The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 6, 1960 · Page 14
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 14

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1960
Page 14
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4 7H£ fARfS NEWS, THURSDAY, OCT. 6, 9— Esfofe FOR MICF; ONES i fJKW thfff , (.•.•.(i-l!*!-''p'-i'ie. hrirk, (.' A r p > ',"' f ••• i.,... flr,-',, I-APIIAM fin-foif; rnri f»Arr, pMM I !!>!'• I'll? lr| f *e\ pill) ,r, r; .; j-r,.lr tyin I.Htttl (" =",!» ,,.-,,.,, 'ivil'i i,»ii ; , ^itqinrr ft , ,,,, (,,fi I i. ,l<. ff.f hR»! SI.'*' <••'•< I r -I r F.f. I .»•' 'J J VA'.'AMT >.,t>7 -.-. (,jr,-.| ii;.inn «)!<• !.•!'•< j,ir.;p<i'i;l rl>r, = l IVI fu V'-l ?!'••--'" niiiy tiy '( I'M CHICK WITH UON Ml: WAR!' i ; oi j w:rn;R vA,i.ui: r v \/ IXll-l Ml.VVAIM' Loco! Options Run Against Legal Liquor AUSTIN' i(\P>- -!,wal o p M '.' n rjnrflon if>?|i|l.^ pip M.innl'iL' P|MHJ! ^ in ! fiBaip'i Iranli'iiii; li'iui.ii, \\\f> 'I'dvflc 1 ii«jiioi Conli'tl Ui'rtfJ 'si "H"'H( Y i'? (iry Vi'hilp tivp Hirini.hly ! \VJIO| p (|\» lpil \vpi tlm li I sni'l. U)M= t> of bW WrtS Mm his; A !> E u p I Ihe Hwkley ritsrf :* i>f (Vryi'li O.i'uify fc- ingine'.! th y hy R .140-34^ margin, i R^I.I F'ei r-=t. Milt. T?r!"3iil OoUnly, j vpmai\iP<.l "'Is y tiy a 310-2.15 \i.ife, ; Du 1 . uis: Ihp i\\oi\Ui (ti'.iuov Ow ' NKW !MAN'A<«r,K --- HIIVVPV iMmphy lifis hoc IHHV iiuiMiignr (if Ihe I'rninsylvjiiiin 'i'irc -md (.'o. |ilnrii. in r;ni'! ll(> rcpl-ticcR WjiHare Maddox. I ho first. niaii;'H''' <>f "' ( ' " f ' w |')''i"l (•'"iipliy (inn<: '(» 1'ii'i.-; fi'nin ,S;>n i-iMiulm, C'dli!., ami Ilio (ijddand pt;iiil "f MnnMicld Tire: nnd Knhlior (.'(». (I'Ji.t'iw N'rws Sliiff Pennsylvania's Plant Here Has New Manager llfuvov (,'Uli|iliV Finn! ,'-!nn I . P;i[j<; I!" i|n\ , lln 1 (I T|io |>]nnl inMiri foul Mmi?(ip|'.l Thp planl I n vonf n^'ii !>itn|'jiy n.-i. Minn ; 'ii»l Hliv. «i lii:ill)('Uliii li-5 (otii-lu'i , r mil rtmi'li .'it lliindi'i I.iik.'. Wis. IZ^ ,„«,.! MFN CX\N PARK °^i;*^.\CAR FASTER THAN WOMEN lipl 1 ! Tiip sii'il U'lbticr Co., in PoMnnil. Cnlil, dllpnniM \Vi-rntioin S I n I P vi;i|pit h'otn the u'nsin wilh a i pasl. ;" o! in \Vlirn I\PVP. for (lie- ni^i n <lmiEhirr. Thov lirk. a |Vf>RhtiiPi\ in Mis. C. C. \Valkrt, .lr,, o( f|o|wli>!i'iit ]\:\r- e.'-- t,-i'<li'.|ii'.| scii'nfilii-nlly ;i f.ief wliti'li ii'vu'ly I'S'i'i y tn.'ilo diiv- ri will claim lu< lue; l,i<i>wn ter ye:!rs \ ll>;in f:MI |»,'H k !) cur fri'lrr l|i;!ll 11 vvnilian r:\li. Tlic (IrparlfiK'nrs m.'inai.'er. S, S. Tnylov. luavelv nn- iMninccd 'Vuiv.ilny Die re/Htlt.^ »r ^iop-watv:h ler-t? Tho aver- aep nuvu. be .^-lii'. iucbo'5 into ,'l ['fH'kltiE .'-.pace in I'll. 7 NIT- end', (be avfi'aK'' woman iu 37. J Fpi'omls women e^n maneuver iulo }i:ivl<.ina spaces luster (bail PiMllP UlCrK." Hospital News iy^TT 2 "^ > ' r / ^/ } Of Clarksvilie \Knife And Fork Club To Hear Tom Martin f'firl S -V^w a K*fy I/ 1 * CT.AFtKSVJLf.K — .Mr.v to Ked F'.iver O/un t y rliirinj; thfi week were: Mrs, f>>'iniol ('.. finrretl. Route 9, ClarVsvill^; Forrftst V/hitftman, fioiitf 1, (llarksville; Mr.*. K:>rd f>n</is. T'o^ata; Ann fuekett. An- ru."if», Mrs, ('eon ,fones, Annonfi; K. \>. Wbifernan, ft/iiitr I, Clarks- villf; f f ;/,-ckifl Hemfyree, A very; Mrs (^nrl Tri/nrn, A very; ,',frs. f!.-ilph f;,i Ford, ftonlfi fi. Cfarksvillr; Vln I'ov/nll Wfislrnornlfind, Anno n a; Mr*. Vrrnw Kwloy, KOII|R '(, rinrk.svillr; Mrs, fl. If. Mnore. Avpry; Mrs. Arvil Wilson, flonfc 1. Avpry; Kdyiir (lid'-ns, P 11 j. bright; Mrs. Horn Dnn-r, lUmtn I, C'lnrksvillp; Mrs. P<-le .Johnson. Hobcrl. MrCiiln, Ft/iulr fi TMtt Martin, "the rran with \r\'j. all the while." will speak to 'he Fari.-, Knife and For !< here V/sdnesday at 7 p rn. at The program will he the yer-r's firs-t. Members are lions now, A buffet style dinner is planned. Martin, the clevf-r humorist '•>, ho.'-.e farne f//>k him (n Kris- land. Franco and Germany, not only (ells joltf.s hul. ilius- Irnfef; a few of them wilh ahility. He had a hand in the devrilopmftnt of TV George Gobol. Hr: started as a humorist at Ifj while; attending the Univer- s;', of Tennt-sscft where he rnajortd in journ.MKrn. fie worked on Ihft N'a.shvi'ie Banner and Knoxvi!!*? .Journal, en- tcrtaincd with the U.S.O., and •was overseas for t'.vrj years with the 20!h Corps of 3rd Army. !a. J ..-,«( as one of Nat King Cole Takes Broadway Over Cash HOfXYWOOD AP)--Ttic other I fnul C,rt:}',wy caws in as pro- ni«ht, Nat Kin" Colo and his wife ] rluccr, nnd (he company of 35 is wY-re in slight dHngrefimcnl over now in rchcfirxal unfltr Bill Col- the directions to Ciro's. "I ousht to know," he insisted, "Back is I MR. I used to take the Sunset bus near there to rehearse a. radio sintjcr at $n a " Cole has come a Ion;; way sincf: thrive days, so long that he is cur- rendy able to 'ip $200,fXX) in hooking. 1 ! to fulfill a long iirnhilion of •appearing on Broadway. "A lot of people think I'm cra/.y," hft arlrnif.';, '•"Espfltiiilly Martin i.<i c!a. J . the few ^ri-c'tl humorists in the United Slalfr.-i today. tion, because they can see th;| money ROI'IIK out the window. But this is .something that, means more "I reached a point iu my career the people in my own orEnnixfi- UK sl.i'( lf:r;in'.'< dircr:l|'»n. The show will ripen in K;in Franciscio and tout 1 the Mir[wf<-,t in one-week stands before the liroodw'jy opening after the first of the year. "I'm With Von" is not a standard musical, It's an impressionistic affair in which Cole will adopt many guises during the ex- I position of variations of love. Be- 'sidfK hari'llinj! Ihe .sinking chores, tie will acl a.s a kind of "Our Town" narrator from Ihe side of Of DP Ciivniulor. Ftillirljjlit; [•''!- g<ir Krnitli, Koiitr I. Amy; Jloilh Minn.-:, l!"Kfil;>, Mr. 1 ., Kay m o rul llfiintl I o n, C'lnrksvillc; Jr. 1 . '< <• j (JlTcr. H'MjIr: li, f Ini kpvillr; Mrs. j Ii«'s|pr Klniil, Moiilc 1, OH'l.'ilti; •Mrs. llnllin Wilmr-r. CUiiksvillc; Mi's!! Srunh Kli/,*ihrfli Wr i\ \- i- r, Cl'if ksvlllf; Alvln 11,'il'Hr'i 1 . Honti! i|. IMuilli. Mrr. lljulry C,'ilih\-c 1 I, Avci.v; .Mmmir .hiini^on. llmilr ,'l, CUiclt.'cvJlIc; Mi'v jMnMror I'ur- M»ll . Clni li.nviMi-; MM;. ll;\yinnn(l .Its'iii. Hniilf I. Delia Mct.'i in y. villp. Hl'Urr. Allen Srnll. limill '!. rht'ksvillo. Mrs. .) I,. Nicks. Houlr X. Avi'ry; .lohn Dr.tpoi'. Cl.'u kr.villo; Hobby Hrrm, ''lark 1 ;villo: .lames Kirhy Iliad;. Kmitr I, !loi;*tlri; l,i'p Austin, ('Uirlssnllr; C. II. Molfoii. l.'liirksvilU-; K;iHiryn Muiriiy. ('hukM'illi': I'nul Murray, <'lnr!isvilli»; Aubrey r'tinl. .Jr., Itintlo (i, (.'Ifirk.svillr: HIISMI ,adies Reveal Golf Pairinas I'aii i»i;;s h;iv(> hecn revealed for Ihe ie>:u!/ir C'riday I'nirnanient of Ihe Women's (><>\( Association of Ihi- I'aiis (loll JIIH! Country Club. A While Klephaiit Tourney find a pulUof; nmtcsl aie scheduled, Morniiu; pnirinns inclu<le Mrs. H, K. Storey vs. Mrs. Bill Jla^an, Mrs, .lim llat'kmau vs. Mrs. P,ud lUnl, ;IIK| Mrs. c. I!. Sikefi vs. Mrs. N. I,, darker. Allri'n(Hii) pairin^'.s will |>it ,\lr.s. haviil Uiiiiicy, Mr.s. l.yiui W h ite- siitr and Mrs. • Ki'i'iuil Hawer in a threesome, Mrs, .luck Milloway vs Mr. 1 ;. I'lii'k Iliili'liisnii. M r s. dy Morphew, Mrs, Bob Parker v.'i. Mrs. diaries Denni.son, Mrs. Phil Cook, Mrs. ({a.ybuni Di a I and Mr.s. Dean Aikirt in a threesome. NEXT when 1 needed some added inccn-i JN AUTUMN live. Sure, ! was making lots of f-f^f^,, /-^X-NK IT rr-r money in ni;;ht elulis and concerts, j L.vJL//\ L.L//V / t J / Out sometimes I'd find myself do- A new flivision, for bread recipes, opened today in The Paris N f ews' annual Autumn Cook Book Contest. The cash pri/.e is $5. The deadline [or entry is midnight next Wednes d a y. Entr i e s ing the work while my mind was somewhere else. "I've been thinking for five years :ibont accepling the challenge of a Hroudsvay show. Finally. I decided In do it." The whole idea started when Health Unit Aid Vote Due i Oklahoma News Uureau '• 1 '^ l ' ( ' " wl " )!( ' nl ' w musical based IllHIO. Okla. •- Tuesday, No- °" tlu> varying themes of love. Tht? Cole recorded an album called "Wild Is l,ove," ' wriltt'ii by newcomers Hotly Wayne and Ray Ha.scli. It was a slory idea that seemed convertible into a stage Mc-il. Laler, it was decided to vcmbcr It, is date set for a (,'onnly vole on whether ' Wfis "I'm With You-" should he mailed to Cook Book Conte-st, The P a r i s News. Pie recipes aro now being judged. The deadline for entry in the pie division was midnight this Wednesday. •Shermjiii vs, Mr.s, Hen m j|| i ( . V v' shall he made bv the I! i 1 1 i n i: s ley, Mrs. liaymond Mrs, Dii'lison vs, Mrs. Han- A merry-jitrnnitid biull in 11150 cuunty for Iho purpose! of aiding in Hie .support of a Slate Health Department unit here. The iiucstioii. In be voied at the \ovcmbcr general ek-ction, will | M . Mibmittod In the (nullified is still in use al Walch Hill. K.I. i 111,1,1 it- jt \, ( i i I'urkoll. Atinoiia Oscar l,r\v-s woden slccds ;uv .suspciuli'ii i volers of the cininly by a resolu- HnuU' •(', rinrks'vi'lk'; ' 1,'eo Smil'lV '""" n whi-el wilh no plalfonti lion passed by tiie hoard o' I.' Clarksvilie:' !,el;i Scale'' l)t?iu> ""' t'K-'in. commissioners, To Mr. and Mrs. Hilly I, n k o. Annon.-i, IU. 1. ;i .sun. ll^i'ivy P.-uil. b«rn Soplvtnlw ',l(\; lo Mr. and Mr.v \V. li. Cowburn. Cl;ir'<svilio, n (Inunhlpr, Hull) Ann, SrpU'inlii'r T,\ lo Mr. and Mrs, Mark ihimi'b- !'i'v. <.'iiirk.vvilli'. (i duimhtn 1 , 1,iij:li Ann, ,Sc)ilonit.ii>r i!(i; Id Mr. iind Mrs, .]<,>bn Thomas, Dcjwrl, a sun, M<!ti!y (T;iiK. Si.'|)ti>:nboi- V!H: lo Mr. and Mr.v I, t « y d I'liolps. <"Uu'ksvilli\ HI. fi, a diiui'.litpr. r.'tnda l,yu, Oclobiji' 'i. LATE RECORDS 25 c Each TaU**ii From Oitr tTitkc IUi>'^* PARIS MUSIC CO. 215 (Jtan.l ,WP. S1M7.M1-: Asbestos Siding Paint Gives An Old Home A New Look ! This paint is especially good for Asbestos Siding but con also be used on Brick, Stucco and Cement Blocks. • • Blister Resistant • Pade and Mildew Resistant £ • Belter Appearance • Lnsls Lonfjor • Modern Functional Colors •— —»— itAR OUT AND t A v c .., _ TTTT SERVE WITH PRIDE '* COMET THE MODERN RICE GAL. Bogota Lumber Company BOGATA ViTAFIED WITH VITAMIN B r |gg:^| { -~^«, -,;^ j ~~-~H Cost per serving—l?^c* I COMET RICE VEGETABLE .Approximate cost—9c Serves fi In a saucepan, bring 2 >,i cups of water to a rolling boil. Add 1 teaspoon of salt. Add ! cup of Comet Rice. As soon as the water returns to a boil, lurn Ihe heat very low and cover the pan. Let the Comet Rice cook for 14 tmmitfs nnd serve. No other vcKetablc is as easy 1o prepare—no scraping, peeling, paring dr \vnshinK. Comet I Rice is American grown and I ready to t-ook right out of I the package. After the H I mimile cookinK. Coniei nice l is ready for the table—no I cii'ainiiiK. rinsing or other , bothorsumc chores—and you j do not have a mess in the * kitchen to clean up. I to 15 l jc per serving. Comet Rico is the li-Sbt expensive of all vegetables shown In the survey. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR COMET'S UNUSUAL MENU MAKERS Uiii i| "MH^i fouv in tlavvisoHJ Coiwly, 'o«t-- in <S;in Jacint'o and i \tw !», 2 Texans Confess Grant Burglary USE OUR UVGO, OKI?. ...- Um-slavy <i ( HiTCpry af ilvawl in tatr- i Sr-jrion'ifcw is inr-!i.iiic-ti an\onp a ynrir-. o! nl'iUlt 2.>. Ui which (\\-\\ youfig 1>xas m~-\\ Jiavp i^nf^so'ii. rM/conjing (o .Sh(=\ iU TMiM Oollin? |}p w<?i\! lo shcnvtan. Te\., i\li>nilr>y (;<; inki\ip\v th* 5 i^ir iirli in tivayvcn *>.i.mi.y jail nivi q\u^(e* fhp mr-!i A* sayiiis tlioy '-v>k fibout Wil cash s'vi jomo anwumiiion IVosn th<> v-rsrii stivtr-. Tod Lofe (o "e'T\f.V. ?''•:!•'?•' -Cvitr. p'sayfyl f7! V"ft'.'*t*»-ir«: Rlrrfl. ^ ATV",\CTiVK- Aji- C;',l, JV.-^-pt^ I',?i1h i s u*« v^'i^t, '"^V-:ir<1 W A * T K 1) fv ,''M>'c. Rer^ nox K. M. P,-,-,-i«, Xnv STYLED X FOR THE DISCRIMINATING El N! o r i c c i 't V/ili b<-' rti-,f-r, isn ,Sun<3av M-tir.f; <Vlflx-! MS, Chi.K:k Wogon Ccfc jl Ci»rVi«\-!?lf T>ir* H"»si:.'(i Krjtt t" A5H CONp'll'WNKR •& - TV CtOMKOUT S Wt titxr .s, /''W 5-ton 'f.i! Apct'l 7l-f, tis-cd 1 'H.IP. H'it , It. V.V'rt 'r4fi.Wi. 'IT'S.. s»om»: , >,\ ! o 'tubes, 1 . ?,7!i ' / Ccsuo! Slacks For Men MEN'S Suede Jackets PvvV^^d \viUi IV.iToni Qvd- lo;;. vflirr i-rpr!!rti! Slid <frj' o^osv.a-i^c suiNios, T!ic to'^,' iu f-il-AVi 10O\01|E CSS.Ho 1 . \>TRr. \\Miv c*-,ou-p of oii'fs. knii vNr rot.nlsv. (.'''-!,•^^v<^ (nim oli^'f S i •<••»•• n. 1 s i. V 1 r. i -i i v l. c-'.i s r>"«>Al<i 'N-ipn S;vr-s Sft-4-S. 17 s ?? end i r.-vx-x." ,^,rs of . v.\»l or s hlon VOUT ohoico of xT ft or <vr l\ fivm't., snd ihr lonC t-0. |OQQ SPORT COATS The largest selection of fine hats ever . . . the dis- tinguished Stetson, the quality Dunlap and our own famous brand Man- style hats. Whichever you choose you'll be pleased at the many styles and brim widths available. Colors: brown, grey, char- coal, black, and olive. rcq ' to 1 395 A wonderful selection of men's oil woo! sport cco's. A suoer \-olue' in casual comfort and smart Socks. Be soort coct I'ron- our complete stock of pioids. checks strioes, so';ds en ic\' patterns in Men's Soort Shirts i'CS.!-i o:>d s- brand, and j 'l 00 v cotton end CMi'or Avoor sporj shirt's.. Our o\ snvartlv stylod !r. p!f?c?c ori>onfi. xopLj'or on.: oo'ors, ond co!.~>!' (V.vrtlvnrMj.'vtis. Pioidf, stripes, cl'iocks ond <.<•>!id<,. Sirrs. f V.-L and XL Alsio for the tofi mai'i, cvirc.. ionjs* Avill hold in Lav-Awo-v. '999 MEN ; S SWEATERS A large selection cM <\«'iv,t (-•;•.<- t\> front. Bulky krtil5 in bij V-neck puilever* also f.rooo1h kr.•! 1'hct Hijph S:h>x--i Sires S-M-U ' 1ron« «.!iii\». j blue. to Qi:; i K'S SELECTIONS, BETTER 5! IVC BUY BELK'S FOR CERTIFIED BtT'l CR VA! I f!;S!

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