Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1954 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 31
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1951 Grains Recover AfterEarlySlump By WTlMASt f*fcflftt» CHICAGO ffi— Grains recovered from an early slump on the Board r.f Trade today. Soybeans came back most readily while wheat Mailer Wheat lank a couple of cents at the worst, reflecting large supplies from previous crops and an improved outlook fof 1954 production. Feed grains eased with wheat but did not record wide losses. They recouped about all the lost ground. Soybeans showed considerably resistance to the early sell-off and bounced back for fair-sized gains. Covering operations by previous .short sellers was the main factor in the advance. Carlot grain receipts in Chicago v.rre estimated af: wheat 13, com Io6. OHts 5. barley 30, soybeans 5. CHICAGO IP— Cash wheat: none. Corn: Nd 1 yellow 1.59' »-60; No 3 l.57'i-58 1 /i; No 4 1.56U-37',i; No 5 1 54<4-55>i; sample grade 1.43-52%. Oats: No 1 heavy white 82; No 1 white 79'_-80; No 2 75?4. Barley nominal: maJUng 1.20-62; feed 92-1.14. High Low Close Prev.Close Wheat Way 2.06 2.02"i 2.03 2.05'4 Jly 2.0n% 2.01U 2.01'i 2.03')4-'i Srp 2.07 l.W* 2.04'i 2.07H-07 Dec 2.12 2.09' i 2.09' i 2.12%-Vi Corn May 1.53 1.51% 1.52?i 1.52'i-% .Tly 1.53'i 1.52% 1.53 1.52%-% Sep 1.50'j, 1.49 1.49% 1.49'i Dec 1.43% 1.42% 1.43«,i 1.43' i Oats May .75% .75'i .7514 .75% •Jly .70*a .69*4 .70 .70'4 Sep .70 ,.69Vi .69"J .70 Doc .72',4 .71% .72V4 .72'4 Rye May. .98% .95% ' .97 .98% Jly 1.0ti4 .98% 1.00 1.01'i Sep 1.04% 1.01% 1.03 l.(M«4 Doc 1.09V41.07 '1.08 1.091 i Soybeans ' May U? 1 .* 4.06^ 4.10 4.10%-11 Jly 4.1114 4.03!i 4.08 4.05»4-05 Sep 2:83',* 2.79 2.79% 2.80%-' Nov 2.60'i 2.56% 2]56% 2.57" 2 -U Jan 2.46 2.60 2.60 2,62-61 1 /i Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. #-(USDA)-Hogs 8,500; 180-230 Ib 27.75-85; sizable number sales 27.90-28.00, including about 400 head at 28.00; few sales down to 27.6063; 240-260 Ib 27.00-65; 270-300 Ib 26.25-75; load 350 Ib 24.75; 150-170 ]b 27.25-75; sows 400 Ib down 23.75-24.25; over 400 Ib 21.75-23.25; boars 17.50-21.00. Cattle 3,500, calves 900; early sales good and choice steers 20.0024.00; good to choice heifers and mixed yearlings 19.00 - 22.00; few commercial to -low good 17.0019.00; utility; an^ commercial cows 12.50-14.50; canner and cutter cows 9.00-12.50; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15.QQ; cutter bulls 12.0013.00; good and choice vealers 1 8.00-22.00;, few prime 24.00; commercial and low good vealers 13.00-17.00. Sheep 400; -no early sale«. Reds Propose (Continued From Pajf« 1.) "completely unacceptable." 3. Diplomatic informants in London said the United States is urging its Western allies publicly to pledge help quickly lor France in resisting Communist aggression. However, as outlined there would be no direct ultimatum to Red China. Britain and France have opposed an ultimatum. No Cease Fire 4. A reliable source said the United States, Britain and France have agreed there can be no cease fire in Indochina without safeguards to insure that the military situation remains frozen during negotiations lor a political settlement. This source raid there was no inclination on the part of either the British or the French to agree to a cease-fire without some machinery lor guaranteeing the present lines. ' Both the French and British previously had been reported anxious for ». halt to the .fighting, even if it entailed some risk. The United State* was reported insisting on safeguards to. protect the French military positions. French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault and Russia's V. M. Molotov pushed ahead, meanwhile, in their private talks on setting up a big power conference on the v lndo- Chinese conflict. While the formal meetings of the 19 nations we dealing with proposals tor unifying Korea, the Bidault-Molotov talks so far were limited to composition at a conference on Indochina. French &ources expressed belief that agreement might be reached with the Communists soon oh this, per- mitfing invitations to th,e talk* tp go out. Though there was no definite word, observers believed some formuJn was in sight to permit the seating of the Communist-controlled Vietmlnh rebels at the table with the Associated States. Thjf OAS been § serious stumbjiflg block since th* Viet Nam chief ol state, eX'EmjKror Bao Dai, had in dipt tad his representatives would not negotiate with representatives of the Vietminh/s trained leader. Ho Chi ttmn *«f* I.) nwdestly replied: "I'm Jast past i my 66'«<." 1 Except far * four-year tntft, i from 1923 into 1927, he has serv- I ed c-ontimjowsly on the County i Board from Wood River Towns, ship sinre 1913. Halter served i as township supervisor untif 1940, when he sought election as assistant supervisor of Wood River Township and has served f ron- trnuovisiy in that position since. As chairman of the County Board he also is ex-oTficio chairman of the Madison County Board fof Review and county liquor control commissioner. The Board tvas called into organization session at 11:55 a.m. today by County Clerk Eulalia Hotz, upon petition of board members, after business of the Board's old year had been completed during the forenoon. Joseph Troeckler. Chouleau Township supervisor, was elected as board chairman pro tem. After Haller's re-election as per mnnent chairman he was escorted to the chair by Supervisor Arthur Meffert of Leef Township, and Robert Beachum. assistant supervisor of Wood River Township. Mailer, with the Board's sanction, named supervisors Norbert Hotz of Marine Township and Arthur Moore of Venice Town- shin, as well as Alton Township Assistant Supervisor W. J .Meyers, lo the new Rules Committee. Upon the committee's recommendation, the Board re-adopted rules in effect the past year and provided for appointment of two new standing committees. The new committees are county rabies' control, and for a proposed detention home for children. Haller said he would announce assignments to all board standing committees within a few days. After adopting the Rules Committee's report, which covered a schedule of meetings for the ensuing year, the Board recessed until May 19. , 15, af Sheffield, beat 16 girls in « contest. ' News of Stocks Market Hard Hit by Selling NEW YORK #-The slock market was hit hard by a selling spree today but it recovered briskly Iran the worst. Losses ol one to three aVid even five points were common during the worst of the selling pressure, but these extremes were cut back materially. On the rebound, gains went to around two points. Trading volume came to an es- taimated 2,100,000 .shares, -com- pared-vrtth iiSTOiOM'sRaresTraded Tuesday. Brokers said the cause of the sudden spurt of selling was acute disappointment over dividend ac lion by several major companies. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS ^-Produce and live poultry: Fowl, heavy breeds 18-19, bare- backs 16, leghorns and hybrids 15; fryers <2tt-3% Ib) white 23y a -24, leghorns 19; turkeys, hens 28. Other prices unchanged. Telegraph Want Ads "Click" NOTICK OF CLAIM DATE notice U hareby given to all MoSSay *" Date ln t i .V y r *«>. Decea«ed. M.- i? the Prob «t« Court of Madiaon County, niinol., and that claim, may be filed af.ln.t th. .Sid °. r iM!fore iald dat ? without 8ARAH Z. VOORHEES Att.. t! Kxecutrlx. DALE HILT, Probate Clerk M. E. NEWELL. Attorney April 14, 21, 28 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Iht h* l « h ^ re ,5 y «'v«n to%H peraoni that MM ! flr«t Monday in June, 1094 iSerbUrt^w,, 11 ' 1 " J» the «""•»• Of Herbert M. WlUon, Deceased, pending «, r , obate Court of MadisoS 1IUn , oil - •"«• '"a* claim, may acaln.t th* .aid e.tate on or »*W date without luuance of SBLMA M. C. WILS.ON. Atteat: ' Executrix. OA^E HrLT, Probate Clerk. M. E. NEWELL, Attorney, Tpril ai. 88. May 5 - W 8MA "»•& G «VI!N that ! ' containing tour aigoature. wa. Wed witH the Secretary o* the County Board ol School * qounty. Illtaoi., > ,w afer 'A of the Southweit Quarter (8W V«) of Section 13 and the North- ««t Quarter (NE'/ 4 | of th* Northwe.t Quarter (NWV 4 ) •( Section 86, both in Tdwn.hip SUf MI North. Range Elev«, (U» We»t of the Third Princioal Meridian, Jeraey CountyTnii: tioia. '•South One-half <BW of th* of Sec- 8% *' *" <NBV«> that part of 'the i Quai-Ur mwv.) of SMtioc T lying we»t of Plata Creek, and the W**t fractional Quwtir of Section » jyta, WeaTof PU»» Cr**k, in Town»hip SU ifl" «ofth, Range Eleven an Wwt of th« Third Principal Mercian, Jeraey Coiwty, UJinSia. "***' u ' NortttMit Quarter iNEV 4 i, e»- Wiil * ALTON T&LEGRAPH Bl ToittWhffl 9tt '»> North, Ranfe ttevtn <HI Wwt of the Third prtnetBM Mmtfnm. J*r- •ey county. mmof» An sttuaied in W* County of Jerwy. State of Tiltnoli. o* detached from Comrmmity Unit School District No. 100 of Jrttey *nd Orevnc Cetmtlts, riiinoii, and attach ttw Mm* to Community Unit School District No. li, Madi«on and Jtnts Cotmtie*. Otinott. NOTtcB is FtrtmrtR otvtN that * Hearing on raid petition will be h»ld on May 10, 1984 at the hour of 7:30 P.M. in the offtet of the Mudnon Camty Superintendent of Schools. Court House. Edwariisvllle. Illinois, •t which time any person Interested win he heard. Dated this »th day of April AD GtCffiGE T. WTLKtNS Coonty Superintendent of Schools and ex-offlcio Secretary of the County Board of School Trustees of Madt- ton County, Illinois. AfVNOUNCEMEiVrs N O T I C 8 The Board of Education of the Alton Community Unit School Du- trict No. 11, Alton. TlllnotJ. Is Inviting bids on the fallowing work to be performed during the months of June, July, and August, 1954. Letting Number Work 1 Bo«l» School—Exterior Painting Z Central School—Exterior..PmntmR 3 CUrs Barton School — Exterior Painting 4 West Junior High School—Interior Painting 5 McKlnley School—Exterior Paint- Ing 6 Clara Barton School — Interior Painting 7 Douglans School—Interior Painting 8 McKlnley School—Interior Painting 9 Boals School—Interior Painting 10 Washington School—Asphalt Tile ' Floor Installation 11 McKinley School — Asphalt Tile Floor Installation 12 Alton Senior High School—Interior Painting Specif lent Ions an letting* may he obtained by calling or writing tlip Board of Education, 1211 Henry Street, Allan, Iflinois. Bids will be opened at a meeting of the Board of Education at the Board of Education Offices at 1211 Henry Street. Alton, Illinois, on May 12, 1054, at 8:00 P. M. (D.S.T.I. Thp Board of Education reserves th* right to reject any or all bids or parln thereof, and to waive all technicalities. GEORGE U DAVIS, Sec'y. April 28, 29. May 1 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Estate of Maude E, Qlffin, Deceased. Notice I* hereby given to all persons that Monday, June 7, 1HS4, It the claim dale in the estate of Maude E Glffln, Deceased, .pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, «nd that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said dale without Issuance of summons. > Elizabeth Glffln Klrby, McWllllams «c McWIlllams, Attorney.' Litchfleld, Illinois. April 28. May 3, 12 SEALED BIDS will be received at the office of the City Manager, City building, Wood Hlver, 111., up to 7:30 p.m.,, May 3rd, 1B54 for the renovation of ladies' and men's rest rooms at the Wood Hiver Municipal Swimming pool. Specifications are on file at the City manager's office. All bids to be turned In In envelopes plainly marked, "Repair work at municipal pool." Dated at Wood River. III., this 27th day of April, 1954. H. E. MARBAUGK, City Manager, SEALED BIDS will be received at the office of .the City Manager, City building. Wood River, 111., up to 7:30 p.m., Monday, May. 3rd, 1954, for the following: Installation af a soft ball field lighting system. Specifications are on file in the City Manager's office. All bids to be turned in in envelope plainly marked, "Sealed Bids on Soft Ball Field Lighting System." Dated at Wood River, 111., this 27th day of April, 1954, R. E. HARBAUGH. ; " " Clt# "Manager." NOTICE OF PUBLIC BIDDING The Board of Education of the £n«t Alton-Wood River Hjgfi School will receive bids on Monday, May 10th, for the construction of, 2 outdoor basketball courts, consisting of the following: Approximately 8800 sq. ft. of rock base to a depth of 6 Inches,, approximately 8800 sq. ft. of central plant cold mix asphalt, approximately 600 linear ft. of 6-inch concrete curbing-, 2 sets of basketball backstops as per specifications and drain basin and How tile for the abdye area. Specifications and blueprints may be secured from the office of the principal at the East Alton-Wood River High School on Wood River' Ave., Wood River. Bids will be opened at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 10. BOARD OF EDUCATION, District No. 144, : FOREMAN G. DYKBMAN, Secretary. WANT AD INFORMATION 12 Words—1 time 80 12 Words—3 time* ISO 12 Words—7 time! .; .....2.35 12 Words—30 times 6,48 ADJUSTMENTS Error* not the fault of the advertiser which clearly lessen th* value of the advertisement should be corrected the tint day when one extra corrected Insertion will be mad* without charge. The Telegraph assumes no responsibility for error after th* first Insertion Want ads are accepted until 11:00 A. M. for publication same day. All copy subject to editing or rejection. ALTON TELEGRAPH, 111 E, BDWY. PHONE 3-6641 ANNOUNCEMENTS IN HKMURIAal IN LOVING MEMORY—Of Leonard Pollard, who died April 28, 1952: Nothing can ever take away The love a heart hold, dear; Fond memories linger every day. Remembrance keep, him near. ' Sadly missed by Wife and Children. IN MEMORY—Of Oswald Stanka.'who pa**e<t away April 27, 7 year* ago: And while .he lies in peaceful aleep, Her memory we shall alwaya keep. Son. Mr. and.Mra.. Wayne Stanka. a MONUMENTS — CEM, LOTS HARMON MONUMENT SALES 618 Acton, Wood Hlver Monuments tc Marker* on Display Open Evening. * Sunday* _ • Phone 4-8584 SUE D.—Thrlfly Drug Stores now live and redeem Eagle Stamps. We can save even more now. ANNA H. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS —"bill" SMJ417 or a-7229»or write P. O. Box investigation.. All type*. •WWher*. Uc*n»«d * bonded. Call to» m »MH. Granite city. U, Wli' '".,"£"••, J1 !! woh ' Friday, April 30th. I p.m. in basement. 8th It Albv. *5MW* >»*-*^Ww. » «^n: si7 Bun. s^ j u, y 'xitflu jj e j the 12fh-Sf: Church, haginnina Thursday, April- Wth;« wnm 8 p m Friday. April 30th. ' *™" ^*^«MS'.lT n , qhWCh> ^i 7 * n '**' "J* 1 ** *a*M p> ""' •!•* BI^IM cl»i ffi**up,g lSS3i»?Aprfl attttiT fc^^JW^^*^ " **• C*BW, W. It'" STATE MEttW G- Each TJmr»day. 800 pm Alton Arrlc 154. 494 Bait Brnadway. Alton. WOOD RIVER LODGE- No. IMS Special meeting Wednesday, April 2S, 7 o'clock. M- M. degrw. Vimtlni brethren wel«>m*\ Mnurlre S. LrRat*, W. M. I* LOST — RTRATIO — STOLEN LOST—Blue parakeet, vicinity of Col- leeje and Jer»*y. 1-4434. LOST — CoTlle female, 3 yean old. Dial J-O16B. LOST—"fract dl»c In South Roxana between Roxana High School or on road running through east end of Shell oil Co. Reward. Johnny PriiHt. 4-8252. II NOTICfcB GlVfc MO*HER~A TREAf-tirder a box of Sadie's drllrlous Patl.ian Bnlls for Mother's Day. Rum and mint flavor*. Free gift with every box. 1741 Rodgers. 2-7M1. NOTICE — From this day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Signed this 28th day ot April. JESSE T. EDWARDS, 709 Highland, Alton. III. FURNITURE TRUCK—And driver for lease. Phone 3-0400 after 4:30 p.m. NORTHS1DE RADIATOR REPAIR 4) Cleaning • Repairing 4) Rrcoring Open 8 A. M. to 4 P. M. 2613 State St, Phone 2-0234 STATE LICENSE And Notary Service CHARLIE CLARK, 605 E. rtADtb sERVreE^rirst i6~r'a-' dios brbught to 1622 Main after 3:HO will be repaired labor free. D. & G, REPAIR, 2-9414. WN MOWERS SHARPENED -R«7 paired; pick up and delivered. Work guaranteed. Phone 4-2041. GARDEN PLOWING—Yard leveling, light hauling. Phone 2-5885. NOtlCE^CHimCHJiS, SCH06L8. 6R-' GAN1ZATIONS. CARNIVAL A PICNIC SUPPLIES. NOVELTIES, COMIC HATS, BALLOONS, CANES, WHIPS, BANNERS. PREMIUM GOODS TOYS. J.*B. DISTRIBUTING CO 554 E. Broadway 3-0347 PICTURE FRAMING—C hooft from samples. Bland Art Shop. 3025 College, first' house east of Shurtleff tennis court. 3-3715. ArWS~5EAUTY SHOP" 128 Acton. 4-2913 Shampoo, Set and Trim .$1.00 Haircut , . 7Sc Facial and Manicure .... 11.50 Permanent $4.50 - tl2.5o ' Open Evenings. IIA RIDERS RIDERS — From Milton, East Alton, Wood Hlver to downtown St. Louis, 8 lo 5. 2-0705. I»A INSTItUCTIONS LEARN PRACTICAL" NURSING ~ Easily at home, spare time. Big demand, good earnings. High school not necessary. Write for FREE facts. "Wayne School of Practical Nursing, Box 1070. care Telegraph. GET U.S. GOV'T. JOB—Men-women, 18-55. Start high as $316 month. Qualify NOWl ^3,000 lobs open, Experience often unnecessary. Get FREE 36-page book showing jobs, salaries, tests, requirements, WRITE Box 710, care Telegraph. 14 MUSIC, DANCING. DRAMA ACCORDION—And guitar Instruction. Instruments rented. Royal School of Music. 3-5342. EMPLOYMENT 17 HKI.P WANTED—MALE t FOREIGN Employment Construction -WorV. If,.Interested in foreign prri- JecU with high 'pay, write Foreign Bdreau Service Bureau, Box 289, Metudhen, N. J. ATTENTION VETERANS ~ Voung married veteran -with car, 3 hour, evenings and Saturday, will earn you J42.50 per week, $75 and up full time if you can qualify. For appointment call 4-4494. YOUNG MAN—T6 work In auto part, .tore; experience helpful. Western Auto Store, Wood. River, III. WANTED — Licensed chauffeur for floral truck; mu.t be over 25 year. of age. Reply Box 1130, car* Telegraph. MAN—Age 29 to 44 with car for industrial and hospttallzatlon insurance debit. Salary *45 per week plu. commission and renewal*. 317 Commercial Bldg., Alton. SPAIN—New airfield construction. Contract. High pay. Fare paid. Information, application guide, $1,00. Frank Cask 111, PFCo., Box 252, Kennydale, Wa.h. CLERK Lumber tc Hardware experience ^preferred. 40-Hr. Week, , Apply tn person. ' See Al Buslck HILL IEHAN LUMBER CO. 845 St. Louis Ave., East Alton MAN, 23 to SO—With car to di.trib- ute Fuller Bmslje* to eustomer.i by appointment. 1390 par month faro. ings, Write Fuller Bru.h- Co.,T4gl3 Delmar, St, Louis,, MO., or phone FOrcat 1-4889. ' • ^ 18 Hgi,r WANTED—FBHAt-B ELDERLY WOMAN—To baby slC'ln my home. Call before 8 p.m. 4-C489 WAITRESS WANf ED^A'ppiy way Grill, Godfrey, III. WE ARE INTERESTED-In placing local women representative* in the following localities: Alton, Wood River. Jerseyvllle, Hardln, Carrollton, III. Car necessary. ^No Investment, Earning* $400 pe r month plu. bonus. Write direct to Mr«. Cieo .Bleckmao, 8937 Qateland. Jennings 2t. Mo. WANTED—Female SALES CLERKS, Experience preferred but not necessary, Writ* Box 1110, car* Telegraph »tating qualification*. 1» HEU* MAKE WO DAILY — Sell luminom name plates. Write Reeves Co., Attle- bqrp. Ma*». Free mnpie and detail*. COUpLtwro manage and maintain large apt. building and ground*. Apt. furnished and salary. Man mu*t be handy with tool*. Reference* re- c^uired. Writ* Bex 1090, car* Telegraph. • '• t* NEW- QUICK 8KJ4<ER to sjvvlce «tattoos, garages, industrial, ills- tributor»hip» to aijr*MlVR «jl**man. Protected Iw-ritoryTtBttiT hpx care Telegraph. '; . • If you ar* intereatad ta • car**r in iif* insurance buatnaaa. I have an citabUibfd debit opened! In Alton. The nun » seek must b* d*|t«ncUble with aom* aaia* tnirimSr&r *• ,«M««1. good tSSnrW. ttttt. Miaaouri in*. Co. P». Scat |a cur PU04* Bridge 14378. f «W4W v* a few pr*»»ura jiervlca tbat | w«« m EMPLOYMENT ni snt-ntvm «y<!ttti>-rti»iAtt PffifVAtl pAaff-Wm c«f» for ehi'i- affn, 6ft S»5, IfoffS^f fAwunTt Friday. • a.m. - S p.m. M rntcreatM dial 2-4395 UBV-Wwhw 6y th» h»t«r. With r»reirenc»i. Ph. t-STM. oyro«Ttn»mii fdlk SfRt-ftoot owr riintJ. corn?? »th and Airline Drive. Rosewood Ketfhtt. Dtai 4-ttW) at 4-«ia. lip* W on Milton ro«d. Cream mwt wash rack, tow rental. Win take »l.OOO to pnrch»*e stock and equipment. Phone 3-M11 R to S, or J-6464 after ». station'. cation; price, itock and fixture*. Wrlte Son 10BO. fare Teietyaph. " — At «t "Alton for Mle" $80,000 last year. Owner 111. Write Box tlOO, care Teletraph. __ GR(X^YSiilftfe—Xnd fixture* for rent. Phone 4-TITt. Downtown cafe Bargain ...................... *Ji(K) CLEM NOLL AGENCY 649 G. Broadway. Phone 3-ftMl KvenlntH call t-MM or a-478S PERSONAL SERVICE M ST AUTblUO'StLl SALESMEN—ConT- blnatlon n*w and uwd cars. Apply In person. Salary plus rnmmlxtlon. Wain Motor Co.. 1000 E. Bdwy. MESSMAKmO—All*r«tlon»' „ „ 148 E. Tydemah. Raxana. 4-6380. ALttRAtlONSANbSEWINC ORACt NOWLIN 1812 Main St. Phone S-38tr) SI LAUNDEMINO WHIT* LAbV-Wants Ironlnn. »ea- sonable prices. Phone 4-8930. WASHWOS A IRONINGS—Done In my home, 71? CarUot, East Alton, 4-330D. LEf" ME HELP Y6U"— With your laundry or ironing. Reasonable, ex- _perlenced. 4-M72. WA"NTEl)~"WnshTr^s^nii~lFoTiin^ Also men's Uundrv. Reasonable, K.xpprlcnced. DlBl_4-7888. WANTED — Washings and Jronlnfi. Also dyeing. Phone 4-8426. WANTED—Ironings. 4-8043. CURTAINS— washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. Ph. 3-8338. OT BUglNBM ANNOttNCBMlMTi GENERATORS — Starters, Lighting Ignition. WICKER AUTO ELECTRIC 2013 Walnut 2-47SO BASEMENT DIGGING. GRADING OF ALL KINDS, SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT. 3-7162. QEO. LONGFELLOW CO., INC. KEYS MADE WHILE YOU WAIT DOWNTOWN PHILLIPS 408 Belle, Alton. Phone .1-9607 WANTED—Hoover owners to call Standard Home Furnishers for lerv- ice. Evenings, 3-9808, SAWS FILED — 4 l> 'and 6" Jointer knives sharpened. 212 Halter, East Alton. Phone 4-7858. RED A WHITE SANITARY StiRVkiE Cesspools, Septic Tanks and outside Vault* cleaned. Owner, ALEXANDER BREWER, 133 St. Louis Ave.. East Alton, 111. Phone 4-8062 or 4-340.V GKNERAL HOME REPAIR — And Improvement, Jobs small and large, Ph. 2-4474. FURNACE & STOKER CLEANING-^ Can clean chimneys up to 39 feet high with brush. Glllenwater. 3-8308. SCH WIN N BICYCLES—Used and new. Parts and repairs. Lawn mowers sharpened. OBERBECK BIKE SHOP, 820 George. Wood River. REPAIR WORK Plumbing, heating, guttering promptly done. 3-3232. CARPENTER WORK — Roofing, sld- Ing. Screens made and Installed. Free estimates. Phone 2-8008 after 4 p.m. FOR RENT—3 modern rooms. vnte bath, entrahces, water paid. Call at 2304 Crawford. . "FOR RENT—3 room all modern unfurnished apt. Heat and wtUcr furnished, garage. Rent $46. Adults only. John H, Hellrung Agency. 015 East.Broadway. -.* PLUMBING REPAIRS Work Guaranteed E. F. Beck. Dial 2-37«7 GUTTERING Spouting, furnace, pipe replaced. Frea estimates. White'. Tin Shop. 2-1424. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS HEALEY it FISCHER Godfrey — 2-7710 WELL All New Equipment. Experienced Operator MAKE APPOINTMENTS NOW WATSON DRILLING CO. 600 N. Liberty St. Phone 35SW Jerseyvllle. Illinois LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED and Repaired. A Stupperlch. 3108 Alby St DITCHING—Ba.ement digging, lawn dirt, driveway .tone. EARL SITZE, 4-1223. TREE SPECIALIST Trim Top., Take Down A trful Away Insured. Free E*timate. ED KRAUT. Ph. 4-0343 ' WATCH CRYSTALS FITTED - Any irialce, while you wait. OTT'S, Stratford Hotel Bldg. FLAGSTONE For walk.; patio*. Building .tone for walk.. Glllenwater, Dial 3-8308. CONTRACTING—Roofing repair.. All kind, of carpenter work. Call 2-0226 CARPENTER REPAIRS — Block laying, concrcete work, aewer and plumbing. Free estimate.. 4-9091. , CALL SANDERS — Home contractor for anything from adju.ting the storm door to building your new home. Free estimate. Financing. ELMER SANDERS, 4-6727 or JEWEL MAXEY, 2-6348. CONTRACT—Block and cement work of all kind.. Herrin Broa.. 2-1041. . *3 BUILDING CONTRACTORS CONTRACTING—Roofing, repair. AH kind, of carpenter work. Call Del, 1-6226. WORK — Of. ilghert quality. Basements, garage*, patio*. Anything in cement. Free estimates. 3-7607 and 2-9067. DEUORATINO INTERIOR—And exterior decorating. Wallpaper cleaned. Free estimate. 2-3141, 2-0871. . INTERIOR '— Exterior decorating; plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Free estimate, 2-8064, 3-3190. FLOOR BANDING & REFINISHINOrr Interior painting. Reasonable rate*. For free estimates dial 3-8514 or 3-3230. RADIO * T.V. REPAIRING WILCOX RADIO & TV Service all make. TV and radio 2612 State 3-7442 N. Alton RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAYw3.94n SEVEN MEN TO BERVE VUU TV SERVICE - Be a" factory trained' technician. We service any make radio or TV a*t Alio install UHJ converters and antennas. EBBLEB ELECTRIC Flk 3-78» 2fil2 State »7 HEATINQ AND 1-I.IJallUM „_, PAlR-rpart* mMt all make*. Quick **rvic*. Try u*. W1BEMAW, 1138 E. Broadway Phpa* JN»B4 Ml aMJfAHIfNQ — BOOFIMQ CAHPENTER — ' Hoof and cWmney repair, outside Bajnting, yard work. Telephone 2-88377 4» JTOKAOt -. alOVIDQ PRES IELCHER MOVERS LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Barrel* a«4 _cartona for packing H. A. NfVCWMOVINC STOUCE . LOCAL •MUMI6 CI5TANCE 1888 Waahlagton Av*. Dial 3-3M0 RENTALS w*toj*i »*..£«* ^m RENTALS IVSWL.T CUKATKU — ' StMlbinft room* m>ar downtown Wnnd fttvvr IT and op. 4-SWO or 4-lSW. LARGfc— CTeon «le«fing room, double bed. et«i* to downtown, on bw tin* Will rent stnfte l» donate, ta Henry MODERN SLEEPING — Downtown Wood r>r»er. Private entrance. Call LAROt SLtSPtfrc »66tf-TeT"one or two gentlemen. Antomatie hot water. 1-Tltt. __ _ _ §LRlpTNG~~li65M--6r> " first t\6oi~ close to city b\« line. »-47*3. 311 St. ^ _ WOOD RfV«R-On% "sleeping "room and ltltehen_fpr_» men. 4-84M. _ lJSfANTr-^tarle comfortable ~sTeep~ in roont; separate entrance. Sis w Tydernan. 4-«m i MOOtRN-Hotwekeepmg roomTTon flr«t floor. Private entrance, adjoining bath. Across from Glaus works Adults only. 1718 Boutq 3-912B LARGE—Furnished room, cmiai' to" »'.». Private batu and private tn. trance. Baby welcome. Ptame J-3177 tttNf - i Tim"ho\niefceepitig rooms, newly decorated, centrally located. Dial 4-«l»u. Utllltl** furnished. 1428 B. 4th St. 1-3568. 7T . ¥ ROOM3— And kitchenette, furnish^ ed. Upstairs. Children welcome, IBO month. Phone 4-9738, —room apT East Alton. Phone 4-1131. 5~UNrlrHNtSrtTO ROSiilS—for' renT 3138 Brown. aJtodMt-Prlvate bath and entrant. 303A Lorena, Wood ~ a ROOM . vale bath, tile floor*, oil heat, water furnished. Wired for electric or ga* - >t °^r^!L a .i!!? a y nt " ' -"•*"• a "?P 38 - ST"Afl~I i llRkil!'l- — 4 room apt. Heat and water furnished. »70 month. 2-35.13. .— HeW street.' Istf.' blal 2-B797. • _______ 5~H6oK5s~Dn furnished. BalhTTlart age. basement facilities, utilities furnished. Adults only. «8S. Phone 3-.1614 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 2-6041 • p.m. to 8 p.m. RKNT-Very nice 4 room apT Large rooms, private entrance, pri- vavte bath: convenient location. Heat and water furnished. »7S per month. Phone a-8666 after B p.m. 'mjl'iilei"paTd~3-73Bir"' """ 1 NICE — Large unfurnished rooms, built-in cabinet*. S30 monthly. East Alton, 308 George. 3-3897. R66Ms-And bath, closets; _wa»hlnt facilities. 310 Bluff. 3 ROOM-fjnfurnlihed apt. Adults"." 114 East Acton, Wood River, « ROOM APT,—Unfurnished.' Inquire" 623 Ridge St. 3 ROOM-"lWodern newly decorated utilities furnished. IBS, Cottage Hill* 4-4607. FOR RttNT-Beiutllfut apartment.^.! large rooms and entry hall, on first floor. Near downtown, nice location. Gas heal and water furnished. 2 large porches with front and rear entrance. References please. Phone _2-6562 after «!30 p.m. 4 R06M APT.-Xli : ufn'illes furntsh- _ed. Upper Alton. »70. Phone 2-4358. 4 ROOMnroRTJIsTi%Tr~ATnr^Sas heat, utilities furnished, screened porch, private bath and enlrance. Upstairs 2-7474. Near Glass Co. »40 per mo. ;|-0073. rPBMIIHBD -«\rAMU 2 ROOMS—Water and heat furnlsh- ed. Northilde. 140 month. Call 2-»423 or 34226. ROOMS~ll»artly furnlsheJ.'' Ph. 4-5563.^ TWO—Nice clean modern rooms with .utilities, refrigerator, gas stove. 617 Liberty. 2~NlCfLV FURNIStlEb" ,.v,~... a ~ All utilities furnished, including •washer. 405 Bering. 3-7570, 3 ROOMS—Downstairs, Water and heat furnished. Private hath, private entrance. $60 per month. Call 2-0423 or 3-3226. 3 ROOM—Semi-basement apt. Partly _fyrnl»hed. 332 George St.. East Alton FURNtSHBlb—Basement apt. " tights" and water, 3-8405. 2 FURNISHED R66MS — Call 2« Lincoln, East Alton, 4-6327, 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Private bath and entrance. In Milton area. 2-3547. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Inquire' 244 Lorena. Wood River. 4 ROOM APT.—BalhT garage, dry. Adults. 2-8898 after 8:30. FURNISHED—For light housekeeping; 3 room apt. Private entrance and bath. 208 McClurc. 2-5174. 2 ROOM —Furnished apt., $10 pe7 week. Near downtown. 3-9073. 3 ROOM MODERN APT.— Private bath, close in, Couple. Day workers preferred. Phone 2-6314, 2 ROOMS-Lights. gas, heatr'not water, bath, refrigerator. 413 Henry. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—3128 BrownT -VERY CLEAN—2 furnished rooms. Private bath, inlaid linoleum, Venetian blind*, 20-inch window fan with this Mlddletown apt. Phone 2- , 3 ROOMS TUWfiHilD—Prfvate "bath" and entrance, nicely furnished with modern furniture. (122.50 per mo. Call 4-6312 after A p.m. 3 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS""— Private bath, hot water. AdulU, Inquire 712 E. 4th. 2 HbOM—Furniahed 'apt. with 31 E. Madison. Wood River. 2 FURNISHED ROOMl^Sutside~en: trance. Adults. 207 E. Penning, Wood River. 2 ROOM MODERN—Furnished apt. North Alton. Phone 2-8918. 4 NICELY FURINSHED ROOMS—And porch. Venetian blinds, private entrance and bath, automatic gas heut and water furnished, Wa.hlng facll- itlen. Good location on bu. line. Adults, 2-M71. _ _ 2 BOOM—Modern furnished apt. p7i~ vate_entranue and bath. 021 E. 6th. 2~BOOM—Furnished apt. 1008' PearT LOVELY 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT, Private entrance and bath. Adults only, 2-7181, 3 ROOM—Fumi«hed aptV with'blthT separate entrance, near bua line. Call 2-6414 after 8 p.m. 2 BOOMS* rUHNigHED-Alll modem: Apply 838 E, Fifth, sTFUHNlStfED ROOMS— Lights, wi~ ter, gas paid, »10 week. 1100 Adanu, Court. Phone 2-0425. Hies furnished, Private bath. AdulU. MO month. 830 Alby. 2-6277, FOR WORKING LADV '-•' Furnished" efficiency, clean, close to town. Western and clly bus, f7 weekly. 2-7598. 206 Hamilton. • f~?ilB*r7SH«6~llOOMS—Llgit*, «ai haat, hot water and bath: refrigerator. Apply 204 Henry. Ph. 9-7331. 3 ROOM—Modern furnlihed apt. 43fl East Third. a' FOditf YlrtftrtsfcEO Ipf.-r-rWa'i.' entrance and bath, hot and cold water furnished. No children or pat*. 827 Union. 3-741H. SfTTuJOM••'-. rurnlahed' .rtioiency: Utilities and refrigerator furnlihed. Suitable (or on* older woman. 6th _and flldje. Cal 3-fl04<. , LAK6TEBLEEP fNG BpbM — Near Western; also 3 furnl*h*d room*, til utilities paid: 3 room furnished baaenunt apt., ail utllltels paid. room modern apt, Jah- itor Mrrvice. Immediate occupancy. Apply SchwarU Applianct, Edwardi- vili*. 111. HOUiEl M>1t 4 ROOM—Pnfurnliced heua*, new, •80 per month. Pay rant 9Vi y**jra then you own it. l<aat 4 month* raoi required la advance. Call Albert H*wd, Wood River. 4-81* ot Br&U* JHBM1 or apply Albert Haz, *jq7\|f|Uda Ay*.; Cottage HiUi._ jjL FOB BENT — 4 rooms »nd bath. 1120 Madlstm, Wood Blver, aft*r 3 BOOM— Ail modern. s*uii-(urni*hl(( bouaa i» East Alton. Call 4-*fi68 aflar ' __ _____ ___ HQUSB~FQ» BENT— «30Vi Delia, 41- t«n, W. inAiuira W* Pine, Eajt Aiton. S BQOM-Modwn bwn«»low la pl«S7 Boy Taiiay. RENTALS _ WOOD mvlft— s room'mea*rn nnrnr- nwhed home. Or 4 roam furnftrwd apt, r»ll bertwn « and 7 n m. 4-B187. . atta'ch- *a 4-4251 . . In rratrict*d are*. Call ^ 4-4KW4. 4 ItObSi— M'cidcm honm. oratga. Adult.*. Sa«t Alton. +-13SO, totv StgntP BfUHrti rorrnMiriW" nnuRe, Rant Al-^ In. Adults Ph. »-.TTO. 4-2B73. - "arnlnhcd. Reawmahl*. Call REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE iro>tt«t» r<m ML* t»_», workmt cnuple or t>«i»lorr«r. Pho*>* ' Alton. Dial «t LAROR OARACB"^"Avalia'nie for warehouse or storage. Good location in Wood Rlvevr. 4-0033. RENT or" restaurant, located on U.S. Rt, M >» mile north of Warden "V". Inquire of Harry Schlechte. Worden, III ~~ Mich bldg Will alter to suit; al«o aid ronrtltton. Lots of ample park- Ing space. Mr. Flrrntlne or Mr. VoUer. Phone a.MU 111 . 4 roo m ~"RouJe;"Th: 4-MflR, 4 "1 (36M- Unlu7nTshe3"Tiouse~ in~of near Hartford. 4-IW53. house. Qood references, a-3500. REAL ESTATE SALE J» fAKMB WACRtiS-4»h ttlUbtr. uhlmprovei! Electricity. Immediate possession, 12 miles east of Benton. 111., *6IKX>. 132 SO. 12th. Wood_Rlyer. __ a'cresTlmall 3 romn house, 13,000. lu miles north of Belhallo. Prehn's Twin Acres. Ernest Katiter. ••In at' $12.RO per acre. All under fence. Located In rpntral Mfsiourl. Call 2064-R2, Jer*eyvlll«. W. E. Topping, Dow, III. 122 ACRES — 6-room brick. Plenty of water. Prairietown. 3-9478 3-8284 ALTON REALTY CO. 2-6232 613 E. Broadway 10 ACRES — Godfrey, Modtrn 8- room house, full basement, new stoker fired furnace, land all tillable, partly fenced. Immediate DM. session. Asking only ... tMM WM. W, NORRIS, 2-42M Orew Agency 2-1M6 60 ^CRgs—e room airmodUrn house, close In. Will trade Jor city properly. Price 118 BOO RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 2-2246 of 2-8S70 BIL .._... M)Tg POK gAtB LOTS foft SALtt - 6n Marquett* Drive, restricted subdivision, Phone 3-0420. L6¥ r-6n ^ALfc-iOO-xaOO' Mlitsprlng aubdlvlalon, restricted. Terms. Ph. 2-8409. ' BUSINESS LOTS On Edward.vllle Rd. with additional entrance on 13th, Now arranied for trailer court. Ideal for lined car lot or bu.lneu building. Prise Include! large wa«h home with bath, and 3 wa.hlng machine.; newer and **• connection, paid, Total prlca f4900. V, ca.h, balance term., n. H, HESSENFLOW, IlKALTOn » Wood nivur Ave. Dl«l 4-3803 Evening.; GLENN L. SMITH—4-4BOO WOOD RIVER S3 ft. corner lot ,,,.,, ,,,. ISDO Bo ft. with basemanl ,. tloao UPPER ALTON OS fl. on Edward. ., UflM 130 ft. on Edward. vasoo ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS NORTHWOODS NO. 3 75 ft. lot with ba.ement and footing. )ie.ia NORTHWOODS NO. 2 100 ft, wooded lot .: 13.100 HARTFORD 40 ft. lot »700 SOUTH ROXANA 90. 78 and 100 ft. lot. «B per ft. H, H. HEBSENFLOW, REALTOR B Wood River Ave. Dlnl'4-3MI Evening. 4-7748—3-OJ4H LOT FOR 8ALE-N«»r 8ui« .(reel. Dial 3-2288 OSCAR ST. 3 Level lots, 00x148. Call Emit Kellerhousc 3-5649 Bll M. Qrcer Agency FAROE c6!ftN l BiR"£of'":irrno.ewooJI Height*. Near sohool, Call 4-3170 after s p,m. reatrlcted Altamont J-054Q after 3 p.m. .ubdlvl.lon. UPPER ALTON Seminary Ave. — Beautiful, large lot, 130 by 122. Large oak trees, between Western Military Academy and Shurtleff College. Price.. $6000 Call Harry F. Hemphill Agency •» HOVUKt fOM ,r^: ~ JELMW66D PARK " "~ "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED 3-liedroom home. (1200 down, 160 per month. Near schools, playground and bu* line. Sea our 1494 display house at 203 So, 14th St., Wood River. Open for Inspection every •fternoon from 2:30 to 4:30. RALPH H. LADD Phone Wood River 4-0408 or Edwardsvllle 2168 BY OWNER—4 room all modern, 2023 Edward* St. NEW HOUSES FOR SALE—IN PATTISON HEIGHTS, GODFREY, ILL, STH1CTLV MODERN. E. H. MEISTER PHONE 3-73SB. SPLIT LEVEL 2-BEDROO'rvT Redwood house — In.ulated throughout. Aluminum window., .torrn and .creen, lifetime aluminum root radiant oil heat, Arm.trong tile floor., tiled bath, birch woodwork, fluorescent lighting fixture., attic fan, as-ft. porch metal railing., vldewalk., bmernent. garage. Lot BS x 127. Clou* to bu. and .choola. J14.3QO. Phone 2-7300. 2208 Mjrquetto Xrivt NEW BRICK SUBDlViSION 1 block off State Street New 0-room brick veneer and itone home. 3 bedroom., modern tn every J5!Ei?LJ > £i£l_llM w _HL?ijt. IO ??__.. NORTH ALTON—Croveirn Lovely 4 room modern home on large lot. Lot. of cabinet*, full butement. ga. heat and hot water. Sale price »78SO Please Ask for Bob Wuthenow 3-3584 or 2-6335 HEMPHILL AGENCY 'mOOM - All modern" Full "baw- mant. Good location. Phone l-Owi. Acton Ave. — Wood River 9 ROOM— Ail modern. Back yard t* fenced, with tummer houte and barbecue pit , Emil Kellerhouse 3-5649 ___ Ell M. Oreer Agency MiLTON~A8EA— « rooini. L*7g«~Tiv^ ing room, 3 bedruoni*. tnluid In kitchen and bath. Ci«« furn«ce and water heater, good paint intldc und out. Weil landw«u«d ........ » II. 400 Pleane Call MAUKICE ROBERTS 4-8407 Maurice Wlckenhauner Agency HAUJR-~Easr Alton Can be financed by FHA, G I. or fltaWin* and U>»n. Both houae* hav* ev»rla»ting aluminum aiding— ' . 6 rotiaui, perfect ocndition. oil heat. " in»uj»t«d, «torni wiodowi. .. ....... ....... ...... il3.flou t b*thi. Can be un*0 lor family or home and locome. 3 »•«•<•« «U. IwuJited, aJum- 0iu» ti«n» wladow». Prke . J18.9O) B. H. HESSJIWFLOW, BEALT08 Blvavr Ay*. Dial 4-38D3 ail tttfAAc*. JUol . with eytra lyl »<«n* HM. Kloprns&r Addition, «10.000. 4-46U. 3T9 EAST 4TH St. - 8-room rWOdtrii home. Nice tot, good location. Price $6500. 3-7504. After 5, 3-8130 FOR sAt.l£~W««w]y built club house on Pimm cwk. Ftrrniihrd. 2-5B27 MIDDLETOWN IASTON ST. — 6-rown modern tome. Two-wow apt. to basement. Owner leaving town. Priced for quick sale.. $6200 BROOKSIDE 3-ROOM modern home. Also 2- room cottage and almost r»» trailer $5700 HARRY t. HEMPHILL AGENCY i«L DOWN" 4-room. "nff North Rodgrrs. Lights and water, larg* lot 93\SO S-ROOM mnrirrn, 'Mllinn," by Supet M* 1 M2flrt NT.W HKICK Nfw adrtitlnn "cott»«;e Hills. Gn* hp.t, tile flnnrs, lot 78x- SIW7S '*• ••• " •-.• 111-*--»vr t-i 'I -B2R4 ALTON REALTY CO. 2-6232 ~ BttHALTO" NEAR NKW HIGH SCHOOL .1 room«, both. Knrngc. Urge lot. tm- rnrdlatr p""!W»nlon. Pricf only $3500 D1AU MacAt.ISTEll 4-l!W4 « R. H. HESSENFtOW, RKAtTOR 4-;wn:i l«hed fo¥ sate a* l«. All or part of 8 acres. North Rodgers. Phone 3-7868 after 8j>.m. _ 8 room all modern brick home Corner lot, good condition. S minute walk from Wedge Bank. Price for quick Halt to sent* estate. Immediate po»»fi»lnn $10.!WO CALL PAUL CLASSBRENNER 3-3584. After 5 p.m. 2-4982 HEMPHILL AGENCY J>e*r<w>ms. fireplace, Venetian blind*, HWF throughout, upstairs with dor. men floored and heated. Large basement, gat heat. Can probably arrange 0. I, financing. Price $12,000 Call CARL or VIOLA TUlTKEfi 3-8005 Harry Drew Agency — 8-1290 HARTFORD 8 room modern homer large corner lot with shade trees, targe garage; owner will redecorate; quick r>o«. •Miiton | Price »6880i flftSO cash will handle, To Inspect Dial (1LENN 1.. SMITH 4-480H Evenings R. H. HRSSBNFLOW. REALTOR 9 Wood River Ave— Dial 4-3893 R letely modern home, gas, furnace, isulated, oak noor, tn Alton, near schools and transportation. Priced ......... , ........ M7M CLYDE BEILSMJTH, Post Office Bo* 71. Alton. Phone Portage Det Sioux, Mo., 9377. WOOD RIVER HALLORAN AVE. fl-BOOM FRAME ~ Living room with wall tn wall cnrpellng, Kttohen large knotty pine room off kitchen. 2 bedroom)., Full basement with gas furnace, storm Windows add screens, Insulaled. Double ear garage. Price INCOME $2000 Down. Terms Arranged ALTON ST, 0-Room 2-story frame. 3-room apt vip: il-room upl. down. Income $110 month. New Johns-Manvllle siding. Storm windows and screens, Full bnsemenl, stoker heat, double car garage. Price .... ...... $12,500 INCOME PROPERTY $1000 Down, Terms Arranged WORDEN AVE. 2-Story frame. One 4-room apt. tip. Two 2-room apu. down. Income $130 mo, Lot 00 x 200. Enough room lo put another home on end of lot. Price ..... ......... $BD5C GODFREY 5 room modern frame. Lot 80x220. Living room with wall to wall carpet, kitchen with cabtncls, knotty pine room off Iktchen; 2 bedrooms, attached garage. Nicely landscaped. PMce ........... , ............ $18,200 NORTH ALTON JUST OUT OF TOWN-Oodfrey Rd. 2-slury 7-room fruine. Living rm. dng. rm., kitchen down, 4 bedrooms up with large closet*. Olassed-ln front porch. Full basement with gas furnace. Insulated, Double car garage. Many other features. Price ...... $10,800 STATE ST. 2-story, 0-raom Brick. Slate; Roof, 4 room apt. down. 0-room apt. up. Newly decornled. Stoker heat Storm windows It screens, Double garage. Price ...... ...... $18,200 REAL ESTATE DEPT, FINANCIAL GUIDANCE 530 E, Bdwy. — • Phone 2-9683 Bd Kllgo Paul Nat* Evenings 2-3853 HOUSE—For"«ale' or rent. Rosewood Heights. Call Edwardsvilla 2B84-W4. UPPER ALTON BROWN ST. — 9-room modern home. Very good condition. Lot 120 x 200. A lovely home for a large family. $18,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584. A_ftejr6pjn^2 1 13J5 RlDCE ST. TWO FAMILY — 10 rooms, 5 room modern apartment to the side. Separate furnaces and baths; Income $130.00 per mo. This splcnded investment can be bought for $10,500; $2500 down, $90 per month. *• HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 IF you "W'ANT ATNIBW" 4~S3o"M' KLL" MODERN HC/OSE, LOTS OF CABINETS IN K1TCHBN, LARGE FRONT AND BACK POUCH WITH PLENTY OK SPACE FOB GARDEN. FLOCKED POULTKV HOUSE, GAKAGE. ALL IN RESTRICTED AHEA. PLEASE CALL MAKY BROOKS, 3-3077. HAKUY DREW AGENCY^ 2-1200. ATfON" PEARL ST.—B-rooin'modern. 5 rooms and bath on first floor. 3 room* on second floor, largu floor plan with 4 bedrooms, full bailment, gas hent. U»rags. Price $7500 MILTON AREA UOHN ST -Close to schools. 4 room mudern In good condition. Plastered walU, UWF, 2 bedrooms, modern kitchen, Venetian blinds, full basement, gas houl. Price $8800 Call JIM GREEK 2-9755. After a p.m. 2-U729 JEji M. Oreer Agency MIDD LET OWN LANGDON — 5 room modern home, 2 years old. Large living room with picture window, cabinets, go$ heat, tile bath and kitchens.. .$12,700 NORTH ALTON STATE ST, T- 5 room modern home. Large living room with fireplace, full concrete b«s«- menr, stoker heat, near bus inw* $10,800 MltTON AREA SHADY PLACE-5 room modern home, H.W. floors, coi>- wtts, itokfi he,t. Pr«tfo.25Q Pfice 19250 HA&fY F. HEMPHItL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, o<t«r^ p.m. 2-1335 LARGE 4 ROOM MODERN FRAME - WOOD KMR CWIT $7580 BMWnwrt !*«* ft* ftF rffttt. CjrpettBt in fh«« tWJHW. Ktetiy aetoratti $tette* Fornae* only » y**H 616. Roofing only S year* 6M, Irmilated _ Wattr nitfet. mee Portnw -» W*w fff»|* _ toc«t«t ah Perming *•*. OHtf utility. LWtfi EASf ALTON"- $2000 B«wii>'- S APT9. 0* ROOMING ROUSE 8 ROOMS. 2 BATHS-N«rr n*» industrial rlevalopment Be*em«rit, Hot air furnace, auto, hot water. tract for deed. Consider iat«'model . «mto. Prlc* . - .^ *6§'ttr?&MiiL JpHNjJRICAN RdSEWeSB" r!lT6HfS _ CLEARVIEW Dft, NORTHWOODS NO. 3 E Now brick, fl rwmrt, flfeplat*. e: nice floor plan, full tnMm«tit, malic elt hear, att*crl«d Large back porch, ilOHLVto. ..„.,. flows with aluminum stotrrt iHn- dows and •«•«««». W* irivita comparison at price ot .H&MM TO INSPECT DIAL io» JLAKlrt 4-90M OTHER HOMES IN ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Priced from $11,000 to i9»,B» if you want a a or 3 bedroom fratn* or brick, check our llatlnga b*for* you buy. -•">'• R. H. He$«nflow, Realtor " 4-3893 or 4-3894 LARGE, LIKE NEW, 4-ROOM MODERN BRICK HOME — Cabinets full wldthi of kit- chcn. Gas Automatic heat, $12,400 MeClNNIS -'.•;* 2 Yrs. Old. 4-room modern home. H.W, floors. Cabinets, full concrete basement. Gas automatic heat; Garage. $9950 MATHER ST, Near State St. 4-room modern home, 2 years old. H.W. floors, cabinets, gas heat. Full concrete basement, juraier $10,400* HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY SPECIAL 5 LARGE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS DOWN PLUS 2 NICE APARTMENTS UP— LOW PRICE OF $16,000 »•„* Newly remodeled, ihcludlna; new 7 roof and new largo brick and concrete porch. New plaster work and,, new hardwood floor* down. Lartfe, attractive reception hall, a full bath*. Oa« heat with blower. Au- tomnlio hot water. Insulated. Storm window* and screen*. „ Venetian blinds. Nice landscaped lot. Large garage. Neat and attractive ap. pearnnee inild* and out. Excellent, for a lovely home with Income or as an investment with many way* • to nrrange for top Income. Very g-ood location, on biia line In Upper Alton, See thl* and you will agree this. 1* an unusually nice, large home for thin low price, "Exactly An Advertised" f CLEM NOLL AGENCY- • REALTOR Office Ph. 3-0621 Kvenlngn Please Call. - " 3-8484—Dlckmann | I BETHALTO SPECIAL""""" 6-ROOM MODERN •— Newly reconditioned and remodeled, automatic oil heat, lots of closets, 4 bedrooms, combination aluminum screen and storm sash, lots of closets. Across from water tank on Central. Owner in California. ,....., $7400 IOHN BERICAN, REALTOR 4-6614 _Jf no answer 2-4276 j| I! BETHALTO LITTLE FARM ni' ro , om - e « ««« Ivlng room, fireplace, hardwood and Inlaid floors, cabinets, full extr*. dwp basement, forced «lr furnaq»,' Kiiragc, nice combination born and chlcten hou»e, fenced. Nicely land* •• scaped. Plenty garden and pasture., Pr ' c « .......... . ............. $18,800 John Berigon, Realtor, 4-6614 ROBERT CHAPPELL 3-8475 JOHN BERICAN 4-1263 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS IF YOU WANT A BIG YAflD-JBver- grecrm, fruit trees, garden space and a 8 room brick house with fireplace, bane-merit with steam stoker fire nc;ut. phone in about our house on Konuwond Lone ut f 16,900 If you prefer n brand now 3 bedroom brick with regulation slze<L. Jot we have them priced *13,flOO If you wiint u frame, only a ^ years old, we have an extra nice •••< 2 badroom with attached garage,' mnuy cxlrii features for ......112,600 we also have building lots with 100 ft. frontage on Hi-Polnte and Oakley, Northwoods NO. 2, priced at »2SOO and S27SO H. H, UEgseNKLOW, REALTOR. « 4-3883 . ,'^ Evenlngi , . McAIXlSTER, 4-i93« Z••, SEMINARY - ALTON T'lT 5 room modern, 3 bedrooms. <i ••(•*» eatra good »lze, UHxlSi, ayl °W. Garage in full baaement, TOHN" BERICAN;^ "* 4-8814 ... • ' 'IV After 5 ROBERT CHAPPELL? 3-8473 • ' .- Berlgan 2-4276 • $'50 per mo' income, Upper Altpn, apartments (jr Business •pace $12,000 SEN MOORE 2-1742 2-2222 16DCBBS PARK 8 'i*?? ,hf»<!k, 3 yean old in restricted subdivision. Urge level lot. Uving room with, fireplace, dining room, kitchen. » bedroom* and full bath down; 3 bedrooms, full bath up; oil hot water baseboard heating, large radiant heated basement with fireplace, large Attached garage; num- ffoun convenient extra features. No agents. Owner transferred, «8,000. Call 3-8533. rvllLTON"AREA HERBERT ST. — 4 rooms and bre*fc. l««t uook. Gas heat, insulated. Nice niio room*. »xcell«int condiUon, plumbing for automatic wanber and dryer. Near St. Matthew's School. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS TWO NEW 3-BBD«OOMeJUPKS~« Cos beat, attached g«ra((«, aluminum window*, large lot. Full basement. fl4,MQ J-BEDBOOM FBAMB — Fully t»W»- lated. a-car garaje. nic* si^ roojun, _ Large lot. ^ Ci«l a-8846 - ANY W» ).!». CRANE REAL COTTACI ALTON EEALJY CO.

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