The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 19, 1968 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1968
Page 7
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BORN LOSER PAGES Section t tllfc mU/OSPORT FACTS, Ffceport. Texas, Thursday. Sept.- 10. 1968 I'L ABNER IT'S )/ IF-OHOIMARV Y BUT-CHUCKLE.'OUR \ PEOPLE DID THIS) Wl'U. BE SENT WAV OF \ THEV'D BE SENT S TO GRADUATE I PRESIDENT ^BUILDING J TO JAIL, BECAUSE ) SCHOOL, BECAUSE S AN'BORN OM V A <V THEN SHOULD A- WE A«K. ". U* COLLEGE"// BETTER Y> KNOW ifi/ VJORLD U BETTER- /!MJT-??-VOU ATUM COLLEGE LAVA FINJGER BLONDIE HIS IS MV TIME OF YEAP. POR HAY FEVER SNUFFY SMITH ( IT'S TIME PER A V CHANGE ^*^^ SAKiSALIVEH I SHORE WOULD \V6 JEST REMINDED MEOFSOWETHIN', VOR6V/OTE * SHERIFF TATT COVE ELECTION DAY, LOWEE2V BEETLE BA AMP 5EE IF VOU CAM DO IT WITHOUT SWEARIN6 MOPE THAT All. VO J Of PICK* WILI. SPEAK TO ALLEY OOP THE NETWORK. \ YKS.SJR, PMOVUVP *Xl»fT THE / WE CAN OBUVER /" ...BUT IT WAS FWCKACE? y ASSISNHENrS / CUM LITTLE LAW PEMANP.., HERE WHO PUT OVBS THE PEAL- 5AIP A 6ERTit H08B5 WUR WALLET FOUNP ANP TLJRNEP TH' CONTENTS VOUR FIRM / YOU'VE 6TILL NO PAPERS! WE'LL' TH' COW5TAiue AT PRI0BLV SEARCH UJ66AGE AT TH' |WW! AS W PHOWE,.,BUr PA 'COPrERiKieAKTHE ROBBERS ABANPONEP TRUCK! WE'VE- MET. JU&r WHERE IN THETOKESTIS HI5COTFASE? WAS IF TAKEN WHEN I STOWED CO WL'K MkJ- HERB G'ORD.O Danger Lurks In Sacrifices By Oswald and James Jacoby The Television Picture NORTH A K 9 7 3 19 • A 10 8 G * K Q S 4 WEST (D) *4 VAKQBG2 • 7 S * 8 fi 3 2 SOUTH • 4AJ106S EAST AQ82 ». I 10 874 « Q 9 3 2 A 9 » K J4 * A J 107 North-South vulnerable WcM North East South 2 ¥ Dblc 3 ¥ 4 N.T. 5 V Pass Pass G A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — V K 4 I'M 0 Nun for Ymir Utr (H (R) ID No \ii the {'limn (C) (D Bntn IIS* Tlonn (C) 4:3» PM ffl MnnMff* (R) Herman Is hit by 1 car 5 PM O tVI» OMndlfr (C) Q O Kim Slonr (C) 0) Triild nr t'owwquMKf* (C) C HiMdwropr Mitvir — "Cafe MiMri)|K)l«" 09:17) Tyrone Power, Irniiolili' « I'M 0 O N"" id c Wha«'n Nr«? — folk musli' of "; IllOrent land" ' ID I Ixivr l.ury (It) " B::«l I'M '.'. i O l»t»nM htwiif id Tin- «'iii'S IIP- .'^ ,„„..., Kins Us IHtli st'iisiin as Jimmy DIMM. ' Timv MM i.". M-nil |.l..ys n.t|> O ' *'"" |n-r .liMi Cli-nifiiii «!"' vr-k* G) Hr«iiriii'ii M;ihT< liflp .iltt-r '.1111111111! .1 (J) | iiiriini I tilul >;iil (Hnii'Kf Hiinth > "i iin .Hi' 1 sii!|i" i '• Hun K ii v ,i i -- . I Mill I'M «iMro|K)I«" (1937) lyronc rower, Q s k| Kr ,.,.|, ,, t , „ l^-rth, Young; young man poses M ; (;ii) |i . >M . | -; • ^ — (( HUH,- to clwr Rambling d.'bt . . . |)u . k Co ,, llllo ; ,,,,, k T,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. A, ;I , „, ,„ ,,,,„,„ ,„ ,„„ „ ,,„.,.„, i, air mindly •D FllnMiniF* (Cl (R1 Cartoons }:W I'M O Hunllr>-llr|nlilc> Nf«« (O O Krlrnrily (Haul O Hallfr Cronkilr »«« (C) ID frink HrvnoliN »*» 1C) SB B»lni«n (C) (H) nyiiiimlc lulls Mrtd llaltiT 3:1.1 I'M O Miifflnlnnd Mlllor. Chni N"-'l. Pnin-ii- I'nii'i-. Rim Milan, ll.innllnii C,ini|i, Au'i> Scln filler IB Sfi-uiiil llimilri'il Vi'iirs K' 1 'K 1 BO Allml Ililrln-xl. I Hi ll'.l.'i I'M 03 K.iliiil |» «i.(|'-l I 1 ''^ -, I'M (B I Ivini; Nun i - il:' (D I'nl.'l-l Milll-h ,0 Hi. L. !',ll,,'!^ "F'^lag flying" is doubly dangerous. Sometimes you ;32 pay too much in penalties as csao^M* a result, other times your opponents bid on and make their contract by taking advantage of the information your bids have provided. West's two heart call was one of those weak two bids which are standard in mod- Colorful ACROSS 1 Light brown 4 Red is • 8 is the >ky 12 Choter 13 Newspaper p«r»|r«ph 14 Not is much . _. . 15 Recent crn expert play. They show a is jets, for good six card suit and just Instance below an opening bid in high 18 Gist card strength. 20 Eat «w«y North's double was normal 22 Probos?^ and East raised to three 24 Division hearts in an effort to jam his of Und opponents' bidding. 28 Strike. It failed utterly. No one 2 TBoTdtr was going to shut out Edgar 30Abro«ate Kaplan, one of the world's 32 Remove greatest players who sat 34 Thorounh- South. Not that anyone '«« needed to be a great player "S xpu , ngcd to find a bid with Edgar's 38 S±T nlty hand and Edgar found a four 37 Term of no-trump bid. endearment At this point West flew the 3» Gj° w w " f y Hag with a five heart call. I??"* 1 ? Sidney Lazard. who held the J 2 small fish North hand, might well have 45 Lorgnettes doubled to show dislike for a (coll.) slam. He and Edgar use the 49 Heavenly double of an interference bid 51 Seine for this purpose, but Sidney gjSn c * wl rather fancied his hand and Jmorouily did not want to discourage 54 Beverage Edgar. si Promontory Edgar's response was a J* Indlvlduali jump to six spades and now "~ all tie had to do was to make it. West held the first trick and shifted to the six of clubs. Edgar won and started on trumps. The West bidding was enough to cause Edgar to try a finesse against East rather than a drop play. Then Edgar ran off the clubs and noted that West had started with four of the suit plus six hearts and one spade. That left him with only two diamonds so a finesse against East's queen of diamonds was clearly indicated. It worked and one more flag had waved unsuccessfully. (Newipaptr Enterprise Assn.) 19 2 Greek war god 3 Publication media 4 Laughing 5 Auditory fl Placid 7 Emperor (ab.) 8 Proclaim ,, . . loudly 25 Jacobs son 40Mnkeholy 9 Cotton fabric (Bib.) 4 ' F° ll V, n ., 10 Not new ' 26 Lose blood bundles It Essential 27 Dwellers 41 Scrutinize being 28 Roman road 43 Simple 17 Masculine 29 Ancient 44 Guide's name Persian high notes 19 Devoured 31 Verification -46 Story 23 Senior of accounts 4V Slugger 24 British baby 33 Tardier 48 Restrain carriage 38 Designate 50 Also |.l •>!.i|Mn K 33 KliTKlmlri ll'.l H I'M Cl t-'rrni-li I'lii'f in.iki'K Miint-iliint! l-villr Ullll .1 ln.ll l'i I'M'. H| .1 I'll i£ M Mil' .mil .1 |KIIII:'I of -hlin:|i ID Ihiir-Mhi\ Muhl Minii- (l'i 1 1 <• Sll.lllilll Sl.HV" ll'lt'll .I.III-.I'K SIl-V- 1 .ill .lunc /MlyMiii. liiii .in> I sinki- nun in HIP hli- »l Mni.lH -Slrjiiiiii .>< In- inti hi-- Mi «.i> !i»i'i I '•>•'• MII U (n \VI'.i!i- Sn\ li.-n!i 1'iil I ,11- uu! !iki' il (D l'li,tl (iiil id <!<> Ann h.n .1 ii'ti 1 in ,m li.ili.ui inm-iH i! iin> >M!I iln .1 Mild*' -I t'MI* fD t'lW Ihiir-'lin Mithl M»\li- — TII lu- -ini'i'iint cil A X.M I'M fl llrtuwl (Ci '!''.•• «'ii.-« N'I/IIH i!'. KuiiJ -if.i^oti it- l-'nilj> -iiu! (ian ni»n tlcf^hil [ni!u i v m .i ilt'lMt** with O N'KI' I'lmhoiiM- H'-.'nn — Sinini.'.T " .mil (Hi "Vi, l,.in is lh*. -,-. tjinl 57 Crafty DOWN 1 Fork prong p;irt ol ,1 fiuir |uri l.ili- .iloul Qiiwn \'n Inri.i. -.liouiru; ho'.* t^i 4 i|U*-»'n .< torn t*"t.n-<'n Itnr for h*'l fi**« l;u- tianil and hrr ru>4l jrruK.tnrr O Drmm Muu-.r <O ,\tiki> lijrf lir^l Irhvail » I'M O \>f»n Martin « i '-'..inm n-iur: ^ H»t r»lrol 'O i Hi Thi> j| «i >.i:'.k |i, j(M in CJ St'\r .Mlrn (Cl l.urMl 'i- ritiufn t-^1 9 » I'M O **h" I** I*" ."!•.!'•••• •-'•'"^ o (D f'J ll i- ff ir.ll -i ( .' *: • '•• •'' '•'• CD KHom "v|u»il " • i ID I'M O CD (D v*-»« 'i ' CD IVrr\ M*Aon < r., It » I'M O TonlKht *' Jnvi.". ''.ii- tn l^tr- ^hoM i( • Hur'*«*i (Mill .!.<•! M ("r.-.i S!.,' (I Mara !>.(.::.., ?-!.!• !.•'•. •'.• •' and rU'iidi! '<>i • '•'• A-i i Kfr.ll l(»riili'-iM,.^ri , . ji • rj Hl«*op (C'l Ofi 1. (JvMr l'i'l-TM«-' '|fc' 'an^. S-»rnn,v Sli*'*" /;i Q—The bidding has been: West North East South IV Pass 1 A Pass 4 N.T. Pass 5 V Pass '.' You, South, hold: AAQ876 VAK9543 *2 *2 What do you do now? A—Bid five no-trump to ask for kings. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid five no-trurnp and , your partner bids six diamonds to show one king. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow "I'll tell you why asking me to go steady makes me i CD Nrw* iCi 10 i'J ; II I'M 53 sv\>» it:-. 11:30 I'M ffi) Coll .41 'Hi !.' Sicn <>!( MIIIVK.HT O V>-»> •' ' I-' 0',. Mlilni>;hl Moti*- l'..rk i'in,|i Hill H'l'f.i, Hit-tot-. IV. k. ll.ins Cu.ii'tuvi I'.ip 'Ii.ri^ If. in ,is An "r; .in l.i ^"'- In •-i[>t!jr<- .ir..-I IT i", ti 'M .1 -'; i'. ;: • »,ll! |ir-i' -A n !il".. ! •'•'.' i :',' CD Miilnixhl Mutir — I',.111- .-1 :r<-T ^ 'a O ^afl.1,1.1 .,- Oft~~ — CD u. 8 eta, o o t.6j o , I.':.'. \M C'iri .hit:•»•!.H, I', "I '.!• V.I" Ni'.il mad! We ARE going steady!" BUGS BUNNY t m h.-i sg s ,,, i.,r, ih.\i wji ww »n IH-I-U-.-H i,<-i I .lil'l l.l'l s,'\> >li!illHi-l S .Ti-l IdTllll' lll.'illl.l, I . Ij S',;il Oil I HAVE A CO:N / BUT i \ COULDN'T REACW THE ) REMEMBER,, CICER.O /VER T 1 STAY IN TH 1 CAR TILL 1 GET BACKJ X METER LEAVING THE CAR! ) SHORT RIBS GRANDMA HAVE YOU SEEN MY OTHER •KATB? . - PIDIM'T CIS IT... THIS IV10»»NIN<S ON THE IfTAIIHj-' A~

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