Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 19, 1947 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 6
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r". i News,-Thursday, Jun6 19, 1947 Id SeTIside $2,500,000 rile Idea in Mural Areas wm A P O s r-» £", O M WII-L!E> CVB SeEN UOOKl>4i& CHKK TME ROAD MARS' WANT TO AV/Olb AU. mVSO HK3W»VY$ WITTS TJ^SISJ AND Tf?AFPfC — Me. ire THE TF?IP, NJOT TH£ THAT'S IMfOft'TANT. Wool Bill Could Wreck Trade-Sen. \VA3HIiYGTN -- .IM-- Senator YriK iD-I-'rt' s;..UI today ;: hill per- ' I mil tee. Thi- bill provides that the Prer.i- fipnt, m;iy rai:« wool duties or im- )>o.s(' import, liinii.nlions. Whenever .•-liipmcnts of foreign wool tu force dov/n domestic prices. iih'hir 'i.)'i:: :m !i< f ffr;r- eiVil in mi ihii'i vie«- ilial ih HI i.Hiay ;: r,m per- n _ •^3"i: z,r\ Storm Repori :, .'', .- .1 Vi f < Mill ilH!f(l l''l'<im PllUP Vr.t M'.' Pi '""' :ur." Drain I approval in 111 ! H:- w:>v lo President ir.litfa!!. 1) Hy OOLXJLAS NEA Stuff C()iT';pr<n(!i'nt WASHINGTON- .,\i:.\) A rnsnnrd liy tho i;'r)nii; !c!":iuri Louisiana farm \vili ; anoilii'r bama farm. But Bookmobiles, \vlio.-:<> iraveliji 1 : country librarJ;\s l:u i pl,:v/ lUnr.i-ii mud or snow- filled i"i,!ii;rv roa'-'s to scattered •.-viral undes. still rfiiv'Ii far to-j few ))(.'!• -oi!;-., Hie Ameiie.m Library Associatioii bi'lievi".. Congress is beine. ururd to appro- J)liate $2.500.000 to spre:.;d IrioUhin- bile idea all -ovi'r Hie U. H. I 1 v.-oulu give 35.000,00!) Ami'i'ie;.!) eili:? n:; access to free library : erviee \y!>a (i'Mi'i have it :io'.v. Mo-:i •,!' ilio-.e \ii:o Would benefit would b • t:umer... Several stal.e;; -.iln ady liav.- brid!:- ixink 11 i 1 in'i'.re. ted in fj :; . readi"!' -MI-"- ;i:iu l( i-i' .-i;>y. d h'.jme eu ry nii;ht, listen-| :i.c in >,:•:• read. " : " : '"'' "i e --Vi U.ih.itna 'aniiiT •< .kcd •• iv.. ,'-.i 'tiler help- nii.iji;.' irir •;• (.1 i,riis' out in an Ala- < :; pp, -i'i; -in;;, Ti;c tarnuv hi lie's']' pluiVlbhl"- ill his !-'.ir>s T!I..- driver e.ol (he book lor ihe i:>rnv.-\- but. on his nerd trip M-oimd. th-> runner was in a latlr>r The phnnbir.rv job had <;one 1'ine « v-j, to a fan.ii,i ni-iiii. The direeiion.; |' 1 cl-'jr in tlie i;oo'; and the in-M ; :•'!);, ..i.-i-ri.' so rar-;v tlu lore do'.vn (lie ouldunr" lie <!i.- covered (hat Tor in..udime. Ihe drain-' .vie 1:1 a ff-euiid vcluillf. 'iliili. 1 made uu e.un r- '•• i rip v.'H i i Jin 1 second mobiles oi3-?ratin:;. Per.-i'.'... v.-!.:M".,vi.': A n w mu-llei: u:-l rea.vm lor licen workiiif; on them are telliiv - vide: iirea:| oiieration of bookmo- Ckincrcss how niiuh v.ood Ihe;/ no. bdix. P.mi n ; nvar:l of Ihr Anier'iean In a Louisiana pan;-h a larm ;• 1 i);ra:v A ,-cei::!i'.n, told Coiuirew:, V.'ife told a bookinoUle (jperiitor! i,, that "vv;' must have a \\ idesjjread, -that before the ;;erviee started ', •, he ; , :j icjent. and :i'.e'.u r:-i\-e public li- liod just nbout made u>, her mincl '. biary .Trvicc or depend upi.n iejio- to leave her husband. .She said her, r;.;;r : - and misiiii'ormritio:! lo husband spent e\vry nii.hi in drinking after l.hv chore:; wore lin- u-. in m',ki:i". .some of the vital de- ci-'-icin.'-. llfit '.vili utleet. uur entire welfare." Mhe A -s'-.ei-'.tion propose'-- that Fulernl '.und:: i>\> ,-nr.iehcd by state I'l.iiii-. Th" bill under conskleraiion Ing hours by reaclini.:. She dixcv.iv- j v.-oiild ::•-' p./m-id. 1 funds lor book- ered that readir.;; alond lo her- i mobile-. The inoiyu- would be s])env. .self made it even less lonely. On-.'!;or plain;!;:.. ;.. mitionwirlo proeram' night her husband e.;ii;e little early from his e".i,"^ ished. Then one day the lib;-ary ed. The . dislrauuht \v:fr l tjiat she mis-ht kill her lonely »JDE GLANCES BY GALBKAITH frmn&tfh n'S^mm, 'T/y next door Old? Get Pep With IRON: plus supplements ' CALCIUfil, VITAMIN HI MEN, WOMEN M,^-:;^;; 1 ^ 111 huusted. 'I'aliO tlstri'x. C'om-inri Itni ,- u'i,-u - ' ' I borrow liis and it's terrible!" , Damage Sutii Is Filed i , Ofihers . . 'JOr-bV ImJliM Vutlxle «t all (liut siocai cvu-ywlicrc. WET WASH 6c per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 513 S. Cnyler Phone 205 Pljone Ask me about my business S8U or 4? ANTO^fIO--l/l J l—A $105.000 on iile in 57th Henry Duval and four ; other officials of that county. I Jv.v.T-r.'i cliarged in his petition that the defendants conspired to dai:n;;.,e him. The petition stated ,'.li.'-i, il;e event.-; leading up to the .'.-u.'t oceiired here when he was a hospital patient and in Duval ' CouiHy in the- fall of 1940. ' Defendants were listed as Judge < Dan Tobin. Deputies Sheriff Dan | (J. Garcia, Mariano Bcnavicie.s and Quale oendejo ;Uid DJ-. K. K. Dtin- 1 lop. i Houston Police on Hunt for Diapers i HOUH'I'ON---M'i— Houston Police loriay were seurchiny for diapers— but not the usual do/en or so that ! young mothers always seem to : They are looking for '.iOOO of them. . all brand new. : John Cronin. manager of a Houston laundry, reponed the diapers disappeared from his laundry sometime ye6terdav •150 M. P. H. at a point 0.2 mile to the right of the center as it pas, sed through Woodward." would wm linn] j ]; , \ v .iy of comparison, the Dallas ;' mi ljl> .-iv/eather Bureau crave v.riat it said nim:in v j v . c ,.(, "very rough" estimates: A tor- i nado usually travels about 50 miles. e aerecl lo vo(,> () ;i it u | j j s n-om a lew hundred feet to one- J'':.''o (>:ilr;il .Siaad.ird ! luill' mile wide, and has a funnel HOII-.. slresd;-- ratilied I veioc-ilv of about. 300 miles an il Meeting From Pncre 1) ,nad Ijestcr Wiles, Borger, treasurer. Members of the executive committee are O'Brien, H. D. Thompson; J. W. Gnrman, E. L. Green, niul E. J. Dunigan, Jr., nil of Pam- pn; .3. H. Dunn. R. C. Kay, and A. E. Hermann, of Amarlllo; Wiles, Phillips, and Earl Blackburn, all of Borger; and Dates of Stinnett. hear programs in auditoriums these days, says Dr. C. P. Boner. University of Texas physicist. He explained that audiences themselves are growing noisier because the radio, juke boxes, talking pictures and such entertainment devices have conditioned listeners to noisier shows. Listeners are getting so they demand louder and louder shows. Dr. Boner said. Il's Nol Your Ears-It's ihe Juke Boxes AUSTIN—<7P)— Don't think you Advance movement. Is prob-1 arc getting deaf, but blame It on the juke boxes, if you find it harder to More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here Is a pleasant way to overcome loose plnte discomfort. .f'ASTBBTJrt, nn Improved powder, sprinkled on upper and lower plntfs holds them firmer so that they fcul more comfortable. No Rummy, (rooey, pasty taste &fr feclinff. Il's alklllne Inon-nr:iil). Does not sour. Olu'rks "plnte odor" (denture breath). Get FASTE15TH totlny at any dniK «tora. Miss Palomino of '47 f 0 Be Chosen for Stow FOB* ' of "Miss Texas" for the World championship All-PftloftHrto Horse Show, set at Will Rogers Meihotial Coliseum here Sept. 17-31. will get started next week by Palomino Exhibitors Association members in Texas. The winner of the state contest will compete against 44 contestants in the race for "Miss Palomino of 1947" at the show. J. T. Boothman of Port Worth, head of TPEA and general manager of the show, said all states that, have Palomino Associations will send their respective state winners to the event. This will be the first show of its kind to be held on ft. scale exclusively for Palominos. FUb- tfSf» arid tt SIPTOL jr*n fTistant frglfcf t« ed-up hMd-cold arid cou«fti. irritation land hoarsene** due ttt cold. Siptol loosens the phelf* lft nasal and bronchial tract, *ha«l«l:«ii breathing •Mitt tad efcfdlNMMt eou&hing. / ptledto Tw» H-Wtth Bri CRITNEY DRUG GO. Kidneys Must Remove Excess Acids Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes Flush Out Poisonous Wait* If you h&ve an exeeit M acids in your blood, your 15 mile) of kidney tubes may tie overworked. These tiny filter) and tubes are working day and night to help Mature rid your system o! excen acld» and pbiitm- oua waste. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic point, VCK pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, pulftneH under the eyes, headaelie* and Frequent of scanty passage* With trinifab ond burning sometimes shows tb'ett i» iWSt^ thing wrong with your kidhtys or btsddtn Kidney* mny need help the *«« «• bowels, so ask your druggist forUotn** Pllis, a stimulant diuretic, used succfsifuuy by miUions for over 60 years. Doatft BiV* happy relief and will h*lp ihe" IS AOeS ol kidney tubes flush out poisonous wotte ftoca your blood. Oet Doan's Pills. ' SAVE Mexican Sugar Loaf for canning LOOK LOOK MODAET SHAMPOO K RAO' Numaid Tabfe Grade MARGARINE, Ib. Roford Crushed PINEAPPLE, No. 10 can Snowdrift- Nabisco SHREDDED WHEAT, box Softasiik, large box Seedless RAfSiNS, 2 Ibs. Cashmere Bouquet, bar Lime Darling 16-oz. can Wolco New Pack BLACKBERRIES, No. 2 can CRANBERRY SAUCE LIVE Premium RICE, 3-lb. box Large box INSECTICIDES Wafer Pak, No. 10 can Stock Ply Spray Gal. Celo Fly Swatters Ea. Dandelion Weed Killer Pkg\ All Metal Ply Sprayers Pt. Gulf Spray Aerosol Bomb.s Ea. PD 25% DDT Stock Spray Qt. I'D \% DDT Ply Spray Qt, Rut & Woyae Exterminator 6-o;z, Daisy Ply Killer \ntro Ant Traps .«,-oz. con GRAPEFRUIT JU8CE . . . Large box Harfrex 2 No. 2 cans GRAPEFRUIT 2 46-oz. cans TOMATO JUICE KOOL AID 6 pkgs.

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