The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 3, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1962
Page 4
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:ACK OF CONTROLS SOURCE OF TROUBLE The immediate source of Ihe trouble in Ihe rice tndustt-y bolls down to this: There are no adequate conliv)! on Ihe one facet of the ric« price support program most likely to be sbused. This was the conclusion reached by The Facts Thursday, aftdr Investigating how snd why the abuses could have happened. The prin- ftlpal sources for the information were the U.S. Justice Department and the Agriculture Department's Stale ASCS office in Bryan. Th* answers from both on the how and why were consistent. In Texas, the rice induMry is largely in 23 counties. Pacing Ihe production is Brazoria County, with an annual $10 million business. Most of these farmers choose Ihe security route. They avoid th risks of open market competition by accepting a government-guaranteed price. To receive Ihis, they must also accept government con trol of the acreage they can plant. Under certain conditions, R farmer can transfer his allotmem to another farmer. He can transfer it. to another county. If he chooses to do so, the guaranteed price for the harvest means there are willing buyers. A farmer with an allotment makes the sale to a second fnrmer, and then fills out » transfer form. If the transfer is out of county, the localmanager keeps one copy, of the transfer form, and send a second copy of the form to Ihe ASCS manager in (lie other counly. Both the Justice Department and the Stale ASCS office confirmed this important point for The Facts: No copy of lhe transfer form goes to the Slate ASCS office, or any other central point; thare h no record, and therefore no control above Ihe ramly ASCS office level. Jf the local managers are honest—and most of them are—the integrity of the program is preserved. But a single dishonest manager can under this system wreck the surplus control and corrupt a wide area of rice production. Had there been a central control point, with accounting of all transfer*, tha recent abuses would have been virtually impossible. An out-of-county transfer would have been properly debited in one county, and credited in another Total acreage allotment* would have remained the same. Duplication of names would have been spotted. As a parallel, one might point out another public body where a much greater volume of transfers of money is made, and with virtually no known abuse. There are student transfers in and out of almost every one of the hundreds of independent scnod districts of Ihe state every year. If the transfer is properly done, the state grant for each student is transferred with Ihe student. The county school hoard makes only the physical transfer of the student, on Ihe basis of wtiat is best for the child's education. The transfer must then be confirmed by Texas Education Agency in Austin. There, one school district is debited one student in average daily attendance before another school district is credited with that student. Such a control is just good business management. The lack of such controls seems apparent in the U.S. Agriculture Department. Investigations of one phase after another of Ihis department indicates that the management is out of touch with Ihe lower levels. Obviously, this would result not only in a disorganized, cumbersome operation, but would make discipline and loyalty dif- THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ED/FORM/. PAGE SEPTEMBER GROUNDED ficult. The roots of the trouhle go deeper than this immediate source Even without the abuses, the price support program must appear to most observers as inconsistent with the basic philosphy of the American system of commerce. Being inconsistent, it is 'immoral. And being immoral, it is a corrupting influence. . • t «*- s Mif>ii^i' tX.' > •• -U:'.'! Jim Bishop, Reporter 9f JM BISHOP It's A Good Day For The Bullring TOLEDO, Spain -The doctors were In Ihe infirmary under Ihe bull ring. They stood around a while enamel table. They had no patient. It was 5:,10 p.m. The sun was still hiRh and hot, and Ihe corrida would not begin for a half lour. They would wait. With luc'k. there would be no cormidn today. From outside, the bullring looked like a concrete cruller. 'Hie Spaniards waited in line with pa- horn and Ihe (talekeeper pulled back the old bolts and exposed a I960 Rolls-Royce, with a hluggaRe rack on top. It was dusty with travel and it cnme Into Ihe corral Ihe noisy rush. When it stopped, men went to its side, and bowed and grinned as the matadors stepped out In their bi-ocaded gold and while uniforms, their skin-tight panls, and pink itock- -jp ings. Kach of the three went Into little chapel to pray. There are ticnce. Some bought the cheap seals on Ihe sunny side, some could afford a la sombre. Two gray donkeys were lied under an!two prieu-Dicu and ail image'of'a enchlma tree. They flicked their:dark Virgin on the altar ears against the flics. The Gitar- Each man prayed with'passion dla Civ., in patent leather hats, whispering; a petition for compas- walked in pairs in dignity among slon and, in particular, no corns- the throngs. |d a because a horn wound pan not only ruin a matador's career, it Today, Gtron, Murillo and Segura would fight. Giron, a Venezuelan, had the first bull and the fotirlh. Murillo had the Gmtnny. Sm«». Who Do Yon Edge of Night Bob StjrOW 4:00 m" O Wfifc Tracr ft Newi: Mfc* Weather: fid (0 i,ne show: Wand." John Mary Murphy Theatre! Mfcon." M«x i. Ibennli Pries, 10:: '° ABC Final Riport Slight Back." A firmer tht KntarprlM for at bii _____ Huntlqr - Bri eport '• : - t.OO may also take his life. past six, the At two minutos fta. iii.t <* , '"""' ^R" 11 to Pl'v •"' fifth; little Scgura, lean as a strip,marching music, the cornels of bacon, had the third and sixth splitting the air with Hat notes, D ,'.„. ., .... „ "IP crowd edging forward behind Bound the bullring there was a [the barreras. When the cere- small stone corral. It was enclos- monies were done, Cesar Giron ed by big wooden gates worn bare and creaky with time. In it, two men raced skinny, blindfolded horses up and down, cracking the sides of the old nags with birch branches. The horses were pad- came out on the dirt floor with his assistants, and Ihe first bull came roaring out at the chute, skidding to a halt in mid-ring as he heart the sound of the crowd. Giron is good. Not very good. (H News: Bay Conuray' Westher; Tom X^ait Sports: Guy Savag» ' O What's N< Q World at day In Sports TbDow that Man: ar«n." A tMftntiful »nd bored wtf« MM to get Mike Bcnwtt to murder her husband and — ' l '" re Ms Insurant 12:1)0-Op Wanted by tb* JtfeE Rign Off (D News Thai, Daily. Word O Consult Br. Brother* lafio" O'Debbie 'Dr3nT~ 6:39 (0 Sfgn On, A a them, __ Prayer 8:00 O Operation Wtt: TV course teaching people to _fi::!n 6:55 (Q O and write Cndetl^on Sijm On j j *,, .,, * --"uvula gv/uvt. nui very EOOfl w-™, H , r 1 ^' j" ,,! hal ,. they N" ™ m p etpnt and «>«"« «o«: would not be hurt by the charge because he is a showman. His cape work is so meticulous that were there to on the last pass, the hide of the ' of the bulls. The blindfolds keep their courage from leaking out of their eyes. They raced up bleeding bull left a trail of blood: across the matador's panls. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS UTAIUSHID 1»I2 111.. 307 JAMIS $. NAIORS . 4LIKN HIATH •IORGI L •EACOM _.... IRNIE E. ZIESCHANB Advertising Monaqtr MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintend**! E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manaqtr PEARL CLOVER Classified Manaqw Publisher., Nob.«. trident. Week In Business INDUSTRY IN LATE-SUMMER LAG and down the corral skittishly",) However, hecannot kicleanly' knowing what was coming and be- and it i., not unusual for Giron toi use three or four swords before' ng afraid of it By JACK LEFLEB AP Business Ne«« Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Congress wrestled during the week wilhjnually in legislation of high importance tolrevenues. from dividends and interest. The House had approved a plan expected to produce $520 million an- Three picadors stood in the blue shadows of a wall, honing the small pyramids of steel which, sealed to the bend of a long pole, would be jammed into the bulls' shoulders when they charged the horses. There was much talk and there jxvas joy and- excitement in the currently uncollected business. The preliminary actions! The Senate approved a walered- " This was a «v>lr.nm» A i , ^ Ones ot "" ° fficials and terse, mis was a welcome development,dolorous reolies from thn m ™ , cll to businessmen, who saw in it in-jwho would go out to fight the dication that apprehension diminished. ha(1 'bulls. i The the bull sags, Ihe hind legs buck-1 New c , - - To _ Sport* MS fij ABC Evening Report m News: Waller Crou- klte JBMTewsreel, Weather «:30 (D Cheye'nnB Show: "The Idol." Cheyenne helps 9 gunfighlei* Xt- pest To TeD the Truth. Redman's. America Sea Hunt 7:00 m Pet's and Glady»: Pete Is forced ' Into a female ffltisquerxl*. Be- peat iil Sneak Preview . . _ National VelveU "Hit .»:S n OD ?™tf<< A«_Funny 9:00 g -Tacfc I* l^nn» OJ Calcnd.ii' O Say When 7:00 01 Morning Report O Today 7:15 (rj Mr. Cahooso J:30 ro Morning ErliUon New-;, 8:00 (0 Cadet Don fl> Capt. Kangaroo ling first, the mouth open for onej 7 .in^STr Test." Velvet prov«« to John Hadley that only pntlenoe and praotlc* make an expert' rider. Repeat more breath which will not come, i the horns swinging in a metro- : nome de muerte. Murillo, tall and dark, with large sad eyes, took a horn on the ' arm and was stepped on by his- first bull. He refused to quit, and came back and executed his passes, killed his bull, and then became sick. .,,,, m , , Lit'le Segura, no higher than a Alcalde de Toledo, Luis j bull's shoulder muscle was spun The Lav «t the Plainsman: "Appointment In Santa IV 1 A marshal Is torn between duty and iaUityln( *n old hatred (D Father Know* Bert: Finds a Cause." 9:.10 © Morning Mov!? ; "Having a Wonderful Crime." Pat O'Brien. Reorge Murpliy Carol* T.andis ID I Irf>ve I-iioy 0 Play Yoor Hunch g Anthology • 10:00 The Verdict Is Touri Q Price b Hlgn.t (Color) 8.00 {B Snrftlda Slxt "Surf- sida Swindle." . Looking for confidence man who 20:30 n:SS The Brighter DajT Concentration V + HI»LKMK ----- PUILISHER generally supported views of busi-'down "version of House-approved N PW York <U,M in (ness and financial circles. !-^- vv _ l wew yorl< >>™ '" The First National City R>nk of ' M ° ntema V OT Mateo. shook hands | by a horn so that his face * " Wl and mart** m,-*»rvrmo u-air./ir» n *„• j • , ., . pl|rbs ADV. DIRECTOR ROBERTA OANSIY Managing Editor LEROY IYRD Women'i Editor • EORGE FERGUSON Sporti Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager nse at , ra|n and made everyone welcome to monthly re-j his city. He is a small, round k. !„ *•"*"• Mim cmerag* by Th« AfMcIated Prtis. Member Newspaper Association. Texas Pnts Association SUBSCRIPTION RATES Sunday, SI .50 per month plus Mail rates Elsewhere, thel assitude of late Senate would allow businessmen'"™ that bllsinpss reports for thefhappy man, who, in spite of midsummer spread over the economic [greater latitude in deducting en .| sl| mmcrm onlhs sliow that Ihe [die years, have all his teeth except scene. The automobile industry itertainment expenses. " '""' vacation-time letdmvn in activity i a * 1 fcw aeross lhe bottom. was slow in getting.production of! TheJSenated 19K3 models under way, steel out- ; to remove from the lajr.mrtsion that talk of a probable recession put lagged and the stock market ; bill a section providing tax credits next winter had wimed. an attempt; was no greater tlian usual, and' —'* revision 1 that talk of a ground into the sand and scoured ' until it bled. But he too came back to finish his bull. At g o'clock, the sixth bull was ' ., being dragged off the ring bv the ma f adors W-- «"•'<* mules. The crowd screwed sagged. Here is |for businessmen who buy new; Automobile production «, K M , Congress did in;equipment. illp some speed during the'WPCK ™ * of(econom '^ legislation: I For the first time in weeks toe-but indications were that the in- me henate rejected an admin- i nation's economic outlook failed to dustry would build fewer the most i i porlant because, when the picadors and cape handlers and ban- the tops back on the wine and turned to climb up the amphi- theatre to go home. In the infir- Iheir work, it is:mary, an attendant bowed to 1 go out the doctors. j of pro-l "It is over" he said. The doc-! dy Hour: "Lucy Qoe« to Sun Valley." Th» »nUr» cast Is Involved in » fun- filled holiday at Idaho'! Evans on Phenology 87th Precinct! "Jeel the Trigger." .1:30 jg Yoirrs for a Song (I) Search for Tomorrow O Truth or Consequences . . - .._- -w^».. u ....^. uunuun i»i 11. vi n/ HU.^LI v \> uinu uuiHl iP\VPr n3S^pn- * • i •• *— j -- •« m^.1. <it i^niu. AIIC ui.^." istration-supported proposal to im-ibe a subject of discussion at Prcs-igcr cars this month than in am-! T °u ''!' and ' with grace lors Iooke(i at < h * enamel table pose withholding taxes on income ident Kennedy's news conference month since September 195S |'"' x ™ w ' tn *-^ain, face 900land the sterlized instruments on r _ The week's output was esti-l,^""'! ;°(^ ._ b f'! i S? re . nce ' f. t f. ril .? dolhs «« «•• «!»» ««. Hal Boyle's People j:30 Q KUHT Travel dub 8:00 O Ben Case? BOTUB Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- Moral: Refuse Holiday Labor NEW YORK (AP)-It was La-,and » promotion. That taught >r Day in the year 1997, just 33 i a" I needed to know. ** « Ikndt trip toswitzer- aWfuIlychea P * »• rumored that the neheat oil tycoon in Dallai — «nd that', going »ome— 1»M a. heart attack while cHctattoj to hi. office. "Don't Ju»t sit there," he t««P«<l to nil aecreUry. ^.^ " d '"W • "O*- prUlr* • • • Oirr«nt Si the story of *w» crystal gaxen who ww* marooned ia their •Maid* home by a. hurri- and forty-foot waves bor years from now. A great trim white yacht stood! output was esti mated at 35,000 cars, up from 8,109 the previous week but far below the 91,098 a year ago. General Motors still was shut down for the model changeover but the four other big makers were in production. Steel production dipped during the week for the first time since the holiday-shortened July 4 week. The total of 1,611,000 tons was .03 I per cent below the previous week. | Industry sources said a substantial pickup may not come before November because big users still pounds of black belligerence, master it, tame it, and kiil it. There was honk of an old-time sterile cloths in the glass case "Ah," said one, "this ii a goo< day. A very good day.". . . Arm." Dr. Casey performs emergency operation to counter threaten* pldtmlc Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON "When Thanksgiving around old McGrim came in and Then They Race To Smear Pots the East River off f V e 3t my dpsk ' and made me we J^ast River off nead of lhe department." Uic a cost-price squeeze. Repiib-i' ime watcnin g Republican Na-jhe'd of/ered a reward of $1000 to wiihlie 1 " 1 Slcel Corp ' had sliced its [li ° nal amir;nlan w '»iam E. Mil-(anybody who had ever heard Nix- !i dividend earlier for the same rca- i ler and Democratic "After that," he continued, "the n , v . Pre - Ubor D ''< ™ for 6-U at anchor in ma .f attan - i Henry tossed his cigar on At ease on its deck sat hand-idesk and squashed it out some Henry Palmer BucksboundJ$175 alligator shoes ilhe famous business tycoon, smok-l "Alter that," he c,,,,,,,n ;ing a J'2 cigar and brushing the ', rest of the staff worked •ashes from his J450 vicuna sports holidays—and I worked ^A^hi r « , •.' .u inlays. Old J. P., who had'conie At his feet sat his three current (up the hart way, was more a-.d chorus girl favorites-Rosebud la:more impressed Uilu, Gloria Glamour and Tawny! "He made me his assistant then y i president, and chairman of the go to Southampton for a, boaul when he retired When lie swim and a lobster dinner, Daddy-^died he left me his fortune and hns, suggested Rusebud. jl'd have gone to his funeral lomorrow, grunted Henry. Icept it was on the 4Ui of JuK—-mH ' !•••-••»•"» "irr^ , m "Can't _ today. Have to go to the if felt I should be in the office for 491l ^° °' ' he com P araW( •Rni'i.^ n • u , ! fea /. even then, he might show up :W ^' But I.abor Days a holiday," i and find me missing " / said Tawny. "Nobody works on' "What happened 'to Jin, and,^ '"' l^bor Day except bus drivers, po- Amelia?" asked Rosebud icemen, pickpockets, and -" ! "Oh, Jim's still in the'shinBine?' 3 '", 3 , "-And your Uaddykms," fin-'deuartrnpn. " Jw »""...ES'"^ lor told ""-i services. The are working off inventories. rolled H Ulleclin8 Steel Cor P" No - " P™- WASHINGTON - I sat in a lit-,whoppers about his Vice Presi """ dMrterrf T^' er ^ < -' on ' nlon J lleswealboxo( a'-oominahoteljdential randidate, a Mr. Nixon, 1 ce,us ±use o" wt« C U said 0 ;™' 1 " ' he ^ SWP ' tPrin « ^\« J ««"• ™- ^OP boss saidj m Henneseyi Chick Hennesey encounter! his ex-high school football coach, -with a jeHous psychological and physical problem. Repeat O The School Story O Actuality: "S«ntvy Abroad." A tel»v)ilon "primer" on United State* military strength abroid with an evaluation of United States capabilities to prevent lurprlit attacks. Bepeat 0 NBC! News Report ~ 12:00 ro'ja'neVvmanrres.M,^ 01 News at Noon. _ B_'rppper 12:30 ra Camouflage ~~" 8 As the World Turn? Highway Patrol JB Home Edition Keys HI Password . _ O Jaa Murray Show t -,, i~~ I 30 (J) Dragngt (O House Party B J'Orctta Young 2:00 (B Day IrTcourt O! Millionaire 0 YounttjDr, Malon- 2:30 ff) Sewn Keys" To Tell the Truth WOm I've Got A Secret: Hepwt O Progress Parad* 10:00 O' Wight Edition NOWJ: 3:01 Queen for Secret Storm Make Room for Da'tu o \\eek amounted to down from ex " the previous week and 491 for National 1 on call the emocrats the "Party • <J C , ha , irmHn Jol ' n M> Bailpy siEJI al °' Treason" and that the offer caution gripped |pledge to abstain from unfair: st j|i s(ood . drj-ing up buy- election campaign practices led ne at . it sliarply lower, j It cons-eyed thp deeply-moving I charges " the week totaled sincerity of two alcoholics taking! The next Dleti"e liking u.' shares, down from the i the pledge with flasks in their hip 1.1953 R u tier was «ill l£m« of the previous week' oockoi*; ' •' «*>o nun i^t^mm y^itf ? lh y°" 1 ' 1 " H -! In '*«• Miller "rt Bailey could j reP ^!Tby*Me^'Alco™ d J last year. Bond sales not get out of the place fast [ place was the same par value.'enough to backslide. The GOP'chamber of this year's •"' "« of i leader straightway ace-used Pre-' proving you can have ,-j.sident Kennedy of "perverting in. meeting in a hole. purely political operations" the; The unsmearable ink on the in I ' The duneeon the TELLING ME! shed Henry. "Shall "i , e || y ™,'haa"six"kids. ™ey alVwoVVformr^!""^,. 0 '.^, 1 ' 0 ^ lndex msl ' lolshow - DAfLY ACROSS l.To happen 6. Ancient Hebrew weight 11. Not. flrm 12. Popeye'n SM friend IS. German river M-TlUented 13. Lawyer'* •ervic. chart-1 CROSSWORD 19. fone- 2. Nursery rhyme king Oe- and blasted the & ;now, too. >y WILUAM wrr Central frets "Writer •£ &£"£?£ ^ ^° k »?** —"" « off becaui* an. jwhy?" I The girls looked at each other, "Maybe if you had gone to the •restlessly. They haled Daddykins, beach that day with Amelia in" pi implied Ike was a part-time Pre-i Charlie>sidenl. Butler said he had no in- ( , ., . . . , icnlion of implying such a thing; ' average) Not ^tisfied with dragging the,he intended to say it outright. i . „ u, . «=, , iP" 0 "- college kids into rowdy-dow, i Ttie two klgnatorien to the fair As a mult about 9aO,000 work-:.Miller Ilien hurried to ' Ihe prices in 10r>7-19. : a alderman has Banned three of it« nude po tratU. Seeuu the iponaon thin the ihow would be bore with out 'em. ! '. t On tin ether hand, tugyeit 4Jtck Kay, the tponaon ma feel the ntidiet would dress u t&a exhibit. I t ! War b»l atop a new Hymwilb, MQH., high Kho«|. Ju.t ah the kidi don't get hlitory INSIDE th. date neaul ,_ t I On readtaff-that the Interior »»P»rtment It offering for sale •utMo nut elk ,t ea k« from •»•» MUanti be lucky this year If by Thanksgiving he cnn swing the price of a small turkey! ! ! ! fhf Interior Department (a otso ottering Jive buffalo at IISO each. Sounds like a bar- La* Angeles 17. Light, two-seated carriage 19. In Ireland, « girl 21. Exclamation 24. Bx<un* for Ph. D. 25. Antelope's cousin 27. Animal's foot ma] ad 4. Custom &. miulo note 6. Ron Francisco Bay ntnut (2 wds.) aong 8. Tear apart 9. Affirm 10. Not hta, but M. Appta center store Item (2 wds.) I*. Trier's cargo 20. Mill* children 30. Mwllcval helmet M.CoOeetion at tenU 32. M3M*Il&iiy 33. Uncommon 35. A Orrnl Lake -W. Enoount 11 38. Cat off, i.- UM lop 10. thuhd: abbr. Bland. uyi •I was supposed to take Amelia "Wrinkles," chuckl«l Ilinry ***, H yo ur -£,&„-££ Ihen^belor™ i^-^ ^ '"'""' """*' ''" h * VC "' l ™ ... ey in a poker game. Sc •uf. I my mon-'you now. I still gu into the ollu- nZ;"^-^*™^ 1 '* *'*','"? tW " ^ r""'"' "" 1 "'"' S AMn I ,rev, u usyea, S , this >( .ar' s month tins ,,c dl :lnc-d up to ImllowHi tradilion, .ath lakm K was arranged by 11.... nations ,«,!- however. Kxci-y time the ItcpuUi- Charles I> Tail ' ! rortd, Ihc- lO.UOO-niili' Chicago & run and Democrats -North Wi^lcui, u:i.s closed (lo«,ii|chau-meii have signed iiiilional Kair Campaign , chairman of I he-1 Practices t'om- ueni Th.f. o t ! ! Greatest all-around athlete of 11 our Presidents was Georgs VMhtagton, historians agree. Vhat a break for us--that hiai ory made him our first Prtai- ent instead of our first Olym- ic fihSjinpiool to do, l:lxir Day :ii yeare "™ y ,°, U "" "" ^'•'•'• |a '-> "' Labur Arthur J.I wen, into .h. office that mornin^ask.-.!^^..^';^ T'" •««*»''•« M»III lhe enure ,,i K l,,jl,U 10 clean up some onlersl should "Fire him ul coinx v.i.i " T '"* "I'l"'""""''" a« a justice-1scene wiis another hole! hot ImveM'iii ,,ut Hit week- l,,.i,,,-,, oi.i u u..,_.,.'. .... . , . . .. "' ""• "•* >>upi«-Mi,- Court in a [Hall and Butler axe win nut Hit week Lclure. Old 11,-nry Pal . P. McCirim-he ran the firm can't trust ', Iht-ii- me in and saw me, ami Mm,,l: Ni-vi-r work said. '1 in glad somebody aroum!!da>s Kx this pla.e besides me thinks nelhing besides play." at HUM wncn ix'ii null was r and lJ<'inocrals In d K ht hard; Iml riwii-man and Paul Butler j fair. Belort, Uie parley Wln ovt .,. Democratic counltiparl. 'Hie|lie was proved [mmhclically i- . ,, - , ""* * *"" «i'i"""'""-""« a.i a iiLSiicf ISCITW W;IK nnnltiuc hi.d.1 i^t i I..: .1 . . .... ' nun, ui rouj'Si'l ^axl Imcr H.i,-k!,l,«,u,ui. "You v;iin ,. 1(or , , 0 , M|| i man l,ke Ihat." ,, lt ,, ll|l(J , ll| ,„.,,.„, ui ><»ii l,,,|i- K.-IIIII.<|X appuinu-d en U ii doesn't cost xuu ,.,,, ... ,., „ ,. ,, .. . .,. ; . - job. ,, .he end i, wiil only ^1^^ '" ^^ °' »*' llh- swore to keep Ihe union ;,ni| , ani|i;ii K ns „/ u, at KiM-nhouc-r - PicM.|cnl : .SU-\ciiscm Pie.sidcnlial year tail Ullclelbecie-iiiml was proved box. jriiihl on Iwo of bin llueu cuunls; "lie was IBJ penceniiiker, ami Ihey f'<oi;ht huiil. Miller dcilaml Ihe Ueniucralii "wddenly 30. Hard, *. preciou* •tonu 31 . Kai nway 34. - — - and haw S7. Tex«« miwlon: POM. M. Learning ••• Bogged down 4*. Hunting knife 4U. WiuUworth and Intake jou old and rich and ihc- Cab "11- nc,l wee, t gol . rais .I ^^i^p^ ^ M ^'^^ ^'» ^ cut brimstone and blew in Butler's face. Hall accused Butler ol »j<t on Cuiiiinunislii. Hinle> with mild aruiiiiilic reloilcd t Ii a t the lefilled the were Itcpuhlic.ins blast weie suit on John Bin hers. The Togetherness orgy brok« up just telling I this sidt of bloodshed «2. Overturn UOWN LVUting • J

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