Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 3, 1946 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, March 3, 1946
Page 7
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_ _ inlTold At Luncheon Sat. Mrs. Grace Hodge Mrs. Newton P. Willis of 405 £ * A ., , 4 4A ... Btowning entertained Saturday Sunday, MdMN 3, 1946 With a luncheon announcing' the engagement and approaching 1 marriage of her daughter, Lonna, to Mr. Thomas P. Chapman, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. chap- man of Minneapolis, Minn. A color scheme of cornflower blue and white was carried throughout. The table was set with a center- In the form of a slipper made if cornflowers with a satin buckle. fom the centerpiece white satin nncrs with the names "Lonna frAGE 7 SOCIETY AND CLUBS Two-Day Program Announced For District Convention Mrs. Minor Simms of Panhandle, district program chair- lUH-lrt Witil |*l 1C 1UU1ICS J-JUJIIHI I 1 Al » it » I lit, .d "Tom" in blue letters formed a !Y]on > has announced that the two-day schedule of activities itting for a wedding ring of corn- for the Seventh district of the Texas Federation of Women's f >wers at each end of the table, clubs is now complete. The twenty-fifth annual convention will place cards were also in the ;, e held in Amarillo Thursday and Friday with general head° a =l uarters in the Herrin 9 hotel - A " Programs and business ses- 5l '° n s will be conducted in the Polk Street Methodist church. Assisting Mrs. Simms in arranging the program were the nembers of her committee, Mrs. W. N. Stokes, Amarillo, and " ' Mrs. Glenn Truax of Canyon. Mrs. Raymond Harrarrof Pampa, district president, will preside, and Mrs. J. E. Griggs. Amarillo, will m st's plate was a miniature slipper containing n scroll which ealed the date of the wedding:, il 30. Covers were laid for: Mrs. John Studer, Mrs. Thomas L. Wade, s. Howard Buckingham, Mrs. J. Torvle, Mrs. Don M. Conley, s. Hugh BUrdette, Mrs. R. M. lamy, Mrs. Walter E. Rogers, s. K. I. Dunn, Mrs. James Got r, Mrs. Addle Mae Bryan, Mrs. ve Matthews, Miss Adalen Brazil, Social Calendar Friendship Night 5 ; Program Planned Sixty members of the Eastern s Georgia Crutehfield and Miss Star were present at the lodge e Kerbow, MONDAY Rainbow Girls meet at Masonic hall at 6 o'clock to go to) McLean. Teen Town meets at Legion hall at 8 o'clock. Beta Sigma Phi meets with Mrs. Cleo Whiteside, 214 N, Starkweather, at 8 o'clock. American Legion auxiliary meets in city club rooms at & D'clock. Pampa Civic chorus rehearses at 8 o'clock in the First Bap- h'st church. TUESDAY Parent Education club meets with Mrs. R. K. Edenborough at White Deer. Merten Home Demonstration club meets. Worthwhile Home Demonstration club meets with Mrs. L, D. Lunsford, 1030 E. Francis. B. and P. W. executive board meets in city club rooms at 7:30 o'clock. Eastern Star study club meets with Mrs. Artie Shaw, 919 E. Franc's, at 7:30 o'clock. * * WEDNESDAY W. M. U. of the First Baptist church meets ot 10 o'clock at Wnrnon Tn me church. Executive board meeting at 12:30, covered-dish TT UilLCLU 1 U luncheon at 1 o'clock. Sunbeam band meets at church at 3 Speak at Meeting Dclock THURSDAY -, c „ „ , , Seventh district Federated Women's clubs convention in Mrs. Grace Hodge of Pampa will Council cf clubs meets at 9:30 o'clock in city club rooms. City Council cf Parents and Teachers meets at 2 o'clock in serve as general chairman. Mrs. John Merchant, Amarillo, will assist Mrs. Griggs as co-chairman. Highlights of the convention will be the guest speaker at "the'"Friday _ Include addresses by Mrs. Florence afternoon session of the Seventh c „„„„„, ™, 0 . ~. J. Brainerd' meeting''Priday"~nighr when plans J - Scott - state President; Dr. Stuart district, Texas Federation of Wo- .,_._._. . s. A. V. McQuiddy and Mrs. Jim- were made for a friendship night Condron, Canyon, and Mrs. Grace men s clubs convention held this me reading room of the Junior high school library Woodyard of Canadian, the meeting and a special initiatory ?odge, FaI "P a - Special music will week in Amarillo. Mrs. Hodge will Eastern Star meets at Masonic hall at 6'30 o'clock ro on to service to be given at the next reg- be Presented by a group from West speak on "Youth Conservation." M ^asrern ^ar meers or masonic nail ar 0. JU o Clock, to go fouler meeting of the lodge March 15. Texas stflte college, Canyon, and This subject has been taken as Vlcl - ean - ,.„•,» i~ Invitations will be extended to members of the a capella choir of one of the federation's goals this - FRIDAY Miami, Canadian, Groom, White Amarillo high school. year and the final program of the Seventh district Federated Women's clubs convention in Deer and McLean chapters to at- Also of unusual interest, will be the year, under the direction of Mrs. Amarillo tpnrt fhk mpptlnp' Mi-q H 1 csnU al 't exhibit to De displayed in the Lewis Goodrich of Shamrock will \A/ u .1 / • 4 j . . , ... fcwmbTncha^ of refresh- federation club rooms with Mrs. J. be devoted to a discusston of this ,. World day of prayer mterdenom,national program at First uidr 0 L ui ieiiesn p Lewls of phl] ,, pSi ns chainr _, in prO biem. Methodist church begins with coffee at 9:30 o clock, program Mrs. Hodge has had first hand begins at 10, with special closing program at 12 o'clock. inoree and the hostess. <+ Iss Jo Wells Is hite Deer Bride attend the Cas ' 1 Prizes for the exhibit arc be- ments. An invitation to „ „..,. ,_, . , t , ^ _ . _ . _ „„,.. friendship night at the McLean f n s Provided by the Twentieth Cen- experience with the problem in her G.A.'s of First Baptist church meet at the church at 3'45 e of Jack S. Hy Smith on Feb. chapter next Thursday evening was tur y club Ol Borger. work with the juvenile court and is D ' c | oc k * .... . rr« .._.- , . well known t.n Pnmnn ntirilannoc n 't Rainbow girls party in Masonic hall. in the home of her parents, accepted and plans were made for Thursday morning will be given to wel1 known to Pampa audiences, . and Mrs. M. E. Wells of White members to meet at the Masonic registration and a board meeting having spoken before a number of jy Sol, with the Reverend Wells offi- hal1 ncre nt . 0:3 ° o'clock to go in from 10 o'clock unlil noon, with the locnl oiirtg, a body 'to 'McLean. Mrs. Alice official opening scheduled to begin The bride wore a white satin Cockrell, worthy matron, presided at 2 o'clock. groups on this subject. v'dding gown with finger tip veil at the business meeting.. oi net and carried a bouquet of ;ite carnations. iffrs, Martha Zachry, cousin of bride, and Volney S. Day were attendants. fVitnesslng the ceremony were Bfaby Piltz, Mrs. Volney Day, Miss Vows Exchanged Ai Church Rites Mrs. W. E. Davis of Childress, life member, will read the Collect, and Mrs. Walker B. Jones, Tulio, chairman of American citizenship, will lead the pledge to the flag. Mrs. W. D. Westbay, president of the Amarillo federation, will wel- Valentine's Day Is Wedding Date Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary meets at 8 o'clock in the :ity club rooms. SATURDAY Brownie Scout revel in Junior high gym at 2 o'clock, Chimes Will CallPampans To World Prayer Services Church chimes and the angeles at Holy Souls ringing Friday '-> Mrs. I. B. Aksr, nee Marguerite Jones, whose marriage Feb; 7 was solemnized at Holy Souls Catholic church. is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jones. — --------- -------- The wedding of Miss Elsie Hollo _ _ . T ... .„ ,. ., Miss Bonnie Jean Roberts became < c ° me the delegates and visitors to wa y of McLean and Willie B. Earl- E ma Cearley, J. W. Wells, Mr. Ule bjWo of staff Sargennt Charles the convention, and Mrs. J. H. Jer- es of Kellerville was solemnized £1 Ml 'L „?' £ m ?,°, ',, *', J, ainvins in a single ring .ceremony ni & an ' appointed board member Thursday evening, Feb. 14. at the „,„ . ... ,, ,, , , „ • . . . T Stoot, Mrs. M. E. Wells, Marilyn at the pirst Christian church Feb- ° r Childress, will respond. "Amer- home of the bride's parents, Mr. and momin g will call the people of Pampa to join in the mterna- Dan Zachry. vxmrv 19. The Vows were read by the ica " wi!1 be sun e b >' the group, di- Mrs. J. c. Hollowuy. tionol observance of the world day of prayer. The Council of Reverend BeaufordNorris. The bride rected by Mrs Truax. Rules and The Reverend R. A. Longlno read Church Women hove orranged an interdenominational pro- the. single ring ceremony before a nrnm trk Ko hoW ;„ +U = Ci re * KA^U,^;,. .u,,,,u c.:j-.. jL.":..- the daughter of Mrs. A. R. Har- procedure will be discussed by Mrs. She nflnded Clarendon junior college V ey of Pampa" T. H. Rodgers of Amarillo. an West Texas state college. Un- The bride wore a white crepe suit Official greetings from general tlj.ihortly before her marriage, she with black and white accessories federation headquarters will be ex- ite 9r ° m f ° be in irSt church Friday morning . Carnations and tall white candles. and separate services have been planned in several local Miss Iva Norn Simpson was maid churches. Mrs. W. F. Taylor, chairman of the council's com- Marriage Vows Exchanged at Nuptial Mass Thursday 1 v Marriage vows were exchanged Thursday morning in the M Holy Souls church in a double ring ceremony when Blanche McMillen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McMillen of Pampa, become the bride of Edmund J. Kerkvliet, son of Mrs. Mar- N gqVeit'Kerkliet of Marshall, Minn . ^ T?L**«< MI tr+4>i *~il *-v^*••**" f \I//"IP ^"^ I or"\ I"/ 1 ha, been employed in the office of and a corsage of pink carnations, tended by Mrs. J. W. Walker of of honor and Jimmy Gaffney was mittee for spiritual family life is in charae of the soecial «;erv DtR. D. Palkenstein of Pampa. For something old and borrowed, Plainview. Guests will be presented best man - Mi ss Mildred Holloway, • whirh will h^nin u/H-h „ Vnff oa ;„ tK= *«ll« u u- u it * ttie couple left March 1 for she wore a strand of pearls belong- and .the-song. "Lone Star State of sister of the bride - "ehted the canri- '^ 'KA u j- u 9 u o o<? . I f fellowship hall of Wjhita Palls, where Mr. Hy Smith Jng to her mother, for something Texas", will be sung by Mary Pos- les " me Methodist church at 9:30 o'clock. plas to enter John Tarleton coir blue, she carried a blue handker- ter of' Canyon. The composition p °r her wedding, the bride chose Mrs - Walter Purviance, president lejj next semester. ji Thursday afternoon, Peb. chief. 28, Sgt. Slavins is at home on fur- has been dedicated to the federation an a ^ ua blue crepe dress with a of tf ) e Council of Church Women, ( E dwarc i s nuptial mass was celebrated at 8 o'clock by the Rev. B Father William J. Stack-before an altar decorated with psalms- .J and-urns of .white, gladioli'.tied ..with pink satin strearners".'a.nd randelabra holding cathedral tapers. •'f$ie Sunday Morning,"" and "I'll are f 6 , 11 ? 111 ?,, 1 . 11 the Bmno a P art - The bride wore a gray suit with et pink and navy blue accessories, and d ljra. Pre-Nuplial Parties Honor Bride-Elect Jte. Edmund J. Kerkvliet honored before her marriage Thurs- n nd rus t suit of drop shoulder de- B day a,t several pre-nuptial parties. s i gri| the same as that of the bride, N The fprroer Miss Blanche McMillen and a fl ora i hat. Her corsage was e uest of honor at a heart party of gardenias. a silver chain choker, the gift of tlje groom. Her corsage was 'a pink orchid. She carried a white prayer book. • Mrs. John K. Taylor was the was bride's attendant. She wore a beige Hy Smith was honored with a lough after nearly.' four years ser- shower at Sunbeam hall. vice overseas. He is scheduled to re- May Continued On Page 9 Bride," •sang "Symphony," At present Sgt. and Mrs. Slavins Single Ring That Dream." rfreshments of punch anjl but will le.ave soon to visit rein •.California. English Bride Finds U. S. Land of Plenty SHAMROCK, March 2. (Special) -An interesting newcomer to Sham- . bc ( uct of spring flowera and light- wn ite candles in double can- tending were Mesdames c y les Milligan, Biggs Horn, Prank »r 1 VOWS AtG -SHAMROCK, March 2.—(Special) in McLean -i^Miss" iibuSse Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sheegog of this city, became the bride of Sgt. Hubert Roy Phillips, of Sweetwater, Texas, Sunday, February 17, at 2 SHAMROCK, March 2 (Special)— P- m - hree. was William J Halev and Gene Fink- H ley, W. J. Stubblefield, A. L. The.brlde'*s attendant was her *i<s The bride was attil ' ed in a gold at the First Baptist church in Cana- o'clock with a devotional service to coconut cream , Die nd he j lad wiiuam J. ntuey uuu vjcuc .nun. — o,,»;«j«_u n _, •n. T. ine-onaes attendant was ner sis- C!lH . ~,,~ or ,t.,ri ,.,i fl , ui 0 .i, „„„„,.„„,.!„„ ,.!„„ o...,j_.. -0,1 •> «,Kiov, oil ,,rt-,^ «o,-,,-,,-,f offo,-,,! th= <-i«.u»ui, c,ie<uii jjie, ana sne is giaa -arid"Mrs. John auerker. belner were ushers. R A" refreshment plate of sandwich- Mr. McMillen gave his daughter g ldkn ' ighti- Bs andv^alad witn coffee was 'served in marriage. 0,Mrs. Pale Pinson, Mrs. Burl Gra- The bride's mother -wore a black Mrs. Bert Stevens, Mrs. cardigan suit with black and.white Her corsage was whlte Ervin Thomp- accessories. is. Charles Maderia, ^Irs. C. carnations. Tom Sherrin, ,0^-lfta.JB* Ruth Oraham, Miss the bride and gtoo» B ST W t U t£ ffct^f^^Z^fv Co" T ^^^^^ ' Spaugh, and the hpnqree. fu . st pi ece o f wedding cake, Mrs. Cabot Cai'bon CO., employees, Taylor cut artd served the cake to Mrs. KerkvJiet has been em- the guests. Mrs. Gladys Acklam ^•entertained at a Surprise poured coffee. Mrs. Elizabeth pfe<r BIRTHDAY for Qn Feb. 18, at the home Marshall presided at the registra- , J f ijn Ohervenka. Co-hostesses t i on . table, where the following reg- Chervenka were: Mrs, i s t e ;- e d in the bride's book: Mr. • ••- - - -- • - — — ,, WD <, u . C oo ^ , mv , .. . . ...-^ y Edenborough, J, O. Freeman, blue and whl ^ with b)ack accesso /. discharge m the near future at Fort ed as bridesmaid and Cecil Meadows on t he theme, "Things that Make ». Copper, J. H. Gain, W. C. ies . Dl K '• jrs, Joe Seitz, H. M. Lane, E, J. Mrs. Rives is a graduate of Sham- - ~=- - «-- — T-H - • ^w.i u» ..«.^ * ••»•/ .»v..., u «x^ u ^.. u .^... t , W. W. Simmons, Eugene rock high school with the class of Jn the C, B. I. theater for 16 months. Flewellmtj, organist, played "Medita- The second por tion of the program, ' _ ... »_ • «. •• -rt . . . . " _ *•-«•«« «-»- ^^ __.,, , , . . . f I/in" oiirf "At- T»:n iifMt»-»n- " T i-iln IVifUaU _.._.-..*__ ... r . te Haley, and Miss Dorothy Col- The bridegroom is a graduate of Ei '>• . ie first birthday of little Miss Oantrell service station, Kay Mote was niarked by Mr.,and Mrs. Rives will make their Mitchell: Mel Roach and Mrs E a mu nd J. Kerkvliet, Mr. e and Mrs. John K. Taylor, William d to honor the brlde-ele;t j. Haley, Gene Finkbeiner, Rev. iv r ,_ T , Margaret Lank, Lona' William J. Stack, .Mr. and 'Mrs. - .Dprothy Jo Matthews, Pearl B Ur i Graham, jr., Miss Elsie Ruth \, jReba:; Bjaqde;, Anna J°'Graham, Mrs. Gladys Acklam, Mr, 1 Mdred, Brake, Dorothy Phtutp w. Harvey, Mrs. John Zuer- ^epey^' Cobb, and Addle kerj Mrs G rover Stark, Mr. Lewis \ *""*»•",.'••' . ' F. Nievar of Oklahoma City, Mrs. •swhO', though un- Elizabeth Marshall and the host attend, \veve:-'Gloria WUson, Mrs. Betty Wright Continued On Page 8 :,-Mjirch 8 * WE, THE WOMEN; ;b?ficeri,. Radio's No Escape ftoi ien"the .OlQVer-teaf. troop v |^fiQ4t?.n>?t atiheseout; hut By RUTH MWJUBTT NBA Staff Writer ?' The woinan Who is in- --• • tt tc jeath. , . . . Sandra Burden' 'A news magazine, in attemptingt<= sted in art, nwsio, Jlteratuve, or circle president v/as S fvJce piS to wjtato the hold radio sg^wfd affairs doesn't need, ft radio byJhe lodges. secretary; operas have on American housejse ..*, i. i _«« n /4^fnf c f.HhllTA T.I in wives, quoted one addict's tribute tb buy a wool the escape dramas* to Mr. and Mrs. & typical of thoHr f IP tji corsage of .Mnk carnations. nas invited all churches to attend Wedding" cake and coffee were lne special services, served after the ceremony to the Mayor Fan-is Oden's proclamation, immediate relatives and a few close which appears on another page of iriends of the bride and bridegroom, this paper, asks the people of Pain- Mrs. Earles is a graduate of Me- pa to join in the observance of the Lean high school and has been em- day of prayer by attending services ployed at Powers drug store, Mr. and or pausing' for a few moments to rock, is Mrs. Eugene Bird, who ar- Mrs. Earles will make their home join in this international and inter- rived recently from Romford r Es- denominational day of prayer. sex, England. The' service at the Methodist "I like America very much an'd"ie" church will begin at 10 o'clock and is nice to see the shops so full of a two hour program has been ar- food and clothing," she declared, ranged. Mrs. Bird is the daughter of Mr. The mayor's proclamation will be and Mrs. F. J. Mercer of Romford, read' over KPDN at 8:55 a.m. and Essex, and she attended Kensing- will be followed with a moment of ton school for girls, Manor Park, silent prayer led by Dr. Douglas London. February Wedding at Wheeler Is Event .... G. Upton, Sam Osborne, Announcement has been made of The vows were exchanged in a .. Wells, H. G. Hynds, Orvil th e marriage of Miss Mary Holla- single ring service, at the Church rnburg; jr., M. J. Osborne, baugh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. of Christ with the pastor, Minister miurts QecKea yard Edenborough, P. D. Me- T. Hollabaugh. and Douglas-Rives. Murray W. Wilson, officiating. ba*ete of r^ RladtoU and white Speclal assemblies wi » ' e, E. F. Tubb, Martha Zachry, son of Mrs. Lydia Rives, February Mlss RuUl aenuirt was maid of m^L t01 ..5''^ tJhUP t«£« TOU the local schools Prida >'e, E. F. Tubb, Martha Zachry, Edwards; Misses Clauda Ev- 14 and Rose Osborne, and the lhe wedding took place lilies set off by white tapers, Lois The Birds were married June 5, in U943 in an elaborate church wedding. Mrs. Bird has four brothers na ,. n f ._ «""* ^ , t , , honor and wore a street-length dress Meek, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tne various churches will parti- and three sisters, one of whom mar- J:, of n 8 ht blue CIe V e witn b: ' ack ac ~ Edward Meek of Gagebv became the cipate in the interdenominational f , , ' cessories - Gagebv became the cipate in the interdenominational ried a Canadian soldier and lives 'in bride of Roy Meadows, son of Mr. service Friday with Rev. Beaufort Canada. the nastor Minkter M,,rr P v w tiding gifts were Mesdames Doc Wilson of fi Mating Murie y w - Melvin Todd was best man. and Mrs. Allen Meadows of Brisw, A. Norris closing the program at 12 Her f avorite American food is ' all, Oscar Cunningham, E. L. , t Mr R A. Thompson, Lee v ' Rives : O j Los lex Wheetley, E. E. njan for Ws hI . Q)iher ; W. B. Carey, Oscar Hess. The bride ^e a dress of navy : and Mr B suit accented with black accessories, dian, Sunday February 3. which all who cannot attend the to have bananas again as England ' was best She wore a corsa ee of white carna- The Reverend Fern A. Miller, pas- program from its start are urged to has had none since the ' ear j v ^^^ of tions. • tor, read the double ring ceremony, come. the war The bridegroom will receive his Miss Exie Francis of Amarillo serv- The fj rst portion of the program ..j am ' gra(JuaU y becomins adiust- ,x ^ , —1 tne theme, "Things that Make pd tn ihrp p mpa ^ „ rinv .. <.y.~ , oirt Bliss, after three and one-half years attended his brother as best man. for peace." will be under the direc- ..,„ Eneland we alwavs HavP^a at ^rvice. Sgt. Phillips was ^, B .^e the ceremony Mrs, William tion of the p,^ Methodlst church . ^^^^ ^ gs^jj M. B. 1944 a nd is employed bv the Bell The couple will make their home •---•• in Fort Worth. Kelton high school and has served ~ , . _ , in the army about three ye^rs with UoUDle-KinQ Rite one and one-half years of overseas i i .. /-IMJ service. He is employed at the Travis UnitCS V^nlldreSS, •thday dinner given by her par- home in Shamrock. Mr, and Mrs. Ewell Mote, Fri- evenlng. Places were laid for and Mrs. W. R. Mote, Mr. and Gerald Mote and son, Charles, tion" and "At Dawning." Lola Meek of Canyon, sister of the bride and Arlene Grimes, of Stratford, served as usherettes and taper lighters. Miss Murijo Brown of Stratford sang "Always" and "I Love You Truly." ,'," The traditional wedding marches . , were used for the processional. "Ah D> „..,„., „ . .. „ .„ , . tea, although she drinks tea with ?™^. e .J P "«i- ^L, b 15 iveU every meal. It is always served hot Church S?S * the Brethren ' ind With cake ° r bread and jam ' he SHAMROCK, (Special) — Miss and Texas became Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Snellgrove. »j f*l rr ] a - - - ^ - «•* UJlCie VTTEND DANCE Rebekahs -roin the surrounding d >re than 300 guests enjoyed the cities met with the lowl lodge for r v Hh >Pa ^hersc"hire 1 iider offt-i Sigma Phi spring formal Fri- the monthly circle meeting Thurs- MI« OdesHal Safpr' of ' evening at the country club. ''"" •>"°"i*»- «-~i.—«*-«..— •* **"*> ^eitbuai wsier oi a was furnished by Pinky Pow* orchestra. __ put ..... . She enjoys the great variety Of I ™ * n f , American food, but does not like >. ineiourtn. coffee Sne never heard of com »/r n, n , * A^'ff^VT bread untu she arrived in Texas. ,,« u „«=«.» „„,„«.«;««„».. „» . . .**? Cuf1 !°" 8h Methodlst Another new food to her is the Sweet Mystery of Life" was softly church, and the fifth a summaiy of American ma ited milk, which she played while the vows were exchang- JJ« Me[hcdist church'and the "ro- ^nfc 1 .?" 8 " the m ° St de "£ ntful The bride who was given in mar- f. ram wiu be close f b >' the ° hri - s " The Birds have a young son about riage by her father, wore a blue Ua - n cnurcti with Reveiena woiris two years old> Raynlond pjoyd, who O'Gorman of this cltv Pririnv pvpn" slut with white accessories and car- ad °^ ss -. has just recovered from an attack ing February 2^ y> y ried a wnite Bible to PP ed with a , offer «« s ?. r ."« *»* WI " s ° *° of pneumonia since they arrived. The wedding vows were spoken in lovely bouquet ot Johna ? lu . rose Amer^n inSr? th" Union U Chr?s- T ^ e horrors a . nd hardsn »PS of the with rose buds. tian colleges of the Orient, and the y real to Mrs Bird _ as she j. eca ji s Miss Francis wore an aqua suit migrant workers and sharecroppers that immediately following the birth wHh a corsage i'f white and pink of this country. f th { tl „ ai _ „>.. mairoThonorand "iToSw S™^ "S.Sf*Jf "Sf" ^ S ^ brido d in in J46W anegretwacces tiores gh varied interests so that th'e'pampa" degree member for tM JjwHwuidJe. lodge. The next oir^ mating will beheld March « in. Panhandle with in a black suit carnations. VISITieS Club Plans carna- March Luncheon and blue iris. Viernes club met Friday after- Identical pink dresses with camel- noon at 3 o'clock at the home of lia corsages were worn by "the taper Mrs. IjeRoy McBride. During the of Iheir son there was an air raid warning and she and the infant had to be carried out to an air raid shelter. "Your houses seem small and I miss fences around them. Your as beautiful as in » »» minds don't bpre them the work. o .. stated, "but I Wee Am er cas people sereds served his Mrs. Taylor, fjkejlytown, outgoing a gift nf C5v,omvnr>t Mghters. Miss Brown wore brown business meeting, conducted by the ,-»-., hLt m a ^ *" h * c °rsage of >' e »°w a nd orange president, Mrs. Bnmett Forrester, a because they are much more friend* - St. Patrick's day luncheon was plan- ly.than the; English." iTweten in *»^**™ The bridegroom graduated from 1 to make her forget sHe's iron- Refreshments were She will have so " ' J1 """ ' woro n tailnwri «nit nf illc u»W>wm Biauuaten j.uia i,ea for Thursday, Mar=h 14. " I ,. eVe " lik , e . y0l "L TeX8S We ^ e £ erav eabardine Her hat was of Canadian high school. He was re. The luncheon will be held in the much better than the ram and fog S g s??aw d an e d —ies7ei- e o°f !» 1 «^5E?J*L.'!^^.«S? ^M^X 1 ^,"*^ ^ ^^Jt^.- about while she does routine RebeHahs, tils the radio would be an intru» He's iron- Refreshments were served after ""« natent^ther Her shoulder y eais in the armed services, having member hai been much to the meeting to 92 local and visiting "** 'P*™VSL of white ea" s J jei ' t two y earso verseas - The bnde 8 uest - .c, rniit.mB Rebekahs. corsage was jasnwnea oi wnne gai- ,. p . Hlvpri , lBoroo frn ,,, Wo cr TAV,,= ivn-c T. O » iur<.H«r •<•• &^jp*$8K gtia-^ •Svporalene, BwkJiaiter, I »n lr ° nmgm ki x^i^^-^m $&$ *n* MI-S Rov'sims. depressing j p b tha,t th Ameyioan women reality by daily living vicarjpy through the struggles and triumjj and romances of. soap opera SSS. than a welcome ielief Dramatic Class Gives TO POETBV -,. . _ before the days of soap rlaV lOf r.* ny grandmother managed * * W J * w * * the job of ironing far from A Play "Wild. Oat Willie Gets Girl demon$tration _ She escaped from its routine Tj'QUtale," was presented by Mrs. Guy county and at present is home dem- X;' sameness, too, but Unagtnativeiy. Crawford's drajn&tio class for the ons.tratlon agent of Childress coun- •*'' T(>ere was always a book of wellr JunlQf hjgh, schooj, Parent-Teachers ty, where she will continue her work iQY^d poems open beside her as she association meeting Thursday after.- ior Awhile. ironed, and as she worked she cooir nqop. - Mv. O'Gorman is associated with fflitted those poems to memory. ;f Approximately ?QO parents and the Lone Star Qas company. After her grandchildren, came into tR9 teachers attended the afternoon a byief trip the couple will make kitchen while she worked, she H* meeting, and J^rs, Pouglas Nelson their home at 008 North Madden cited the poeias tg them—and ^ a X etl . tbe Jnvocatton. ppftry they learned to a Wtchen ._O«jer, numbers fl n the program 1 "" far more meaning for thepi Mr. and Mrs. Bird live at 9Q6 N Wall street and Mr. Bird is as* ^r»rRncr*» \vn<8 fnchifmpri of wfhifp p-ni 1 . w^—.v v«w J^WAUW VV«OWH«. ***v w*«v»i. ^M^OV. -* 11 - " "** «v*v.v.v, w»*v* 4*4*. *^4+v» •*'***' denial » a snwnea oi wmie gai j. emved R degree from Wesp Texas Mrs Lee Mar j er was we icomed as sociated wtih the Lone Star Qa« Mrs O'Gorman is a eraduate of the state <= 01 l e e e ' in Canyon and has a new member, and Mrs. Gene company. Sherman Sschc^f and attended been teaching home economic to Smith was a guest. iS collefe at Sherman She re Stratford for the past two years. The hostess Served a salad plate . -»" , i_ Austin college at Sherman_ She re- trwo ial bugseg to gtu _ carryias out a Sfc Patnck . s day $pr HQ ReC t<3 To a aegree JVOm We lexas rfQ , l( .,, 011 ^ t^ an a^ f,.~™>o^™^f nr ^ f/-, ,«r,tif Tha fnllnwina mpmhsro WPVO w r" '5> >«-««« »v«. •>* State coileTe for Women at Denton dents and friends fronvStratford to motif. The following members were "IT' "'=» . 7-r * . She has slrved as Tss^nt home attend the cerem °ny. Present. Mrs. L. H. Flaherty, Mrs. Be Presented TOOO/ ^ Q ^^^of,.oi-,^,, o^n^i. n f iirhoni^.. Mr. dnd Mrs. Medows ave engac- A. C. Crawford, Mrs Coyle Ford, SHAMROCK. March 2.—(ftnec the^r'Se" thelr nome Mrs. hostess, Mrs. McBride. n^-^u^ , KcunbOW Vicit VISIT SHAMROCK, March ?.—( —In the second of a series 1 and the recl t a i Si MISS Ms,ry Jean .... will present a group of pianp stu* dents in the high scbjapl stttdJQ thif . afternoon at 3 o'clock. » »° Students to partioip.ate In tfeft program are: Fvederjofca. Afebjc^, Joan Bell, Barbura 8tt« Bfitt^ ""' On Monday March U, Mrs.. H. H „„,. _,.„ street. Hahn will review Carey M'Wil- Members of the Rainbow for Girls A , m Earth Joyce „„-,„-. Attending the wedding ceremony »amV "Brothers^Under The Skin" have been invited to attend the M> new Jo Nell f e%hth, ware Adrian Stevens of OhUdress, at the third PM^IC meeting of the ^.ea« Rainbow raeetwg Mwday *^ by "^ m t. ft rigff «T 1' 4 j, "^ f i , *!„ 5it«tass3*- 1 '*i' 1 i* '^MUnsrWRMk '- 3a& R\it& Baj'P. ftf Wheeler, ^d, Wesley the ff?Wews aixd difficulties attend. mfl^y." * * Mre'^Ve"4»d9lm W «^f ftj'tfep **^^^ pgw.vttnw MM iW M»««4s ft»u «t § 9'eto<% tmssnw K 3&jb ^m^*m&<M^^®B& u », T i, llr Warl&3 .,......, f» *WJWP«h«» iftH *»R^t rfndF^Ia™^ ^^^t^^^Slll tSS OSi^im J^BSi w**" fff* 3 *?;^!^ QA V1 -' -v ^ v \ (<*"- ' ' HLi. ) t y?wsir»* i 3L. •*- Lt \Mti WVii

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