Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 2, 1963 · Page 21
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 21

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 2, 1963
Page 21
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i fOLtlJM RESERVES FOUND WELL DRILLED it Seitit Cfi note L;, A ft.. AC i O'l i">e ;ai . RESERVE SUCCESS — To picture the industry's success in finding new petroleum reserves, the chart shows the new reserves of f,mde oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas found per total well drilled foil, gas, dry and service). Natural gas has been converted to barrels basel on BTU content. Since reserves found fluctuate rather widely in individual years, the data plotted are 4-year moving averages. Uranium Ore Buying Station Is Completed OKLAHOMA CITY - Kcrmac Nuclear Fuels Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kerr - McGcc Oil Industries, Inc., has completed the construction of a uranium ore buying station six miles west of Bowman, North Dakota. The company said that personnel at the ! station has begun to receive urani- ! urn-bearing lignite ore. In addition to production from company oper- i ated mines, the station will purchase ores from independent producers. A number of independent reserve owners have already committed their reserves to Kermac's operations. The company began test mining of its lignite reserves last fall. The successful completion of these tests resulted in the excavation of several open pit mines which are now in operation, i Facilities for upgrading urani- • : '' 1 um-bcaring lignite are being constructed by Kermac adjacent to its buying station. The plant is expected to be in operation by August 1, 1963, and will use a process developed by scientists at Kerr-McGee'.s metallurgical re- VEAtt we PAMPA SUNDAY, JUNE 2. IflfiJ 21 Washington Window seif to be bankrupt on policy or what to do next. Area Drilling Intentions can search laboratory. The process employs a rotary kiln which is Soviet cosmonauts have died By LYLE C. WILSON United Press international There was something off key; A soarcn of the fi , es prfl ., ecl or out of tune in last Sunday's i n ., t Marshall was no exception newspaper article by Harry S. , to the rule that government ne<v 3 Truman in which he was recalling •', s likely to be managed on any the big four Moscow conference j occasion when telling the truth in April of 1347. j would make the administration in Gen. George C. Marshall was -power look badly. Fact von-Hlc HST's Secretary of State and the in a responsible publication which Chief U. S. Delegate to the Mos- | publishes compilations of events cow conference. German and!at home and abroad in volumes Austrian peace treaties and other ' which makes facts easily avail- related or separate problems ' able. awaited attention. In the light of r-acis-on-Fil« for 1047 records events since 10-17, it is obvious I fha , , hfi Moccnw ronfprence cnH . enough that the Moscow Peace | C( , on Apn , ,,, Thfi adjournment Conference of 1947 was a ghastly ;was precc( | cd by cxch anges ' , , j among the British, French. Rus- And that is just what HST re-| s ; an and American delegates with ported m last Sunday's new-spa-; | ne \Vesl seeking to blame the per piece. He wrote of Marshall's j oiher side for lack of progress. return from Moscow and report-1 But Facts-on-File continues to ed that the general spoke to him ; report: ,,,''. "April 25 'Mr. President, what are we \< , . , , MOSCOW after going to do? what can we do? , . . , , , , •Vi. • i , . , , .statements on the results of fhe I hev simp v don t and won t be- I , , , ,. ' ir i T -.1 i conference and the lieve us. Nothing I said made ' „„ , • ,t , ., i. • , .-„ agreement in the future, the slightest difference or im- : " ,,,. • T , _ ., , , _. ,.. ! Dolusion The Purpose WASHINGTON (UPI) - Ameri-l would therefore not willingly re-- prc " lon . on , them (the Russian ") i April 2fi - Marshall arrives bv n officials refuse to confirm or • port such deaths. Admitted Policy Bankrupt '• - - "For 07/r next selection, we'd like to }lay a tune.' Officials Won't Say If Cosmonauts Died leaves chances of INTENTIONS TO DRILL Moore County (West Panhandle) The Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. — Fred H. Smith, et al No. 2, 1:20 fr N & 1310 f E lines of Sec. 231). 44. H&TC, PD 3,350 (Panhandle Red Cave) Bivms Interests Bivins Fee .No. 4-R, 1320 f E & 3,700 fr S line of Sec. 93, 46, H&TC, PD 2,800 Roberts County (Parsell Morrow) The Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. —Warren B. Parsell, et al "B" No. I, R60 fr N & 735 f E lines of Sec. 142, 42, H&TC, PD 11,600 Lipscomb County (Mammoth Creek Cleveland) Amarillo Oil Company — Schultz ""D" No. 1, 1250 fr N&E lines of Sec 889, 43, H&TC, PD 7.ROO (Kelln Tonkawa Oil) Cabot Corporation — Lewis E. Funcit No. 1, 660 fr N & 1.120 f F line of Sec. 156, 43, H&TC, PD 7,500. Amended. Socony Mobil Oil Co., Inc. — Wm. T. Bronlee No. 1. G60 fr S & \V lines of Sec. 198, 43, H&TC Ry. Co., PD 7,500 (N. Mammoth Creek Cleveland) Odessa Natural Gasoline Co. — Fap.g Unit No 1, 1320 fr N & F. lines of Sec 9S5, 43, H&TC, PD 7,700 (Mammoth Cre-ek Cleveland) Amarillo Oil Company — Schultz "D' c No. I, 1415 fr N & 1200 fr F. line of Sec. 889, 43, H&TC RR, PD 7.SOO Ochiltree County (Share Upper Des Moinps) Gulf Oi! Corporation — Tmax No. 2. msn f r S&W lines of Sec. 38. 4, GH&H, PD 6,800 (F.llis Ranch Keyes) The Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. — Roy Linn No. 2, 1250 fr N&W lines of Sec 580, 43, H&TC, PD 9.740 CEIlis Ranch Area) 2310 fr N&W lines of Sec. 16, 13, H&GN, PD 2,200 Wheeler County (Panhandle) Tcci Production Company — Bell "E" No. 1, 1170 fr N & 265 fr E line of Nli-4 Sec. 81, 17, H&GN, PD 2,250. Rule No. 37. Roberts S. Davis — Connie B. McAdams No. 1, 990 fr N & 330 fr W line of NE-4 of Sec. 50, 24, used to burn the carbon and remove moisture from the raw lignite ore. The residue is uranium- bearing lignite ash which will be shipped by rail to Grants, New ger No. 86, Sec. 5, 23, BS&F, | Mexico, for further processing in deny persistent reports hat five ., ,• ,,. , ,. c • . , i- . • Earlier this week, A exei Soviet cosmonau s have died in , . . r . _ . Russian space shot failures. even disclaim having information on the subject spite Compl. 5-1-63, Pot. 31.4 Gor. TSTM, TP 2,786, TD 3,000 by two New York newspapers and a science magazine. A u 117 u- . L. , ,,'P' ane m Washington where he is Any old Washington hand won d , „„.,„. , r, •_. i AJ .,...., , , ..greeted bv President 1 ^a-jhe fascinated by the frankness o, shubei, Soviet Premier Nikita,| hal con f es!i j on O f bewilderment Khrushchev's son-in-law and edi-| by a L , s Secretary of State. of Izvestia, vehemently de- And (he 0 , d Washington hand would trv to remember whether ; n.ed the American newspaper reports as fantas(i( . j nven tion." BOPD.! Kermac's 3,630 TPD mill. The ar- The reason fop sj|ence or processing urani-: have some connection wilh there had been any parallel pub- v ho r.-l w in.-;. 1 " \ The \oters 'warranted bv Truman what you have been do- Discloses Space Failures The United States has disclosed ] Ihe time Marshall came home, some Soviet failures in space it-ilf so. it probably would have might have been the statements of lie confession of bewilderment at £ pnl - 5 '- 6 ™ believing that the Jruman Administration just had " ••-•-'••-• t •- — ,.—u ( . .-•«,. j^«. . _ _ |*'«-"* 1 -i' lJ ''iWV.l.;illlW,LHJIlV>llllVJ.,),| « • " Katcx 0,1 Company - O'Neal ! um - bcann f ''gmte m the com- !jn , c||i operations. The offi- ! sclf - But thcse wei ' e ! " '^ cate- l.cen the first time a Secretary of ' - na n v s m 111 nnnr f. ra ui c NJ a «t> .. _ _c i._._...i^!^i_ ^f.^.rfCj-t- t i t .. i i. \i - t-__ , .,, ~ « I I V. I I ,*->-<'• *- v,ljt I 'tl L1H1 1.1. 1IIC panv s mill near Grants, N e w . • i „ , •„• ., '. , . , , cials appeared unwilling to IVI O V I f/l n n \f A Hfi Art r*e-it-r-\ rsInln<^<H : ° , No. 6, Sec. 17, Y, M&C, Compl. j Mexico, have been completed in 5-16-63, Pot. 46 BOPD, Gor. No accordance with the Atomic " n " al ha7ards - Thus to dcludc the H&GN. PD 2,500 Texaco, Inc. — J. A. Hall NCT. 3, No. 3. 2315 fr S & 330 fr W lines ! TD 3 ' 314 of Sec. 26, 13. H&GN, PD 2,235 (E. Panhandle) Dwight L. Stubbleficld, et al — Virginia George No. 1, 330 f r SS.-E lines of Sec. 89, 17, H&GN RR, PD 2.000 Hansford County j (P2 'lest, TP 2,912, TD 3,132 (Panhandle Carson) Texaco Inc. — Cooper Unit No. 28, Sec. 6, 9, I&GN, Compl. 5-9-63, even if they possess information lest their remarks disclose some Energy Commission's (AEC)prev-1 mcans of e f th musly announced program that eh-1 have at the Sov , et , a i nchin g gibie lignite ores in the Dakotas r>g ds could be processed at existing Congressional sources who are on space matters! the of rockets which got far off j Slate had returned to Washing- pads, then failed in their'ton after a great international vofer<! must have been the 1 t *' r\r\ra nf t\+1* fnt t *,-. ~. ..' ~ ._ « ! main objective. confrontation and admitted him- mills and the resulting U308 sold! well mformec| _ ..,_,,, to the ALC under current con- took thc same attitude . They are j \ Pot. 44 BOPD, Gor. 600, TP 3,179, Collingsworth County (East Panhandle) El Paso Natural Gas Company - Tindall No, 2-A, Sec. 57, 16. j the middle 1950's. but that metal- j dea ,hs' and claimed That thev "had HS.-GN. Compl. 4-30-63. Pol. 700 | 'urgical problems connected with ! no idea of the source of the pub- , lold in secret committee meetings The company said that lignite about such lhings b officials of ores containing uranium have: ihe National Aeronautics and been known to exist in the Cave;Space Agency (NASA ). Thev said Hills area of South Dakota since i , hpv nevcr ' nad heard of ' such Foreign Commentary By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst of the self-serving optimism _ anu satisfaction expressed, re. ! spectively, by the Secretary of | State and the President. \ : This is news, perhaps, because George C. Marshall was a holy ; man of sorts, occupying a pedes- ] tal peculiarly his own. Marshall tries to work together instead of was deemed to be above such t- L , rr political foibles as olavin^ curve at cross purposes. c ~ lfU «•'--— a H' a > m " i.urve t- L , ,r South Korea Notes from the foreign news, ,„ indicated imerest u could .„ cables: Js'uclear Subs: with the truth to serve a .politica purpose. lead to modification or abolition' HST and Marshall probably of the Rhee line, and then to nor- had their fingers crossed when . • • ""'*-n-x»"iiitc:>'mjicui!ll^[MI()- — , .. MCFD. Perfs. 2,001-2.019, TD 2,-; processing the ores have prevent- ij sncc | accounts. One newspaper Japan, first and only nation to'mal relations — a consummation lhe V wer e telling the voters that (Spearman East Morrow) R. C. Hamilton — Sisters of St. Joseph No. 1-14, 1430 fr W & 1250 Lipscomb County (Kelln Tonkawa) ed the market from being develop- made ed before now. came [rom a congressman . Victor L. Hill, project superin-; Hints At Re a s 0n it appear its information sllffer an a' nm 'c attack, is ex- devoutedly wished by the United the Mnscow conference hadn't fr S line of Sec. 14, 2, W.C. RR, ; Co. - Kelln "B" No. 6. Sec. 66. PD 7 ' 400 43. H&TC Compl. 4-9-63, Pot. 8S Ilutchinson County BOPD, Gor. TSTM, TP 7,264, TD (Panhandle Red Cave) ! 7,350 Bivins Interests — Bivms Fee, ! (Peery Cleveland) R.C. No 1-R, 6«0 f r F & 4.400 : r iu |f Oil Corp. - Harold Peery fr S linos of Sec. 91, 46. H&TC, PD \ 0 . ], Sec-. 766. -(3. ll&TC, Compl. -• S0 ° 5-11-6:1, Pot. 73.14 BOPD, Gor. Collingswonh County j 67.5-4. TP 7.316, TD 7.600 (Panhandle) (Ke || n Tonkawa-Oil) Mal-Cra Oil Corp. — Bell No 5, ; Soronv Mobil Oil Company. Inc. El Paso Natural Gas Products tpnc1e n'. '« in charge of Kermac's operation at Bowman. Tremaine Named Director For Pan-Am Oi tremely touchy about the proposed ; States. I visits of U. S. nuclear - powered Early this week a congressional | submarines to Japanese ports. In- Homework: ( been so bad after all. That way j it is no sin to manage news. ; 2;1!0 fr ^' & N ''lies of Sec, 16, 13. _ W. Phillips No. 1, Sec. 196, 43, iarci s - Tremaine has been ap-i So far 110 such death has been source gave an indication as to farmed sources say the United j Nikita Khrushchev is believed to VISIT ROCKET BASES why there is official silence. The '.States is willing to put tight lim- have spent at least part of his source explained that if a cosmo-1 Stations on the visits. The subs Black Sea weekend doing his MOSCOW (b'PI) — Cuban Pr.e- naut died because his space ship' would use onl >' 'be ports of Yoko-' homework in preparation (or the mlor Firfcl Castro and Premier went out of control or burned up - su)ia flm ' Sasebo. They would call .hine IS meeting of the Central N'kita S. Khrushchev visited a So- whcn attempting to re-enter the no oftener than once a month and Committee. The meeting uill be earth's atmosphere it would he sla . v no longer than two weeks at devoted to party ideology and un- moi e or less public knowledge be- a tmie - Tne >' would come and go doubtedly will lay the groundwork a £ e 'ic\ reported today, cause a could be observed openly only in daylight. But by U. S. (or the position the Soviet Union las - s ' aul Khiushchev and Casby any nation which had adequate law . llle ' r power plants would not will take in its meeting with Red "~° werp accompamec by Soviet OKLAHOMA CITY (Spl)—Rich- ! detection equipment. be open to Japanese inspection. , China now scheduled for July 5. Defense Minister Marshal Rodion jic: rocket base Thurs- official Tass N e w j v ' rl r ' a . v - tlle Co. The Rhee Line: A special Soviet asset is the 'fact M»l'"ko\sky and Marsha! Krylov, commander - in - chief of rocket Location of the base was that Khrushchev now seems to H&TC, Compl. 5-1S-G3, Pot. 254.4 P om!e(i Division Exploration Su- reported. KOPD, Gor. 787, TP 7,318, TD 7,- P e '"'ntendent for Pan American' But if a cosmonaut died by fire! The so-called Rhee line which have Fidel Castro safely in his tro "P s - Locati ' 400 ' (Petroleum Corporation's Central nr e.vpl° s ''Hi in a take-off failure extends Korean fishing waters 60 pocket. This is important because not disclosed. (Kiowa Creek Tonkawa) | Division. He succeeds V, G. Hill, on tlle launching pad, or in an niiles out from Korea's coast, is it was the Soviet withdrawal of its Allen ft Parker - Stum No. 1. ' who retired Ma - v 3l - 2,800 (Panhandle) Oil Company — Hill No. 2, 1330 fr S & 660 fr F. line of Sec. 15, 7, I&GN. PD 3,350 COMPLETIONS Carson County (Panhandle) Mal-Cra. Ft Al — Burnett Esl. No. :'.1, Sec 5, 5, l&GN. Compl. , No 3-147. Src. 147, B-2. 63, Perfs. R407-17. TD 6,520, 10.500 MCFD. Gray County (Panhandle) Kewanee Oil Co. — Post No. 16, JACKSONVILLE, Fla. H&GN, PD 2.200 Carson County (Panhandle Red Cave) Bivins Interests — Bivins Fee R. C. No. 2-R, 2000 fr S & 330 fr j Allen ft Parker — Sturtz No. 1 ! w)l ° retire<1 Ma >' •'"• abortive launching which crashed one of the biggest obstacles to missiles from Cuba last October SELLS SUBSIDIARY W lines of Sec. 11, Y-2, TTRR, PD Sec. 1080, 43. H&TC, Compl. 3-24-1 In ms new assignment. Tre- almost immediately, then this normal relations between Japan that brought the Sino-Soviet quar- " """ ! maine will be responsible for oil rou| d ^ e known to the United and South Korea. The line pre- rel to its climax. Last week's exploration activities in the riivi- States only by espionage—having vents Japan's modernized fishing friendship rally for Castro spot- American Heritage Life Insurance sion, which is headquartered in an a "ent near enough to the boats from moving in on South lighted once again the absence of Co. announced it has sold its fire launching site to observe the dis- Korea's relatively antiquated two ailing Soviet leaders. Frol and casualty subsidiary, Reliance nster. fleet. Lately, however, Japan has Kozlov and Anastas Mikoyan. Km- Insurance Co. of Dayton, Ohio, for The United States would not offered to help modernize the Kor- lov reportedly is suffering from a slightly more than $4 million in Pot 605 BOPD Gor 99 1 * TP 3- ern Louisiana, Arkansas, Misses- wam tn ^' sflose sucn a " agent or ea fishing fleet, and to cooperate brain hetnmorrhage. Mikoyan's cash to a new concern, Reliable irvl. TD 3 287 PBTD 3 2Sl" '" !'PP', Alabama, Ohio and other such a " c - s pi<">» a 8e apparatus and • m helping fishermen of both coun-, problem is said to be flu. Holding Corp. of III. Yucca Petroleum Co. - Benny ' sol " heastern slales - ~ Oklahoma City. The division covers the states of Kansas, Okla- Sec. 105, 3. I&GN. Comnl. 5-">-S3, ' K) ma, 'he Texas panhandle, north- Pciroleum Explr. Inc. of Texas •"' 1: '" fi:l - P<11 Rfl Ropr) . ( '" ir - 2,077, : Compl. 5-10-6:1. Pot. 82.25 ROPD, -Duke No. 1, 850, 6RO fr N&F. lines of Sec. 850, 43. H&TC, PD 6.51)0 Gray County (Panhandle*) R K Oil Company - N H. Read No 6, 2.110 fr ]• '& 990 fr S line of Sec. 154, B-2. H&GN, PD 3.200 Texaco Inc. - Claude Srhaffe, No 1, 2310 fr N & 330 fr F, line TI ° li -- TD ' San .lacinio Oil & Gas Company i~ ''• ^ a l lst '"«-'. (>1 ;l1 N'ci. 1. Sec. ^- "' I * fiN 1<R - ( '" I "P 1 ''. 10-02, ' P( " 2l ' ::! I ' OPD . Gor. lh.7HH. IP :! (mu - n ° :i -- f)S , Ochillree Couiily | (Dutcher Upper Morrow) The sl ' ai " rf "' k Oil & Gas Corp. ~ E - N l r '«'ht'rs, et al No. 1, Sec. of Sec 8. C-2 CCSD&RDNG RR 2 ' l(1 "" H& ' T( '- Compl 5-3-63. Pot. Co, PD 2,990. Amended. ' 4fU5 BOPD - Gor 1 - 075 . TP 9 -' 58 . Sawnie Robertson - M. C Doss TD 10 - 9nn No. 10, 1S70 fr N & 1650 fr E line (Spicer Marmaton) of Sec 202, B-2, H&GN RR Co., PD 3.300 Gor. 500. TP :i 095. TD 3 192 PLUGGED WELLS l.ipM'omb County (Kelln Tonkawa) Fl Paso Natural (ins Products Compuny — Kelln No 2. Sec 112, 4:i. ll&TC, Plumed 52:i-(;3, Dry. Gray County (Panhandle) H&GN, i '"rcmaine has been geologi- i cal research director for the com- j jpaiiy's Tulsa Research Center for i the past three mid one-half years.! A natixe of Clifuniia he w«s bum I in San ,lu!<f. Calilitima. and at- lendt-d l..os Anj-eles High School. Hi- was graduated fiom the Im- MTMty of California with a degree in geologx. In 1S4S, he joiiu-d l';i:i American in Houston, Texas, as Daco Lease & Well Service - A !„f^'l. ^.^'^ '" :; ai '' Holnies No. 2. Sec. 107, 3. I&GN, Plup-ed 5-23-63, f Oil & Gas. Philips Petroleum Company — Rogers H No. 4, Sec. 4, JT. Yucca Petroleum Company - TWNfi - r ° m ' >l ' V3 - fi;! PnL "° Major No. 1. 330 fr N & 41o'fr F. ROPD ' Gor - 90 °- TP 6 ' 7nfi - TD 6 -' lines of SE-2 Sec. 154, B-2 H&GN, PD 3.200 Collingswnrth County (Panhandle) Mal-Cra Oil Corp. — Bell No. 2. Did You Know.,. Aspirin is Deductible! A.i|>iiin, .unl humlrciU of uduT ''inn pioiluds, may IK- di-iluclible in ioui|iiiliii); imoinr U». JSul )oii IIIIIM be able li> oll«T jii-oof ol |Hirih.isr. 'I \ tc I)ui(;l.i\ I<cou1 deoping *n\icc, atail.ible lice (o ton at our phji ni.ic v, d<j« jiiM lli.u. Come in and a«k ^bout Pmylax. Sun wing lax jnoney! B & BPHARMACY BALMKO AT MO 5-5788 .000 (Share Upper Des Moines) J'hillip.s Petroleum Company — Rogers D No. 6-UT, Sec. 46 ,4. Compl 5-l2-fi.'l, Pot 20 HOPD, Gor. 1500, TP 6,415, TD 7,7, r iJ Wheeler County (Panhandle) Less Whitaker. Sr. — I. I. No. •>. Sec 34. Ill, H&GN, Compl. 5 I4-I).'I. I'm. 56 BOPD, Gor. 500, lluichinsun County (Panhandle) Kewanee Oil Company — Bad- A NH YDROUS AMMONIA S2.2 f , NITROGEN FERTILIZER Trans Con Elevators inc. Ph. MO 4-7010 Heaten S\v. Now You Know By United Press International More than 80 per cent of auto accidents occur in good weather on clear, .straight roads and are caused by human failure, according 10 a survey by the Travelers Insurance Companies. /mailer of' geological positions in New Orleans, San Antonio, and Casper, Wyoming. Just prior to his Tulsa a.vsignmeni. he was Division Geologist in Houston. He is a member of the Tulsa ] Geological Society and the Ameri| can Association of Petroleum Geo logists. Mr. and Mrs. Tremaine | have I wo daughter, Eugenia and I Patricia, and two sons, Tom and Jimmy. They plan to move to Oklahoma City in the ne«r future. In thc interior regions of New Guinea salt is hard to rome by. so sea water, carried inland by means of hollow bamboos, is used for cooking in place of salt. Salt is also oblained from the ashes of wood saturated in sea water. Lefors Man To Be Transferred Karl P.. Atkinson uf l.t-furs. is being transferred to Hai tk-s\ ille, Okla., as a contracts assiManl m (he (iasulme Division of Cities St-i\ ice Oil Co , according to l-'rcil U. Rumseur division manager. Hubert 1.. Lam ol ackwell. Okla., will succeed Atkinson as field superintendent workuv; out of the Lefors plant of Coltexo Corp Atkinson joined Coltexo in 1'MO as a field hand and worked up to his present position of field superintendent Lam joined Cities Servii e in 191K and has scr\ed at it*. Pampa and Blackuell g.T-oline plains. Ho Iv^ h--en I-,K] at ilv RUrkwell plant Jor the past JO Z IP/ I • ^ Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet is going to stay Uncle Sam's postal service from adding a new number to your collection of license, Social Security, hospitalization, house, phone and other vital, workaday numbers. • Come July 1, you'll hare o "ZIP" number. Purpose: to speed the moils. At first, numbers will be used by large users of mail. • All the Post Office hopes that you will do, at first, is to include YOUR Zip number in your return address on mail you send out. The big firms will toke it from there. • Some doy, fhe hope is that electronic machines will sort mail by Zip number. • By July 1, post office hopes to have directories printed from which you can determine your Zip number and the • number of the post office of address, to speed your mail. • Quick way to find your Zip number: ask the mailman. ZIP CODE NATIONAL AREA MAP Map shows the 10 national areas into which the states ar* divided for purposes of the Zip postal code. STATE 4 5 T NATIONAL AREA SECTIONAL SMALL CENTER POST OFFICE OR P.O. OR ZONE This number is translated to show how code works. MR. ZIP I j 3374 N. DINWIDDIE ST. i ARLINGTON, VA. * 22207 BLANK INSURANCE COMPANY 0000 BLANK STREET CITY, ZONE, STATE AH you'll need on YOUR mail is your Zip number in return address. STEPS ELIMINATED BY ZIP MAIL: MAIL MAIL DUMPED DEPOSITED ON TABLE FOR WITH P.O. N. SORTING AT DESTINATION, """< — - -^ DUMPED AND PRIMARY ' ARRANGED FOR SORTING SORTING r PRIMARY SORTING C. SECONDARY ~ SORTING SECONDARY SORTING pISPATCHED TO SUBSTATION POUCHING AND DISPATCH DELIVERED TO ADDRESSEE Short cut to jpcedicr poitol deliver; yith Zip postof code number cancel* $ of th« 10 fasic moil-routing stepi now

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