The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 6, 1960 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1960
Page 12
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__I_12 THE PARIS NEWS, THURSDAY, OCT. 6, I960) Sumner Date Of Early-Day Reunion Reset Date for the reunion of early- day students of the original Sumner school has been changed from mid-November lo Sunday, October 16. This change assures attendance of two of the teachers th e r e. Mr. aim Mrs. C. C. Urn-rev of Shreveport, La., and probably of another, Mrs. Clnud S. Carlton of Texarkana. the former Miss Maud Staggs. She and her husband have been invited. All pupils attending the Sumner school from its establishment as a separate school, in 18%, to 1910, are urged to come at 10 a.m. on October 16, to Central Consolidated School at jiimner, successor to the old district school. All the '-v pupils are urged to notify others of the reunion and mane plans to attend. Texans Co-Author Book on Jewelry By LEDGEKWOOD Sl.OAN Associated Press Staff Writer THE STORY OF JKWJJUIY: By Marcus Bacrwald and Tom Mahoney, Abelard-Soluiman .Limited. New York. Sfi.SO. Amateur gem hunting is on (he increase and lucky "rock hounds," as followers of the hobby a r e known, can find a do/en varieties of gemstones in Texas, according to a new book, "The Story of Jewelry." Authored by Marcus Bacrwald, a Dallas gem expert, and Tom Mahoney, a New York writer who formerly was a Texas newspaperman, the volume has just been published by Abelard-Schum an, Ltd., in New York and London. "Gem hunters are increasing by the thousands," they report, "livery state and almost every town of any size has ils inineralogical and geological societies, the members of which take frequent trips for I he joy of discovering new and old minerals and gem materials." The U.S Bureau of Mines esti- mates that every year gemstones worth ?iiOU,OUO arc picked up by around 50,000 amateur hunters. Most of the gems arc cut by amateur lapidaries in home workshops. The bureau encourages the hobby in the hope thai strategic minerals may be discovered. Gemstones found in Texas include Hie agate and jasper types of chalcedony; the amethyst, topaz and other varieties of Quartz; several beryls; opal; tektite; malachite; and tourmaline. The amethyst, purple birthstone of February, has been found in Burnet, El Baptist Editor To Preach Sunday Paris News .^rrvice COOPER -.' Dr. L:. S. James, Dallas, editor of The Baptist Standard, will preach Sunday morning and night at First'Bap- tist Church here. The pastor, the Rev. Robert E. Jenkins, is holding a revival mcet- inc; for the church at Mt. Vernon. Paso and Llano counties. Llano County also has yielded fopaz, rose quartz, opal and agate. Agate has been found in Brewslcr, San Patricio, Webb and Zapnta counties. The last two have produced jasper, as has Hidalgo, Bexar, Colorado and Culberson counties. Gemstoncs also have been found in Fayette, Mason, Parker and Walker counties. Diamonds are found in adjoining Arkansas, the book notes. Their source is a crater of an extinct volcano near Murfreesboro. Efforts to mine them commercially there have failed but the place is a tourist attraction. Visitors pay a fee. They are allowed to keep any small stones they find but must share the value of large ones with the management Bacrwald, an associated member of the American Gem Society, has one of the largest U. S. collections of books on gems and jewelry. One is a tiny volume wiui a big title: "An Universal History of Minerals and Precious Stones," by Robert Lovcll, published al Oxford, England, in 1G61. Co-author Mahoney, born in Dallas, attended Southern Methodist University and the University of Missouri, and worked on newspapers iu Dallas and El Paso before becoming a New York editor and writer. Rayburn Agrees On Biogr HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) — Rep. Sam Riiyburii, D. Tex., speaker of the House of Representatives, has agreed after 13 years to let a University of Houston professor write bis biography. Dr. C. D. Dorough said Tuesday he first approached R a y b u r n about Hie book in 1947. He would not predict when the book will be finished- Honey Grove BPWC Notes Annual Week Paris News Service HONEY GROVK - Business and Professional Women's Club members 'plan to close observance of National Business Wo men's Week wilh attendance at an out- of-town football game, Ibis being as open dale for the home town high Kcbool Warriors. Speaker for the club's annu a 1 "boss night" or public relations dinner was C. W. Wooldridge of Dallas, vice-presiti e n I of Texas Power & Light Company. Dinner was served in the .school cafeteria by Order of the Eastern Star chapter, Mrs. K. ,J. Shannon, club president, presiding. Sunday, mcmber.s opened I }i e week by attending First Christian Church's morning service' Breakfast Monday was attended by 13 members at a downtown cafe. Wednesday night, member* went to Paris for dinner at the Holiday Inn. COFFEE CAKE CRISPIES are wonderful at snacktime with milk, tea or coffee. Coffee Cake Crispies Are Easi!y Prepon Bv CECILV BROWNSTONE | tasters are like mine, they'll want Associated Press Food Editor [this version put in your pernia- SOME SWEET BREAD recipes calcb on — for good reason. They nent recipe file. note one feature—the (lough is chilled and taste and look wonderfully pro- i requires neither kneadin? nor fessional and yet a home cook can bake them successfully. We've been watching one of these go the rounds. Some years ago it won a Michigan cook a rising periods in a warm place. COFFEE CAKE CRISPIES 1-3 cup heavy cream 2-3 cup butler ! .± teaspoon salt cup warm waier first prize at a bake-off. Then an Idaho restaurant, proud of a j env elope active dry yeast particular version, contr i b- j e gg (separated' uted its role to a cook book de- i o^ cups sifted flour voted to recipes from famous j i s jeaspoon nutmeg eating places. i This latest New York edition, an 3 teaspoon vanilla i cup sug si- aid to delicious dunking, differs from other recipes of its kind : n calling for sweet cream. If your TALCO 2 teaspoon cinnamon 2 tablespoons finely chopped walnuts or pecans. Scald cream: add butter and salt; cool to lukewarm. Stir yeast into water to dissolve; stir in egg yolk, lukewarm cream mixture and vanilla: add to sifted flour and Paris News Service nutmeg: mix well. Cover closely; Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Taylor of i refrigerate A hours or overnight. Talco spent Monday in Dallas on business for their variety store. Spending the weekend in Talco were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keller Sprinkle board with mix e d sugar and cinnamon, continuing to do so through whole rolling process to orevent sticking. With and children of Garland, visiting {loured jn r()I[ out chiUed thecouples parents, Mr. and Mr-. doush so i t is 20 bv 8 inches . Herbert Kelley and Mr. and Mrs. Spr f nkle lightlv wilh ' sugar m j x . Lank Easterling. ture. Fold short sides ov c r to Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Spruell of ma k e 3 layers. Give dough quar- Oil City, La., were recent visitors of their daughter, Mrs. Lyndo n Reea, and family, and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. league. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. ter turn: repeat roiling, sprinkling, folding and turning 2 more times. Roll to 20 by 8 inches. Brush with lightly beaten egg while; sprinkle with remaining sugar mix- R. T. Fuller were their daughter, < ture and nuts. Cut into 'i-inch Mrs. Biil Gray and son of Greggton. Mrs. Zenobia Goodloe and her sister. Mrs. Flora Hastings, visited Mrs. T. E. Bennett in Broken Bow. Okla., on Sunday. strips: place i inch apcrt o n greased baking sheet. Bake in moderate (375 degrees) oven 15 minutes or until browned. Strips spread and become flaky. Remove with wide spatula to wire rack. Couple Married, Miss Wanda Williams attended Serve warm. Makes 213 dozen. a safely meeting of the Community Public Service in Deport on Monday night. Mrs. W. H. Crawford's guest this j Rp|-[ifned fO week is her sister, Mrs. Ruth 1 IXCIUIIIC ^ l <-* Clark of Rotan. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Jones were Mr. and Mrs. Jail Cells Again LITTLE ROCK. Ark. 'AP'-The Billy Gene Jones of Dallas; Mr. newly weds kissed and then were and Mrs. James Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholas and Linda Nicholas of Fort Worth, and 1 Mr. and Mrs. Lon Jones and children of Cisco. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Jones also visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Worthington spent Sunday with their son, Gene | Worthington and family in Shreve- ; port, La. | Attending the District 1 Women's Missionary Society workshop at Highland Park Baptist Church returned to their separate cells in the Pulaski County Jail. Clyde L. Long. 33, and Nancy L. Arendt. 20, were married by Justice of the Peace Sam Miller before witnesses. in a suit while is six months •sed in a Long recently was serving a year for grand larceny and also is held for parole violalion from in Texarkana from Talco, were: j a Previous forgery charge. The Mrs. J. A. Haley, Mrs. Joe B. t bnde was uncicr a 3 °- d;1 V sentence on a bad check chare and Mrs. Ivan Rogers. Mrs. is yet to be tried on another. R. J. Rosson. Mrs. Rex Mitchell, Mrs. C. S. Case, Mrs. Eugene Hargrove and Mrs. J. H. Weather- The average January temperature in Montreal is 13 degrees. Faultless Starch * ••Xvrfrviar ^x-ri/^ff-xlivli » i^V.V.T*6fc^*V.-i-*a.fVv 1TMT CASH SAVINGS ARE THE BEST SAVINGS AND OCEAN SPSAY FUtSH Cranberries _ __,.._ 2 9 c LARGE HEAD "SPECIAL" LETTUCE 2f or 25 c HOME GROWN YAMS .... 3, bl . 25 C FRESH BELL PEPPER '..,„. 10 C MIXED NUTS Vuojum Pock BISQUICK U- torsrild ?raz«B 3-MJnute Oats An M l fs>»<i Pepsodent T* 21< 55< « r C'r>ie«er* erf fish See Cnunk FRENCH DRESSING - : 25 PEANUT BUTTER EGG NOODLES£.. OLiVES 2 -Jb. Jar 95* "2i er' -1 1 -i . 7-01. Co" O I C £?^ *» "SUPER-RIGHT" PURE PORK SAU "SUPER-RIGHT" U.S.D.A. GRADE "A" HEN TURKEYS i'°.." "SUPER-RIGHT" THICK-SLICED BACON 2 vV "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF STEAK • "DUfiE : rb. "SUPER-RIGHT" H£AYY CALF ROUND OR SIRLOIN STEAK "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST ,b.39« "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF RIB STEAK „. 69* "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF RIBS OR BRISKET STiW MEAT„. 29 C "SUPER-RIGHT" GROUND BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" Or 3 Lbs ' for S1 ' 00 PORK SMOKIES ^ EL CHICO FROZEN MEXICAN DINNERS llfLTAHA OL1V! Plain 21-oz. Queen Jar Cans SULTANA PEACHES ££. ^ TOMATO JUICE ^ 3 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE GREEN PE «, lona 6-oi. Ccnj NIBLETS CORN . MEXICORM NW.,, EVAP. MILK V 2 " 01 ' Cans V 2 " 01 Cans White House "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESH P^rk Links r, FROM OUR FISH DfPARTAttNT FOUR FISHERMEN FROZEN CAP'N JOHN FROZEN Fillets 3 Bag 3*99 SERVE WITH TURKEY. OCEAN SPRAY 16-oz. Cranberry. ...Can JANE PARKER ENRICHED I I I I I ViLVEETA SI. *o d METRICAL FRUIT DOLE JUICE -Ib. Loaf ,* 8-oz. Can Swanson Frozen Peach, Apple or Cherry . $1.19 2 %. 25* 2 ^6-OI Cam <f t Chunks Doi e 2 Sliced Pineapple D*.* 2 1 4-01. Cons 43* 67* V_M AMPBELL'S TOMATO SUNSHINE KRISPY . REG 25eEACA SPECIAL! 24-02. LOAVES MADE WITH BUTTERMILK JAh^ PARKER 8-INCH 4* PEACH PIE ', Flavorful! Delicioos for • BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER 8-or. Pkg. JANE PARKER )CED SPANISH BAR JANE PARKER CARAMEL PECAN ROLL JANE PARKER 8-INCH Blackberry Pie Ea. Ea. Ea. SOUP !?."£10V CRACKERS £25* MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING 31 66c MARGARINE MEADOLAKE &26c WITHOUT BEANS ARMOUR CHILI ......:%45c ARMOUR'S TAMALES :^25c BRANDYWINE SLICED MUSHROOMS BRANDYWINE WHOLE BUTTON CLEANSER AJAX 21-oz. Can 23c AIR FRESHENER FLORIENT 5'/ r oz. Can 75c DETERGENT FAB Gf. Size ...75c BATHROOM TISSUE ZEE TISSUE 35c Ron DETERGENT VEL Gh Size. 75c ZEE WAX PAPER 37c 200 Jt. Roll . BEAUTY BAR VEL 39c MUSHROOMS DETERGENT (15? off label) AD DETERGENT 2-or ....Can a ;25C 60c "RED" POTATOES 25 B L : G 99 e 'SPECIAL" LB. BAG PAPER NAPKINS ZEE NAPKINS o 23c Gt. Roll PAPER TOWELS ZEE TOWELS 27c LIQUID DETERGENT CHIFFON 10?. Off L&be! 22-oz. r- r\ OOC

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