The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 15, 1954 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1954
Page 2
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PASS 2 — THE BAYTOWN SUN. FRIDAY. JANUARY 15, 1954 Texas Politics-* ARE 'LOYALIST' DEMOCRATS SPLIT ON PARTY STRATEGY? AUSTIN, Jan. IS —UP—There were faint indications Friday that sU might not be well within the "loyalist" faction of the Texas Democratic party, which supported Adlai E. Stevenson for the presidency in 1952- Political observers long have held the view that 1954's Democratic primaries and conventions will be marked by bitter fights between the "loyal" Democrats and the faction led by Gov. Allan Shivers, who repudiated Stevenson and wa s instrumental in delivering Texas' 24 electoral votes to Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. But there apparently was a difference of opinion on strategy among the loyalists. It was reported Rep. Sam Rayburn, dean of the Texas delegation in Washington, had asked "faithful Democrats" in some state senatorial districts to 'pick nominees lor a National Democratic Advisory Council. Rayburn directed the 1952 Democratic national campaign in Texas when . National Committeeman Wright .Morrow of Houston defected with Shivers. It was believed by some that the Texan s on the national group might function as a counterpart to the state Democratic executive committee, which is controlled by Shivers. Byron Skelton of .Temple, an old- time loyalist leader/ refused to comment on the development. "Any statement ought to come from. Mr. Rayburn or Mr. (Stephen A.) • Mitchell (national Democratic chairman). They haven't indicated I ought to ' speak for them," he said. . Former Austin Mayor Tom Miller said he received.a letter from Skelton recently, asking that he think about selections for the advisory council. But Miller, who Ire- quenijy has -led money-raising ef- iorts for the party, said he hadn't done anything .about the request. Two other prominent loyalists, who asked their names. not be used, said they wouldn't have anything to do with the program. "The situation is very confused," Stock Quotes Special To Th« laytown Sun Alleg Ludlum 31% AlU»-Chalmers 47% Amer Cyan 47% American Repub ;. 53H A T and T ....157% Amer Woolen* 15% Anaconda Copper 32 Beth Steel 62% Calvan Oil 5tt Canada So Oil »tt Celanes* 1B% Celote* ,17U Chi Corp 19% Chrysler 'Corp •• 61& Cltiei Service ....81.% CoMtal Carlfe! 2% Cohimb GM-'exd 13 Creole Pet ....;....' .'...82 DowChem .-36H Du Pont Chem 106; Eastman Kodak 47% El Paso Nat'l Gas 36% Fairchlld En* 10% Freeport Sulph 47% Gen Electric .;... »<>& Gen Motors .. 62% Gen Tire and Rub 29% Gillette Saf ......i 47S Goodyear Tire 55 Greyhound Bus Gulf Oil • Gulf StatUtll •• Houaton Oil H. L. and P. Co 29 Humble Oil •• -.••» Jones and Laugh 21V* Imperial Oil »OH Interlace Iron 1SH Int'l Nickel .'. ...37* Kirby Pet No Sale Libby McN 9H Liggett and Myers «* LoeWa Znc 14 La Land •• M% Merrill Pet « 11-16 Math Chem .41% Mack Truck* •* MV4 Mid Con Pet «6% Monsanto Chem 83% Mont-Dakota Utll 20% Nat Distillers .'. 18% Nat D*iry Prod ..«* Ohio Oil B8U Packard Motors ••• 4 Pac West Oil S3H Pancoastal Oil 1% Panhandle P and R ........ 6% Penney'* Ino 77 Phillips Pet 57% Pure Oil .51% RiChfleld Oil 50% Rem Rand »--.. 1*% Repub Steel 49 St Regis Paper 20% Sinclair Oil 35% Socony-Vac 56% Sou Pacif 58H Stan Oil Calif 56 Stan Oil Ind 72% Stan Oil Ohio 38% Stan Oil N J 74% Sun Oil 69% Sum-ay OU 17% Texas Co 60 Texas Gulf Prod ........... 42 Tex Gulf Sulph ,,.,f.,, 80 Tidewater Corp 20% Union Oil of Calif 39% XJ. S. Steel 40% Witeon and Co 8% Woodley Pet No Sale March N. O. Cotton up .... 4 pts. Japanese Complains island Being Stolen TOKYO, Jan. 15 —UP—Tomoharu Uranawa. 38, complained to police Friday that visitors were "removing" his island. Uranawa, owner of t 16-aere island, said people were taking earth from his land to use *« wall plaster. .'..-.' If this keep* on, he complained, "My island will disappear." one said. "I'd rather not talk about it Mr. Hayburn never consulted me about it." He predicted the program would meet with opposition, and accused some loyalist leaders of "trying to by-pass the national committeeman and committeewoman without facing up to it." Morrow has been repudiated as committeeman by the national group, .but the Shivers - controlled faction of the party maintains he still holds the office. I K«* f« SAW TRANCISCO, J»n. IS -UP —William P. KyB«. jttn«ril manager of Bay M«adowx race track, let it be known Triday that Ws stock in the course" is not for sale. Horace AAttia, a Cleveland attorney beading a syndicate, twice has made offers to purchase control of Mrs. H. H. Weinert of Seguin, the cornmitteewoman, said similar groups were functioning in all but one of the other states. She said, however, she would oppose giving the advisory committee any Junction other than monev raising. Mrs. Weinert remained loyal to Stevenson. She pointed out that 540,000 of Texas' $70,000 quota for the national party had been raised through SlO-a-piate dinners, with Hayburn active in that .effort. Council Briefs — City Grants Permits On Two New Oil Wells Mrs. Dorothy Lyons Added To Staff Of First National Mrs. Dorothy Lyons has been added to the official staff of the First National Bank. This action was taken at the annual meeting of the stockholders. Mrs. Lyons has been on the staff of the bank for the past five years. She is the wife of Bill Lyons, who is associated with Goose Creek Grain. No other action was taken at cither the stockholders or the board of directors meetings. W. T. Busch, president of the bank, .told the group that he saw no signs o£ any great lag in business in 1954 although there may be a leveling' off period. "We are really in a period of watching and waiting," Eusch said, . "to see what Russia does. Any move by that country will be countered by this country, and that counter will have a definite effect upon our economy whether it be peacetime or wartime." Permits for two new oil'wefts .in' the southeast section of Baytown were granted by the City-Council Tuesday night. • Tlie new wells are only about a block apart, south bt Highway 146 near its intersection with , West Main. They will toe dubbed the Harper No. 3 and the R. B. Warne No. 1 Operator C- J. Brown applied for the permits and paid, for each one, S500 for the permit and $100 for pipe easement*. Four N*w Cars . The Thad .Felton FprJ agency, with, a bid almost $1,000 below that o_f .its nearest'Competitor, got the city contract to supply three new patrol cars-for the police department and another car for Pub-. He Works Director C. W. Grantham's use. The city traded in two 1952 model police cars on the 1954 models. Felton's bid, allowing for. the trade-ins, was $5,155.09 for the four cars. The next, closest bid from Higglnbothara Motor Co. on four Plymouths, was $6,115.55. Other bids were received from •Buck Turner Chevrolet Co. and Frank Woodward Motor Co. of Crosby. • The-purchase will give the police department four cars for patrol duty, plus the car assigned to Police Chief H- E. McKee. All are in excellent condition. It will also allow ; a pickup truck formerly used -by Grantham to be turned over to the public works department for general work use. Greas* Rock T\he City Council voted to accept the low bid of $881.73 from Standard Parts Co. of Houston on a 16,500-pound twin-post hydraulic lift to be used as a grease rack in the city's automotive-maintenance shop. This will; allow city'repairmen to do grease and repair jobs formerly done by private firms. Prt-Fab Garag* A pre-fabricated metal building to house fire and emergency corps Sick List SAN JACINTO atEMOKIAL Dclmar H. Power — 600 East Sterling. William F. Bishop—Highlands. Jacob H, Grege-rsen—Highlands. Mrs. S. T. Taylor~B Alva. Mrs. Leroy Tomjack—«13 West Miriam. Perry Kenneth Dodd — 328 Barnes. equipment will be erected on the site'of the old city barn at South Main and. Gulf. A'bid of $3,172 on a 32-by-40-foot building was accepted from. Buie Building Material Co. of Houston. The 10-foot-,high structure will include four stalls for fire trucks and the emergency corps truck. . The bid was the lowest of three submitted. Bare Quorum Only four of tb-e seven members of the. City Council were present for the meeting Thursday night. On hand were Mayor R. H. Pruett and Councilmen W- E. Lawless, H. M. Campbell and Lacy Lusk. Councilman M. L. Campbell and W. D. Reeves both reported that they were working and unable to attend, and Councilman Rufus Bergeron is .visiting relatives in Louisana. LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH. Jan. 15 —UP— Livestock: Cattle 450. Steady. Few lots commercial and good slaughter yearlings, 14-19; utility cows, 1011.50; .canners and cutters, 5-10; bulls, 14 down; stackers scarce. Calves 50. Steady. Few utility, commercial and good slaughter calves, 12-18; other grades and stocker s scarce. Hogs 58. Butchers 25c to 75c lower than Wednesday. Sows 1.00 lower; choice 200-250 Ib. butchers, 25.50 to mostly 25.75; sows 21-22. Cedar Bayou, Dayton Play For District Lead Cedar Bayou and Dayton play for the leadership of the District 20-A basketball race Friday night, getting together at 8 p.m. at Cedar Bayou, Both teams have won one and lost none In district play. The Bears of Coach Cotton Watkins will meet La Porte at Cedar Bayou Saturday night Schools -- (Continued from Page One) school boilers," he. said. "The inspection disclosed some work that should be done and it was done promptly." 1 Middleton" Ind Bounds also tol<3 the City-Council that "extremely hazardous" .conditions existed in many of the city's older apartment buildings. . ' . They said several owners had consistently refused to co-operate, and cited instances where there was worn and inadequate electrical wiring, unsafe gas outlets and water heaters and collections of rubbish and refuse. They pointed out that Bounds: has no real power to enforce the city's ordinances which cover such hazards, and asked what actions could be taken to force compliance and eliminate some of the worst hazards. Mayor R. H. Pruett instructed City Atty. George Chandler to check into existing ordinances and the possibility of additional ordinances with more "teeth" in them. Chandler was also told to find out what other cities are doing to eliminate fire hazards. Loot Browns Slffn Two CLEVELAND, Jan. 15 —UP— Linebacker Pat Cannamela and Wallace Kosinski, both due to be discharged from the armed services early this year, have been signed to plav for the Cleveland Browns next season. Cannamela played for Southern California in 1951 and for the now-defunct Dallas Texans the following year. Kosinski -was a star at Hiram College in '51. (Continued from Page One) was sick and he thought that I'd go with him because he gave me dope. But he was all wrong. I've got too much will power." None of the money taken in the robbery has been found and only Thursday did Orleans parish officers find the 1953 Oldsrnobile the Mitchells used to go from Houston to New Orleans, the day of the robbery. It was spotted in a rented private garage in New Orleans, on St. Charles Street about 40 blocks from where Mrs. Mitchell's mother lived and where the couple was arrested. ' • Besides the three Mitchells, Allen and Johnny Navarro, all in custody, have been charged ui ilie crime. Allen, 19, worked in the bank. He confessed that the holdup was planned beforehand by himself and the others. All iive are now in custody. The car was recovered in a St. Charles Street private garage in New Orleans. Officers said it was driven by Nick Mitchell. The five suspects are being heid in lieu of $50,000 bond each. New Funeral Home Plans for the new Art Simpson Funeral home at La Porte arc now being completed. Bids will he sought and due Feb. 9, and construction is due to start shortly after the middle of next month. .. CLEARANCE CHILDREN'S SHOES FOR DRESS • SCHOOL • PLAY SAVE DURING THIS EVENT! Yes, it'* really true . . . these extra-long-wearing, carefully built, tine quality children'* shoes axe your* for » miraculous $3.88 a pair. We must clear these shoes to make room for new spring stock. Such Famous Names As: •LAZYIONES • DRESS UPS 308 • TRIM WOT P«ir • STORYBOOK • ACROBAT SIZES: Small 5 to Large 3. OWfto Tke Economy NEWS In Brief USING a new device which speeds laboratory procedures; a laboratory'«technician at the Sloan-Kettering institute in New York City makes a quick electronic count of human blood cells. Serving as the eye of the system, a small industrial TV camera (top left) peers into a microscope in which is mounted a slide with a blood sample. A simple computer analyzes and counts television pulses and gives the number.of cells on'its meter dial. TV monitor screen (center) serves as a check oh the'microscope's focus and illumination. . (International), Baker Considers Senate Race COLLEGE STATION, Tex., Jan. 15 —UP—A Greenville, Tex., baker, Jack Finney, 37, said Thursday he might run for Congress this year in the Democratic primary against VRep;^ Sam Rayburn, senior .'member o.t the House... Finney said : he had .been encouraged' to .run as a "real" Democrat; how.a New Deal- i : er.";•:;"':"''-, '....-;:>>: ' • , Democratic Split Seen AUSTIN, Jan. 15 —UP—Political .observers said Friday they saw indications of a split within the ranks of • the. '"loyalist" Democrats who supported Adlai Stevenson 'in 1952. Reports of the rift stemmed troiu a request by Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-Tex.) that, some state senatorial districts chose nominees for a National Democratic Advisory Council; ,-' .••'•-:. Snead Leads Open PANAMA CITY. Panama, Jan. 15 —UP—Sammy Snead carried a two-stroke lead-over Roberto de Vicenzo of/Argentina into Friday's second round of the S7.500 Panama City Open golf tournament. Snead shot a six-under-par 66 while de Vicenzo had a first round 68 Thursday and Antonio Cerda of Argentina a 69.' Bifr Tracks in Association NEW;':YORK.. Jan. 15 —UP—The 38''member tracks of the Thoroughbred Racing Association accounted for' 85 per cent of the total attendance and 80 per cent of the mutuel betting during 1953, according to Executive Secretary Spencer J. Drayton. A total of 21,964,959 persons bet '81,645,898,649 at TEA tracks during the past year. Chicago's Crime Rate Is Dropping CHICAGO, Jin!' 15 (IP)—Chicago's crime rate is.dropping:-.. ,:'^ . Charles -,G. O'Regan, deputy commissioner of police, said'there were almost'S.OOO fewer inBidents of-crime. re"portedvdurihg : th'C'first il .months, of 1953,.cor- responding- period tha.year ;bef ore. ': : Increases"~ ; 'Vverc 'reported! iivronly three of 11 classifications.-^ Robberies, including, attempted;* robberies, increased from' 5,56j to 5,890. Attempted rapes increased from 102 to 107. and aggravated assaults from 3,873 to 4,008;%., Murder, manslaughter by.'.automobile, manslaughter, sfautory rape, forcible rape, burglary.v larceny and automobile thefts all declined. .. ..... :.\ ^ Murders dropped from 141 to 123. : '.'•':.. Acting Governor in Charge AUSTIN, Jan. 15 — UP-^State Sen. Jimmy -Phillips of Angieton was acting governor Friday, because both Gov. Allan .Shivers and Lt Gov. Ben .Ramsey were -but of the state. It was Phillips' second ."term" as chief executive. >-' num .Ashbe) in 'Baytowv .: Fred Hartman ... -Editor, aod Publisher fydS Gould ...... Adyertlslos. Director Beulah Mae Jickson '., ... - .0«i« Mwi»g«r Warren Edvfardu ....,'. Managlog'-JEdlWf Subscription v.Rat«» * 3y Carrier— tl.20 Month: »!*.«:, f««r All mall «ub8crlption's are payabl« In advance. By mall— Month 11.20: 3,M°n«« J3.50; 6 Months JT.OO; Tear $U.M . Armed Services 75o llonth/fj.' Entered -a> second class matt«i..:«t tut Baytown, Texas Ppstof flee under th» Act oi Conjr«ss of March 3. .',1810. National Advertising RepresentsiMvi; General Advertlslne Senrtc* •,: CU>e Tine lEcono SAVE UP TO ANNUAL JANUARY RANGE AND IN EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT MEN'S — WOMEN'S— MORE Save on Famous Nationally Advertised Men's Wear CHILDREN'S — SHOES AND HOUSEHOLD! ENTIRE STOCK MEN'S BETTER SUITS VALUES TO $59.50 One Group Men's All Wool SUITS Values to 555.00 30 One Group Men's ALL WOOL SPORT COATS Values to $29.50 19 ENTIRE STOCK OF MEN'S FALL SLACKS REDUCED! 7.95 Values ....,.....'...... NOW 5.97 14.95 Values NOW 11.97 9.95 Values NOW 7.97 16.95 Values NOW 12.97 100 Pr. Only Men's Elastic Top Dress Socks Kityon-Cottons and 50% \Vool« Values to $1.00'. NOW 40 Only Men's Windbreoker JACKETS Values to $6.95 ..... SAVE UP TO 1/2 OR MORE IN OUR BOYS' DEPARMENT BOYS' STURDY 8-OZ. 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