Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 14, 1939 · Page 6
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 6

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1939
Page 6
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THB CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY EIGHT, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14. 1989. HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO IMPROVE TOUB PERSONALITY By VERONICA DENOEL BABIK8—FAT AND BOSV Everybody loves a rosy, fat baby. And every baby should be rosy and fat! Prenatal care is responsible, In a large measure, for the health of the young baby; and the early care and feeding of a, baby determines whether or A nmv human being not It will be easily affected by children's disease. The expectant mother should realize that she not only must watch her diet for her own future health and beauty, but that the food she eats Is being utilized by Nature In the formation and growth of the embryo child. Her responsibility, therefore, is to her child as well as herself. Calcium Is a vitally important mineral in this Instance. The average adult needs ten grains of calcium a day, and a child about 20 grains a day; BO you see how much clclum foods must be taken by the expectant mother to supply her needs. Without a sufficient supply being constantly maintained, Nature, In her urgency to produce a perfect baby, will take the requirements from the Mother herself; and of course, If the Mother Is left deficient in calcium her teeth, nails, hair, bones and her health will be affected. Much has been Bald about this subject, and still women will continue • to overlook the principles of nutrition at this time, and •gain during the nursing period when it Is almost doubly necessary to supply sufficient callcum for the milk. This Is the period when the child Is growing even faster and needs every clement that can and should be provided by the mother. If the baby la bottle-fed, however, the mother need think only of keeping up her own health through correct eating; and then watching the baby's food Intake to make certain that all the building essentials are Included. Certified whole milk Is of course the best substitute for Mother's milk, and In the unusual case: where this does not agree, goat's milk can be used to splendid advantage. A quart of milk a day Is sufficient. The addition of orange juice and tomato juice may be made very early In the baby's diet; and Increased in quantity during the following weeks until the baby Is taking one glassful each day. Small amounts of spinach, and egg yolks can be added after the fourth month. I believe It Is wiser lo withhold the starchy foods until the end of the first year, although baked potato, washed dates and bananas can be used for the carbohydrate requirements. The Mother should use, In addition to these foods, Cottage Cheese, radishes, raw cabbage, coconut, lemon juice and endive, as well as other greens. UHINHINO tTP PATHEB- Bj George UoMiuiUf WEIGHT-GAINING MENU Breakfast Orange Juice 2 Toasted Bran Muffins with Marmalade Coffee Luncheon Cream of Mushroom Soup Pineapple and Cream Cheese Salad Glass of Milk Dinner Onion Soup Minute Steak Baked Potato—Broccoli with Hollandalso Sauce Tomato and Lettuce Salad Chocolate Cream Pie Cup of Tea AD reqoe«u tor personal "Healta. Beauty and PolM" Information dMlred by Veronica Ocniel'i column follower! mu«t be accompanied by a folly aelf-addreoMd. •lamped enrelopa la.a.i.e. I. Addratai Veronica Denial* In car* of tnli nawv paoer. SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS SAMPSON AND COUSIN BOBO LEFT THE NATIVE ALONE IN TME OFFICE FOR A FEW MOMENTS I OONY KNOW/ IT WAS SUMBODY TALKIN' AN' DEY ASKED ME TO HOLD J36 WIRB SO I3E HOLDIN/ IT TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE tl. J4. II: ACROSS Handlers of wild anlmali Lighthouse Mountain where the ark landed Withdraw Gypsy pocVetbooH Ignoble B- shaped rrtoldlnr Pertaining • to .weather eonaitlons Greek letter Provided and served (ood Follow closely Color Rotate rapidly Proceed Metric land measure itlque .jverace lun god Jurselves Vassal Secure Statute Narrator Indian mulberry Ancient region , In southwest Asia Solution of Friday** Puzzle. CB. Burn It. East Indian weight IT. Sound of dry leaves I). Wakes 61. Manner «J. Witness DOWN 1. Soft mineral I. Seed covering I. Ill will 4. Son of Judab 5. Clerical collar 6. Commonwealth 7. Moral Injunction t. That man ». On the highest point 10. Btfrt 11. Metalliferous rook II. Perceive 17. Gentlemen 10. Mother tt. Form us«d In stamping Jl. Mythical monster. )(. Ruminant animal 17. Drag iS. Either of two constellations 10. Symbol (or sodium U. Bone J4. Oaello sea god 35. Clothed 40. Run away 41. City In France 41. Bodice 46. Xhree-banded armadillo 4(. Medieval playing card 47. Conjunction 49. Support lor plaster »L Farts of a golf court* (1. Formerly (I. Limb 6\. Regret deeply 98. Behold 60. Old musical note ss fl I TWIWK I'LL GOTO A MOVIE-PT'LL TAKE F=F THIS IET THAT AS ME ON- Cepr. 1939, King Fcatuia byndieltt, Inc., World AH-IT MUST BE DOUBLE FEATURE Dflr'- ACCOCDING TO YEC CHIN- ONE TICKETi PLEASE- DONT BE SO FPJESH- VOJJ'EE WOT QIVIWS A •^IRROC AN1V i" PF~,ArT" WHEM YOU PUT THAT *WHAT ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE" FACE -IW PEOKIT OP IT- I WOULD GET IN JUST IN TAP' STUBBS AND TIPPEE- IT'S THE SAME FAMILY By Edwins IT'S A G>£AUTIFUL RUG — -J ,c EVEN IF IT DID TAKE US FOREVER. TO GET IT ! WELL, HOWD WE. KNOW TH' NEW HUG WAS DOWN? /^ MERCY! YOU OUGHTTA [ KNOW BETTER. 1 N TO COME \\IN WITH MUDDY FEET ANY JtvHT- eO<» THERE'S JUST NO USE. TRYIN' TO HAVE. THINGS NICE. IN THIS HOUSE, MARY —ANY MORE'N TH' OLD ONE! I Th« C«n«« MiilKMf AJtm» SftvW, Q.-13 TILLIE THE TOELEM- BECIPE FOR PEP By But* Westore* 'VE GOT A COUPLE OF THANKS, MAC,BUT I THINK I'M GOING TO BE TOO TICKETS FORITIREDJ'VEHADABUSY THE CHARlT DANCE TONIGHT I'LL PUT ON MY "—J OKAY,MAC..GOOD TUX AND BE OVER AT YOUR HOUSE, ANY WAY.. YOU'LL FEEL MORE LIKE GOING AFTER YOU'VE HAD DINNER iNISHT GOSH,MUMSY, IF THAT'S MAC^OST) TELL HIM I'M TOO TIRED TONIGHT/ DICKTILLIE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT A CHARI TY DANCE NIGHT fc Copf l*W>, Km; FfilurCTJyndiMie, Int. W< rltj^nurii* jv THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A FEW MINUTES'REST IN THAT BUS,EASY CHAIR TO PUT NEW LIFE IN YOU,, MUMS Y J YESiAND SOMETIMES THE TINKLE OF A'PHONE BELL HELPS, TOO rOST KIDS- MUTUAL ADMIRATION'S A WONDERFUL THINOI By Ad Oartat YOU KNOW, MR. BRANNER-YOU WERE ALVWS A VERY FINE POLICEMAN YESTERDAY I TOLD MY MOM THAT YOU ARE THE BEST POLICEMAN IN BARNESV1LLE AND SHE SAID SHE THOUGHT SO.TOO AND I'D LIKE TO TELL YOU THAT I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT YOU WERE A VERY FINE YOUNGSTER WOULD YOU TELL 1 MY MOM IF I POKED NIPPER CALLAHAN IN THE SNOOT? ), MICKEY MOUSE— FISH TALES! WtJt DUn«» ID CRUSOE ARE VERY ALARMED WHEN FRIDAY TELLS THEM THAT CANNIBALS ARE FOLLOWING HIM/ HOWEVER, SEVERAL HOURS PASS WITH NO felSNS OF THEM. 35-13 DID YOU SEE NA.USHT OF THE SAVAGES'? unuDi i I S incKco y/rrJL a £ S,U fe^'^W^ ARE YOU SURE V EVEN A LIKELY TALE ! I SUPPOSE VOU CAN PROVE WELL, YERE AH IS, BOSS I AIN'T DAT PROVE AX DONE EX.CAPE? AH WUZ ASLEEP WHEN AH FUST SEEN 'EM AND WHEN AH WOKE UP DEY HAD MUH HALF-COOKED! SO AH JUMPED OUTEN V POT AN . SCRAMMED TBIHBUB TUEATBB Stiurlni POPETE-NOW SHOWTKO- "ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER." TOMORROW- "QUICK. WASON, THE SPINACH JUICE!" 'OPEVS, IF YOU TCULV 3RIMK FROM THE„. , FOUMTAIK1 OF VOUTM SOWJE CAtsl — CHILDREN TOGETHER . TCULV LOVES VA OLIVE, I WILL FROM'A LISSEM,SOM,I BBIMGED VA UP OKiCE'T AM' KJOW IT'S VER TURN TO BRANG ME UP MORTIMER MUM HE BELIEVES IN SIGNS By SAKBEN AMATEUR NITE-TONK •^ (D Ti« (rt«|« Mitttww Adwu 8«niee. IM. AMATEUR SNAPSHOT CONTEST * 5,000 IN PRIJLE* *.'Ate.iA..s.M i r^4 "'' •J3,>*"''L'\'*V 1<1!: fflittiktllAj. 1 , V... jfcAm'islivfl'/iaijf&'Sft.jiidiff; iwife.fl.. A .._.,. j /'...,' <i ......

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