The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 30, 1969 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1969
Page 14
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u Friday, May 30, 1969 Governor, Wife Planning Trip AUSTIN (AP) — Gov. and Mrs. Preston Smith said Tuesday they will go to Edmonton Canada, July 16-20 with the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang to help celebrate the Klondike Days Celebration. Smith will be honorary marshal of the annual parade July 17 and will officially open the nine-day celebration of the old gold rush days that night. The Klondike Days Celebra tion is honoring Texas this year, specifically its sister city of Odessa. The Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang, a non-profit group of businessmen, will set a new record for serving barbecue with all the western trimmings with 33,000 expectf/d for one featured meal. Wherever you move . . . Call the Welcome Wagon hostess. She will bring her basket of gifts and friendly greetings from civic and business neighbors of the community. Phone. 427-2982 TELEVISION LOG FRIDAY • PM • m • New. (C) O Wferi's NewT tS Vcjrace to atettM *< Set (C) (R) O I L*v« Imej (R) <:»rM 59 HJfli ClttaunJ (C) (R) Victoria learns that a man whose life she saved Is out to kill her husband; Kevin McCarthy guests O »"•* (MUr — Variation* of ih« plucking strum; C chord; use of both techniques In "Gleensleeves" and "Banks of the Ohio" CD W1U, WiW W«J (C) (R) Former heavyweight boxing champ Floyd Patterson plays a homesteader whose farm Is threatened by a fand syndicate Q) lr\'» Make a DM! (Q At new time, replaclnx Generation Gap (0 Iy*rf In Spar* (C) (R) Smith becomes involved In a space pirate's treasure hunt 7 PM. O Anthote*f — "The Road" shows a ploneerine public health nursing service operating in the mounUJ/ts of eastern Kentucky Singer D«vid»on rtan In the new muskni-varlety icriei with French singer Mirellle Mathieu and comedian Rich Little «j refulars; (ueati on the premiere are Mam* Ca-u Elliot and Ruth BuzrJ My F»v*r1ke MvtUa (R) Tim la about to inherit an estate 7.-MPM Name ol the amrne (C) (R) Dan. Farrell (Robert Stack) tries to prove that a woman Is telling the truth when ahe claims she shot and killed her husband became she mistook him for a prowler; guests are Farley Granger, Martha Hyer, Jessica Waller, IJoyd Bochner, Sean Garrison, David Opatoshu L*t'M T»k« FVtorm — Making the most of your camera during gift- riving occasions and holidays D I. A. Houftan, U»* F»i«re'» Fint Airport (C) I IH^'ALj lufl Stone narrates the local special; preempts Comer Pyle (D MM From VNCIM (C) (R) Solo and Iliya, posing as a writer and photographer, help a beautiful French chemist in India ED Kverxlute* (C) (R) Beautiful woman involves Vall's friend in a murder XPM Book Beat (C) Features John Hunt, author of "A World Full of Animals" O) Movie — "Sands of two Jlma" (1949) John Wayne, John Agar; the Marines take Two Jlma . . . stirring war film 09 Jndd for the Delrawt (C) (R) Brock Peters plays an African official accused of murder; at new lime JUNE 1969 CERTAIN DKUGS NOT KOR SALE Because we are a pharmacy we are more than casually concerned with the so-called "Hip l>rujfs" of the modern generation— "Acid." "Pot," "Pep" I'llls. and ulur. LSI) IS CALLKD "ACID" A LSI) "trip" could he disastrous, for LSD. i* a very potent, hlnhlj hallucinatory, experimental itrur that has not yet been proved to be tally medically helpful. It* effects and side effects make it Improbable It will ever be sa/r far regular prescription use. We do not even stock this dancerous drug. I'EP PILLS ARE AMPHETAMINE DRUGS Under conditions controlled by physicians the amphetamines are an effective treatment In many medical caiie.i. Uncontrolled Jttt Can be very dangerous. We keep them for uae only in prescriptions. POT IS MARIJUANA Although not considered by some expert* to be habit forming It-self, it Is said to lead to a desire for lh» more potent narcotics. Narcotics are miraculous in relievlni pain, but they are disajlroui in their habit for minx, body deitroyinc effects. Tbe sale of narcotics is tightly regulated for prescription!. We keep them In a safe pJ*ce. SCARBOROUGH 116 K. MAIN PHONE 422-4965 DRUGS "WE DELIVER" B Mcvte (C) (R) "When the Boy* Meet the Girls" (1*5) Connie Franc!*, Hai-v* Premell, Herm«n's KenniU, LouU Arm*tron(; remake ol "Girl Cruy," an oldi« ... kid •tuft t:»PM O Tfc* VfeterfeM (R; Iji "SHU Waters Run Deep," the true worth ol two men Is proved In a time of crUls B K OTtaek Wgk (R) A gold-brick and a fugitive plot to make Savage appear Insane I PM 0 TW Suimt (C) Tt/np.'ar pursues a civil KTVU* who hw defected to East Germany with a top secret flk 0 Dick Ctvett (C) Guests are Dick Benjamin, Piula Prenliss, Stirling MOM, the cast of "You're a Good Manr, Charlie Brown" »:» PM O Shorlevta U KuU« — "Fashion Climax"; final telecast; 10 Sign OH f3 Wr+trrv Sto, TWatra (K) Story of medicine's fight with superstition; 10 Sign Of! II PM 0 CD 0 New* (O C Perry Maxw (R) A corpne disappears M.japM B To«J*al (C) Johnny Carton 0 Movie — "Autumn Leaves" {ISM) Joan Crawford, Cliff Rofc. ertaott, Vera Mile*, Lorne Greene; story of the marriage of an older woman and a younger man ... for the ladle* M*vto (O "The Eagle ind the Hawk" (ISM) John Payne. Rhonda Fleming; American fights French •gents in Mexico In the 1960s ... a fallen sparrow II PM 8) We«ter»ef» (H) 1I:MPM tD News (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT N*m (C) J2:«S Mrrv Grttfla (C) 1:35 Sign Off lt:K AM — "New Orleans (Jncen- sored" (1955) Arthur Franz, Beverly Garland, Michael Ansara; Navy veteran gets Job on New Orleans waterfront «nd is promptly Involved In murder, hijacking and romance . . . usual stuff; 2:00 Sign Off lZ:iS AM New* (C) 12:5* Mavle — "Lost Battalion" (1962) Diane Jergens, Leopold Salcedo; Filipino* form guerrilla unit during WWII and escort stray Americans through Japanese lines to a rendezvous with a U.S. submarine , . . moderately Interesting; 2:20 Sign Off SATURDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat t AM (D Summer SemrnUr (C) IB Firm Journal «:.M AM d Oorjte R««mrr, RFT) (C) OJ The Amwrr (C) ID C»»prr (C) Cartoons 7AM 0 rofryt Theatre (C) Cartoons 01 GoXJo Oopfcrm (C) Cartoons U) Adveilnren ot GilUver (C) 1:11 AM 0) Bug* Bunny, Roadramer (C) (D Movie — "Invasion of the Zombies" (1963) Armonda Silvester; power mad scientist creates horOe ot zombies RAM O Super I (C) Cartoons g:M AM O Coal McCooi (C) C.irtoons (D W»rky Rim (C)C.irloons JAM O FHntMoar* (C) (R) Cartoons ID Arrklr Show (C) Cartoons ID .Sptdrrman(C) Cartoons J:» AM O Banan* Splits (C) ID BalmaA, Sapf rmmn (C) (D FinUntk- Voymr (C) Cartoons I* AM (B Journey to thr Outer ot Ike v -'t* (C) Cartoons I*.-MAM 0 Underdog (C) Cartoons 0 HrrcuMd* (C) Cartoons (ID Faitaitttn Four (C) Cartoons ffi Acraw tke h nvr« 11AM D Storybook Sqaarm (C) (C) Cartoons <D Oewte «f Ike Jufle (C) ID tlpiwmt (C) Bobbie Gentry, Cuhle and the SUIrstep*. Richard Kim Milford, New Colony Six, Soul Purpose II:» AM 0 [JmUrowJ World (C) (R) A clone look at the world of Insects using ml- cropholcgraphy i V O J<m»j (jmnt (C) (R) Cartooni IB Urry Kam (C) Music NOON O M»vi« (C) "New World" (1962) Mexican cast; diver seeks revenKe for his brother's murder . . . suspenseful O Moby Dkck, Mighty Mlghter (C) CJ Jimmy Davis (C) Jazz n-.m PM tO IJ»»T lUa^rr (C) Cartoons OS Ci»c« Kid (C) (R) Cisco and Pancho become involved in plot to gain control of a town 1PM (D Movlr (C) "Pawnee" (1957) George Montgomery. Lola Albright: Indians rear young white man and teach him Ihetr w.iy of life, an obligation he repays with nets of loyally CULPEPPER SAVE MOST EVERYTHING "BAYTOWN* CR£AT FURNITURE STORE" •12 W. T to them . . . b»low par Western m Lr*\e U lit fnvrt (R) Q r»m FV»«i» (R) Sebastian Is caught between enemy agents while trying to deliver * ransomed prince 1:11 PM Nr»l r»H I* .W C*u«ry (C) V Tr«*» (C) (R) !PM Btaehall (C) Detroit Tigers at Seattle Pilots ID Mftvl* — ".San Antone" (1S52I Rod Cameron, Forrest Tucker; con- diet goes on Ion? after Civil War as North and South .sympathizers battle In Texas . . . moderately entertain- C3 Tfcumkrhlrds (C) Puppets «D Strike It Kirk (C) Bowling 2 :J» PM Wwkb-tt Skip In Ikr Army (C) ) ' JI'M Movie — "Bells of Rosarlta" I1W5) Roy Rogere, Gabby Hayes; the bloom is on the sagehrurh as the cowboy rights another injustice . . . no Has Sto9 (R) Young lawyer Is elected governor but he doesn't want he office J;J» PM D Movie — "Abboll and Cnslello to Mars" (1953) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello; the two accidentally press he rocket starter button and away hey go ... routine comedy 4 PM tD WM<! World ol Sport. (C) Events o be announced B Movie — "Carnival of Souls" 1962) Sidney Berger; body ot girl killed In auto accident walks the earth while her soul Is held by mys- erlous powers ... OK science lie- 'on SB Cow town Rodeo (C) 4:» PM Riflemui (H) 5 PM IMvoree Coort (C) Wife's acting essofis lead to trouble when her hus- >and suspects she's learning more nan acting 9 AU-AnerVui CoUrjtr .Slum fC) ffi N«d F»H In SM! Cowtry (C) i:M PM Hatllejr-ariitliley Nr»» (C) K««er MmM Xrw« (C) (D McHtfe'i N«vy (H) D Holler Derhy (C) Ho*mlru4rn (C) Jerry Riiws, Charlie Louvin WORLD ALMANAC World's largest office building is the Pentagon. Standing on the Virginia side of the Potomac just outside Washington, the huge five-sided building covers 34 acres, has 17 miles of corridors and houses 27,000, The World Almanac says. It was completed in 1943 at a cost of $83 million and is made up of five concentric buildings of five/loors each, connecteJ by 10 spoke-like corridors. ckhardt Pushes Manpower Bill WASHINGTON (Sp) — Congressman Bob Ecknardt of Houston joined nearly 100 other members of the House in cosponsoring Congressman James j. O'Hara's major manpower egislation designed to'reach the joal of full employment throughout the nation. The bill was introduced May 26. The bill, titled "The Manpower Act," seeks to "assure an opportunity for a gainful, productive job to every American who is seeking work, and make available the ;ducation and training needed by any person to qualify for employment consistent with his highest potential capability." The legislation would substantially revise existing federal manpower programs, establish a public service employment program to create jobs for unemployed workers and state as formal public policy the proposition that every American willing to work, able to work, anc seeking work should be guaranteed a job or the training needed to qualify for a job. BYU Student Leader Favors Administration PROVO, Utah (AP) — Ken Kartchner, who will be studen government president at Brig ham Young University in the fall, says students should let ad ministrators run colleges. The 24-year-old civil engineer ing student at the Mormon-oper ated university ran on a cam paign platform that pledged t< cut back student governmen and eliminate frills in campus politics. He said students shouk stick to social, athletic, academ ic and cultural interests. He won by more than 1,000 o: some 8,500 votes cast from the student body of 20,000. "I went to school a year in Peru at a university where the students had been running it for 15 years," he said in an inter view. "It was a complete disaster." Attend Church Sunday center 1006 Market St. 2300 Alexander Dr. Prices Good Friday Night and Saturday While Quantities Last! "Edge-Rite" Electric LAWN EDGER Easy stougt, uui backwitd Mid forward positions. I/6 Hf. Motor. Packs I'M pow«f o( l*rg*r tdgifi, but wdghi ! Compare At $16.88 88 Metal Storage SHELVING Won't peel, rust, or scratch. 24" Wide x 10" Deep 48" High. 4 adjustable shelves, sparkling pebble - grained silver shelves. Our Reg. 4 $399 5 Ways To Shop • CASH • UY-AWAY • Shoppers Charge • Revolve Account • BankAmericard Open 9 to 9 Cofe/nan Double Mantle LANTERN Standard ventilator spreads a 100-foot circle of bright light! Wind-, storm-, bug-proof. One filling (2 pints) burns 10-12 hours, costs only pennies. Rust- resistant copper brazed steel fount has baked enamel finish. Fantastic Savings on Colaman.... Model #220f195 Model JWJR Electric Trolling MOTOR 2 Speed, 6 or 12 volt Integral Fin Protects Propeller... Direct Drive. Compare At $54.95 88 S 28 'GOLDEN T" LAWNMOWERS 22" MOW-RITE 3-1/2 H.P. Brings & Stratton Recoil-Start Engine 3 position slide throttle control, "A" deck Lime Compare At $44.95 ONLY CHECK THESE HOURLY COUPONS Pr'lf»*c FOR BIG SAVINKS mces (As Stated On Coupons) SUZY DAISY Our Reg. 89c 37 Limit 2 This Coupon Good Sett May 31 12 Noon to 1 pan. Only STEAM & DRY IRON Fabric dial can be set (Q automatically provide correct ironing temperature. Extra high cord lift. Thli Coupon Good L2 Xoon To i P.M. only On Sut., May 31 SA.66 6 in go Golden "T" ROVFR WALKIE-TALKIE Compare At 15 " 7 This Coupon Good Sot. May 31 11 a.m. to 12 Noon Only PAPER PLATES 9"Size 100 Ct. Compare $|OO This Coupon Good Sot. May 31 10 a,m. to 11 a-m. Only at83c 3 for 4 Roll PVg. CHARMIN Bathroom TJSMM Limit 2 . 37c Golden T WITH = 13-2047- COUPOIl Compare at TAPE RECORDER $^77 ir Limit 1 This Coupon Good Sot. May 31 11 a.m. to 12 Noon Only FOAM CUPS 9 Or. 50 Ct. Hot diinks stay hoi. cold diinks slay cold, and out side stays comfortable 10 hold. & f 3 for $100 1 Limit 3 This Coupon Good Sot. May 31 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Only FUEL 1 Gal. This Coupon Good Sot, May 31 9 cum. to 10 a-m. Only For: • Lanterns • Stoves • Heaters 77 Limit 2 This Coupon Good Sot May 31 9 a.m. to 10 (un. Only

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