Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 8, 1969 · Page 9
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 9

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1969
Page 9
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tfl BR6WNW66B BULLETIN Tuesday, July 8, Soysv///e's Flags Flying At Hall Mast §AN A&TOM6 f AP) before had Boysvitte flown the American flag at half mast for one of its own residents. But the nearby home for boys fievef had £ reason to— not until last Friday, July 4, when it received word that JVfarine Pfc. Bobby Griffin. 19, a Boysville resident since age 6, nad been killed ifl Vietnam. the flag hung at half rnasf. as Boysville officials awaited further details from the Marines. They know only that Griffin, who "just couldn't wait to jbift the Marines," was killed when he stepped cti a mine. He tvas the first Boysville resident to die violently in the home's 25-year history. Me had served in Vietnam nearly a year and would have returned to the States soon. In his last letter, Boysville executive director Conley Lovelace recalled, Griffin wrote that he Was "looking forward to coming home— coming back to Boys- ville." A native of Loralne, Tex., Griffin had two brothers who also went through Boysville. They are living somewhere in California, Lovelace said. EVER WONDER what the inside of » church steeple looks like? This man is working in one, welding computer- designed sections before shipment to Florida, where it will withstand high winds, An IBM computing system helps engineers simulate a 20,000 kiloton nuclear blast or the force of a hurricane to test the structures. End War, Cut Taxes-Voter (AP) members of Congress, hoffie to test the flow of voter opinion, foufvd aft electorate preoccupied with two hopes—a fast end to the Vietnam war afrd a qhick reduction in taxes. Sen. William P>6xfnir%, D- Wis., and fifep. Johft Myefs, ft- Isd., fotiftd fto similar voter cbft- cefitratiofi oil the debate over the advisability of deploying feifi te lumffigd tip ty Its pistons ftoth ftefi wife moM oiteii asked: "What iff yott foiftf fo do about taxes afld spending?" ifid "When afl wl gMAg 16 settle the war? 1 * Myers, 42, ejected last Ne- vember to his second Mouse term, afid Prexmife, 53, who is iftereaslfigly laying ciatifi to the title of pfiffie &Mte advocate of a tight t-eifi dft defense spading, heard the questions at Inde- President Nixon's proposed an- j pendenee Day parades, fish tiballistic missile system. f fieg horse shows, firework dis- the message they did hear . . . . Catto Getting OAS Briefing Union Voting On Proposal MISSION CUT SHORT FREEPORT, Tex. (AP) Union members are expected to continue voting today on new contract proposals by the Dow Chemical and Ethyl-Dow Chemical Companies. The results of the balloting will be disclosed Wednesday, union officials said Monday when the separate membership meetings begas voting. Botn companies have contracts with eight unions and Ethyl Dow has a contract with a ninth union. Last month, the ,nlne metal trade unions held similar meetings when negotiations began shortly before the expiration of the old contract on 'June 16. In June the union rejected •the contract proposals by a 2-1 margin. Monday and Tuesday's voting will be reported on an individual union basis rather than on a collective Metal Trades Council basis, union officials said Monday. Bored Bonny Rides Back To Sp/ashdown in Pacific HONOLULU (AP) — Astro- monk Bonny, exhausted and bored, has ridden back to earth and splashed into the Pacific, his Biosatellite 3 mission cut short by more than three weeks. The bobbing monkeypod was taken from the sea 25 miles off length a doctor emerged saying "His heartbeat is 68 per minute and steady." Bonny, a 14-pound pittail monkey, will undergo testing in his intensive care unit for as long as two weeks. Bonny was blasted into space Kauai Monday by an Air Force! June 28 from Cape Kennedy on helicopter and flown to Hawaii's j a planned 30-day mission, but Hickam Air Force Base, with Bonny limp but alive. "His eyes are open and he's looking tround," was the first was ordered back to earth after only 8M; days when scientists monitoring his performance found him sluggish and no long- IVSUlVMAb WA +* **A»V») iiw-l^ kM*^* »•• MV .,.— ^ ^ report from the National Aero er interested in performing his nautics and Space Administra- simple space chores. tion. Later, NASA officials said he suffered no injury. A team of 15 doctors, veterinarians and technicians worked over the little primate in a portable medical van, and at Barnes Will Four Texas Dates A huge Air Force C130 Hercules aircraft circling the Pacific drop zone saw Bonny's parachute blossom, but lost sight of it in a rain cloud and failed to make the air pickup. ' The monkeypod rode eight foot waves for 55 minutes until frogmen hooked it to the twin turbine helicopter. When the un- period. Evans said the monkey performed his assigned tasks successfully until the weekend, pushing the right buttons for food and water and playing programmed games to keep him busy. But in the ninth day of the mission, after 130 orbits, Bonny failed to perform certain chores and went without the normal ration of water. It was decided then to bring Bonny back to earth rather than to risk his more serious deterioration. "The monk's performance just started to drop off," Evans said. Three U.S. manned spacecraft flights lasted longer than Bonny's. Apollo 9 flew 10 days and Apollo 7 flew 10 days and 20 hours within the past year. The Gemini 7 flight of Frank Borman and James A. Lovell in De- SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Henry Catto Jr., financial director of the Citizens for Nixon campaign, is in Washington for briefings prior to is appointment as deputy ambassador to the Organization of American States. Contacted at home here. Mrs. | W _f_ Catto said her husband's appointment is expected to be announced in bout two weeks. She and their four children plan to join Catto by week's end. Catto, who speaks fluent Spanish, met several OAS am at fair grounds shopping cefiters. "It takes some tittle to really know how people are responding to a specific issue like the antiballistic missile," said Proxmire, an ABM opp neht. "That's because a lot of the things you get asked about are was in 1ft inditfta, ftivfftg fWJtt the teffe Haute patffde td dne ifl 6i0ttflftgtofl, Myers switched o$ a nets east and heard the number of Ifidiafti sdidieti killed ift Vietnaffi stands at §81 "Pe«pte here are fnad about taxes and mad about Vietnam," Myers was told by a service station" attefidaM when he Stepped for gas on a rural road. "f%& tttt* at! §6 high they'f ft m of Sight, the attendant said. "AM inflatidrt is getting so bad yoii can't tmy afiyWn| with wtiat isftle money yeu have left over." "People around here think w8 should either slop fightifig ift Vietnam and get out," he said, "or start fighting id win and finish the thing." THT™"» Pilots Concentrate On Moon Landing bassadors before and during HemisFair while they worked he went on to say, "This Vietnam thing is stronger. And people. I think are very sensitive to what's happening to older and retired people today—they're paying property tax and personal taf and school taxes, state tax, fed- property tax and personal tax and surtax. "It adds up to a whole lot." And of course they don't like it." Dismounting from a horse named Rudy after a Friday morning parade through Terre with Latin American countries \ Haute, his district's largest city, considering exhibits at the 19681 Myers, was given a theme he heard over and over again world's fair here. He has been active in Texas GOP affairs since early Eisenhower campaigns. Mrs. Cattos mother. Mrs. Oveta Gulp Hobby of Houston, was the first secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in the Eisenhower administration. Catto is a local insurance and banking executive. HONG, KONG (AP) Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes said late Monday night he will keep four weekend speaking dates in Texas despite an outbreak of cholera in Hong Kong that threatened to delay his flight home from the Asian port. Barnes had first canceled the appearances at Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Cameron when he thought he and his wife would have to wait out a seven- day innoculation period. But later the lieutenant governor said, "I have canceled my cancelation of the speeches." He said he and Mrs. Barnes will leave Hong Kong Thursday. Barnes said the change in plans came when he was informed by U. S. Consulate offi- to Asia "because we were going only to Japan and Hong Kong and neither is considered a cholera area. But maybe it would be a good idea for the U.S. authorities to make cholera shots mandatory for all travelers to and from any part of Asia," he said. "I understand there is nearly always cholera somewhere in Asia—even if Japan and Hong Kong are virtually always dear of it." The lieutenant governor said he and his wife had at first planned to use what they thought would be an enforced vacation to "see a lot of Hong Kong, including the way the Hong Kong government has met the problem of houseing., cials that he would not have (feeding and furnishing jobs for to wait out the innoculation period if he submitted to cholera tests oil arrival in the United $tates and continued to check with U.S. health officials daily for a week. The lieutenant governor, a leatured speaker at the Lions International convention at Tokyo, said he assumed others attending the meeting were caught in the same position during a brief stop-over at Hong Kong on the way home. Doctors confirmed over the weekend a single case of cholera in the colony and Hong Kong immediately was declared $ cho}era-infecte4 port. It was the first confirmed case there in three years. B,arne§ explained^ that he and his wif? ha4 not gotten cholera in tjie U.S. before coming its two million refugees Communist China." from days. opened capsule arrived at Hick- cember 1965 lasted nearly 14 am, it took NASA scientists "— nearly two hours to extricate the animal from his maze of wires and life support devices. Bonny was put into orbit to determine the effects of weightlessness on a body over a long Series to Outline Johnson Career NEW YORK (AP) - Former President Lyndon B. Johnson has filmed a series for CBS television reviewing his years in public office. The first, covering his role in the space program as senator, vice president and president, will be worked into the network's coverage of the moon landing flight. Richard S. Salant, president of CBS News, said the film for the first broadcast was made July 5 at the LBJ Ranch outside Austin, Tex., with Walter Cronkite as reporter. In future broadcasts Johnson will review his political career and the major issues of his times. Houston Records First Polio Case HOUSTON (AP) — A four- year old boy and his 15-month- old sister are Houston's first polio cases for 1969. Medical officials completed tests Monday that confirmed the two Mexican-Americans have type-I polio. Neither had received any polio vaccine. The children were taken to the Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. "We can expect sporadic cases of almost any disease in a city this large. These two do not suggest we are on the verge of anything serious or dangerous," Dr. Loe said. Carrier CARRIER RQ9M AIR CONDITIONER BOB IS BACK!!! We ar« happy to §nnoun?e thai, "gpb" GaMn, our head designer, is now bacfc with us. Bob, who has had a $ei?e of Illness for the past few months, is now "fit w a fiddle" ready to sew you. ... So do come by and eee him. THf 8RQWNWQ.Q8 HQRAt 6*6-6210 Phone*: ^6-1531 end 646-1532 Night IOCAI WINNERS BUID-F1-TWO SWEEPSTAKES «**'''.. '**"*«»|fe- WP 9 .g_. ^^^fuL ^ 4b.» «"&•„ ^pt FUN! JT'Sl EXCITING! PEP8I j»URCttASf in wrton or 646-7377 throughout his long day of event hopping. "Most people feel the war has gone on too long, but we do not feel it is in the American tradition to agree to dishonorable peace," he was tdd. The next monring, Saturday, in West Allis, an industrial suburb of Milwaukee, Proxmire also heard a lot about Vietnam. Many of those who spoke up urged speedy withdrawal. "I fought in World War II," a 45-year old Hales Corners, Wis. engineer told Proxmire." "I had so question but what that was the thing to do. "But I wouldn't serve in Vietnam and, if it comes to that, I don't think my 20-year old son will either. If he made his own decision to resist the draft I'd support him in any way I could." CAPE KENNEDY, PU. (AP) — "We'll have & view of the latiding area from about 8.000 feet, two to three minutes before landing ... we'll be continuously observing it fof its suitability, namely a sniooth touchdown point and absence of large craters." That's how Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong describes the final moments of the daring descent to the moon he and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. are to make July 20, four days after Apollo 11 Is launched. The planned landing area is a three-by-seven-mile oval in the Sea of Tranquillity. In practice this week, the two moon-bound men are concentrating on the critical and dangerous landing and takeoff in a lunar module (LM) trainer, while fellow astronaut Michael Collins works in the command ship simulator. They also planned today to rehearse the launching from Cape Kennedy. "As we come down lower and lower," Armstrong said in an interview last week, "we'll be able to evaluate the landing site better. If required, we will alter 'Bible School Slated By Richland Church HIGHLAND SPRINGS (BBC) —First Christian Church Bible school will begin at 5 p.m. Sunday with registration and the first class. The school will run through Friday morning, July 18. Weekday classes will be from 8:30 to 11 a.m. An ice cream supper is planned for the closing Sunday, July 20 at 6 p.m. All children of the community are invited to attend. that landing point either farther ahead or off to the left or fight, or perhaps a little short 01 where the machine is beifig di* reeled automatically. "Then, as we come through the 500 foot level or thereabouts, we'll probably take control of the attitude manually and fly it to the precise touchdown point," the Apollo 11 commander said. "As we reach the hover point," he continued, "we'll probably have a minute and a half or so of fuel which will per* mit us to go a relatively good distance, perhaps 1.000 feet if we choose. I wouldn't anticipate that we would do that. I would hope that we would generally get into the right area much earlier by changing the trajectory at a higher altitude. "The fuel penalty for changing the landing point Is much less at higher altitude," he explained. "It becomes quite significant down close to the surface." When Armstrong and Aldrui lift off, they will rendezvous with Collins, who will orbit the moon while his companions explore below. PRE-FINISH $2,69 and up Trtmmine to match paaellog HIGGINBOTHAM'S LUMBER—CISCO T BEDSPREAD asssc**" •* > '-*«tui An outstanding Spectol Purchase eftr ecHrom the makers of these beoutfM spreads. Each one/of the fines* quattty and design. Manufacturers, too, must clear thetr stock to reduce inventory and now is a wonderful time to choose severed bedspreads at these unusual savings! KING SJZE VALUES TO 120,00 Nettle Creek ? 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