The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 20, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1961
Page 2
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laglaurn ftua Friday, January 20, 1961 Judgment Of Ike's Reign Yet To Come ved into the history |j>eare but. at the moment of his.ment, dimension over the Korean job done and waiting .'retirement. was fighting the Kore- War. ' By JAMKS MARLOW 'ecutive mo WASHINGTON 1 1 A! 'i — T'.vday books, his job was the d«y thf f(remd«.-ney ; to be judged. What \\~\'.l the jucJg- rivsnuttiHi hands fcnd Dwjgbr O. K;s- mm! to? enhower's c-..ght years as chic? ex- j,- 0 !Tla tter \vhst it \v;!;N- iwci.uw' of the nature o; tin' 1 times. What looked like minor prove to have major have been thr r In thi; pas: tried in sevfrr! own ,'j>)pr.".:s.'.i • in f.;:"::.-f Yc: :ii::::iicd un :: ' Hr cianc ~/K> two re-tiri NO CHILDREN*. NO TEEN-AGERS ALL SEATS DON'T MISS THE BRUNSON FUN Saturday Mwnina ay prove disaster. to to jrive h i >: eicht year-; ?a;d "roui.-i nn War io keep the Red tide back. Eisenhower, a calmer and less The two men's White House ca- cocky and belligernt man, man- rec-rs paralleled each other in sev- aged to bring peace not only in er.-i! WRVS, Korea but at home. too. until, by Trum.-tn had the daring and the time ho ran for his second been : f'jmness to smash the Communist term in 1956, McCarthyism was iikf bj'X-kade of Berlin, to intervene.dead and dissension pretty muel 'to prevent the Russia;;.? from gob- healed. bling up Greece and Turkey. :o Perhaps Eisenhower's greates' go to war in Korea—all to stop:contribution to the presidency — corr.;r,unism in its tracks. (although he didn't mention it — The most visibly lx>!d action!was as a kind of national pacifier Eisenhower took WE? to send:and a bridge between two vital :n the words of >«*>ps into Lebanon to stop the eras of American history. President Tru- R , r< M ' Ta ™ warming over the-' By his own cheerfulness he was '•(•'.'. office in jftx',. -y'-wlc 1 5-i- c t. His firmness no a force in keeping the country looking back over ^P" 1 ; 1 discouraged another Red calm, or pretty much so. for ei.clit recalled :;n in- Oiocuaoe of Berlin, despite Has- years. \TJOKI tombstone s 'f n ^ r "ats. The Communist bloc has been the crenTw epi- u was Trurnan who set up the building and hoarding its strength .;kJ have or hope [orpiim aid program which Eisen-;in recent years. It may be confi- his ciarrirHJea." bower continued. It \ra? Truman'dent enough now to try new and r.z presidents u?pd: w "° created foreign military alii-:far greater adventures than were £>•• in summing up anew which Eisenhower not only'possible eight years ago. L^ifrt-d their ma in adopted but expanded. j The great unknown factor in preventing another' * et - while Truman stopped com- \ Eisenhower's stewardship is this: war arii stopping ;rnun!STn ' he could not control j Did he db enotigh to keep abreast 'ram ovc-rrurirun:; "the earth, events at home. By the time he:of the Russians in missiles and a few weeks be-'* f:it office the country was split-space. HP thinks so. Only history' he turned the White House- :down the middle by McCarthyism,; and the years ahead will' be able over 10 Eisenhower, pointed to a • ^ ear °^ Communists in govern-'to say yes or no. world globe which Eisenhower had; ~~~ ' ~~~"—~~~ sent him as a present in 1915 anri \ "During these eight years.! e've kept this old worid out of! _ w,-ck Eisenhower at his IAS\ presidential news conference i pointed io his firmness in block-; Baytown Police Handle 792 December Complaints rn Department WP h a vp' handled T92 complaints during De- YOU WILL SEE . , . 2 -- CARTOONS - 2 — PLUS — COMEDY TRAPPED BY A BLONDE" PLUS THIS FEATURE DAVID LADD "RAYMIE PLCS OCR REGULAR FEATURE KERWIN MATHEWS "THREE WORLDS OF GULLIVER" Adulti 60c—Childri-n 25c handled, 156 persons were placed in jail and 58 accidents were in- , m Eisenhower called his big disappointment the failure to get to a place "where he could say itj now Jocks as if permanent peace' with justice is really in "sight." This, of course, was a major disappointment for Truman, too. Hej get close to | - muxm NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY •—FEATURE!*—3 • BIT NO. I • DONALD DUCK CARTOON DECK CM RI/MAT THKU PI W ¥¥ SATUKDAIT 3—ACTION HITS—3 NO. 4 DAYS SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY trouble with houst parties h tell which parties house! ...tte trusting hwband! ! ...tht rtstlew wife! MM! JEAN WHS ..tht "innocent" byjUmJer? / WI4RI IjfTl ^ MOM! All 12 of the juvenile offense re- I ports tiled were cleared. Five of the reports involved juveniles accused of misdemeanor theft and four were runaway cases. The other three were burglary, investigation of kidnaping and auto theft. Of the 33 juveniles handled by the juvenile department, nine were ] runaways, nine misdemeanor thefts and nine traffic cases. The other cases were miscellaneous. Of the 156 persons placed in jail during December there were 49 jailed for being drunk. This is high but December is usually a month of celebration. Other frequent reasons for beinc; jailed are traffic, 24; gaming. 19; disturbing peace and drunk in CUT, 17 each The 58 accidents investigated involved 114 cars, one fence, four poles, one guard rail and a window. There were 683 overparking tickets issued and 37 of the city's parking meters were repaired. The department issued 177 non-moving traffic tickets and 282 moving violations including 64 tickets issued at the scene of an accident. Texas Solons End Second Weak Week AUSTIN (AP>—The Texas Lee-!as representatives streamed into islarure ended its srx-ond week of;her office with a torrent of bills, relative inactivity Thursday while j The senate was barely able to committee assignments are being;round up a quorum More it nd- worked out. j journed until 10:30 Monday with- Desnite the absence of floor ac- i out doing any business. The House riwi. the chief clerk of tho House [was in session only about 45 min- had as-much as she could handle kites. It passed a few routine Cousin Joseph Kennedy Heading Ireland Events • NEW ROSS. Ireland (AP) - ; Michael, their son is a sturdy They're inaugurating tonight herei3-yeflr-old. ion the Kennedys' old home; New Ross is a neat stone town j grounds, but it's cousin Joe, not! astride the River Barrow 14 miles j cousin Jack, who'll have the place if rom Ireland's southernmost I of honor. i coast. ; Since New Ross was the start- j Once a half hundred sailing 'ing point of the Kennedy clan sev- lR ' 1 >t . *i pc ', U P at the river quay, ! " ' -"•' -"•" oi > - . • . . (era! crntunps ago. town patriarch; 13 '»«wn!|! in (Andy Minihan has organized a cel-,p' am - - Now resolutions, honored 10- term Hop. Marshall Boll, "dean of the San Antonio, House" and journed until 11 a.m. Monday. Speaker James Turman was un , able to give the lawmnkers much i ,\ Rep. Criss Cole's bill to regulate? loans under $3,000 and setting the interest rate on loans j under $100 , month. at three per cent a by Kcp. W.1I. Miller, hope he would soon wind up thc|i( ulis | 0n toVxtciiii tho slate's per- aniumis task of assigning the ]JO;j urv j ;n \' to ictiislativc hearings. A rerriit decision by the court of criminal appeals held such hear- to committees. His an- nouneement was expected Monday, but he said (he represent:)- j" m;s c | 0 not | ; ,1] under the perjury lives would not learn their assign- merits before the middle of next '' V(%c '' < - Bills to raise the maximum i amount the \VaH ; r Development He later told a reporter the jobj B o;l rd ran loan on any one project might take even longer. \lmrn & million to SI") million by iHcp. Will Khrle. Childress and Joseph Kennedy, a third cousin in win the new U.S. Pree^on* «-m! uu .R" n .end n torchlight "I had set Monday as tho earliest possible day, but I nvilize now I was a little ambitious." he told the House. Among the major bills introduced Thursday were: A measure by first-year Rep. . , ,. - ...Paul B. Haring" Goliad. to uive coal and taking out the state authority to take the sailing trade is| abnn(]nned intangible property. ™& ill^S e " such as bank account, for thr I Sam Collins. Newton. n,, f ,_ ^ [{. Cory's bill allowing ' ...... emigrate leave from Cork or AbovP the at the hpnd of genera] revenue fund. Bryan Places s to forbid the use of foreign made materials on con- sli'iiction projects. A bill by R>'p. Ben E. Jarvis, Tyler to abolish common Jaw niarri'nccs nftcr Jan. 1, 1962. A measure by Rep. John A. Iluebncr, Bay City, to set up a — uniform classification system for state jobs. the world 110 vears ago. , ., _ • " ' 1 arc open to u « New Ross, once a thriving port, j from Oliver Crom then was in the misery of fam- on the town in 1649. me. Like a million others. Law- ™, unr 3 epa 1 in P d! L i fpAIn ™ r ?, tlc ,° 9°"' al *' ? nlpn l 1 ' 01 ' well's onslaught! 0 } A - J^. bnderle and, yn 'placed fiftli in nationwide com- CE1L CHAPMAN drapes her new Venus dress from rich brocade of green mingled with I ihe 'Atlantic"' gold. Intricate draping grows from low back to sinuous diagonal front flow that wraps the body and rises to high halter neckline. The Roman Catholic church ofi pan , y sales in December ami was Augustine- Friars is smaller Walt Disney Studios In 1960 Lost $1.3 Million IV HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Walt Disney doesn't have a desk. He operates in an easy chair before a low, square table. Spread on it | are charts telling cost and pro' ess of his various ventures. His 1 chair faces his own particular mecca. a huge aerial photograph of Disneyland. He was smoking a cigarette and .sipping coffee one morning as he j talked about the year ahead. Actually, he thinks in broader terms; some of his projects might be five years distant. The year 1960 hadn't been a good one for the studio, he admitted, Figures had Just been re; leased showing a 51,340.000 loss. j The company profited 53,400,000 in 1959. Disney explained reasons for the reversal: A squabble with a [network, with two TV series going off the air; an outside film ("The Big Fisherman") that lost money; over-estimates on film potentials, especially "Pollyanna," said he: "I think the picture would have done better with a different title. Girls and women went to it, but men tended to stay j away because it sounded sweet I and sticky." He is not one to dwell on past mishaps, except to profit from the experience. Here are some of the with new lyrics for the Victor Herbert songs, which are just as good as ever. The cast will include Ray: Bolger. Ed \Vynn, Tommy Sand's! and Little Annette.'' ; Also coming up: "Moon Pilot," nn otit-of this-world comedy; "The Castaways," Jules Verne sag;i to star Hayley Mills in England; "Bon Voyage," a tale of tourists in Europe to star Fred MacMurray. rcnce Kennedy, the President's!the a sail-jane across; man! ly Roman Catholic—like the rest of the Irish Republic—and the Other Kennedys stay in New,church is the main part of its Ross. In their own way they've;daily life. not done badly. j But emigration is not the inevit- ! Third cousin Joseph is 45 and a I aD 'G course it once was for the I farmer. He lives on his own 18 y°ung of New Ross. New faclor- I acres in ji white-painted cottage I tes are even bringing people back., | not much different from the tiny! Town clerk John Rohan puts the • j farmhouse Lawrence Kennedy left'population at 4,tiOO—down from S.-! i four generations ago. jOOO a century ago. but a slight! ; The? stone - floored cottage is j improvement on five years ago. j warm and friendly inside in the' Tho townfolk would have ccle- Isoft light of the oil lamps. A log'brated the Kennedy triumph earli- jfire burns in the open hearth and:or—on election night. But just at| 'the big iron kettle bubbles on the i that time Ireland went intoj chimney hook. j mourning for nine of its sons who: By the ingle-seat is an iron I were ambushed and killed in the I wheel with a handle. Mrs. Ken-1 Congo. i The Congo is just one of the j ranked Kith for the WE SUGGEST YOU OBDUt PHOTO MURALS A Wonderful Gift Anytime BATTOWN PHOTOS Son BuUdini: Phone TO S- Harris News Roundup Houston investment banker, Richard \. Eddieraan. warns [nedy. Annie Roach lhat was. leans that Harris County would be un- I down to turn the handle, driving troubles that New Ross, able to finance $22 million stadium bonds under constitutional 80-cent general fund tax limit, but county officials say he is wrong. City ot Houston sends franchise draft to Bernard E. Calkins of Wichita. Kan., who wishes to buy Houston Transit Co., that would allow him some of the provisions he requested, but deny many of the others. Crown Central Petroleum Corp. says if will complete a new petrochemical plant on the Houston Ship Channel by June or July. Plant will manufacture benzene, xj'lenes and toluene. a fan that sets the log fire blaz-jwith much of the world, hopes the j ing. I new president will help to relieve, i Nixon Cites Possibility Of Being '64 GOP Man GONZALEZ MEXICAN DISHES FOOD - TO - GO SERVING THE FAMOUS... REAL MEXICAN FOODS "WE HAVE REMODELED OUR DINING AREA" 2521 MARKET PH. JU 2-9482 WASHINGTON fAP) - Vice President Richard M. Nixon said Thursday he is not a candidate now but he is not ruling out the possibility he may run for president again in 1964. Nixon told reporters well group interview he has decided to become connected with Los Angeles law firm. But he plans he realms: outlined in his varied 1. Disneyland. "We're spending ;$1.9 million to run our monorail Ingemar, Floyd Settle Financial Details For Bout NEW YORK (AP) - Ingemar Johansson is looking for a training camp in Florida and Floyd Patterson is ready to begin bearing down at his Spring Valley, N.Y. quarters now that the financial details for their March 13 fight in Miami Beach have been settled. j Johansson and Patterson signed! an Hgrement Thursday to box for] the third time in the Convention Hall at Miami Beach, having already entered into satisfactory agreements with Feature Sports. Inc., the promoters. Each signed] for himself. isaid he will devote a substantial share of his time to efforts to Two water wells In Spring Branch area of Houston found , ... ,, « ui- _. to be polluted after test.s by city ! hund up ^ ^publican P art >'' laboratory. Other samples collected following numerous com He said he has not made final i arrangements and his law firm around the park and to the Disney-1 The agreements call for Patter- land hotel. It will run alongside Json and Johansson each to get 25 the highway at speeds up to 45 per cent of the live fight gnte. miles per hour. Also, we're add-j After the closed circuit TV firm inK flying saucers. little cars that | tnkr-s its cu[, Patterson will get will ride on air." 1. Cartoons. His Dalmatians," will next month. "The Sword and The movies, radio nnd so on. 50 per cent. Johansson 35 per cent latest, "101 and Feature Sports 15 per cent of be released; the ancillary rights to theater TV, Stone," a tale of Merlin and the Roy Cohn, a director o( young King Arthur, is on the I Sports, predicted the fight would 1 drawing boards. The cartoon fea- gross $5,000.000 from alt sources, j turcs come out every two years. 3. Live-nction starting 'Babes films. "We're in Toyland' in Tne in [ ich ins une ">' to B MO TOO lie I Ul! " s » nja .v ° ' plaints from residents of area. I connection may not be announced • before February or March. | After inaugural of his successor, j Lyndon B. Johnson, Nixon and his wife Pat will fly to Nassau Saturday for a 30-day vacation. They will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson, California friends. The Nlxons will go to California late in February or early in March to seek a new home there. They will keep their Washington home until June when their two j daughters will complete their i school year. Ho was asked whether he might become a candidate for the 1 Re| publican presidential nomination [again. I "I have no plans at the present jtime to nin for any office in 19G2 lor in ]%•!. I have no organization jfor ]%'! but that doesn't mean I1 am ruling out any possibility of I being ,1 candidate." ho replied. 1 The retiring vice president was •'risked if he believes Prcsidrnt- ' ,.'• •! .]• h'i !•', Iv '>prr|v riri.'ht be !easier to beat in !%•!. Nixon, who lost the November election by about only 112.1100 in the popular vote field! said he thinks Kennedy may be even more difficult to ibea't four years from now. j He saifl this will Ix 1 true because j j Kennedy will have the power of to his defeat. He said the fact that i unemployment rose 400.000 during | the month indicated that about 1,- \ 200.000 persons were pinched eco- j nomically in that period. Ho said ' .even if only one out of five of! in a fare- " lese had intended to vote Repub- j iican and didn't because of job-.; lessnoss this might have cost him i the election. • Nixon said he plans to devote j a great deal of time in the next! two years toward strengthening < the Republican party as much as possible. He said he will center his efforts ! Fifteen-year-old Vltlor girl admits to Houston police that she- robbed liquor store In Houston while on xveekend spree with 32- year - old unemployed steel worker, David Lamar Snoke of Buna, Tex. Snoke charged with robbery and girl Is turned over to county probation department. State Liquor Control Board files 85 charges In GalveMon County and at Seabrook in Harris County In crackdown of liquor law violators. Action conies after Intensified Invpnttgatlons are prompted by group of Galveston ministers who complained of violations. Group of Houston citizens plan Io go before, city council to «<k that old city hall block be made into a city park rather than being o'fered for bids. Mrs. Idella .lenn Mlkeska, yomic Houston m.Mlier who slashed her two-month son to death ./an. 9. is judged In.ione at brief hearing before Criminal District Judge I,nnjrston G. King. on building up the party in thr large metropolitan areas, in the South and with the younger people in colleges and universities. TRY OUR FAMOUS "STUFFED FLOUNDERS" ANB OYSTERS FRESH DAILY FROM PRIVATE AND CULTIVATED REEF A Complete Selection Of Fine Seafoods And Fine Steaks "FOR THE FINEST FOOD ON THE GULF COAST" DINE IN THE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE WITH WALTER and ERMA ZEISIG'S Morgan's Point L« Porte PAINT SALE January Fee-Season Snowhite House Paint One Coat Hides Any Color Undercoui For House Paints Houston nurserymen warned Clilef Carl Slmptrine rdcrs March. It's a modcrnized^yersion W ere about $230,000 and 1 pointer | out ^^ ^ ^^^ rights, sold for isome $300,000, brought almost twice as much as the rights for ! their last bout. 1 Johansson optimistically figured his end would be about $1 million and Patterson, more conservative, guessed hig grow would be around $800,000. " WHEEL 'CHAIRS Black's Pharmacies 781 E. Tcxit JTDJ-ITM Ottktr Hi JIT t-«lOT 'EAT OUT AT THE TOWER SOON" TREAT YOURSELF TO DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS OR ALASKAN KING CRABS SPECIAL EVFRT DELICIOUS OtTLTf Open Trout Sandwich 39c EAT WITH US EACH SUNDAY! Wnl Donate 16% of ttw Amount «f T«nr OwM Check to the Chnrth Of Tmir Oholcc. e Tower DICKiR DRIVE MOM JUJ-tOM to them and will be enforced in the future. Melvln Pick, 47, of 1806 Parana in Spring Branch, dies in Paxadcna hospital from infuries received w hen crane boom dropped on htm at conatnictlon project for Sinclair Refinery. Vocational and technical courses offered at all-white San Jaelnto High School in Houston to be made available to Negro sdideuls. l>u( only at one of their high schools and only it there in sufficient demand. BUI McDiivrd Oldsrnobile and. MrDavid Kamblcr, Houston automobile agencies, say they will recognize, the Retail Automohiln Salesmen's l.'nioii a.s bargaining agent for tho company's salesmen. Union I* attempting to or- i*. all Houston car salesmen. '«"» »«»l».v jtho residency behind him. Nixon " Gallon. adVled that if Kennedy does "reasonably well'' as the chief executive many people will be inclined jto give him a second term. ! On the other hand, Nixon said ! Kennedy may be forced into the (disadvantageous position of hav- jing to defend his administration if world and domestic events do not go well in the next four years. Nixon voiced the belief that a softening of the economy last October contributed in a major way Baytown's City Court Revenues Total S5J72 Kcp. Criss (,'ole of Harris County introduces bill in Texas legislature to rpg«lat« loan sharks, putting Into effect tin; constitutional amendment approved hy people In November election, Corporation Court collected S5.- 772 in revenue and $l,54(i was deposited as cnsh bonds during December. Of the revenue collected, $728 rame from parking fines; $3,648 from traffic fines, and $1,396 for cash bonds forfeited. There were 602 cases filed in corporation court including 476 tickets for (r;i/fic and 62 charges of bein« drunk. Judge Barney L. Ward disposed of 678 eases including 554 traffic eases nnd 63 drunk cases. Disposition of cases are greater thurt the number filed be- rausse some bnckloggcd crises wen- handled. The court issued 159 warrants and served 42. Officers were un- iablo to locate one of the persons i Tucson, Ariz. (AP) — The City jfor v.-horn a warrant had been is- ICouncil was considering proposed |sued. There are 142 warrants to j changes in regulations on bee i be served. Elian Martha Oardncr, 22. MI Mpechint mother, K found not guilty In robbery of t<a Rose Cleaner* at 1155 Evergreen In Houston, stajc ( "<l hy two women diwwd In men's clothing over » ywr ngo. Adheres tightly for sealing new wood. Permits better paint job with less peeling. Dries without linish innrlts liI:;.sT » oat of \vhi en iil. J'i!ii;i-r Workmasier 71 in. Roller Set l-Qt. Tray. 77c Low priced but very durable. Roller has Dyne! fabric rover. Tray ki;s lork to ladder. Our Lowest Price -lze Latex Paint 2 Gallons KAOKR Ql'KSTIONKR (keeping when Mayor Don Hum me! asked if there were "any Ward disposed of T.96 tioket<! and has 801 tick- »hout the birds andicts pending. There were 77$ tick- lots iss'K-d in DC <vrnij-.T. James Kirk's band went i<|.. ! • "I.itfr," said the mayor. ! The ntniospV-re around thej Kirk is the only bachelor on I earth pulsates rhythmically hke a L IM4 full oi Jellv. i decor-eze LATEX HAT PAINT is Our lest Paint Thinner Oal, 88c l.OO on 2 Gal. Reg;. •» for fi.D.I Best buy hrrause at this low price you crt. an easy fo upply Master-Mixed pjiJTii with nr> pninly «Klnr, TCKI!S w:i<ih v 1, ;\n \vi!], , (li p and \vnter HTR. 2 for IVri.S senn-yioss now 2 for 5.4R, used of the s«m« in modern pftint* and Mlxr- f)iilckly with «11 oil bftSe points. "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" Storj Hr». 9:30 to 6:00 SEARS Phone JU 2-8131 IMCOUMtt.

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