The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 29, 1952 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 10
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>AGE 10—THE 8AYTOWN SUN, THURSDAY, MAY 29. 1952 HOT SPRINGS, Va. f May 29 UP)— ' By UNITED PRESS, Dr. F. L. Underwood, Oklahoma _ v ^ t Now that a good wheat crop is A&M College farm economist, said 'Electronic "bra7ns' r will "soon be ripening in Oklahoma's Alfalfa tne area ma >' ^ facing a "se- revolutionising American business county farmery who had "to aban- vere " shortage of livestock feed operations, Brig. Gen. David Sardon some acreage because of un- next winter. noff, of the Radio Corporation of spots" in their - Wi ^ a » increase of 14.6 per America believes; — i. - in Business To Get 'Veep'Makes Al Embarrassing Tongue Slip Biq Advantage Lies With Party Which Convenes Last that there was too much dead not much difference explained - ^By UNITED PRES S WASHINGTON, May 29 Vice President Alben WASHINGTON, May 29 f_..--- .,._ Air Force magazine said Thurs- what the Republican national con- ven ti 0 ns - day Congress has been told there vention does will considerably at- i;LoH a soon * x " iv 'i*^' v * ***+ * t*v**^- i^w.*\,»-s-j^vrf*.* w .AW*, «»*., , - — - - T*mn TViCilTa Trll n V S mi i MC a complete electronic accounting himself .in his speech to the book- ^"?°[f ,V n J?d Wnr II system fnr own th« larsest busit. sellers convention. to say that the °o_ mDS "» •vculd War II. of 14.6 fields are beguming to feel the loss ccnt in keef ca jtle and 5.4 per -Sarnoff told the Life-Insurance mo-e acuteiv • - ~ , " cent m the number of sheep over Association of America - that "it is Wednesday night .1 No one has made an accurate - last -year," Underwood said, now feasible to combine the auto- 'can Booksellers Association *urvev of the acreage lost because "termers are planting 18 per cent ma tic devices which have been de- group of •bookmakers. •of the salt and alkali penetration of fewer acres o£ feed-grain crops veloped for radio-television to form.' But Barkley quickly corrected topscil But throughout the area ^an during 1951." a complete electronic accounting farmers can point out bald, white *«£- condition is not as severe system, for even the largest busK spots where nothing will grow. as that, however, because- fewer ncss organization." Some farmers believe the great n °ss, horses and cmcKens are be- "Such a system," he said, plains reservoir, built 15 years in £ ke P t this > reai< tlian last - And "would provide for the transia- .... _ .__.___. ^ ...-_ t a bi e i n the ^national feed crop acreage has- tlon, storage, computation, pro- cessingj and printing of pertinent facts and information." • ," He recalled that about 9 million persons are engaged in clerical work in the United States, and that the new "electronic business and the deetior, FDR V**^ .-. - . , . .. • * ni i luteo. H short and sharp campaign crats wo ^i^ wa , will be a single bomb with f ect Democratic Dominating ana September was the rous defenders of r e power exceeding that of platform actions this year. a» a " eiu - ^ .-. - - — w . TJ , !„ , an.-n»c bombs - dropped in World The Republican convention time - Ba^ 16 / war II. ' starts July 7 in Chicago. The Dem- His the,Amer- On] O ne.weapon could fit that ocrats meet a fortnight later, crats 'description-the H-bomb. Franklin D Roosevelt was the far- yea in seeing pohtician who shifted the Democratic convention to second place after many years had es- probably tic policy. Vice left the Demo- W. Barkley would-S a real advantage this with that as any the second con- Estes Kefauver of ie man and plat- Robert S. Kerr of the Republicans some others would Democrats to fied. Democ a$ ^ :r af bookmen are "makers' of books." The magazine, published by the teeToFr flm"" " " strategy. . Robert A, Taft would *.? Air Force Association, a veterans pnp also forced both conven- Republican nomination of Gen. eum unli™ *h* * u '^i aso. has raised the .,»».. »—^ , ,. , , , the general area and caused un- declined only one per cent, derground salt formations to migrate to the surface.. The Northwest Oklahoma Sportsman's Association disputes this, contending the lake has no bearing on the situation. The association believes the lake has been well worth the money it cost be- S^AtSSmrZ, »• ** own choice and ^PUbHcan^^ ^ .„* _~^ ,«™« w - te TOR £f aSo St forced both conven- * Republican nomination of Gen. eign policy the\opTam^ 6 f organization, said the report was t^^juh Jute hid b 2 en the Dwight D^Eisenhower for exam- and the Democrat^ ™^J ..,.„ .-..-, :* tlo ^ 2l ^ Jl ^ m 4 tion mont h until pie, would pitch the entire cam- their platfoi-ms and, pi£5 *1 XoSveU came^long. He held paign on domestc issues. There * inate their ticket accSS-? Adiai E. Stevenson of nu/^ a foreign background. & \T£\**A} 1 \~Fn —. — J __ By PAUL HAWKINS given to a congressional commit- Customary" convention month until pie, would pitch the entire cam- tn eir platform^^*!*W ti vee by "an eminent authority," but •»» t-> ii ~ „!«.,« via hoiH was censored from, published records of the committee's closed- door hearings. This quotation was y A«Sft**Wf» PstnfiP Itm W^IS HKriKC Averell Harriman." attributed to the authority: rl6W UFISSllS I uDGi IftV « «B UiSUyaS It has been suggested * CHICAGO, May 29 HP!—The Na- "Soon a few men in one air- * I fo 1*1 e\ Stevenson's .determination^ age" would speed up the nation's tional Safety Council estimated plane, flying at sonic speeds and p|«M| r PA1I&4 AftSt&ai OAlTIP^lSf I^^US^ « ^ c f. n ? idat & for iw; business operations aad also make Thursday that 310 persons will never seeing the ground, will be j IQIIS LvtSl I MyflvQI B/^FilB^«*«s^ i^J6*^»J piesidential nomination ihJT them cheaper. be killed in traffic accidents dur- able to drop anywhere on the face ' might weaken more tha n "Through the development of ing the Memorial Day weekend. of the earth a single bomb con- j^rgyy ORLEANS May 29 <UV- WASHINGTON, May ^S fuv-uen. wnat if raft were Cause 01 ItS IlOOQ COntrO! reCrCS- "J * ;\\ji^ . ii^aiirjrwt^o iinuugii LUC ucvciuiJiiiciiv vji jug uic ivi^niuiidi ±sitj .TH_V.^^»>—. — -_„.„. „ ^... D .- _„.. J\H,\V iJrtijii/rVLNO, iiliiy £-•; «»'— ...~ -_ — - . - f "hnmc, +h i- C'4- * lu »Ji!!oiffl ' lion and eamp preserve features MFXIPO CITY Mav 29 H?>—The electronic computers a major step Last year only 82 persons died taining an explosive power far Counsel f or , owners of the New Dwight D. Eisenhowers nome- tnat btevenson would firmly^ £ u °15 n ^.A..f s _r *t^«-:.TT 1 ::* T ,, M - A1L .Y Cii ^' , M ^ V ™_ 'r?T_..? *** \™ n * a t«JTi^nrH solving the on me highways in the safest and greater than the total dropped dur- Orleans Times - t>i"=™,m» *nH coming" speech m Abilene, Kans., a bid to run against V;± rf ' J TTpv^-in livoVrnrk mdustrv exDpcts has been taken toward solving the on the highways in the safest and greater tnan we total aroppea aur- Orleans Tj _ pi cayune and coming speecn m AUH««C, "j«»»-. - »*« w run against Eisc* id to return to ttenSal meat problem of processing information sanest holiday in recent years. ing World War II." State, ThuSdav planned to ap- next Wednesday will deal with do- Any of the others, ^ e trade =n SertenIbS™imaxinrSe accurately and speedily," he said. If the weather is good this week- Such a bomb would be the equal p^i "o the U S. Suoreme Court mestic issues as well as foreign Barkley doubtless ^if ey j£t%St^^torvTe^^ "The next step > to improve the end the council said it expects or superior in de_structive , power f^ernl decision finding it guilty policy. __ ^ _ __^ ™* ™^™"*« <W^ The beekeeping technique of J. Mexican livestock industry expects ^ a \ Price Stabilizer Ellis Arnall said Sbed^ J^tSt^^tor^re^hSS "The'Text stepT tolniproV "fte end *ihe" council"'sSid" ir^cts or superior in destructive ,power ffedeVdedsion ffinTu ^"K '&&'. , , . r ^lh enthusiasm "an o^^ m?ta and mouth disease" P«sent methods for collecting "very heavy" travel. of 100 atomic bombs, the maga- Jf violating the Sherman Anti- Persons close .to the generals rur'against any Repub^ J mnwn -" dnd mOUUl aisea - e - fac t s and statistics upon which bus- "The end of the gasoline short- zine said. ^ t ^ t s • campaign organization predicted Taft and Eisenhower on tWl at?e the first summer holidav of T'HO m^a^-rina. ofiiH "TJ-'C » an^A *«.«.>». . ju.,». k« ™-;ii i-icn'o inmptnin? to sav tiokpt -- s l Cheap Trick Ilsns Ging, a Bavarian beekeep- ' When the United States opens • decisions must er, has arrived at the Wayne its borders again to Mexican cat- mess Gecislo - lb must farmstead for a visit. He later will tie shipments, it will mark the end visit beekeepers in Iowa, and may of a one-year embargo which stay in this country a year, taking started shortly after a new out- a course in beekeeping at Nava- break in Mexico of hoof and mouth sola, Tex., next whiter. disease, or "aftosa." . Wayne said six bekeepers in A ioint cornm i ss i on o f top U.S. this country contributed to Ging s and Mex i can veterinarians has travel expenditures after the 28- concent ratcd on a vaccination pro- year-old German had been in cor- gram aga j nst the disease. Since respondence with several of them the first casss of aftosa were re . for a period of five years. ported in Mexico in December, Wayne said the American bee- 1946j the u. s _ and Mexican gov- kespers expect to learn something ernme nts have spent more than about European methods while S 160 million in the program. •tf>Sf>hincr OincritJL'hnf th*>v lrnn\v Hoof and mouth infections have The magazine said "It's a good CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 29 (IPi — Three Wyoming Vniver- sity students were ordered to appear in federal court Thursday to receive punishment for using: nitric acid to thin pennies and make them work as dimes in campus soft drink machines. teaching Bug what they know. cause a lot of dYmTg^garae^ be f ^^ out before by quar- flower beds and on shrubs which ? ntjn ^ a ^ d absolute slaughter us- have been spraved with DDT or "?g he samtary rifle ' a method other chemicals" which don't af- hi e hl - v ™P°Vrt*r with Mexican Gimmick Holds His Bathroom Gear fect them. A number peasants and farmers, of the insecticides Under the By.HARMAN W. NICHOLS WASHINGTON, May 29 ;IP) — gui- George Wise is my kind of a man.- the year and the start of the va- guess" that the United States is rhF ^^ r ?A^ cation season are expected to jam "not too far away" from its H- Chnste Jerry hdis dec ded that the highways with more than 35 bomb goal. But it said there is } her ,. gov 5 r ?T fenfth I s Tfml^Picavune million vehicles," -the council said, increasing evidence that Russia ^ ?-^ r^ "fnrt V^Hoin nf irs Its estimate is for the three-day "is as near or nearer." Publishing Co. and certain 01 iis ^•ThSTind l££> ^- "Decant, ,n the suit inc.uded night Sunday. "On Memorial Day, honor the dead by protecting :the living," Ri[fa Fruits ISJihfiJKP urged council-President Ned H. D2 ^ rSU5 » ^SHIIUUbe Dearborn. -tij LANCASTER, Ohio, May 29 OPi national and classified advertisers — Dickie Moore, 12 ; said Thurs- to buy space in the States when day his faith in the long arm of they buy space in the Times- the law had been shaken. Picayune is a violation of the Moore, a newspaper -delivery Sherman Anti-Trust Act. boy, said someone had stolen his Judge Cur isle nberry called if an bicycle from under the police- obvious attempt to hurt the New men's noses after he had parked Orleans Item, another afternoon he~will have something to say ticket. _t labor-management relations Win or lose, a pr«sidec^! and federal spending, although the ination looks good in the J main theme of his address is ex- books, pec ted to be the prospects for peace. Eisenhower's chief ri- afternoon declare himself on he comes One Eisenhower campaign leader conceded that the Abilene speech will not put a stop to such challenges from the Taft camp. h 0 ° commission s commonly used around the home dance, most of Mexico's cattle, He took time out from his job . destroy the parasites that prey on sheep, goats and swine were in- with the General Services Admin- brush, snaving DOW, the red spider. For that reason, noculated four times. Livestock istration to do a service for the and razor. The invention is adjus- entomologists recommend that sul- experts estimated that more than suffering male. George, a stocky table on a set-screw arrangement phur or some other chemical which 70 million animals received the little fellow with a genius for in- ... anv - size cabinet will control red spiders should be shots against the virus. venting things, thought up a gim- - . ' .-used in combination with the oth- Inspections were made of all ™ck which makes a man's bath- it s made ot aruinwiim er insecticides. herds. The commission said that room a castle, almost. little tray ettect on top — The red spider is so tiny it often four rounds of vaccinations held Time was (and still is in a lot escapes observation until it has on a four-month basis gave non- of places) when a fellow felt like done heavy damage. They usually infected animals 16 months of im- ending it all when shaving time are found on the under side of the munity—ample time for the virus- came every morning. He'd reach leaves. to die a natural death. into one of those dinky little medi- Speaking of spiders, the poison- The program marked a com- cine closets for his cutting gear ous "Black Widow" easily falls pletely new approach to aftosa, and come out with a hatful of a brush and the other implements , victim to chlordane spray, which has "killed off an estimated bobby pins, eye-wash, aunt Nellie's of whisker removing. The razor, - Oklahoma A&M College special- one million cattle in Mexico since hairnet, lip stick, jewelry, cheek be it safety, or electric, fits, too. ists remind that the black widow the first outbreak in 1946. cowder, and the like. Mama and the girl-chudren can " spider loiters around piles of old Mexico, with its big aftosa cam- " It W as like trying to play a ha X e ^ rest °£ ? e «5 v T - wood, house foundations, garage paign over, now maintains a small glide-trombone in a telephone ^SF thln g s - or imd ° Lhe f shelves. -corners, rubbish piles and near staff of inspectors and laboratory booth " , The g° vernmen ^ worker-inven- ~.,^ ^:,_ t _ - tprhnJrianq ""u"'- • ' tor (who used to be an architect) 1 ' George had the same problem is thinking even beyond the "in- Tests show that it takes 12 per _ _ ent more energy to sleep on a You just move v the bobby pins it in front of city hall, which also newspaper in competition with the very hard mattress than on a and lip-rouge and other things up houses the local jail. States. soft one, a shelf and make room for your paste Try o Rice Casserole _ . . Tonight thins s the ext n fL rnM-ir ^in ; t hpr P rid and w5l *i upts °hen YOU- adiust U into There are little grooves ta hold THE BIGHT TO LIMIT outdoor toilets. They -will make an unprovoked ;attack if a person disturbs a web - containing egg clusters. •-f' i '< ' • .-Helps You Overcome-'- \ *?;•• ; as the rest of us. But unlike th'e se *. < rest, he decided to^do something- j^e knows that his gimmick will So, in the evenmgs>after he had^,, work Before he applied for a pat* "finished with his government - job. ent __ wn i c h he "now has — ^he he retired to his basement to do a took ^ invention to the Bureau of bit of inventing. - - ( standards,. which tests almost *<*". ae-^BKH CHAMPAIGN, 111., May 29 {IK— The results i were .gratify ing.^M everything: .'',Looseness and Worry Keith A. Kelly, 20, made only one George came up with something The experts Cested the wise in- anno>«d or feeuiu "-^5^ "g" j a ^ otherwise straight "A" he likes to call an "inset;" some- vention and-gave it an okay. Now fnnn- rpr-nrri at th*» TTnivpr<;itv nf Till- thin? whirh eoes; into the average demr&a ic wm-lHnp- on "Hi's" and One 'B' Top Spot In Cass FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, MAY 30 AND 31 BEWIEY!S BEST an iproved {noa- record at the University of Uli- thing which goes into the average George is working on "his" and _ _ p ^* nois. bathroom, closet in an apartment "her" cabinets for larger homes. fr/"soothin«'"an5""cooirnV~to"-gum^ But he will graduate second in or small home. It's a sort of shelf. " * sor* by cxceaaive acid mouth, xyoid ms c i ass June 15 because Eldon I'm not selling anything, but his Ta B «nentj:«iied by^ioore ^"^ °«« c M cKie. 21, made all "A's." invention works pretty well. Buy From Your Baytown Merchant LB. PKG. 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