Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 8, 1969 · Page 7
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 7

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1969
Page 7
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WATCH TVCASU CHANNEL * tueiday 5:56 p.m. City Council WtlKlf MllflNS Video Taped II M i sdtatidnftl DAILY TV Tuesdoy ?. A KtOtlt t (Channel 12) (CHANNEL 11 6N CABLE) 1:00 That Oirl 1:30 GulOihp Light 3:60Seer*f Sforrn S:30 Ed<)(> of NigM .1-06 Wous* P*r+v 3:30 General 4?00 LM'S Mnk* * i:36 Dark Sh*r)6w* S:M BtWltthM S.-30 Waiter <:<X) Mews «:16 Sports t'SO W««th«r «-?0 Lance' 7 36 Ub*r«« 8:30 Doris Day 9:00 Mod Souiid 10:00 News infl iV»»«i«r 10-.30 Jo«v Bishop Sh?w 11:30 Sign Off KRBC-TV (Channel 9) (CHANWEl 1 OH CABLE) 1:M 6avs «' Ow Live* 1:36 The Ooetart 1:M AruSthftf World 2:30 You Don't Sav 3:00 The Mate* G«»«A 3 55 NBC News' W (W I. iff to U"» ^:0fl Drsarn Hom» J:30 Dating Gem* 5:00 Flying Nun .5:30 News e-00 N»ws. Weathj' So3--« «:30 Star Trek 7:30 Cm The Farm 8:00 Tuesday Nlant at thf Mevle* 10 00 News 10:30 Tonight Shaw KRLD-TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL ' ON CABLE) 1:00 Gallopinfl eourrnef TMf» V30 Gulrtlng i laht 1:00 5"cret Stor*n 5'30 ' ogt ?< Night 3:00 The Llnkletter Show 3:30 Mr. Ed 4:00 GIMIgan's island 4:30 The Man From U N.C.L.E- c • AJU''- r— «""• <:00 Evening Edition 6-30 Lancer 7-30 The RM Skelton Snow 8:30 Doris Day Show 9:00 Sixty Minutes 10 00 Final Simon 10:35 Law of the Land 10:^0 News 11:00 Movie 12.30 Man Hunt 1:00 Sign Off KTVT-TV (Osaonel 111 (CHANNEL ? ON CABLE) 1:30 Peter Gunn 2:00 Sea Hunt 2:25 Lucille Rivers 2:30 whirlybirds 3:00 RIpcord ; • D ioey» 4:00 The Three Stooges i Friendi 5:00 Cisco Kid 5:30 Twilight Zone (,-M Wells Farqo 6:30 Western Hour 7:30 Dr. Klldare 8:30 HicthcocK Present* ?:C; MovU 10-00 Nswi. ana we«tMr lfl:lt » O'Cloek Movte ll:00 Movi* I) lli<5 New? *nd weattw 1:00 Meditations 1:05 Sign OH WFAA-TV (Channel tn (CHANNEL i ON CABLE) 1:00 ffewrv VVM?- »OTTW 1:30 Dating Game 2:00 General nosprtm 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 Dark Shadows 3:30 Dialing for Dollars 4:55 Paul Harvey Commend 5:00 News 5:30 What'j My Lin* «:30 Mod Squsd 7:30 Wagon Train 9:00 Dick Cavett Show 10-00 Nev/s 11:00 Rona Barrett Show 11:05 Joev Bishop Show 12:30 News 12:45 F B I 12:44 Living Prayer 12:47 Sign Off Wednesday MORNING KTXS-TV r Channel It) (CHANNEL 12 ON CABLE) S:55 Sign o* 4:00 Summer Semester 4:30 In-Farm-Atlon 7:00 Weather 7:05 Morning New* 7:30 Morning New t'.OO Captain Csngaroe »:00 Lucy Show 1:30 Beverly HIHbllllM 10:00 Andy of May berry 10:10 Dick Van Ovkl 11:00 Love of Lit* 11:25 Newt 11:30 Search FO« Tomorrow 12-.CO News 12:15 Sheila Rawlt Show 12:25 Weather 12:30 As The Worlo Turra KRBC-TV (Channel 9) (CHANNEL J ON CABLE) 1:K> loasr 7:2J Harry HoR 6:25 Devotions »:CO It Takes Two 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 Hollywood Square* 11 -.DO Jeopardy 11:30 Eve Guest 11:55 News 12:15 Sandy Chjppftl 12:30 You'rt Putting Me On KRLP'TV (Channel 4) (CHANNEL 4 ON CABLfi) *:U Man On 4: SO Black Heritage V;(W News a no weamcr I '00 Csot Rangroc »;00 Th* LUCV Show »t30 Beverly Hillbllllw 10:00 The Andy Griffin Show 10:30 pick 'Van Oyk» 11:00 Lov» of Llf» 11:25 CBS N*w* H;3fl Search for Tomorray 1i:00 Noon fcortlon M«wf i W*»1hfc 1?;20 Fashion In Facti 12:30, As The World Turns KTVT'TV (Channel 11) (CHANNEL i ON CABLE; § B&6WNIW06D lUkkttlM Tuesday, July 8, By HELOISE Hiifi N»wt 7:00 Slam B^ng Thtwt Sl30 • Romper Room 9:00 J»e|c U Laiuw 9:30 P. 0. Q. W;00 Qirl T»(fc 10:30 Morning *t th« Movi«t IJiOft WM»h»r-N»W*-BM*lftt» 12:30 Cartoo/i C«rnlv«l as a low bar for his things. Alter adjusting it to the pro- pfer height( j ust ae u to th6 ^ laf dose( le with a heavy nn eithpr pmj 1 Dear Heloise: The grandest thing I've found since passing my forty-eighth year, is that I can rernovp the ; high-inlensih light globe from that little lamp 'such as students USPI and put if in my sewing machine. My. oh my. ran I see everything I'm sewing 1 Bettery yet. how to thread that needle, the lights that come on sewing machines don't give half enough light to suit me. So. Heloise, if you have one of those high-intensity lamps, try it and see if you don't a- Press hard all around to form things op the top rod and the other clothes on thp lower one so thp child can reach them. A Reader Dpar Heloisp For people who want boiled or poached eggs 1 takp a piece of aluminum bottom of a fruit juice Mrs, Hugh A//corn State Nomad Organization RENE-WED -oue «nv phaSis at the Head df the bed illustrates the renewed decorative interest in headboards. Here covered valances and draperies to match fitted cover- wake the area a fecal pelnt lo the room. Note the tail spires, eras* work and rieh finish of this Renais* sance^inspired headboard, Mft. Hugfi (Viviaii) has tseen installed as presidgftt of ffig NomM Society of m State 6f fetal Installation cefe- fhotiies were held at a Nomad , convention in Pampa. j Installing officer was Mrs. Margaret Wofford of iBangs. Sh6 !was assisted by Mrs. Christifl6 | Freeman, grand treasurer of th6 Pythian Sisters of Texas and MVs. Juanita Rochelle, past grand chief of the Pythian" Sisters. Both Mrs. Allcofti and Mfs. Wofford are past regents of Vatras Santha No. 115 of Brownwood. Mrs. Wofford also served as representative of Yatras Santha at the state convention. The imperial darbar will be held in Fort Worth Aug. 8-14. This is the first time Texas has been host to the organization and approximately 1.500 members are expected. The imperial dar- bar includes the United Stales and Canada. gree. a cup with the dull side of the Mrs. Tom Malenskl fnil ™ ^ ', nsidp tn ' 9hsi>rb most of thp sulphur m the egg I add a dab of butter, break mv egg. put it in the foil cup Dear Heloise • When you buv a wedding gift ... „ , . ., such as a radio, mixer, iron. and set . lfl a .^ niall , r>atl of boi! " blender, toaster or other small appliance that requires a guarantee to be sent to the manufacturer' water and cook, he egg stays hot wh.lp other are being prepared Men Behind Scenes Also Due Credit for Apollo Success MRS. Ht ? GH ALLCOftN ... NEW PRESIDENT tector of the Pythian Sisters o! Mrs. Allcorn is also grand pro- [ Texas. , .- • , j , ! CAPE KENNEDY. Fla. (API Washington, D.C., has overseen, which developed V-2 euidpd *hen rooked and ready to _ vvhi!e the world watches lhe < America - s man-in-space pro- missiles for lisV against the AI- Fill out the guarantee form ™ . • urn upside flown, open me th ,. pe Apo ,| fl n astronautSi cre d-1 grams since the beginning of the . lies in World War II After the ;fore you give the gift That ' f "< and "* e W; \ '.'jf" oul> H for making a lunar landing two-man Gemini series. Holder war. he and many of his team of before way. the bride and groom don't have to try and guess the store where purchased and most of the other questions asked on the guarantee Besides, by the time they get back from a honeymoon and Neat tuck for 'eeis. possible belongs also to talented i of a master's degree in electrical! rocketry experts came to the engineers, scientists and admin- \ engineering and a doctorate in United'states, where he direct- istrators who remain behind on ! physics, Mueller worked for ed development of the Army's And no messy poached egg earln Space Technology Laboratories, Redstone missile that started pan to wash either, eh L[ ere are some O f ^ e ^ey men 'inc., before joining NASA, hav- manned space flight by Ameri- Heloise wno mastermind Project Apol- ing overall responsibility for the cans. ,lo: design, development and testing begin getting settled, the ten or Dear Heloise: j Dr. Thomas 0. Paine, admin- j ot systems basic to the Atlas, Tf-' Dr. Kurt H. Debus, director of twenty davs allowed tn return 7 save my back when iron- j j s trator of the National Aero- tan, Minuleman and Thor ballis- NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the form have usually elapsed, ing by sitting in my son's , n aiitics and Space Administra voiding the guarantee "youth chair" (with a pillow atj tjon look over lne agency from tic missile programs. : has overall responsibility for all NASA launchings. One of von LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: If you could see me now. you'd slosh your coffee all over the saucer 'laughing . . . Susie Susan Shufelt thp backK former administrator James E. ! Air Force LI. Gen. Samuel C. ' Braun's team who came to the This way my ironing board. Webb , ast Odober . Paine Phillips, Apollo program di- U.S. from Germany, saber- is high enough so that my clo0i ihelped restore NASA's image rector, steered the successful scarred Debus supervised devel- don t drag on the floor as much. | and momen t um a ft er the Apollo development of Minutemas 1C- opment and construction of Restful i j { j re A non p 0 ]jtj ca i > noncon- BMs belore jioing NASA's lunar launch facilities at Cape Kenne\ troversial person, he worked for landing project in 1964. Always dy for the Redstone. Jupiter, Dear Heloise: '19 years with General Electrician optimist, Phillips throughout ! Juno and Pershing missiles, as When traveling, we've found Co.' before joining NASA last the Apollo program has been the: we 'l as the huge Saturn-Apollo that a hard-type plastic hair vear Dear Heloise: roller fits over the head of 3'" In making drop-cookies. I toothbrush like it was made to Dr. George P3 Mueller, associ- fornd tha long handle of an order. ale administrator of NASA's Of- iced teaspoon keeps clean, as Not onlv do the outside teeth fice of Manned s Fli ht in it rests against the top of the of the roller give the toothbrush '. . ... _ bowl and not in the batter as a a little stand, but the holes in around the whole thing to ab- regular teaspoon usually does, the roller allow the brush plenty sorb any moisture that might Mrs. H.K.C. of air to dry. be there if used just prior to So nice not to have to place it leaving. Ella. Dear Heloise: down on strange counters at When not in use, your travel various stops while away from Copyright 1969, King Features rod 'for hanging clothes in the home. And when ready to leave, Syndicate, Inc. car) is ideal in a child's closet we just wrap a facial tissue \ one ]\'ASA otticiaj most likely : to discuss publicly and ambilion ' complex. He directed operations for the first pians being conquered by the 1; s satellite, Explorer 1, and on ? space agency tor upcoming idghts. Known to newsmen as a man who tells wnen it hurls, l of the when launched the first U.S. ballistic missile, the Redstone. truth earned the aucr Rocco A. Petrone, director of, his as- ^unch operations at the Kenne- i alone dy Space Center, is (he man di- ] rectly responsible for seeing j that Saturn-Apollo rockets and spacecraft get off the ground.' MON.-TUES.-WED. New, breathtaking 8xlO LIVING COLOR PORTRAIT j George H. Hage, Apollo 11 mis- j sion director, managed the high- gj ily successful camera-carrying g C"7A j lunar or biter unmanned space-, | JL i craft program for Boeing Co., ^ 'prime contractor. After joining : NASA, he was named mission di rector for Apollo {lights beginning with Apollo 7, the nation's first three-man space journey. A highly qualified engineer is airplane, missile and space programs, Hage prefers to motivate •tc ocior By \V. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Two mothers who have the same problem ask why their sons, 6 and 7, pick their noses, then put the crusts in their people by working hard himself, t m0 ufhs. The boys are of nor- rather than being a slave driver. nia i intelligence but the mo- Dr. Robert Gilburth, director of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Tex., since its creation in 1961, is an internationally ksown authority on aeronautics and holder of a long lisl of professional awards and honors. George M. Low, manager of the Apollo spacecraft program I thers understandably want to i know how to break "this habit, i 1 Don't look now, but girls doj ; this, too. In normal children! • it is a part of learning about : their bodies. In a very few it I | may even indicate a nutritional ' deficiency. The boys will un- idoubtedly outgrow the habit. j Meanwhile, the mothers should ; I gently but firmly insist that, if ! the children want to do this, at Houston since 1967, assumed ! they must do it in the privacy that post after the Apollo 1 fire ; of their own rooms and not end oversaw the massive re-de- | where it may sicken a squeam- sign that Jed to a more fireproof j ish onlooker. Q—I am a boy, 9, and I get frequent nosebleeds. How can I prevent them? A—ISfosebleeds are common' in children your age, especially in winter when the dryness of the indoor air favors the forma- and reliable spaceship. Chair man of the committee which performed the original studies that led to a manned lunar landing program, Low likes to work away from the spotlight. Christopher C. Kraft Jr., di- BY ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I work in the same office with a woman I'll call "Mary." Mary's son is in the service, and his fiance (I'l call her "Joan") is living with Mary and her husband. Almost every morning Mary brings a letter Joan has written to Mary's son, to be stamped and mailed with the company mail. Mary routinely opens the letter, reads it, types a new envelope, and sends it on its way. She has also bragged that when Joan has gone out she had read the letters her son has written to Joan. Is there an anonymous way to inform Joan of what is going on? CO-WORKEK DEAR CO-WORKER: Someone could send Joan this column. And someone should tell Mary that it's not cricket to bring personal letters to an office to stamp and send with the company mail. DEAR ABBY: I am having a problem with my 11-year-old daughter who is an only child. Debbie thinks she's old enough to stay by herself when my husband and I go out for the evening. She says she is the only one in her class who still has a sitter. My husband says he thinks Debbie is right. She isn't a dumb child. She's in a special class with gifted children, but to me, that doesn't matter. I still think an 11-year-old should not be left at night without an adult. I would appreciate your opinion. DEBBIE'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: "Age is not always the most important factor. (Some 11-year- olds have better sense than their 21-year-old sitters.) I would not be Influenced, however, by what the "other kids" do. You, yourself, will have to decide whether your daughter is able to stay by herself. DEAR ABBY: Would you please write something in your column about young girls becoming involved with married men? I have reason to believe that my beautiful 18-year-old daughter has entered into such a relationship. This man is handsome and charming, but he can offer her nothing but a back street motel romance. My daughter is pretty and adventuresome, and I regret that our influence is not as strong as it might, have been, altho she has never been in any trou- jble. j Since my information Is confidential I cannot very well ap- jproach her with warnings and i "motherly" advice, i Perhaps a word from you j might help. She has read your ' column faithfully for years. HEARTSICK MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: A "word" from me isn't likely to help much. What she needs is a word from somehone who has been down that road and found that it leads to heartbreak al- Icy. If your daughter has read me "faithfully," she will hav» seen many such letters. An involvement with a married man is almost without exception the most painful, degrading and hopeless relationship a woman can experience. But unfortunately most wo- I men have to learn the bard way. i DEAR ABBY: That letter from a reader who complained | about the disgraceful manner in , which a big fat grandma sat ; with her dress hiked way up, J showing more than folks cared 1 to see, reminded me of how we i solved a smilar problem. 1 We had a big fat aunt who i was guilty of the same fault, but she was such a good soul we hated to hurt her feelings by i mentioning it to her. So my eldest daughter, who was real good with a camera, took a candid shot of Auntie at her very worst —and I do mean "worst." We showed it to Auntie along i with some others, and we never had one bit of trouble with her after that. PROBLEM SOLVED tjon of hard crusts, Using just Entire portrait photographed in living Color by Jack B. Nimble, Inc. Pi«* handling delivery Yc>ur money back If this isn't the most lifelike portrait pf yoyr child ever, Not just an old« fashioned tinted or colored picture, but "living Color"! The complete portrait e<?m<?$ alive— -cqptured in amazing fylNcolor realism with lasfmgn PMessienal gktgcQler film, Reg. U.S. Trademark » Choose from actual finished portrait?—npt proofs. t gxtra prinU ovailoble at reas,pn» sble prices, Np obligation hj j?yy, » Groupi taken at 99* per child, » Age limih 5 weelcj tp 12 year?, • Umih one per child-*-* two per fgmily, 301 MAIN Won. July 7th. ^ Wed. July 9ti> i rector of Apollo flight opera- i enough mineral oil or petrolatum ' tions, has directed manned mis-! jelly to coat the inside of your i sions between liftoff and landing I nostrils once or twice a day i I since the beginning of Project 1 will help to prevent this. Avoid j ; Mercury. Popular and highly re- j blowing your nose hard and,! I spected by his associates, he when washing your face, don' j : was a key man among those' press on the sides of your nose j • who masterminded the Apollo because this may force a hard j j program's vast computer capa- crust through the delicate mu- i bilities. j cous lining of your nose. If j , these measures don't stop your j Dr. Wernher von Braun, di- nosebleeds, you should see a' I rector of NASA's Marshall j Space Flight Center in Hunts- I ville, Ala,, headed development of Saturn man-to-the-moon rockets. He began rocketry research in 1934 in his native Germany and was technical director of throat specialist, Q—My daughter, 15, has a deviated nasal septum. When slie gets a cold, sije gets very little air through her nose. Can bis be corrected? A—The only satisfactory treat- tfie Peenemuende rocket center i merit is a submucous resection SPECIAL PRf'FINISH PANELING 4'* 8' 3 49 AND UP BOWIE tUFTS and COSMETICS FOB PAUCE DRUG £0 Hi9 Austin ft- 646-9116 of the cartilage in the septum. Q—My daughter, 2, was born with Horner's syndrome. Could she outgrow it? Would an operation correct it? Will she develop amblyopia? A — Horner's syndrome is characterized by a slight drooping of the upper eyelid and a small pupil on the same side. It is caused by a paralysis of the nerves that control the eye. Your daughter will not outgrow the condition but in some cases an operation helps the appearance and lessens the danger of amblyopia (blindness from disuse). (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt, M-P-, in care of this paper. WhIJe Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters, be will answer letters of general interest In future columns, Group Has Fete For Miss Cole I A salad supper given by the | Foreign Affairs Study Club of j the American Association of Un* j iversity Women feted its chair- iman, Miss Ruth Cole Thursday 'night. The occasion was to honor Miss Cole who plans to leave Wednesday for a European tour including Spain. The group pre; sented her a tapestry tote bag for use on her journey. Members on hand for' the event | included Dr. Lola Covey, Mmes. Ethel Carr, Melrose Alexander, Burns Lane, H. W. Tietz, Juel Young, S. B. Weaver and Woods. Also, Misses Cole, Mabel Eubank, Eula Haskew, Addie Perry, Willyne Hyde and Vivian Mitchell Guests who attended were Mmes. Elva Dobson, Irene Lilly, Lois Taylor, S. B. Torres and Misses Lydia JBubank, Aima Rohr, Rina Thompson and Dale Woo4s. Town Top/cs DOCTORS ELLIS & ELLIS ttti 646-8775 ti4«. Visitors in the home of Pearl Buse, 4$ 'Wilson, Saturday were M rs , and Mrs. Ctereicice , both of Coleman; Mr. and, Mrs. J. D. Whjte ojf Bangs, Byc Mitchell of Tricjdiam, Mrs, Wai ter Fontaiu Calif,, an4 of J8rownwoo4,

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