Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1946 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1946
Page 9
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Buckner of Lubbock, chairman of literature, will give the invocation. Houston Bright of Canyon will present a special vocal solo, and dinner music will be played by Hershel Coffee, Matilda Gaume and Glenn Truax, also of Canyon. Mrs. Scott, state president, will give the address, Business and reports of the district department chairman will be heard Friday morning beginning al !) o'clock, wllh Mrs. J. W. Walker of-Plainview, discussing fellowships and scholarships. Mrs. M. V. Terry of Sudan, youth guidance chairman, will give the invocation, and a vocal solo will be sung by Ellen Posey of Canyon. Mrs. Scott will bring the address of the morning when she emphasizes, "Peacetime Challenge to Women." Club reports will be read at 11 o'clock, preceding the Merit luncheon to be held at noon. Mrs. L. E. Slate of Sudan, second vice president, will preside at this event, honoring board members, and Mrs. O. B. Jackson of Flainview, will give the invocation. The a capella choir of Amarillo high school, directed by Julia Dean Evans will render choral selections. Outstanding district achievements will be recognized. Final program of the convention will include a discussion of "Youth Conservation", directed by Mrs. Lewis Goodrich oi Shamrock, chair man, with Mrs. G:ace Hodge of Pampa, as guest speaker. Invocation will be given by Mrs. J. A. Hill, Canyon, life member, and a panel digest of club reports will be discussed. New clubs will be- presented by Mrs. Kinard, to be followed by the announcement of awards, and adjournment. Pampa club women holding offices are: Mrs. Harrah, district president; Mrs. H. H. Hahn, district secretary; Mrs. George Hepner, state chairman of comparative government; Mrs. Curtis Douglass, state member of the resolutions committee; Mrs. Knox Kinard, department chairman of legislation; Mrs. R. W. Lane, district chairman of spiritual guidance; Mrs. Roy McKernan, district chair- \ man of public health, and Mrs. L. K. Atohloon, ehalttfiAti of finance and Insurance. ntOrr-niff-T-f--; T.E.L. Class Has Washington Party SHAMROCK, March 2 (Special)— Tlic T. E. L. slass of tlip First Baptist church were entertained with a party nt the Lesion Hut Thursday evening. Teachers of the adult department and husbands of the members were special quests. The losing group in an 'attendance . contest within (he class served as hostesses. Mrs. Charles Cartr-nhcwl and Mrs A. N. Holmes were )>rlw winners in n v/OJ'U contest. Gumcs of "42" pro- viclcd entertainment throughout the evening. Score cards were handmade, accenting Washington's birthday, and minature hatchets were used as favors on the refreshment plates. Those present included: Rev. and Mrs. Edw. C. Derr; Messrs, anci Mmcs. Johnnie Reevos, W. H. Buicc. George Porch, Ward MePherson, Milt Williams, A. A. Byrd. Lewis Goodrich, and George L. Stanley, and Mr. Derwood Boland. Mines. Myrtle Marchbanks, Bill Wilson, Helen Lea Cox, Winnie Nix, Bert Boland, Charles Cadenhcad, L. E. Oldham. .1, P. Hall, R. A. Nichols, sr., A. N. Holmes, A. J. Hunt, Flake George <incl J. P. Shortt, teacher of the class. FREE BOOK-On Beclal Troubles Why Neglect May Lead To Associated Ailments 40-page FREE BOOK—tells facts about Piles, Rectal Abscess, Fistula and other rectal and colon disorders ;also related ailments and latest corrective treatments. Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 369, McGee, Kansas City, Mo. adv. Twentieth Century Club Has Time Quiz SHAMROCK, March 2 (Special)— The Twentieth Century club was entertained in the home of Mrs. M. V. Cobb Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. R. Stuart Tisdal as co-hostess. Pyrocantha ncrries and every- grccns in attractive arrangement were used to decorate. Mrs. Charlie Bock had charge of the program, giving a Time magazine quiz. A Washington's birthday theme was carried out in refreshments which '.vcro served at the close of the program. !=peci;il guests were Mme,-.. Thur- inan Adkins. Dave Skidmore and Ed Schaflncr. Members attending were: Mmes. Robert Baxter, Charlie Bock, W. R. Doty, Glenn LaDue, G. B. Miller, Art Fleming, Bert Betenbough and the hostcssss. «~ The yak furnishes thft natives of Tibet with meat, milk, butter, clothing, rope, transportation, fuel and beats. i -^ — A discarded starter motor is th power plant of a midget electric aut built from scrap parts by a 12-year olti Schenectady boy. Temporary r.eliel tor symptoms of bronchia/ ASTHMA •' ,COMT>ANY AT YOfi Soft Water IS NOW AVAILABLE TO EVERY HOME IN PAMPA ON A SERVICE BASIS At last you can have Soft Water in your home without any investment, bother or worry. , • • Think of it! 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Bell of Floydada, a junior and former pursuit pilot with the llth air force in Alaska, has been elected president of the W'jst Texas State college- veterans organization for the 5>pi ing semester. Bell spent four years in the army and rose to th;; rank of first lieutenant. Ho attended the University of Chattanooga two years before the war. His ruai'ir suhjrel. Is indus- triul arts. Other officers of the association are Lindsey Boyd of Pampa, vice- president; Eldridqe W. Brown of Anadarko. Okla., secretary-treasurer; and Olin E. Hinkle of Canyon, sponsor. Veterans enrolled for the spring semester number 190, and foi'mer service men are arriving each week. In any emergency of the future, time will force our hand. The world is much smaller today than it was even in 1941.—Maj.-Gen. Lewis B. Hershcy, selective service director. fixpedwqa Mother's Friend massaging preparation helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, nn exquisitely prepared emollient, la useful In nil conditions where a, bland, mild anodyne massage medium In skin lubrication la desired. One condition In which women for more than 70 years have used It Is an application for massaging the body during pregnancy... it helps keep the ckln sort and pliable... thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort clue to dryness nml tightness. It refreshen and tones the Ekln.Au Ideal massage application for the numb, tingling or burning sensations of tins skin ... lor the tired baclc muscle* or cramp-like pains In the legs. Quickly absorbed. Delightful to use. Highly praised by users, many doctors and nurses. Millions of bottles sold. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend—the akin emollient and lubricant. Do try It. Mother's Friend Past Matrons Have Valentine Party SHAMROCK, March 2 (Special)— The H. P. Mundy home was the scene of a party for the Past Matrons of the Order of Eastern Star Thursday evening. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Jack Montgomery, Mrs. H. B. Hill and Mrs. Claude Montgomery. A Valentine theme was carried out in decorations and the group played "hearts" for entertainment. High Sunday, Mdrett 3,194$ PAMPA NIWS scot* #?«* -Wte awarded to Mrs. J. ft. Glafk. lii & contest, Mrs. B. P. leers'!! ah3 "Mrs. Clark were winners t>f pmes. A salad course was served to the following past matrons: Mmes. J. B. Clark, C. L. Rcavis, J. T. Weems, B. F. Kersh, Euell Bradley, Wade Atkinson, J. F. Shortt, H. E. Forgy, Milt Williams, Charles Palmer ana the hostesses. Canada's hat aftd cafr turinfc Industry Is optfftt firms,, of which 62 are l&frted Jtt the province of Quebec. First factory on Arhericah fi&l made glass beads for Indian trade, and the surplus became o\lfr ftfrst manufacteured export to Englahd. «*» ;—-_ \< • " Read Pampa News CiasstfWsa Ms Springtime Calls For Something New in Your Home Kneehole Desk Practical nnd decorative addition to any home. 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