The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 19, 1961 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Page 18
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II , oanuery 19, MRS. HTTS FLATS Bv Frank Roberoe "X CAN'T, R16VAT NOW.MRS.FTTZ . X HA.VETORUNS STORE &ET SOME GROCERIES FOR UNS5E.D WILL YOU BE \ * (OH, NO &o*sie LONG?/ IEETLE BAILEY H.ev. 1 D:P you TH.AT OJS OUTFIT M'SHT GST SK TO HAWAII?.' By Mort Walker YEAH/ IT'S ALL CAWr".' !5 TALKIN'© A5OJ-- rr.' T S> — I'AA ALWAYS THE LAST ON'£ TO HEAR ANYTHINS.' JKICHAEL DENNIS COOPER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Cooper, 2800 New Castle, is celebrating his fourth birthday. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cook of Baytown and Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Cooper of Tuc- By Jim Burnett & George Crqndqll CA^Fbo) *3 TWENTY PCUARSIF1HAV2TO TAKE TrMTY MR. ABERNATHY Y3LTP BETTEP. NOT GO OUT TONIGHT! THE 7 ROADS ARE •H VERY ICY WELL. rM, OFF TO WCLUB MEETING. AND ITS TOO I DANGEROUS \ TO DRIVE' TUT-TUT DU DLEY... Z NEVER.CHANGE Wi" PLANS By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones fWE M9 WEAB6RNATHYS ARE PREPARED ) _ FOR ANY EMERGENCY! Hf AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Kik Brown* Soldier — (Continued from Page One) their 45 years of much traveled married life. He leaves with a warm hope of privacy and a soaring expectation that he can now play golf without criticism. He leaves with two tiny ambitions, poignant in their smallness: He would now like to be able to decide suddenly to go to a ball .game without fuss, without gal- i vanning 50 people into action. He I would like, too, to be able to wan| der through a super market with- jout commotion. He is tired of i commotion and curious about supermarkets. What will he miss most? He will miss, we are told, the fringe benefits of command and the presidency. He now leaves the vast executive machinery of government, a top personal staff o 20 and scores of subordinates. After Friday, he will have only two or three people on his staff to call ion for help. i He goes from a choice of air|planes (prop, jet or helicopter), ! trains, naval ships and cars to his i Gettysburg farm, where the Eis- jenhowers have one car (a 19561 i Chrysler limousine), one station ! wagon and two jeeps. i He goes from the immense j j power and prestige of the White j kl A... DAO! !House to a farm in Pennsylvania i |\cW llVUi i where, despite continuing fame ;and relative comfort, a man's ego ; will have to make its OUT) private ! adjustment. i Slowly, day by day, the era i called the '"'Eisenhower years" j has been ticked off in a series of ! farewells. He has said goociby per- SHOPPERS' GUIDE SPECIALS! 30% DISCOUNT Wood • Metal TABLE LEGS TEMPLE LUMBER JX* '.'-8256 HMBM**"^ Kelvinator PORTABLE DISHWASHER gj* $169.95 B. F. GOODRICH 012 W. Texas Ken Flex Vinyl Tile 10c Per Sq. Sherwin Williams 101 W. Texas Ave. 1955 STUDEBAKER 4-»oor Station Wagon Over Drive — Heater $345 Clyde Jones Rambler 407 W. Texas MM WE SERVICE ANY MAKE OR MODEL Authoriied Dealer Mark IV - Thomas Edison JOHN'S HOME 4 AUTO AIR CONDITIONING •»OB«I»«"«" AUTO SAFETY INSPECTION Deadline April 15, 1961 SEE US NOW THAD FELTON FORD GENERAL ELECTRIC SAUCE PAN With Controls RCK. $22.35 $14.95 WILKIE'S S'»4 W. Texas CLOSE OUT FALL FABRICS 2 Yds. for - $1.00 3 Yds. for - $1.00 WILLING "B" 6424 Bayway Drive •^••MMI To Place Your SHOPPER'S SPECIAL Call JU 2-8234 SHELF BRACKETS 10"xl5" 69c TEMPLE LUMBER ,TU 2-8256 Brake Adjustment SPECIAL $1.75 REAGAN'S GARAGE 911 N. Main SALE MAYTAG-NORGE GAS DRYERS Nothing Down $5.55 Per Mo. WHITCOMB'S S25 E. Texas Asset Increase Reported Sun By Harris Counfy Savings j Classified Despite a general leveling off of business in I960, Harris County Federal Savings and Loan Associ- atitn increased assets to $14,399,704. a 17.1 per cent gain over 1959, it was reported Wednesday by Executive Vice President John W Strickler at the annual board meeting Record gains in savings and savers were pointed out by Strickler. who suggested that the stepped-up savings program reflected not onlv greater financial caution totaled $457,491. or 238 per cent above the 1959 figure, and an all- time high. 4. The dollar value of the home mortgage loan portfolio increased! to $12,282,292 at year's end, or by 19.2 per cent. Looking ahead, Strickler sug- • gested that the recent slowdown; in business probably contains inj itself the "seeds of its own re-j covery." He listed as "plus fac-j tors" a continued high level of] sales and production, employment, i 1. Lodge Notic** MRS. BEA ODOM in the, the build- OH.PEAR/ THERE'S THE FRONT. POOR- BELL. I'P BETTER TURN OFF THE STOVE. 1-19 COME WITH ME, TRIXIE, "\ SO YOU WON'T GET INTO / prrro.'WHy\ PIPNT YOU / COME \H < / 7WE " ' j sonally to more than 1,000 people, •! government executives and their •ifrumilies who came in to shake his 'hand for the last time. He has accepted innumerable resolutions and responded with (TOO /• MUCH 0( TROUBLE, expressions of gratitude, which in- Business Opens Baytown's newest real estate dealer is Mrs. Bea Odom of 1702| tota j sa V m KS capital to $12,598,87; Ivie Lee. who has just opened an! a j VPar ' s end. but development of systematic!*™? personal income habits i Indicating that housing may be savings, plus an ever-in-i one of the bright spots creasing repayment flow against |economy, he forecast outstanding mortgages, assures «« ° between 1.2 and 1-3 million an ample supply of home mort-| new homes in the nation-in 19bl. [ gage money for Baytown home; _____ ]buyers in 1961, he said. i ^•••^.••^••••••"•"•••••"'g i Strickler listed highlights of Har- iris County Federal Savings and I Loan Association's I960 operation I as follows: | 1. Net savings increased by SI.- i 698,000, or 15.5 per rent, boosting i Harris News RminduD STATED COMMUNICATION of Goose Creek Lodge No. 1192, A.F. and, Thursday, January 19. 19*1. at T:SO p.m. in the Goose Creek Masonic Ha!!, Ail members and visiting brethren cordially invited to attend. George A. Massey. "T. M. K. K. W.'iugh, Sec-y. B.P.O.E. ELKS No. liU9, res- ular meeting at 8:00 p.m.. Thursday, January 10, 1.%L J. K. ReU. Kxalted Ruler Henry L. Sadik. Jr.. Secy. CALLKf CONCLAVK, Ken- nody Commander-' No. Hi, K. T.. Fridav, .lanu.'iry l' n liifil. at fi:00 p.:i: Work IM the Order of Tin 1 Rod Cro«i Rnd The Order of Mft'.tit. Kc- s, A. Cellars. Comm.indrr if. Wiggen. F.("'ort!er '4. Monumentt-Lots office at her home. j 2'. Savers increased Wife of a Baytown contractor. T. F. Odom, she has been working with hpr husband in selling for several years. Mrs. Odom took Texas real estate law at Lee College .,_ , ^ o _ and also did work at the i evitably "wilf be 'framed and hung j University of Houston. [by the'owners as their golden linkj She hns just received her lirok- iwith history". jer's real estate license from the I Slowly, it ends. Wednesday was j state. Residents of Bay town _ 15 [Dwight Eisenhower's last presi- years, the Odoms have four child- jdcnfial press conference (his i-p n _ Srlwrlotte, 15. who attends ! 193rdi. The day before was his j Robert E. Lee: Barbara. 13, Ce" 14,7 per cent, and by MS. or total savings account holders now s-snrt at 5.01??. 3. Dividend payments to savers Noon Call hist signing of a treaty (his 106th). Tlie week before was his last cabinet meeting (his 227th). Ten days Bayou Junior High; Denise. 8, James Bowie Elementary; and Glen, 2. BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNL'FFY SMITH By Fred Lasswell DON'T BRICK BRADFORD W&'UU TA.K6 COVge AT TM6 PW2 BMP By Walt Kelley Mrs. Odom said she already has a number of listings and will bej Al » Visco •••• anyone *«nptx -.-.•• Anaconda Cop Annco At Tp &. SF .. Both Steel .... before that came the last of his big presidential decisions, to end I diplomatic relations with Cuba. ! ,, i(1 (0 ^ of sen-ice to j Day by day. the physical White ^ thp ni!irkrt f 0r a home. House has lost the persona! touches of the outgoing first family and | remains somewhat suspended im- j i personally until the new first fam-! i ily makes its tastes known. 7 ! Of their personal possessions, i.. « all that remains of the Eisenhow-jl| |jf|p jcrs' are their clothes. Tons of pri-j ivate papers and gifts and souve-|*» . f inirs have been moved by van to | \0f rAf jlhe museum and library- in Abi- j»**»i I VI Stock Quotes! (Courtesy Merrill Lynch, ' l*t»rc*. Fenner and Smith) ' Allcg Ludlum a9',i. Allis-Chalsnws 2ti"*; Amer Cvon $!'••*'' Amer Tel & Tel 107'iv 46\t U9 *) jlene. Kan., or to their house at "Gettysburg;, the first home they! ever owned. From tho j quarters on the hh" White Hou have carried c.lecinc All those attending the annual membership meetiR of the Bay- ! Celotex 2T>! Chrysler ;.'' CJ ' •> Cities Serv '£.''•'. Columb Gas ^'••, Creole ^I'.s | Diamond Alk No Sale; Dow Cliem • .,'Jf' s ! Du Pont j belongs to the government. Sun Spots (Continued from Page One) Episcopal Council REV. P. WALTER Hcnckell, rcc- prcsidential living!town Humble Knployes Federal second floor of,Credit Union at 7:30 p.m. Thurs- s<- movers already!day will receive a copy of tho out their hi-fi set 25th annual report, .inrl eight ,„.„., ,.--.-..^ -iuan. on which the lucky persons will be awarded i first lady used to play. These were j door prizes including a portable I the only" two large pieces of furni-iTV and a bicycle iture that the Eisenhowers owned! The meetinc; will be held at !in the president's house. The rest Community House No. 1. Business includes brief reports on the I year's activities and election of ifivo directors and two credit com- Imittee members. | Other door prizes to be award- Jed arc a food blender, portable i mixer, transistor radio, electric i blanket, upripht hair dryer and rod and reel. Adult members must be present to win. Children who are members will have a chance to win the bike, and do not have present if they are repre Houston City Council to spend up to 5750,000 for sic- streets and sewers for Hur- rk ("miniy's promised sports stadium. Harris County Commissioners Court counters statement hy Houston Mayor Lewis C'utrer that only a«.% per cent of the Jefferson Davis Hospital lmdi;<'t of sv: million in llMiil "a*; paid by the county. County claims amount (o liave been ."8.8."? p'-r cenl. Vive of Harris County's nine Mate, legislators say they are opposed to Cov. 1'riee Daniel's payroll tav recommendation. Those voicing opposition are Sen. Kohert W. Baker, Hep. Henry C. Grover, Rep. Bob Eok- hardt, Kep. Criss Cole and Uep- Donald E. Shipley. Harris County legislative delegation to try to get $'JW,700 state appropriation for repairs t'i Sun -i:i'- nln Monument and Battlegrounds. TRJ-CTTT MONUMENT Co. — Granite. rnnrble, bronze monument:! and Krtnr markers. Cemetery work. Terms, no cnr- rylnfr chaor«- Mnrket at W. Jinln, ne.xt lo People's State Bank. JU 2-4702. 5. Personal IMPORTED SPH1SC HANDBAC, for v.-in ; :f vou will 2lvo ii irilt purtv for i> .jewolr.'. linrid)i;(i:s. ^'!r. Trie <';''m- Cnn; ]iany, '.It: 2-!!'JL'. 1 WILL NOT l»? R>.-;IO»SI!)!I' !<ir ;.t.v Uclni .v.fuiTi-d 1^' anyont 1 otlirr thnn rny«r-i'. .\!,V\ I". I1OLI.1STKH Instruction Eastman Kodak . El Paso Port! Frceport Snip ... Gen Electric — Gen Motors Gen Ti-Ic Gen Tire Georgia Pac ••«• Gillette Saf. Goodyear Tire .. Greyhound Grace Gulf Oil Gulf State Utit . II I, ami TO IBM .109 7 . 29 1 . 7(1 ! Houston inotlifr of six children. Mrs. Murrrlht Hcniandr/., M. of 1711 Crockett, killed in •hiis-pedfstrian accident in Ilous- ton. Bay Duval. Houston jirnhn- liinct' operator, draws 30 days in jail ami SSOO fine for conviction of driving while intoxicated, despite police testimony that hr did not appear drunk when tliny qiieslioni'd him after his car struck a three-year-old girl last May. Blood test showed alcohol enntenf. chemist says. FINISH HIGH SCHOOL Or pre-h!|rh school at horn* In ntwrt time. Writ* for free booklet. AMERICAN SCHOOL P. O. Box 410«. OR 2-6=53 1312 \V Harris. P»n»rtfnn Mtmbcr Nfltionnl Horn* Pturl 1 .' Counril Beauty Cultur* 51" COLP WAVK. POLLY'S BKAUTV SHOP l'i:i Dnilry. Jr 3-10:1 Drainage System Being Installed Abnq Lee Drive . . - tor ol Trinity Episcopal Church v „ par(?n t or and Rev. Peter Katt. vicar of All ip n gt ^ c mpetinR Saints Episcopal, \vill be among piard- Crpdi , Union has one of more than 1,000 persons attend- !, he lrirccst mnmberships in tho ing the 112th annual council of tncj statp and was onc o{ ^g first to 9 ioc f so of Texas '! adopt the loftn officer plan of im> . mediate approval of personal loans up lo 5750. It was the first in the Southwrst area to adopt an in the ob- education loan program for col- students, with repayments ex- 26-28 in Galveston. Health Week BAYTOWN will join sen-ation of Health and Welfare: _ Week in Harris County. Jan. 23-({ended over nine years. 27. Sponsored by the Community' Council, the week serves as a report to the people on what their service organizations are doing. .Jones & Laugh ... Kerr-McGee Lihby McN Liggett, and Myers Louis Land Monsanto Nat Dairy Prod .. Nat Distillers Newp News Ohio Oil Olin-Math Pancoastal Oil — Phillips Pctr Pure Oil Roval Dutch Realtor Banquet BAYTOW.V Board of Realtors an , nual installation banquet will be president. held Wednesday, Feb. 3 at the Tower. .So<'ial hour begins at 6:30 p.m. and dinner at 7:30 p.m. The dinner is free to all paid-up mem- Delinquency rate is one of the lowest in the nation, less than .2 per cent compared with the national average of 4.5 per cent. The dividends for tho past 12 years have averaged 4.5 per cent. Xft KT> -IS'. 63', IT, S3 1 .. 01?' 27' s •IT'., wl ; Public Works Department work- jmen have st;irted instnllin:: ;i : drainage system alont; the cxtrn •sion of Lee Drive from Main St. | to Highway l-Jfl in preparation for jHarris County Commissioix-i-'s (iroup of Baylor University |Court to let a contract for paviiu: CollfRo of Me<lii'in* students at jthr street. Houston plans demonstration to ! Th o \ 0 \ n \ ens | ,,f \} v . p]-,,j r( -( ; s show that federal Kovernmoiit i estimated at Jiu2,('i0(l fur Ivith the i-iiiiTKonry hospital units with jrlrainncre system and p.iviiu: 1111 Sder contract . 20(1 Ix'il.s <-Jin bo packed so that they ran be set up in six hours ratiicr than wveral days now Robert Knimnyor, publisher of bi-weekly newsletter in Washington, says in Houston that "I'nited Nations, or some or- ganizMinn like it, is Roinj; to have to supervise tho new African nations for »t least the for- soeablc future." according to R. W. Kelley Jr., THE REVEREND •y Bid O'Malley bers and their wives. Guest tickets are S3 each. Bottles Gone SOFT-HEARTED HUNTER CHESTER. 111. 'APi — A mon- grrl called Zip has the nose of a bloodhound and the heart of a cocker spaniel. The dog led a posse of 100 lives and licked his face. RUFUS LEBOUF of 2575 Elvin-] to a brush pile where two es la at Cedar Bayou said a case of (capers from Mcnard State Peni empty soft drink bottles were j tentiary were hiding. Zip then taken from his garage. Assistant scampered up to one of the fugi- Police Chief Cleve Dickens said. " ' " ' J U! Hubcaps Missing HAROLD PERRY of 1414 Grren"briar told police four hubcaps were taken from bis car Wednesday while it was parked at Loe College parking lot. l^WWwl B. L. WATSON of SOS Srott told police Wednesday a tirp and whwl wcrp taken from his far white parked «t 10 XV. Cleveland. BIRD IS OUT-OF-BOUNDS DOUSMAN. V/ijj, (AP) — The aJttle pgret, a bird native to Africa and a rarity In the northern part of the United States, been sighted on a farm here. Ornithologists said the has near Shell Sinclair Socony-Mob • Sou Pacific .. Sperry-Rand Stan Calif .... Stan Tnd Stan N ,1 Stan Ohio — Stude-Packnrd Sun Oil r,r,' 2 41U 42 in Jan. :il election on county sports stadium to be. ftt same pollinK plaees as Novem p.iviiu: prices. ; "Die city is hearins the fs'i: j mated S2."i,000 cost of installing '(lie drainnRf system am? Hie cou;i ily will pay the remainini; CM'--( for paving the street. This will .•make Lee Drive a first class i street from the traffic circle to jHichway llfi. ' Also underway by city workmen is a leveling project at East Try- as Ave. at the intersection with Hicbwny 1'1fi. Tlie intersect inn is closed off until concrete hardens. Tlie city's maintenance budget will 1 Ipny the cost. " I Pouring hot asphalt scale bor Ronoral election, says Tax Assessor-Collprtor Carl S. Smith. Firi-nion rescue mother and son from Tin- at their home, j( O p,ay\vay Drive but another son, Vincent Kroc- ! ~ • '• '•""* ' • per, 2, a filling station atlfiid- ant, Ui<-s in the bla/p, at 3M7 Kroy Road. sealer (in Pearce wns completed Wodncs day. Broun and Root Construction Co. workmen will begin work on Market St. from Harbor Drive and Bnywiiy i Drive lo 100 feet past Ave. F. ;No other streets arc specified fur I reworking with hlacklopping ;\l jthe present time. oll ,, uu •••' , I Construction plans announced Sunray-Mid Cont 2oV»: f or March Cnlmorc Hall, namod Tennessee f5as Texaco 2" ssu for Houston man who left million for the building which will Ix 1 a nurses home and Texas Eastern •' Tex is Gulf Prod ^ 2 ' i women's dormitory at tho Texas T...',.Vc nnlf slnln 21 , Medical (Vnler. Texas Gulf Sulp Tidewater Timken Union 21 Carbide I 2 ' Un Oil of Calif TTrifed Airlines United Cirl«>Vt . Upjohn Drug ... U. S. SteeJ VVestinghouso . New Orl Cotton 48 Up 3 Dn 3 ! which pats insects stirred up at the fcrt of cattle, is moving its sV>"'ly r^rth-'ard. ADVICE IS SOLND LOCKPORT, N. Y. (APi -Sign bird,Jon a truck passing through the Houston City Council hears proposals for franchise to Frod Haydcn for operating limwisinp. »nd Iws service twturpn city and Houston IntcrnHfionnl Air- rrnrf, bn< cannot mm* lo njjrrc- mpnt on contrRct. A*si*tant Wstrict Atty, Wnllcr A. Carr flml Richard Mnyws, it Houston attorwy, dfbatp mf-rlU of bliw laws at B'nal B'rilh Inaugural Broadcast KWBA \VTf^L hroadc.'ist tho in- nu^urnl ball pirview from S to 10 ji.m. and 0 to 0:10 p.m. Thursday; the inaugural liall from 1fl:15 to 10::0 p.m. Tlinrsil.u: inaugural ceremony preview from 7:30 (o 7:45 a.m. air! from 10 to 10:10 a.m. Friday; and the in- nucurMl parade from 1 to '.':10 p.m. Friday. TiKT SITKR SHINK DES MOTNES, Town (AP) — Two men or buys shimVl thru- shoes at a I>s Moines b^isiness district: "Please Repis- ter and Vote. The Country You Snv* M.TV Yo-ir luwh^-.m. Hft>TW* s«.v* •h'i'.v «r<? jkvt "c,n lt;c house" unronstitntional sincf they dis- jThey used a spray polish rrimirmfp against KthplsK re- jean on a shelf. fhrm to fthsrfx'p a Sab- •», ran on a shelf. They even l< it I the ruitline of th/ir shot* on in* floor

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