Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 25, 1961 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
Page 4
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THE PAMPA BAILV NfiwS WEDNESDAY, OCrOBEfc 25, ISSi •ni&ix? > w^tofiff* .... y*??*^^ Weapons' Effect Study Topif For Course At Aijstin "The Effects of Motififti Weap* ons" -Will be' the' Mdy 'theme for I the third in a ..levies, of seven 'lecture courses! sponsored by the City Couhell PfA'-tnd instructed by Mrs. J.,A. Watson of Amarillo. , , , • "'/he .sfudyV.ViH ta!g}ti,,at 9:30 a.m. .in Stephen & Ati&tin Ele- triernary School and will *cbficlude at )f:307'a,^ r ', &>\^-" '' '" Mrs. Watson will introduce the topic with two fitfns, "Operation Ivy" and "Operation Cue." The study will cmphar.i/e the effects of n twenty 'megaton atomic bomb. Three of .the main effects to be considered and explained are; 1) the danger and dosage of weapons; 2) where damage ?. o n e s | will be from ground Zero; 3) the rate of decay of radio active materials after explosion. Members of the Austin PTA unit will serve refreshments during the inlermissit.n between the first and secorid parts of the lecture. The third section of each study is a question and answer period. One .hundred and eighteen PTA members and school officials attended the second meeting Jield last Thursday at Travis School. A nursery will be provided for preschool children attending with their parents. SOCIAI m VISUAL ART SHOW — Twentieth Century Club held a preview yesterday of its Visual Arts Show for members and guests at a Guest Day Tea in Lovett Memorial Library. The paintings are by area and local stude nts of Dord Fitz; some of which were shown in the Burr Galleries in New York'City. The Visual Art Show will hang for two weeks and the public is invited to go by and view them at their convenience during the library's open hours. Or private viewings for classes or groups may be had by contacting Mrs. Raymond Harrah or Mrs, Joe Gordon of Twentieth Century Club's Fine Arts Gommiif'.e. Pictured above viewing "Inspi ration" done by Mrs. Gordon is, left to right, Mrs. Richard Stowers, TC president and Mrs. Tom Rose, member of the Fine Arts Committee, (Daily News Photo) 't Your individuality makes you a memorabls person. So don't try to make yourself a carbon copy of anyone else. The teen • ager who tries for a short period lo imitate a favorite actress, follows-with a spell of aping the school beauty, then steals the stuff of a popular movie star, never gives herself a chance to develop her own style, It's not smart to toss away your own individuality. After all, what's the... percentage, in beirjg a poor carbon copy of the original? If, for example, a new shade of blue crops up in the fashion world, and every givl in your' crowd simply "must have it," b; a bit above the crowd if the shade doesn't look right on you. Don't worry about being criticized. You've got a sensible answer if you're nagged about why you didn't buy "the blue." Even the boys in your group will be smart enough to appreciate a girl who has enough on the ball to stick to her guns. Ex- a Co ca t j plain your reason tactfully, ! Ihriugh. No need to sound superior. You'll not lose your popularity, and may even convince a few of I he other girls that they can be individuals and still be part of the crowd. Beauty Frames At .any store where eye glass frames are sold, you will, hem- such comments as "Those plaid Mrs. A. J, Rollins Lefors Club Prexy LEFORS (Spl) — Mrs. A. J. Rollins was elected president of the Lefors Home Demonstration Club at a meeting held recently in the home of Mrs, B. J. Diehl. Other officers are Mines. F. M. Cox, vice president; 0. 0, Bishop, secretary; Charles Roberts, treasurer; John Lantz, corresponding secrstary; W. E. Elliott, reporter; F. M. Cox, council delegate. Mrs. Cox presented a program on "Children And Their Money." Mrs, A. M. Dickerson, president, presided «t the business meeting, Plans were discussed for making gifts for Senior Citizens to be given tit Christmas. Mrs. Sylvester Torres was welcomed as a new member. Refreshments wore served during the socinl hour. Others attend'ng were Mmes. A. J. Rollins, W. E. Melton, 0. 0,, Charles Roberts. A. M. Dickerson, John Lantz, F. M. Cox, and B. J. Leuiinger, i harlequins arc just for me!" or, "Look al those blue upswept, frames. Aren't they marvelous?" And , so you know that glasses have assuredly become fashion , acces-. sories. But remember when you choose frames to be sure you have given thought to where -you'll wear Ihem, the shade that will go best with most of your clothes, and the contour that's best for your fnce. Your lenses should be large enough not to cut off the outer edge of your eye. The width across -the top should be slightly wider than your face. Your frames should follow, generally, the line of your brows, but never hide it completely. When you wear make - up, be sure it doesn j t clash wit' the color of your frames. You can go a little more heavily on eye make-up thnn those who don't wear specs, , Don't be shy about wearing'glas- ses. Perky frames can improve rather thnn detract from your good looks. Courtesy Is Charm Courtesy is an integral part of chnrm. And if you constantly keep your escort wailing, you are guilty of a breach of good manners. When you suggest that your date call for you at eight o'clock, ;you should be ready at that time. You'll look better for one thing, for (here will be no last - minute hurry about clothing or makeup, and your consideration of him will boost your popularity index. Don't made the mistake of think- iug lateness spells sophistication, ' it (<i",s soell is rudeness, "OSCAR" NOMINEES •(??) — A play, "It's Cold In Them Thar Hills" will be presented by PTA members of the Lamar unit as a highlight of. its Family Night oh Thursday with performances planned at 7 p.m. and at '8 p.m.. Dinner will ' be served in " .'the cafeteria beginning at 5:30 p.m. Play principals are left to-right;,' Joy" Thomas, preacher; Mrs. Ray Timmons as Maw; Bo'Brown as Paw; Mrs.''Don Kepper as Snod- dy.and Don Atchley. as Zeke, assisted by ah additional cast of 16: Messrs, and Mmes. " •£rr-tc Pulse; Casey Brown, Mmes. P. Daniel, Elizabeth Sanders, Ray Franke, >'A| Ferguson, Charlotte Haynes, Dick Sierman, Jessie Downs, Rpnda Hendrix,- Don Atchley, Messrs. Charlie Rhyne, Carl Thomas. • . u. Politeness Should Overrule Superstition By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: My husband and i "business." His normal h o m e- f and our four children plan to! comin g tin ">e is around 9:00 p.m., drive to British Columbia to visit his sister, her husband and their five children- We have t h r,e e week's vacation coming. Haven't seen these folks for four years, and think it would be lots of fun. We will stay with them, of course, since we don't know anyone else up there. Now for our problem: Should we let them know we are coming, or should • we just drive up to their back door and surprise them? My husband is sort of superstitious and says it is bad luck to reveal your plans in advance, and he wants to surprise them, Would this be proper? B. C- BOUND DEAR B. C. BOUND: This would be HIGHLY improper, and J.I suggest you write first. Your husband's sister might be superstitious about thirteen people in a home that ordinarily houses sev- ! en. ; ; DEAR ABBY: How do you tactfully tell a .neighbor woman that you would like to entertain once in a while without her presence? Every time a car drives into my driveway, my neighbor "joins us- She is a good neighbor in many ways, but we do not travel in the same circles. Many of my friends do not care for her. (Her language is a bit on the vulgar side.) I'don't want to hurt her feelings, as we both own our own homes and I like to be on good terms with my neighbors, but if I don't find a solution to this problem my husband is going to but lately he has been pulling in at 4:30 and 5:00 a^m. When I ask him where he's been, he says at the corner tavern. They close the place at 2:00, but he claims that just means they lock the door and tlort't let any more customers in, but anyone who is already in can | stay as long as he likes. Is this true? Or am I just plain— GULLIBLE DEAR GULLIBLE: True or untrue, the real question is, "What has the corner tavern got that your home hasn't got from 9:00 P'm. to 5.00 a.m.?," If you don't firfd out, you are more than "gullible," clear. You're sunk! .Everyone has a problem, What's yours? For a personal reply, write to Abby in care of this paper. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope- Medical Auxiliary President Sets Theme Of Information And Service- For Year WEDNESDAY } fl 8:00 - Jaycee-Ettes, City .Ctujl Room. l v THURSDAY 3:30 — PTA Study Coufed of Civil Defense, Stephen 1 P/ Austin "Effect Of Modern Weapons." 2:30 — Senior Citizens Center? Lovett Memorial Library. ' 7:30 — Pampa Rebekali Lodge) tOOF Hall, 800 E. Foster. { 8:00 — Epsilon Sigma AlphJ Sorority, Rush Party in the home of Mrs. Charles Robison, 120C Charles. 8:00 — St. Margaret Guild. St. Matthew's Episcopal Pafisl' Hall, 727 W. Browning. ' f • •• • Zl Missionettes Hold Officer Ceremony ; The Senior Missionettes of the' First Assembly of God Church' held an installation of officers at' a recent meeting of the group, ! Incoming officers are Sharronf Mangus, president; Gwyn Schlum-f bohm, vice president; Denise'" Ball, publicity chairman; ' Linda McCoy, secretary rfnd Pat Rhode,] chaplain., 'p The Rev. '.I, S. MpMuIlen ,con-i if ducted the candlelighting ceremony assisted by Louise Frost, leader. Rev. McMullen charged each F officer with her duty and "each i lighted a candle from a central ? candle held by Miss Frost.' '" Leaders of the Senior Mission-' ettes are Miss Frost and Miss La- JU verta Harris. Top o' Texas Medical Auxiliary held a dinner meeting recently in the Hotel Borger. During the business meeting, conducted by Mrs. W. W. Massad, president, Mrs. Julian Key reported that the Future Nurses Club in Pampa now has 27 members and their current project is participating in the "All School Carnival." Money made from this project will be used to send delegates to the state convention of the Future Nurses of America [his spring.. , }. Mrs. Joe^ Donaldson of Pampa introduced, the.,guest speaker for the evening, Mrs. G. G. Zedler of Austin, president of the Women's Auxiliary to the Texas Medical Association. Mrs. Zedier stated that the theme for the year is "Information and Service". She discussed briefly the following projects of the Women's Auxiliary to the Texas Medical Association: 1) American Medical Education Fund; Civil Defense; Nurse Recruitment; Safety; Science Fair; Senior Citizens; Legislation and Public Relations. "The most important project of all is "Legislation and Public Re- lations," Mrs. Zedler informed the group.. She stressed the importance of practicing "individual public relations as well as group relations. ' On the subject of Socialized Medicine, she said, "We should do our best' to inform the public of the hazards of socialized medicine and make them aware of what it would mean to them as well as to the doctors." : She recommended the reading of two articles in the October issue of Readers', Digest, "America, Beware of the Welfare State" and "What's Happened To Patriotism?" ' ' She pointed out thai' "we should fight' socialism of : all''types, "not only in medicine." .-"'•'' " '" Members attending, 'V addition co. t ho s e previously mentioned were Mmes. Marvin'Overton, Etf Williams, Carl Lang, Royce Layl cock, Raymond W. Laycock; Frank Kelley, M. McDaniel, all of Pampa: Mmes. T. P. Wallace, Larry Hanson, : Rex Prewitt, Ivan W. Hull, Paul H. Powell.Jr., Harvey Hays, .Lynn Hollis, Wv W. Stephens, W. C. Barksdale and Mahlan Ingham. ; f er National State And Local Roles In Civil Defense Told By Speaker The second lecture of the PTA American Radar Warning system City Council sponsored study course on Civil Defense was held Oct- 19 in Travis School with Mrs. J. A. Watson of Amarillo as instructor. The 118 PTA members and school officials registered were informed of the three main contingencies, which affect civil defense- These are "International Tension", "Limited War" and "General War," "The mission of the civil defense is the protection Crush-Proof Collar Shirt Laundry do it for nie, and it won't be of life"and property," Mrs, Wat- pleasant, 'son stated. HELPLESS HOSTESS I "The National Plan," Mrs. Wat- DEAR HELPLESS: No one who son said, "assumes that each per- has a desire for privacy with the courage and a voice to proclaim that desire need be "helpless" against an in'rudeiv' Inform her in a kindly way that, when you son and all governments, national, state and local, share in the responsibility of Civil Defense-" A film, "Your Civil Defense" was shown, depicting natural and have guests, you'd like to enter- man - made disasters and how Bob Clements Dry Cleaning 1137 N. lloburt MQ 5-5121 tain them alone, DEAR ABBY: My husband is in real estate,and he is out almost every night of the week on the Civil Defense plan works, The film brought out that the reduction of vulnerability is up to the government. To warn us of attack, the United States has the North called NARAD; the Distant Early Warning System called DEW Line; and our local sirens; Con- Friendship Class Has Social Meet Friendship Class of the'Church of God met Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Ernest Willis, 826 E, Craven for a luncheon and exchange of Secret Pal gifts, elrad on the local radio stations \ The class is engaged in-making at 640 and 1240 on the dial and aprons and pillows as a project, the telephone system. Attending were Mmes. Marvin Nichols," Lester Aylor, James Rigsby, Charles Fleming, Bruce Topper, Tom Tenguei Waymon McPherson, Gene Willis, Ruby Harris, Carol Dir.ckson, L. C. Pennington, L. R. Brumfield, Elvoid Callan, Ernest Willis and Arthur Pfeil. The next meeting for the class will be on Nov. 15 ct 7:30 in the church, 701 E. Campbell. Japanese Customs: Related To Club • LEFORS (Spl) - Mrs. Dunny, ( Goode, dressed in a Japanese cos-:,/-, tume, related "Life In Nagoya J3 Japan" for members of. the Art•{.'.; and Civic Club at a meeting held:"j ! in. Civic Center recently. . She discussed first-hand, experiences in that country- and show-J ed films of her.l'/ 2 years' stay in.f Japan. . \ Roll call .was answered by nam- j ing cities in Japan. j Mrs. Carl Hall, federation counselor, announced that' Oct. 16-21 was National Bible Week. Mrs. j L.I R. Spen'ce was* elected chair- \ -ixian pro tern of the-finance com- i ..niittee. Plans, were discussed for | a.,bazaar ialbe.Jield Nov. 7. ! Mrs. R.'H. Barren .reported, on j ^he .cemetery; project. f Refreshments; were.. served by Mrs/ Fred Blackwell,' hostess. Attending were Mmqs. R a y. Chastain, Earl, Atkinson, A 1 e x' Swenn, .J. D. Harr, a guest, J. E. Carter, B. J.- Thacker, Charles' Roberts, Bud Cumbcrledge, C. H. Gustin, Lee-Airington, C. C. Mullins; Misses Beryl Hixson, an d 'Norma"Lantz. "INFORMATION comes from the Red Cross, Civil Defense and Conelrad MAINTENANCE of law and order is assumed by Boy Scouts, National' GuarJ and local law - enforcement agencies," the speaker outlined, "MONITORING for radioactivity is done in Pampa by the Soil Conservation Department. DETECTION, IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL of biological warfare is carried on by the Health Department. EMERGENCY WELFARE SERVICE is done by Civil Defense and Red Cross," "Local stockpiles of food and drugs should be sufficient for at least a month." the speaker said. Starts Thursday 2 FEATURES! IN'COLOR! "ATLAS" "PIRATE OF BLACK .HAWK" STEADY DOES IT You'll have-no trouble holding your lipstick brush steady if you rest your elbow on the dressing table and the point of your little finger against your chin. Read the News Classified Ads are If your ic a He red bills geH'ing you down . . . olidate *hem into one monthly payment by getting the extra C-A-S-H you need atS.I.C. Just $23.1 1 a month pays back a $480.00 loan. For service while you wait, tee the folks at S.I.C. today! • * • • i INYlSTIitMT (OHPANT 500 West Kingsmilt Phone: MObawk 4-8477 SPECIAL SERVICES WITH v»» of Anchorage, Alaska Former Pampa Resident Enjoy J. D, RAY FEATURING: Royce Grant 9 Song Leader § Soloist WID M OCT 25 7;30 P.M, KINSSMILL COMMUNITY CHURCH E. K. CCHtNJSU', P4STOK Gospel Preaching Old Fashioned Singing Begyfiful Colored Slides of Alaska OUTDOOR ADVENTURE IN REAL WESTERN STYLE! ROCK HUDSON * KIRK DOUUiAS DOROTHY MALONE josiiwraQiiw Opeg 6:45 — Now-Sat. lOc Concession Coupon With E*ch Ticket Sold! Si*rU Sun, Roibt, Mitchum "LAST TIME J SAW ARCHIE" MO 4-- 2569 Open 1:45 — jinds Tonight SUSA.X HAYWAHD "BACK STREET" Starts Thursday FREE DIG THIS DKAL! A FREE RECORD OF JIMMY CLANTON SINGING THE TITLE SONG TO THE FIRST 500 TEENAGERS! L \

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