The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 2, 1962 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1962
Page 7
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MAIOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, SUN., SEPTEMBER 2, 1942 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Editorial—Adv—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2611 PAGE 7 Outdoor Observations By M. C. "NIG" RANEY AFL Is Set For Third Whack At NFL It'n o smnll worM. By IIAKOMI v. RATMKF mow that thr> city has built a 20, l«*oclnte<l Prr-rn Rporls Writer'flOfl-spat stadium for the Raiders. DALLAS (AP) — When the By 1!KM there will he a stadium 'American Knnlhall Ix-ague lost MB handling 'IS.OOO. which will be used for ynur bonus "" nlilll " n sult «R»mst thn rival- Television monoy will he up The nlher nlghl at a rodeo up|'leer. Many rounties v'heve there! Nntiona! Koothall league (here miiterinlly over last year In north Texns, at least one per-;ls an nhundance of game will al- lWPIfl ''" rl< hlnls that tnis m<>nn() Houston, two - lime champion, former must have been from this low a bonus fleer. ! lh _'' rnri ot )ho "edgling circuit. ; lias sold 10,000 season tickets. So urea, nt leasl Ihe clmvn thought Them were insinuations that thc has San Diego, Buffalo reports % so. A bucking brone deposited the 1 ., . „, ., :AKI, had banked on winning Ihe S.OOO, Boston 6,000, Denver S.OOO, - rlrter in lhe middle of the arena/ A „ . ,f". , ( ' nnsmillvp ^ ° anti-trust suit in order lo continue. New York 5,1)0 nnd Dallas 3,500, The clnwn .veiled lo Ihe announc-i? , ,, """'"I 5 . ""* ' x P* riM l m : « <'erl,ilnly hnsn'l worked outi Virtually all of Ihe lop slars of er, "ThnI fellow is from Free -1!. T ""I, "I* 11 wa " *"™™ 'f 1 thai way. 'Hie AFL came up with 1961 will he hack and Ihe rookie port." Th* nnnounrcr asked Ihe ' m ',"^ *° "* J^t, *"{ pf .' ( ''^ {he M '^ '>u can't win crop looks good. ClOWn j i. ,,.,„. i .... 1:1 _ r. ^ u t _i T^ ' _ . - . . "_ . _. ' HOI some- Dove season is open In thel 2, "I"' ',"',_' '."* '' \"*.\ Prospects for 1%2 urn consider- tough challenger especially since North Zone. Many of you are K^l^n ^Trorln^ hhlZis s'lori™ 1 " 1 hriRhl imlml ' Rays Commis ' H ha * snorpd "P a ^tensive 1™k ng up Ihere searching for birds. > n f j, nHnnor ( .fti*bes We. hone t o > s ' nr "' r -' OP *'"** nn( ' eight rluh in the secondary. Buffalo's yoting- , First, be real careful. The!_,.,l ."™., „...• i^.'.j „,.— I,. „,! owners. They expect several clubs stcrs are expected to come of Ighwnys are going to be crowd. P. Then, he familiar with all Ihe rules. Someone Is going lo ome careless and get hurl. i ™i h.«rt «.r«nu '" Sl hmld • CMUnto . niliviiy. jlo make n profit. Several just age. New York looks much heller jabout broke even, last season. through addition of Songln and All | Ticket sales are up in all cities America cenler Alex Kroll of Rut Colt .45s Arrange Magic To Tame Phils Injuries to key men than any other club in the league. The league's top passer, George Blanda of Houston; the leading scorer, Gino Cappcllelti of Bos- ; •__ Ion, Ihe top runner, Billy Cannonj III of Houston; Ihe No. 1 pass receiver, Lionel Taylor of Denver (he caught 100 passes last season), and Billy Atkins, the leading punter and pass interceptor from Buffalo, all are back aiming atj It will be a combination of rah- more laurels jbit feel, horseshoes and the HOUSTON, Tex. (API- If thejfor half price. Phillies feel a chill running down Th e hex man , younR Kid their backs Monday and Tuesday (hey can't blame Ihe weather. of Hot Springs, Ark., is optimism about the. Colts. , e . Thpre aln '* no cinches on any- Commissloner Foss thinks theS«'hammy of a pro whammy mak-i . ,*' Duga " said ' " hut Iwant An, is strong enough to compete er. j (o . tp11 V 0 " something. I got more with the National Football League The Houston Colls, who meet R0 ' ng for lhe Colts in thls s(Ties Philadelphia on those days, ar- than I ever had before. I got or* *. iniu.u-_i}siiic! un uiuai: i id vs. cli - *-ii-'ti i ranged the mass demonstration of ! Phlllytp ' ayer plcked " magic in an effort to avoid hu-i mran J ^? ve put lhe W ' W P le wham - - miliation. For never in modern I my . on ' llm - He ' s dead now and BIIXY CANNON |nol know what Is safe and what Last week-end, C K. Perkins,.except Dallas, which needs to gers. Oakland was helped through lho< . p „,„„, „, m1 ._,, ,.„ . „ uster Rice, nnd !,. R. Harris hil'slart winning before it can get Ihe trade that ot Bo Rober • ' "' KOOer JIM SAXTON rules are simple, and if you B"s'er Rife, nnd L. R. Harris nil'start winning before it can get lhe trade that got Bo Roherson!L,^ „ ™ , . ,i !,..„ !,„• i. „„»,. ....j ...u-4 fha Inel* nnl In Drum Rflv. TTiev .nntrnnnnn r».». o— r-.: .o,une RUCCeSRlUI the jack pot in Drum Bay. They,patronage. and that there should be a World Series of pro football, matching the champions of the two leagues. This may not be coming about «....»... .....i n^vti m muueiii] . ,. , ,, for some rime, however. As|baseball history has one major! "' Pete Rozelle, commissioner of' llea 8U e team won ail the season's! °ugan said he had heard Phil- the NFL said, "you don't playgames from another. i lies Manager Gene Mauch plans somebody who's suing you for $10 i And the Phillies are just three [° . s(a .. rt his N °- 1 piteher. Art million." away from placing such a players. Dallas did the top job lerback, and Curtis McClinton,' The AFL has filed notice that| re ™ rd '" the book - Mahaffey, against the Colts la the Monday opener. Kansas halfback. The Colts and the Phillies meeti "I got nothing against him 3 twi - ni * 1 doubleheader Mon- (Mauch), but I am really giving ' klit night we talked to one of OTnl tri p,, „ ypar s i m || a r to Ihis I Out favorite hunting partners, Rlchatd Kasper, up at Doss. Rich- B)11 Killough and Felix Ains • Md told us that doves were quilc wol . |n ( . aURn , rod , Rl the J(!lUpB plentiful in (erlaln areas. ; , Ml ww , k . cnn -. Felix had one that Wat*Miole hunting will be the, wpiRll( , d fi ^ pounds. Bill's largest Wstlfl). there because it has been j wp | Rhpd tour pounds. V«ty'«Q». The inch or so of rain I Raymond Day and Fred Rath- th«y htd up there last week wentjj cn CI1( . h K0t „ tmH rm | nt l h B de«p'Into the ground. Birds will! sur [ ncar the mouth of Ihe Ber- have to goto water holes. jnar[i Kncn (1 , n weiK hed 14 p^frJWimlly fly to the water | llounds . on e will get you five that holes'lift In the afternoon. H c , nelr wlvrs ma(1( , tnc catches, 9 al& told W that deer were strffer- , dui tD the drouth. As we have [ before, deer are plenll pro game • AI * AlVin U nc LJ,c "OS ni5 -....., . Qf WO^rVinCI i / •* Vac/o P/nson Gets Hifs Cincinnati Defeats Giants By JACK STEVKNSON San Fran. 000 00 20.V- 5 10 1 Vi - Nuxhall r«». L-Marichal MoM worry over . inati's hall Tom (Irilfilh and his nephew j will stawe unless jt j Kredprick Woodland a:-e !Wn K of us hunters are!»P >n Alaska, big game hunting., just that. ; Wn llafl n rHrrt ' rnm 1 '" m lpl " n K Wild turkeys were j us that he has creek at our pluccjnnd Fre<Ierich h Itternoon. We are hoii-i 00 "a frHfllon of the- He mailed the card before do- seen . ;parting for Mt. McKinntey in tei?''>our 1962 hunting and search of a bear and mint* 1 ' ' " '-*"- "'-"'" Art oCwftcn - - —T «•---- i ,._ a'license Thc smart thing jthey would take you along do te>to go down now and re--hotter know it. Urn and rrede-; Af.iiBU licenses. irit ' h arp making movies of their year, we had trouble find- trip »nd they are, as Marc would icons to sell us a hunting say. having a blast. tj|H- of problem before every j npenlnH-wnsnn gnmc, Home Hor-; ry iH-fore every game. And some ! hal wo " h "> f°»rUi straight _ ^ poor ,T,a,W «orry .11 their ittl loul dpte " Saturday by hand- | |ger$-Wn|Te SflX ™,,rhln K .-.rrerH. cut in K San Francisco while Ihe: liming «,,rrl«, »re all ,mrt f^" 1 " I)|B! "« 1 16 hils 'or » ™ Pre»s 8porU Writer Nuxhall. Brosnan (9) and Ed- (17-10). Home runs—Cincinnati, Keough (61. San Francisco, Kuenn (10). IAD /^ • 'Wards; Marichal, Mc-Cormick (6), P i,cher'^ I Nux: Dufffl "" 8lMillpr . (9) . and it will appeal it's anti-trust suitj higher Federal Court, and; day and a single game Tuesday'my very best stuff to the'Phillies its third season of opera-; night to end their season series, i because I love Houston and Gal- vill create a lirmer spot in: The teams have met 15 times}veston. I have friends here, and the Phillies have taken every j Mauch may not know it, but his game. jluck has run out on him." The Colts have hired a profes-i Concer ning Mahaffey, Dugan sional jinx man, and Houston i said; pitcher Dick Farrell will wear 1 "I have my Slobolkee Stare No. 13 on his uniform, shifting I ready lor him. He won't finish from his usual No. 43. jthe game. And I've been praying All fans who carry a horseshoe, i' or Dick Farrell and he'll have four-leaf clover or rabbit's foot a U the leprechauns in Ireland jto the opener will be admitted)working on his side. Orioles-Indians By THB ASSOCIATED PRESS American League of the gHtnr. \Vurrlc* nmie In nil victory over the Uianls. New York ... DETROIT (AP)—Hank Aguirre. BOSTON (APi — Se<Yind base- 3.1^,5 An-e!es with timely hitting and defensive man Chuck Schilling drew a has- Minnesota* ..°, . - «"'•"», «nd >!>.«•.,' Vnda P'" son returned to Ihe ,,,pport from Rocky loaded walk to cap a ninth in- lm,i R .»d nrnwn to worrj; *.me Qntimatl line-up alter two day S ,pi lchH the Detroit Tigers to a: n ing Boslon uprising as the Red ' W. L. Pel. « B. 80 57 .584 — 75 60 .55n 4 . 76 61 .55 4 , 69 Kl .507 JO Tommy Bolt Bolts Into Dallas Open Golf Lead One'of Ihe nicmtK-rN of (he •oAchlnit \vnrld \*h<> really dues RIM Henrv of Alvln. ' By join 1ITO4 iiumniK nun — " * ; , tl .vim it 11.11, rllWnses expired If you'sheep. Wouldn't it be nice to have As of la.^ week Henry cmild hj|s . ( etWWn 17 and 65,' you will;a nice uncle who liked to hunt and .'""nt 14 hoy, .IHellned »1th In- Rfdf nj(i| a'license Thc smart thing .'hey would take you along? You'd j«rl«. He «t n i^ «,me»n,,ld ho m ^ , 71 ..ISi 14 64 n .474 15 . 61 7S .449 : 53 84 ,e387 27 A—Played night game. -* ansas oity because we were strong- You can elimi- " lot of worry by going to ort Chamber of Comin the KBRZ Build- ladles will be on hand you any license you may I This Includes commercial ! also. sporting goods stores also enses. It will be necessary to go to the post office ur duck ttamp. v hunting license has an game tag attached to it TIDE TAni.K Date 9-2 S:10i(.m. Ixm 11. M a.m. I a p.m. i i J" . " mes "' bat - ; So'( Saturday. A walk, two singles, a wild: acv pj a ~ nd " ciouhle and lour singles. Colavito drove in the Tigers' pitch and an intentional walk pre- ' ha\e somelhing lo worry about un( ' lnna| i jumped on San first run with a sacrifice fly in ceded the deciding play. The final ,_ ,.,,, it ... ....... ' nanc-iscos li-gaine winner, Jiwn the third. In Ihe sixth, he foiled base on balls was served up '' ms . on " vc Chicago's first scoring opportunity by Ray Moore, third Minnesota inning The w jth a leaping catch against the pitcher of the inning. hed him for two more left field fence. It robbed Camilo Until then it had appeared that out a »hort time but others m»v ','; "" slxlh llln |n«' including Carrcon ol an extra-base blow Harmon Killebrew's 36th homer, a „ - Marti- Keough s solo homer. tna , would have produced a run. two run belt in the sixth, and B - v THE Called up from San Diego a A l Kaline's single scored the Frank Sullivan's relief pitching month as.j, the .W-yeai-old Nux- second Detroit run offl loser Hay had saved a 4-3 triumph lor south- han baffiwi me Uiants witii his Herbert j n the srvenlh. paw Jack Kralick. who tossed a trarta'Tf' southpaw slants ami did not allow Aguirre lost hjs snl|to|Jt H . jth ^.^iner his last time out. Marqu,- (citing th,. nod to Uke IV.iv^Lenn homered^lh Jo^c 1*'° °"' '" ^ "'^ "^ **"" P ** Runnel3 : American Chicago (Fisher 7-4) at Detroit Ihc rhamplonnhlp. Pup j T ™«, T n ™ „ -L ..1^ l m *"« led in a ..™ n : U ' aK " e ^ adin ,? . ba " er ' dr f V , thC iFojrtack 8-5) ! By HAROLD V, P.ATLIFF K! .507 JO'i DALLAS (AP) - Tommy Bolt tfi .507 10* j put on a great putting splurge '•S _63 .f>00 U'l Saturday to shoot a 5-mirier.par the fact that he no longer throws clubs (he said he quit because it cost too much). He has won only $5,511 and the last tournament he bagged was last year when he Ihe and pull himself from 15th "***"* was last y - , P ^T hlm f lf ™ lDth took the Pensacola open. ' **" nn r Dallas Open Golf Tour- !*• Iiwl for M-Vfral weekH. Hmry'i Yellow .fsokels are picked In Imlllo II nut u1lh DCIT Park for *crnml plnc'i* In Illslrlct 1J.A.AA race ullh lj« | The tempestuous Bolt, once \ | noted more for throwing tantrums j |and clubs than his golf, had 10! ASSOCIATED PRESS one-putt greens and would have! had a virtually perfect putting BaUimore rPappas U-S a,, Ks- ^^Tc^h^otiTl, at Cleveland (Perry , Wooler on No< u whefe he tQok j American American on nH r , 10-10 and Grant his only His 136 for 36 holes gave him! R-:'0 p.m. C:iS a.m. 12-31 p.m. 7: 19 pm. 12:L'S a.m. 1:12 p.m. (.38a.m.! 7- 3V p.m ! 1:07 a.m. d.K a.m. 2:'X) p.m. Jfl-£ p.m.! 2-0(J a.m 5.U a.m.! 4:^(i p.m. 11:51' p.m 3-'>° p.m. 3:0' a m. 5:^ p.m. i on base in the seventh. Chica-o Ic-il Henry'* Injury-rldrtlwl e rid- "°". ^l, ,.. . . .. , drr,. Th, .»„ .earn, „,„, tn :'*"**, «"' t-mnnraiU > Mtai* in Alvln Frlilny night In n non-dls- ,. , " > , "' ,,'' *™*' } • lx ™ e Irlrt samp Marichal could retire the side. _ Pinson nnd Keough had doubled """""""""""^~~~"~~"'^ and both Gordie Coleman and That was Red Sox-Twins CLEVELAND Minnesota Boston more Orioles, helped by Brook; [962 SWC Football upens Training Sessions Op< HiRh School in Midland lust year, has signed a lette his 10th loss. <r«nlinui<d Knmi I'nci- B) HOUSTON (AP)— Coach Jess lice at SMU Saturday, (y'eely, well pleased with the con- Coach Hayden Fry. pleased Hilion of his sqitnd. sen: 71 P.uriwilh Ihe condition of the squad, [footballers to the practice field in sent the Mustangs thrnuch a con- Inhorts Saturday for their first :lrolle<l scrimmage in the first ses. I workout. sion. The Owli have almost a month j -^ vo \ et{rrmrn who ^a been [to prepart for their opener Scpt.; pxni ,,., r(l u „,,„,.„ W|1 .. , mi ,.:.., Qu.irterlHi-k Club, and \V '- '—.Terr>' Flhome, quarterback, who McPougal, vice preside "It look! like they all came .quit because he didn't want to charge "f memberships. a little heavy, but they have been; had lo drop out because of ill- he a rluh mcmlier to a lhat way and It looks like thc.\ ; nc<ui. Sampson said. air Just meant to Ix- big hnys." Nelson had »n infllinuil mem. Cixiiicr and his coiichinK 'Ilie only squailniail i-oiinlcd out Inline armmd Ihe heart caused by which will IK- introduced. of action this year is soplKimme « vii-us and his doctor advised explain at the melinc the Ship halfback Parry nice who uixli-r- him lo stay out of (oMtwll this pmsperls foi the 10K. 1 xeasoiv went a knee opeiHtinn rtt-enilv ypnr. In addition to the iiwichcs and Jim Lno«, halftMck from Buy 'inat means Nelson's: <i«ntsi'.! pl.-i.M't-s' nan on the pmsram .-it Cit>', missed practice due lo a if- ciirecr is oxer since he is n senior. Ihis meeting, the Quarter ha <• k cent foot operation that was re- The Methodists rcportc^l lean ; o fleet a new seciv- quin-d when a flr.h (in Ix-came and hungry with only two of them arrangements for the member- embedded In his foot. Sophomore scaling over 'XtO pounds. One was ship c.inipi.ii;n for Ihe season. Ilie haUhnrk candidate Jimmy Stark !Uy Schoenke, all-S.5Ulhwest ('cm- ''lub will also eli-cl aiicu S.-ITC DAU./VS (API — Kon.i.? Mnr- Leo Cardenas singled, nun ,,as „ . . . „, . . Robinson s 21st home run, took a 6-0 lead on Cleveland's Sam Mer of intent ,o,Cincinnati 400 (XK -o -10 16 2 C ^ Ve " *" thi 'f tanin f, SatUrda - V attend Southern Methodist Uni " ' WCn °" wln versily. Coach Hajden Fry an- : Records show that .T.'.S.'i pcr- nouni-ed Saturday. Merrill,' a 2JO- cent of the wagering at New York pound 6-footer, will study engi - thoroughbred racetracks in 1961 neerinc. « a s done at the $2 windows. "* Danbury Grid Team Ready For Somerville Rodriguez, the and Paul hitter from ^ », WM .. coleaders of. 010 010 200—1 6 0 S |<y g-81 at Washington (Rudolph the tournament with 67 after the! 300 000 002—5 6 1 g.6) first round, found the 6,658-yardi Oak Cliff Country Club course Sati«nal League suddenly grown into a monster- they soared to 75 and 76. respec-, and feU down wth the mi**. **.—**. m . FOOTR/aL L T1AAF IQ UPDC ^^^^ • •**l"»fcfc 1 If TIK ttmf nCHiC of Seagwillc will miss the <-«ily lerence guard who tips the beams '•>'">' - treasurer to replace Jnhni p " ili1 " 15 - 'l llHrl ''rbacks: Kenneth workouts due to n recent emerg- at 'M and will sluy there The H-i/ard, a (.inner Kieepdrt Iwnk- Uni;i ""- -Mike Tracy, Robert Cion- ency appondccolomy. other was John Knee, sophomore er. who recently moved to Hrnis- " lcs - '• ylln Rrandsletirr, Unn Thc only other ailment was re- left luckle wild wi-ijim d Jii'i l.iit K'"- Spcnce. and Roddy Berr>. half- ixiiled by" w>phomi>i-i- i-enler Mai- ui|| pmbiihly rut rx-l *v .'«. \\.lh Qiiarlei-bai-k Club odicials hope l> - ll ' kli: SKecle McCain. Joe Ri«comb Walker, regarded as one of „ | cw wm -|(oulK. l"i' «n overflowing crowd at this rls - M U W |)S U-l»>w and Mack the top wiphoninies In the South- Kry said he was quite happy '"'"I chili meeting of the season. 1'arker,^ fulllwcks: Oliver Walsnn, west Conference. He spiainiKl his, u -iih Ihe iiindition and .spirit (if The mceliiiK is just (our days Jolm Warren and James Billiard ankle while pla)int: h«skoll)iil!;iii,. ^ s a , |, r S | a ,-| S (1 iel.iiildin« pniir to the Kxpurlri-s seaxui up l ''-nlei-s. during Hi* mimmer. He rep<irted pioynilii lie came here (nun ''" or wl "' "''' I'lilians of Port AIK! Porter Bniwn, 1'ike Tier- ready lo go, however. Aikaasas to siircciil Hill Meek as Nechcs. neil. Hilly liiulKin-s. Truman coach this jear. An milline cif luluic pi-u^i;tiiis Kr.'inks, James Cain, lieiald I.ii KOItT WOKTH (AP)— The TCU to U> |>ics<-nlrtl at lhe weekly He and John Adams, ends: Ooi- loolluill Krogs will have « new: AUSTIN (AIM -Ciudi l>imcll :Q(iarlerb.-ii k Club niei'lmus will dun Klaus, (.ifoi-ge l.unstonl. Jim kind of coach llns .seasun, U was. Knyal ran Ills i-onnlmins at n fast -also be outlined by Sampson at IJine. Hnn-e Steffler, Rminio "K disclosed Saturday when the 7:i- i p H e<' to open fixilhHll pia.-lu-e H»' Sept. 10 dub g.M-inuedk-r. J- Iliiluh" 1'nxirne, Mike Mason, man nquad lix'k UK lu-sl workout. {Satunlay. The Kximrlcrs. &> Uinmnh I« ( I'HIH| P. 11 "Paul" Ilivaiil. At)0 Martin now is a rtillcrvmj Hoy H | i-Hllifl the 71 pn»|HH-l.-, drills again Monday — at !> a m. Ktiaviis; Uirry U'elier. Rixtney kind of coach — !U"'» tough. , "the best lixikuiK bunch I h,r,t- tuul I p m — and slnitiin; TAICH- Travis. Konald Shuttlewnhi. Ku After Iwci dis«p|)oinlliv{ wusiinlseen a» lo lhe physical shape day will RU to one lialimn; M-SSIIIII Ix-rl IHn>le>. Kicai\lo "Rick" when he was Ihe imlulRent and|||iey nil- in." each day (after sclumll for lhe 'Mcndo/ji, tackles. <orglvini; type, Ihe veteran coai-h 'Hie IxuiKliorns went ilmiutjh'remainder of the season The I Inward and Hi.iiuisielli'r arc told bin players he is now a tli'icl-Uipjr fust fall workout in 90- M'hml ;,e.n- alsu U'^ins 'Hu-Mlay n,,. ship co i-dptiiins lor 1%» Slu dinciplinariiin. .degree leinperalurs in the HiaoisfKirt Schtml System. i),, nl Mun .ii;crs are Jack Ta\lor "Tlieie'll Ix- no second chiinco Weights ilropimi from 8 to 13 It looks like a ( year (or an ,| i{,,|»-ri Piillei while John lor those who break tiainuiK nilcs ixntndx duriiiK the mornini; wink-jBin/on.i County si-h.nlh.iy f.xit - n, im ,. v , s ,|ie Ships' student train thiH *ea»on", he said. "One lulat; , M \, siHilmij «uard Marvin Kubin: 11 -'''!. er. step and >IHI get tin' l»«il. I «l- lost 111 piKiiuls, ta.kle Scott Ap-i I 11 adduinn lo Bra/i«.poii beniR WBy» IhnuRhl <ir*t oflhP l«>y. Iheii'iilelnn 11'. Most other linemen, pickeil hi^h in district rankinn in Ihe team, Utsl >car 1 knew one nf-aiHl fullhack Hoy IVuiije. ti»ik off'Pii'-.v-asoii |xills, Sweeny is pu-k- mil- senioiK was hreaklim liaiiiiiiK. Ill |xiumls. ed lo un I" lhe suite I'lass AA but I didn't kick him "II the Icam Itoyal ran Hie Horns ihititiKhi finals. AiiKlelou is »t;ile fiiiiked, because ! knew it would hurliruniiinK plays in the 'Duiibury is a lough slali-vuclc him. He stayed ami we The only injury re|xirtiHl was I'lass R power while Alvin is pi. k 'I'hat'n chaiiiicd, Now we're K»IHK sophomoie rc.-.ei\e Dutim Hiir-.ed In finish al least h^cond in lo think first, about lhe K"<»i "I.His The lailback came dowu'l'iMricl 1'J-iA. the team — «ld winninK". irtilh a dislix-uled s-hnuldei-. West Culumhiii, new in Class 'Itie players appl«ud«l the! "What pleases me," K o y al| AAA ami with a new couch, Te.\ coach. :t.aid, "is thai nobody came Uick;Kasscn, is tlic only unrated It-am ! ( H I I'bey all lonk like they are'in the county. However, Ilie DALLAS (Al'i S..\lvt» o c.-ii'.'h- m n 1 *"! ph.vM'al sl'.api'. which •Rniinhnecks, Ihouuh short on dales. IncludiiiK J'J lellenin-n, an ctull iiu.k it a Inl C.I.-I.T In ni.i i il.-pih with only .ilxmt Ti players «a-U tiio call lor Iixilbiill prac ^asl.'' pn lhi;i\aibiiy litu-up. thow uical Pittsburgh (Friend 15-12) „ Philadelphia (Bennett 6-9) '' vely ' Houston .Johnson b-lli at Chi- nun ST3 caso (Buhl 10-8) Bo\\. Ihe 44-year-old former na- New York (Jackson 7-171 at St. tional °P en champion, hasn't been, Louis iBroglio 10-71 doing very well this year despite (7-fii limited the Milwaukee (Shaw 15-SI al Los Indians to seven nils, includins DANBURY iSpi — The Dan- Angeles iDrysdale 22-7; Willie Kirkland's 20th home run, bury Panthers have rounded out Cincinnati (Purkey 20-5) at San and went the distance. the second week of pre-season Krancisco lO'Dell 15-121 McDowell (2-7) walked Jerry practice in sood physical condi- Adair lo open the fame and Dick tion and coach Louis Holt reports Williams doubled Adair home, everything looks good for Friday's t'RHEPORT (Su> - 'Ih? Ciir.'- 'Hiree more walks forced in an- opener wi(h Somerville. side Saii inR Oub held its annual other run. The Panthers could be one of election of officers recently. Mrs. potential in trainine and early Baltimore chased McDowell the state's top Class B powers KaJney B. Anderson of Houston ;scrimmages. The Roughnecks with a four-run rally in the third this year with some top notch lvas elected Commodore for the .".show concern for the rating with Inning. Jackie Brandt started it gridders returning from last coming 1962-H3 year. Mrs. Kath- .'"jwhirh they hive licon tabbed nnd .with a double and scored when Al year's squad. erine Proctor, also of Houston, inulcj manv ons( , lvors fpc | t(iat lhp C(1 _ ijipjow dropped Jim Gentile's fly " In a scrimmage held this past ftas elected president. Mrs. Del mr ™'ilumhia High gridders will sur - and then threw into the dugout, week the Panthers broke even M-Uew is the out-going president ' \™'pnso several opiwnents riurinc Ihe Robinson's homer scored Gentile, with Dass A Hitchcock. Holt re- °' lne c ' u b. on • UipcominK season. and three singles netted another ported his team looked good on ——i»...i«^—fiii^H U Ctx> P° r ' s Exncnei-s include M run. defense but some what ragged on • . • | seniors, (our juniors ami one soph- Baltimore 201 010 001—8 12 0 olfenso in Ihe tilt, "'"'omorc. Cleveland 000110000—2 72 Wingback Tim Tigner is the Ships thill will he introduced lo Kishor and Triandos; McDowell, only major casualty at this lime, thc Kridirtiii Siiturday nisht again Dailey ilii, T>Tiver (61 and Ed- but coach Holt expects him to be st Houston Mllby and the ones that wards W—Kisher (7-Si. L—Me- ready for the opener, will In- intmdured at Ihe Quarter- Dowell iJ-7'. Holt pointed out David Wollam. Iwu'k Club meeting on Sept. in Home runs—Baltimore, Rohm- Ora Wollam. Gary Bogema and Includi 1 .- son (21), Shetrone tl). Cleveland, James Jennings for their fine James "Ho" Rurris, An hie Kirkland (SOI. "Butch" Kleininu aiKl Kiuinie ^^^^^^ imm NEW CAR LOANS 4m TERMS UP TO MONTHS THE FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK IT'S THE MOST TOM GARRETT'S PHARMACY NEW LOCATION SOON At Th. Braiosport Villa?* Shopping Center Clwt»—lok» Jacktan NO MIXING NO PAINT ODOR , Hapta homogenized f to you get perfect,, even |:coior thfqugbout without con- v^tBntfitkflngt (tscretfnypofh) work so far. Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! To Built/ or fix the Farm or Home OLSHAN Gives You More for Less EXTRA SPECIAL: Screen Doors— 32" « 80*. only 21 b; Composition •Iroost perfect, per »q. 15: and 30; Felt, full roll, onl) 2l5f Seal I«i No. 1, «). Plywood Discounts— 4" Fir. 4 i 8 sheet, good one side Check our stock ot slightly dimiged ply*ooas. Subjict lo prior siie. 4 » S-U* Buch ...... 4 » 8 -Vi" Philippin* Mdhogjiiy 4 t S ->." Biich or Ash 4 " JI9S 55 4 J {2.41 J9.95 Jll 95 8 Sheeliock U- gijl.W. *." if Jl-54. H- g- 51,66 All Puipo$e Cement SI 59 LUMBER DISCOUNTS: 1 s 4 Yellow pin« tloorinf. Tha will please you. Per Im. ft. 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