The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 3, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1962
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BP. WC-BRAZORIA, SWEENY. ANGLETON, DANBURY SCHOOL MENUS-PAGE 8 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Fr»»port THE RAZOSPORT FACTS SERVINO BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA. BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON FaeN eianlfl*d! II 3-2611— All Otficr Offlett: II 3-1S11 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freapor* VOL. 50 NO. 159 Associated Press Mtmber MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1962 ,CG Assists In Boot Troubles, Am! Death The Krppport Const CJunrd (inn had an nmlHilnnc/* slnt -by whrn a shrimp trnwlpr dockpd "SiirHny, hut n dpcklmml was nl- rpadv dead. Station pprsonnpl nl- wi Imndlrd several bout assistan- ces. A Co;is-l Giinrr) spokesman snid HIP Irawlrr, Soa Biw/e, cnllpcl In Sunday (o rpporl Frank Linen ap- prarrd seriously 111. The Ixial WHS about fi rnllps south of Krrpport, enroiilp. to port. An amhulnncp. was on hand AU|IPII Ihr trawler arrived Hi HIP Station alxnil 4:^0 p.m. hut Linen wits ripad on arrival. Bra/oria County Deputies Robrrl Glmlncy and R. V. Johnson made thp. In- VPstiRation, reporting that the ripckhand apparently Hiod of R heart attack, and had a hack - Rround o( heart trouble. The body wa.< taken to Viola Funeral Homo in U'pst Columbia. Also on Sunday, a Station crew H'took the "iO-foot boat ovit to thp cast southeast lump, alxiut 15 miles out in the Gulf, when an outboard was reported to be disabled about U a.m. Knroule the crew also came across th« trawler, Nenad Jr., with a net caught in its wheel. Roth cra/t* were towed in to the Station. Richard D. Btirras of Houston was operating the out Aboard and captain of the Nenad ™Jr. wai Auldon F. Jordan of Georgia. On Saturday, * Station crew took over two of the trawler, Betty Ann, brought to the sea bouy by th« fishing vessel, Capt. Sleg, bec'RUM of engine trouble about 8 p.m. Tli* cabin cruiser, Carla, with Harry Uyk* of Lake Jackson HI raptHin, was towed to the Station \Mlmut. 7 p.m. after it developed! Freeperf, Texas Weekdays 10 Cents—Sunday 15 Cents Quake Toll Mounts; Terror Grips Area REBELS CLAIM ESCUELITA "Knrl.vlilril»" at the Krerport U» Kami-Ilia regls- tratlnn were Ernest Damlon, renter, vm nf Mr. and Mrs. Ignnrln Dnmlon nf Frwpnrl, nnd liudy lf?.n Jr., win nf Mr. mvl .Mrs. .Icww Agulhr nf C'llltp. nhnun ullh the teacher, .Mm. Ixir. Arin« of Chile. RpKlslrnllon reached 30 Friday, with 9 fp\v more *ludr»nt<< «-«|H'rff*<l when fla.HS4>fi if art at )l:^n a. m. TOP "l.lttle Sehonl" for preschool Ijitln-Aniorirnn rhildren In loealpd nt the Knluhls of l-ythlni Ilnll. Ml Went Broad. Ijtii year Mr«. Arias had 17 children enrolled. Dawn Drive Is Repelled ALGIERS fAP) — The Algiers,some hours at both Ain Boucif gup.rrilla command claimed that land Charon, but he had no infor- ils troops repelled attacks by reg-lmation on casualties on either jular army forces at two points'side. jsouth and weal of Algiers early! Ben Bella apparently had or I y ' .rtered the regular troops to halt j Lt. All Allouache, spokesman of'any attack meeting stiff re-, I the guprrilla Wilaya (zone) No 4 sistance, in an effort to avoid; ! controlling Agiers, said the rcgu-: bloodshed. I lar forcps supporting Deputy Pre-. The gun and grenade clash in' mier Ahmed Ben Bella attacked i the Algiers casbah was the worst at dawn at Ain Boucif, 75 miles;fighting so far between the rebel- I to the Bouth, and Charon, 150 lions guerrillas of Wilaya (zone) miles west of the capita). <N' O . 4 and Ben Bella's supporters. TEHRAN, Iran fAP)-Hunger, disease and terror today gripped northwest Iran in the wake of a Eiant earthquake that buried villages under mud and debris, killing from the 3,000 to 9,500 persons. Tiie government announced "more than 3.31B" dead, 5,000 in. ;. But death By 9 a.m. Monday, EST, the national Labor Day holiday death lo " "* hish as 9 '" M ' toll had reached a total of 458, with 357 deaths due to traffic, 17 to ! ' The u - s - Embassy announced boating accidents, 30 drownlngs and 54 miscellaneous deaths record-: that "° Americans were among cd. jUie dead or injured. j Thp quake lasted only one HONG KONG — The toll from Typhoon Wanda, Honj; Kong's mi ™te Saturday night with the worst storm In a quarter of a century, riwe steadily today a* res- worst devastation over a 23,000- CTIB worker* dug Into demolished homes. At least 1.14 dead, 41 ; square-mile area centering mining, SIB Injured and 46,550 homeless were counted. <around Takistan. 100 milps north- jwest of Tehran anr! about 20 GENEVA — Burma proposed today that Presidpnt Kennedy, ] ™ ilcs southwest of the major rail Soviet Premier Khruschev and British Prime Minister Harold Mac- '. cily ot Kazvin. miiian join in a personal pit-due suspending nuclear weapon ipsts. j '^ lc Iranian Red Cross said the ; quake killpd 3,000 of the -!,000 in- NEWPORT, K. I. — President Kennedy Interrupted his Labor ijjabHanls of Dan-Isfahan near Hay weekend tnday to lake a holicoplnr fliRht to Hyannis Tnrt, /" Maw., for a visit with his ailing father, Joseph P. Kennedy. AT SWEENY i Chief Asks 1,762 Report Cout/on °' For Classes Ku Klux Klan crosses flamed in 14 north Louisiana towns and at the state Capitol in a blazing demonstration against integration Allouache said the defending! Reports said a guerrilla patrol \ during the Labor Day weekend. The Georgia hooded order planned guerrillas put up determined re- was ambushed in the narrow: a large rally tonight at racially troubled Albany. sistance and the regulars with- twisting .streets of the quarter by: • (drew after brief engagements. a force headed by Yacef Saadi, The reported clashes continued l(iarfpr of a terrorist group in the i a pattern of brief, indecisive en- ( ' a P ilal during the war for inde- ! garments between the Wilaya 4 ! pendmce. jmierrillas and regular annyj G'J«rr!!!a trcops poured into the j troops which entered the w|| a ya; i:asban ' seeking to root out the With ittidenti going to school ; territory in central Algeria Satiir-'''Psistant-e fighters, and machine- Tuesday. Frwport Police aiief:' ia . v lo *»<i the guerrilla com-'P" 1 llre rattlpd Ihrougli the N. H. Ijissiter asks motorists to maud's rebellion agiiinst Motorists Mariner Sets Ears On Earth indi- . . bell for rang 1,762 ., . . .,..„, «t 8:301 CM th« tola) wHolhin . sttidenlKJd e n t » registered at The school mgine trouble about 10 miles a.m. Friday south of Freeport about 2 p.m. opening day in the Sweeny Inde- the Intermediate pendent District. Reports On BP Board Agenda > M *•* I ever, The meeting of the Bra/osport I arc Board of Education at 7:30 p.m. |that -,,„„„,„ Tuesday in the Administration j would not be uet until frnday of, the school in operation on the first in Sl . non i Building wfll include a report of; tlle firsl full week in school. day had ran smoother than he l study of effects of non-school j All students re|x>rting Friday'could have hoped for. lie also noon hollr ictivities on elementary pupils, je.xporiem-cd a full day of school: said that there will be no new f J. activities, and the lunch rooms:course offering in the upper three k'cre also in operation. grades this year. Kindergarten student* will not! "We hope to solidify the accom- starts and ends, and during the Other informational reports will nclude progress of the architect •nd tabulations ot miscellaneous hids, distribution of the Bra/os - oort Senior High School Hand- oook and curriculum bullet ins, and enrollment report. New business will include desi^ "" l " Tuesday morning. plishmc>nls arhievH during the <ti'red stllilrni5 will past few- years in our att'-mpt to 'be taken into Hie kindergarten;upgrade ( >vei->- subjivt taught in * " rl >' Welding Rig And Trailer Stolen Takistan. The village, set on a foothill of an 8,3S5-foot munlain, was left a mass of mud and debris. Survivors ran screaming for help as a rescue plane landed on the fringe of the village. Of the 322 houses in the village, only one mosque and one brick building still stand. A few half-destroyed walls stand as ghostly remnants of. the tragedy. Prime Minister Assadullah Alain, touring the disaster area, sjiid: "Unfortunately the tragedy- is bigger and greater than at first The antenna maneuver was per- ^reported." nrnW By MarfheMJn-ruminujfj' An Iranian i,fcw.suian telephoned craft Mariner 2 has successfully;of a timer aboard the 447-pound,from Savch, SO miles west of Teh- of two key:craft. : rar)| Uiat sc , ven v in asrs |, a( j be. en midcourse maneuver will j wiped out in that area with a be on an order from the ground, i death toll of 355. Propulsion j The injured crowded hospitals Mariner 2,; and schools in Karaj arid Kazvin, acquisition ma-Jon the edge of the disaster area. success-! One train brought 108 injured being evaluate Tehran Sunday night. A critical water shortage was the term reported in tiie area. Many wells systems . by of Boghari where a skirmish local commanders arranged a the next maneuver: the firing of oan transmit a narrow beam ol'the shock. [between the two forces ended with;cease-fire. : a rocket engine to aim it into ra( jj 0 signals up to M million: The quake sent shock waves as ! a local cease-fire Sunday. ; Clashes were reported at sev-iVenusian skies. This may be done miles—but it has to be pointed at:far as Tehran, and people fled The bulk of the regulars at era.1 other places inside Wilaya 1 some time today. the point in space where the sig-: im ° the capital's streets. ;Bogh»ri—about 600 men — with-i territory, but all fighting ceased The rocket is needed to correct na i , s lo be received. i Prime Minister Assadullah :drew and tried to encircle BoghariiSundav when Ben Bella ordered Mariner's course through space. .. (0 ^^ Mariner !, as hppn'prepared to tour the disaster area . .In Algirre. lo Si*oollt» longed to which side. The Wilava 4 command ace-used ' e °mP I< 'td maneuvers en route to its Decenv French troops stationed near the the clanger ol Sunday ber rendezvous with Venus. the school day! Ain Bout ' il 1S ao °u!post on the;the streets demanding an end to data coming in from Mariner to i{or pointing Mariner's directional;and underground water syst nd durine the Sallara Jriises, some 30 miles ihe fratricidal fightings, and the decide when to have it perform • amenn a at the earth. The antenna '"'ere destroyed or damaged 'can transmit a narrow beam ol'the shock, radio signals up to 64 million: The quake sent i miles—but it has to be pointed at:far as Tehran, a the point in space where the sig- :im ° the capital's « to ™. v - He called on Iranians to , Up to now i by moving up a desert track to a cease-fire from his operational On its present course it would, sen()in - signals from ail omni- JAin Boucif. headquarters at Tiaret, 200 miles miss Venus by 233,000 miles-too djrK . Uonal anle nna which has a. °P™ . tholr homes to the homeless The ilu'fl of a ti-ailiv mounted, Charon is a small market town southwest of Algiers. far for the experiments Mariner ran5e o [ on jy g million miles. !allli in J llr ™SHI amp tjncoln welding rig was on the Oran-Algiers highway some At Boghari several hundred is to make as it nears the solar _M armer has to travel more than ; nation of pei-sonnel to sign official ;ttllr " ler ""'''' '•''"'' wi " lx ' enloll ' :si 'hool.s had r«|uirc>d IS solid sub- ii-portnl to the Brazoria County;IS miles west of Orleansville. Tiie regular troops remained deployed sysjem'i most mysterious planet. Js<| m ini on m ji cs on its long, loop- documents', acci-pliuice (f annex- j '" ed areas, proposal by the Hous- '' lHSS lor glasses, with a parent of thp pupil high si-bool", IIP dl ' nwinK Tuesday to dolerniini-'pumtnl wit that H<; also Sweeny lhe murnin K or afternoon j,>i-i s . plus lequiml physical e<iu- Shi-riffs Department Stuxiay. u^.,=d < ..^aRrmcnt there indi-. along a sandy ridge overlooking The midcourse maneuver can lhe Brsl s<> " 1( ' sl «' r - 'i-aliuii cn-<liis, for graduation for J. R. Evans Jr. suid the rig was cated that Orlcansville remainixi lhe town. 'Hieir heavy machine correct the c-ourse to bring Ma- the taken from 1-"M 5^'t between well iaside the defense perimeter guns and artillery pointed toward riner only 10.000 miles from the Primary' The high si-iiool has six new Bailey's Prairie ami Anrlior. of Wilaya 4. ( the guerrma defenders who were-cloud-shrouded planet, according J School were six-year-olds. Mrs. (acuity mcmlx'n; this year. The He described the rig as being Allouach said heavy rifle and i dug in on another small ridge to experts at the Jet Propulsion Vmles Richaidson, school prinri-,total numlxT of new teachers in mounted on a black trailer made machine-gun fire continued forjabout 300 yards away. 'Laboratory in Pasadena. ton Lightinif and Power Co., and', ^" mc . m . ' >u P ils °| a ," >t " 1 °' lne P"-" 1 four ..alary adju.Unenl. for liWl-iaffiV^ "•gistcnng at "- »- • ----.- ing journey When Mariner reaches the vicini-,^ ty of Venus in December it wil be 36 million miles from earth. FRKD and MAKLKNK SMITH mid family, going lo Arkansas lo visit with her parents. . . NAN PHINNY, hack <iom Wichita Fall» and bringing; with her both her mother and grandmother. . JOHN STARK, delivering a spp- ,„ <-ial Ijhnr Day iiicssane Rt I.I l(t Methodist's Sunday •erviceii. pal said this was 17 less than she the system is 15. had previously filled out registration cards on. She ex|Hvls a fi-w of the miss ing number limy have moved during the summer, but some o< this numlxT are on late summer vacations with their parents and wiil I*- in school next week. Park Visitors In July 2,915 More than a tln>usaii(i : bnxiKht almost lhit>e thousniid [persons to visit historic Vanier jlloRK Slate Park at West Colum- ihia during July, wilh tbp aitthen- 'lic plantation home rereiving its ;share of attcntinn. | During the month, 2,915 park visitors were record«xl. 'Hie rnxi A iHi'i-.e turn-out at the anmml; p i,, ,.«„,,, („ o,,. , wl -k i n imirniiiK T'-"<-hers' Nlghl program sponsor- „,,„„ w j, (l 7,. x:is rci-i.sli-atinn, and i-d by Ilic Anulclon Lions Club is-^r, V f),j r | t .!i |,-,, m O t|,,. r s i a |cs. Angleton Lions To Honor Faculty from two inch pipe, and said the imiic'iine is gray with a "Big 3" i stamp on the roar. He said the !r.\hiiiisl pipe "f the machine is ! om- and a half uvh stainless stct-l |ai«l that the weliling leads have Ihei-ii spliced with welding ''«i <i atllos » nrt tape. T1 ' p Sheriff's Depai-lmcnt t-on- t'nuixi its invesliRMlion Mondaj. FJH Bells Ring Earlier A. V. BAKKR of FP, Ihe Will IxMi'U \ui!«l to show appm mliou member to join the new Men's to liH'al leiu-hi-ra and s.hool ad Garden Club oJ Givalei- Bra««- mmlslralors for their wrvic* to f rr» lypy Tr-jg porl . f . the community. IM<H*MIJ IMUI MI'L'DRKD SIIADIXK-K, CAR w. H. simighti-r, publicity chair-, , n u|ia( js Minf> OL LKC.LKR and MRS. C'. H. man '"i »«• event, said that I*' SWIFT, all having hiithitn>* on'lickels are m-iiilablf <iom any thi» holidny. And on Tuesday, H.:'- lolw *'Utt nu-nitHM- FRANK JOHNSON and UJCKV ll>( '" 11 ' dinner winch I.ORK1NU will lie ivlchrulint;. . .' t: ' M P- m - ''""''winy, LINDA PKRRV, with VICKIK ""'" l'u»nly Kali-gi »nd GKIiRY, vacftliuniiiK for al- loriuni. mwt three weeU in Oucago, 'Ockcts Hie piln-d Fiwport and OianKwilir, III.,:' 0 '' "" '' vp| "' wh "' h MoniT*, Wis., and Marion a n d "" »wanls piogram at Hammond, Inci., but due hunit- ra ' now . . . Jive. 111. K) mid -'» >i-rti» LKSTKK (•• SMITH, nc« HP scrvici! Ul the Anclclon sjsn'm Chamber manager, iisinn the huli- dsy weekend lo move into lu:i S. Magnolia in i.l lo lake over Ins new diitita. 'Hie Iannl>'« h. living la C.'omcxt wlicif SIMTI'll wu llluuut;«i of HID MontK<iiiu>i> Oiuiiibtfr. . . lirsi jury trial ever held by for the bar- al the Hra- •i>tuul» A\uii - at Jl.!« .-.t.-li i will include at whiili lo •cl\r pins for Aiigirion i.ny loiin, man was f™»ifl guilty JU) lor runmni! a rod 'Hie di'lciulaiil. Saiii| m-r. «|i|«>aliM the i-iise c'ounly Court. Judge prcsidrd o\'t l r tiie cast'. liriinitK R nuinhci- of ic.stisl cases in wiui h M a in> li>:hl A. 1. along other o jury The Mis at Fiwport Junior HiKli Sclux>l will be linains 101 niinuli'S iMi'lier this \?nr. accord-j ini; lo Principal Paul V. Webber, j When sclHxil opens Tupsilay, the j fii-si bell will s«md at •>:!!> a.m.' wilh tin- tardy bell lit S:'JO a.m. the'Roth bolls are 11) minutfs t-arlier the Hum last torm. The hini-h period j .ion Ims iH-t'ii IriiKlhoned with tin- iu-W | iifd fun' schedule, Webber pxplniiieii. I Tide Schedule For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and i littli More Tixluy Ixiu Ii:ri5 p.m. :'^ a.m. rl a.m. untl 8:1-1 |> in. HI pin anil 11: -'l. p.m. Sun Data Si-li Today «:4:' p.m. Ri«M Turadty t » m. l^i> Partly cloudy, wann thifltlgh with Tm-sdny, widely scaltcrod daytime tiiii- tuindcrsluiwers, nuKiorate south- was t',Hslci ly wiiuis. l^iw toni^lit 78, liiKli Tuesday fltl. Record BP Enrollment Seen An all-time lush of a.'-IK ptipils.lhe Incrrusnl rniollnicnt and the Hie i-xpivled to !«• eimill.'d Wlu-nlnrw subjcrls added to Hie curric- tlir Hii4/o.s|iort krluxib "|»M thi-ii I|IKII> ul S K.iii. 'fiii'mliiy, uniinl ing lo Hi. L. S. l!u li.tnliMin, MI jit'i'inti'iuti'iit uf M-'hot.l.s Till- -tvrla^r lltfUll.ii-;-:J(I|> l.^t \r,u w.ts ii.Slli, In Kii Itini-.nn . A 'I'ciiiTjil :.i,uii> "A'II-I:.! of 4'.ti U-.irh.'KS will lH. :hllli !'' «'•" !>«•«»"»'* «' '•'*< on hand to giwl the »lud«>nu, j *«* k V lli lius was IolluWK l D * Thi« numbtr incluHe« 31 new ln-|Mi'ei*l (iad< • level *nd lubject- chlhAS en> wtii have U-a. lu.-i it" ol was 2 Youths Hurt lit Auto Flip Early Sunday The League of Red Cross Societies in Geneva offered to earth to Venus. lsundl an international relief pro- '' n for the quake victims. The ?va organisation cabled the i Iranian Red Cross for a list of most urgently needed materials. The quake occurred the same day the Soviet Union detonated 5.500 pounds of explosives in its southern republic o* Georgia, but leading American seismologists said there was "definitely no connection" between the two. Moscow radio announced the blast had been set off in a specially dug well to study the earth's crust. The Rev. J. Joseph Lynch, director of Fordham Uni- Two teen^ed boy, were i ^nel^S^t two miles north of the Rosharon- -eri- • 'Alvin Road early Sunday. Rickey Gore of Angleton Bobby Gore of Houston were badly cut and bruised and were taken to Angleton Hospital by Deputy Frank Heiman of the Brazcx'ia County Sheriff's Department. They were later transferred to a Freeport hospital by Angleton Funeral Home ambulance. ' The two were passengers in a' Fu»<™l services were pendm, BO Chevrolet driven by Alvin Al-" his mm-ning for a native of Bra len Giles, of Angleton. Also in the car were James Cooiey and Richard Grey, both of Angleton. , '20 quakes in the past 50 years, L. B. Riggle Dies Of Fire injuries Ijmton B. Ki.qule, 3'2, who diod in Hermann Hospital in Houston about 4 Sunday after he- State Highway Patrolman Calvin ;" c , injll ! vd "' a ' Iil>h bulan9 dre Benard said Giles apparently al-j^'"-'* 1 ^ m Lll ' e ', ly ' . . . , r " ' HIP )>*td\ > was lakt'Mi to iVncle- tempted to go .round a cuive too, ^ , Iomo fast and lost control of his car R| |n KrA ,^ and winch went onto the shou der and , )HllH ,,, l1 fl , lnl Uost C olumb,a thpu rolled over twice. All of Ihe . { .^ Srh(ln| A|>|U , fom . . irs a CK.'UDantsweiT at least sli R hli> in- |u , ie , t „,., c - ,., ,„ m|0 hlsjness ]urcd, but with the exception of jn i; ,, lv ,, s , f , n ,'ilion terame branch the Gore youths, were treated and n el . of , he Suburban Butane released at the Angleton Hospital. Gas Co in Lib( , rly ,, e was bl , rn . Barnard said no charges were ;ed in u , e fidsh fii : e while at worki filed. The accident occurred at ami was , lrat token ^ utfrt y 18:45 a. ra. Sunday, fhe oar was demolished. SHIP NEW BUT NAME IS THE SAME Men Gardeners Meet 'i'ttf l»fl 9ml tui» Lt-fii a Uailiur lot 1 noxtTiU >»'»! an unusual batch ainiUKt-ai Ihr ulU »lil|i. With IO,"v'A Mkt Iwi «ad n^md el IS 1 j •0J tkU Ktilur iitlln itl tfr.iiiiN Inn tt iti-u \t'SM*t \\liU ifiii retf-iilly rt*|)lut*«Ml B r.nt» lon>, leiifilh ot kuoU, the ne\v Del to tt*« to MVMl It' mi iacgt- shiiJ.i, ItUs allit\t» ln-t- u( iu \uiifti caryo, Hru/os liar- IMF employe*** kaid. 'Hie ship Is tmimd by Ih« Miw.iw.ipiH Shipping Co. Delta Una and Ita, buiu« pott to New Orleans, LA. ial, tlieii transferred to Her- Hospital the tk-M ilu\*. \\a-, nicinit-U lu tlit- tunni-r l<mic l';i>li'i- ul Aii-l, ti,n nhitlli.!! 1.! lil> \\ lit . l'.l,".'!l.' Is M.'HC, tit ll.\ Illln i-I'llllU-il, The Mi-n's iKiiilu-n I'lub uj \! i k >•, in. (.' u n n 11-, i-:.:r,l, ai.d iGlralt'r Bia/oy[)orl \vill hold its Slcxus li\f; IKUIIU-,, -Mr. :uui I 'September meeting at 7:31 p.m. Mrs. H. W. Kittle of Brazoria; 'Hiesday at the Laie Jackson;and brolhej, Wallace D. Riggle of, SUM Back Acnca. fnnyan, I

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