Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 3, 1967 · Page 14
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 14

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 3, 1967
Page 14
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SUUftlN 3, 1W WORLD'S WfF/f The McNamara Mystery . ' ANNOUNCfcMCNTS 1 Did he fall or did ho jump, or the job, longest term ever held Vietnamese government. Senators OK Loan Of Naval Vessels 3rd Thursday Of each monlh at 7:36 p m % tMfi ASSOCfAtfit} PttfcSS very many converts. He's ad- »,ROWN "COUNTY ASSOCIATION POR , . » . , 4 . f .tw**tniL«rH ^•luinnr^kl MM*.**. itt««4 WASHINGTON (AP) - The mg pnmanly as a catalyst for Senate has passed a bill extend- dissIdenls."-Tt*as Gov. John ine lhe loan of 25 U.S. naval B. Conhally, — "- - fi'ftooii Lodge No. 2W A.F.&A.M. meets ist fhursday eacfi fftohtfi at 7:30 fr.HL Srownwood Corrirnantferv No. J? fhrcfj HIE ASSOCIATED PRESS lieve thai after .even year* in out the knowledge of the South the Unit ed Sgos.Jhe ^nilrcT ^^^^^ | Sen. Eugene J, McCarthys de- But it included this proviso: in Reddv Kilowatt Room For Information call Mrs. Ferris Clements at IIP amara can Ihis: Secretary of Defense eft S. McNamara has accepted lhe position of president of the World Bank and will leave his Cabinet post early Reports about I uf oven before (he iMKhPfT Thr "Mr- bv any one man. McNamara Treaty Organizalion-to get the i^ o-ir «t,,, „, ,»„ „ M^MSS^^fS^;^.- Tf A. ^^~S »- wiUi little i-lrar but i Namara and he's the leader of his candidacy for the Democrat- j being. Bono of con cntion ,n the hem g, to^wai against a nat on »nh MI,O hank if prcsccn a nomination ; centuries-old dispute is the rola-. J uin wmcn mi umu.u OICI.L.S Hob the bank. ^ Thursday, challenging Presi- lionship of the dominant Greek | has a mutual defense treaty. couple of old Rcncrals came dent Johnson on the Vietnam is- j Cypriote on the Mediterranean I" other words, said Sen. Jo- till, snmn "hawkish" (trait- sue. McCarthy, in announcing i island and the minority Turkish , scpn 6. uark, u i a., me to enter Democratic pri- L.A.P.M. meets sf t p.m. first and thira Fridays of mo. at 7 p.m. Both meet- 1 maries against President John- me «» 'OOF Han. with some 'If «nCl V..HMIOI Ilia, Srflll lit: lilt. 1 inianu |JOl uinnn u iv iiiouiv., ••• ,, Omar N Bradlcv «cu mere is so much dissatisfac- the security and political rights, ^ ^ft popguns on a TuosdavnS tcloS aci-' Hon in (he nation over (ho Vint- of the minority. Greek Cypriote The bill was sent lo a House- - - « n .» .. «* llir,( "(lirti-rt io V rtrti\r1 i f\r\r\r\vn it Whllp Inn mt'Pat nf H differences. Central Java Daof/i Count 160 VFW AUXILIARY ! Post No. 3J78 'meets (I I p.m. Jnd , and <th Thursdays of month st '/FW i Hall. Call Mrs. Jim Beasley at M3- ' 459? for Information. BROWN COUNTY A&M MOTHERS CLU8 Meets 2nd Thursday o* e». mn For Information call Mrs. Don German at BROWN COUNTY REGISTERED NURSES ASSN meets Jnd Tnurs night each mo. t 7:30 p.m. In member* homes. Call Mrs. Copeland at 443-S383 tor Information. committee , jj y T HK ASSOCIATED PttESS MEMORIAL METHODIST CHURCH . _. Meets each Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. For JAKARTA. Indonesia (AP) — policy When the World Bank di- F"»Kv- "•'-" — •"—••;•.": ri Cambodia as uoii Fiscn- movements of disiclent Demo- situation remains. rectors voted, somewhat artticli- ^ na LamnoaiH ,ts \uit ^>^" Negri membership in •Spring Country ban r \p) _ Three admitted lo the Indian n subur- 1 The death loll from a wall of nam and into neighboring Laos decision to run would polarize • nent settlement of the Cyprus crats. already organi/.ed in sev- rcnomma ion m j • lo"'H'membership vote al'lhe Iry clubs in the Washington Turkey and Greece oncp fnilctl Nations General Asscm- area lo accc P l Negroes. 55 again u'ent to lhe brink of war bly. For the 18th year, it was re Information call Mrs. J. W. Clark at 645-6561. water released bv a broken dam i BROWNWOOD ART ASSN. ,, . . , („ trn , Meds Jnd Sat. ol ea. mo. at HPC It1 Central Java rose 10 iml , Art Studio, 1:30 p.m. For intormatoon, call Mrs. Charles Stewart at 643-5258. Afifi6Urte§fH§nfs I PECAN VALL6V LOOG6 No. M«~8oS rrieefs every Tuesday night at 8, corner Fisk and Lee Por information CUII W. H. Moblev. 643-5909. fl. ot R T. meets 4lb Monday ol eacA month Adams Street Communitv Cen- fftr at 7 p.m. Por Information c«f| -. N. Vogel. 643-3541. TOPS CLUB -nests rvory Tuesday at 7'jfi pm at ftrovvnwood CohseuTt 1st Sna 3rd fupsdav of rrranth Call Call Mrs. G. C. Medcalf. 645-W16. OWENS COMMUNITY CENTER Open esr.h Saturdav night for games, music and other wholesome and cieail entertainment Vfslror-, Invited to attend Call Mrs. EutS Davldf.on S43-56C*. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS STUDY GROUP O A A.S.W. meets ft t4 p m. 3rd Wed (f month Call «A^S Ruth Cole at 6/15-47^5 for Inforfation. BROWHWOOD 6AROEM CLU8 meet* third Thursday M ?:30 D.m at Adam! Street Community Center. For Information call Mrs. Walter Cadenh»ad St ' Saturday and a military spokesman al'the scene said the pos- year job. both Johnson and lhe they flee into defense secretary were ready — With , statements of mutual in th P war itself, the praise in parting Command reported neu battles But speculation was the order at week's end around Dak To JJ,",j lon ai of the day. McNamara was ; and Con Thien. recent scenes of, known to be "dovish" about the some of the war's bloodiest Vietnam war and was probably \ fighting. The reports suggested die strongest restraining mflu->the Communists were attacking ence against escalation. He was' border areas near their supply known to have had reservations j bases wilh the aim of diverting ()rokc Wednes- CLUB moels Jnd and 4th Wednesday 'or noon lunch and business meeting in Adams Street Community Center. Por information call Mrs. W C Rodgdrs, 643-W9. ea o accep te. dav niRnl aftcr ncBVV monsoon NEWCOMERS dub mcn s second Those admitted were Carl T. _..r_ ^..,..... : ._ .. r ,^,.j .., uin u . <?** °! «ch momh «i noon . . releasing a (\pmltlook three itcr- Icrted.This time the vole was H"\yan former ambassador to - . , sn)aj| , 643 . 637! . -- • •- •" • •• Finland, former head of the e ... - - For In formation call Mrs. Marcel Colemnn, peacemakers—from 58 to 45 agairisl it. t'.S. Information Agency and North allied forces from pacification tasks. It capped a week in Voting on Cotton Will Open Monday towns without warning while many residents slept. It de- Robinson Jr.; and Dr. Charles Ireland. Soldiers and volunteers continued searching for bodies. about the bombing of Vietnam and had kept troop levels below the 525.000 which the number of Americans men that military leaders had. killed in the war since li)fil demanded. This led many to be-, passed 15,000 The 212 killed in w\*tiiuiiuwu' •>••• •-- V T . i \.T1 U *YV."l Jl Cl t~n 111 LI IIO YV^tJl ttJJlfVIVl. 1411 1 11 i-t 1J VJI I »I\_ I 11, »» 11 I i IM » *- lieve the "hawks" had pushed; lhe week brought the total to volfi ()y maj| m marketing! available a program that offers McNamara out and the tempo 15.058. 1 here also was a reporI quotas f or u icir m U p| an d cot-; loans, price-support payments, Growers again this year will, tive farm allotment will have Capital Footnotes By The Associated Press New two-year junior colleges are being set up al a rate of more than one a week. Alvin H. ! RANGOON, Burma (AP) ! The Burmese press reports that ' police patrols killed four Communist rebels and captured arms and important documents AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY p os t in a raid on a rebel Communist! gSi ld ? n4B ™g .tV^nd™ 'T^n. SELF CULTURE CLUB mc?ts Jnd and 4th Tues. at 3 p.m. each month. Call Mrs. G. W. Yates at 645-4715. , WOODLAND GARDEN CLUB ~ 1 Mee-fs af 2:30 p.m. Ihp 3rd Friday of j euch month at Adams Street Communi- j ty Center. For Information call Mn. G. W. Hill, 643-6284. | BROWNWOOD LIONS CLUB meets lit Club Room each Tuesday for noon luncheon and program Call Roscoe Smith, 643-4321 la- intormalion. ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Beta stqmi Mh' meets second and fourth Mondavi of each month. Contact Mrs. Richard Wall. Ph. 643-540) DISABLED American Veterans Auxiliary meets on second Tuesday of e»r.h month For information call Mrs Joe Latham, 643-7481. LADIES AUXILIARY of the~police depf. meets ?nd Monday night ot ea. mo at 7:30 in the Council Room. For Infor. mnlion call Mrs. Burt Hale at 6437920. EPSILON 2EVA CHAPTER Of Epsilnn Sinma Alph.-. meets at ?:M p.m second Saturday ol month Call Mrs, Edwin Franke, 643-9347 for Inlor. million. LADIES SOCIETY OF B of LFJ.E meets second and fourth Tuesdays at 7 t, m. in Coliseum For in'ormation csll Mrs L C. Fisher. 643-8100. MARY GARLAND CHAPTER OF Daugh. ters ol the American Revolution mer-t? every 1st Thursday of the month Tims an-l place arranged. Mrs. John Thorn- ason al «43-4045. PAST CHIEFS CLUB of Brownwond Temple No. 119 Pythian Sisters, meets second Thursday ol each month al 7 p.m. In K of P bulldlnp, corner 17th St. and Ave. E. For Information call Mrs. Mnrgarel Wofford, Bangs, Texas, 752-3191 or 752-3735. NOTICES of the war was to be stepped up from well-informed after his departure. The White a meeting between House denied it, saying the sador Ellsworth Bunker and a course of U.S. participation in' high-ranking representative of the war was firmly set. and the Viel Cong's National Libcra- >ao « "-"»•• quo ias for their 1968 upland cot- sources thai | ton crnp Waltpr Thompsoni LS AmoaS- .,l,_:.._,.,,, A/r,.i«i,ltMi-Eil <l!>hil- chairman. Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation County Committee, said Saturday. price-support payments, and diversion payments. Growers on "small farms" need not divert acreage to obtain program benefits. Market- Proctor of Kansas State College hjdeoul Fr , d .„ lhc ju , c , Cnl(ds , or in)ormatlon . 44S ; M «. to d a meel ng of he L.S Coun- Paukkaui i gi 140 miles from x7RHo CHAPTE, BETA S.GMA "PHI Cli Of Graduate SchOOlS. By 19/0, „ e ' | Meets 2nd end 4th Monday of each! • monlh, 7:30 p.m For Informatbn call S 3 I.OWn- Myra Emflnger, 642-8095. the nation will have some 1,000 ,., . t ^ ^ _„ ufi lllyttT t'V{J II' "vt, t\,min^\J i'^ Johnson, publicly and privately, j lion Front was thwarted wheni t | 1e ASCS coun t v O fiif. c — by insisted the shift reflected Me- South Vietnamese police arrest- majl m . jn pcrson Namara's own desires. Others ;ed the Communist emissary. | jod Dec ' 4 ; 8 felt McNamara had lobt his use-1 The sources said the South Viet-.' _ . fulness on Capitol Hill and left namese olticials did not know now rather than possibly hurt \ about the meeting. The U.S. Johnson politically in the 1968 ! Embasy denied it had been election year. Still others be-1 dealing with the Viet Cong with- Ballots are to be returned to j j n g quota penalties would apply lo «> excess cotton produced ccs _ s « ) " " V ° a " C M ricullure in years when the total cotton supply exceeds the nor- during the j O n a 'farm. Growers who elect not to participate in the diversion program also have the chance of producing cotton for export only, without marketing penalties or government assisl- junior colleges enrolling more ; than 2 million students. '• Consumer installment credit increased by $311 million on a seasonally adjusted basis during October, the Federal Reserve ship-level headquarters of the B'ROWNWOOD CHAPTER Communist party and ORDER OF DOMOLAY i j Martin al 643-5572 for Infori Meets, «i /:ao p.m. ist mal supply. That is the case i ance. this year. if more than one-third of the says Give Him a KUPPENHEIMER for Christmas For that special man on your Christmas Jisr, we've got Kuppenheimer gifts thut will keep on giving him pleasure long after Christmas. Thanks to Kupp's XK styling that gives even "Santa shapes" a trimmer, slimmer silhouette. And our Kupp gift certificates come in all sizes, too. Come in soon and let us solve your Christmas giving quandary with something special for him from the new kind of Kuppenheimer Suits' Sport Coats from $80 Secretary of Agriculture Or( ville L. Freeman recently prais- i ed cotton farmers for the "magnificent job" they have done in whittling down the huge supply of cotton to a stock ot manageable size in 2 years. Now, he said, the challenge is to pro- voters oppose quotas for the 1 9B3 crop, the regular allotment program will remain in effect,: and price-support loans will be j available at 50 percent of parity to growers who do not exceed their acreage allotments, as by law. Board led the expansion The name of John D. Slalon, 41, was removed from !he FBI's list of its 10-most-wanted fugitives following his arrest near Harquahala Valley, Ariz, Capital Quote military training schools were i patrol the I ; WOMEN OF FIRST press report said 210 '-RESBYTERIAN CHURCH 3ro wed. reported. Personal loans' ™ u " U1 i"!? s '?' ul \ '?u' u ,' „„ ;„„ -, „;,! • rebe s from the Shan tribe sur- expansion, it said. • rendQrcd Thursday in Shan State bringing in 200 assorted weapons. Over 1,000 Shan rebels surrendered to the government in the same area during October and November, bringing in i ~'~~~.~.~~™'~:: about 600 weapons, the report ; VSK^fic™ Executive board meets 1st Monday ol each month In Fellowship Hall ot church al 9:30 a.m. For Information call Mrs. Harry C. Cannon. Ph. 642-7105. I9S9 GARDEN CLUB meets each 3rd Tuesday ot the month at J p.m at Adams Street Community Center For Information call Mrs. L. R. Graves, president, at 642-8441. ON December 11, 1067. at 10:110 A.M., Brown County Commissioners Court, will open bids for the purchase of one new Motor Grader. Specifications can bo picked up at (ho County Judge's Office, Courthouse, Brown wood, Texas. 1M 0212-36 & 41 LOST- Ladies Gulova wrist watch. Valuable keepsake. REWARD. Ph. *43-)90J. M 181 43 DEER LEASE: By d«V or weekends. Call G. H. Locks, 985-2407, Mullin, Texas. L 105 40 53 DEER & TURKEY HUNTING - S10 per day. Real good hunflnq on Bayou 5 miles West of Mullin. Call John Smith at 985-27.5;. S 10077 23 tf rke said. duce the right kind of cotton j Lease or sale of cotton allot- and to keep production and de- j ments is provided for the I'M Quarterly Dividend Declared by Firm DALLAS (AP)-I.TV Aero- mand in balance. The 1P68 program has been designed to produce sufficient JAKARTA (AP) - A conference between Moslems and Christians bogged down Saturday when Moslems pressed de- space Corp. has declared a quar- j mands that Christian mission- terly dividend of 20 cents per [ aries pull out of rural areas. Of Central Methodist Church meets j each Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at the church. Call Mrs. R. E. Daniel, 443- ] 5073 for Information. I crop regardless of the outcome I share Friday, payable Jan, 8 to | The meeting opened Thursday of the marketing quota referendum. Transfer documents have cotton to meet expected demand j to be filed with the county of- and to ep-o"ra«o the production ' |j C e not later than Jan. 2. of a higher percentage ol the medium and longer staple lengths. For 1968, the chairman explained. Brown County has a total of 5,45?, acres available for allotment to growers of upland cotton. This represents the county's share of the national acreage allotment of 18 million acres (the smallest permitted under law) plus the national acreage reserve of 200,00(1 acres to take care of minnuim farm allotments. Notices of individual farm allotments have been mailed to operators of upland cotton farms. MAY LIONS CLiJB Mtets at 7:30 p.m. Jnd .ind <lh Monday nights at school lunch room. Call Joe Watson, Ph, 643-0377. RouJe 7, May, Tex. stockholders of record Dec. 15.; amid growing religious tension LTV Aerospace is a subsidiary; in this big Southeast Asian land of Ling - Temc'o - Vought of Dai-1 that is about 90 per cent Mos- las. Peace Foundation Has Money Woes THE BROWNWOOD REBEKAH LODGE meets every Mon. at S p.m. at the I IOOF Hall, Flsk and Lee Street. For information call Jawell Magner at ' 642-9703. ' EARLY HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB meets at 2 p.m. on 2nd Tuesdays and ! 10 a.m. on 4th Tuesdays ol each month at Adams Street Community Center, For Information call Mrs. L. 0, Huckaby, 643-259B, AUTOMOTIVE 3 FOR SALE: 1962 Cadillac coupe. Air- condilioned, and all power. See At 2209 Ave. E. Ph. 643-5415. G 123 40 46 1963 Chevy Fleetslde short wheelbase, Full custom cab, new tires, V-8, Sal» or trade. Extra nice and clean. $1095. Phone 643-1762. B 106 40 43 1964 FORD 4 door, custom 500. Fully equipped. Western Motors, Fort Worth Highway, 642-2112. 1967 CHEVROLET V-S Bell Air 4 door, R. H. A.T. 8. A.C. J1795. PRICE USED CARS, 642-8280 By LYNN HEJNZEIILJNG Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Pointing an accusing finger at the United States for its war against the Communists in Vietnam has led the Bortrand Russell Peace Foundation into financial If at least two-thirds oi the)shoals, growers voting in the referen- j Three directors of the founda- dum approve quotas for the. tion have resigned after a disa- 1968 upland cotton crop, grow- grecment over the best way to ers who agree to reduce their j resolve financial difficulties cotton acreage below the efiec- American writer and author of "From Yalta to Vietnam," Horowitz said the financial diificul- tics which split the board resulted from the expenses of the in- lem. Mohammed Dnasir, a former ] leader of the now-banned Mos- j lem Masjumi party, argued that J Christians should not be allowed j Meets at 6:30 p.m. in m. ciub Room into undeveloped parts of In- fo7ma 0 ,', o rca,r^. al Ka,h P ^ n F ^, 8 'ni donesia. Lt. Gen, T.D. Simalur- _»L 642 : 88 ! 3> „ pang replied for the Christians j LADIES AUXILIARY OF hv saving fhpv olanned to teach i VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. oj saying ine> .pianneo 10 leacn Meels , s( and 3rd Tuej 0( ea mon(h about God rather than lo stress I at ? p.m. at Fire station NO. i For Christ's doctrines, j iT^S-asS! "" Mrs ' Charles Allord TOKYO (AP) -The Union will release 27 boat crewmen charged with violating Russian territorial wa- j Soviet | UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CON- fishing' FeDERACY meets 2nd Friday of each month In homes ol members. For In- call Mrs, Vervla 2200 Avb. D., 645-80)4. • Everilt, ternational war crimes tribun'al. j ters the Japanese Foreign Min-' VETERANS OF FORE few WARS Horowitz said he resigned vol-listry reported Saturday ' Posl No ' 2 " 2 meels al 8 p ' n untarily in protest against the But the ministry said the cap- forced resignation of the other' tains of the two Japanese boats Texos Drills Vr ©I/S two directors, "The two others were compelled to resign," he said. "I felt the manner in which they brought on by expenses of its; had to resign was improper," «.-.„. „!! 1 *._!_ i • .1 i ii .. . . *. * . so-called international crimes tribunal. The foundation also has found it necesary to cut off aid lo the war Horowitz, who is returning to seized in the northern Pacific Sept. 22 will remain in custody. Officials said the Soviet government informed the Japanese Embassy in Moscow it will release the crewmen of the 37-ton Berkeley, Calif,, later thisjshinko Maru, which carried 17 p.m Jnd arid 4th Tuesdays each month a' VFW Hall, Call Pete Eaton at £45-4229 tor Information. BROWN COUNTY COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM directors meet each second Monday at 6 p.m. New office 500 N. Center Ave. Call Perry Matson, 643-5333 for Information, BROWNWOOD ALTRUSA CLUB meets second and fourth Tuesdays at noon In the coliseum. Room A. For Information call Mrs. Ellis Locks, pres. 643-7194, month to take an editorial posi tion with Ramparts magazine, Vietnam Solidarity Campaign acknowledged there was a "fi- AUSTIN (AP)- The Railroad an( l. re m°ve its office from "foundation premises in London. T ne Vietnam Solidarity Cam- Commission reported Saturday P ai & n . has been actlve in an . li that 98 oil .wells and 27 gas wells ! American demonstrations, in- were completed in the state ! clud '"g. °" e ^ tf > e U.S. Embas- I s y Oct ' ? in wn ich 38 police- during the past week. That raised the total number , of oil well completions for the j year to 5,680, compared to 6,803 a year ago, and the number of gas wells to 2,235, compared to 2,H5 a year ago. were fwo foundation directors, whose resignations were forced, were active in the Solidarity campaign—Pat Jordan, secretary of the campaign, and Four wildcat oil wells were Ge °tf re y Coggam,, who was drilled during the week—two in ] the San Antonio district and one each jn the Kilgore and San Angelq districts—to raise the to* tal for the year fo 422, co.n> pared to 323 a year ago, Five j wildcat gas wells were drilled-* four in the Corpus Chrjsti District and one in the Midland 4istric.Mc raise the year tola} to, 478, compared to, 45.0 a year ago, press officer at the May session of the foundation's war crimes tribunal in Stockholm. The third director, to resign — Pavid J, Horowitz, 29, was ShoQting Degrh Ruled Justifiable Homidd§ Widow Files Jean , widaw of n man i?iijed when ^ Hosting oil drjliine ng nancial crisis" in the foundation. "But it's a short term crisis," he added. He pointed out that the foundation had received an advance of $14,000 on sales of Lord Rus« sell's autobiography in the United States. There should be more income from this source, he said." At the foundation offjees, near Piccadilly Circus, a spokesman declined to discuss the foundation's affairs, men, and the 20-ton Horai Maru, which carried 12. Sahl Foils To Appear For Show WBW « Tfli Friday flight show k Youngblood Promoted In 55 Overhaul MAY HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB Meets at club house each 2nd and 4th Wed. Call Mrs. W. M. Holt for Information. Ct FRATERNAL ORDER of Eagles 3274 meets each Monday night, corner Adams and Depot St. Ladles Auxiliary twice a* month on lit and 3rd Monday' LADIES ASSN. OF BROWNWOOD COUNTRY CtUB meets at the Brownwood Country Club 1:30 p.m. each Tues. ex. cept 3rd. week and 1? /iQon lor luncheon. For information call Mrs. Frank Anderson at «2-»?Oi. WASHINGTON man President'Johnson credits with shieJding hinn from harm during the assassination of President John F- Kennedy now r^njcs as the Secret Service'^ No, ? agent. Promotion 'of JMus W* Youngblood, 43, tQ the newly created post of djputy 'djrec^ of the seryjce was 'anpowiced Friday by Pirector James J, Rowley 33 part qf an stiminl^ ovpriiaul 9( t.hg same time to -,WhUp;flaase body* wsg Glint.Hill who mwy ' " sgygd, Jacqu^Jn,? ORDER OF RAINBOW GIRLS Brgwnwoo0 Assembly No, 31 meet* at 7 p.m, the ,?nd <m<? 4lh Mondays in , Masonic lodge. Call Mrs. C. P. Stan- (grd, *43-l7?», for information. TH6 5CHMB?RT WJSIC CLUB meetj rnallon call Mrs. Grady Ident 645-W4?. Pres- UP51LQN B^TA CHAPTER o( Beta $j g . ma Pfil rneels ?ncf and 4tt\ Monday?, 7:3Q p,m. For information M 'AH8A Tyrant; visit «s Third 51. iflwb, W« Uiylt* v?v to o YPSAIIPNAL §P5IAT)PN me*i? st jevro, s,9<m A. W. For Infermsdon fjU ' Cl-VB ' 90 the month «t Street Community Center. Per " 1967 Chrysler 300 4 door Hard Top. 19H7 Pontiac Catalina 4 door Sedan, TWO 1967 Barracuda 2 door Hard Tops. 1.968 Chrysler New Port 4 door Sedan. 19C6 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door Sedan- 19GG Dodge GT 2 door Hard Top 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne 4 door Station Wagon, THREE 1965 Chrysler New Port 4 door Sedans. TWO 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door Sedans. 1965 Ford Custom 500 4 door Sedan. 1965 Ford Fairlane 2 door, 19G5 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door Sedan, 1964 Plymouth Savory 4 door Station Wagon. ^rre MOTOR CO, 1003 W. Commerce 645-2455 OK Used Cars 1967 CHEVROLET Impala 4- door sedan. V-8 engine, pow- erglide, factory atr conditioning, power steering and brakes, radio, tinted glass. Like new ........ , . . $2095 1966 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4- door sedan. 6 cylinder engine, standard transmission, radio, heater, tinted glass and white tires. Heal nice ...... $1595 1965 FORD Gainsie 500 Sporfc Sedan. V-8 engine. Cruiser malic, factory air, radio, pq\v« er steering and Brakes, tinted glass and. white tires, £x« tra nicp ............. $1§?5 J966 CHBVHOLET %4on Fleet- side Pickup. Y"S engine," 3- speed transmission, radio and' heater, aU' conditioning ami rear bumper. Extra nice $1795 1863 CJJJSYBQLET/^Tton Step* sidp I'icKup- 6 cylinder engine, 3-speed transmission, heater, side mount carrier, and rear bumper. Only ,.-, .......... ...,,$995 J063 FORP FIDO l^lon FJa,r^ pide fjc-kjup, 6, cylinder .engine, 3T§,pee;d. iransm4§s,}pn, healer, side «wwn.t carrier, rear bumper. 35xtra nice ..... • ..... ..$895 sedan,. sion, J«eiory aUvpQvrer steer* Jng an4 fera^s, radio, an,a tint. , ed glftss, Real shjjrg , . . '

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