The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 29, 1952 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 8
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JAGES-THE BAYTOWN SUN, THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1952 U. 1 Fanners Go In Debt To tune Of $13.6 Biliion ' WASHINGTON May 26 flPJ — Farmers went 13 per cent deeper into debt last year and were S13.6 billion in the red at the start of 1952,, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics said today/ BAE said a billion-dollar gain in short-term and real estate loans from S12 billion • on Jan. 1, 1951, to S13.6 billion on Jan. 1 this year. Ike Made Good Sfart— F NO. EDITOR'S NOTE: Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower leaves for the United States Saturday. This dispatch sums up what the retiring: supreme commander has done to fulfill his mission as North Atlantic Treaty Organization commander in Europe. By J. J. MEEHAN PARIS, May 29 (I?,—Gen. Dwight * - . vOo«oc and and no matter what he becomes. A new battle-ready supply line that much of the American pool some 15,000 oi them. The West ernments for ro°f e P a ?~* £ what then, has been accomplish- has been activated, based on war- °t war materials had to be di- hopes to have a mere 4,000 in Eu- more airfields. But Eisenncwer i. X/ss Saves Marriage lines moved to German ports al- truce talks at Panmunjom most horizontally across the Air defense plans have as has been it appears because there are the sibilities -- - , , been American bomber bases in Africa statesmen and national chiets^01 erb ™ object. »• »*j',r*ji *.iwi ti.uin.cmj aK-iuoo me -fuj^ ud^iiat? ^iaAAj ^.»av^ Mt^^Ai * un^i *\~UIL k/w*Aji^\^x wti.jv*.j .u* **A*,fc\-vfc .j».w.t^~.--~— ^ tVif* ? Plans have been drawn to cov— "front," dangerously exposed to drawn and tested in a series of big and the powerful jets of the Amer- staff above him' deciaea o n ui»- • Russ j an attack. ', When the couple attack. The lines now stretch maneuvers. A radar screen now ican Sixth Fleet in the Mediterra- equipment — and frequenuy si^u 3 A "shield" of fighting - forces vorce hearing, in aJ straight back to French ports the probes Western Europe night and nean. Eisenhower noted these de- his requests. , [q "d ei>loyed in Germany, where al- way they did during the shooting day from the northermost tip to terrents to aggression in his annual Eisenhower has irkea a iew «, */ J . d ^ before, to in World War II. the Swiss Alps. NATO report this year. He said European statesmen by talking most no ^ n j> u ^ an attack Supplies for the European divi- But the Russians hopelessly oat- the added strength would make down" to them. Just last weeK.m nuiu to , _ ~ . , ft- \~ iL. wuj/t«ica i\jL ti»c JKUju^rcraii UiVi- £3UU UiC .n.LU>dlciiu liupcjcosi.) veil- u»c auuv^u. ou.cngui oviwiv* ^num. \*^ r. »i v^, .--- *Wm,v( D. Eisenhower flies back to the sions are still short. That may sur- number the Allies in the air — any aggressor think twice before his farewell address, he told tnem planners caU "the for a picture. non-real estate, debts climbed 18 ,, , . ... . . per cent during the year to hit a Pregnable but witn his new high of about S7.3 billion. This crusade in Europe on tee roao. excludes price support loans made or guaranteed by the Commodity Credit Corp. A spokesman sa;d these short- feel he has accomplished his mis- term debts consist chiefly of "pro- sion. duction loans" — money f. farmer "He has done more than any borrows to buy cattle, feed, or other military commander avail- farm machinery. able at the time possible could The report said there was an have done to build up a measure eight per cent gain in farm-mort- of security against Russia's Com- gage debts during the past year, munist threat," they said. This was one of the- largest per- ProbaWy the best way to set centage increases since 1920." BAE Eisenhower's achievements in per- said mortgage indebtedness rose spec tive is to answer these ques- 15. every state and hit a national total of $6,299.576,000. This increase lifted the farm mortgage debt to near 1942 levels, BAE said, but left it still well below the SIO.785,621,000 peak hit on v.uj(Aj hsj-u^wA* WA-» w «**» A- i***-*-** j %.«-* • * f • _j <» * A\- • t J * AI* *-•»-•«* »»**. w v«*« M»*>^r* v* * *.«*^ h> AAAM.J »*M-k.— ** IA* t * *^t«4. w*w «M~*^*»w *** ***v* u *~ »»«.j- "on* ^* ••'•""•*•» v-«..—«. —- — * »••*••-* *,«*-*- '• *--— • , _ , ^^ -«;f*i ***r QOStAirG" Ol X*16 \YCSt flSS Llic ^-vlUxUlOllSG It said fanners'-short-term, or united ^ States this ^weekend with prise'many Americans. But prom- and have, better planes as well, ordering an'attack. to get together and stop ^mian increased enough' 1 so • that if the about a possible n Jm .^ American supplies have not The Red air force has 20,000 com- Eisenhower can't be blamed, along purely national lines, neai- i ans started marching it would second arr i ve d as quickly as scheduled. . bat planes — and airfields near however, for the aircraft shortage, so told them he would keepan eve ™***. Russian blood. Buy From Your R The American explanation 'is the West capable of . servicing His staff has pressed Allied gov- rn t*"»" ™ ™"""- wnere he_goes_cost a lot ot Kussian PIOOU. vm^ourB i success. ' ~" European Allies who have worked with him at his headquarters MOKE TO SPENP TOR BETTER LIVING WITH WEtR SAVINGS AT 1. What did he have when he started? 2. What goals did he set? 3. How close did he come to re- Jan. 1, 1923. BAE said the value alizmg these goals? of mortgageable property at the There is an ironic saying around start of this year was much high- the general's headquarters: er than in either of the two other "A year ago the defenses were high mortgage years. zero — we could only have glared The report said the greatest in- at the Russians when they march- crease in farm mortgage debt last ed pasi." "THIS IS AGOOP TM£ TO STCKJK UP WHiL£ WESTERN AUTOS W€£K-ENP SALE IS UNDERWAY. year was in Florida where it rose 24 per cent. Outstanding debts went up 16 per cent in Colorado That answers the first question. When Eisenhower took command of the European NATO BiG'DlSCOUN 1W SAV^GS PLUS WESTERM AUTO 5»«T( /C^ ANOTHER. BARGAIN -FOR TH€ CAR / PEDAL PAPS 13c Reg. 18c AT WlS SAVIN6M WESTCRAFT ^-INCW < PRfLL 10,000 IAIl£S! auos L OT-H£R VALUES states total well over-S4QO.million. cauci Hew axai Idaho. 12 ptir cent in the Mono- forces April 2, 1951, he first set lain and Pacific states: snd 11 per his sights on what he calls the cent fa South. Aiiaazic state?. "spiritual" problem — wtm other California farmers ^KOW ,bave mOitar>' men call morale, more tied up la montages than Ke told his first press confer- fanners lit any other state, but ence then: ihe:>- are followed ciosly by farm- • "I know only this ladies and gen- ers in Texas and Iowa. Mart- tienien. This problem on which we gsge loans ia each cf the three have collectively embarked is specifically one of the heart, one oC confidence." He concentrated" on. giving West- em Europe the will to make the necessary sacrifices and the confidence in her own. ability to mount fighting formations capable of stopping any Russian advance. In other words, starting with virtually nothing, Eisenhower con- COLLEGE PARK, Md., May 28 s idered his mission primarily a (l'JR>—A novel experiment in "Point crusade to sell Europe on the idea Four" educational co-operation is o£ making the effort to defend it- in progress here which educators self and to convince nations v/ea- think will help to set e. new pattern ried by the blood-letting of two for teaching ITL Latin American elementary schools. ' It is adjoint project .of the University of Mary land-and the Insti- g° a ls. tute of Iriter-Americaji Affairs, now in which 25 teacher trainees from DOWN iOO DOWN ON OVER KE CREAM FREEZER 1 Reg. $6.75 1 With: Coupon jg Limit One great wars that the effort was worthwhile. How. close did he come to these what Eur °P e has "Peru, Bolivia, 'and participating. Ecuador are smaller war-ready face Russia's 22 divisions in Germany where a year ago seven divisions ; ( The project is officially deficrib-^ were charged with the defense of cd. as a "center of educational i the r West, r The 17 divisions are leadership." The teachers have 'practically^ .equal to" the' Russian -ropved into home around the uni- force because' the Soviet divisions "orsity and they participate in all have fewer men. I he usual activities of INbrth 2. Greece and Turkey,--boasting - American"?colieges' "way'of life." between them some 29 divisions, The project is* part of an effort have been added to the r west" toward imparting happiness as ern alliance, shoving Allied air ppw- well as knowledge to school child- e wtiiin easy reach of Russia s : ren in Latin American countries. -The ultimate objective is a gen- 1 fields at-Baku.- 3. Master battle plans have been drawn secretly in anticipation of , , . _ * I_-t^*l. *-*-*- **• **•*-*. *3V-\-A ^.4.1. 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Eisenhower's pet European defense force plans. Which will weld German manpower to the West in a European Army, have also been blueprinted. This scheme was almost inconceivable a year ago— and even Eisenhower, then private^ ly -voiced * serious concern about its: practicability. Western THERMIC JUG Reg. 2.79 0 No Women, But Every Man Has Title - 1 '*' SSfti !!as*iC* By HARMAN W. NICHOLS WASHINGTON, May, 28 (EPJ— ,When a man owns en island, he can make his own rules. And that's just what Russell M_ Arundel'did. Not so long ago he heard that the principality of outer Bald on i a ' (known also as Cuter Bait Tus>- ket) — an island southwest of •Nova Scotia — was for sale. The price, something under Sl,000, was right so -Arundel bought iL Before eny of the few sports fishermen who visit the island now • and then knew what was going on •he elected himself .prince. But just so there would be no hard feelings, he nominated evefy- -lK>dy else "who had fishing shacks on the island a prince, too. i Not only that, but everyone al- .sc la a. risherman's guide — by •appointment — and an "admiral of the fleet." Prince ' Admiral Fiyherman'e Guide -Arundel lost no • time in drawing tip a constitution and it is B. jim-dandy. No woman Js allowed to set foot ashore. There are no "taxes. " - '• .The constitution, of course, was rigged up by the prince of princes " himself. \ All powers, it rightfully says In section' one of article one '"shall •be, \*ested in a prince, who shall 'rule with the advice and-consent- ANrtsrvr \rirh orp> S^TS^ Section three aays that the "har- | ^ ^ - fobtball ban q uet ,. tonng of snmoitions and unsport- was reward ^, with a ' oea tttiful :in?_condtict . . . are, punishable grcea^nd-white blanket, embla- . "by exile and loss of rank.' which v2o _ ncd vri^ &<. Spartan block S. ^jneians a man. would n't be a pnnce Re . Bailed it home from Chica- "fifty'more, . '*"•' ^" go*s Stevens hotel, now the Con'^ The first section of article, two ^4 Hilton. says that~ ^aliens who have "taken Several days "»ater, a telephone _a Wae fin tuiia," in a sporting^ man- conversation with Mrs. Jones re-; /ner, jna;r become * knight of the^vealed that she had removed' tbe, , ^6r3er-~of:-rihe 'Blue .Fin T by the prized varsity letter, Jones'- first. .", '• c srkc€ <>f ^the prince," > ./ "Now no one will ever know you c ^,. .Only Toiights of the Order of th<* took, the blanket from the Stcv- •'."--.'Blue Fii^-jnay become citizens «Jid ens,"* Mrs. Jones happily informed ;' r^^nstutaEzatlon v*^?*^ ^ by tthe^^er, husband,. grace of the prince." Admirals of the fleet, though, are citizens "By constitutional right." The rank of prince may be bestowed upon any citizen "who has shown good sportsmanship with the rod, and. such rank shall descend to the eldest son in his line forever." The principality recognizes the "laws of the Dominion of Canada" and tbe first thing Prince Arundel did was to name an ambassador .to Canada. — one Ronald Wallace. The minister to Canada from the island is Harold Lohnes, and the naval;attache to Canada is William Degarthe. It's sort of en Utopia, really,. Outer Baldonia, or Outer Bald Tusket, has the most stable currency in the world. - "Its value 'has remained constant In relation to other monies of tbe world since .the year of Outer Baldonia one," says Antn- deL There are no debts or credits. The of exchange is "Tenar" and the value is set by the prince of princes at 5 each afternoon. Outer Baldonfe time. Nothing Like Having In Your S 39 Full size plates Guaranteed 12 Months Full 80>Amp hr/capacity Reg, 10.45 $ For Most, Cars, ONLY-. .... 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