The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 19, 1968 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1968
Page 10
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[FACTS WANT ADS Columbia pupils march after illegal meeting toft for Salt 103 ion for Salt 103 SAVI S«ltct Your Builder LOTS QUALITY Select Your Guilder KINGSWOOD Willow And Oytter Creek Drive ^REDEVELOPMENT PRICES TERMS AiC REALTY 233-5335 Houtts for Salt 102 3 BEDROOM brick. I 1/7 Uih, ItncK. tack )trd, ! }/*% lnl«r««l, *iuil) 11*99. 2'il-tll't or 197-ZB1I t/t«i WILL IIUIl.D on jour lot. Cluoft -, I, Md 4 bwjroom pluu, rtoanclu tnlUbl*. AJIC 2JJ-53K VVOHK rOH [."OWN PAYMENT - I rial buy. i tedruom, 1011 w. 7iii. Ntnji pttni. WESTERN REALTY. 1(9-441], Ann Oln|f*. KS.43M VA FHA CONVENTIONAL Small Commercial LOANS Fred Krederick BE 3-3901 Resort Property 102A Sl'HI S1UI. - ) Udrw^rr,, 1 1^2 Uth furnllhrt -H'' 3 Mi |i:.OOQ. : I"*!- rwn. tuitaitiri »m, : 1*1 It'-,000. J i«4rM"> '-'' -»t»r tn*u k>t IT.00. I UdrvxKn «*) k»i H'OO. 21101'i TWO ch. Nr«»te-J 110 WO C»)I42',.27I1 wrllf lloi III KliMiivii. T«m. Lots for Sale 103 CITY LOT - 5Oi« Wilt Mre«l, Clul* LAST CIEEK LOTS IN LAKE JACKSON In I IULIHS.J L>>> I or«il 11 ih« • nd of >'or«n lir. onl> i f«« i*n. t*«y *MU you hi»» n)m« et^jlc*! '*• cia h«lp >ou «nh jour pl»n« uid tulM xuur ho^4, Motri ton & Sauer Construction Corporation M>rl> Mlllir.CYT.:4l«,CY7 .4I'.0 Trucks for Salt 127 I'Jl'MI 1 - !«' Cta-YTOlrl 8 >ir<J«irr>|. 11605. (/L'NNLLS SANU CO. 297-4512 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT, I'J'.T s|*rl lop, t»j*er lock, .-«»r i*I». «MU-urn. t API. K I'K ARSON 01. US MO II ILK, 1111 Draioifiort lIlTd. 2JJ-U71. Cht fold, llriil. . pletup-V-1. \ln>l l<4i. 4- l WOOO. S . tinier. Used Cors for Sole 128 A-l CONDITION - ISMII While w|lh r«-J Interior. L 21J-2IM ^wl. J 17 1. 111 ItK inrlcrj, \'f.~. lull/ 24,000 ir.llet. miowN's AUTO SAI.KS ci«n us«i c»rj. Ojxin «JI itiy Salurd*r. 300 I'UJi- Ullon Drlvr. Clul». AM 5-MCI ill . 2'.", 12i Oil.',><•.-11 :. !'»•] t>,J dun li" il r rim.. :.-I '.:•.:. t.,I»!!ll «. 1>',4 t'lll.VIti •!.: 1 S*-r KC A . '.1! 213 '..•«) • I. 4 ! COH'.All'. Kir*II»M t<,nllin,n. 0<, rollrrr -r.UJl vll J''> NEW YOIIK (AP) - Several hundred Columbia Unlvcrslly student rebels pushed Into a campus building Wednesday rilght for an unauthorized throe-hour meeting .-Iliiiaxo'J by a noisy march around the- grounds of the Ivy League school. The stud'-nts and tli<?lr supporters, led b;. a man carry- Ing a rcM flat;, stormed Into Sclieriii'-rhorn Hall, shovlriK aside a carnpu.s cuar-l who Barren infant dies; rites set I.AKi. .iA(,'K:3>;; - 'jravu- sldu rites lor the iiiiuni (lati(ili- ti;r ol ,'.ir. and Mrs. Bonny Gun" liarror;. 1!0 oyster lic-nd .-, itaw t.'n.-ii set for 2p.m. Friday at !:•;«'.-• <*.•'. Mi'inorlal 1'ark. Tin- ii-v. Y.ay;K- I',,-;.:. • o! the Wlllov. Drlvy i;....' Clitircli will o!!!cl:it«. IK-sldi-s !.i-r par'.'nts, .'!.•• is survived by two !.r'/>hfrs. Mlchavl K'.-vin .Ja ! in'.s !^d- •.v.ird, biAh of tin.- liO'ii'.' and a t;ra:.d:i.other, :.!rs. .'laU.-l I). Barrijii ol Tt-x. pleaded with them, "I'll lose my job," The university had withdrawn previous permission for a campus meeting due to disruption of afternoon registration by the radical Students for 'a Democratic Society. Tin' rebels unsuccessfully tried to register 28 students suspended as a result of disorders last sprlni; v.nich shut !own the scl.i..ol. Officials said registration would resume today at the unl- versit;., which has an eii- rolliiiciit of about 25.000. Following the night meet- in(; Mark Hti'l-l, SU.S leader and one of the suspended students, said to a crowd of 300: "Lot us marM: around the campus and perl.a;. .:•> Cordler's resi - 'ience. "Cordler apparently can'-. j1:tnd revolutloiiano.". ''•'' liavi ; revolulionarles .'ro;i. I 1 .a!;., .'•iexi'j'i Canada. France. German;, and .Swit/.erland." Andrew '.V. CordU-r Is act- Ini; unlversit'. president. The six-day Conference of Kurop«.-an an': Ainencan siii'Jent activis'.s ''•" ran ''Vi-iine.sdr •. THE KKY. H. L. FACKLER Former FP pastor dies Services set lor Mrs. Price Funeral servic s for Mrs, 1'atrlcia C. 1'rlce. 20, dauchter ol a I-'renport coujile, will be held Friday at 11 at the Lakev/ood Funeral Chapel on Loop Kd. Mrs. Price, the daughter of Capt. a«] Mrs. L. M. Young ol Freeport and ;• former employee of the Lake Jackson Stale DanV., died Tuesday in Atlanta, Ga., after a month- long Illness. She will lie buried at Uest- v.'0'.xl Manorial Park, rather F. G. Wearden ol St. Mary: Star -if the Sea Catholic Church will officiate at the services. Rev. Fackler dies; riles set Saturday The Rev. Richard L. Fackler, a former Freeport pastor and civic leader, died Wednesday In San Antonio after a long Illness. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, at the church he last served, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd In San Antonio. The Rev. Fackler was pastor of St. Paul American Lutheran Church In Freeport from 1952 to I960. During that time he was a member of the Freeport Kl- wanls Club, serving as Its president and also as lieutenant governor for Kiwanls District 25. He Is survived by his wife, Martha, son Ricky and daughter, Debbie, all of San Antonio. 'Didn't take long' SM1TUVILLE, Tex. (AP) Howard Tlner was mowing a picnic area at Buescher State Park and was clearing Spanish moss off the ground so It would not get tangled in the mower blade. Frequently, he would stoop over, pick up the moss and THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FREEPORT, f EXAS, Thursday, Sept., 19, 1968 Section I 11 US troops blast Rods near DMZ SAIGON (AP) - American forces maneuvered to the fringes of the Demilitarized Zone along the western anchor of the McNamara Line and blasted entrenched North Vietnamese troops ~vith tank and gunfire, military spokesmen reported today. About 200 men from the 1st Brigade of the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division killed 29 North Vietnamese soldiers in a tvo-hour fight Wednesday a mil-; below the DMZ. Three Americans were wounded. North Vietnamese troops are reported clingingInaro 1 ::d allied patrol bases along :'ie northern frontier, apparently trying to hem in allied troop.s throw it into a tree. A woman visiting the park from out-ot-state watched Tiner for about an hour and then approached him. "How long," she askec starring In amazement at the. rnoss hanging from almost every tree In the 1,730-acre park, "did it take." and keep the Infiltration routes open. The 5th Division troops moved otif of their base tt Con Thlen and pushed to with* In a mile of the southern edge of the DMZ when the North. Vi-tiiamese opened up with mortars and machine guns« The American ranks replied with 9Cmm tank guns, and the battle .-.-jntlnued for about two hours. Con Thien is the western anchor of the McNamara Line, the string of electronic detection devices that runs from the coast Inland for 11 miles and Is supposed to sound the alarm when infiltrating troops cross it. It is named for former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara. U.S. sources say as many as 30,000 North Vietnamese soldiers are concentrated along the northern frontier, and the U.S. Command expects another major enemy offensive in the northern provinces be-, fore the monsoon season reaches its peak in November. EPTEMBER SAVINGS !>;•. Aul'.fMllc, LOTS In Itljci OU« ctr (trie*. CHI KK LOT un SoulF«M)C>>i> I joi; TAI.III.T HI.ALTY LAKE IIAHHAMA - l«rf» •^•)«-l Mi. Utrtara «r.; l«n....i t-t. All <-n> con*»nl»r>c»>. Ttrrr.f. ?gt-27>C _ 10CT MIONTAOK un Oull nix], iMU-lhi lnl«r*«tUi.n o( V«Iijc-. ItlvO UKJ CuW IIIH. Uxi it, :o, :i, tat :: ID t>i>x-k 1C In tr* 300 t|;ck <•/ i.ul) HIM. I'r.j- 149-1191, (49-1911, &4D-704'.. 2]j-9:>e or «rll» !<> [toi MJ. 2024 I.<o*nin< in PtCAS I'AKK - UjiXllul .cmliJ ISO i)c~n 117 -no, IIHA/l'SI' I'ROrKltTII S, Jl'AMl AiltTIl, ;(.t Acreage for Sale 105 roim, i>'.o j: U*1 IlrrM«. .•iT-'-ilX • HI . '''f '. ' INTI.KSATK' AlMabrflc Care .at Low, Low Cost! Pampers all your dryables 1KAVI I.At.l -1X1 .j. I A HI. I I i .MLS--!. l^rl Itirt. K.MIMA:. I.HIA CU.»ITH 2JJ.C740 All t lx>r.'t irtiest nuni tr»~tk j AI.Ki.>Ul) HI.ALTY, AUC HLAt.TY ANGLl.TOS • T icrtl 2 mll«i out uf AH^Utun. o«urt« l)urk» ni[Mi Ht'N.'A. '• 4. I !-r > •>!• "j'i Viuihill 4 ;.. r. !•<'• I:, i" .lltli.n. ^11 r II <••• t. I.".' 1 il I hfluliful c 233.f.|C4 <t 5 Acrm - JJ'JS'- lur IM« .IK.VI homvlln. o»n«r Imuicins atiiUtli. AMIIIICAS KI.Al.TY, :C'.-:0:t NOTIIINO tXJWN - i v «««-n> - :i ift.1 36 acre tracts. IJ9' I" 14^0 («r acrt- we'll nuance. :a7.;:70, :9i-:^6, 100 Aero* — A WuurteO i«cli»le*l area uhirv >"u can £*l a»a> Iroin It all. }43i |*r acre. JOiOOiloaD. I0)i?ar II- nanclnj. A Ml. II 1C AN U K A I. T Y , SWI.t.NY - old cvitan area. Larft •«uud«J one lo 10 acrn. U1U build Gl, 00 du*B paytntnt homes, ABC -• 233-5335 Invejtmtnt Proptrty 110 DUSINESS INVESTMENT Income proi*trty, do»mu%n Freuporl ind V«la4CO. 4 lul* ajid cuiiinierclal Maria Miller 291-4150 81 Acres un lllsh»ay 2BB ov«r :ooo II. hlfhua) tronUvo. riils »uuld maw an uxceUi-'lU locallon lur an industrial park. U-Alier [|nancin(. K\ do»n. AMKHICAN HKALTY, iti;-:52li KHEEPOHT - e<|Ull) In t»o 3 bod- rooin duplex apartnttinta. H3S and 1177 W. 611) St., also 170li 4U«J 1708 Mesl aih. Call altar i p.m. 233-3843 \JOOO A YL'AK lur 3 >i;ars f.juals \ '0 000" II'S |OS5il)U'. in Ite.i! l.slalc. laixl investment \vttli tins POUMI- •;jii joun orushum, L.UI SHAM R Y, ;:ij-oo49 Troilir Lots for Rtnt 124 BLUE WATER Trallur Park. All black top 130. p«r mo., we lurnish all utilities or f 25, pur mo. and you furnish electric. 233-3248 SO x 100 houie trallur lot (or rum. Old Town, BraLcrla. shade trees. 79S-2131or 798-2130 GATHIUGIIT MOBILE HOME PARK. Large spaces, sldtt^alk, street lifftits. Natural sas, Individual mall delivery. 2001 Uruzospofl Ulvd., 333-H7U. 125 ______ rXVTON iraller, 1806, 28 x 8, 1 ra'vg? or llvlaj, central heat. Anjleton. 848-8960 __ 195H Clli:VI«iI,i;T - - Ion truck, - S|H>IM| ,IX!H, -1 H.-i'<ls lur- 1 .irii. Nt-v'.ly re- lKtitU'lii'ii Hi tit i> r. $050, Call 2:i:i--IOOl, Muinl;iy thru Friday. NYLON CORD TIRE 6.50 - 13 hi a ci- A all t-Cd.-ss plut 51 SI j'.a oic ALL-WE AT HER IE Track Tested for 100 miles at 100 miles per hour! Any ol these Larger Sues-One Low Price |95 NO MONKY ;.\s\ II:H.MS • FK DOWN Mor\TiN(i GOODItAR NA1IOH WID[ hO UWIT GUtDiNT[[ Use Our Run CAecl Program. It 1965 Chr>sl»r lUilon -j k -un. Autu ; m»llc. Air cutklnii4i«1. r.oitur. Jlli'l'. | Csll 333-r:8:o I ' ! METER GUIDE TUNING... FOR CRISP-CLEAR-COLOR I'l A ii \, •• il 4 . n.iirs. ST:.H'. : '7 JL3JJJ.!.. !>."! Hi h; II 1 I..'., I . nil in-.'jn. i.U'HIl ICI I'J'ii 1 . 1 .Tl M-lUvh sj^rts LMUJV. Hi-0 .iit.1 -hitr .iir Jltlollt-d, J I l-.l'O! SKNt\'A 1HI1H..I" lui'-i' 1 - l'it.)l trami"is>l"ii. IM» -1 \*oiv. oar. 233.184T |95 SIMI'LH-'IKU COI.( )|i Tl'NlNi; -MI-n'KK C.l'lDK" Tiii-.ii^ •COl.UK .Nil Nl IK!-:" lu'l«-;vur Ci'Mlri'l- Auti'ir.iln' I 1 'i MI- TuniM.: "INSTA X'IKW" l'ii-n:i.' .111. Suuiiil an 1 .ilniiisl in<Mi>'i!i.itf Hll i J_'ii si| in 1'u'UiK' Al'THK.NTll 1 l-:.-\KI.V AMKHH'AN STV1.INC, 'C3 i.rii) 1'ru I t>nlijc, - Ji." r, t ti'p. air i«>*«r. I'u.-kyt si'jts, 4 s 8t.inU.iril truJ)S:l:IS>i"tl. I.U* illll excellent coti.htuTi. $'.- r O. Jt : ";>4 J Cf'.evTi If I Su[vr sjorl, .i- VALIANT isc: sijnet :oo, GuuO secaiu Car. Runs (ood. J475. Tl 8-7338. Angleton. VlU KSH AO i N - I'J»', hi'jtur, J'J 7 ' J . 21)1-401)4 Legals nil. STATK or rt.x \.>) CufN \\ |>1- HKA/'uH! A) cir\ or 1:1 ITU Nonci-. oi- pi ni ic in \i;iso At 7:00 o .'li'O'i. p.m. .<«: Si-|-tr i.U : 24. l.'tb. tlu- i-'it 1 - i..>uiu'l! o| tin- ot ol Clill.- I'exas. "Ill Iwl.t a 1'uMii- Ili-arnii; on a |'r^|.u»eJ IMJ,H.I |,, r tin. jt-ar LMiiiiinMicint; <»ct^>U'r 1. !."'.o ,i:-..l enJim; .Scpii-uilvf 30, HK'-J ;it thr n-. - ular mi'ctln^ plac«- •-•! »in;lii.'ii'. i .mi., i! In tile Cil> 1U1I ol tlit 1 Cll> i'l Lluli', Texas. SAmii.'t' I. Kuiim-ls Mavnr AtteM: S/Jack Trea.stur Clli Manacer '•Comer' Lav.'n Rake Iiar(jaiii Priced For Fall Cleaning \ E Speed Dryer • Permanent Press Cycle "No-iron" garments coir.r (>;:i. wrinkli'-fri'e, rfa:iy to wear! • ." HI.TII Selections • Variable Time Drv Control $ Model DE5MD COLOR TV BUILT-IN BONUS! GE COLOR TV IS EQUIPPED WITH A COAXIAL ANTENNA TERMINAL AND TRANSFORMER! PRICE BREAK SPECIAL' All-Purpose insulated Bag Perfect for picnics, camping or beach 1C Big cap. for narrow , CWffiKfji ^TT^JIll V 'Dial Defrost 12 • Mode! TA-U'5'.) Only 2S" wide. NYrds no door i'l, nnuuv :it "• Full-width free/er. Holds tip to 6 I lh- duller Tray. Holds u|> lo HI Ills. Idoal for ini'ats, fro/nt ili^scrts. soft drinks. Low, low price! $ (95 SENSATIONAL! "TS.-T ."-(D TV ° ^^IJ^K iV" FIED ITMNO H OL H)E' $ ;. IN*EASY TERMS»ll|» TO 36 • KK»*«cjta-t. i.; ffmiii PHONE"

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