The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 29, 1959 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1959
Page 8
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.HE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION IHE BRAZOSPORT .PAflffl ANOLETON DIAL tl 9-5246 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "o place rout Ad 86 3 ttll or BE 8-9511 arid «'«'• for XJlasf , «« Jj« »7e No. 01 •' •••' *•* Insertion ' I weekday . 3 d»Yi ; '<centec) S days Iconlee) InseXieiiSl thuti b« CiaMtli'd Hourt Mend**? through Frl 8i»J*. to 5 P.M. Saturday . JjOO A.M- 11 P.M- sneellaJioii deadline I* 9 KM, et publishing da» insertion deadline (or reader adi 1« S 'JUM. oi pubilihing day. All diiplay.«nd box adf must be In by Hf X.M. of pMTttu : oubllihing day. After Sir' »d l» ordered It can not be «afce«U*d or changed be fore publication. The Biaiwpbrt Facts re«ervet the right 16 edU or reject any »d '-a! Edemas objectionable and to chln-JeMhe clauUicatlon order tofctofdim to the policy el the pipe*. . • All charges are baled en » 3 tine minimumi .'• NOTICE ot typographical « other error* must be given be> fore the'' second imertlon or claims Mr .ternnd or extension will not b« -teeognised. Ther*. (ore, Wei-mutt be notified of error before 9 A.M. of second publishing d«» V SPECIAL NOTICES DENNIS RIOO1N—Next tlm« you are over our way drop by ">« »"•„» £™ of coKee with us. °ulf rnnirsnce Agency, 1014A Horth Pull Blvd. 31. SERVICES OFFERED PHOTO 8NURAV1NO— tail IM MM ta Photo Eneravtojf, zinc Halftone*, Ztoo Una outs. One fa servlee wtt* wort utrinteen Call: now Sea : JirtmjoBi The Bretutport recta entnvtat no Diriment Phone B« 3-3511. < rYPEWHITERSf ADDIHQ Mechfnesf sales or rent OaD Sun ant Bra- tosport Underwood Aitnoy. W ocff Blvd. BB MMI r . 34. TV SERVICE RID YOURSELF UF ttAOOED ft* CEPTIONI Let Sonny aebert. repair your Bet to oerforra like new. S fttrn dependable lerytee "*» SI. ARTICLES WANTED BICYCLE—Used boy's 18" Bicycle, Will coaster brakes. Phone CY 74340. USED typewriter. Remington or trader- wood, portable. Phone : AN S4176 after 4 p.m. W-30OD THINGS TO EAT DID YOU ENOW that eating nature rood win mite TOO jeef '-Better: Shaw's Natural Foods. Bwy. m e Tradkw-Post. BE J-H3J. . •, TENNESSB SUGAR CUfcUD smoked hauls. AN S-J946. 'Norman's Drive in.Hwy MS ante. S3. MISCELLANEOUS DRYSRS—1959: O.I. without raalehlac washers have to to. Make UB kn of fer. Diamond J. Co.. CY 7*4813. KENMORE room heater—30,000 BTU's automatic control, coil $85, sen (46 Men's salts, ladles' clothing. CY 7-407I. MlRACULOU6-4s the w'eyiBtae Lustre removes. soil from carpets and upholstery. DARWOOD FORNITUaK CO RETREAD . TIRES-12,0(»-mlle all-road- hassrd guarantee.. Many sties. Black and while wall!, white Auto Store. 1012 Nortb Gulf Blvd. BE J-22JZ. SPEED QUEEN WASHERS lit you breeze through your laundry without leaving your air conditioning. See them too*? at troy's on Hwy. 288 to Clute. 2. LOST LOST - German Shepherd, answers to "Hex." hai been at Beach Pavilion past 3 jummers. AN MT87. . 22. MALE HELP WANTED ATTENtlON-Retlred nr« nr WOtflCD Sell K-rt or Ml lta«- A-Wly MU Avenue OMr. R. W. Egjcr. Rosenberg Te«. RODTB BOYS—lor Anfleton Braiojport pactt Paper Route. Contact Mr. Robert LackwMl E. Loralne. TI M141. 25. MALE • FEMALE HELP PAPER BOOTES avsoame-dellver on established paper routes to BraMrta. wlti Columbia, Old ocean. Shady Acres Perry's Landing, wild Peach Communities. Need » Usht car or mot- M scooter ot handle, suppllment your income. Good money for a few hours each day The Braiosport •'acts New.- PSPM BB 3-3SJI Circulation Deoari- ment. 'STOP SWEATINO A MILDEW" Centrally beak your Home. Nothlnf down. $10.00 monthly. Factory dlrec distributor. Our own duct shop anc Installation ,crews. Call Anileton TI t-7!39. SHORT WAVE RADIO, BalllcraRers s-53 A. Olobal reception. Like new. «50.00. CT 7-6703 after S p.m. SHRIMP TRAWL—30 ft. 3 Inch mesh. Phone CT 7-aua. SNEAK PREVIEW of WO O. C. Televisions last w»k of September. Diamond J. Co., CY 7-4813. IP TOO OONT FIND WHAI TOO WANT fH TBB CLAEliraDe. AD- VEKTISI FOB a. tarn con is SMALL AND TBB SMTJLTB ABB BIO. JDBT PHONB "MJS3 CLASSI PTSD." BB VMIL ; ! STAP TAXI drivers wanted. Part tune or full time. Apply 319 But Park. 25. FEMALE HELP WANTED BAR MAID wanted. For Information call AN W902 or AN 5-9684 after I p.m. •' . CAR HOPS-aooa salary," permanent lob. Apply In person at Brasos View Drive ED. POONTAIN HELP-npertenced. Apply in person only-to Oarretts' No. 1 In Lake Jackson. LADIES Christmas sefflni season will soon* be here. Prepare now for large profits selling beautiful Avon gifts. Write No. 14—18th Ave North Teias City, Texas. MOST BE 18 yra. or over to work at the Angleton Bowling Lanes Snack Bar. Apply In person only. WOMAN WHO CAN DRIVE. If you would enjoy working 3 or 4 hours a day calling regularly each month on > a group of Studio Girl cosmetic clients on a route-to be established In and around Freeport and are willing to making light deliveries ,ete.. write STUDIO GIRL COSMETICS, Eept. 942• R, Glendale. California. Route will pay up to $3.50 per hour. 0. *OHK WANTED. WOMEN •HILD CARE: »o cer lour. Venoed yard. TV. also night and Sunday Mrs. Pratbar AM StOTL )AT NORSEB>-Fenced: slay y»rt. to day. hour, or week. Mrs. Denis, 4)7 Southern Oaks Drive. AN Mitt. 1OH1SO DOSE In my nome. wuk and Iron tor bachelors. Good work, guaranteed. AN 5-2420. ROmNQ in my nome el MB E. «th. Preeport BE 3-2204. BOAT — 16' Continental outboard cruiser, sleeps 2. 39 h.p. Evlnrude wllh controls, top, windshield and tilt trailer. CT 7-2892. iEEP CHILDREN in my home no. week. Under-'school age, Call CT 7-4911. 41. SERVICES OFFERED IBC DPBOL3TEHT-FTCO Estimates jlvcn. sklBed upholstery by a train. ed CraftFman 4.10 W Uh. Preeport. BB 1-3774 iNCHOB SHEET METAL CO. Central beating, automatic kitchen hoods, gutters, louvers, Cubing. AN 54651. 101 Cottonwood Drive, Rlchwood. lARPORTS. aluminum awnings, and gutters. No money down. OTJL7 FENCE CO. AN 5-5122. CARPENTER work, general, and paint* Ing Inside or outside, by hour or ' lob. BE 3-3815. CARPENTER work wanted — Repair windows, add onto homes, bang sheet* rock, tape, float and texture painting BB I-12& •D6TOU MADE* SEAT COVERS, door 2nd at. DRAPERIES AND SLIPCOVERS — Custom made by experienced seamstress. Mrs. Miller. CT 7-4150. ELECTRIC JoiOR -ERVICE. (Vatei pumps, V thru 5u .p. rewlna and repair, replacement Bans. 13M 11 UtnTRE 2-1458, Freenort. QENEBAL ELEOIBIO SESVlCt. for competent service on your O£ aopltanoe. call ypor OK dealer. ClUloo's BE S-12Z1 ODTTEES — Galvanised Don—Installed. Mo per foot. Nothing down. 15.00 monthly. Call Angleton, Tl Mas. KIBB7 Vacuum Cleaner Cc. SALES ft SEBV1CB 9M HWT XU AN MtO *•+ ORNAMETAL BOH Columui too Rftntnwt 7. S. Byron) TJ | PAINTING — Interiors and exteriors. Sbeetrock taping, floating and texturing. First CUss materials and workmanship. Terms can be arranged. H. *. Baker. CT 7-2801, NOTICE: Ryals Septic Tank Service has moved to Pecan Grove Trailer Ceurt, Hwy 218. Phone AM 94890. PAINTma Papci aanrag Sheetrocs • flnliitan. ataln<> •>«! oaiura> 1nlih'> A. B. Olover, BE 3-3180 or US 14182. — —.__,_ lava movers Jbww8r&xS!lo£ ' apu Hwy. as vtMnort STOVE — Chambers range. Cscelienl condtlon. Includes deep well <w|th an utenclls. Phone BE 34494. ". TELEVISION—Brand n«w 1558 O. E. will sell at cost plus freight. Diamond J. Co.. CY OOAHAStEED ""-• LIFE-TIME MUFFLERS BE 3-9240 ' NEW ZENITH sterlo hi o.record player with AM and FM radio In walnut cabinet. Regularly priced (415. sale 1325. plus tax. CORNER SPEAKER IncloSUre with 11" heavy duty woofer. One a" mid range, one 6" extended range University speaker. University cross over net work. One 50 watt amphfyer. One gsrraM turn table. Reg. Value (319 95 Sale a LAKB TV 36 B. Circle Wey ' 'CY 7-2811 USED TV SPECIALS 17" RCA Table Model t 17" SUvertone Table Model (349: 17" Zenith Table Model ( 21" Blonde late model set with table t74« SHOW RADIO * TV We Jackson . CY 74071 54. HOME FURNISHING CARPETS are me foundation of beautiful room. Bullo Jour 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT—16' boat wllh cabin, large wheel trailer. Make^an oUer.'joj Bulsache, CY 7-eeM.v • BOAT — 14- Speedllner, 40 h* Mercury FOB GOOD DEER HUNTINO — Where hunters kill bucks. See, write or call. (5 per day. Week end parties welcome hut weekday hunting {shelter. Book, tag now. with a four day minimum S^' L oar ./ our *»• wnen "O" want to during the season. Your money re. ""» Jour choice of days. LewU Au Boterd. Sheridan, eus. on Highway No. 90A. 19 nme, ,„, „, aujet ^ vffle. 23 mile, west of Eagle Lake, two miles south of Sheridan. OUTBOARD MOTOB-1459 35-bp. Evm- rude, electric, long shaft Used 1 JUST ARRIVED I960 Name your needs ... name your sow. er . . . nsme your L. J. Hoad. Chile. 56. MUSICAL INSTHUMENIS 57. BUILDING MATERIALS PAMT 8PECLU,'—' « IB SHAKES NIED PA1NTIMOJ M.JO per gallon ODL7 tOUBZR COMPAJJV 16T «. Main. Out? Ulla 62. PETS • SUPPLIES CATS-Orown and young, each. Phone AH M8M alter 1:SO» 8S. SHFyBHSHED AP TM'NT. F^cm»T"-i oeoroom duplex, Q& West -UHL-tBelrlgerabir, itoro heater. BK'WtOt atter a ^ 2 and 3 BKDROOU apartments. Large fenced back rant Hear West Ea< SdioeL B- LQfStfTl PLAC* tar email <amur, 2 bedroenu. garaic.- to Shady' Oaks Ut Uj.,flMte«:arter and Assoclslii 38. FURNISHED AP'TM'NT. FOR HEN1 ANOLETON — Completely furnished, trawiei paid, a bedrooms, H4 baths, air conditioned. On Baitrop", South Highway 288. Children and animals welcome. School bus, Allen .TM Office. TI wen. . . 102. HOUSES FOR SALE i CLEAN efficiency eottases. Window fan. minuet paid. Adults. KM N. front, Velasco. CLTJTE-514 Marlon SI. S rooms. 114 a week no him. Phone AN 5-2311. CLTJTB—3 room apartment With lAi bedroom. Inquire BE 3-2J52. ' CLDTE—S room brick epartment at 405 Cora St. 85 Mo. AN S.JSS4 or AN 52131. CWJTE—Nicely furnished ctaplet with ntllltles paid. AN 5-2115. DUPLEX—Large nice 3 roomsi Near Rente's (SO Mo. No bills paid. BE 3. DUPLEX—Modem, 3 rooms and bath at 1244 Kyle Road, Clute. Bills paid. M2,J» wMt cr 74SM. FRBEPORT — Duplex. Private bath. Utilities. (50. Near river front, walk- taff distance down town. BE 3-4180. FREEPORT—3 room furnished apartment.'Utilities paid. Phone BE 3.1324. FREEPORT — rooms end epartmenti. Apply 1010 West <th. BE 3-3242. PREEPORT—Clean 4 rooms. Also zar- ego apartment wltB >arae«. utilities paid. Couple only. 1221 West 4th. NORTH FREEPORT—Apartments 20th Street next to bowline: alley. Phone BE 3-2516. NICEST 2 bedroom cerate apartment with porch In North Freeport. Adults only. 804 Ave. C. BE 3-14M. NICE FURNISHED APARTMENT Adult... Air condlHoneo. ioi South Ave. C. CT 74302. TRAILERS lor rent furnished. Private baths, swlmiulne pool. Barefoot •'•all- er Part. Rw> OS. Freanrt 213 NORTH 12th — 9 rooms with bath comfortably famished, near Benin's shopping center. OathrliM Apartments BE 3-3394. 87. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT CLUTE—229 East Pecan Lane. 1 bedroom houie with laree living room end kitchen. Only 148 per month with the water furnished. Town snd County CY 7-7777. FREEPORT-518 Welt Broad, 3 bedrooms, garsce, close to school. Phone BE 3-1194 alter 4 pJn. FREEPORT—3 bedrooms, dining room, enclosed porch. BE 3-3969. HAOERMAN ROAD - 4 room with bath and utility room. Water famished. Phone BB 34116. LAKE JACKSON—121 Laurel St., 3 bedroom home .single bath. In good condition. 185. month. CY 7-7885. LAKE JACKSON—103 Wisteria, 1 bedroom home, large living room, large fenced yard. By appointment. Ph. 3886, Brazorla. LAKE JACKSON-325 Acacia. Will lease on 6 months rental to purchase plan. Investigate today, call Joe Talbot, Realtor, CY 7-441L LAKE BARBARA-3 bedroom house. Furnish water end half of light bill. 13J Mo, AN 54431 or AN 5-2026. LAKE JACKSON — Two bedroom home. Large iltued-m" porch:-(60. BE WJ8J. LAKE JAOfWlfTBSlroohrhoine. HO per month. ROWLAND -JEALT7. CY hednftnVan brie* name, for.teachers. Located if Richie Sub-Division, convenient to Soulhslde School. O, L..McKe,y,-AH 8-Mgt.™ JRAZORIA ROAD-s: bMroom, trttte. home, mar- tome fuVnlleOT.; S.'iD. Guplon Realtor, Phone DI 5^651. 8HAZOBIA—New 3 bedroofa nome. tted bath and, hw, garage, 100' fronisje. jedwood ieiielni. No down peyamt 305 tad St. O. L. McKay AN 5-5SU. CLUTE—Nice roomy. 1 bedroom borne. M500.00. 100 Weil Marlon SI. Phone AN S-S800 or AN S-5429. . CLUTE—First ene here g«ti-(hll i bedroom bargain, (100. total toil to move In. Extremely low monthly payments. Floeter-carter and Associates, FOUR ROOM dwelling on 2 acre! tcr6ss from Rlchwood Addition. Water well. Well located and beautifully ; landscaped. Highway frontage SOI.* '416 deep. A good buy. sellers Realty. >BE 3>3593. ' ; FREEPORT — 1019 West 12th. 2 bedroom wllh den. Monthly payment FREEPORT—930 West 2nd. Live in this 4 bedroom house while Freeport trows to you. (11,500. zoned commercial no*. B. 1 L. 8auer Realtor, CT 7-77W; x FREEPORTi-70» West 12th. »5J. pj, month. 2 bedrooms, single gtrace. fenced jrard. ABC Really, .B< 3-311J. FOUR BEDROOM HOMIS i- See our VA and FHA approved vitas TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-7781 '; JONES CRBHK •]'-. Over J30Q, soMaf* feet of Uttag area, 4 bedrooms, .lull acre. Bargain at (U.500. Consldm a trade. BE S-JtC'. LAKE JACKSON—BARGAIN I } bedroom home on well elevated lot Marine trull, very reasonable. Fleeter- Carter and Associates CY 7-2477. LAKE JACKSON-221 Megnoue, 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, trees, cast Iron line to sewer. FHA (90 Mo. S. L. Sauer. Realtor, iCY 7-77S1. . , LAKE JACK8.OK—1M .•rtmrose. lovely 1 bedroom home. 120 toll olltUtl. Only Slid down on contract then (M monthly. Texas Better Homes. B. L. sauer. Realtor. CY 7-T78L LAKE JACKSON — Lovely 3 bedroom brick hi Shadow Olen. Bnakfast area. Built Ins In bath room, beautiful fenced yard. Assume eoulty at 171. per month. Floeler-Carter and Associates, CY 7-2477. 10a. HOUSES FOR SAUE - tlonal buy, (7(0 equity and Utame loan en. this i bedroom home. Fleeter- Carter • and Associates; CY 7-2477, ASStfMS. 01 Equity riilo W. , iWi. 3 bedrooms''tttllt'In electric: even end range. Separate dining area. Fenced biet verd. real nice. Payments (85 MOi. . ' ' '...''••• 1.123 W. 8th. I bedrooms, new paint S3M down, owner will carry own • papers. : ,\KB JACKSON 3 bedroom).: attic tan, tan, 120 wiring for air conditioner, nice storage closet njacent to ear pert. MATT COOLBY REAL8STATE BE 3-1333. LAKE JACKSON 219 Camerllla Large family room 237 Acacia—3 bedrooms. 324 Redwood-3 bed, (65 Month. 140•Laurel—3 bed, Breeieway. 8M Magnolia—3 bed air condlllonbl. 15< nullache—(2M down. 229 Caladlum—1 bed. family room. 411 jasmine—Batb and half. 420 wisteria—corner lot. IN •Forest Oak Line—3 bedrooms, 1 ton air conditioner. 1 FREEPORT 1114 Weil 1111)—bath and hall OYSTER CREEK 3 bedroom, an brick 1 yr. bid. WIU lake trade-In to West Freeport, ROGER DRAKE or JOS TALBOT ..-vV:;. ' : CT 7^411 103. LOTS FOrTSALE lig. u8ED;pAg> FOB SALE CHEVROLET . convertible m excel- Ctirifler.4 p.m.''BB trowci} Notice is hereby «lyen that an order dated September 13, 1939. .has been Issu- ed'by the underlined, authorising the name of the oil screw, ADELE B., of- flclal number. J74S77, owned by fllsnloa Stone 6f .which 'Houston* Texes Is the home porl. to be changed to THREE O'S. Russell J. Zoet, Deputy Collector of tualoms fn .charge of marine Work, j • Houston, Texas S4Pt. J«-JWO-Oet. 1 K-tfcGALB BASTROP BAYOU — A large 135x158 OY onbrBMO. «. L sauer. Realtor, BASTROP BAYOU-Lot us water front. Plenty ot shade trees. Phone BE J-MM or BB 34X4, •'. / LARGE LOT on San Beraara. Sacrifice CT 7-2JJ7. LARGE HOMESITES near Braiorla. Telephone, electricity and school bus service, tniured title, will take equity In trade, Rowland Realty, CT T-654J ' • S 1 ON PREMISBS ahd jDttes, under oaih, Ihe following representation: I. The nam< under which the business Is to be opeMted 'Is Irene's Cafe. „: i dd K?* °. r '85 kuoa: u 8oull > Ave- ue A, city: N. Jfreeporl, County; Bra- lorla, '• M»Utn« address: U South Avenue . N. Freoport, \ .;'J?"i {ta ""P"" 1 !' Is the holder of LAKE JACKSON shady lot, B2xl6J. Near school and shopping, W.2S5. BE l-ayt. NSAR 1 acre of land fronting 200' on old Brazos River. Located on North Freeport side of channel, midway between Veluco and supper end. Has Improvements and is well landscaped, sellers Realty BE 3-U93. LAKE JACKSON-S bedroom home, wall to wall carpeting. 1250 total to move In, to Veterans or assume equity at $59 mo. FLOETIR-CAHTEH and ASSOCIATES. CT 7-3477. LAKE JACKSON - IB HulsacBe. Buy this U71 SQ. ru i bedroom home. On contract for 4150 rash, I59.C1 UO. for only 17 years Dins lues and Insurance. Estimated to be 111.31 If o. or total 179 Ho. TEXAS BETTER HOMES. CT 7.776J, LAKE JACKSON '- Buck Venire, 1 bedrooms, recced yard, mm equity. 173 Mo. ROWLAND REALTY. CT •''NEAR TERRELL OOQ SCHOOL- Handsome an brick 4 bedroom home In a highly restricted sub-division. 2 baths,; large family room, double garage; UTto equare feet of living ares ,on .a • 1M' lot. Eiceptlonally good buy. Terms. Call Roger Drake or Joe Talbot, Realtor at CT 7-4411. NEW, BBACa, ROUSE with 4 lots—1 blockr-beachiacross street from bay. Bulldeir.Uaciifldnr »7000. Ptanneed. BE 3-30Qg. •iTEAR. ST. MART'S Catholic Church— 91! West 9th St. Family size 1 bed-room home with den. Bath ma half. Fenced play yard for children. f Carpeting In living room. Down payment and the clottag cost too, only fHO. south Teias Realty, BB 34410, LAKE JACKSON — 1 bedrao) tome near junior high. K9 per Mo. ROW-, LAND REALTY. CT 7-6343. I VELASCO — One''bedroom home, cool, quiet neighborhood. BE 3-2942 after 3:M pjn. 88. FURHISHED HOUSES FOR RENT FREEPORT — 2 bedroom home wllh a garage. Inquire 1131 West 4th. JONES CREEK .- lloseley's Modem Collates, dean, guile two rooms end bath for adults. V« mile oft Hwy 38 on East Uve Oak Drive. BE 3-1104. LAKB JACKSON Hwy—j rooms and bath UUO a week utilities paid, call BE 3-1520 or BE 3-1101. BEACH cottages comfortably furnished at winter rales. Call Doris HjuUerBE 3-2303. 80. BOSIMESS RENTALS FOR RENT — 40 x 60 quonset building wttb plenty of parking area, Hwy 2U between Dow and Gluts. CT 7-7731. 101. BO8I. OPPORTUNITIES .TTENTION BARBERS I Present bar- her moying; October 6th. R»i11dlng will be tot. rent. t». per Mo. water and (U furnished, call Robtnsm Realty. AIT 94555 or AH 54704. DISTRIBUTOR MAL? OR FEMALE FOIL OB PABT TIME . !am extra money to your own business No experience or personal selling necessary. Requires only few hours a week spare Irna to service bEST BRAND RECORD DISPLAYS, located by us In food markets, drug stores etc.. Cheap record racks are rapidly being replaced by SENSATIONAL, BEST BRAND SELF-SERV- CB RECORD DISPLAYS. Store makes money, so do you. Excel- QUIET—SPACIOUS—3 bedrooms, 1 acre* pecan trees. Only 112,895. E. L. saner Realty, CT 7-7791. ' SAVE an eitrt 11000 buy this 8V. per cent FHA equity instead of paring 5% per cent on a new loan. 621 Center Way, 9 bedrooms, 2 baths, > car gsrage, family room, Insulated. Com er. E. L. Saner Realtor, CY 7-7761. SOOTH PARKWOOD — 101-103 Ash Lane. 3 bedrooms, family room. 2 baths, 2 car garage. Insulated. Tour present home might make, the down payment. &. L. Bauer, -Realtor. CT •7-776L . .-..' : . , . 230 It 236 Caladlum, two nice 1 bedroom homes, fenced, family rooms,. one has wall to wall carpet and central heat. James M. Elbtrt Realtor, CT 7-24B Day Night CT 7-21W. a. j. DATIS PtlQM ' BB FREEPOBT 1313 W. Tib-Moo, down. PBBRY'S LAKDMO- 1 acre, i bedroom ia,trrx-un* Me, Pay- 110 Laurel. 1 173.22 TOTAL monthlv paytnenl on OI 4V4 per cent assumption loan for Ideally situated I bedroom home jrlth garage and utility room, In lovely Lake Jackson, on a large MxlM foot lot with 3 way access. 11x15 kitchen with vent-a-hood and > double cabinets In natural wood Qnlsh. Air coo- dlilonedi hardwood floors, tile bath, shower anil vanity; double closets to <Avh bedroom, plus additional closet space; 220 wiring; Venetian blmds: front door school bus service; central heating. CY 7-7073. :• ALL BRICK AND ON A WIDE DRIVE These lovely three bedroom home*, with two tile bath*,; » ent prollt ... but this la NOT:very modern heating- unit are) A GET BICH QUICK SCHEME, •' oetaf ihown for the firrt time. a* we are a highly respect^l re-,There ii alto a two «ar fInlaheel cord company commercially rat- Karate. Altho a new hone, burg* ed, . UUtely kee» and well deTeloped Must have car and of 975 for record Inventory, displays, store accounts, and advertising material. Write for ocal appointment, include phone number, ' BEST RECORDS DIV. American International industries. Inc. Lewis Tower Bldg. FhH«. 2, Pa. 102. HOUSES -eOB SALS ANQLETON—3 bedroom*. 2 baths. Ism- lly room, study, <llsh washer, central heat. 1Y< acre lot. 114,500. n 94454. shrnto and turf give a lived In appearance. For a family who detir* » (racioiu home In an establUked. dlfnUied nelihborhood thia b a real find. The price wul be an agreeable gurprite to those who know real utaU value*. VETERANS NO DOWN PAYMENT Loan application* and clotlaf* oa site reduce cloglos; coct* ta ~ ANQLETON - 1100. down. tM. 'per month. Tile bath, new root. Will con- — Bonus for colored In besuurol' Washington Terrace. New 3 bedrooms, central heat .attic Ian. Low down payment. 600. 705, 711, and 721 MarshsJl'Boad. Call L. C. COOKSBY. ID AMleloo TI MTU BBAZOBIA — Oaroeu Acres name. All new I bedroom frame on 72 x 120 lot. Long term loan. Cotemen 'amber Co. AN 12421 or AS 4-28U. BEAZOEIA—On Brigaace Poad. 1 bedroom home on 14 acres of land. Ph. OYSTER CHEEK FRONTAGE I Southern Oaks Drive 120'U35' E. L. sauer, Realtor, CT 7-7751, &S%i3£. b ^ l *™* a *'," «. That reference U hereby made to the original application of applicant no » 1" ,me lor further Information. "*•«"» *ppMe»nt-.pray« that law nollce of this application he elven that on hearing hereof, the court Mrn?lt"s hereto U s;t C 'ou°! *''""" ? f •ild. application wni be heard 'by _- County Judte on the loth day of fff l ™*5£-_A«»:.«» |l » c «^«* to *.K | SOOTH PARKWOOD SCD-DIVISION — . You .can buy a choice lot. Teias Better Homes. CT 7-776L . - -half. block. Also, .one Clock, close to school, cburchee, and JONES CJREEK LOTS PRE DEVELOPMENT SALE Small'down payment Balance bjr the month ' MATT COOLEY BE 3-3333 ful f > 1 . "" UI be P«nnllted to conlest the fads stated In the said petition and applicant's rlsht to secure a llcen,e.permlt upon iivtag securtty '•g. "»• «l"oj will b? tocurred M.n h. ? ' "y* "" " m « b e de™Tx 0 ' JUle applicant. S? hand. and official seal at this 24th day of September. ' . ,. : R. STEVENS. JR., Clerk of County Court 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY LARGE warehouse with lot on Lake JscUon-clute road next to Palmer's Sporting Shop. S1SOO, o. L. McKay PLANTATION DRIVE — 107- frontage only (13.000. A 900 square foot bulld- "™ ta ' *' L ' *""*' Beillor ' 105. ACREAGE FOR 'SALE UK ACRES of excellent Braaorla County land on Brlgance Road near Bra- aorla. Terms. Matt Cooley Realty BE 3-3333. r . . 106. REAL ESTATE WANTED ACREAGE WANTED — Rave Waiting buyer for from 200 to 400 acres of . open land within 20 to 23 mile radius of Brazosport. H. J. Davis Realty, BE 4-5229. 101. FARMS, RANCHES FOR SALE ; FIVE ACRES, 2 bedroom house, tratc- or with equipment. $5,500. 10 cleared acres. Apply "T" Fruit stand Bras- aria. •-.. ". . . 125. MOBILE HOMES MOBILE HOME villa, »1W wide. 1 bedrooms. Call BE 1-1212. W ITABUOET bouse trailer. «8i cash. Town and County CT 7-7777. Ml. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES AUTHORIZED DEALER (Or Lincoln, Mercury, Zdsel, English Ford, and Stndebaker, Hu npresentettves In Braiosport area. For appointment call CT 7-203:. CQBRT MOTOR - TOOT Authorised Ford Dealer often complete service m Motor. Bodj. CkaasU. None but the best Mechanic* work on roar ear at Corn's. . UB 3-2K1. 127. TRUCKS-TRAILERS UU FORD half ton pickup. 1290. See after 4 p.m. at »1S West 6th. Preeport. 138. USED CARS FOR SALE CHEVROLET — '34. only 24.000 miles, one owner, like new. W4 Ave. C. Phone BE J-1454, ' FORD—1930 6 cylinder. Radio and beater. Call AN 54421. FORD U50, coupe. Perfect condition. 1295. Phone AN 5-2289. USED CARS: 51 CatUlltc. U Plymouth. il Plymouth, 50 Dodge, sell chesp. 701 B. Mulberry. TI 94710. WILL TRADE equity In '51, 4 door, overdrive, Fun). 1100 cash or trade. ««. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES QUAUTI HOMES FOB QUAUTX FEOPte CY 7-7010 S Flo* fax And He«appabU Tire AU. ROAD HAZAB0 QOABANTEED N. Gull Blvd. Fieeport BE 8-2262 TRY CLASSIFIED MtJST sfliiL'»J'Msrcury'crnlser'or St Ford Fllrlaite 300. Both low mlleagti. New condition. 103 Palm Lane, Lake Jackiom CY ?4st«.' : ^-_ j_ • Pt?MOtJTH — iild. 'Original Interior, body clean, Mick, primed, runs good, radio, healer. No, IfUiJ.jlUS. CT 7<J64. K—LEOALS .. | | ON PETlflO^f fOR USER LICENSE '' Ok WINS'AND BEER RETAILER'S PERMITi Me, HO The state o*'TeVas > County of BraMrtf, ) i TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED: tren« eilrnade hu'filed a petition with 55 < ?, i ;r l! !.f!! <| R ii i B '«.«i« county, eS <Sep(. TRY CLASSIFIEDS! FACTS ; : ..% SIDNEY* • llul* aiiifi|U 1» I) ' -NIcfe JoMt hid pioef thai Bill; Graham'g rectnt era- gads her* wag at Uait partially fueeiiilul, , ' ; • Joneg lost hlg,wallet u»- oral days ago. Later he 90! back his driver's, llc«nio~- plu« a ^ Billy Graham: tract— but there war ho tlgn of hl> ballot or hl« money. . Wound Self-inflicted Verdict In Pace Death '•27 1/4 • 27 1/8 Stock Market NOON CALL Courtny Undeiwobd Ntuhanr Bt Co. oJ Mouiton Am AirUn . «, k 26 1/4 Baiber Oil i •.. NS Beth steel ... 57 1/2 Am Tel '& Tel . . ., 79 1/8 Safeway Stores . ^ 87 3/,4 AT & SP ... Cdn Pac . _ «, Chrysler! . . ', 64 5/8 Com Pub Sferv . l " NS Dow Chem ... 80 1/2 Freept Sul . . . 27 5/8 j Gen Crude . . 27-29 Gerber'a .... ' NS Gen Mot ... 56 GuU Oil . 115 7/8 Gulf 3 U . _ . NS Houston LAP _ . NS Humble Oil . . NS Int Bus M ... . 424 3/4 Int Min Cn 29 5/8 Int Shoe .... NS J C Penny . _ . 105 Jeff Lake S . . 17 Kirby Lbr . . . . 45-46 1/2 Lou L&E ... 50 1/2 Mont D Ut 29 1/4 Mo Pac .... ..... NS Phill Pet .... ".'<•" 43 1/2 Pa RR ..... 18 5/8 Sunray Oil ... 23 3/4 Tex G Sul 18 3/4 Texas-Co ... - si.77 1/8 i Woodley Pet .. NS US Steel . ._. 104 1/8 Un Pac . . .'. 31 Singer Mane . . NS Stf Chem ... 56 1/2 Frank Life Ins . 78 3/4 Life ins Virg 49 3/4-50 1/2 Line Nat Life . 224-234 Manu Life Can. 252 Bid W T Grant . .. 48 1/2' WinnDbda... NS Raytheon ... 47 5/ G D Searle ... . "" ' 50-5 Suicide by self inflicted gunshot wound was tne verdict rendered by R. C. Thbrnas oJ Cluto, jusllre of the PUce, aft* er investigating the death of John Marion Pace Monday. Thome's said,Pat. ,iad been dead since afoUhd midnight Sunday night. He said 1'ace's body was Sitting upright on the right side of the front coat of his car. The car was on the right shoulder'of Highway 332, headed toward Lak* Jackson, and about five riitle<i west 'of ,the city. '•'•-.'• •'.•"• '••One shot from a .38 Colt blue steel revolver with" ia'six inch Jarrel had entered Pace's left temple and had ejme out about''five Inches aoove^his [right, ear, ThornSs 'iald,- the gun .was in his -lap' and- nls syeglasses were;on the floor of the carvbetv#e«i the front and i Jeif/Davi* of Jlrazbriii saw the car and made a hufrj«d investigation Monday • mottling. He then called Ike Mathaws of Dow, Chemical's Industrial Security, Department,' tellirig ri(m that something was apparently wrong with the car's occupa-it. Mathews called the Brnrnrta County Sheriff's Department md they sent a Freeport Funeral Horrte ambulance and Of- nuty Billy McCoy to the secene. Thomas was summoned and arrived about 10:30 ,a.m. After Investigation at the'scene'the body was taken to Freeport Funeral Home where Thomas and Sheriff's deputies ..nade further investigation. "''.,.. Pace had resided In'a rooni at'the B. L. Monroe home, 105 Acacia, for about seven .years. He was 37 years old, :unmar- •ied, and senior prorluctlon engineer in the Ma<mesium 2 ")r lartment of Dow Chemical Ci. He was born;in Wllburfon, Okla., where his parents.'Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pace, now re- MOTOR SCOOTERS MOTOR SCOOTERS Am»riM f s Gr<xitMt Norn* hi Light Vchicl-M COMES TO TOWN I JOUSAN'S MARINE as a franchiwd dtaler for CUSHMAN VEHICLIS We proudly and cordially invite you to visit our show rooms and sea the ! many new models of Cushman' :' Vehicles designed to satisfy every transportation need at the lowest CUSHMAN TRUCKSTBt With Cushman you gat up to 100 miles per gallon of gasoline; cruise up to 50 miles per hour. Cushman offers low original cost, low upkeep and low operating cost. There's a Cushman model for every need—for speedy, convenient transportation around town or on the highway...for all light-hauling operations in business, industry or on the farm... and for sport. G»> tha facts on America's Lowest Cost Transportation from... JOUSAN'S MARINE 123 N. Gulf Blvd. BE 3-1141 Goodson Service To Be Wednesday Funeral services for Julie Darlene Goodson, one-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Goodson of Freeport, are scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in Velasco First Baptist Church. Rev. A. Gordon Johnson, pas- or, and' Rev. Homer Nowell, pastor W Velasco .Heights Bap- 1st Church, wiU officiate. Bur« al will be in Restwood Memo* •ial Park, under the direction rf. Freeport Funeral Home. The child.died Sunday night n Texas Children's Hospital in louston, where her illness wa> ilagnosed as encephalitis. Pall bearers will be Louis, Eugene, and Charles Williams and Lee Farham Jr., all cousins at the child. Other survivors include , a lister, Jena tee; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Goodson 3r. of Houston; J. A. Miles of Treeport, and Mrs. Don Moore Houston; aunts, Mrs. M. J. Broussard and Mrs: 'Carol Ha- aey, both of .Freeport JOHN MAAlOH J»ACE taktt Owii blf«< < > side. He ^graduated .from, the) University of. Oklahoma,-in 1954 with a bachelor of science) . degree in chemical engineering, • On Nov.-7, 1B30, he went to, work; as production and dervel-" opme'nt engineer in the-Msgne'—; slum j Chloride A Department of Dow Chemical Co. In May f' 1957- he WRS promoted to senior! production engineer in that department.. Mis' transfer to magnesium 2 department came in February of this year, Thomas.said that Pace irft no note or indication of the reas6n he took his life. Monroe reported that Pace spent .Saturday cleaning, his, room / thcor- oughty,. doing away with odd» and «nds,:and Jeft the room in good order. ':'' , ..,; , , , ( /jg Pr,o m his' investigation Thbmas felt'tHat Pace had ho finandal difficulties. . ' ' ' .: The;body will be sent today' tb Wilburton. Okla., foi< sen- ices and burial. :' . . NEW TORK tTJPl) - TOUT family'* "quota" of home injuries i\ this y»r is five burns and nln»-—' cuts, lacerations and abrasions. ' statistics show. •' : v • . To help you' treat 'minor in-', • luriei properly, your medlcloa •>;••• chest should contain sis basics — :.rj antiteptic, cotton balls,, cotton ._, swabs, sterile gauze pads, t* bandages and adhesive tape.. Follow Your Team In prated our ehikhHi North dealer,. Neither i WEST 49639 • A.J875 vulner*t.l». JfOBTH EASl 4864 +8758 SOUTU 4AJ10 ' e>B6S The bidding 1 : 3NT Paw SouOl JNT W«*t Opening lead—«ven of hearts, •The Uw rf self-preservation applies In bridge as wen M In life. When'declarer is offered * choice of plays—one of which guarantee* th« contract, w*»"« tha other endangers it—be 1 will naturally choose the course that preserves him from harm. While the general philosophy i* /selr-evidept, the? application ot It to » particular hand it Irequeatly > matter o|. g^od judgment; For Instance, tain this deal. A. heart la led. The proper play from dummy U tha queen, not the thr««. This play virtu^ ally fruaranUta that the contract witt t« m»4* Let's MB TIM 4ue«n wlH hold or not, depending' upon which defender <O 1M». Klwr nature B)maK*t«. Ine,» ha* tha ace, Aimraej flngt West has the aoex Declarer leeA the jack of' club* at trick two, flnessea, and la assured of nine) trick* whether the.ftnroe ' or not, Thb to flnewe bring* South ten trick*, white a lo*tn« *•**«• furee]; him «« nine, v w*e* .. i* thd player with the ktaet «* dube), ha can win the JackTViiJv being on Ivd, Jw cannot ccatfuiiy attack Matt*. Any ttlm to allow* Sou* nln* top trick*. Nbw f lef« heart,; pocUrer ctaya off. But la*** another heajt and South if ' •0 M to avoid, W»»t, the , oug opponent, Nb thouejfct jei gm en to tlio chih finfiriial ^nUv^* would be » suicidal v«»tw«. Irs,stead. South atUclca diamond^ gg'f — •--•—• —t». «»'•>,., ... . BUthar East hw ,. * fl Againrt the) flUMgi» he3 «i ton? toum £rl -^ m -' in which ^^. ™^"-V,"-i; - '.• -_.. .1 runhbig triclcs, or H«*t ha* •> heart which he can return, tot . again. South hu ulna trick*, De). caum the production of a, htatfc by East means that th« auht WM originally divided i-4. ^, - suit declare* Cttxwe* *»• - turn., oot,

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