Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 24, 1961 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 11
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overnor Urges ction On Small loan Ooerations AUSTIN (UPI)— Gov. Price n : -el urged (he Texas Lcgisla< e Covncil yesterday to - bring to date its rcporf ort. small operations in Texas TRY A PAMPA DAILY NEWS CLASSIFIED AD IS Iftiffutfidft 14 38 Papif Hafl§in§ 68 * HauisMId tiaedi 61 9 A.M. l.« th« Ually Deadline . for ciasRitied Ads Suttirdny for Sun. ftnd; day edition 12 noon ' Tills 1* ftMft tht »ke recommendations for pos- lA^^^ie 8 A«ii ft wm 1 C l tA^n ll {lp '!e legislation in the next spe- ' H a.m, dnily and 2 p.m Saturday • • "» r >r Sundav s edition CLASSIFIED RATES ;t Una minimum • afitt f er line 3ic 't>ei- line pef day 2Gc per line per dny 24c per line per day 22c per line per day 20u per Hue per day 14'c per line per day 17c per line per dny opal Notices - 17o line first dny. lOe thereafter. We will he responsible for only one *1 session of the legislature, •Daniel said in a letter to acting I:'•'.'• Gov. Bruce RtJagan of Coris Ghristi, "I hope this work can s completed at the earliest pos- ble . time.!' Reagan is the chairman of the s ,gistative .Council as act'.ng lieu- nant governor. He took over the sponsihility of the state's sec- id highest office, because Rea- was president pro tem of the mate when Lt, Gov. Ben Ram- resigned to become a railroad iitimissioner last rhonth. Daniel pointed out that the )uncil was asked by the 54th id 55th Legislatures to study tiall loan businesses. • The cotin- 1 reported to- the 56tli Legisla- ire in December, 1958. 1 .'/Since the legislature will be sked to consider this matter in xe near, future," Daniel said, ;"I ould appreciate it if the council 'puld bring its report up to date nd make as specific a recom- lendation as possible on legisla- ion which would probably regu \te the small-loan business." IT PAYS TO READ THE PAMPA NEWS CLASSIFIED AD FOR SALE BY OWNER Good Income Property 100' Front In Business Zone with 2 Houses completely furnished contact Ruby Harvey in 1 Basement, 31S X.r••Olllesple. MO 9-971.1 For Appointment.. MEN GET THAT JOB! OPERATING HEAVY EQUIPMENT SUCH AS BULLDOZERS POWER SHOVELS "• CLAM SHELLS DRAG" LINES BACK HOES SCRAPERS GRADERS Thousands of AddltfOnnl Wieh will h* needed to operate tlia-HKAVV'KCjiii.'v MliNT. used .to ntilld. .rondd subdivision.*, bridge.*. IrrlRhlion »y«terns, pipelines, dam?. inlssUe, Kite*, shopping center*. . lndu.ilrial' park*, home sit**, airfields, eU 1 '. In'a grdwInK America. , • .-.,.; ' Complete prftcllenl training on :OUtl modern machine*, Hi, ot)n Resident TrnlnlnR. Sites, gives you (he baoU- uround you need to Rrt that JOS you want HR a IIKAVV E'QtJIPATKNT Or* MONUMENTS, markers. }35. and up. KKATOH with the help of our liRlloii- fd«t F B iNTK. MO tftd l-Awf H*f.!tlti». All Ho (- .Fn .,104. •Hunt; U S K I) RKryUaEftATOR, QOOBRIC'H DAVID HUNTER INTElttOH AS'D KxUflOr. Oecftfttlor, Tftplttt Texturing' FMntlnt MO ft-2303. tt*A l)ltV C ^1L Te*as Furniture Annex 511 N. Knilftrd MO -l-WIt. MO ttlMiltuf*. MM- _ 96 96 2 RfitMOOM Duplex, larfre closet*. fenced yaril. ftest locution, I30T IS1R \V. Wllkit; 40'A Hauling Mevin§ for N'ICK 1 and 2 bedroom apartment". (,'lo*e In, refrlirenUor anil stove If renne..ted, panel ray heiUin*. Call trfils Sandfers, Mo 4'4«02, 97 Fuffiliriid Httuiai *7 i 3 UOOM with shower, nloely fur- MAIM iMiLV TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, l»81 II 103 Kia! $at« 101 I ma*, Lnf^cst selm-tloti In town. SOc i _' hblds J'oilr choli-e. , nlshfcd. J««. A inmith, bills paid. elderly person or couple, M(i r.-.*.S79 " ~ ~ ~ ~ " * ROT'S MO 4-ans t)«tlv«rt 2C3 B. --* ,1* * *' * *- 1 Oay 2 Day. 1 * 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days* B Days 7 Onys S Days Child Car* 41 Dny Nursery, S20 N. Somei'' Vllle, Supervisee! care and •• piayi Hallv or houMy. Balanced, inenls, MO ' fi-2:)J2 fttWP « MO 9-9ino. f^j-^^-^,^^^^ »- r--f > *•***-&r ^ i^ «*-^*J 41A Convalescent Home 41A . Weit«fH Aufo Store MO -t- ft iirt ~ li a t li~ j ft S 1 <^~ K, " V I s liir * Ptifnltuf* A (*«.it'*ts for t.e** aomervHl» MO 4sll ('nil MO JMISS, _^ S ROOM ~fu>nl!Th~e~o r ~'lvbii«e for~rent, bedi-nom, children \vel- extra come. , All hill* paid ' a S~ per month _* h'o\i*e HKDKOOM.! house, racpit. centntt fence. JM9 X. Wein, n pi Hi. "Td fa I Coe'afidrT .1 flRflftOOM. dlnln* room, utility, fcflrpet. 1 *, drnp^s, ulr r.oiidtlloheil, cfthiral hent. fireplace. 1,0110 *<t, ft, redm-erl to m.WO. $2.IOfl ilowri. KIIA loan. See nt 3231 . Mnry Kllfft fall Mo 5-4l:!!> for anpotnlinont. 2~Hfi!r)UOd"M"Home7:idl Henry $«','irio. S8nn.J>o\vn._Cnli MO >>i!"<M,_^_ .BV OW5JI'JH 3 bedfrinm; i\tn. rarnffOA living room and Mils 103 Real Ettati Nr $«!• 163 NOR3JNC) itOMK . Hous* Doctor Nitwly d«cor*t«d Rhone 41.11....... ranhandle. T«t»i 42A Carpenter Work 42A 2A Monuments 2A Fort Oranlte & Marble Co. 129 S Faulkner. MO 5-5822. ',^"^»>-^.^^*>-^*-.^-j»-j» j*-.^-.~^*^--*f*~*~~f*-* Special Notices iia Wills Is now a representative of i Fashion Frocks Incorporated, Will' do sewiiiK and alterations in my lioine lOOfi Terry. MO r.-l(i6(i, FOit -Kawlelprh products See H. C. Wllkla 1828% W. WHUs.MO 4-4205. PAMPA. LODGK.966, 420 \V. KinKsmill Thurtt. Dot, 2(i, 7.30 p.m. .Stated business meeting. Frl., Oct. 27, 7,»01 p.m. Study & practice. Visitors welcome, members urged to • attend Clyde C. Organ, W.M., O. D. | Dandley, Sec ' I 13 Business Opportunities 13 A BUSINESS OFYOUROWN ally recoRnlzt-d iilncement service, Kor complete Informnttoii, semi name, addrens, a«e, phohe" trtimber,' and workliiK hours to: .. UNIVERSAL EQUIPMENT OPERATORS^ SCHOOU' ! 130 Whiteside Bld.g. • Uubbofth, Tex«y • v ' ;•;' WANTKD —— fi youug;~men from tliis area 17% to 2!) to train.for Ha|lrond Communication. Salary $100 to $500 month' after short rtraHilnp small I tuition. Prottiotlpn arid' retirement' 1ms created opportunity In tills vast field. Kxoelient chance fot;,a<h'»no'e- . and sood. benefits. I'or lute.rylew, write Box J-2 •%' Pampn.' i'Ni Rive name, a^e, address, phone. .._H work wanted, carl O.«M -born.; 531 Tjeforii^ MO n.fiS04. ^^ j 43 Electrical Appliances Jt3 IllSPOSST-SD KEI.A'IXATOFt luitomntlr; washer. Take, up payments $1.50 weekly. B. F. OOODRICH |3f8 So. Cuyler MO 4-9131 JESS GRAHAM'S TV T~g5TA~S~1 _North Cviylet MO lJSj*jI} — -— . ,. fins perfect, inakb in* an offer,. It* Injmy \v»J'.'2SUO .UoSewnod, "~~ WHTffINGTON'S FURNITURE MART up payment* Oti .1 rOom-troilp- of furniture, "Ijow t'rlces Jilst rton'l happen — They Are made" 105 S. Ouyler _,_ ^ MO .">-S\21 HELBY J. RUFF" Furniture Bought and sold 612 S. quyler MO Tr-S.HS 69 Miscellaneous For Sal* 69 „__ __ room fiirnlsh'cd § «r««iv. luiteiitin, nutotnntlc henf, 21'f.efor* US. p«r month, N'n hills pitld. Inquire .'tOt llftr.*! AIO n-2S'.S. yard. MO -MIOS, ijiiFne" rooms with" fenced _ _ 2"i"wXTllA IjiiFne" rooms with"la"rir'' l>nth, well furnished, Tlllln pnld. Call 4-S'OS. Inquire B1& N. Stark- wen I her. buy eiiully at K aarrlflre niui tnl<p up Jfifi pnv- ment*. 2l:i2 N. \\'e\\i ' "'' afler 1:30 weekday* I'd*" ^lo or an.vtlmii Jfi'rribKFKJ'iT'nTftft n"ei»niUi«""j beT- room, fenced vdnt, i-lose to nloro.1. 109% W. Vo*ter Off.' Realtors B. H. WnHnms MO 5-1.111 Ml.S C.~H. MOND'Yi MO 4-tnt\ io,i N-. B1016809 113 Property to bt Moytd 113 ItOoM house K. Two S room -hoiwe*, 2 block* of Kt-ooery store * ( blocks of nchool MO fi-4iin. __^_ ^__ Inftil 8 rnon) 0 lunulre 70*'• t'loxe in, nlw house. ItR N. West _A\, Hrasv_Al.p_4-s6l7. __ __ MODKiiN clenn S "room" Tiirnlshed house, fenced yard, jtnrnfte.', IS2I K. Frederic. •• • < , NIC It! 3 hcih'oiim fuTTihirnd, plumbed, cm-port; nntennn, S hlookn from _ \v-N.MU _~eifult"y" in""« bedi-oom~nnrt den brick. 2 hnthn, electric Ulli-heti, central heat, covered patio, double <Iood Incatlun ,\H> ."i-3S28. Hedroom. 'J apartmnnl.'t storm cellar J7,7im My efiuiiy $4,TOO RXKiinie $:l,non loan nt i for 3 UOOM nicely furnished pnnet-ray healing-, hills paid, N. Somervlllo. Offlca • 418 ,„ Carpet Cl'ncr. We clean wall-to- wall carpets, llvlns room suites, rusfa & upholstery. Professional work, all ' • ' • 9' x 12' rues $5.00 MO Q S-5313. B. L. Smith. Lawnmower Service 45 iVcryllo finish for vinyl mid nil hard I floors. It's different. PRnma i KtJUNiSiUfirrTnodTrii J'rooin" N. 'B« IndiipvncUnl in n Gulf service station of your own. [Healthy,, interesting work :—outdoors. First-rate in- cpme. Excellent future. .Choice location available. 'No service station experience necessary—Gulf will train you and pay you whils training. Financial assistance to qualified man. Exceptional opportunity to b« your own boss! For complete details, write or phone: Pho. 4-2611 — Phi 4-6651 WA R DS NEW! 30-gal. gas heater gives 2O% more hot water! <> »* VO-YR. 'TANK GUARANTEE K tanV' fallt In finl 5 ytorlf y»y 8«l a ntwh.ol.r FREEI. II faljvr* oceufl In MK) 5 ytars, pay 50%of cwrfent prk« of ntwh*at»rplin10% lor «och oddiliofial ytor. NOW! GET MORE HOT WATER FOR LESS MONEY • Rust-proof, slast-lln*d lank • Automatic Honeywell conlrolt • Thick, fiber glast insulation Newly-designed burner provides faster recovery than comparable models, • nour installation AVAILABLM 217 N; Cuyler MO 4-3251 8 UNIT furnished apartment building Call MO 4-2S40. 13A Business Services 13A Bookeeptnf? -.Service* reasonable rates Pick up and delivery service MO 5-.W1.7. For Fuller Brush Service Piione MO 5-2378 orAIO 4.C.130 "BRICK HOMES VA LOANS . No Down Payment No Lonn ClosinK Cost FHA LOANS Minimum Down Payment See R. A. Mack in Mesilla Park : -...,• 2300 Navajo. MO 5-2711 or 8-9393 New Home's Now Under Construction in North Crest • Gl Loans With No down payment • FHA loans with low down payment Come by our model home at 3004 Rosewood or Phone MO 9-9342 or MO 4-3211 for Additional Information. * HUGHES Development Company 156 Musical Training 15B rj^jj-Jjj-j j-j-j-j- -. n r- f f f r-,- MRS. WARUKN' U HALpBAUBR private piano lessons",'400 K. Kentucky. B,A. In music from N.T.S.U.. Call MO 5.5175, ' -Mowers Sha.rp»n«d nclns Ue'palr < ,,N«w & Used Mowers Fres Pick-up * Delivery VIRGIL'S BIKK SHOP 1128 S. Cu.vler MO 4. 46 Dirt, Sand, Gravel 46 18 Beauty Snaps 18 $10 eoLmvAvKS js V JRWKTVS BKAUTV SHOP !H2 8, Flnley ^NfO 4.-8581 FREE HAIR CUTS WITH'Shampoo and set. Kva's ty Box. 500 Y eager. JtO S-2.051. WAN'TKD — R-rocery clerk experieiice not necessary. Apply In person only Cut - Kile - Food, Ijffors,. Texas Drive-way Gravel, top soil, rotary- tiltinfj, barn yard. fm-tllijier, • fill • sand 3SIO 4-MC9 or, ,MO ;4-2284. 47 Plowing, Yord Work 47 YAKD and OarQen Rotary TtllliiR levellr.K. seeding: and soddlntr, Free 1 _ — _-_ Yara~nnd garden plowing, "post holes. leveling-, roto tilling. J. Alvln neevcs. AT.O 6-6023. \our rholcc .1 Phllco flefrlgators 25 Salesmen Wanted 25 48 Trees & Shrubbery 48 TJUOII!' trimming, all type nf tree & •limbs,- work guaranteed. MO G-2-174. Cu rl eyjJBoyil. '•"•...! L_ " Hardware. Take up "paymcnU apartment line •MO__4-S-tl_9.__ u ^ ~XtU CONDITIONKIt COVKUa We- measure and Install your cov» ers. 1'Yce eatlmiiles. PAMI'A TENT «t AWNINO 217 K Brown M.O 4-SSU CARPET Qualify For Last On* Room Or Whol« House C&M T.V. and FURNITURE i^-l£LJ om .*Ei! 11 * _' Mp 4-J"-n PFKD~SK"§5, Salt, Ferfrffrer. Santfdi. tton, Farm and Ranch nuppltM, serial »pra>lnK. Pompo Feed & Groin Co. I2B W.;Brown MO <-7!l» It » » isi s $ » s tt ROD MACDONALD FURNITURE & PLUMBING 51.1 H. Ouyler MO 4-fi52l WHERE YOU BUY FOR UEBS »»»lltSI»$ J I I for rant, Cull 4..17I1I $375 TO $450 AVKRAGK to start, local company needs two married route salesmen for permanent location In the following places, Pampn and Memphis. Apply In person Wod. evening-, S:00 to.9:00 p.m. ouly. 1S20 N. Dwight St. 70 Musical Instruments KOtltl lloom modern furnished inquire 521 a. Bomervllle, 98 Unfurnished Hous«,< 98| 12-lfl N. .Hussell; 2 bedroom, plumbed for washer nnd dryer, fenced yard, Kuteuiia (taraye. <KR MO 9-97SH, _ __ 3 URDROOM home, avaabe Oo. 31st, wired 220, . HU Sierra, MO r.-31nfi. __ __ _ __ _ : ' . __ foh SAIillJ "oTTfENT: 3 iTeTlToom house with nltache.d ifRmgn. All cnrpe_ted MO_ !).I*I37. ' '•_ " " ' " _ ._, __^ _ W, M7LANE "RlACtY" MO 4-3BII ., ...... nes, MO j-nr,0' Fprd^norHnr •..... .».,. MO -2.1M 54 ,1 HI'!I)I!OOM FHAMK with HarftRe nnd twit fiuiiu iipartmenl. located S'. X*>1- son SI, nboui ISno si|. ft. of living wren. I'Dtiipletely redecorated inside, price Jll'.Oiifl. I^AItOK 2 ItF.niiOOM frnme with nt inched single, nm' 1 . locntitd l.inn osii st. i'lo»« lo town. 1*1 Imtlis, cook top and oven, dlnlne room 01 3 rd bedroom, patln. riirpet, I,2SS sq, ft, llvlns nr»a, nliolit 7 years old. Price •tU.ROfi. or make us an offer. Call Ri-lty. MO t-8226, KWDUOOM FKAJIW Home, located Hughes' SI. cm-piMcd living; room, litrire kitchen, fenced yard, Price $1.000, buy. equity for J.lfll). or mnke us an offer, mnnHily payments JfiO. MO i-siui PRICE VS's* tA SOO. now M.OOO. 5 room extra nice, earpet, c«ramla tile, plenty of closets, new pulflt. Will move 20 mile radius MO <-,10U. 114 Trailer Houitt 114 Have several r»RO*»*rt, »6ni« Rood huvd. 417 «, niltlspM, Modern Trailer 'aal^s. MO J>-t>127. 21 ft. tnodtrn used trailer, food condition, See. Mr. Kd Lack s.t . . Groom, T*xad of (Mievrolet _ ^ _ "~~ BlSf TRAILER SALES NKW AND USKti TRAtfjERS Rank Jtates W. TllRhway (10 t'h. MO 4-S280 116 Auto Repair Goraget 116 MINOR AUTO REPAIRS Un .fieri*, tail pipes, brake*, lUrtern, teneratora, minor tun«-up. A. R. A, OF PAMPA «<nw. Po«t»i MO IJ.JH51 AUTO BRAKE it HJt,B!CTRlC _ _ or Hale"; Nfce. '4 "room house, tlltt klti'lieu and bath, floor furuae», 500 N. KUIer »<0. Call MO __ __ ___ ___ ___,^__ M _ Itfii ~T(irrao« • J bedroom, faiioail yard 'K«rage. ?SO , Also 3 room 134 H. Nelson. $4(i a monlli, water bill liald. liK|ulrHj2X i 'rl)(n<'r i MOJ.4r.3S. 2 fl'MlinOOM nn'furiilsli«d liou'so fenced yard, waltir paid, near 1m- mar Ho.hool, luiulra ISSOO S. Fnullumr drapes, aiilcmm, vent-hood, plumlied for wnsher &. dryer. K)5 l>*r month. _ ,, filirruTh'* k up. ^sd I'~M u ffit c ft hop Lift of a»r Oiiirtntxd MO 4 2(161 . 220 N. Sonurvill* 117 Body Shops 117 TOT' 0' TWXA8 AUTO SAtiVAGB Body work. Taint, Bout repair. LBtorg Hl-Wav MO 4-8(11 WK NEED LlSTINOS Matty Mnador Bill Duncan honi» pho«« J Wnjln niinonn .. ..... 1-B751 4-8S2R 4-3824 PIANOS FOR RENT 30 Sewing 30 MONOGRAMMING—all types. Bowling blouses a specialty. Mrs. Cro»- sland. 115 N..Hoburt, MJO5-24B2. 31 Appliance Repair 31 Et/RCTRIC Appliance Repair. Coffee makers, irons. Waffle irons, On« day Service. Virgil's Bike Shop, S28 8. Cuyler. -rfO 4-H42U. WEST TEXAS REPAIR MO 9-9591 For All Repairs on Large or Small Appliances, TV's and •Antennas. Reasonable Prices 306 W. Foster 32A General Service 32A Wheeltr and Wheeler - cement contractors. Storm cellars, fall out shelters all types concrete construction MO. 4-7715. , 328 Upholstering 328 Brummett's Upholstery FOR Upholstery supplies, supported plastics, Polyfoam, fabrics by th« yard. MO 4-75S1 1918 Alcock .' BRUCE NURSERY . .,.__„..„. Lanrtst .»nd most complete nursery, N«w VVurlitier spinet nt low rtnUI r, itOOM house'. Riir»Ke. storRK« room, w - - - ••--• ---• "" --"-- NO obligation to Iniy. iientnl credit - • •- to up ply If purchase In inndr, So« our new nnd used Spinet rtanos In stock In the golden apreiid. 2fi miles Southeast of Pampa on Farm Road H91 Phone fiF2*_Alaiire,ed._ Texas, ~~ CARQE HO'LLAND. BU"LBS Just arrived: Peat Moss, Turf Magic, Sheep and Cattle Manure, Bone Meal and Bulb Food. James Feed Store ' Y)32" S. Cnyler MO fi-. r i8f>l Borger Greenhouses AND NURSERY 20 miles on Border Hl-Wny ; • Turn rlrht on Farm Road, No. 280 for 2 miles :•. Wholesale Retail TiTlip, Daffodil, Hyacinth bulbs, pflony roots, rose hushes, evergreens, Insecticides, fertilisers, garden sup"" eS BUTLER NURSERY Perryton Hwy. »t 28th. MO »-9681 50 Bulling Supplies 50 HOUSTON LUMBER CO. 4iiO W. Foster MO_4-Jjjt PAMPA"•'•'"ffOMM IMPROVI9MMNT te BUILDrNCi SUPPLY MO 4-6S48 J404 N._ Banks FOX'RIG & LUM'BER-CO". 142S AT^COCK ...... ....M'O 4-7435 Sp .varied finishes on display at Wilson Piano Salon 1221 Wllliston MO 4-8R71 __3_l)locks Bust of I-ltc h land Hosplt»l PIANOS FOR RENT $7.50 - $10. per month "Ask About Our Rental-Purchase Plan" TARPLEY MUSIC CO. u 5 . MYERS MUSIC MART BAT.nAVIN Pianos and OrKiius, STOIIV *: CbAltlv Pianos, UKNTAT, *. PUnCflASK Pliin IIS SV, Foster $00. ., , ?v'. (!llll*i)l(>-, ;i room house, ?X T . Fan Ikner. Inquire 513 *N. Cuyle.r MO _5 - ,", I W '> , _ _ __ . __ NIC! 1 ' Clean 2 ballroom, l«rK« room, Kitchen and closet. Only _pt;r__montli. Bill^__pi>ld MO ^ 2~or 3 l.t6blx5C)M: renl'nicn liouse for rent llest Trailer^ BalesMO 4-M5I). it HOUM modern honso unit porch, fenced y n rd a n d KH. r« K« . _ MO 5-n2l!t. luiiisn" MO 9- _ 2 J)l'"otOOM utifiiniishert pliiinbeU for washer, AK) R-2001 80 Pets 80 pnpplpM. of |>uiiiliM< lilrd iiloood lines. _ l HiicliHliund piippicK, •sale J'l'i ninltt or female. Hills linal IliinplUil. I :];).-, .S, Main An- __ _ __ __ __ _ UJs I 'l< i iilUNi.Stl1i i .f) olimn" 2 iiiiiirnofn hnimn, K»ra(f*. fcnc«d yard, Cnll MO !l-9S7il. 102 Bui. Rental Property 102 Retty .iBOkson. •loan Oaluifiie , UB.|» Thut ... . MO Mi703 , MO 4--i2tiS MO <-<i«Ot den, BY CHll; Must qtiriiets, PiivmcniN MO ''>^. OWNER move. ;! bedroom patio, fmicml, pick -up pilly inaUe offet 34 Radio Lab 34 HAWKINS RADIO & TV LAB 32 Yesrs in P«mp» Service on »ll makps TV's, P.adlo, ( ar Radios. 2-wny radio?, Hi-Vi, Stereo, and TV antennas inslalled, 917 S. BnniBs AIO 4-3S07 Gene & Don't T. Y. M< W. Kostar ; y MO J.J4SI Johnson's Radio & TV 57 Good Things to Eat 57 GIUOKN TOMATOES for relish «c per pound. Kpperson • Vegetable Karm, 1 mile west, of Mimory Hardnns. , NOLANDS '•yotintf tondfir lioni 1 *' grown TURKEYS are ready 'now, any filz«, fre« delivery, Phoiin AIO 4-7017. 58 Sporting Goods 58 Deer and Elk hunters: Slifrhlly itsnd toat Roat to brliiR- In your game. will sell or trade. Ogden & Son __ _ _ .. We buy «elT"n7itl Ira'de nil" UindM ot suns. 119 H. Cnylnr AddlnKlon.i Western S'.OVB. Plione MO 4.3101. Sewing Wanted 60A VISIT THR Ariunrltiin for pi-is nnd' Hiiplilli'x, lilnla, imppli's, kittens, Troniciil fish. 23it Ali'ook. 84 Office, Store Equip. 84 CROUCH OPFICR EQUIPMENT CO. WE BUY USED OFFTCHJ KQU1PMKNT 71B W. FOSTHR MO 4-8771 95 Furnished Apartments 95 2 bedroom duplex apartment, private tub bail) $.11) p«r month. Inquire .Ir. Minnli'ks Trailer Park V4 mile South NEW PICTURE TUBE Installed For Only SO450 Ona Year Warranty ^J | PICK-UP AND DELIVERY JESS GRAHAM T.V. APPL & FURN. 308 S, Cuyler MO 4-474? C8.M TELEVfSION "«'U "hon« MO4-..nM m N^ wlNG's A'NTE'NNA, fv SERVICE US1SO ANTENNAS 1117 Varnn Dr. " NK\V MO 4.4070 __ TEtiEVISlON Service on" all makes & models. Joe Hawkins Appliances. S48 W. Foster MO 4-B341 lion and imui'p up, also .toaster pillow cases. MO 4-72H7 63 Laundry iilirti IniPiil, prlviiti* luilli, iBi'Kf clnsels. Bills paid, J.10 per mo, _Alu 4-s:;x'.i. __ __ • _ n mid 4 rnoni duiilcx Mini jiiinlielor i iT'Oit »|.art nil-ill, lllffi'i'i'ut. InCillUiiiM. Alii nlcvlv luriiiMlieil nnd cli'nn. l''iirnin'c _AHi 4_^:ii:i. ___ 3 UOOM furnished KfiraM'c. Hhtirt~iiii*iit 102 W. Jlrownliiir. UlllH riiiid iidullH or buchflor prefrreil. (.'all MO 4-8(l!)0 jar riinturl liciiHe- n«itt rtpnr, verc 'I llOi'JAt fiirnlslied H|7Hrlmeni™*blirs I P^ld^ 'Se*^ Htlilfi W, Oriiwfo'd. ! / '-• '2 ifoOM pfflrerrc~li'iBi'ir('l<Tr""A'pirrt~ A7 IIIHMl. I'rlVJ'tf lllllll |V lllt(M'HIICIt. Mill mild, antenna. Mil 4-(i'.Mi> or 1-Z381, KITH. for li' 7^2 (I'reilrlcU 75 ft. of hlRh- AVH.V ri'iinuiKH sliltitlilr fur unrngc or wiirfliniuie. ('ill! MO !i-ii7> r >7.__ (T(K >L>" IlViildiTrn""lnsldV nVid "ouT 1400' floor M|mri>, nine for nlorn or warn- 2:liMI Alcock. riiiin* 9-i)tft7. Jn« 'Decker. 103 Real Estate For Sale \VIM, TAK'I'! lute model cur for „ In '•', lii'ilrnoiii. ili'ii, l at liHlh, i.'fiilrui hfiit. mid nli\_lloi Terry. I''OH HAJd-: hy owner: :i bpiiroom iil'ii'l; double KKi'HitM, IH rfrmnir lll« ha ills, built. In stove, A l>nn;.-iln to- _ilny, 2.'IB Mary Kllen. AIO fi-llUfi. 1 BiOD"iiol)M~biTckn"i(VmV'"wltir oulftlnndlnx 1 features: 2 cur family room, eletitrln kitchen, cenunlfi lll« b»lli», fully en rim ted. Colt-mini central licnl. Only Jfidd down on :IO year KHA loan. Cnll %Vliil« MoiiH* I.umljer Co.. MO <• B V Own en 3 hedrooni with iaTK« livlugr room, extra nice kitchen, .All ri-ilenoratud, pMlo, fenced yard, RiirttK« and 20 x 20 work xhop ueiir school*, Huy equity on H'HA loan, jni.jmr ni£nlb MO S;2fiOfi. A sriiull »torn HO IIOIIHH for mile; I'nii . _ . bath on InrRH ioT~Ooi' KilbdiviHlon J.'i.&OO phone MO 4-2H6t tir MO Mltlt. C. A. HUFF REAL ESTATE & RENTALS VIVIAN _HUFF MO 4-052; "'""IN PAMPA~8INCe '35 PERRY 0.6AUT ~FORD V S BODY Car Palntlnc • Body Work 11 N. Frost MO 4-4619 20 Automobiles for Sale 120 V)|{ HAI.1C Hot Itod spi-olal: Ifl52 OldHinobllK I'nmplftte. Needs ungliiR niul snm« Irnnsmlsulon work. Bfst offi>r over JfiO. MO 5-25.17. 1124 S*r- uooo '.154 PONTIAC 959 KORI'i McCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT STORE rloejtond _ MO 4-74 ~C, MEAPJ TfseTl (laTs ami""" ~ -•- Sfi Model l.>od$ft Irucks for W» buy, s«ll and servlcn all Trailers niul low l'«i'.i for rent. ,113 R,_JTrown. MO <.47fil.^ ___^ OlbSON'~MbTOR c'O. NEW AND USED CARS JOrt K. Brown __ _ MO _ <-:|< H_ ~ MAULDIN MOTOR CO. orwN » to a PM 4s w-_JM|'own * rt Li"2!H "CULBERSON CHEVROLET" »IO W. Foster MO.J^jjM ri'f" fi'I ,os M o Hi" uK. i*m" Cot t e*. Mft t-Slll). ____ 1 (Hi f"*i '"(i ll VAlll" Al on KnTfiil 11 k » n n w. Uiw equity, 3531 N. Nflson, .NfO _ Rood tlrsn, sliapc. ill 5H. Call MO TiO VulhsWKK')ii ( sun 'HI VolltsiviVKUM, 901111 Tifi Koi'd, 4 door Til ChKvrolKl Kndiin, ilnllVfi'V ni'.'it_N. iiHi;ks_ __ _ Xfp 5.inf)ii f EX E V A N S"BOl CK -h A MB C K*n"~l no. BUICIC - KAMBIjlSR • OMC • OPEli 123 North flrsv MO 4_-4577 HAROLD BARRETT FORD CO, 71)1 _VV. Itrowii __ ____ _ ll'rtl Iniiinln, 4 door, ititoiie hlu* whlli'. fiii'lfirv nlr, power llili-n Brsnricy Mary Clylmrn . Kva JuJHodlfM KAItli) by owner; a li«i|riiciin. I (•lirpiilH, washer mill dryer. pi<vniniiln ' iiidiilh, how Kqultv. I'ull f< 2MII. I iv, «. 4-illS <•?»>•» "" X bfldroom with over I S0» x<I. ft. oil M. Kcislnr. N'swly rodoronitiMl and in tup oondlllim. ISxJO HBI'KK* and work nhoji. HO, Mo. MI.S :tHI. COMPLETELY RECONDITIONED Inside, mill outside. This 3 bedroom t:an b* honishi for about IS7S down and JKX m". With now IOHII. MI,H 2IIII. NEAR HIGH SCHOOL Till* Ims 'i In rite bedrooms »nd »«p«r«l> illnlna: room. Hood oon (ill ion, Onlv *iiOll il.nvn mill (Ki 1,1,1. AILS nil. 4 UNIT APARTMENT BLDO. ?, null" nlivh fiinii«lii'il. Will rc- Uirii K"" 1 ' lii''»ni" nn liivcHlmi'iit, y li rd, 40f. .Vlnxiic.lin IJJONING $1.25 dov.en. mixed pieces. 2 Kxlni MU inn :: HKifuooM, fiiT|)«r«ir, 2 liloi'l,« from Noltool, pnyiiif |!):il .N, Nelson. JSIOUROI (M, 2 lifttTrs,~'i'rTi'« i>iiur,'il liy t2,r>(Hi. for Infonniil lun cull Curtains a speciality. Washing Do Ib. prlvwle hulli 720 N, BHiikH. MO 4-iilSu. ' ' °""' '•-•• rooms, well fiirnlslifd. BlllH pnld. full MO! "" 4-.T».Vliifinlrc 5l!i N. Hlarkwcatlmr. room furnJKlitid KIIA , 1 : >, SERVICE MART i 301 W. Foster MO 5-4593j 36 Appliances 36 OCTOBER SPECIALS Now is the Time to Winterize Your Home 39.95 11.95 6,50 2,65 USED AUTOMATIC washer. J1.25 weekly. B. F. GOODRICH 308 So. Cu_yler_ MO 4-ai!U DBS MOORE TIN SHOP" Air ConUitioning-T'ayne Heat 320 W, KlngMmlll . I'hone MO 4-2721 Read the News Classified Ad* BY OWNER iiiwry: 'I Jtddrootn with ;i valla lilf, dvii, i.'uipui' i«, ffiired AIO 4-62S2. 63A Rug Cleaning 63A j ^'«.j,Mu_>io_n:27Ji7"^ ^ ^ CI.RIVIKNTS"BBALTV W.~ ~^*~~~~,*~~ ,^^^,_^,,^^~ I 2 UOOM Hpnrtin»nt furnished, newly j AIO 5-S1II or .MO4.21SO KIRBY CLKANBRS ' f)l "'° l ' !lt « rt ' 4n "' - x ' w«n», Ph 5-sm or ,,%> NEW <fe used. Service on all types. of cleaners.. 5J21,i S, Cuyler MO <-2!i90 ^iUl'LJi 1 STAIIIH BACH ELOR apsrt meuT paid, |4U. a ninnth. MO !)-924;i, 66 Upholstery Repair 66 - hnis Siiiiujf private bachelor ml<l S2t) - N '- (ir 929 Davis Upholstry B. Albert MO 4- 7480 Aluminum self storing storm doors, installed ., Aluminum Storm windows 24 x 24 size installed Interlocking composition shingles Sqr , White House paint, gal Special close out price on some colors Dil Pout paint reduced as much as 50% Free estimates on repair loans, No down payment up to 36 months to pay; We arrange for financing. FOX RIG & LUMBER CO, 510 4-74S5 1«5 Alt-ock St. 68 Household Good* 68 Newton Furniture Store 509 W. >'o»Ur MO 4.37X1 CRAFT BUILT HOMES Now Ready TQ Be Moved Arnarillo Highway See Jim Guy Office Ph. MO §-2026 Horn* MO 5-5410 HIGHLAND HOMES INC. PAMPA'S LEADING QUALITY HOME BUILDER SEVERAL NEW HOMES STARTED 3 BEDROOMS N. 1 3-4 Saths, Ready lor Occupancy With-m 30 Days , 1813 N. OWmSTY 1 Bath, In Early Construction 1808 N. CHJUSTY Just Started OPIH IV1RY PAY COL. PICK: BAYLESS Offic* 1809 N, Christy 5-5410 apt- 2 room moditrn bills paid. 410 ii wedi. ;|i|9 )•',. llrowu- (UK, SIO 4-j:!l07. (, J &nd I room Tarnis]i«H~iiVirrVm«ht| prlyat* bath. Inquire 613 N, Cuylir, _MO C-5091! or 4-305S. I .'iKHH(j(tM ui/HlalrN. Kurutrt* ap»rt- Iijftil, No liilU pHld. lii'i a iiiuntli. fin il/M "fiiniTihed H(ial - lim-i'il7"i l «iriFui heat. litre and cl^;in. Tu ne.» >'tl\ _AVIilter lifer. SM-fiSSI, 4, iiOOM uiiil~liath. •fitiiiiiiii'. TffcwTv d«rorat*d. To coupl» tua K. Vuxttr r»)i«r, S bc'iviMini br- n. ifur*i(f, norntr lot, I \' t lil« built In til* Vitnlti«» In biid' rnoniH, Nlor«t», central Imat, duoleil NIC roiidlt lolling, carpel, drnpcx, n«w i:ellur, fenced, pillo'n luntl- icaped, »17.MO. S'i.'iDO eiinitv. 5'.j% Inuit balnnce, MO 5-2854 Tiirxdiiy. Krlilay, Sunday. Oilier cl;iyH «fler 8 _ p.m. o \v N ToVf i-iirpnled, drtipnd, funocd. riliown nf- ti'rV.uil weclc duvw. Anylliiin weirU'- . Mo f.-illTS LIKE NEW 'I'hU nearly n»w : ! )i juci I.HHII rrflill»lii'il i/nUliif. |]|K fuinlly klti'licn I'miihliiHiinii. eiln>i>m bus liKlilit nml ntiiin unit \\ liailm. urn! uiHHlile MIJI.I^» I-IH, in. AlHHii tiinu in move in with n«w loan. MI.K ^,fi. Offlo* 11J S. Bullurd 4-2523 Velum l.ovftir Boh Smith 4-44*0 r.lorU r.Untfiii 9-9:!73 (i«org« N«ef Jr. ,...K>.i20i) QuiMiiln \Vllllanu l.'ur! Williams 6-2506 TRIPLE AAA MOTORS Jll \V, Wllks _ __ I'll. JKM^OJ* NEED A NEW CAR? SEE US FOR Low Cost Auto Loans OITI7ENS BAN r K, * TRUST CO. A Frlindiy B»nk With rrlindly Sorvlc* for Correct Tim* MO 4-6701 MEMBER! OF FOIC i"i?M" p< i i N T A'I '""M u i i o ri~\v«i"or5 iiki naw, facUii'V air. IMJWOI Ht««rltig & pmsi-r bnilii'H, n#w llrm. red Hud whllft ...................... *!2")0. KW1NQ MOTOR COMPANY 1201) Alc.od« • NIO _1^ 7<J _ MOTOR MART MO S-3111 W15 N. Hob»rt _ _ J, E. Rica Real Eitat* 7)2 N, Somtrville MO 4.2301 „ __ ___ „,„„„„.„ ........ M0 •'OK HAI/K • ijooil Hiuull row r»nuh I Helen K*lluy ? ............. Mo 4-VIUfi _ 3 A*ND * HOrwVtrlv'atT biilli. iiiJU paid, Antenna. WHHhlng machlno. Air ccndltloned, 4^U .N, Went. HO jiiilrx X,\V. of i'Hinpa Uwiljii,, or 1'iit "' |il«nly of water Itviilflv Im- ', d|flr« ,. 614 \V. Krancln ^^I'^iprovH .«.«,„„ of Pl...,,J"^ tl , V ^ l ^r,n mlVJ ' :: MO fi-t294 MO5-iu:U '•lo«e \V. _ ___ __ furnlnhed in. Adult* only, liiijiili* iowninK aftei' 5;3'( and v«ry _ 1-3 ROOM Kurntahtd aiiartninni. water & ga« paid. Also 1 room furnUhM hoiue, I)I1U Dal'l. 902 K. Browning. j$.QjL'*y>.-^. „ _ __ t BKOROOM. rurn'U'hed aparlmVnT, cl9»e to *Chool FhoriB MO 4-40M, 96 UnfurnithedApartmenti 96 '•.r^ 1 '^' ^"•^-••r-^ •«••-»••*--•-•*-•*• -*-^-»-*r-«r -•»•••-•*••«•••«- JTOR RE-S'T: 2 bedroom duplex apart- muni. nifp, Kaxt Kra*«r, H^fli St. Ovm and 1 1, n\< -n,ii. TV «nt(i>iiii. gaiagi-. MO 4-4S27. liiml Kant of tuvvn 'Ullt mi Hiilvr Hlr^iii nuur Alroi'lt Av^. IIIIK IfJ.Mi") will tali* <uui| iiivrl truck and n«*iiil da\]tf in di*al Kulra nl''« f> mom lunnt ulUi ntlHf'bcd Heal horn* coriKi lurallon on Hen h ^vlih aiinchcrl Iwi i-iir garat* him nfi-ytlildg n**<l«d In t horn* KOIC ftKNT • J H I! »l Tin Christy )'>n n*r month linin<*diat« pomiiiiiiiiin 2 HT. with (aril* »l 1801 WiUU'nn. »l t'lu. K. K Krrrtll ., Alfi 4-1111 J"» Hlirllon ,.,. AIT) 1-^iSf, t'tAi,h I'niivtrit ilD "i'"i'*:','.i I inn old 2 Ixdruom brick IIUUB» dm fa kitchen liriiiieM. inAlc-bed l».>4 INTKONATIONAh 11-112. fro*t«i, heater, S:VJii5 t t>|y tli-»a. i Hiienl 1 1 niMiiiUxlna ,,,...,.., J.'IfJi 19 IS JXTBRNAT10NAI.. KB-3. J150 TRUCKS n.\lt'' fi.lO Tiuidein ........ JS750, I'dA.'i iMitivrokt 2-ton witli ull field body with vvliu.'li uini K«'I l*' 1 '** 417H. 1 ), McCormick Farm Equipment InUi nut iomil Truck Uc'i»i1qiiart«r» |-rl>;« I'.uad ,MO 124 Tires, Acceioriei 124 'REBUlfMOfORS" for Ward'ii, laoiory. repine* youri todftv, ("omiilntfly rebuilt to exacting "iii-t'lflcailniiM, New part* us«i| In afi vlt»l mmu. rr».t«*t««i and IQO% right , ..„ ............... . . HIM! out, Hull's price t7.'iij(), , wb«n , ou gut II, S(o<l*la to fit »ll car*. i MO 4 ! MUSt'HKi-l. i lirirK. f«ni: j )lOU*«, ''HI ' IJ1IWII 19') |J .,iyiiieiiU MO 1.511'J or - ; — -. 17n, Anpon. ''- b , rover«i1 pinio, 10% down and balance in 18 month* H.75'.) FOR SALE BY OWNER 3-Bcdroom Brick 1830 N. FAULKNER Total $14,500 Expert Installation • y Competent Workmen Montgomery Ward 217 N. Cuyler MO 4-3241 n 125 Boots & Accessories Down —**,.*».—>^*.-. < .,^,' iriuntbly MO ,'».4|ii7. ' MO AUCTION SALE Tuseday, October 24th, 7:30 p.m. Price Road Auction ICE BEDROOM SUITES PINETTS L1V1NQRQOM SUITES APARTMENT gANGE ENP TABLES BA»V BEDS u*»«l fuiiillur* or COFJ-EE TA8US REBUILT MATTRESS AUTOMATIC WASHER ELECTBIC ORYER ELECTHC H4NGE COOI STOVES T.V.'| ; of v»!»« — MO 4-S4"» Top O' Texas BuUclers Inc. MO i ?.'.<: Bill Carrett 826 VV. fru.r H. w. WATERS" MKUv KSTATK »U(iKKU« ANJ> INrftUtANC'K AISHNT 12'! K Kliismnill 41<» 4-4<Jil li' l.*>h*> Strfr w-.-li fi|iil|iK(|. 5-14.!'.' 4'> III* Mei'rury niotor, s^* Illfi Jiiiiiptr MO BOAT STORAGE u«<* nuintli: JUad'iUdrt for PANHANDLE ICE CO. 7 \V. Ko*tcr WO 4-7431 IVtt I'LYJIi il'TII belvi'iltti-v-, » ilwji »Kil»n, VS. l»iatl' L irMiisiinU 1 "!''!!, nullu. h«a(«r. puwtr ms «xt i' A ..-I fun. oiir o wi*r !»!.» KOHU 4 door ie'lan Oal.ixi«. S S, crunu tian^inliiiiiijii, iniiln. h«Hi*r. |tuw<*r »l«eiii'K. uwn<r. with only JS.IJ'W mil** lii," 19 i« * -ioor. »*«1»n. r«dirj. PARKER MOTOR $1595 $1795 $895 $295 CO. Wl 8. C OH'RYSUSR-DOUtilfi

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