Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 24
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 24

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 24
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TWENTY-FOUR EVKN1NG T1MRS, CUMBERLAND, Ml)., THURSDAY, JUNE (J, 1957 Mary Haworth's Mail Oiul PA 2-1 BOO lor a WANT AD 'TaKer- The ORADMATE Kdltor'i Note: CKronic mysterious fear has Krivpert youth ever since drinking party six years sso, DEAR MARY JIAWOHTH: om 21, a senior in college, and expect lo be graduated, and lo marry, (his summer. Upon ijrod nation, I shall be commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army reserve; and have orders to report for active duly in July. My problem is anxiety, lhat lias perplexed me constantly for the past five years. Kach lime a party or dance is scheduled I can't eat or even think straight. Some type of fear seems to take Iiold within nit, and I lose all setf-coutidcnce. I have been to doctors, who events, mainly because of the anxiety that develops on Ihe days; leading up to these affairs. With! graduation and matrimony approaching, I feel trapped. 1 very much love my fiancee and waul her to he my wife; and she has tried to hcl|) me throw off this anxiety — to no avail. Please help me if possible. 1 realize I must face these events like a man, but I can't bring myself to cope with everyday emotional ,|>roblemi.—P. D. Shock Reaction To Misconduct DEAR P.O.: The riddle oi, vcur anxiety might be solved, if ,n!d^ihi^^|at r«S± ^ P iW VjS FAmER location,.™*. I should facej ,. , m err everyday problems without fcar.| sjc| . |iess . suggests tha ' ™ I've had a series of injections! , e > to subdue my emotions, alsoothen se!r mi . scomiuc . t n>eri,cat,on - none of which m adc , lm[ , cf helps veryjvmch. ((>rriWy ashamc( , t s j nf(] , an [j frightened, as if marked foFlife; so (hat you "drew a blank" hy morning, to bury the intolerable memory. Mcnttil Block 0} Some Sort It roust be sonio sort of mental, block; but no matter how hard 1 try to avoid thinking It occurs lo me, too, that you may have got frightfully drunk deliberalely, or let yourself be en- about upcoming events. somc|' lce d into (hat stale/ to deaden sort of tension grips my stomach your sensibilities to a shocker- and I feel completely sick andl tx P cr ' fl nco that you suspected uncooperative. The first seizure might be in the offing, that eve- occurred in 1951, on a day I was n '"8- Or possibly the shocking to go to a party. The previous aspects of the evening took you week I had been lo a party, at| b >' surprise, and caught- you which I had got terribly drunk— completely off guard, vulnerable " - > ' it seems 1 never recovered completely from the hangover. Now I am at the end of my rope. All during my college years i I have avoided all types of social and innocent — until too late. It may have been a homosexual episode; or an encounter with commercialized vice. WHAT IS IT? SEE PAGE 16 NOW! In //is Manliood? In any case, it seems signifi cant lhat you hadn't felt marked anti-social anxiely and shattered self-confidence before Ihat evening; and have suffered it ever s'nce. wilh pointed reference to parties and dances — occasions |where the whole situation is a Avenue, was sentenced to a year in the House of Correction for escaping custody by Magistrate j traditional lest of one's ability to "rate" wilh one's own and the You Always Get •GOOD FOOD * GOOD DRINKS •PACKAGE GOODS AT CAS TAYLOR'S Cor. N. Mechanic & Volley Dial PA 4-9868 These people each wot 1000 VACATION from fKeir Ford Dealer (You can, too!) ALVIN C. FAZENBAKEH \Veslernporl, Mil. other sex. Maybe you've never been sure lhal you could be a man — or were cut out to be a man — iince the night of dissipation, six years ago; and therefore dread, with special apprehension, the summer's assignments of marriage and Army life. Medical and psychiatric consultations having missed the mark, my advice is to get first- class psychoanalytical help in diagnosing the psychological (rou- ble which started that evening. In the event you did outrage your conscience or self-esteem unspeakably, when under the influence of drink lhal night, confessional session with a priest or clergyman <a spiritual physician), would be a logical follow- through — once you've brought the hidden emotional tangle out into the light of clear understanding.—M. II. Mary Haivorth counsels thfoufih her column, not hy mai! or personal interview. Write lo her in. care of The Evening Times. (King Xciiltirps Syndicate) RECORD HOP IN HI-FI Conducted by M. C. Kenny Robertson at TATE ARMORY 8 to II P. M. Friday Night June 7 50c Admission SrCKES MUSrC STORE THE PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER "Bride And Groom" Will Return To Television Escapee Receives Worlds lar S«t gypsum quarry ,-, * j~ki>-»r is oc sentence Ot Year is located at Alabaster, Michigai A 24-year-old local man who eluded two constables while being taken lo Allegany County Jail Monday afternoon and a local man who aided him in his escape were tried yesterday in Trial Magistrate Court. i Gary Patton, 879 Maryland l!y CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK OP — Bride and jfoum is coming back. After an ibsencc of three years from the ionic screen, the marriage cere- nony will receive a video treat- ncnt every Monday through Friday beginning July 1 over NfiC- rv. Singer Frank Parker and aclor Robert Paige will serve as co- msls of the program on which 2,340 couples were married during "ive years of radio and four years of'television. John Reddy, producer of the show throughout its long lite, says Bride and Groom has but one object. "We try to give the ordinary American girl a chance to have a big wedding on lelev sion, just like Grace Kelly and Queen Klizabeth." The idea is simple enough: a girl marries a guy before the TV audience and they are showered with all kinds of loot — refrigei ators, toasters, swimming pools, a trip here or there. The only ling they forfeit is Ihclr freedom., The hearts, flowers and booty inplicll in the program made H ! a housewives' delight. There arc dll kinds of statistics available on he show -- except the total gallons of joyful tears spilled hy tired lousevyivcs in vicarious delight at attending a wedding. On the other hand, one Long Island husband was arrested for lis dissenting opinion on Bride and Groom. He grew so tired of lis wife watching the program 'very day that he drew a .38 and scored a bull's-eye on Iheir TV set. Not all males' agreed with liim, however. Inmates of San Quentin Prison voted it a daytime Where Friends Meet Missionary To Speak A.I Chtiroli Services Rev. Dr. Eugene A. Erny, chairman of (lie board of direc lors of Ihc Oriental Missionary Society, will speak <it the First Methodist Church at the 10:45 m. and 7:30 p. in. services Sunday. liev. Everett W. Ciilp, pastor, of the local church, said Dr. Enry spent 20 years as a mis- .ionary in India and China and has headed the OMS since 1950. Eloly Name To Meet A meeting of the Holy Name Society of/SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church will be held today at 8 p. m. in the school cafeteria, according to James E. Donald W. Mason. Harry Merrill, 42, of Ifli Pennsylvania Avenue, at whose home Patton was nabbed, about nine hours after his escape, was found guilty and sentenced to six months in the House of Correction. Magistrate Mason suspended Merrill's sentence and placed him on a year's probation. Patton,-who escaped while being taken to the county jail to serve six months for selling a household appliance on which he owed an unpaid balance, faces the six months term here on com- plelion of his prison sentence. Philc Fussing Passed WARWICK, Va. ffl-The Rev. Lloyd A. Clarke, pastor of St. Stephen's mission here, in ad- vertantly omitted an imporlant part of his Sunday service—the exercise in charity, lie didn't recall lie had neglected to take up the offering until he was walking out of the church. TV Programs IAL fARC), Cahle 3, WflC (NBC). Cable 4 \VTTG (DuMoDt), Cable 5, Ml television proRram listing* arc supplied by the broadcasting stations themselves, and are subject to last- minute changes without notice. Channel 9 KDKA, Pittsburgh, Channel 2 Channel 7 \VSVA. Harrisonbur*. / Channel 3 Channel 4 \VJAC. Johnstcwn. Channel 6 Channel 5 \VFBC, AJioona, Channel la 3:OQ~2-Blir Payoff 9 .1-Public Dcftfcr 7 4-Matinee .Th'tre 4 5-Liberate 5 House J*.irly 2 Matinee Th'tre 3 Jl Mince Th'trt 6 10 Hie .... 3:30—2 Dob Crosby 3-Kclrtie Cantor 7 5'Orantfpa'.s PI 5 Theatre Time in .1:45— Valient Lady 2 How Ix-arn 00 4:QO—2-Pick Temple 0 ^-Brighter Hay 7 4-Qucen for Hay 4 5-Lifc with El Li S Quern for Hj>- 2 Brighter Day 3 Queen for flay 6 Brighlcr Day jo 4:15—3-Kccict Storm 7 Secret Storm 3 Secret Storm 10 4:30— 3-EdRe fi[ Nighl 7 5 Unexpected ,% F.dse Of Xichl 3 Kdpe of NiRht EO 4;4S-4-Modern K'ces 4 C'Artoons 2 Mod. Ro'ances fi 5:00—2-Amos & Andy 9 3-Mickey Mouse 7 4-Comcriy Time -I J-MiK «ran( 5 Comedy Tin;e ,T Comedy Time 6 Mickey Mo*se JO 5:15— Movie 2 4 Suiie 4 Theatre lime 3 Wild Bill H'XoJc 6 SiOG-ZCiFcrv Kid 9 .l-Sky Kinc 7 4-T'bIe \Viih Tted 4 THURSDAY* Cable Channel 5-Bil!y Johnson 5 Sporis g Cartoons 10 6:1S— Roy Rogers 2 Nc«-$ g 6:30—2-SpotltgM. 0 3-Ttiwn * Co'try 7 4-N*e\vs, Weather -1 5-Fun' lEotisc 5 O7rie, Harriet 6 Penna Today 10 6:4i—2-Kcluarda News 9 •5-Sports 4 News 2 Kdw.irdf News 3 Jvd'arils Sews JO 7:00— 2-Code Three 9 3-Ncws, Sports 7 •MViM Ci[[ H'ok 4 d-Danger ASSRI. 5 Code Three 2 harden Show 2 Trea'ui-c Hunt 10 7:15-3.1. Daly Ngus 7 Nfwa. Weather * 7:30—2-Sjst- Prcslon 9 3.1^>ne Hanptr 4-ltmah Shore 4 i-TJx- Whistler 5 Susie 2 r>inah Shore fi Set. Preston la 7:-15—4-N[\C News 4 NBC News 6 8:00—2-nob Crum'iriEs n 3 Circus 7 4-Grnurho Maw 4 3-Movieiime .1 Crroueho JM^rx 2 Hronrho Marx 3 CJ roue ho Marx 6 4-THactic-t nracnct U. S. president to travel by trai MMacmmY Jeffrey HIHM JaniceRULEChillWIUS Cablr , Chaimtl Cliniax 3 Dragnet 6 Climax 10 9:00— 3-nanny T'mas 7 4-PcopIe'a Crt'ice -1 Stardust Mclo. 2 People's Ch'ice 6 9:30—2-P|a.vhousc r»& 9 3-fiold Journey 7 4'Tcnn, , Ernie 4 SThe »lcon 5 Tcnn. Ernie 2 rjr. 11'xon'c Jo 3] Tcnn. p;rnic 9 PJajhoujc M in 10:00—3-f'honc Time 7j 4-Lux Theatra 4 S Wrcitlinp 5! SUr F'layhouse 2; \M\ Theatre 6 jl>:3(y_3.Siars PLajh'se ?! Blondie 2 ]l;Oa-2-)l P.M. Rppfirt 3! 3 Neus, Weather ?! 4 News 4! Warren News 5- Ford Show 3 News. Weather fi ll:I5-2-Uie Show S 3-Spts. Premiere 7 4 Weaiher, Spls. 4 VTcnth, Feat 5 Gateway Sid 2 Wrath. .\Tovie *i 11:30—4-ToniRht 5-Movietimc Beat finck 1 12;0n~ Ncv«.. Spls 12: la- Movietimc I2:4V- Th'Rht Toda'y 10 li(W-4-In5piratlon* i COOL This Is Your Night For Fun, Laughter And Gay Entertainment JEAN SIMMONS , PAUL DOUGLAS ANTHONY FRANCIOSA avorilc. ' Bride and Groom marriages endure, says producer Reddy. A rjueslionnaire sent 1,100 couples V Fisher * Robineiie •' 493 BALTIMORE AVE. ft THE TAVERNI WITH THE i| LARGE PARKING LOT AIR-CONDITIONED Hi-Roek DRIVE-IN TON1TE IT'S A COPS-AND. Klf IBB ABBOT^COSTEUO RIOT! Big Fun Carnival Cartoons & Shorts Special Kid Show Plus All Family Show married on the show "revealed, that their divorce rate was less than one tenth that of the national average." 2 GREAT HITS! START FRIDAY! HE LIVED BY THE lAW OF "SHOOT 10 Kill, BUT- SHOOI msri FIRST RUN Starring WILLARO PARKER MARA CORDAY PLUS THIS LAUGH RIOT CO-HIT ON THE WINCHESTER ROAD ARROW—9:00-12:45 CARTOON-10:35 BABYDOLL-10:45 ! 2 SMASHING HITS 2 ! '. 1 "ArrOW in the Elio Karon introduce, Cnrroli Baker in the trtl. role, "Baby Doll," his great Dust" Written in Blood and Worner B,o<. p»i<nlalTor, .ta.rmg Korl Mold-en and Eli Walbch. Th« slorj, ' b 1 Tennejieo William! it reportedly the oulhor'i baldeit. **ishfy Spectacle in Color by TECHNICOLOR •Rj&ri rt in Cinemascope ff!5 UKS-IO.I liUK- L CUS31 ItSI • UfUl UJOK • Ml HHi ,a in UlWl 01 n nataa GENERAL ELECTRIC Thin-Line 1-TON SPECIAL 5229,95 Cumberland Electric Co. Virginia Ave, at 2nd St. 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6191 PA 2-6862 Meeting Poslponccl ;' A meeting of the mayor and .cmmcil of Uidgclcy scheduled larst mgtit was postponed because ofi tlie illness of Mrs. Lcnora Turner, recorder. DRIVE-IMfe^S A Double Feature For Everyone THE KINC OF ROCK'N'ROLL ALAN FREED . llt-la-^UAVERN BAKER '. MIA» L., ,;, Hl-n.—ids. CHUCK BERRY HIAM i.« ti^« -ni cjir cirri *r Plus Real Big Western PIUS BOWEBY "BOWERY TO BOYS ™ BAGBAD" Starlight 3 * Detighl! TOMORROW One Hour Cartoon Show! "Night Of The Hunter"! "The Land Of Fury"! See T. V.'s Favorite Western Star COLEEM HAYDEM-GBflY .^^jax.viff'KlSSJBaa^S.Sff^SEspB .KARLMALDE^CARROLLBAKER^LIWALLAGH, STARTING "GET THE BUM DRESSED ... HIS 40 MILLION WOMEN ARE "rmnot just an < entertainer.. I'm a force, a power. J 7 THIS WEEK'S TV GUIDE FOR MORB DE TAILS ON THIS SENSA TIONAT, PICTURE; FflCM EIIA lU . B """.-ANDYGRlFFITri-PAlfelCiANEAL * 12:25 - 2:45 - 5 '«-7:25™

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