Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 2, 1963 · Page 20
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 20

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, June 2, 1963
Page 20
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20 THE PAMPA fcAtLY NEWS SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 19*3 861H W£®r« He's Everything To Sophia Loren ROME (UPI) — Short, balding Carlo Ponti is the man Sophia Loren describes as "my husband, my ex - husband, my fiancee. . .or whatever one should call him." The romance between the plam- bigamy. It also has left a laige part of the Italian male population en- Broadway ' i By JACK GAVER UPI Drama Editor NEW YORK (UPI) - A major assignment for the coming Broadway season puts Beatrice Lillie in the cast of the musical being made from Noel Coward's sucessful comedy of about 20 years ago, "Blithe Spirit." The noted comedienne, who has worked often with Coward in the, past will have the role of Ma- °™us star and the Italian producer dame Arcati, the wacky medium j almost twice her age has landed involved with a remarried man J'hem in the headlines and also who can't get rid of the spirit of j into Roman courts on charges of his deceased first wife. The musical will be entitled "High Spirits." Timothy Graj is adapting the play and will write vious and somewhat puzzled. Pont, the lyrics to the tunes of Hugh }"**• does not look like the type to Martin, currently represented by j Ret one of the world's most attrac- the off-Broadway revival of "Best * ive women. The only person who is not at all puzzled by the romance is Sophia Loren "Who wants a pretty man?" she asks with an eloquent shrug. Ponti is a shrewd and successful international film producer w h o Boston will get it Feb. 10, Phila-i recently announced the screen ver- delphia March 2 and New York ; sion of Boris Pasternak's novel "Dr. Zhivago" as one of his forthcoming projects. He was one of the bright men from Milan who came south to Rome to try their luck in the postwar film industry. When he and Sophia Loren met some 10 years Gertrude Berg, presently doing' a?0 , she was an unknown star- well at the Music Box in "Dear | e ( struggling lo overcome the Me, the Sky Is Falling" by Leonard, poverty of a Neapolitan childhood. Spigelgass, vows that her next ].j e was a |,- e ady an established pro- •tage effort, now, will be Foot Forward." Coward will direct the musical for producers Lester Osterman, Robert Fletcher and Richard Horner. The schedule calls for rehearsals to start Jan. 2 and first performance Feb. 3 in New Haven March 31. Coward will be involved earlier in the season as author of the musical based on Terence Rattigan's play, "The Sleeping Prince," starring Jose Ferrer. so from a year or a musical. The musical is in state of preparation by Spigeigass and Mrs, Berg, using an idea of the star The Theater Guild, sponsor of a'lrs. Berg's current play, will ba in on the musical, if all goes well. The successful revival of Eugene O'Neill's "Strange Interlude" by the Actors Studio Theater will move May 27 from the Hudson, where it opened March 11, to the ducer. From then on their personal and professional lives have been firmly linked. In 1957 Ponti divorced Guiliana Fiastri in Mexico and married Sophia Loren by proxy in the same country. Since Italian law did not recognize the Mexican divorce, the marriage, which later was annulled, brought the couple into a series of court cases that are still dragging and make friends at the same time. One of his interests outside the cinema world is antiques. The Ponti apartment in a patrician palace in the heart of Rome is furnished carefully but comfortably with antique furniture. BEST SELLERS Fiction "Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters, and Seymour" — J. D. Salinger "The Glass-Blowers" — Daphne d Maurier "The Sand Pebbles — Richard Me- Kenna "Seven Days In May" — Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II "Grandmother and the Priests" — Taylor Caldwell "The Moonflower Vine" — Jetta Carleton "The Moon-Spinners" — Mary Stewart "Fail-Safe" — Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler "The Tin Drum" — Gunter Grass "The Light of Day" — Eric Ambler Nonfiction "Travels With Charley" — John Steinbeck "The Whole Truth, And Nothing But" — Hedda Hopper and James Brough "The Ordeal Of Power" — Emmet John Hughes "The Fire Next Time" — James Baldwin "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy" — Charles M. Schuiz Martin Beck Theater. The , attcr I slowly through Rome's Palace of | "0 Ye Jigs & Juleps!" - Virginia Top Ten The top 10 times with position last week, and number of weeks in the survey in parenthesis: 2. (1-3) It's My Party. Leslie Gore. Mercury. 2. (10-5) If You Wanna Be Happy. Jimmy Soul. S.P.Q.R. 3. -t-3 Sukiyaki. Kyn S a k a- nioto. Capitol. 4. (7-3) Da Roo-Ron-Ron. The Crystals. Phillies. 5. (1-3) I Love Yoi Because. Al Martino. Capitol. 6. (8-6) Surfin' U.S.A. Beach Boys. Capitaol. 7. (6-7) Two Faces Hav I. Lou Christie. Roulette. 8. (5-2) You Can't Sit Down. Dovells. Parkway. 0. (0-1) Hello Stranger. Barbara Lewis. Atlantic. 10. (9-12) I Will Follow Him. Peggy March. Victor. To give you an idea of the sort of wholesale labor required to keep the 90-minute weekly "The Virginian" in production, there are currently 24 writers employed in creating the first 16 episodes for next season. There will be a total of 26 shows for this NBC program in 1963-64. is larger and has a better air conditioning system. The play will close definitely on July 13. The producers intended that it run only four months because this is part of an eventual repertory scheme in which members of Actors' Studio are involved. Players cast in suen productions are to be freed four months of such service a year. "Strange Interlude" la scheduled to turn up in future seasons of the repertory. Rip Torn replaced Ben Gazzara in one of the top roles on May 13 because Gazzara had a corn- in a new teie- j Justice. j Legal tangles have marred their personal lives but both their careers have boomed. Though both object to attributing a Svengali role to Ponti, his guiding hand has helped Sophia on the road from pin-up roles to flesh extravaganzas to the Oscar for her part in "Two Women." Friends and colleagues describe Ponti as a man of great charm and equal shrewdness who manages to get exactly what he wants mitment to star vision series. Craig Stevens, a popular television and film actor, has been signed to the juicy role of leading man in Meredith Willson's new musical for next fall, "H e r e's Love." The show will mark Stevens' Broadway debut. The leading lady was announced recently •s Janis Paige. Gary Hudson "The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845- 1S49" — Cecil Woodham Smith "Final Verdict" — Adela Rogers St. Johns "The Fall Of The Dynasties" — Edmond Taylor "Silent Spring" — Rachel Carson IN FOOTSTEPS—James MacArthur has chosen acting as his way of life, following the theatrical path blazed by his celebrated parents, Helen Hayes and the late playwright Charles MacArthur. At 25. MacArthur shows great prom- Jse, reflecting the artistic and i creative atmosphere in which he was reared. Richard Chamberlain, stfar of "Dr. Kildare," is using most <._ his six weeks "vacation" from the video program to star in an MGM motion picture, "Twili*^* of Honor." He'll finish his first film starring role just in time to resume work on the television series for DURBANK, Calif, heed Aircraft Corp. (UPI)-Lock- has received a $10.39 million Navy contract for research and development work on the Polaris missile. Youthful Actor Wants To Take Things Seriously HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Tommy Kirk, the image of befudlled whacky comedy." "I guess you could call me a youth in Walt Disney picture , is: second generation Andy Hardy," getting ready to trade his teen- he said. "But I don't know if I ager's troubles for adolescent should be paying myself that corn- problems. Jpliment." Young Kirk, a stringy haired j Tommy has been drawing a lad with talent, has appeared in paycheck for years, investing 12 Disney films since 1958, a rec- ! money in securities and buying t » ..._!" . n ord that many stars is Hollywood can't boast. Tommy has become a mainstay on Walt's Burbank production lot. He's been there since 1956, always two houses, one for himself overlooking Hollywood. His ambition is to eventually become an actor more versatile than the type of performer available whenever Disney need- required to play a youngster who ed an actor to portray the foibles i confounds parents. of modern youth. "Enough people, whose opinion Now, Kirk is getting older, al- I respect, have told me I've almost to the point where he's out-j ways been a capable actor," he growing his roles. Tommy's 21, j said. "1 want to be a great having been the captive of Holly-' actor." | wood movie and television studios (or the past 11 years. Kirk started acting when he was 10 years old. And unlike many juvenile performers, he reached the age of maturity without suffering any of the real life troubles usually associated with moppet actors. He has yet to be arrested, his personal life is unmarked by • ny headline-making scandals, and rumors about him are almost nil. In Hollywood young actors don't always get off so easily. Kirk says he's dedicated to the •cling profession and is critical of those young actors in Hollywood who aren't. "I see so many contemporaries of mine acting like they're 17," Tommy said, ducking the squirts from his grapefruit at breakfast "Some of them couldn't care less »bout the acting craft. "I'm in this business for life. It kind of hit me recently that I can't play around any more. By that I mean taking all the gravy instead of a balanced diet." MO '* - ? S 6 o Open 12:45 Adults We Child 25c I NOW Thru Thursday FEATURES TODAY—12:45-2:57-5:07-7:21-9:33 "HUD" IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CIULDREN PAUL NEWMAN HOD! THE BARBED V/IRE SOULI MELVYN DDUGUS-PATRICIA NEAL-BRANDON deWILDE NOW THRU WEDNESDAY I5T/S MATINEE ONLY 12:45 EVENINGS 7:30 P.M. DOUBLE FEATURE LAHHENCE FRANCE HARVEY • NUYEN MARTHA HYJ5H I-.1IA1. , WALL1S OA11Y MliRHll.l, MICHAIil, WIUUNliANDMIVIISHlJIMIiKI PLUS 2nd BIG HIT! TiCHMicoLOi» p '«™ ELVIS PRESLEY "G. I. BLUES" IN COLOR ALSO COLOR CARTOON - NEWS ONLY A ROSE—It's hard to tell from this picture who radiates the most beauty, the In his search for (he "balanced! rose or Brigitte Bardot. It diet." Tommy say? he wants a va-j was taken at a party for the rtety of j-oies, 'not Just "light \ cast on a Rome wovie set. TOMTK AND MONDAY DIAL MO 48781 OPENS 7:30 SHOW 8:15 GREAT FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY An Avalanche of Fun! Walt Disney ffttsr-^s V JULES VTZRNE'S _y,. t ,.. — In search of the 6F&M ALSO COLOR CARTOON — LATK NEWS TECHNICOLOR fteitned fr| 6UEM tij ! * O^'htniiinn C« Inc -€.'96? **!! Dur\«f Cowboy Turns Comedian: Smile When You Say That, Podnuh ftearl the Nftws Classified Art* HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Tower* ing cowboy Clint Walker is becoming n comedian, and anybody with brains will laugh at his jokes. Whether Clint's jokes are good or bad, it's well to remember that toughing, like discretion, can be the better part of valor in his case. Clint was star of the Warner! Bros. "Cheyenne" series, which I went off the air recently after: more than seven years in produc-j tion. When the series ended, Walk-, er left Warners and is now appearing in rodeos and other television series. One of Clint's first appearances Pino Casa 922 DUNCAN MO 4-4439 Walker, a peaceful man unless las a television comedian will be j antagonized, stands 6-feet-6 weighs I on Jack Benny's show, a fine place 248 pounds and has shoulders I to start. which make his head look like "I think he's going to be very it's resting in the center of a;gcod," says Benny, who must look surfboard. I up to the rangy cowboy. Laundered To Order Call MO 9-DG83 LAUi\Dlll _ LINEN SERVICE City Wide Pick Up and Delivery Service 112 N. Hobart MO 9-%88 AND »AVt THE PERFECT TELEVISION COMPANIONS Bottled under Authority of tli« Coca-Cola Co. PAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Boltlerl under Authority of th« Fnnta n*verair« Co. I TV PROGRAMS FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 8 THE NEWS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE! 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News 11:00 IJo Flicker (cont) Channel 4 KGNC-TV, THURSDAY NBC 6:30 the 7:00 Ed Sullivan S:00 The Real JlrCovs :00 <i:30 Whiits 1 My Line IO-0'i—Jim Pratt ]i):lTi W fin her Report 10:2". 1> Flicker 10:-,5 .\Vw-s 11:00 15c Flicker/cont'd Channel 4 7:00 Today Show S :00 Major Comar S:15 King & Odie !':»n Say When 3:25 N'ews — NBC •>::io Play Vour Hunch 10:00 Price la Rl?ht 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Your First Impression 11 :30 Truth or Consequence^ 11:5. r . News NBC 13:00 News 12:10 Weather Channel 7 S:no .lacic LaLannt 9:30 Early Show 11 :00 Ann Sot hern 11:30 Seven Keys 12:00 Tennessee Ernie Show 12:30 Charlie Key* 1:00 Cieneral Hospital 1:30 Father Knows Best 2:00 Day In Court 2:25 Mid-Day Report Channel 10 6:25 Rural Minister 6:30 Travelogue 7:20 World Of Sporti 7:30 News Report 7:40 TV-lii Editorial 7:45 Freddie The Fireman 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Freddie The Fireman 9:30 I Love Lacy 10:00 The McCoys 10:30 Pete And Gladys 11:00 Love of LIU 11:25 CBS NEWS KGNC-TV, MONDAY 12:20 Ruth Brent Show 12:3,i Burns <t Allen 1:00 Tien Jerrod 1 :25 NBC News — L 1 :::o The. Doctors 2:"" Loretta Young 2:3') Ynu Pon'i Say ;;:«n The .Match Game 3:2.". NBC N"ws 3 :."0 Make Room For n. i dily 4:00 Major Cnmar 5:'"i Toei Bear 5:30 Major Comar ABC 4"i Huntlty • Brinkleyj «:00 New* r,:lf> Weather <<:25 Sports fi-::ii Movie S:.i'J Art Link-letter ShOW 9:<W Cain's Hundred Window i in The Wnrld Wratlier 'ports Tonight Show 7:00 T-Mlav Show S :fl't MH jor Comar X:I5 Kins £• Oilli? U:W) Say When f'.'l'i ,\>ws — XHC !> :30 Play Your Hunch |n 00 Tin- Pri'-e is Illght 10:3(1 Concentration 11:00 Your First Impression 11:3fl Truth or Con- se<iuen<:e§ 11:55. Ni v« 12:1)0 !'.:!" Weather 12:20 llutli Ureiit Show 12 •.",.'. Hiirn« .V Alli-n 1 1 .lerrn NfK L' ;|n N '.iij i inn'! S.iy ." ;iin The Maicn C.ame 3 ?~\ N e \v s 3:110 Mnke Room For I'addv 4 '00 Major Conmr &.uu yuick Draw Mo- Graw r> .Hi Major Comnr b:4E, lluntie> -Brlnltlej 6 :i>0 New* fi:I. - . Weal her d :'.'.*• Snorts I, ,:"\Y nli- Cnniil ry 7 •::" In Kll.l.uV ^ ,:n )i.i:-il Mini Ait'iv Williams III.IMI \\ \ndiiw (.111 The World 10:15 \\ eather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show Channel !»:"0 .la. k ''::'," lOni-l 1 '. -in Ann 7 L-iLanna v Sin,w Snt hr-rn M Kr\s l«: 10: KVII-TV, MONDAY J'"f| Jane \Vyman Presents J 00 Que.Mi For « Day 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:10 American Band- R vi nd 4 :30 Maverick 1:30 News 5:40 Weather 5:45 News fi:fm 6:30 Sea Th ABC Hunt [">akntan 7 :30 Rifiijmar S :0" Sloney Ilnrke 9'Hi.l Ren Casey 10:00 The Ileimlv 10:30 K-7 News 10 40 K-7 Weather 10:15 Million Dollar Baliy KFDA-TV, MONDAY 11:30 Searcii For Tom- 6:46 News arrow 11:4S The (-Jiiiding Light 12:00 Jim Pratt Newn U':10 Dan True Weather 12.-J4 Jack Tompkln* lj:3u AS The World Tunis 1:00 PaBgword V:30 Art Linkletter'i House Parly 2:00 Tell The Truth 2:25 CRS News, 2:30 The Millionaire 3:00 The Secret Storm 3:30 The F-Mge Of NI>!I(. 4:00 Freddie' The Fireman CBS Walter Cronkite S\nO News—Jim Pratt 6:20 Weather rteport fi :!0 To Tell the Truth 7 -.nil ]'\-i> licit a Secret 7:30 The Lucy Show S:flO Dannv Thomas 8:3n Andy Griffith It no Password 9:30 Lloyd Bride*" 10:0" News—Jim Pratt 10:15 Weaiher Report 10:2:. KFDA-TV Editorial 10:30 i.-.c Flicker 1fi:.'a News 11:00 15o Flicker .!'» i 'lifirlle Knys Show :'iO C.eiieral Hospital '.',<) Father Known Hest :»o Dav In Court :21 Mid-Day Report Channel 10 fi 2". Rural Minister s 30 Travelogue 7 I'll World Of Sportj 7:!ln News Report 7:40 KFDA-TV Editorial 7:45 Freddie The Fireman S:no Capt. Kangaroo 6:00 Freddie The Flr«. man 9:30 ' Love Lucy inmiTliH McCoys li' Pete And Ciladyi 11 .:>0 Love ot Life 11:25 CBS NEWS KVII-TV, THURSDAY 2 J" .Line Wyman I-'re- 7::IO Lea'. » •- • T i < ^ Jl-no tine. -ii fr.r a Pay S 3::;ci \\ h.< Do Trust ' 4 "" Alii, r HandEland ? ( . :u Ma\ i-ri'-k lii- Weather 1 " 1" 10:15 6 "n se!i Hnnt I .rn O'/.-ls »r<< Harriet 7:00 The Donn« Uced Show KFDA-TV, THURSDAY For Tom ABC, It To (le- me.r M-. Three S" -.1 M«-Hole's AM\ V A!' <»» prrmifc I itdiai'H [i-ihs Hai-.p K-7 \>ws K-7 UVathe- T\\'f> I'titvx From I I I I I I I I I I I I I 11 :30 Srar».v> orrow 11:4.1 The (luldlnr Light 12:00 Jim Pratt News 12:10 Dan 'j.rue Weather 12:2* Farm & Ranch Newt i Market* 12:30 As The World Turns 3 -.00 Password 1:30 Art Linkleiter'i House Party 2:00 Tell The Truth 2-2". CHS News 2:.",o The Millionaire X:00 The Secret Storm Z:30 The Edge Of Nlfht c&s Fir«4:00 Freddie The man 1:15 Th« Adventuret of Superman 1:45 News Walter Cr- onklta 1:00 New*—Jim Pr»tt «:20 Weather Report 6:30 Fair Exchange 7:00 Perry Mason 8 oo Twilirht Xon» 9 no The Nr.rses 1»:00 News—Jim Prult in 1". Weather Report 10.25 KFPA-TV Editorial 10:30 i:,c Flicker 10-TvS News 1! :00 I5a Flicker fcont) Channel 4 Chonnel 4 7:OOTodav Shor<8:00 Major Comar 8:45 King- & (idle Suv Whe S:25 News — NBC "::<n Piny Your Hunch 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Your First Impression 11:30 Truth or Conse- sequences 11:55 News Channel 7 9:00 Jack LaLanne fc.'iii Karly Show 11:0'i Ann Sothern 11:30 Seven Koy.« 12:0u ICrnia 12:30 Charlie Keys Show 1 :HO fit-neral Hospital 1:30 Father Knows Best 2:00 Day In Court Channel 10 6:2.1 Rural Minister 6:30 TraveloKiie 7:;'" World Of Sports 7:30 News Report 7:40 KFDA-TV Editorial 7:45 Freddie The Fireman 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Freddie The Fireman »:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 The McCoys 10:30 Pete And Glady» 6. "0 6:15 KGNC-TVJUESDAY l!:0n Xews 4:f" U' In Weather 5:4 11? 1,'fi Garrlen Show 12:.>n Ruth Urent Show 12:15 Industry on Pa ra d e 1:00 Ren .lerrod 1 :2S NI1C News — Ij 1:3u The Doctors :OU Lure'ta Young Show 2:3ii You D.HI'I Sny .1 oo The .Match Cam* '•'< .'.''. \» \vs 3:30 Makf Room For Paddy NBC Ma lor Comar lluutl(-y Urmkley News Weather 6 •',!•"> Spurts S:l!0 Perspective On (ireainrss 7:^10 Kmplr'' S .:;M I ilck Powell Th.Mlre l> :M Ilipi'urd d "D Windnw On The KVII-TV, TUESDAY 10:15 Weather 40:2". Sports 10:30 Tonisht Show 7:"H TmlRV 3>liJ» S :00 Major Comar *.i."> Kins A- Odin MHO Say When 8:25 News — NBC :> :.i" I'Uy Your Hunch 10:0il The Prh-e fn Right 10::ia Conesntratlon 11:00 Tonr Fir?t ImprMsion II :30 Truth or Con- .-einiences 11:55 New» 12:00 .Newi KGNC-TV, FRIDAY NBC 1510 Weather R-.30 Window On Th« World HTlnklsy .C :'.'" i 'iiirden Show K''"» llutli lir.Mit .Show 1" l'i Industry On Paradw 1 no lien Jermd I I'.'i N'Hi' \.MM» — L I .:in The Doctors 2-ciii I.nretta Vnunp 2:"'i Ymi Don't Say :' '"i Tlie Match (lame. 3 lo M;il,e For I-addv 4 00 Major Comar 1:00 Newt 1:1.'> Wenth«f fi -2S Sport.' n ^o IntrniHtfonal Stiovv 11 me 7-30 Mii.-h Miller X-.ln I'-t-t.-B is l-:iuli( '• "" .I:i.-k r.inr Show 10 no win.|,-w rin Th« Wo,-!,| 10:15 Weather V :!•"> Sport* 10:30 Tonight Show Channel 7 ABC Mid-Pay Report 2:.'!<! Jan.- Wymati 1 "resents t 10 Queen For A Day 3.31. 5Vho Po you Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 4 :3n Maverick 5:30 New- 5:40 Weaiher B:45 News KFDA-TVJUESDAY fi:00 Sea Hunt C,:"it Comhat 7-3ii Hawaiian S 30 ITiilnuchahles D.;in Pesilu Playhouse 10:!!i) K-7 N'ews 10:40 K-7 Weaiher 10:4". Life Line 10:t."i Fighting 'iiltli 5:nO .lark I.aT.anne 0::;o Knrlv Show 1 1 -.00 Ann Sol IUTII I I :3') Seven Ki-ys 1 L' "0 TpunrrtKf-e P.rnis 12:30 Charlie Keys Shuw 1 :HO Central Tl'isplul 1 ;!n Father Knows JJest 2 'in |iav In Court 2"J". Mid-liay Hrport Channel 10 fi :;"> I'.ural Minister KVII-TV, FRIDAY id ,Tnno Wyman Pre- fi-nn Sea 3:0n Queen For A Pay 3:110 Who Do You Trust »:0'i American Band- r t a IT*. 4 ::M Maverick F, 3.1 News '. in v\ .-.ulier it , l.'i Neu 3 Hunt i: .'.'i t 'Ii. \ . nnf 7 ::o The Kllnisi 5."" I'm In. ken I'enster P'liiset Thriller K-7 W.-.i ABC nes - 1 i f ' S:3f> 77 Strip KFDA-TV, FRIDAY 11 :3n Sejin-h l''or Tom- (,.]' The 11 :00 Love, of Life, 11:2:. CRS News 11 :30 Search For Tomorrow 11:4.1 CJiiidiiis Light 12:NO Nc-ws 12:10 Weather 12:20 Jack Tompklns J2:3« As the World Turns 1:0t) Password 1 .-.'in AM Linklettfr 2:iiii To Tell the Truth 2:2.'. CRS News, 2:30 The Millionaire 3:00 The Secret Storm 3:30 Kdee of Night the CBS Fire- 5.15 C (in ij'2n f. :u " I'll 7 :IO 4-00 Freddie man News News Report Weather Mr. K.I lli'lllll'SPV lied Shelion S .'Id Jac I; K»nnv !i no Carry Moore. 10 :0n News • Jim Pratt 10.15 \V«>:illier Rpport 10:2:, KKDA-TV Editorial 1D::!0 '".I- Flicker 10.:,:, News 11:00 lac Flicker Coni'd Wnnd <M Sports N'i'ws P.eport Editorial Tha Fir«- nrrow CBS AiU entui es of 7 in TV-1" 7:45 l-'rrddie 8:00 Channel 4 7:fl» Tr.uav Show 8:00 ^fajor Comar s:to Kins A. Odin •• !-' v \Vhei 9:25 News — NBC '•::n l'i;,v Your Hunch 10:00 Price l«, Rijfht 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Yuur First Impression 11:30 Truth or Con- sentences 11:55 News Channel 7 !>:00 Jack* !>::!0 Karly Sh-jw 11 :00 Ann Sothern 11 :IIO Si-veu Kf> s 12:3U Charlie Keys Show 1 :'iO I'.rnpral Hospilt,! 1 :'M Father Knows Best 2:00 Imy In Court 2:25 Mid - Da y Report KGNC-TV, WEDNESDAY NBC 12:00 New» 12:10 Wnatlier 12 :^o Hulh ttren' 12:.','5 Hums & Allen I :oo lien Jcrro- 1 1 :2."i NHC News — Li 1 :.'!(> The nurtor.i 2:oo J,orettit VmiiiK 2 : :',u Yon Pon't Say S :oo The Match (iHine ." ,'J.j New 8 Make Itoum For Daddr Major Ccunar 5:00 Hudileherry lloumi :3o lluntley -Brlnkley t:nn Nf-w.s 6:15 Weather 6:25 Sport." S;i'ii IViry Ciiino :jf<\\ J:nii l-'.l.'v nth II ]n.'in \\ imlow i in The. \\ ni I.I 10:15 Wr.iiliei 10:25 Sporti. 10 :"0 Tonlitht Show KVII-TV, WEDNESDAY ABC Capl. KanRaroo Show 9:00 F.i-ddie The Fireman ».30 ' i,rve f.ncy 10 -On Tlie MrCdv.s lO:!','! 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