are invited to hear a talk next 'Tuseday by Joe Nee, director of the fund-raising campaign of the National Foundation of In- antile Paralysis. Nee will spools at 10 ».m. Tuesday at the College Inn. Also present will b* Mrs. Barney Steele, director of the County March of Dimes. WHERE TO BUT TVs & Appliances Kovar Appliance Co. "We Really Service What We Sell" JANUARY * HANDMADES * PACKAGED KITS * RUG YARNS AND PATTERNS I HAND MADE STOLES fHAND MADE SAMPLE BAGS -ALL PACKAGED GOODS...25% OFF!BABY NYLON SETS ;^.«. $2.95 MEN'S WOOL SCARF SETS *«.•*» $2.95 MINK COLLAR KITS . nog 595 $4.25 AFGHAN PACKAGES SSS? Re g «,; $1.7? 657 1 •Sparkletone Rug Yarn Reg. Stock 2-oZ. Sire " Hooked Rug Patterns S RKE 15% OFF uncu uuu i QIIVIIIJ STUIJIV .-•»/- -• • . —^- I— ' ;. ' •' -•' ' ' .'.T,-"-' ' ' ' '-' -J DISCONTINUED 1-Oz Size . '.• ... 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She said we can do this by voting intelligently, knowing something of civic affairs, if possible affiliating ourselves with a civic organization, and by supporting what we are interested in. Hinson stated that developing good character and good morals in our young people is our civic respnsibility, since the young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow. He added that we need to help our young people to respect the rights of others, to take .care of ipublic property, to develop responsibility, to give them opportunity to make decisions," and to help them make adjustments. Middleton .stated that mis-in- formation is one of the worst evils in any commujiity. He warned listeners to he sure of the source before starting to support something for or against a' civic project. Rev. English agreed that the best way to develop civic responsibility is to build character. Sometimes, he said, we . don't Two Detectives Will Speak At Bayou P-TA Two detectives' from the Houston police department will be guest 'speakers at a special Fathers' Night meeting of Cedar Bayou Parent-Teacher association at 7:30 p.m. next Thursday in the high school auditorium. JV'Ri McCafferty's topic will be "Narcotics." A bachelor of science graduate of the University of Houston, MoCafferty is experienced in scientific .police investigation and is widely known for his narcotics lectures. He is an instructor in the Houston police schools, and is assigned .to the international security division. .'.'•' ... , Larry W. Fuitz, detective lieutenant in the department, is a graduate of the Delinquent's. Control-Institute of the University of Southern California. He. also has a bachelor-of science and a law degree from the University of Houston. • He Is temporary chairman of juvenile delinquents and crime commission in Houston, and is an instructor at the University of Houston. The public Is invited to attend the program. Other entertainment will include a quartet, and refreshment* will be served in the cafeteria. try to develop good character in our young people or help improve our own community because "it might cost-u« something.'' We can rfevelop good character in our young people by the right kind of discipline^ ha said. As leaders, he added, we should set the pace for the children to follow. Mrs. lone Greer and Miss Robbie Malone received attendance banners. A totai'of 89 members were et the meeting, Coffee and cake were served by the second grade from mothers. French Version PARIS, Jan.. 15—UP—The newspaper Paris Presse treated its readers to an "intimate ' glimpse of the man who heads the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Thursday—"No wife, r.o mistresses, no friends," the newspaper said. Must Be Clutching HAMDKN, Conn. —UP— Within three hours on a short stretch of highway,' state police investigated three accidents. They found that all three motorists had left the road after dozing at the wheel but that all escaped injury. NOW YOU CAN TAKE OFF UGLY FAT FOR JUST M.69 Barcenfrate is the original hrrape- fnilt juice recipe for taking off ugly fat. It's simple. Just ask your druggist for four ounces of liquid Bacentrate. Mix with grapefruit juice as directed on label. Then take according to directions. If the very first bottle doesn't show you the simple, easy way to reduce, return the empty bottle for your money -back. Over five million bottles *>ld in Texas in nine years. Nothing harmful and no starvation diet. You won't know a hungry moment taking Bar- Mrs. Pery B. Banish, S219 Ixwett, Dallas, Ttecas, wrote us as follows: "I tost 27 pounds on my first two bottles of Barcentrate. I weighed 152 pounds. I now weigh 125. It also makes me feel better and keeps my weight at 125." 123 N. 6AILLARD '' DIAL 6947 inaUo LTD. 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