Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 25, 1968 · Page 10
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 10

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1968
Page 10
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News Roundup 6:30 The Monkees 7:00 Rowan and Martin 8:00 Danny Thomas 7:00 I Spy 10:00 News 10:30 National Nnwt 10:30 TonloM KRLD-TV (Channel 4) 1:00 To Till tti« Trvt» 1:23 News 1:30 Edge of Nlflh* 1:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Password 4:00 Mr. Ed 4:30 Gllllgan's Uland S:00 McHale's N«,-v 5:30 Waltn Cronkltt Newt <:00 News «:30 Gunsmoke 7:30 The Lucy Show »:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 Family Affair 9:00 The Carol Burnett Show 10:00 News 10:30 Mission Impostlbl* 11:30 Adventures ol Sea Spray 12:00 Star Playhouse 12:30 Sign Off KTVT-TV (Channel 11) 2:30 Honeymooner* 3:00 Captain Zero 3:30 Popeye 4:00 Mighty Mouse 4:30 Fllntsones 5:00 The Munstert 5:30 Twilight Zont . 6:00 Rifleman t:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Gunflghtari »:00 Movie 10:CO New! 10:15 f Oelock Movie Continual 11:00 Movie »:00 I Spy 1?:30 Outdoor World U':30 Medllnlions 12:55 Sign Oft WFAA-TV fChanneJ S) 2:00 General HospIUI t:30 Dark Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Dialing for Dollars 5:30 NBC News 4:30 Cowboy In Afrlc* 7::'0 Ral Palrol 8:00 The Felony Squad 8:30 Blss Me Kate 9:00 The Big Valley 10:* Nl»\fcs 'vtAtflei 10:30 Joey Bishop Show 12:00 New* 12:45 Sign OH Tuesday MORNING KTXS-TV cchannel 12! J:55 Sign on 4.00 Sunrise Semester f.M Parm & Ranch New* 7:00 Weather 7:65 Morning Newt 7:30 Cartoon Clrcut 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid C«m«r» 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Maybcrry 10:30 Dick Van Dykt 11:00 Lov« of Lift 11:25 Newt 11:30 Se&rch For Tortwrrew 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News 12:15 Farm Facts 12:25 Weather 12:30 As The World Turnt 1:00 Newly Wed Game 1:30 House Party KRBC-TV (Channel 9) J:W roo*> 7:25 harry Holt i-?* Devotion* 9:00 Snap Judgement ?:25 NBC News 9:35 Concentration 10:00 PtrsonaHty 10:30 Hollywood Squart* 11:00 Jeppargv 11:30 Eye Ou»s» 12:00 News ann Weatr;*' 12:15-12:30 World of Beauty 12:30 Let's Make • Peat 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Dociora BRI-D-TV (Channel « :58 Sign On :00 iSews and W*«th«r :05 CBS New* :30 Timetable :OQ Cap' Kangarw ;00 Candid Camera :30 Beverly riliiplHiM :00 Anfly pt MarwTv :30 Dlcjc V»n Dykt :1)0 Lov» «t ill* :?5 CPS News :3fi Starcl" toi :45 eyWtnj :00 N*WV 14 W«m»r :30 A* Th# WOCfe) Tun* 0p U>v* 1| «' HA»ny >pt*ndored Thin in 4 ? 7 | | f f 1» 10 11 ll H 11: 12: 12: |): 1; HTVT-T? *:*$ Meditation 4:50 N«W* |:QO Sl*m flog 1:3.0 P«t ftojiit In Hollywood 10:00 Th* Perlfct Match 10:30 J.«rt L> *"* nr }* eu 1 1 :0.0 J9W MsUnarfc Show H:30 12:MQ,yjr J2.-30. ijgp J4p.liysxp.oo sno#eaw w *:,30 » 7:00 Cartoon ,Carniy«l 7;jo Mr, fsgwr «. 2jj hJeWS 8:3,0 PlaliflS tor 10: W This Some Guys Jusf Don'f Grow Up By ABK5A1L VAN fiUREN DEAR ABBY: I have been married to Meyer for three' years. He's short, fat and bald,' but he thinks he's God's gift to women This is my second marriage and his fourth. I am 55, and Meyer claims he's 63, but 1 I'm sure he's closer to 70. ! For the last year Meyer has, been chasing young girls. Be-; lieve me, he is no lady-killer, but he has plenty of money; which explains why he can get; a different young girl every! night. He goes around in public; with his girl friends and has' even brought them to our apart- rnent, knowing I will come home; and catch him. He came right j out and asked me to divorce 1 him, but he is not getting rid of me so easy. ; I am too old to work and: 1 don't want to get married; again. I told him 1 made a bad, deal but I'm willing to sit wilhi it. Am I svrong? i am really satisfied with Ihings as they arc, as T don't bother him and he.don't bother me. STANDING PAT IN MANHATTAN DEAR STANDING: Yours Is a very slningc marriage, but to each his own. Tell Meyer to quit chasing young girls before he drops dead. And if he wants a divorce in New York, he'll have to catch YOU. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are in our 20s, have been ; married over a year, and are expecting our first child soon, i My husband works out ofj town six nights a week, and' Sunday is our only clay togcth- 1 er, and we like to spend it alone. Here's our problem: We have two friends, a young engaged couple, who come to visit us EVERY Sunday. If we are not home when they arrive, they wait for us outside in their car. We have hinted and tried to tell them in every polite way; we know that they have worn! out their welcome, but they! don't seem to understand. Laslj Sunday when they came, I was lying down as I didn't feel well. My husband told them this at: the door, but they just said, "That's too bad," and they barged in anyway, took off their coats, and stayed all day visiting with my husband. ! Abby, we are at the end ofj our rope with these people. Wei hate to hurt their feelings, buti what do we do now? They say ; we are the only friends they • have. DISGUSTED! DEAR DISGUSTED: Don't i worry about hurting the feel- j ings of those who show such i an appalling luck of consideration for yours. Polite talk, ! and hints won't help. TELL i them in plain language that i when you want company, you I will call them—and to please i discontinue their visits until then. If you lose their friendship (this is a friendship?) you haven't lost much. DEAR ABBY: Recently some one wrote in blaming his mother for not having FORCED him to continue with his music lessons. My father has taught music for 35 years and here are a few of his ideas on the subject: Never force music on a child who has no interest in it. Mu- APRIL DATE—Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Mills of Eastland announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Honda, to Deece Wallace, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Wallace of Cisco. Wedding will be April 13 in the home of the bride-elect's brother, Larry Mills, 609 Ave. G. Brownwood. The couple will reside in Midland. sic should be enjoyed; don't, spoil a child's pleasure as a potential member of an audience. Listening Is an art, loo. Trying to teach your child to phiy the instrument you yourself play is like trying to teach your own wife to drive a car. Ask the school music teacher if he gives private lessons. If not, he will be able to recommend someone who does. If you love the violin and your child wants to play the sax, rent him a sax. Most music stores rcnl instruments, and some schools lend them. (Don't invest, good money in an expensive instrument hoping your child will learn to like it. Find out first.) Give him privacy to practice and never laugh ai his mistakes or ridicule him. And last, but most important, encourage him by attending any recitals he happens to be in. j A home full of music can't j be all bad. The family that plays together stays together. BARBARA F/rsf Mefhodisf Church Hosfs WSCS Conference First Methodist Church ofi Brown w o o d will host the i Central Texas Conference for; its 27th annual meeting of Women's society of Christian Service, Tuesday and Wednesday, i Mrs. R. W. Bickham, confer-; ence president, will preside at j the meeting, beginning Tues- ; day at 10 a.m. '• Theme for this year's confer-1 ence will be "The Light Pene-j traling the World." i Featured speakers will be Mrs. H.L. George of St. John, Kans., who is now serving as secretary of membership culti- vilation of the South Central Jurisdiction and has held many j offices in the Woman's Society on all levels, and Mrs. Harold Baker of Toledo, Ohio, a member of the board of missions, vice president of the Woman's division, chairman of the committee on finance of the board of missions and vice president of her local society. Mrs. C. Linton Smith is president of the First Methodist Church Woman's Society and j Mrs. R.L. Wigington is chair- j man of arrangements for the conference. The Rev. Carroll Thompson, pastor of the host church, will give the welcome address and the Rev. W. M. Greenwaldt, district superintendent, will assist with the program on Tuesday morning. D. R. Franks and Charles Hawkins will furnish special music. The Rev. Sidney Roberts, executive secretary of the Dallas- Fort Worth area, will appear on the program Wednesday. Dr. Guy Newman, president of Howard Payne College, will be the sppeaker for the annual luncheon which will be held at Chjsholm's Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. Campus Ministry and Missionary Personnel will be the topic discussed at the luncheon with Mrs. V. Cyrus Barcus and Mrs. Winslow Danhke, secretaries as chairman and co-chairman for the luncheon with district secretaries of campus ministry and missionary personnel acting as hostesses. A nursery will be open dur-! ing all sessions of the confer- j ence. There will be no charge made for this service, however, mothers should provide j a lunch for their children. I Pre-meeling activities today were to include a noon lunch- ' eon for the conference execu-; live committee in fellowship hall of First Methodist Church. Dinner for the executive committee and guests will be served today at b p.m. at the host church, followed by an| executive committee session at | Riverside Motor Hotel. Deaf Folks: We have had thousands of requests to repeat the "Salmoti- ettes Heloise" recipe that 1 printed last year, after accidentally discovering it while trying to salvage a can of salmon I was testing. Since we are now in the middle of Lent, here 'tis: 1 15-oz can pink salmon (lots cheaper than red) 1 whole egg 1 heaping tps. baking powder Vz cup flour Only about five minutes of your time from start to finish. (And what else can you cook that .fast that's really good— and inexpensive, loo?) Now . . . here's how: Open your can of salmon. Pour the juice into a measuring cup and set aside. Dump the drained salmon in a mixing bowl. Drop in one whole egg. Use fork to break up salmon and mix the egg real good. When it's gummy, add one- half cup of sifted flour. Stir in flour thoroughly with fork again. This mixture will be real thick. Don't worry . . . it's supposed to be that way! Don't add any salt. Pepper is O.K. Take one-fourth cup of the salmon juice (pour out any excess—brands of salmon differ in liquid content) and add one heaping teaspoon of baking powder to the juice and beat with a fork. It's going to foam. Good . . . it's supposed to. Your measuring cup should be three-quarters full of foam. This is what makes the difference in your recipe! If it doesn't foam, your baking powder may be old. After the foaming process has worked, pour this into your salmon mixture. Mix again with that fork. It's going to be really thin this time. That's the secret to it all. Pick up two ice tea spoons (you have to use a small spoon) and dip a half-spoonful of this luscious stuff and scoop it out with the other spoon into a deep fryer half-full of hot oil. And gals, the scoops of batter don't have to be perfect. The "crookeder" they are the better. These tidbits don't even have to be turned. They will float on top of the hot oil. They turn themselves as they cook and are completely done in just a few seconds. Your luscious brown tidbits will look as if you have dipped them into a secret, time consuming, lacy baiter and the crust browns beautifully. Another funny thing about it is they aren't greasy. All 1 can figure out is the effervescence (bubbles) which 1 got from the mixture of the salmon juice and the baking powder (why, we never figured out) seems to be what makes them light, lacy and crunchy. When you look at your completed tidbit, you can actually see a lace design on the outside. This is the best part of it. Most amazing thing I ever saw! This batter cannot be made ahead of time and saved. It must be cooked within 15 minutes after mixing in the foamy baking powder and juice. So don't hesitate to splurge on a can of salmon. Salmon- ettes Heloise will absolutely melt in your mouth with a delicious crunch. The outside crust, will be as lacy as fine old Alencon. It's not only quick to make but cooks in seconds and is quite inexpensive in the long run because it expands and expands and expands. This recipe can be varied by adding grated onions, garlic salt. etc. Wonderful for parties when stuck with a toothpick and served with or without a hot sauce over them. And you know what else? They're even great cold the next day. Be sure to clip this out and put in your cookbook. Love, Heloise Dear Heloise: When I want to store those ! silky comforters that refuse to stay folded, I put them in a pillowcase. This keeps them clean as well as folded. Judy Ryan Dear Heloise: I watched a friend taking i down storm windows. What I I thought was clever was that she washed each one, wrapped it in old newspaper and marked on the paper where it went. Now, in the fall they will be all ready to put back, and she'll know just where each window goes. R.E.K. UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THfe CON- FEDEftAtV rneefs ?nd Friday of *»er> month In homes of memMri. Par In- format;-n call Mrs. Virvla MOO Avfc. D., MS-SOU. 6THERS CLUB meets Jnd and «h Wednesday for noon lunch and business meeting In Adams Street Community Center. For Information call Mr*. W. C. Rodflers, W3-7729. AUXILIARY e* ft* order a meefs each Thursday at 8 O.PTI. af fh* Browntowner Motor Inn. ALPHA 26TA CHAPTER Beta Stgmi Hh.i meets second »nd fourth Mondays of each month. Contact Mrs. Richard Wall. Ph. 4*3-540) LADIES ASSN. OF §ROWNWOOO COUNTRY CLU6 meet* «t »he Brownwood Country Club 1:30 p.m. each Tues. except 3rd week and 1J noon for lunch- son. For Information call Mrs. Frank Anderson at 64J-WM. ORDER OF RAINBOW GIRLS Brownwood Assembly No. 21 CrieetS 8* 7 p.m. the Snd and <th Mondays In Masonic Lodge. Call Mrs. c. F. Stanford, «X3-17W, for Information. NOTICES B'wood Lodge No 278 A.F&A.M. meet* 1st Thursday each ffiontb at 7:30 p.fix. Cdwnandsry He. JJ me*t* second Thursday «»th month. 7:30 p.m. 3rd. Thursday ol tach month at 7:30 e.riu fiiPW CLU6 a _ M«*ts 8t 4:30 p.m. Ift fh* Club Room (Jay of each month at ? o.m. Fof (ft formation call Mrs. Kathlein IWIflfw at M2-8823. _ CENTRAL T6XAS COIN CLUB riiMfi 0* fhlrd Tuesday «f e«h month at Brownwood Coii«um. Contact Jimmy Klna, president, at W3-328S or Clark Coursey* TNA representativt at 445-2J52. 6ELTA KAPPA GAMMA Meets first Thursday of month, for IfW formation call Mr». Walter E. DlekSni at 643-5267. NOTICES TFWC FASHION SHOW—Among those participating in a fashion show for the eighth annual Heart of Texas District, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs included, left to right, Brenda Holland, modeling the new fashion in bathing suits; Mrs. Frank Crenshaw and Mrs. Leah Preston, wearing the latest in spring dresses with matching accessories; Pat McShan and Kim Milam presented wash and wear fashions in clothing for children. Mrs. Lonnie Holland and Mrs. Harry Saunders served as coordinators for the style show at the Riverside Motor Hotel. Mrs. Winnie B. Burnett served as narrator. Approximately 100 women attended the convention. Area Club Plans Rally SANTA ANNA (BBC) - Mrs.! Noval Wylie and Mrs. Henry; Newman gave reports concern-' ing a candidate rally to be held I April 6 at a meeting of the 1m- j provement Club last week. Rally will be held in the Lions Club building and will tegture talks by candidates attending, followed by entertainment. Thomas Wristen presided, at the meeting. Mrs. Cliff Herndon announced that the John Gregg, Montie Guthrie, P. B. Snooks, 0. A. Etheredge and Hetty Turney families had put out trees. Club voted to donate $5 to the cemetery association to be used for a new fence. BQOT0RS ELLIS & PLUS OPTOMETRISTS fw 643-0184 or 308 Citizens J1NCE MIANS YOU arr f Quality Material t Built To U$f • Priced To Sell « Financed T« Suit f Estimates for Free C$11 or Write W. H. 0£AN p.q. aw ?33 Rial 645.9989 IliCT Bert i Massey YOUR STATI Representative «'Just Like There yourself" Paid Political Advertisement THE STATE OF TEXAS to the Sheriff or any Constable of any County of the State of Texas—GREETINGS: WHEREAS, on the 15th day of February 1968, Hilda M. demons recovered in the District Court of Brown County, a judgment against B. G. Fulton I for HIP sum of Four Thousand UJnc Hundred Ninety Two and j 50/100 Dollars with interest i thereon from the 15th day of! February 1968, at the rate of i Six (6) percent per annum and | , L-nsts of still; together with the j sum of S250.00. Attorney Fees, with 6'.f, interest from February j 15, 1968, and. whereas, the said judgment ordering a sale in lieu of partition of the following described property, to-svil: All that certain lot of land lying and being situated in Brown County, Texas, and being the Southeast Seven (7) feel of Lot No. Four (4); all of Lot No. Five (5) and the Northeast seven (7) feel of Lot No. Six (6) ! all in Block No. Seven (7) of! the Parks Estates Addition to j the lovvn of Brownwood in said j County and described by meles and bounds as follows: BEGINNING at a point In the N. E. line of said Lot No. 4, .said point being 7 ft. N. 31-30 \V. of the East corner of said lot 4 and at the East, corner of a lot conveyed by Bennett & Forbess, Inc. to Bobby Louis Allen, et ux by deed dated Sept. 13, 1957 and recorded in Vol. 456, page 379 of the Deed Records of Brown County, Texas; THENCE S. 31-30 E with the NE line of said Block, 64 ft. to the East corner of this lot, said corner being 7 ft. S. 31-30 E. of ihe North corner of said Lot No. 6; THENCE S. 54 W. parallel svith the NW line of said Lot No. 6, 192.5 ft. to point in the N. E. line of an alley; THENCE N. 31-30 W. with said line of said alley, 64 ft. to the S. corner of the Allen lot; THENCE N. 54 E, with the S. E. line of said Allen lot, 192.5 feet to the place of beginning, and being the identical'tract of land described in a deed from Harry A. Forbess to B. G. Fulton and wife, Hilda M. Fulton, dated .January 9. 1961, of record in Volume 548, Page 321 of the Deed Records of Brown County, Texas, to which Deed and Record thereof reference is here made for a more complete description, and as though the same were copied here in full and it is ordered and decreed by said judgment that said property be sold as under execution in satisfaction of said judgment. And if said property shall sell for more than sufficient to pay off and satisfy said sums of money, the excess should be paid over to the said Hilda M. demons to pay the judgment set out herein, and then to B. G. Fulton & Hilda M. demons equally. But if said property should not sell for enough to pay off said sums of money, the balance due shall be made as under execution, and such order of sale shall | have the force and effect of a writ of possession, and the officer executing same shall make a good and sufficient deed, and place the purchaser of said property in possession thereof within 30 days from date of sale. Therefore, you are hereby commanded that you proceed to seize the above described property, as under execution, and make a good and sufficient deed and to place the purchaser of the same in possession thereof within 30 days after the day j of sale, and you apply the proceeds thereof to the payment and satisfaction of said sum of 4,192.50 Dollars, plus $250.00 Attorney Fees, together with the interest that may be due thereon, and the further sum af $16.15 Dollars, costs of suit, together with your legal fees and commissions for executing this writ. And if the said property shall sell for more than sufficient to pay off and satisfy said sums of money, then you are hereby directed to pay over the excess thereof to Hilda M. demons and B. G. Fulton equally. But if you fail to find said property, or if the proceeds of such sale be insufficient to satisfy said judgmem, then you are directed to make the money or any balance thereof remaining unpaid, out of any other prop- ?rly of the defendant, as in } ease of ordinary executions. 1 Herein Fail Not, but due return make hereof within* 90 days, showing how you have ex- i ecu ted the same. j Given under my hand and i seal of the District Court of i Brown County, at my offiec in ! Brownwood, this 6th day of March. 1968. Mrs. Evelyn Myrick, Clerk. District Court Brown County, Texas. By Mrs. Reecie Bell Deputy. POLITICAL Announcement The following candidates fof public office have authorized the Bulletin to announce thelf candidacies. STATE Governor John Hill Texas Supreme Court Place 2 Tom Reavley State Representative Bert Massey Everett J. (Ebb) Grindstaff Lynn N'abers Congressional Representative of 17th Dist. Omar Burleson DISTRICT District Judge 35th District Joe Dlbrell Gordon Griffin, Jr. District Attorney ' George Day COUNTY Sheriff •Toe R. Townsend R. J. Bell County Comm. Free. No. 1 Earl Fry County Tax Assessor- Collector Hugh Allcorn ounty Comm. Prect. No. 3 J. L. (Jerry) Whatley Kenneth V. Lockett Jerry C. Tongate Henry R. Storey Robert McDowell Bob Baker Sidney Boyd County Attorney Gary R. Price Justice of Peace Prect. No. 1 Cleburne R. Spain Ernest Cadenhead CITY City Council Word No. 1 Pat Farren Davidson Putter Jarvis Chief of Police W. B. (Bill) Donahoo E. W. Allen Mayor W. T. Harlow I WILL NOT be responsible for anv debts or obligations made by anyon* other than myself on or after this date. Signed: Aubrey Lack Jr., 101 Klngi Court/ Brownwood, Texas. L 1591 135 13f LOST—Lady's white gold Bulova watch In Brownwood. Reward for return. Walker's Appliance, 215 W. Grand, Comanche. W 1600 136 1« I will not be responsible tor any debts or obligations made by anyone other than myself on or alter this date. Signed: James Chambers, 2102 Main Blvd., Brownwood, Texas C 1652 138 142 BAILEY—We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the many acts of kindness, messages of sympathy, all th« food, and beautiful floral offerings received when our beloved father and grandfather passed away. Especially do we thank Porter Simmons for th« comforting words at the funeral. W» can not express In words our deep appreciation. The Family of Flllmore Bailey D 1672 13* AUTOMOTIVE 1957 FORD 4 door, blue and Whlti. Runs good. $125. Ph. 645-6384. H 1605 137 143 FOR SALE—1954 Nash In good condition. J100. Ph. 642-7476. J 1590 135 131 1964 CHEVROLET 4-door Impala. V-». Powergllde, power and air. Western Motors, Fort Worth Highway, 642-22II. 1967 Volkswagen 2 door. Extra clean $1695 1967 Dodge Polara 4 door Hard Top. Loaded. Low mileage $2895 1966 Plymouth Fury III 4 door Hard Top. Loaded ... $1895 1966 Dodge Dart GT 2 door Hard Top $1795 1966 Chrysler New Port 4 door sedan. Loaded $2295 1966 Chryslei New Yorker 4 door sedan. Loaded .. $2495 1965 Chrysler New Port 4 door sedan. Loaded $1895 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door sedan. Loaded .. $1995 1965 Ford Fairlane 6 cylinder 2 door $995 1964 Thunderbird ? door Hard Top. Loaded. Extra clean $1895 1963 Buick Electra 225 4 door Harp Top. Loaded ... $1495 1964 Chevelle 2 door Station Wagon, V-8 $1095 1964 Plymouth Savoy 4 door. V-8 ;. $995 1963 Plymouth Belvedere 6, 4 door sedan. Air. 37,000 actual miles $995 MOTOR K»Q? W. Commerce H-H81-129-tf FOR SALE— Extra clean 1960 Buick Electra 4 door. R. g, H. Air and power, individually owned. Bargain. Call 643-4897 after 6:30 p.m. * _____ __ 5 1551 134H FOR SALE: 1966 Airconditioned Ford V-8 4-door Low mileage. -J1795. 3515 Austin 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Brown- tpyyner DesX atter 3:00 p.m. _ ___ ____ 9 1537 132 139 FOR SALE: 1960 Volkswagen with 1963 motor. New paint, $595. See at 2200 Vin*. Pfc.

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