Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 19, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 5
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TUB s-ronlrt tUfti-ln l,«nl*<-, in iiom in n<- ttMfebe*. Vlnrn drvotrji nil h«-r Attention to the <-hl!d «irf Sam *tnrt4 io Kti fired of jilnylnsr »*coitfl fiddle. Mr«. Totllrcr . ptakhr* the trciirlliiK plnnn. Flnrn J«d 9nm ftrt finally married «n February, r * * * f XIX p'LORA was always a devoted daughter and rister. All Mrs. Tolliver's fihancial problems wo\ild nave been solved overnight if Flora could have coaxed or persuaded Sam to move across the Street and live with the Tollivers, turning his share of the Forbes Mansion, which he and Nelson owned jointly, over to Nelson. Flora did make one or two timid attempts on her honeymoon to put the idea over, but got nowhere. i . "Give up my own house, the House built by my grandfather?" Sam exclaimed, "You aren't serious, are you?" V "But it's also Nelson's house." ." "iTou mean you don't want Neleon to live with us?" i "Oh, I wouldn't turn dear kind Nelson out of his own home for anything in the world. I just thought if we had to live with 'someone, it might as well be Mama," it- But Sam, ns Flora afterward told me, said with great finality that her plan was all nonsense and that Iw had already engaged a perfectly reliable middle-aged woman ~4o help Weyman with the house( work and to look after Gloria i Louise when he and Flora wanted itt> step out. !»' It was Annabelle who made it Quite a grievance that Flora was 'not consulted when Sam made his plans for their future. i "I'd prefer a hovel to that great gloomy barn of a house," Anna- 1 belle said, "In a hovel Flora could .fit least choose her own furniture." i • Couldn't Flora see that it was '6our grapes that inspired Anna' belle's taunts? Annabelle would have given her eycteeth to be ihistress of the Forbes mansion. TtfHEN Annabelle made her jealousy of Flora evident, I believe I realized for the first time how much Annabelle had changed in the last few years. She was still lovely, but there were now bitter little lines about her mouth, and her voice was often fretful and complaining. She was sarcastic where she had once been good- natured. She still went about with this boy or that, still held her head high and- laughed and flattered where she thought it would do the most good. But she worked too hard, made it too plain that she desperately wanted to make a good marriage. Whether she had then given up all hopes of marrying Nelson I did not know. She was always charming to him, and he still seemed to like her. The truth was, as I know now, that Annabelle's disappointment had hardened into bitter self-pity. Annabelle had long been aware that she had to prepare to earn her own living, and some months before, she had enrolled in a business college. All the same she counted, or at least half counted, on Sam. It was not beyond the bounds of possibility that Sam might be moved to make her and her mother an adequate allowance. Instead, when Sam canie home from his honeymoon, he said it was high time that Annabelle went to work. He sent word by Flora that he would get her a job. Annabelle's bitterness was immediately concentrated on Sam. This was hardly fair. Sam soon had troubles of his own. „ * * , TT was one of Sam's inducements —I won't say bribes—to obtain Flora's consent to an early marriage that she should buy her trousseau in New York, and he would pay for it. Flora brought home n trunkful of new, very beautiful, and extremely expensive clothes, many of. them French Hloctefe. ffote aB?Ttnoffe'feept'conii- ing. And there were linens, laceS; exquisitely embroidered towels and napkins and sheets—hundreds and hundreds of dollars' worth, Sam, who should have known better, had,, fatuously allowed Flora to open accounts all over New York, and Flora had leaped to it. Sam, however, seemed as happy and content as any bridegroom could be. He was pathetically proud of Flora, her beauty and her new clothes, proud to lake her about, to accept the invitations that were now showered on the bridal pair. Flora was too good-natured to cherish resentment, to hold alodf from proffered kindness because of remembered slights. Otsego gave Sam and Flora a week to settle down; after that I almost never looked out of my south window without seeing a car or, carriage standing before tho Forbescs' front door or perhaps* two to four matrons in white gloves and their best plumed hats, with cardcascs in their hands, coming up the street on foot. After the formal colls came the equally formal dinners and card parties or receptions. The card parties or receptions were strictly feminine, and the ages usually were mixed. But a, dinuer raised a problem. Should Sam's middle- aged friends <u- young people 01 Flora's age be invited to do honw to the bridal pair? As the hostesses were usually middle-aged themselves, they nearly always invited their own contemporaries and one young couple as a sop lor Flora.' Often Father and I were asked instead of the couple. I found the dinners extremely dull and hard to sit through. I am afraid I soon looked as bored as I felt, but Flora acted beautifully. Otsego was, I thought, a little disappointed that Flora behaved so well and that no fireworks or even a quarrel followed on the heels of the honeymoon. For the moment Otsego was almost bored with the Tollivers. I actually went to an afternoon party where they were never mentioned once. ptsego was far too pessimistic. There were fireworks . aplentj when the bills finally came in. / ® (To Be Continued) '" """ Officers Can't Decide What io Do With Loot EDINBURG—(/P)— What to do with a large quantity of knives and marijuana was the problem facing ge^ldolgo County sheriff, office | p The unusual assortment of knives | _____ nncl rolls of marijuana were the result of a raid on a gambling gtimc Deputy Sheriff L. L. Posey said. A "pet" of $4 was found on top of a table. The other items under it. Read The Pampa News Want Ads RECORDS BOOKS • RECORDING SERVICE • APPLIANCES MELODY MANOR 117 N. Frost—Across from City Hall—Call 6364 *t's Time for Us to Go ^ own io *ke ;^ Self Laundry ... AND CLEAN UP ... ' f '-.(/- »it Speaking of time . . , you really save a lot by doing your wash here. Try Our New Maytogs & See for Yourself • Steam Heated - Soft Water • HELPY-SELF LAUNDRY 115 N. HOBART END OF W. FOSTER SUPER VALUE DAYS PURCHASE An 11.95 Value! Heavyweight AUIMINUMWARE if Six-Piece Set 1 < • * • . i 1 Vi^Qt. Soucepan- * 9-lneh Skillet t 3-Qt. Saucepnn • 11 -Inch Skillet t 4-Qt. Saucepan and Cover is not prdinary "sale" merchandise. Every piece heavy, pure aluminum with bright mirror ide, satin finish inside and special, safety-grip handles, {limited quantities — shop early). FIBESTONE STORES Miss Ida Ruth Taylor, daughter cl Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Taylor, Pampa, will represent Pampa at the Texan Cowboy Reunion, to be held at Stamford, July 2-4, in the Cowgirl Sponsors Contest. Miss Taylor participated In last year's Top o' Texas Rodeo and she is considered one of the better riders of the area. She will compete for the first prize of n hand stamned saddle presented by the Texas Cowboy Re union Association. Legal Records Kcaty Tranters Ida May Smith and others to B A. Killian; All ol Lot number 2i situated in Block 0 of the Finley- Banks addition of the city of Pampa. Charles E. Ward and wife, Januic E. Ward, to Clifford M. Breeze and wife, Dovia Breeze; All Lot number 2 situated in Block 1 of the Hayes addition of the city of Pampa. Huehps pftts Incorporated to Mrs. Verna E. Kcphart; All Lot number 9 situated in Block 14 of the Cook-Adams addition of the city of Pampa. J. C. Helbert to Elmo Helbert; All of Lots numbered 32 and 33 situated in Block 20 of the Wilcox addition of the city of Pampa. William T. Praser and wife, Al- mecla C. Praser, to Aaron A. Sturgeon; All of Lot number 1 and the southrly one half of Lot number 2 situated in Block 28 of Wilcox addition of the city of Pampa. Divorce Suits Filed The following suits in divorce were filed in the office of District Clerk Dee Patterson: Jo Ann Trcec.e Greenhill versus Gordon J, Qreonhill. Mary Olive Coble versus Clyde M. Coble. Mabel Christian versus 'ruffle Christian. State Needs Driver License Examiners AUSTIN—(/P)—Tho Texas Department of Public Safety was on a "manhunt" today—for 30 new driver Ih'.ense examiners. Director Hoiuur Garrison said compctitlva examinations will be held to fill the positions at. various points in Tekas ''snmtime in July." The positions will bp filled Sept. 1. Ten of the new examiners will fill existing vacancies and 20 wiil be additional personnel authorized by recent legislation. Applicant must, have at least a high school education or its equivalent, not less than 21 oj- more than 35 years old, be not less than five feet eight iuchss in height, weight not less than two or more than three pounds for each inch of height and have a reputation for character and conduct that will stand intensive investigation. Salaries~'range from $100 a month with room dnd board during the four-week training period in Austin—to $208 after training and probation jiave been completed. Applicants should write Col. pfcr- %t Post Of ACS box U64 in Km W»»VAd» Those Interested In »r v *-» > Naval Reserve to Meet There will be a meeting tomorrow night at 8 o'clock Hi tr.e American Legion Hnll of all Naval Reservists of the area and of all men who may be interested in joining the Naval Reserve Program. LI. Commodore John Van Dale. Amarillo, anrl his staff, vrill be present at the meeting to explain to the men the benefits of the Naval program. A movie "The Fleet'That Came to Stay" will conclude the program. The full program of the Naval Reserve, its requirements and benefits will be outlined at the meeting. Read The Tampa News Want Atls OH Mil! Operators Taking Short Course COLLEGE STATION—(/P)— Two croups attending the Nineteenth Annual Oil Mill Operators Short Course now underway at Texas A. & M. College today had elected ncv/ officers. 7'lir: Oil Mill Machinery and Supply Association, elected H. P. Kca- Pampa News, Thursday, June 19,. 1947 PAGES key.Dallas. president; H.- O. Shields. Abilene, vice-president; and A. O. Talk, Dallas, secretary-treasurer. The National Oil Mill Superintendents Association chose H. F. Cro.-sno. Los Angeles, Calif., as president, succeeding Emil F. Farent- hokl. Weimar, Tex.; F. C. Vesey. El Paso. Tex., vice-president; and H. E. Wilson. Wharbon, Tex., secretary-treasurer. The latter group is holding its fifty-third annual convention in conjunction with the short course, which ends Saturday. Miivc iirinlinir IrouM' 1 :-''.' Don't bloT,' vour CufC. Phono filili The ~ Parade You'll flnd sharply cut prices:;; timely special purchases, too. Quantities on many items are limited; so hurry in! lues \ nog. 40.95 ?'HAWTHORNE'f BIKES ^488 The streamlined new 10% down "Hawthorne" with big balloon tires; kick-stand, and lorpedo headlight. 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HOME FURMISEIHES 1.89 WASHABLE RAG RUGS, 24x48 1.00 36.95 FARM RADIO, Less Battery 27.88 69.95 PLASTIC CHROME DINETTE SET 62.88 144.95 BED ROOM SUITE, 3 pc 114.88 239.95 CONSOLE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH .225.00 ^JQLsJ 895 FULLER CARPET SWEEPER Sold only al Wards! Nylon brush, suspended spring action; Steel case, button-release clustpau. PLBM1MG HEEDS MEDICINE CABINETS, reg. 3.49 : . 1.-97 CEILING VENTILATORS, with shutters 3.50 CLOSET SEATS, White Oak 6.25 MEDICINE CABINETS, reg. 14.50 9.97 STEEL SINKS, 18x24 . . . 10.95 HOT WATER HEATER REPAIR TANKS . . . .22.00 AUTO. HOT WATER HEATERS, 20 gal 41.95 REG. 29c SLACK HOSE New, Fancy Patterns! Men's rayon dress hose in lights and darks, reinforced! Sizes from 10 to 13. AIRLINE PORT ABU 3£88 Plays 3 ways! AC, DC or Wltlt Battery ' battery. Fine tone \vith new Equitoue . speaker. 4 tubes plus rectifier. SALES WALL COVERING Wards printed Enamo-Wall! Beautify vails now, at great savings! Looks; cleans like tile! l/i' wide. Men's Wear 1.50 Men's Ties 77c 1.49 T-Shirrs , 97c 1.25 Work Shirts 97c 2.98 Sport Shirts ... .2.4? 3.98 Sport Shirts 2.97 3.98 Western Belts ..2.47 1.95 Straws 1.47 2.69 Bib O'Alls 2.27 5.85 Work Shoes ...4.97 Buy Now And Save! For The Boys 1.19 Shorty O'Alls ..67c 1.09 Cham. Shirts . . .77c 1.40 Dress Shirts . . . .67c 1.59 Covert Pants . . .97c 1.70 Bib O'Alls .. ...97c 1.98 Sport Shirts ....1.27 2.98 Western Pants .1.97 3.79 Slack Suits 2.97 3.98 Khaki Pants ...2.97 Buy Now and Save -\ WARDS ROCK WOOH CM* prfcW from *$* Insulate now! Granwl^ted,; : , jujt pam , it in! Bag covers 18 eq. ft, 3 wc^ee ' • , \ <JL". "' J ' . • , •• ' "" , . ' ' ' ..,_-,* .t.ii'Jc-sj' '."\\s. .&v..._«., ,..>,"..' i-,' ,,! ...*"., . .' -- r . v t *^* ? s t T * . ...: ,-,v 1 Vr w

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