The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 24, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1897
Page 1
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• Vt^ • / NINETEENTH YEAR. MABSHALL, Royikt make* tttetfttrtl pare , , fHTDAt, SlSl'TMMt 2i, POWDER Abtolutely Puro ., new TOHK. Vacntion In the lake rejjioun of Wisconsin, Northern MichiKRii, Minnesota, Iowa and &ontli 'Ddkota, Along She lines of the Chit*n«o. MH« wa«kee&$t. Prttit Railway, arts hundreds of charniihg lixral'.tii'S preeminently fitted for aumhit"? homes, nearly nil of which arc located on or near lahrs which 'have not been fished out. These resorta range in vs. o ifiety froni the "full dress for dinner" to the flannel Rhirt costume fur ovgry meal. Among the list arc immeH familiar to many of our readers at» the perfection of jtibrthorn Burner resorts. Nenrly all of the VVificonain points of itifercKt, arc feitlHn a short distance frond Chicago or Milwaukee, anfl none of them ^re wi far away from 4he **bu»y msrt9 of civilization" that they cannot be reached in a few hours of travel,by frequent tfa'inH^JvW the (Inert, rotid inthOTiort/hweRt— the Chicago, Milwaukee* St. Paul Hailwiw. Send a two cent HI (imp fur a copy of "Va^ cation 1) 'y»'' giving a description of the principal rogorta, ami a liftt »f fiunuucr hotel* and boarding housc(«. at>^ rateH for boatd, to Goo. H. UoafTont, General 1'iU'nougcr •> Agent, Chicago, III. Farm Properly Insurcil. " I urn prepared to insure farm property at (*Dti per cent for thn'O yents in a good lirbt class coiupany doing iMisim'ss . un,- d«r liccnwo fiom the Btixte^insurauco com- miseioner. This i« better than thoJiJtf- tual eomfuinics; -^ • / HKNUY $K$*RK, Agent. ' I aj^jrfoitared to ilo ladies' ;ind chil drc'ri's RltajapJoiuK Jit tlieir homes. Leave orders ht C'lark's harbor shop, or ' at 35 east Green street, Miw. tf. W, CLAHK. Wheelmen Take Warning. on.. the Bidewnlks in (lie city is strictly foruicidon, mid hereafter the or- dinancti relating th wti i \vrll be enforced, The penalty for \iolatmn la a tine no e*- of th<' x u)ay<>r. :, Marahal. » (Turf for B|U<MIii_Ouli£. RESOUKCE, B«;w\fn C'<»., <Ja. -I have been subject ,t4i altucki of biiinuu colic fur several yKir*. (MiiuutHvJititi'a Oolic, Cholcrn and Diarrhoea Rcnwdy is tbe only hum relit-f. tt act» like 3 charm, £)pe dos« of it givett relief when all other remedies fail. (*. l>. Hii.viu-. for saJe at CASTORIA Many IMive said would havediwl ftforoup if "* "'.••'••r 1 HUMPHREYS' WITCK HAZEL OIL » f w* Hemorrhpida * Fistulas, Seal4s. & Eruptions, Hands. Fever Bli&4er«tt Sore tips & Nostril*. Corns 'jjk BpmigagLsu 4c Bites of Insect*. Sjzes, SJc, Joe. aafJ __ T ___ - the Ofeftmbt ftt;Lirf gert's Case the Victim Was Absent at the .Death. MISSING WIFE WAS SEEN ALIVE Bays Attrr Itor Alleged Wtft«I«r, HPT by for l>catlib!ow ^h« I» Called •!>> th*> J :j-ffini«p. Chicago, Sf>pt, 24.—V'le*'ed from ms standpoints yps'tfrday'S procaedi^fgs n the Luet^rt ^murapf trlat were thn rnost j-eiti&rkabte tTiat hav'e occurred thrt>§ weeks. In the face of the sensational clrputHStantial, evidence that has b,p«*n prbducfd to i*r(>ve that Mrs. .oufpe Luelgert 1 mot (tenth In her husband s snusagi: fartory ore May J, thrt* testified yesterday tljat saw the woman alive on May 3, One of tliww.wltrtwssi:- taltc'-d tr> i believed from tlx <1< MtijUt. n u. ,l photo- raph of Mia Iiueipui-t tlu*i t..o/Vpman ic saw i\a-t Mr A JjU« i \rt. This witness van A18U J. Sholey, b nkke^per at Hotel Mapl«i. Kcnns'ba, WIs. He said he «aw . strangle woman at Hotel Maple on the venlngr of May 8, and' talked with her nearly ten rninutea She asked to IK. directed to the term of one, MuHler in the neighborhood, byf as no one seemed tu snow sueh a'/perron the woman left. followlng / day Sholey a#uln saw the vonian,<>' H*"' described her general ap- >earane;e 0 and her clothing, and Identified ph of Mrs,, tAtetgprt as the woman he saw. Hlxml Tp AboriT Her Welchf. On cross-examination the wftnepg at Iret'Jbceel the weight of,the woman h£' rat ISO or 140 pounds " Then h*> hettl- ed—said be hud pot mixed upland lacked that tho woman vvtigh/d 115 o 118 ^sounds—which Is about Mrs. Luet-_ weight. This hesitation.'and Yfiasmaflt? much of byjJ- cutlon. Porireman Henrt^-flVhlshaw, of Kenosha, vyta, tosljiWIthat ht saw a trance wornaj^hifthp police station of lia town rj»"May 3 Witnf,«s said hp aftenyiM-rf saw the woman at the Hotel the following day at the railway station He dfHcrllit^l the woman is a folonfle, and said yhe wore a sailor hat and slippers. One slipper she had worn was found in tht? police>tntlon after she had left Witness identified a pictur? of Mrs. I,uHgeit a* closely re- oinbling the woman he saw. JWUHajjj., Jj jQiinsXefl,-_a clerk. In tbe. Orant hotel, Kenowha, iuVmmcd a photo- as the picture of the .woman- he saw In his hotel on May 3 He, s«ld she eam<» into the; hole! nnd remained ten minutes ami Ml.' H«- d^Wribed the woman .and corroborated the evidence 1 of the other witnesses. N> EMMA SCHIMI'JKlTA^OKAi* ISSUE,. sf dcK YARD COMWNV £wtl Similar i*. That nt Ttfj* *v ' Omntm Iry Vtfrlr t> Omaha, ffefe./Sejft. 24.—$ Brought tey^ the f ntt«? agajnst the^ So^lth Omalm *jlv* Stock at»d all ii<3 wcmheta. Its to a few 'ovef, 280.' Thfe sult/te funhVrtlzPd by Attorney ^ctt- eral M)zKenna» of the'1;niW<J States. The papers In the suit tv'ere fllwl tx'ffli him 'orafe time agrt by" Attorney John T. Xthfcrs, of thl? i.ity. They were re-' urn*d yesterday mornliiK with, ihc Statement thivt tKe attorney gewral/tiaft Ptilf, The effect of th.p suit, if rtpcirlcd as that at TttpeKa:, will to t*rit-tually restrain the S&«ih Omaha trfve St<ck Exchangi"'fioin-car^ rylng oin Its busii)t»s.<.. The ^iflt is brought under tho atitl-tri st,:a«/' f'hntriiinn .Tont-^iit C'lilctn^n. Hept. 24^—Chairman Jannes K, Jonest, of the^tTtnioPi'atic* national ornmlttee. arr^-ed from Washington yesterday and' immediately went into -onference with' a number of Town Democratic leaders who had com« here tp nteet hhnc' Tnts conferenc'p wap of short, duration^ and at its conclusion Senator n company with National Com- tnlttcpmcn Oahan, of Illinois, ealUHt cirf John P. AltReld. l>nti! tl»« ^apotomp on the 1 iniieftrliincut ol lltr Sf«i-y Heivelf. Emma Bchlmpke came to the court room In the afternoon to hear Jinan. Oteloh Irripeach her evldt-nce, She was fighting mad when she hvara herself made a falsifier. Attorney Phuleri dlai- d ht*r nT^«?ncf in th*< nwm ftnd her to the witness stand When asked It phe h«uJ jiot told l^osa Oiejeh she had, lied on tho wU«v»x HtaAil the replied: "I don't remember." 'Did you not tc)l Harry FiedW you When you said you »aw Mr and Wrs. Lu^tKert May 1." "I don't remember/' - , - . * • 't>ld you not; tell Rosa Qfalch you did nl(jfht of, May 1?" "1 may have aald «o." "ifrs, Mattie Schcr^'r. the laal wltne«M r ,_ the tlayi t^stiped po*iit)tfv«;ly that^ ISra)/ nm fk-himpk* told her" that the teaH- tnony .the; Bcbiuipke girl had ^ivsn on •*w wltnessi »tand "\vaa untrue. ' ~ '",. Rosa Glrfch, who <>n Wednesday »4ely cufitratHfted gi nl n a "" testimony. ,.,,.. . we-rif ape'of Jh^ most His, yuestloqa were -* to thfs IranU «(! Its speed. The vvltaewJ w^s fluicfe-iviUt<i and r«- promptly ftp avr-hfle, but shjT wa« jfmoyTO«tf)O,<{» " after half sti hour she h«r f«w* bJitaed with excltemwu. »h<* be^an to contradict hereeAf in partlw»l^r% tout two oth^r wit new called Who corroborate her ttwtl- mooy in alf Important point a, one Mrs. Scher«i- reffcrr$<i to in the aboye , »ul up tw« plQts OH Mi* On* Wi*S in Miss ** home, whit* Kawaa was drawn «s% to «4w4t th»t ft»c tfe ae^scwtloip wa» <Wn«. not «Mfl there, were ttoce wr t up* s»fd. «»« the other wa» py side of a- fencp- wl>er* Jtoaa wbtl* young Fiedler, b the f«ue<>, hfeartj her admit th*t ahe had sworn falaely stjptae yesterday w*« the aategea , • " of ib» »1lii€i««w by tfte polic* that tjte offlters under I^specier » behalf and th« <ju*»tlo» caused a Ftedlej; <» tha aoi a «erMi*» W*^ The, state ward brouifbt ou4 th« fa«t thai , of tee Cthioft vpisfan. leftists £e ,> Archibald ^lakel V«aiueteet$d national ., by a large majtirjiyv Ttfe te flft the oinw (nUfcere vraa s twt ( ttn- ' ' "Coat .} Illfc., $ept, 24.—f he ^Jar Coal cftftipSfiy's Wo. 1 mine W'rtft/dtfe- fey fire Wcdnefl<tay ntght, |AR8 on ; $78,000. Origin 6< ; ©umir»«y Oom^roiier spesfctf «* Gerttenoial State*Citizens. Story in plfiln, simple language, in as few «Ht;<K?t shoots a rmllet. f HE OeTfiOlf BV^NIN<J NEWS cost .*« ^ef little. The Detroit Evening New& Agents in every towft in Michigan Traroy fof Mayor at Irrfbter New -York, Brrf^f,— Aftw an Pxeiti- Live mef-tlrig ^rf the Ueputilican assembly djsjrfcf Icaflprs yesterday Chairman lss annminecii that a rpuolutlon was 1 iraanlpitously passid tf qmstlng former Secretary of th* v .Navy Tracey to allo%\the use- of his name as tlw> Republican nominee for mayor" of Cireator York. Jnillc'diti'iit Vlnton, la., Kept. 24— The grand. jury Mprdsy r<'tu»nfd an Indictment against Prank Novak for murdt'f in Jhf fir?t de- pree. It is also undertijod-that he is ln- du-tfd for arson, conapiraey, to defraud ij embezzlement. on tlio Hull .Chicago, Sept. 24.— League base b.ill j^coil* yesterday: At 01ovehind-«Chl- cago'4/ Cli'veland 8. $100 Howard SUM). The rcndcrH of thin [taper will bo phased to learn that there i* ftt lea»ti o«e drendod !«that Kt'ience has been able tn cure tn «tll its stages aoti that is. catarrh, llnll's cure is the only positive cure • now tcowu to the nuMhoal frntcrnity. Catarrh WIDB a constitutional dinon«e rtiiuireH & onstHutiounl treatment. HuH's Catarrh, cure iu taken internally', acting directly upon^ha blood qnd mucous Hurfaoea of tho thereby destroying the foundation of tho diabase, nnd, gpinK the pitient rttrength by buildiuyx-dv> thb coiBtitatioo and assist ing n^ doing its w<*k. The propri«torff have «o tnuoh faith in it* curative powers that they oiler QUO hundred liars for auy cfise that it fails to cure. Setil for htitpf tr»ttniObial», Add«ws, ' ft. J, CHENBy & I O., Tolou>, O., Sold by d Uggifiie, ?&;• Hall'a gannly PJ»B are the beftt. HOVAL flsVAS'A .'" A 'fowic PfliT Wowew. For many y«ajr» Ro?Al> T»A lias uiado ,,laJn women beautiful atwi^ejk WSimftD Wealthy. It is not only an a bsolafcj ai»(J to the eex, but wilt absolutoiy ^^WtieRfe'lMflBJiM TiftM SliiC A»I% foH a^tel^d taw, ami — ~^-^ „ piiyfljte&li iu^foK<ti|o^0> i^if ^Q0D(i%L $Q^ feet and be«nti(u| wo|iiiM5h«)td. JUdios wllo faavB^not a-fair ab»r« of beauty, tlwise who would retail $}t&i which "- — have and those who seek (rewlynj all female ixjmplalnta ate u^fng. T _, ROVAL T«A and tlnd it a health-giving •.Cf^^^^wgjg^Ss tj» call core for ...,.., . T ... it) every family, which, if neglfletixi, is of ten" the vuwe, l«ad to mort* serious Iran blea, cause d«i»>tpr bjlla, 4^fer< . ... . ,n au 4 aljgtre^ j tt ^ centa. . it, Uko no other bat ^Mufw^y- 6tf 4t, -JP*wie byx *M«>. Siua« sizs 50 Wouien" witli eirculiiru and testtnttfiials (jeutfrtieby u»ai]t«»iuyaddre«». Write to Bouta Bjifiiw R^i»Ki»v Co., South Bend, lad. AU tottere »r« upwoed, and ajsaw^red by wuuSeu, tetters 4»iie6fciaK m«jd«»l advice their toay ptyeiaan <ui4 ajj. . mure per fi>roj*re <jir organ together wtfch ' ttod addrsassBS ol or witness *ajd tbe palic«i»a&; frightened Onto m*kln« ft siait««u*wt that auuJi '«* will ittftii yuu ten pieces fujl sk^^t uuu»ic, , marckeu, etc,, ar the ^ OOOD fa THE WfiOLB C Thfe »*»iir» TlmtJV <• of Coniiien«i»«»n tVlll t F*-opl« 7 <*> lloaftt pt-nilrnt an Isla^tt Oiher. t 24.— Comptroller «f Currency • J[«»HW H, EeRelss ueiRt of nonttt at th« hati«tti<?t *st eveitlns at the >y the Denver Mars. 'One hunrtml dW(inf!ul.''fti <l t itfz t h i of Colorado— bankefs^ state senate rsaiid bihers whnsc hAitses'an* aspr.tlated with the ypbWKIlnff of this city and state! were present! Omptrollfr feckels made an aftef-dlnner speech to which clone attention 'tthas paid by hi» auditors, anitJ at Us close he was Warmly applaudpd. EckieS began by ^mphaalainR the fact that citizens o# k all part» of the country are actuated by the sam« spirit — a <le- aire for tht? good of the wliole counjtry-- ard that no matter how fierce thu Between partisans might be s no danger of Its vveakeni datinn of the republic. A Tor a contitiualioti of^tiie feeling of mutual t anfldtTice^wrMng maintained be- the^sa^f and the wes.1, he said: .Stfc-Honi Hart Bvttcr KoflfamHt. will not do for tlie eapt to boa« of ta possession of the surplus capital of the Country, which ha» come vMth age and thrift and opportunities', or the West ta point with overweening prtde to Us Stupendous rtfjsoui'ces and Its Wondci'lul advancf-ment. • The wealth of the one but continues to diminish tf not employed, and that of the other Is* of no ivall If not developed. v The advance of both follows the same pathway and cen- tera in the same Inteiests. 1 have tonight no plea to ,make for the country's accumulated capital' U|PO,II the o • hand, nor for Us undeveloped riche" < , the other, •except the plea that nt a Um< iVnen\ve are enterfne upcin an *=ra of better things they may lie brought usurer toRpfher and not driven, widei apart. It Js'a plea conM>nant with the <)i< tales cf business |u<JgriH>nt and aeotird? with the cinnmori It is a protest That may well be uttered by citiaenx • «vei-y\i : here, ho mat-' what the nr^aeurt? of their interfstn or the~. ; flnancial tenets to ivhlch they Allusion to .Sltvor. "1 am rV.t iinmif,,rlfji«l of the fact that a large majority <^th,e Citizens nt this ptate fc>>! Uint^rtrey huv<ir.--ln (he ^con*. omy of th<-» -f'l.mmcrt'e, f bten" Socrty ln- h Jured tn f*fw> of th< (r great wealtli^pto- d«fJ»p-i>,.lu)ftil.!!. If such a result has foUowwl they iMv-e pot Iwh left wholly without compenFating benefit*, ror haVe they gunVrecl mi re kwnly than at varl- 6ui* times In tht <-ount»-y'8 history have others who have omb^rke-d .In other linen Of u rider taking. Tlte law oi the commercial wirld,' through all Its history,' Is proven, to 'he 1 A law V»f confintial change. Morr than onc& New Kngianu* and the east have been compelled to yield to o$b- <M\»Mt!on«) of tlu> country srea?. lod,u«- tri«f» which their people had hopnj to build upon i fV>r, the future, and In th.» to <H»me I doubt not but that other awl grt-ater changes wllj' ftctme utwn tht-ni. , Wftjtiu UIB ItaiiKf «r PoMlbUty. "It is not witjioyt the ranso qt p«»l- MUty that thKCaroiWs may draw fi%n Massachusetts the cotton wiill, «nd the states of Tenno^Mfd 1 und /tolorado from Ponnaylvania' H}^ ateel 'and irop IntlpB^ tvies. But If \htsy dift, f<;Howin^ the Una- Of ecftMniiJc! -trutlr 'wrne^new development will be fdsterea which will more Thau mftfc^ M^1Mt<S^H^r»mn~ fojr"4. If tb ree«»iviug " can _______ .. . r w*ofe> M ^ia J»^», ffci, I Awytwdj- cau p»* i $«wrf What if Not piracies?. The great Four-C Remedy isdojng^ork whetevcr introduced as nearly rmractilQU' as it ever falls to the Jot of any human agency tp do (1 will e.s ;em it a ^avor for any-oftle interested to write the persons whose names appear btslow or anyone whose, i^me mdy appear among these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. ' OOIce of "Klnowenen TIMES," t Kinfflsher, Okl*.. Deo. Ii,'t8.f 0*NTUtirKH:~l believe It my duty to write you lint! lii regard 4« the beneficial effect of Phelpa' Pour C Rpmmly,'" un faf as f urn pMsoually con- jerned. A weeh ago last Thursday, I was taken with a severe attack of Ift grippe «nd tn a short line became tto hoarse I ecu Id Viol npeak *buve a wbl(*p«r. Thfl tilfjbt prevloun I had coughed fiarly tbnontirp ntght; lust buforctetlriDR I took teaBpoontul.aodeleptttmentlre night U9 nwcetly W ever I did iu my life, BcA coughing onq*. f was ntirely relieved before taking on« bottle; Phelpa* Donjsb.ColUoud Croup Care should be In every ouseliold in the land. I send you this wholly' nsolioltod by onyonv, fpr you are bcnefnotors of hnrftoc in kivinp it the antidote for some of the »or«t afflictions to wbich It i». heir. Very Truly Yours, , C.J N»BBtTT, Editor. \ Uted unless I 10 notbioa for encMfid taking 11 other ;pu«h: «lt>pt and A MIRACL& n<*M City, Kunsos, 0eo,3t, *91 '- 19. my attending; phynloian bo.Mj»r by mornlnu hn could relkf. ' That night I cotn- "Four C" remedy, stopped Tbc first dose stopped my well; a few morn tlosca amoved all Aoreneso froiiK my- Hangs; the second l»y I wae up; tho third any I was out , on the :oroh and to-d»y w»» up towilpurcbaalng holiday |ood«, Miss Jssiqjc UABBBT, Washingtoii Ave.^und Summit St. CROUP O«e dose of PhHps 1 Cough, Cold and Croup Jure, Rave my oiilld Instant rallcfwben attaolcea with the croup. W. E. MOOBB, of Moore Br^s., Grocers. , K a anas. My aim is to conilnce the public of my Jlncerity and of tlie true merits of this reified)?. J^~^^.-—.> .1 f* -I ' "•• .•n.i»ii.n..iiH, I...,. ..„.,..„. II I ^•B •!!•••...II.f nil, I ,.H. ..!.*.• U,:,,M -*—.. N....I ,., ,..,1 M. j I IJl»in._L 1HT. ipt-r, • 1 InK *,'<>, V ft.- ) UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. J. B.vHnrsB, Manitptr, • Office Comtiii'fcm) 1'riniinR t.'< 19t) South Clai-k 8k,. « » «v . *. « Cbioftpov Nov. , tt. R. Phelptt, Esq., City, D«AK Stn;~ I wish (a bear t«<>titn6ny tp (h« freat efficacy of your "Four C" wmody m thtSftf and IUUR a,i)ments. AS 9 rule I have brim <KPU tloal of the merits of proprietary ihwltothrs, bu' hftve to confPBs that a trat of your "Four C" if Convincing that at lea^t one ready mttdo wmcdj is Worthy of use. My children all take it witt> out the least objection, t»t>m uldo«t to yoatifK» and U in particularly Yiotici'nble thivt bMit>ftt i- almost linmcdlatii,- A single dow will check moot coUBbn In^tKetr twititmittR; it'civc? an On hrokepi'Tcst at night. 'In tny family "Pour C* Hi simply Indispensable ami I recommend it un qualitkulv. Yours, J. B. LARYNGITIS. Chicago, Sppt. 2R, '05 For years bank each winter I suftoreo with acute Laryngitis.' Lah't winter was jio bad ^1 could not leave my room for t\v<> ttefei or apofth ttbpve a whisper. 1 c-iwl uvrr" ' jiown cuugb preparation from eoi<>> dropr 1 1 i^ni down with no reH«f,,th(-n in di •> roli>>tv 1 wa:. induced to to try Phfip'* "Koui i' ' '^ -'if t «*')M> relieved ay eoufth, eivinR n. iS. > t ni«Ut'< .rekt fo; weefca Hftjf the buttV i-)ir, i! «.ie. i Iwvi- UCVP'I been without this womliriui j--i mcdy rinc;;. It IB as different from oilier like r<'niadi«s OK molassM from vioogar or sugar from K.ind. Mus. Jqsppji K; GnofeB. , . 5313 Madison Avo. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckurd, the ttailrc-aU Corrcspon dent of tho Noodashu Knnsus tUtr-^tftr, hasihis to say. of "Four C. v "Pholps is having n wop- derful safe ot bis Cough and };old Remedy, Wn personally kn<iw it Is }iu*t what it i» rvpresniit. odtooe. Too much cuu, * bu aaUl iu its praise, It la a mifacle. NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL JC. . CONTRACT.—Druggists are authorized in ALL CASES TP REFUJUJ JHE. CHASE PRICE, if the JFour-C lie.inedy (Fhelps'Ccmgh, Cold and Croup Caicj fails kgive satiaiaction in Croup, Uroncnitis^Asthma.LaGrJppe.Cou^ljs and ColJs, n0 matter how long strinding, or deep seated, in fact 1 guarantee in all mannerol Bioocl.iiil or L.UHK u juble, not as a Cure-All,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on tin above conditions.* I take alUchances. R, R. PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Prop, For sale by W. T. DRAKE. GAS STOVES! j, i Cargo Reduction in Prices on Cooking Apparatus. 1 . '« ' '3 v f <' % J J "**"fi** ;"' {1 r4': * '."V^ -' >4 • -,^M ,\:.4. ••/>v * \ v4 ^ fc S f, '•» -*».!, Gas Ba%e^ $10.00, $13,00, $16 00 ( <MHi $10 oo Boiling' Sfcbvee $1. to $6, accoixiiar TB'i4 •uppart of a t«»ople than any Etate wjtb- bi-rdei;6,of the IJulon." thftf jtlfw ccuntry te now ent«»rt«(f=«pon an «r« of prosperity In <*t*jk<b east, GAS t specialist, i4sr visits to th»s city in tito UL, Srat date will be ThuraiJay, S«pt, entt wfejcfa will ba found 35 D0afi eatti* teat tjbae If power .of light Oiy*« twico th£ light of a 0ft. open gaa burner in Walking uaCl State Street. Cap*. Weat tbe puiwh*»e 0 a ut MarsJMUJ a#e t}te*e iightc, Welsbach Lights Always Qivc Sausfactioo, » to U«bi wid eoiw»mptipa of gaa Nearly 300 aoui io " •'" "WBf'^( THEM mn », Out W, •««. ....-i'-S

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