The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 29, 1952 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 9
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j ,, ^v-yrvx- : -, -•£' ^ »V~ ~J >. C- " V *> ^ l t+ ' " ' r ^" J . Features'*: 1 ' ~~ $t&$$3*& " Thursday, May 29, !952 vf Of 1 roJFff Ackerman, Johnny Allen, Bert Allen, Betty Andrus. Billy Wayne t he most solemn and Antic. Xcal ..ghci in tho lives^of Araujo, Mary iytcmians will be? Fri- Armer, George n. \\hcn Robert E Lee Arthur, Carolyn ;5Ju exercises are held Att^berry, Jc.ssie Pearl have pass- Babin. Buddy t-e ua" Wl ..v^n Baker, Roy milestone then. Bald ridge/Martha fc-r P vapdictonan of the class is Ca jk e Andrew ,3 cuntpr and tho saiuta- B ; Bcvcrlv " v Mary Wluuv Class of- Barkor DoUy - L'nny Henn'mger, presto 'Micky P»lio*'. virr prwi- Kand Anna Ruth Vann, secre- pewvicc-5 will open with the [L v Lee band playing the \fflphrf MarCn " fr ° m A !? a M? -p.ttpssion*! Rcx Ro \ vo11 Wl11 /tneimocation. .senior class of 3952 will sing Barrett. Roy Glenn Barrow, \Vilhe Bas>s, Mary Frances Battarbee, Robert Bedgood, Peggy Behymer. Juenita Bergeron. Meredith Bond, Jean -<j the honors end scholarships. i~,id today that more scholar- been offered the class us class in L '(ne conclusion of thr presents of honors, the band, under on of -I- C. Burkptt. will World Is \Vaiting for George H. Gen- 6-jvard the diplomas, iisv Heaninser. class president, zivc tho benediction and lh*> bd wilt play the "University March" as tho recessional. Brawn. Billy Braziel. John Breaker, Margaret Bridges. Dorothy Bridges. James Briggs, Damon Brooks, Fred Bryant, LaXell Buchanek, Edward Buford, Mary Lou i'Yoy jtCedar Bayou Hi boy> ind sirls will ^.•J'rirdais at Cfdar Bayou high tomorrow* n:ght ?nt exercises will be m the high school n, Ann tin, Audra Fay Caldwfll. Frances Campbell. Carol Campbell. Pezgy Carnes. James Carra-vey, Clarence Carroll, Janelle Carroll, Pat * Carter, Louis Carter, \VilhelmSna Caruthers, James Casey, Barbara Caudle, Patricia Caver, Ruth Chaddick. Margaret Clement, Wayne Cline. Xorma Collins, Alton Collins. BUR! Commings, Jack Con way, llenneth Cook, Deiorc-s Cook, J. D. Cook, Xornia Jean Cooper, Jerry Cord ray, Wayne Craig, Laura Creel, Lula Mae Cressley, Kathryn Crosby. Kenneth Cryer Doylp Culpopper, Fayp Daniels, Dorothy Daunie, Elda Daves, Bessie Belle Davis. Janice DeGree. Lavonne DeTuttlf, Dorris Dodd, William Domangue. PaLsy Drpyor. Dolores Duke, Buddy Duncan, David Edgley, Beulah Eiland. G. L. Emanuel, Linda Englert, James Faulkner, Louise Fayle. Eugene Find lay, Billy Fisher, Virginia Slower, Gene Floyd, Lula Fram. Jerry Francis, Bob Friske, Jean Fuller, Gran Galvan, Salome Gascb, John Kenr; Gilbert,; Melbourne Golden, James Golden, Mab'm Gonzalez. Rachel Grassmuck, Lucille Gray, Herbert Green,, Mary Beth Grigg: Eleanor Guenther. Arlen Gurrard, Marlene Guidroz, Arlen Gunter, Bill Gunter, Wanda Hames, Harlan Harbers, Thelma Harris, Gerald Harrison, J. C, Hartzog, Eljuan Hatcher, Nancy* Havard, Harold Hemtschel, Anita Helmer, Paul Henninger, Lanny He wet t, Patricia Hinojosa, Lupe Hlanak, Shirley Hobbs, Faustirie Holcomb. Julia Holladay, Paul Howell, Mary Huey. James Hull, Leon * Hunsucker, Sager Hylton^ : Helen! Hylton, Lovie Iford, Mary Lou Jackson, Margaret Jasper, Walter Johnson. Ruth Jones, Buddy Jones, Garnett Jones, Hilary Jones. Lillie Jonys, Milton" Jones, Wanda Juarez, Josephine Keigley, Bob Kelley, Royanne Keyes, Joe KeyesY Leo Kiber, Bert Kilpatrick. Gary Kimball, Janet Kimmcy, Tomm; f King, Donald King, Martha Kloesel, Benard Knowles, Ada Lou Koepke. Robert Lamb, Gloria Langston, Barbara Laycock, Ann Lehr, Ginger Likehart,,vCHftqn Lindstrom, Ann Long, Suzanne Lounsberry, Kevin Loy, DeLon Lundy, Samuella Lyon, Charles McCaghren, Pat McCarty, Edna Lou McCranie, Margaret McCullough, Mike McDonald, Claire McDowell, Marian McEachern, Maudie Mclntyre, Melba McLcmore, Joe Ed McNulty, Charlotte Ma con, Willie Malone, Kenneth Maples, Tommy Martin, Park Martinez, Peter Mesrarro, Joyce Mason, Jo Matthews, Betty May, Clara Meyers, Sue Middaugh, Bennie Miller, Joe Bill Miller, Ollie Mixon, Glenda Montgomery, Sandra Moore, Cynthia Moore, "Virginia Moorman, Lan'l Morris, Juanita Moses, Nell Moss. Billy a Merie Muldrov.% Glenn Muller, Joe Ken man. Pc^gy Xcwby, Betty Xordan, Mary Ann Oakes, Mbna Jean Odom, Betty Oehler, Anna Ruth Oleson, Jane O'Sullivan, Tim, Ott, Donald Owen, Billie Joe Padgett, Marilyn Parker, Mary Sue Patrick. James Patterson, Joe Patton, Wanda Pattori, Herbert Payne, Ralph Perkins, Norman Phelps. j'oAnn Phillips, Bruce Phillips, Martha Pillow, Mickey Pillow, Sidney Poe, Mary Louise. Ponder, Harley Ponder, Norman Price, S. H. Prinzel, Eugene Pruett, J. Don Purvis, John k Pyle, Janet Ramsey; Bobbfe , Keep, James Reeves, Thandar Renfro, Eva Faye Riley, Donald Roach, Noel Roberds, Peggy Roberson, Jacqueline Robertson, Jackie Rosenzweig, Joel Rowe, Clifford Rowell, Rex Ruez, Bill Russell, James Russell, Rollin Salinas. Adelina Sanders, Leon. Sattenvhile, Billy Schwartz, J. W. Scott, \Villiam Scale, Hervy Sheram. Ralph Silvey, Leon a Sim's, Joann Skarda. Dennis Smith, Myrtis Marie S\xa0***&ft*>*>ttfP**ss&***^* : '*et& s S Smith, Normand Smith, Raymond Soza, Idoliua Spence, Melvin Standifer, Glen Stelly, Joan Stephenson, James ' Stevens, Calvin Stewart, Joalyce Strobel, Robert Stroud, Darrell Teal, Irma Ruth Thompson, Bob ' Torkelson, Gerald Trchalek, Evelyn Trchalek, Patsy Tucker. Frank Tyer, Richard Ulch, Keith Vann, Anna Ruth VanZandt, Joy Vaughan, Eugene Veselka, Johnnie Visser, Robert ^^^^ J ^fcx^^M^^ttS^ S ^^'**^ i *^&^ SR ^^ R! Walker, Dixie ' Walker, Joy ' '' Walker, Virginia Wallace, Betty Ann ' Walmsley, Jimmy ^ Ward, Buddy , Warner, Pierre Washek, Frank • ^ Watkins» Annell , Weatherly, Ruby .„- I , Webb, J. W. ' s • Welch, Kenneth- ' Wells, Joe White, Betty White, Mary Whitesides, Barbara Williams, Jo Ann Williams, Mary Lou * . ^ _ -. Wilson, June • . Winchester. Mary Woods, Patti Wunsch, Minna Ruth Young, Donald . ^ Young, Ed\vard - , "- B ^^a^ e ^tt) to .-^^^i' g <» 1 ^ m ^tl ir ' T 'KM^ >f> *»J>' T ' r ^«^j We Reserve .the Right to Limit Advertised Items. LiBBY'S 46 OZ. .CAN e sectors tnemFelves wsll pre~ the program, built around ^me "Touth'5 Hope for To- Earl M inter 'will Faith m Tomorrow" and Bottv Hart will give rth entitled "Our World To- e wsrds and scholarships will [Bounced by Principal'E. V. leld and Superintendent R. • fndge will present the diplo- *v. E.R Burns, pastor of the l-'-r Bayou Baptist church will T«Hi imocauorj and the bene- •' Till be said by Rev. John • pastor of the Cedar Bayou ^aiist church Music will br by ! a?n school choir. keedings In Court P Sightly Awry ill if- at!*.' ex- Ry. fLP.- The de- c. the police court was ted *n<* n j T id ?e David C afJ3o 'Jnccd that no ditturb- -vmild be allowed. *s what happened after the started talking to m the front row and T^JvO'f s&rr 1 - A j z± ,& *i DEL DSX1 SOUR or Sill PICKLES ^ 25c HUNT'S WHOLE KERXJEL GOLDEX CORN 1 OK HUNT'S CREAM STYLE GOLDEX CORX 303 can i i! P THpY \ A ILL SOL I Lrf A FEW CLOSE-OUT ITEMS AT HUNT'S GARDEN SWEET PEAS ^ 14c HUNT'S REGULAR CATSUP ££ He HGRHEt'S S?AH PINTO BEAHS 2 «* 25c 12 . 0z . ^^ ali.fs ordorcd the noise * ? JJ: g£$^v~~-3i&& ' *$?'&}!&,&%?, - ^^X^V^ "— >«; *y^T5S ' v «J?^t}^^ v «!?^ v , ^•&@S&*»*?''' V "• SA3''&** - < T&i'jf' ^?~ f "Vf, . / rf 'V^'^ jr. '"^^^3?Xr-- T -K: ^ '-'£jz$*^ ^ "*' %t • '" X K: " via-j. M"> h--"-^-"' »j-»«iJ«gg^ **.*< WANDA GUNTER MARY WHITE if* thln ? s were back to nor- Utes admonished the man - cropped the bottle. finds Only .01 Of Poinf Separates Their Grade Averages in»— TWO d ° USed " e « ee own a f 2 of d - raft " told about ™ thrpc sticks the bottom of a assistants to pull up tho B\ >LrVRGIB POLLOCK Just one-hundredth of a point separated valedictorian Wanda Gunter and salutatorian Mary White this year at Robert E. Lee high school. her three years at Robert E. Lee, and Mary had 94.67. The valedictorian will use her scholarship to attend Lee college, where she will major in business administration. Mary is undecided about her major when she enters the University of Texas this fall on a Wilbur S. Davidson scholarship, but she is very interested in dramatics and art. has belonged to the National Honor Society. >f ^America, and Band Officer's club in them for hierh school. ^. , , Especially interested in music, she is a three-year band member, is an organist for the Second Baptist church, and teaches piano lessons after school. ^Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Gunter, 505 Davis Road- Mary has belonged to the Junior classical League, REL spelling team, National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, Press Club, and Junior Historians while in high school. She held several offices in these organizations. * She was associate editor of the Lee Traveler yearbook this year, and has had leading Toles in dramatic ^productions. When acting in "The Pink Dress" at the Regional Interscholastic league contest, she was selected second best actress in the all-star cast. Outside activities include being worthy advisor of the Rainbow Girls, president of the Young People's Service League of Trinity Episcopal church, and a member of the church choir. Mr. FRESH DRESSED HOME KILLED LB. CROWN WISCONSIN .LB. GOOD GRADE VEAL ROUND STEAK LOIN STcAK -. «. S9c SQ. CUT SHGUIDK ROAST «, 59c BRISKET FOR STEWSH6 ii. 49c Can SUN GOLD OLEO LB. WAU)OKF TOILET TISSUE 3 ROLLS 25C SCOHOWELS OF 150 •^x" 1 *H ^ % - -*, $3 . - + l?:il" -^ 'f *K ~&zgS. ARRIB DEODORAHT 39c SIZE PLUS TAX LUSTRE CREHS ;l'/77?£W t^ji </*-<<** *-* -* U.S. NO.-i L ETUP!If^E *S N ' c ^ S' zs 'I H*^ LIlUtL L Heads i/t TEXAS SWEET YELLOW, NEW-CROP BERMUDA m^ HM ^>'>* usewife 111 Money To Bum Nervous Perch Need M^e Quiet Approach University Gets Rare Early Books U-i^ . ~ v '" M a COOl \ n^ * up ln smoke. -, ' " ncc x ^ told police jn h<»i "»t the t — 4 dumped ? ^_ ' nco a ^astebaskfet. :tcr tx aware of ^e loss tor. 5EBEWAIXG, Charlie Short^ operator of an auto "taxi" service for ice fishermen on Saginaw Bay in Lake Michigan, won't drive closer than #W feet to fishing grounds. Perch r he says, are especially ptiVie to vihrations which them scooting array from a someone just stamps his foot/* Short said, "perch get out of the vicinity in a Hash. Imagine T, Miss. CEi— of the rarest bound books printed since Gutenberg invented movable type in 1451 are on display in the University of Mississippi's new Sl,2:50.000 Vbrary here. Both ere "incunabula" — books printed between Gutenberg's first . _J &i~ %-rf-i«4^ 1 *\fVT TTIPTJ — pnntinsf and the vear i^>ui, AIH.U nabuta rarely ere found wholly preserved. The first is "script?!re? rei rus- ie/ f printed in 1*82 by Bros" d'Emilia. Tta^y- It vellum and The second. "Dr Proprietatibus Rerum," by Barfeho.omaeus An- grehcus. n-ss printed ir« Nuernberg by Anthony Kobcrger in 14S3. only f jve years efter Gaxton printed the first book in England- The book, vrith decorated initials, is bc-md in oak boards with fragments of brass hinges on the edges. The hinges frear the impress "Ulnx/' leading to the belief that ths book at one time was trie property of oneo f the monastic libraries at Ulm, Expert Car Knowledge Sets Motorist Free $1.00 SIZE ^ STAR SIXGWB EDGE DETROrr Charles a red tight he told the judge st was his first traffic summons in 50 years. 'If you've been driving that long." said the traffic referee, John Mv \Ylse, "what kind of car is I0c SIZE FOR FRESH GREEN BLACKEYE PFA^ I LM^ NEW CROP SWEET RIPE SWEET JUICY Lbs 1Rr Lbs. I3C Lb. JC 2 ^H^ Lbs. 53C YOUR HOME-OWNED — HOME- OPERATED I,G,A. SUPERMARKET vibrations and cracking i Buy From Your Baytown 31erchant He 'held-wp a picture of an experimental car made in 1908 out of parts from other cars. •"That,"' said Laing; "is part Rols Koyce. part Relience and part Fierce-Arrow v-'sth a dash of Ford."- - 22 EAST. TEXAS AVE.

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