The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 23, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1897
Page 4
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*'?- Atexfintler H«tt5aUton*fi low Mt«« airaitenod circwift- gfetocos of the troamity in 1789 to 18&1. *the tfttiff w«e ft. flomin^l affaJf, J864 it was raiwd l>y ftuwwwivoActn to an aver* <^ ot 47-Gtf T«»V c«nt. Thtt McKintey #tti# «rftsSO i>er rtjnt'ftd vatotom and We ft pound weight ftfi woti!Mrt. t&c Wil sent tariff was $0 p<** CPnt ftd vttlortto nMy, Tlw pro^nl or fcingley bill is 55 of JWU had fie a , , rhr ifcKinley bftf ite, Ch« Wilson m»gly bill Jt«?O,l r»f bill iwwrtly the ttie ttoty- at Vonr Buck Is Um<--~Why it Aeftw I'ftlfts, AttA Flow to Cnro ft, FM yon know wlint ft Is fo Mva n bttcfe (tl 1<i ttcvfii free from nf'IW'S HIK! corf»|4nt tfn, a tartK! back, a sore back, nn aching , in fact, a back that mitfcA yo.wr lite i trtferrtfln? What. ha»e yon done fnritf Ar»<l floes ft stffl kwp y$ti fnfnl t he, htiflfiji-, icwtiuvt fjetfeet hftftltlHtfings tatiff? We know futt W6ft If 8t«sl> la jfoftr eowlition t ciifp ffif* Jtwlfl tie n blessing: you -~ Iwilrf, do$r:e, toasters won't tfo> " ifl&y ftirtstin Mhptt£«ii$n£iK' t— Wont, rlolt; for, wfiim it nr*»y fffvc tern [Wary relief, it c!ot» not reach the cause. Corttitiue$ to 6lve tho Qbrdhurics &ralfi*Pag artrf Worry of tha Mind. m Wife mm, IBirl t l"£fiO«)rtif to tt^kc the tvttadk. frorti dJsdtdtt'wT wrffect t»«{f . fed J,hfi m»st , , If, ym* «o«W fee A)f>rit afdt I 5^ and 150ft dwiwWs over eoM, <>Uif, t- tot* ar^ almj in Stpck pft, pri^feft. j^ood advattw today, ^ t Our, tnercbaht tailoring ^epaftalent ih bettor stockM than ever aod^tt'r 'prices \vill prevail Mn«4t o«r prpsrat etofck is w<- haneted. - • ^. BHASAHAS. At Watson's yo« cim gst tte? Albiott and Honler flour by *ho 100 to,, in your owtvmgs, no light wiMgfet of Sfi AH>iou patent; 4b<? b«rt Sottr try it. r __'_ j ' - Peter Lockwood, atthe HardI mill te , preunred to exchange flour for wheat. Ho handles tho Yorkville milling Cotn|Wmy e flour. OOP of the beet brands made. Michigan Mining Hcliool. • A high grade, state teehnidd-'Sehool. Practical work. Elective system, Sam" mor eournpfl. Giveg degrees of 8. B., E. M and Ph. D. LaboratorSe8,8hows,mill etc., woll equipped, For catalogues ad drew M. E. Wadsworth, Ph, D., direcor Michigan, vish to' say 'it is ft trnly lljlrty Vcars agt* I 1««4 rt Ion w^ifte in jJb(j af mv, ,wTK'f«j I low frostrn frn >u% attacka whtci' <,* hflf ch tl«i«» if tcrt no lalmr, no duwt. Price 1<V . ^ BOSI.KV'R Hardware. tbo f>nh ittC. I KWW twn so lame «»«.' up af*or I lnM( iM't-n alilia^ d«wj rt gtrat exertion. Walking ton,* HnwS nft ImpossffrfUty* Men nt nigjit 1 Htl rtrtt ff,st, Ix-ing forced td get'itp'dnrilbK Th» nlftlit. I lii-niit of iMiitv's Knln^y Ihlb m«l wonrlcml ff they wnilil make an n) most lrtT»e' man well. I got some, ajtti ?mm after taking then* fot'£!Hi lo feel t»H'ii good cffi-ct* I used Uto'in for •son* iiihc my iatiien^s* aH left trie aflrt I UAV<? ««>» Jt stnfos, Boan's Ultlttcy Pills httvi mo an laeBtfrnaWP 1 amount uf gowl.' aalf by all" doalors, t>ri«s fiO rtmls. Mailed by Fosfot-Mlttwrn O., Buffalo, N. ,Y , sole Agents for the U, 8, Ifcrncm- berUienaine, jtMrnX wid.l*ko DO other. trtrt ftmti l*# course' ttf ~A« IfetfirVfdtf With tfl« VVe have all the. latest, things in the way of job ty pr>» < mat urn. for Halt* Tho ilerndon hoWl, twoatdro8,ahouBe and lot with barn and "orchard, Terrtis easy. BROWS' BxKcuTons, Mich. The Kloinlike ftolil FicMn Arenovv atlriM'Uujt tho iitten<i<in of tbo wholi* world. a>Kl the roHults of plivi-w autl quarts mining ««» Mly fquul to tho finds of. JiURgPtto in tho earl v "California days and • extraordinary inducements are being oiYered to prospectors, praetiral miners and investors, • • By iiext ppring tbe jjuld fever will have taken possession of thou^tnds of pc<»ple, and the western roads will IHVVT iilj they fiio d« to transport tho fortune* huntt^fH. Tlu Chicago, Milwaukw \- St. I\iul raii\\a>, and its connecting lines, ofjf<«r the bost faciliticH for reaching the ^Inska jjold regions. . /t For furthf-r information, addmw Harry Mercor, NfichJgan Pass. Agt., Dptroit Mich, ' For Sale A W model biciyclo; cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry, north of Ckcono's druu st/>r6. Talk about etylc, talk about it ! But have you seen tho stylish wotldhiff invitations, p.irty card«, individual cards wo are putting out? They're puro "stylo Don't you need a trjflfl of printing in tho fttxn-c linen just about now. Wo have tho newest ahd latest script Art elegant lino of belts, latent styles and lowest prices, at Hulctt A* Stin'a ilmilo oit of is ca em; mapper. TO CORE NEBWS DYSPEPSIA, « Onlii ririHh, To ttlmt (tppetlto ami in<*(t», iitnkn n trint "' »\n Tabtolx. W«ll, To Know Gnml Ili(C»»tliin 'i. I>y«p"|>- v _ — / Int»r«at,lng ^.-Hli Ooi»tIen»»B No.trouble.i^.tttor^ eofamuu or more mis- If thollahy tH^nttJinjTePth utnlerHU'cnl than ^nervous dy^pepMa. l*a» Be sure and UH« that <M and well tried fl**% l^SS^^W^S y, Mrs. \\ inslow B Soothing Syruu curwt by nerve me Scinfl aud *pnv* reuio- for children teething. It soothea tbe ^^g. the r0al Wat of ^ ie m i sc hief IH' lo«s child "softens the gums, allays (ill pain. mst htofs the 8touw:b in the organ to be wind colic and is thq beat rocuedy lottkyij aft»~r. -trbot- - Jlervuus dyspcptios often do nairhnvo Mtr pain whalevi-r m tho ntomach, nor perbap^ nay *>f the usutil symptomri of siotnauh wcakBCw. Nervous, dy»pep»"m sHowp itself iMonoy S»>e*l nol in tb<» stoniscii ab much an,in nearly every other organ; m some cases the heart palpitate* and w irregular; in othera the Incyw are Hfftsoted; in olh^rt* tho bowels that true govprnnvttt has re- fttt tilUmatUrn from the Ifftllcd Stater frlilT, regard to Cabfc and saw •receives a cablegtara from Sonolr feomt, the Spanish mlnWter t$> the ah , N ,...— pbur-piirlferii are proceeding bfetween thf ttttitied States and gjiatn for & friendly Settlement of, affairs "in- C«1»a. ' Btl E»o<|a'' I 'aft6r de- n6uHclng"a9""setisaiional," the story ol an ni;Umat»uflj, {, o mts f«t tftat tte"< Cubans have nf>t beeh at war with Bpain wlthnut the moraV and material w-t>jperatton of tlte American people. IMwre Is ft gWat d^Al Of commeHt a» to the origin of the ultimatum "canard. It Ms l«en attributed to aforeign ambassador: but all the «mt»ae8adora deny re- uponsilJlUty ftjr It* \ The people do not thlnjt tha* war Is fhev'HaTjle. ° tflje mlnlatcr of marln«, Admiral &<%. B<>rangol, ea/s that three 'crutsr-rs wilt 'shortly he finished and ready for service,' ^ ' Insist* »n the ITUlmtttnm. ^ _l*6n&on, Sept. 23.—A dispatch to 'the Standard fronu J8an Sebastian say«: "Fresfi communications have passed, between United States'Minister Woodford and the Duke of Tetuah conflrmlri)? thf vlfewa of the TTnited States as stated by tho American minister last Saturday Both pr^sa and public recflvwl tli.p Intimation of thr> attitude of the Ampr- Ican g-overilmcnt with swrplrls& arid ih- ^edulttjr. ISvPn • how meet 8fra,niards art; loth to believe the United States la earnest in ofterlngr In the middle Soptcrnbet mediation^ which }s .c.'er- taln>to l)c followed lu November by a dcclaiatlon that It is to*f late to stop Arncrlcatt action bocaus^ opinion In the ITnltcd gtatcs calls'for'a decisive policy, and because the fTubaris win accept «othln« short of' indcpondimcp. The Hpatilards realize that President Me- Kinh-y had finally made up his mind before he entrusted Minister WOiHlford with precis^ Instructions, polite, but clt>ar and, peremptory." Al U|^' -Wiidlitntftnti End of the WIrp. Washington* 8ept. 23.—The statd (!««• partment oflficlala-^efusfi to discuss the important' atatement made In the. cable dispatch from Madrid that the countries! 'of Kurope, wlih tho : exception of Aus J ' tria, juatify the Interposition of thft 'United" Stttt*B in favor of a termination of ihe Cuban war. It leaked out some time ago that the United States minister? . at various •••Kufopca'n courts had been Instructeid to aoiind the governments io which .they were accredited with a view to learning h'otv 1 Intervention in favTST'TiTTJuTTR' V of The Had Always WRAPPER ;, Of EfEEf BOTTLE. lion, Worms ,Convulsions,F«verish andlosii or SHEER THE™ un SOUGHT. ?a«Je ctfttnio* W6wl4 «c*eh the heart of feoii8^k^p«*. Portn- hdfroi* Sfcy Ijwe cuttdift, JWlnaatier Bow «)kia*Mfctrasfed <»t«»r catcafrd to tt><* tiro If a* *lioTe Stad .Sound as lifimr oiJgfct krtiS.* * A^ftotfj' cafl ttuiitl^ * , sock or a himdketcbiftt-lt .tSk^ art to do up" a lace citato in the way they RANKLIN Cot. Bates And L«nt^d Sts. t DETROIT, MICH. <J»*Iy^a Jlloclt from Uttmdxracdi -Ai Jeflfernort Aveg, Very <;ebtr«l» Car Rifles. ~ • Pay, H.H, JAMES, Prop. £}V*ih. tie. II, mr, Knihiuo, nu-al and mill C. A, CM8SHn«'H Mill, and try. All kinds of grinding Huh-l Shine. tie «Uoo drt'Kfiing for tan and black '. B. Billings: Sole Ddla Burgtwe. N Vtt PIlllOll. | JohD'Cir/;zinB'ha« 'received through H ., Day A Sou a.cajr pf the "Horyules" •brand' of Gcrtaan PattJaiid cement, and ia prer»are«lip put dowii'-Jho beat walka urn tnmblfMl with lus« of flesh and ,npiwtitc, with accumulation of «a«, sour rimn«n aud, . . A. W. Shwriwr of $k> Si P«wp<w;t St., oapolit', luth, wntoa <»8. follnws- "A motive of yur6 gratitude proliiprtHjio to Although It \vatt, generally supposed at the time that thU 7 effort \vouid no,t succeed, there is now K<f>d reaWtn to ticrept the HUitcment In the >Ia«lrid cable n-< ftiljy wananUd by \he faetfi, \v"ith such a levcir in the liandetof Woutl- Jford—and of its existence tb*> Spafl.i»h government must be aware liy this timii —It 4s reRarded as extremely Improbable that It would reject ,any t««4eF of 'good oflicea. / IHtUWlNG IN " Th» ff«'j?<»rai FaJJs Route." 'TIME TABLE. JULY 4/1897. Trulus depart from. M(ir»bj»ll a« foliowuf No. "3,M&n ftrn! KxproRS. « ..Wil'ip. m." Ni> Ift N. Y.kpeclnf* .....flO OU. m. No' 13 K»l»mi4n»o Kxptem -,.. ........ *:•' p. n. No- 7 Night KxprXws* ."V v 'v.' 1 *^*:.. 1 !' ' THAWS *AirftE "-' £~^3 Vp. 6 Mail and Expwjw '.'.. >,..... l:30p. m. ^ir-. Iti N. Y. Hpeoiftl*..,.. ... ....s,.t8:09p. m. ' ^'''a*'£' ftft! m! Mo. Eiprcca KxpreKfl*.... ., !)B AUftotio Kxpro*s« to. IJ (iiaul Kaiiido ExptOfB........ B:~5a. m. •Dally. - - t stop» nuly ou si«nal. • • • o. All traltii" rim on aiandard t'.ma which (a W '•nloOMw slower than IOTAI timo..; O. W. Rt'OOtRS, «en. Pa*». 4Ticket Aizt. ', A. JOHSOON, Frofitht Agent. tt. K. GIITORD Ticket AveiJl. i). T,& M. R. -Formerly— Jatoo RexTahlfets arc sold undcra positive guarflntee to cure or refund the money, and we stand fry our guarantee. .CtTK KSalVWervous Diseases, Impotence, Varlcocele, Lost Vitality in old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases and all elTccts ot self- abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drains. A.genuine/dWve toalc. Shows immediate improvement. The grandest remedy of modtm times, Don't buy imitations. J*rice $^«nts, O r _ Ttie lw»t l'Ii«(j in Arru'ii-a i loiit onifn to (Wture-n Buslnc"- ^>tu>'Mi»n »uy time., Ot»l« - six packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, ByTnalir, In 'plain package, ^on receipt ol price. Circular,f»ec. KINO REMEDY CO.,»__._ For sale at Morslwil, Mich , r»y .V^JO. HY ' to ataifctSfrltb&riy otlwr the njar^ - - \ . ' write ihetw few liucH rcgariliog the new and valuable mojjiciue, Stunrt'« Dyspepsia Tablets, t have I'teii a suffering- from nervuos dy«iici«ia f< r the ia*t four ya»n- t have used »ark>uH patent uiedicincd and other rtwe- odio» wtlhout opy fnvcirable rewult. 'lliey •jfiruetimiw t{«vo lemjiorarj' relief until the plT«c.t* of the tnedicino wwro ott. 1 nttrib- utod flii* to iny tosleutary. hHbits,* bt-ma a boodbeepcr with little phyaieal cxerciw, -but I aro al»d 10 istato that,, tlwj t«bktH liavo Me ali -tltese otwtiwilee f^r" I ti» flesh, hleep b. tttt, nod am better -' #Q Kjnjyrittt*w po<t '- ^ on iactunl f net. t IinntlBi-ant« \Sitlcl To B«r Jap Soldle'rn, K«n PraiK-isco, Hcpt. 2?.~If the.stjsfics the ixasaengets and trewyM 1 the ; City of IVkhig, whicbr 'arrived her<« from Hong Kong via ij<>nolulu on , Tuesday evening, »>e truest «lale of affairs fxUtsi In Huw'all wbicb demands the atU'ntlon i»f tho (state wpamnent. When the City of, i'wklng/afMvealH^Honplulu U«j attention r-f tJ^e othtr pa8t-nge»a on that ateiunev waa alracwd'by the_ Time table taklns olte^t A««. .-'J Tr»lo8 p«*« "Marshall a^' w TBHSfi tt<>IN Vo» 21. Battle* Civck Xcromroodottou, •^ ' No. tlUIN* OOINO WBWT. 7:20 ». m. B:l'ip.m, <:«i», «n. '(.( •* »• »• 5:-J5 p. ra. _ , Direct connooMona are mnda All Tolol i ana Mociniiftti with all ^, ui). V. A, 011AMBBK8, O. F. * P. A. . H. AN8UN, A«t. TRAD3 MAHK8V t DBHtON PATE«T8,f COPVHSCHT8. etc.' For Information ftn 1 tret Uaml »>i/lc « ftli- to Mfss /to. :«; intiiAttw »T. (i aw y\'»iu Olilcut IIHIVAU for »vnrifigiutiHt»lnAnM l rii»%_ K»iiry imti m talct n cut t>v «» I* tirtmtfit In fen reitiarkably ^ytnmetrlcal mt»v<-mc»nl!* of v the uteamer'p my, wee wer* tu»z4r4«d as i» the meaning of tfaejr tH-fng f1>fp|*^l to the isJauds. It w»« generally beltev^d that th«y >vt?r« s*-nt to th^T tlsunds-for Ilie-vurposp of 1; fotyjtrty r^^ifftlng ftnmyiE|tt|i3i>i if pffi^i^ sary. WWWNT* '«! tjhe ,|«ie8enc* *f the Wheels, aell full wued, i()«ckagft8 <tt 60 ifl South days title fro«i' whe»t, 0orn, barley and 9* tip *«J. ^a * claw rww IWJ^B «fith ue«u»i>^ cm w>« ho bouht toe f rwu |M», i|nd this la the to iu veat. Tfw f ui4lv6r ttarti«adttCi vriito H. llst!<ifd Oeuaral Bui Ming, fbic*B«. HI. BELVIDERE That wo btai MA« trata. to '-rippto t!r«clf, Colo., fa IHn StuMMi't MM llitniHmtf tthMteJ 174 Japanese were ats^rubarKlpg. Although i'la*«ed as tiu'ir vvt'll drilled and military and occaVlonwl crmsideraMe The Japaxt£ftc "\vC'C«i «ppflrt*iLt^ tbe toinniand <jf a veteran twr- 1 r Lfc i?ronj5» TlO» re»e<Jy beUc in J««t«(l directly to thr- •eat of tibOfH) dlseaws of tM Ctenlto-Vrtaarjr , ebaoge of diet. Care nuite*d l» t to 8 -- Mm»Uplainiw«k KO> by nuill, ^ld «a|y by O. HYDE. "My' boy eame home .froni school o»6 day with his hand 1 badly lacerated and aad Buffering great pa?n/' eays . E. J. SchflJl, with Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. ^xiMa,. .MfS*.. "fc^*«(pd wouud und applied Chatnberlmn's B'iloi freely, AH pain short time it }w«vled f withojut lu»vin<f a are ncj new on the Islands, and tt is? said that over 1,000 w'ell drilled men Jbave already top« about 40» vet?irai>» of tbe war^cit^d upon IjH*, Begt. 2?.— vi'bUe r^tarn- b«me IVOJM a b»nauet at Culm, a wagon containing seven rocai- of tbe Order of the Eswrt«rn 8t;u- into a dllel*. Mr*. Dr. tbi> niljllt' tsy ft«»»lw (f f mwtlfif l/traeRt ctroolatlfri of any »i b>ntlp<' PAPT, lit the •world. hpli-iuUijtvr |lln-<tr»ifc.l. N-» iuli-llij*nt m»n «lKiiilil im wlduHit 1& Weclcly. tflt.OOtt y* : tl.SU Mxninntii*. A«lil«"<-<. MUVM 4; CU. ^. N »- V^yU Cltv • new pair ' of kidneys for $1 — .•*. tiSP* pre»» Wine, a pleasaw to the tuste liquid medicine it sold at »1.W» per bottle upon the guarantee 'ol your mon«v bac;Ic it not Cure*. Kidney UistaSe, KiieuDUt(6m, nd Urinary tfoublct. caused by tm- ol price. Free by pvr« blood. Sold at drtiK store* ot will be sent ex » pr«p4m upon cectJiftt ol , »p»g* putwphiet "A New HATtisB'»K*NEnvCo,. Boyce Itlct'e, Chicago, I know of mt medicine or preeeripWon aqvai to it, 1 aunuder tt a household aeeeaeity." The KOUTH UAK01 \, . A MIMI f'«ttO« With §1,000. Aft' wo buy 160 a |1,«». Pay $«ao down; bftlaa** u* tluw* paymeut* due in -3, 4 *8S • &jwn» »t oeut. Ho cmq, 4^*0 buy 10U obolu« ewd* far, «i^4*««t W *«M» ^CM«wo,- . ¥ r »arm w*» Tfeoajfeson'8 skull JHtUIKr ' ^ Key West. ta *^yje^j tt«m, E*Terlo ijernor- Barlolome Ma»6> tuts vice ^frasident of^tbe Cuban <?*!oer&l Wttf, appointed majoy g^iieral. Genoml Gomfc* of tbe army of Utowatiou. IttaukJu Washington. Btpt- S3.—A C^auncrciftJ NaUftnal baolt, aty; i»*. o^»»i, —-" I will be at the oific^ of duriug Ij , to: tli« purpotsa ol" r«sei which are now due. tra collwtiuo fee .by M. «*- Cordette. If you are going to buy * ,eiitt - 1 -- —" -'" art) ecmi0thi ou tiie *to loi^ ^^ MARSHALL, LA OR. FELIX LEBKUNfS tlon to a i* O. P. & T. A., A.O. HYO?. Tbe uiitk js*H fatft WJB i|ic|»««* of ih«ij> TO ' tOW t r S MACKINAW PETOSKEV i® CHICAGO.. roun Tnipo PE* WCIK BCTWCCM PfcTOSKKV, THE "SCO," MAKQUETT* AND DULUTH. "• «i EVCRV CVE,NIMQ BEtWCCN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with Karllest Tralo» tt Cleveland for all points Bast. South nucl. Sonthuctil. JundtyTf Ip* Jum, July, August and Sept«mb«r On!> 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Have ]u«t been Built for our t'pppr takr Routt 8c»«l rot A. A. «CHANTZ,«.V. '*., owtfioitv MICK- Tfte Denott I Cleveland Sieam Hav, flfr Fast Trains To ^ \ Bay View G. R. &L in"f ffeet, S'aatjSft);' train Jfo^T ve».Klftl»'- 12:30 p^ b./ anil Qrwid 2 S() p. m., arriving Travertw 'City 7^)0 p ai,,PetoBkey?Mp*% Bay View HA&p^w, ami Barber f hifl of elk »kia awfcirely new, ata also eaajr

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